Rick of  Beavis Bar, Hans Blomberg of 1046 rtl radio, and Jon of Beavis Bar.  
  BEAVIS BAR is open from 17:00 from Tuesday to Saturday at, Veteranenstr.11                                                                               http://beavis.bar/
We had a really nice time at the @beavis.bar last night with the super-cool @hans_blomberg of @1046rtl radio, Berlin's most listened-to station. We'll be on air with Hans in the next few days, listen up! Hans sampled vodka flights, G&T, and @mexilove_tomatenschnaps and we really enjoyed his company. Yeah!  At the #Beavis #Bar in #Berlin #Mitte, #craftspirits #paradise.
#berlinbars #bars #berlininstagram #berlinnights #bartender #drinkstagram #bestbars #gin #tonic #barkeeperlife #drinks #gintonic #bar #essenundtrinken #nonsmokingbar #Whisky #Rum #Cocktails #gin.gedeck #craftspiritsbar #craftspiritsberlin #tastingbar #spirituosen #craftcocktails"The process of designing the bar and collecting the Craft Spirits from around the world takes a very long time. It took me about 45 years to actually taste the spirits and to develop the relationships with the distillers. We ran a guest house many years and would take 2 months to come to Berlin for vacation during the winter months since nobody came! Every time we came to Berlin we would find a real cool Craft Spirits Shop and purchase the unusual ones. We asked where we could actually find a bar to drink these and the owner, who was the premium Craft Spirits Store owner and knew everybody in that business in Berlin, said that there wasn't a bar that had Craft Spirits. I thought, hmm. Maybe one day I could make one. And after festivals of Craft Spirits and contacts and drinking the spirits myself and with my partner Rick, we finally opened the bar here. It has 800 spirits and I would love to make it to 1,000 soon. We just won the award for Best European Farm-to-Shaker Bar in the Craft Spirits Festival in Berlin for 2019 and that is a Huge Accomplishments since people come from everywhere."  says the cool American Jon, along with his partner Rick, they have designed the gorgeous bar!                                                                                                                                                                                           gallery-image-1
   The owner asks if I would love to try the Gin and Tonic, which I decline since drinking at 11.00pm wouldn't be great for my stomach, or long 1-1/2 kilometer walk back home through the Freidrichstein neighborhood, yet he shows me his special way of introducing the tastes of the spirits. 
"I give the Gin in a glass tube, the Craft Tonic syrup and the water and ice in different glasses. I present it to you to mix the way you would love. To your taste. Honestly, Gin doesn't need added flavors to taste great. It has its own unique taste to it. The guests love to try it." 
         Our "build-your-own" Gin & tonic tablet is pleasing many guests. With 80 gins and 5 craft tonic syrups on our list, that makes 400 possible G&T. And infinite variations. Here is one we just prepared: Skully #Wasabi (!) Gin from the #Netherlands and classic tonic syrup, a breakthrough #fusion flavour. At the #Beavis #Bar in #Berlin #Mitte, #craftspirits #paradise.
#berlinbars #bars #berlininstagram #berlinnights #bartender #drinkstagram #bestbars #gin #tonic #barkeeperlife #ginandtonic #essenundtrinken #nonsmokingbar #Whisky #Rum #Cocktails #gin.gedeck #craftspiritsbar #craftspiritsberlin #tastingbar #spirituosen #craftcocktails
  "The Spirits bar is to introduce the Spirits that I that we have come to love in the many years of collecting these special ones. If you want a little tapas to eat while you enjoy the spirits, I provide that too." says the very nice and friendly and I found honest owners of Beavis Bar in Berlin. The first and only bar of its kind anywhere in the city. And since we are both Americans, here is a little "Maga" hat to represent the bar and personally I think everybody should start making their own signature hats! We are thrilled to announce the arrival of this extremely rare and wonderful bottled-in-bond #rye #Whisky from Catoctin Creek in Purcellville, #Virginia, #USA. Rabble Rouser cask proof, aged 4 years, is one of the most sought after whisky's in all the States. Catoctin Creek is Virginia's most award-winning distillery and Rabble Rouser is the top of their line. We are so honoured to have a bottle. Thanks to Becky and Scott! Craft forever, in the #Beavis #Bar in #Berlin #Mitte, craftspirits paradise.  The Rabble Rouser traveled over the water accompanied by his able sidekick, this wonderful Watershed American gin, fresh and full of the flavour of Virginia fields. Hats off to Becky Harris the distiller.
#berlinbars #bars #berlininstagram #berlinnights #bartender #drinkstagram #bestbars #gin #tonic #barkeeperlife #drinks #gintonic #bar #essenundtrinken #nonsmokingbar #Whisky #Rum #Cocktails #gin.gedeck #craftspiritsbar #craftspiritsberlin #tastingbar #spirituosen ccraftcocktails
     "For me, the taste of the spirits is very important. I don't want fruits clogging up the natural taste, nor do I want flavored Tonic water, for example. There is no point in picking the most delicate and natural Craft Spirits of the World, if you then serve them with sweetners or flavored tonics. You miss the point. The reason that I choose the ones here is that they have the most flawless craftsmanship in each one. Some families, such as my favorite brandy which is Spanish, use brandy in barrels from as long as 60 years and mix it with brandy in barrels that have aged only moderately and with that they produce this year's brandy. I have yet to meet the family, yet I want to. Many of the distillers I have met and I do believe that meeting the people that create the spirits that I love is very important. However, I need a little more time to introduce myself , I guess, and me and Rick have the Bar now and can't just run to Spain! We do meet some great people and find some great spirits at the festivals, though. The first collection of mine a couple of years since is only 100 spirits and when we opened the bar, we had to do a lot of research to find the right ones. Everyday we try to test new ones, too. Remember I said that my hope is to have 1,000 here in the future." Personally, I am noticing that perhaps he needs a bigger bar!                                                                                                                                                https://www.instagram.com/.../169644047714.../beavis-bar/...
Dry #Martini 6:2 1930's Mix: a #craft #cocktail made with #Schermer #Gin from North #Holland and #Znaida #Vermouth from #Berlin. From our list of pure craft stirred drinks, not shaken, Mr. Bond. At the #Beavis #Bar in Berlin #Mitte, #craftspirits #paradise.
   When we as Americans imagine a Spirits Bar there is always a Martini involved! Here the picture is perfect. IT shows the classic Martini, plain and simple with the exquisitely designed Spirits bar behind. The playful owner, Jon, designed the bar with auto lights, each square rotates a lighting to display the beautiful bottles.              HERE AT THE BEAVIS BAR 
    And now that we are talking about the physical beauty of the bar, "Yes some of the bottles are very beautiful, yet I choose each spirit because I love the taste. The bottles that the spirit comes in just happen to be designed elegantly, yet it is for me the taste." 
  Today we visited the Turkish Arab Muslim section of Berlin named  neukölln, specifically maybachufer markt which can easily be found within a 25 minute walking hike from Freidrichstein or the Utrain 
U-Bhf Schönleinstraße U8. As I walked here today I heard very loud music on oranienstrasse street and when I got near
there were at least 10 music bands of Berlin Rap, Techno, Arabic language Rave it seemed although I am not sure, and 
they were playing in the parks on Oranienstrasse and in the streets with a 6 block long party and encompassing a couple 
parellel streets. Beyound cool, beyound packed with at least 50,000 people in the entire area drinking beer, at 2.50 a .50
liters it is a great deal. Every imaginable street food, a lot of turkish and arabic specialties and so many people eating and
drinking and dancing in the streets. Total coolness and that is when I happened upon a rather quiet side street 
with the best Italian, yes Italian pizza at OLIVIO PIZZA  in the entire Turkish neighborhood! Image may contain: indoor
 And although I saw many tourists and locals sitting on tree trunks, little tables, benches, etc. eating the great Italian food, "Which every product comes from the Italian markets here in Berlin or directly from Italy,"laughs Bunyamin Ozcelik(yes he is very turkish!). "I know that me and my partner, Gokhan are both Turkish. Yet we loved the Italian pizza and the food and the cooks were Italian at the time we bought the little neighborhood place 10 years now and we love it!" Image may contain: food
     "Image may contain: 3 people, people standing, beard, hat and indoor
  "The pizza is of the highest quality and you can stand here and watch my team bake it while they work. It is a tiny place! We have many varieties and you can order whole grain pizza at a little more, yet each pizza starts at 5.90euros to the most with prawns and whole grain at 8.90 euros for a large pizza!" Which of course could be why the place is very busy with locals and students calling in for pizzas, the turkish community trying it out and the tourists finally finding the coolest gem of a neighborhood in Berlin. Image may contain: 1 person, table and outdoor
  They have some good quality house wine, too, which I hinted at maybe trying, yet they were a little busy and I had to write about the cool friendly group so tourists can come and visit today and see the HUGE STREET PARTY and of course try the pizza and dishes!
           "Yes we are Turkish. Yes we love Turkish food and the Turkish Market on
    Maybachfur strasse, yet the Italian food we love too. And we´re very good at making the pizza, which the neighborhood people love. We welcome tourists to come try and they can call ahead and pick up the pizza and the rest of the menu if they wish. I invite you to come walk around the Turkish neighborhood and try the food and culture and the markets near the canals.  
       And of course our food here at Olivio Pizza  which is easy to find at Schonleinstraße number 29!" laughs Gokhan! Image may contain: 4 people, people smiling, people standing and indoor
                                                                                 Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling, people sitting and indoor                                                                                            https://www.vagabundbrauerei.com/
                                   Since I am a biggy on Copyright law the following Welcome to Vagabund Tag is Matt and Thom and David's note! 


It’s been said that a vagabond is a wanderer, a nomad with no home. In our case, three American vagabonds chased the train to Germany with a shared passion for one thing: beer! Having grown tired of the limited selection and homogeneous taste of domestic beer, the Vagabunds banded together to produce beers that challenge preconceived notions of what beer should be.

And Vagabund Brauerei is born at Antwerpener Str. 3 Vagabund Brauerei - Berlin Craft Beer

   Warning! The Vagabund is owned of 3 Americans which translates to ...They are VERY FRIENDLY! 
Image may contain: drink and indoor
   "We have about 150 beers that the brewery has made in the last 5 years and we just make another one when they are finished! We love making new beers!" says Matt as he shows me the list. "We have a couple in the basement at all times,maybe 20 and when people drink the ones on tap, we rotate the beers and they can taste a new one!"Image may contain: 4 people, people smiling, people sitting, drink and indoor
  Okay, for my backpackers around the world, can they seriously come and drink real great Microbrewery Craft Beer for 3.00 euros to 4.00 euros! Because that would be great! "The brewery is in a working class neighborhood and it is less expensive, although the beers that we have on draft are from our Vagabund brewery, the Brew Dog in the center of Berlin, for instance, carries our beers and sells them for double at about 7.00 euros to 8.00 euros. No photo description available.It is about the location. We started as 3 American friends in Berlin teaching English to German students and the idea of making our own Craft Beer started since we would go out for a beer and couldn't find any beer except Pils, which the Germans love. We decided to make our own. We started the idea and bought the space in 2011 and in 2013 opened the doors. We couldn't even find financing since the German Banks literally did not know what Craft Beer was! Finally we started our own kickstart program and independent people financed us, donations of months and months and here is the Vagabund. Now, 5 years later, we are opening a very big brewery pub and restaurant right around the corner in January and the German Banks were very happy to finance us!" says Matt laughing. A great entreprenuerial story and I loved it. 
   A better deal is actually if you mention

        EMMEANESBOOK     receive 10% on every drink                    that you buy! 
Image may contain: 3 people
            Charming and Relaxing and Casual is how I would describe SCOTCH AND SOFA the swanky, art deco, Dean Martin atmosphere Gin and Whiskey bar in the East Side of Berlin's Trendy neighborhood named Kollwitzstraße. The owner of Scotch and Sofa, of which I keep saying Scotch and Soda and "Schmöö" keeps correcting me! is Soren, who's nickname is Schmöö and has a signature cocktail named after him. "Yes the atmosphere is important to me, and the wooden floors are brand new, as is the entire place including the art deco chairs and lights and sofas. I hand´painted each light orange to give it that dim muted look myself. It is a comfortable place where people can relax and have a good drink. The music is light with soul music, a little jazz. I would say that 75% of the people in here are tourists, too. Sometimes a group of 40 or 50 come in here and they head downstairs and we let the group have the entire room. Berlin is different and everybody thinks the Germans are loud when they start drinking, but the Americans, the English and the Australians have the Germans beat in loudness by a long while. We always have to bring the tourists inside after 23.00pm because the neighbors start complaining." says Soren. "Do I have a chance to talk to my guests? Here it is a little different than an American bar. Here we give great cocktails, but we don't really have a chance to get to know the guests until it is closing time and they've had a lot of drinks and start saying, Hey I am from New York here is my facebook and they start wanting to keep in touch. That is about the only time since it is real busy and we usually have 200 to 300 guests. Now the guest know how to make friends, though." he says. 
    "When I came to Berlin I wanted to open my own bar and with the help of a friend, I found Scotch and Sofa on Ebay," says the young owner who is Soren, from near Frankfurt. "Yes Ebay, and I bought it. At the time the music culture of Berlin was a little rough and I had to revamp it's reputation. I have servers at all times downstairs and upstairs to take care of the guests, I have 3 bartenders, including myself, who are very experienced and can make the great cocktails that we're famous for, and a couple of nights ago I had a live Jazz Band inside here.
    I love the name Scotch and Sofa since it is on Google and people know it, and when you come to my bar you can either go downstairs where you are met with about 8 sections of sofas and you can relax with friends and have a scotch as if you are in my home, or you can come upstairs and sit in the vintage chairs of the 1950's which represent the East Berlin, of which the section here was in the East section, or sit at the bar, where you will have a very lively time since on a slow night we have 100 people in here." says Soren.

Bildergebnis für scotch and sofa berlin                           Kollwitzstraße 18
Call 030 68004203
     "Why I have 49 Gins and 100 Whiskeys? Because that is what I love to drink and every section that I travel to in Germany, I find new Gins that I want to try at my bar and new Whiskeys." says Soren. Okay let's ask him about his Signature Cocktails..."I have about 5 to 6 of these and one is named the Schmöö, which is my nickname. It is a combination of Bombay Gin, Chambord, Lemon Grass, Apple juice and healthy apple juice, pineapple, and add gin and tonic on top then a little fresh apple juice." Hmm...I could actually drink that one and add it to my health food list. "Yes it is real healthy too." he says. I start to call him Schmöö, which is as difficult to remember as Soren, yet easier to say.
Bildergebnis für scotch and sofa berlin
"I am a whiskey guy, " says the 3 year Scotch and Sofa Bartender named Paul, "As I said I love to work with whiskey and see what I can create. Now I am dealing with the Blantons Whiskey and the whiskey usually fascinates me for about 3 months at a time and I move on to a new one." he says.
     Honestly that Art Deco bar and mirror is the day, it is totally lovely and awesome.

Bildergebnis für jazz at the scotch and sofa bar berlin
                        Scotch & Sofa
    The Art Deco Bar in Kollwitzstraße
   O here comes the bartending team, a young kid who has been here, "3 years I have worked with Schmöö. Lately he has been letting us try to do our own signature cocktails. We keep letting Schmöö test these and sometimes he likes em and sometimes he doesn't." he says. And the name of the signature cocktail, is it his name? "No the one cocktail that I make isn`t as complicated as my name, which is Paul." and I interrupt and say that isn`t as complicated a name as compare to Schmöö. "Oh yes and it isn't as a terrifying to make as a Schmöö either since when we are 3 deep in the bar and the server comes with the orders and we see a Schmöö ordered we are like "what the fuck, I have to make a Schmöö now!" and we all panic. It is very difficult to make and the clean up time is amazing. Mine is a double shaker so we have to work long making it on that one too." he says. Charming and funny.   And his boss? "He is understanding and he listens to his team and his guests and he trys to make both of us happy." he says.  I say the only whiskey I drink is the Johnny Walker Platinum! "They color code their whiskeys," says Paul and Schmöö says, "Yes they used to have the goldcream but I don't think they have anymore of that. The Blue is our most expensive ones. And yes they do taste differently." he says.
  Okay is Schmöö a Gin guy or a Whiskey guy? "I am a Gin  guy and I have to say I enjoy really the German Gins especially. I have Gins with plenty of herbs in here and they smell good, which is important. When the guests come in here they do ask me if they can taste a Gin and about the Whiskey or Gin. I want a varriation in here and I want the guests to smell it, to taste it, to drink it. The guests don't want the same boring Whiskey everyday." he says.
"You know I am a nice guy, I handed out flyers to everybody and the neighbors were invited for free drinks to come here the Jazz Band a couple of nights ago. I try to blend into the neighborhood." says Schmöö.
Warning, it is difficult to get Schmöö to say he has fun at his bar(although his guests have a lot of fun), "It is a lot of people to make happy everynight especially when everybody is drinking." he says or "It is tons of work owning a bar, I work 20 hrs. a day." or "I never thought I would have to work so much as I do now." yet when I ask if he wants to do something else? "I love owning my bar and I would much rather be the boss than work all these hours for somebody else. And my friends visit me at times and you do get to see a lot of different cultures. It actually surprises me that the stereotypes that you hear about people from around the world are so opposite from when you actually meet them!" he says.