Image may contain: table and indoor      The two young girl Capos, Sara and Roberta,believe in kindness and importance to everybody. They started the restaurant CIBUS13 due to "the fact that even the number 13 has people disliking it or honoring it! Some say it is superstitious and some say it is lucky. We say it is a number 13! We have 13 dishes on the menu, 13 tables, and we hope to have 13 restaurants starting soon! Maybe one in America," says the charming Roberta.        
                        The CIBUS13 is located at Via di San Bernardo 80!
   The two young girl Capos, Sara and Roberta, at the new modern and chic diversity inspired and thought                  out restaurant, CIBUS13, along with their partners in some of the delectable gelati at 
        “U Gelato dü Caruggiu”.                                    
          The CIBUS13 is located at Via di San Bernardo 80, and the Gelato is opposite the alley!  
    "We combined some of the recipes of Sara's with the Gelato of the neighbors, who have all homemade Gelato and we came up with some very interesting combinations. We love the Gelato and they love our food!"

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   "Sara has always one item that is from our travels. One item in each section of the menu, one in the starter, for instance it is Melon and tomato Gazpacho with salad of shrimps, or the first course is Shi Chao Niu He Noodles with Cantonese Beef, or the second course is Chicken Char Siu with rice chips and sweet chili sauce. The last two are from our Asian travels. The typical dishes of Genoa, or Italy in General, come with a modern twist. Sara loves to create and she has Spaghetti Black & White with clams, for instance, only it is her version. A modern approach." 
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  "Along with the photos that we have taken on the trips, we have the world famous national geographic photographer's photos along the hallway in the downstairs rooms. They depict the various cultures with the photos of the people. We love all worlds. We love all people, me and Sara, and we want our restaurant to show that. We opened March 2019 and we have been very lucky that the guests find us, love us and come back the last 4 months. I am the sommelier and Sara's is the kitchen! We compliment each other." says Roberta, who I interviewed mostly since Sara is busy preparing her lunch menu.                         Image may contain: flower and food
           may contain: food "We are international travel enthusiasts and have been traveling with each other since 2010, to Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Viet Nam, and Cuba, too. We spent about 1 year in Australian, too, among other countries and we learned from each and loved each differently." says my new friend and a cool young woman capo, Roberta, who along with her cook and travel mate, Sara, opened the diversity friendly cafe, CIBUS13.Image may contain: food 
  "Yes, it is fun being woman capos, yet the other Capos think we are girl capos, number one, and for instance when we went to VinItaly, which is where you usually do business for your wine connections, they treated me and Sara like we were little kids. They didn't take us seriously and either the fact we were girls or the fact we were very young, we felt a little ignored. I hope that as our reputation grows and they see that we are serious restauranteers, the image and respect for us shall improve!" her and Sara and me laugh. Yes, I say, that they should start a Women's Restaurant Capos association of Italy and exchange tips and info about how to find the best contacts...we shall see maybe you will meet the future Presidents of the Association in CIBUS13, yet for now go and say hi to the two girls who are from Genoa, have a gorgeous modern eclectic sophisticated restaurant and are almost 27! 
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                                      Antica Trattoria Archivolto Mongiardino 
                     located at:  Via Archivolto Mongiardino, 2 R, near the port.
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 Egidio is the sommelier and says that he has tasted over 1,000 wines. The wine in the restaurant is varied and rich and I loved learning about each one. The food is as homemade as you can possible have without actually visiting their home, since the kitchen is comfy and small and welcoming and friendly and if you want to mosey in to say hi while they are making your pasta feel free! 
     Met the lovely couple in Genova and had a great time trying to interview in Italian and a little English. The wife, Deborah speaks English very well, I thought, yet her husband only Italian and with a little help of hand gestures and smiles and pointing, we could understand everybody! Image may contain: plant, outdoor and indoor
"Luciana and me are in the kitchen, and the 4th of us comes to direct at the night, and his name is Georgio!" says Deborah as she prepares the daily menu. 
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    "The restaurant is very famous for about 50 years for its Lobster, as you say, and we say Langoustine. Yet, we always took the lobster straight from the fishermen in the Mediteranean. Now, with new rules, we must buy the Lobster and all of our seafood, which the restaurant is known for, from the Mercatos. It is more expensive to do that, and therefore, the prices of the fish and seafoood restaurants in Genova have gone up." explains Deborah to me of the ways of the famous Port city of Genova. 

    Immagine correlata  When I first meet the Capo, Alessandro, of the Michelin award winning and famous restaurant,  Ristorante Kapperi of Genova, he is working on his computer with a picture of a LION of the Jungle on it. I immediately love him and the restaurant as I love lions! He tells me that he is most happy to be working in the kitchen where sometimes perhaps he is like one! I am happy to work with my chef, who creates the beautiful Japanese dishes with me for many years. "My kitchen is famous for it's Italian and Japanese fusion dishes. We have the freshest ingredients available. And we have won awards about 8 years in a row with the Gluten Free Magazines of Genoa. They named us the best last year, and before that we had the top 10. We pride ourselves on that fact that we are innovative in our courses and we are creative in making sure the food meets your allergic alarms."                                                                                                                                                            Image may contain: people sitting, table, food and indoor
  "I am playful and like to name my dishes, for instance, the New York, Philadelphia, Caroline, Manhatten, all the Japanese dishes, such as the Caroline is Interno gamberi panati avocado e maionese and  the New York is interno tonno avocado e maionese for the Futomaki panati.   Andour wine list is famous for the fact that most of the wine is white. Why? Because it compliments the Japanese food. All my wine compliments the food to perfection.!"Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling
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    Vulcalno, uramachi, buonissimo pesce freschissimoImage may contain: people sitting and food
     "I only use the freshest ingredients of the day. In addition, I am in the process of the couple of days now to redo my menu. If you give me mango and papaya and I have fresh zucchini, as the Americans name it, you can see the flower on the zucchini. See that one, it is freshly picked from the ground.  As it blooms. I don't buy 4 days old zucchini from a convenience market. I buy fresh zucchini from the farmer or from the farmer's market. I make a nice salad with the mango and papaya with soy sauce. I can create the instant you give me the ingredients, of course!" laughs Alessandro, as I ask him if he can just create or if he needs a cookbook!  "I am a professional chef. That is what I do. It might seem difficult to you, yet it is easy for me. I love to make new recipes with the natural flavors of the foods." 
    As I wander into the kitchen, after being invited of course, I am shown a huge tuna that the Capo just came from the market with, it is very big, yet the chef tells me that some tunas are 200 kilos! Wow. I ask if he caught that one in the sea and he says that he just came from the market with zucchini, which he is making zucchini noodles with tonight. Fresh, it is Saturday, July 27, and time for some great romantic dinners everybody!