"It is true that I meet people from everywhere and I am really in touch with Americans. They really help us. My philosophy is that I work really hard to be and go where I want to in life. And I believe in that. I believe that people have a right to say what they want to say. I want the young generation to think positively. I want the old generation to teach the young generation positive things in life; not negative," Veton says.

"One of the nicest things that I saw happen in the bar is two stag groups of girls came in and they became friends and they were buying each other rounds of drinks..each one had 18 girls in the groups...that is a lot of drinks;" he says.

                  Gr├ętrystraat 79, 1000 Brussel
                       Telefoon:02201 36 56

. "The story of the naming of the bar kind of represents Rooster's philosophy. I thought long and hard about what to name it and one day my friend who is a musician from London comes here and says you'll all a bunch of dizzy Roosters. I didn't really know what that meant but I liked the name so I named it Roosters. I googled Roosters and after research I designed the logo myself with the help of a design team. At first since I am a little taller than my partner, Candy, one of the Roosters on the left with hair is shorter. But Candy sees it and he says...Hey I want to match your Rooster. So now the Rooster's are the same size."  WOW and you thought a name is just a name. 

 "We have stag parties here and we have politicians and business people here. Brussels is a big business city since it is the middle of Europe and people come here to do business. And of course the sports. People love the sports. Sunday is that day. The other days on Friday and Saturday we have the DJs and everybody comes to dance. But most of the Sundays is a quiet day."  

 "We had a party for Cubinisto Rum and here is the video." says the rather serious owner of the high class bar in the middle of Brussels. "On the wall of fame is a signature of Angela Merkel." The owner says when I say "o here is a big signature saying EmilymorningA" "Yes everyday people come in and for some odd reason they want to write on the all. I came in one day and there is bodyguards everywhere and bullet proof cars and inside is the German Prime minister. Drinking some beers at the bar. She says I like the blonde on draft you have." he laughs. "I like to keep it a classy bar. I am the person who stands at the door at night and lets people in. Although the drinking age at Belgium is 16 you have to be older to come in and drink and I do check ids." he says  When Candy comes in later I ask if I can have a quote...the girl bartender says "you should go out with them after the bar closes...that is when we have know of the two Candy is the jokester"

"i like to keep track of my employees...keep them in line..." Candy jokes,"that is the only reason i come in."


     The AMAZING TRAIN HOSTEL IN BRUSSELS BELGIUM...has sleeping cars that are modern state of the art real train cars-bring a sleeping bag or they give you one for the length of the stay or stay in the dorm rooms. State of the art train library and kitchen complete with train phones, and a outside play area of 5 levels of sleeping quarters with trains...holds 250 beds with the friendliest staff and owner ever...take the Brussels train to Gare de Schaerbeek.  stop...make a left from the station past the train museum and trams and it is right on the left hand side with the huge train sleeping car on the roof. 0032 0 2808 61 76 just opened tons of rooms          22.00Euros per night in the train compartments + sleeping bags or 30.00Euros in the


     5 levels of the coolest architecture you will ever see...all for people to play in. 

        The Famous Belgium chocolates of Brussels...

      And the famous beers of Belgium

                                             The famous Waffles of Belgium

  The restaurant looks French..."I decorated it myself" says the proud owner. It has great French Food and Belgium beers and French wines...honestly the Tourists all want the Belguim beers" Moriss says. Of the classy tiny restaurant named La Petite Maison. I ask if he named it for the psych house..."I named it after the childrens story book." I say that I only know the la petite prince. "It is a French story book.And since it is my baby and it is a tiny restaurant I named it this."Foto di La petite maison

 The one good thing that is found at the city of Brussels is La Petite Maison which is located in the hustle and bustle of Brussels..."the restaurant is new with only 2 months old..." says the young 34 year old owner. "When you say do we grab the tourists walking by I say yes yet we do it softly. Why since people are silly. They see no people in a good restaurant and they won't go in. If they see people in the restaurant they try it. My food is fancy special French food:duckling, lobster,real steaks. It isn't touristy food." 

     Brussels    19 Rue de Bouchers 

           00 32048 50 34 536

"since we only have 28 seats total inside and outside plus a apertif lounge upstairs and tables for a should make reservations" says the young 34 year old owner, Moriss,who has been here since 2 years. 

A funny story is a American couple came here and asked if they could only drink a glass of wine? I said yes and they sat outside at my tables...which by the way,i decorated all myself. And he proposed to her and I gave these people a bottle of champagne. I loved em. They came two days later and had dinner here. That is nice for me." he says laughing.

"You know for me in order to have good food you have to sit good, you have to feel good, and lastly you have to have good stuff...we try to be as close to perfection to that as we can," says Moriss.