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            Charming and Relaxing and Casual is how I would describe SCOTCH AND SOFA the swanky, art deco, Dean Martin atmosphere Gin and Whiskey bar in the East Side of Berlin's Trendy neighborhood named Kollwitzstraße. The owner of Scotch and Sofa, of which I keep saying Scotch and Soda and "Schmöö" keeps correcting me! is Soren, who's nickname is Schmöö and has a signature cocktail named after him. "Yes the atmosphere is important to me, and the wooden floors are brand new, as is the entire place including the art deco chairs and lights and sofas. I hand´painted each light orange to give it that dim muted look myself. It is a comfortable place where people can relax and have a good drink. The music is light with soul music, a little jazz. I would say that 75% of the people in here are tourists, too. Sometimes a group of 40 or 50 come in here and they head downstairs and we let the group have the entire room. Berlin is different and everybody thinks the Germans are loud when they start drinking, but the Americans, the English and the Australians have the Germans beat in loudness by a long while. We always have to bring the tourists inside after 23.00pm because the neighbors start complaining." says Soren. "Do I have a chance to talk to my guests? Here it is a little different than an American bar. Here we give great cocktails, but we don't really have a chance to get to know the guests until it is closing time and they've had a lot of drinks and start saying, Hey I am from New York here is my facebook and they start wanting to keep in touch. That is about the only time since it is real busy and we usually have 200 to 300 guests. Now the guest know how to make friends, though." he says.
    "When I came to Berlin I wanted to open my own bar and with the help of a friend, I found Scotch and Sofa on Ebay," says the young owner who is Soren, from near Frankfurt. "Yes Ebay, and I bought it. At the time the music culture of Berlin was a little rough and I had to revamp it's reputation. I have servers at all times downstairs and upstairs to take care of the guests, I have 3 bartenders, including myself, who are very experienced and can make the great cocktails that we're famous for, and a couple of nights ago I had a live Jazz Band inside here.
    I love the name Scotch and Sofa since it is on Google and people know it, and when you come to my bar you can either go downstairs where you are met with about 8 sections of sofas and you can relax with friends and have a scotch as if you are in my home, or you can come upstairs and sit in the vintage chairs of the 1950's which represent the East Berlin, of which the section here was in the East section, or sit at the bar, where you will have a very lively time since on a slow night we have 100 people in here." says Soren.

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     "Why I have 49 Gins and 100 Whiskeys? Because that is what I love to drink and every section that I travel to in Germany, I find new Gins that I want to try at my bar and new Whiskeys." says Soren. Okay let's ask him about his Signature Cocktails..."I have about 5 to 6 of these and one is named the Schmöö, which is my nickname. It is a combination of Bombay Gin, Chambord, Lemon Grass, Apple juice and healthy apple juice, pineapple, and add gin and tonic on top then a little fresh apple juice." Hmm...I could actually drink that one and add it to my health food list. "Yes it is real healthy too." he says. I start to call him Schmöö, which is as difficult to remember as Soren, yet easier to say.
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"I am a whiskey guy, " says the 3 year Scotch and Sofa Bartender named Paul, "As I said I love to work with whiskey and see what I can create. Now I am dealing with the Blantons Whiskey and the whiskey usually fascinates me for about 3 months at a time and I move on to a new one." he says.
     Honestly that Art Deco bar and mirror is the day, it is totally lovely and awesome.
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                        Scotch & Sofa
  The Art Deco Bar in Kollwitzstraße
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  O here comes the bartending team, a young kid who has been here, "3 years I have worked with Schmöö. Lately he has been letting us try to do our own signature cocktails. We keep letting Schmöö test these and sometimes he likes em and sometimes he doesn't." he says. And the name of the signature cocktail, is it his name? "No the one cocktail that I make isn`t as complicated as my name, which is Paul." and I interrupt and say that isn`t as complicated a name as compare to Schmöö. "Oh yes and it isn't as a terrifying to make as a Schmöö either since when we are 3 deep in the bar and the server comes with the orders and we see a Schmöö ordered we are like "what the fuck, I have to make a Schmöö now!" and we all panic. It is very difficult to make and the clean up time is amazing. Mine is a double shaker so we have to work long making it on that one too." he says. Charming and funny.   And his boss? "He is understanding and he listens to his team and his guests and he trys to make both of us happy." he says. Bildergebnis für johnny walker family of whiskey
I say the only whiskey I drink is the Johnny Walker Platinum! "They color code their whiskeys," says Paul and Schmöö says, "Yes they used to have the goldcream but I don't think they have anymore of that. The Blue is our most expensive ones. And yes they do taste differently." he says.
  Okay is Schmöö a Gin guy or a Whiskey guy? "I am a Gin  guy and I have to say I enjoy really the German Gins especially. I have Gins with plenty of herbs in here and they smell good, which is important. When the guests come in here they do ask me if they can taste a Gin and about the Whiskey or Gin. I want a varriation in here and I want the guests to smell it, to taste it, to drink it. The guests don't want the same boring Whiskey everyday." he says.
"You know I am a nice guy, I handed out flyers to everybody and the neighbors were invited for free drinks to come here the Jazz Band a couple of nights ago. I try to blend into the neighborhood." says Schmöö.
Warning, it is difficult to get Schmöö to say he has fun at his bar(although his guests have a lot of fun), "It is a lot of people to make happy everynight especially when everybody is drinking." he says or "It is tons of work owning a bar, I work 20 hrs. a day." or "I never thought I would have to work so much as I do now." yet when I ask if he wants to do something else? "I love owning my bar and I would much rather be the boss than work all these hours for somebody else. And my friends visit me at times and you do get to see a lot of different cultures. It actually surprises me that the stereotypes that you hear about people from around the world are so opposite from when you actually meet them!" he says.
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