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            Charming and Relaxing and Casual is how I would describe SCOTCH AND SOFA the swanky, art deco, Dean Martin atmosphere Gin and Whiskey bar in the East Side of Berlin's Trendy neighborhood named Kollwitzstraße. The owner of Scotch and Sofa, of which I keep saying Scotch and Soda and "Schmöö" keeps correcting me! is Soren, who's nickname is Schmöö and has a signature cocktail named after him. "Yes the atmosphere is important to me, and the wooden floors are brand new, as is the entire place including the art deco chairs and lights and sofas. I hand´painted each light orange to give it that dim muted look myself. It is a comfortable place where people can relax and have a good drink. The music is light with soul music, a little jazz. I would say that 75% of the people in here are tourists, too. Sometimes a group of 40 or 50 come in here and they head downstairs and we let the group have the entire room. Berlin is different and everybody thinks the Germans are loud when they start drinking, but the Americans, the English and the Australians have the Germans beat in loudness by a long while. We always have to bring the tourists inside after 23.00pm because the neighbors start complaining." says Soren. "Do I have a chance to talk to my guests? Here it is a little different than an American bar. Here we give great cocktails, but we don't really have a chance to get to know the guests until it is closing time and they've had a lot of drinks and start saying, Hey I am from New York here is my facebook and they start wanting to keep in touch. That is about the only time since it is real busy and we usually have 200 to 300 guests. Now the guest know how to make friends, though." he says. 
    "When I came to Berlin I wanted to open my own bar and with the help of a friend, I found Scotch and Sofa on Ebay," says the young owner who is Soren, from near Frankfurt. "Yes Ebay, and I bought it. At the time the music culture of Berlin was a little rough and I had to revamp it's reputation. I have servers at all times downstairs and upstairs to take care of the guests, I have 3 bartenders, including myself, who are very experienced and can make the great cocktails that we're famous for, and a couple of nights ago I had a live Jazz Band inside here. 
    I love the name Scotch and Sofa since it is on Google and people know it, and when you come to my bar you can either go downstairs where you are met with about 8 sections of sofas and you can relax with friends and have a scotch as if you are in my home, or you can come upstairs and sit in the vintage chairs of the 1950's which represent the East Berlin, of which the section here was in the East section, or sit at the bar, where you will have a very lively time since on a slow night we have 100 people in here." says Soren. 

Bildergebnis für scotch and sofa berlin                           Kollwitzstraße 18
Call 030 68004203
     "Why I have 49 Gins and 100 Whiskeys? Because that is what I love to drink and every section that I travel to in Germany, I find new Gins that I want to try at my bar and new Whiskeys." says Soren. Okay let's ask him about his Signature Cocktails..."I have about 5 to 6 of these and one is named the Schmöö, which is my nickname. It is a combination of Bombay Gin, Chambord, Lemon Grass, Apple juice and healthy apple juice, pineapple, and add gin and tonic on top then a little fresh apple juice." Hmm...I could actually drink that one and add it to my health food list. "Yes it is real healthy too." he says. I start to call him Schmöö, which is as difficult to remember as Soren, yet easier to say. 
Bildergebnis für scotch and sofa berlin
"I am a whiskey guy, " says the 3 year Scotch and Sofa Bartender named Paul, "As I said I love to work with whiskey and see what I can create. Now I am dealing with the Blantons Whiskey and the whiskey usually fascinates me for about 3 months at a time and I move on to a new one." he says. 
     Honestly that Art Deco bar and mirror is the day, it is totally lovely and awesome. 
Bildergebnis für jazz at the scotch and sofa bar berlin
                        Scotch & Sofa
  The Art Deco Bar in Kollwitzstraße
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  O here comes the bartending team, a young kid who has been here, "3 years I have worked with Schmöö. Lately he has been letting us try to do our own signature cocktails. We keep letting Schmöö test these and sometimes he likes em and sometimes he doesn't." he says. And the name of the signature cocktail, is it his name? "No the one cocktail that I make isn`t as complicated as my name, which is Paul." and I interrupt and say that isn`t as complicated a name as compare to Schmöö. "Oh yes and it isn't as a terrifying to make as a Schmöö either since when we are 3 deep in the bar and the server comes with the orders and we see a Schmöö ordered we are like "what the fuck, I have to make a Schmöö now!" and we all panic. It is very difficult to make and the clean up time is amazing. Mine is a double shaker so we have to work long making it on that one too." he says. Charming and funny.   And his boss? "He is understanding and he listens to his team and his guests and he trys to make both of us happy." he says. Bildergebnis für johnny walker family of whiskey
I say the only whiskey I drink is the Johnny Walker Platinum! "They color code their whiskeys," says Paul and Schmöö says, "Yes they used to have the goldcream but I don't think they have anymore of that.The Blue is our most expensive ones. And yes they do taste differently." he says. 
  Okay is Schmöö a Gin guy or a Whiskey guy? "I am a Gin  guy and I have to say I enjoy really the German Gins especially. I have Gins with plenty of herbs in here and they smell good, which is important. When the guests come in here they do ask me if they can taste a Gin and about the Whiskey or Gin. I want a varriation in here and I want the guests to smell it, to taste it, to drink it. The guests don't want the same boring Whiskey everyday." he says. 
"You know I am a nice guy, I handed out flyers to everybody and the neighbors were invited for free drinks to come here the Jazz Band a couple of nights ago. I try to blend into the neighborhood." says Schmöö.
Warning, it is difficult to get Schmöö to say he has fun at his bar(although his guests have a lot of fun), "It is a lot of people to make happy everynight especially when everybody is drinking." he says or "It is tons of work owning a bar, I work 20 hrs. a day." or "I never thought I would have to work so much as I do now." yet when I ask if he wants to do something else? "I love owning my bar and I would much rather be the boss than work all these hours for somebody else. And my friends visit me at times and you do get to see a lot of different cultures. It actually surprises me that the stereotypes that you hear about people from around the world are so opposite from when you actually meet them!" he says. 
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The coolest show to be seen tonight...kind of like roswell on ice! Tickets start at 18.90E and they start at 19:30 tonight.

New York city loves that show...and Berlin is such a city of contradictions of the young Techno music and the Wild And stylish worldly professional Broadway meets Ice Capades!  

030-232 623 26


The game of Black Ops "Call of Duty" ´s premier was held here at the restaurant. "They contacted us and asked if they could promote the game in all of Germany at the Burgeramt and we said of course." here is the video of that event.

        "The new restaurant in Trier is based on us bringing the food truck all the way down there for 2 events. Everybody loved the burgers during the 2 times and we said alright I guess they would love a burger restaurant. It is a big college town. Now in the future we´re thinking of maybe hoping to do a franchise. And we have a  music critic too!" they say. "Please tell everybody that we have a music critic.They can see that on the website."
From tales of "we started the little burger place about 7 years ago. We had a hope of opening the own place and we had to borrow money from family and friends." says the two entreprenuers, Chevy and Tan.  "Now we have the restaurant here that every day at about 6:00 it is reservations only and waiting lists standing outside, events that we plan revolving around hip-hop, a online store of t-shirts with the label on that we coordinated with joker to do, and  a new restaurant in trier that Ben is opening. Ben was one of our employees about 2 years then we decided to open a new restaurant in the south of Germany to promote the burgers. It is 800 kilometers south." says Tan.
Tan, who talks all the time and comes up with all of the ideas, says, "I love hip-hop and I am a graffitti artist myself. I try to promote that in the Berlin culture and we organize our own events. We have a mobile food truck and we drive it to all of our concerts." One more idea...the mobile food truck! "We worked 18 hour days the first year just the two of us and my sister´s husband. Chevy used to sleep in the car for 20 minutes to have a little rest. It was so much stress all the time. About 2010 we signed the lease on the big restaurant here and we had zero money in our pocket. Zero. All of the money we owed our relatives we had paid back and the first month the restaurant was empty since we had no money. We looked at each other and said, you know we´re crazy do you realize we signed a lease and we have no money. After the first month we made enough money to open the restaurant. Now it is standing room only every night. We´re happy now. But I guess we loved the stress!"

         The online store of burgeramt tshirts!
Check out the totally awesome sculptures that you can find at the funky! AUTHENTIC Mexican bistro in Berlin. The owner is sweet and kind and used to be   a big IT person, "I moved to Toronto for almost 2 years and with that traveled America. I roomed with 3 mexicans while in Canada and fell in love with the culture. When I came back to Germany I said you know what I want to be self-employed and I opened the restaurant here with my husband. He is a totally cool artist and has his own workshop. He makes the decor and sculptures here all the time. Behind the door which he made is more sculptures and art." Christina says. "Maybe in the future to follow the culture we can do a sculpture show of his in the store."
   Neue Bahnhofstraße 29, 10245 Berlin                                  03 0325 3 9868

This photo of MACHETE Burrito Box is courtesy of TripAdvisor
"When people come in they sometimes order the hotshot. The hotshot is a Mexican shot that is hot and they´ll say o I can handle the spicy and I say are you sure and they say yes and then they drink it and they say o o o I need something to cool it down..." I say that I told them but they don´t listen.

Dieses Foto von MACHETE Burrito Box wurde von TripAdvisor zur Verfügung gestellt
The first thing that caught my eye is the little traditional Mexican death dolls and fun sombrero weaves. That and the cool sculptures. "The important thing is that we do burritos differently than anyone in Berlin. I make the Burrito in front of you and I toast it and roll it to brown it. It melts the cheese in the Burrito and it is unique. I love to cook Vegan and Vegatarian Burritos too since that is important to a lot of people. I am happy now and do I miss the IT computer world of sitting at a desk? NO!"she says emphatically.
"I love to cook the Mexican dishes and since my husband is from Argentina,"says Christina, "We thought maybe to do theme nights like an Argentina dishes one night and a different type of Mexican one night. We hope to do that in the future." she says.

                                                                                              Image result for chapel bar berlin


 Sonntag Strasse 31 is among a lane of hmm how do I say? Bars? Each one on the "sunday street" is different. The Chapel Bar has nice people. Normal bartenders. A bulldog named Murphy. And they´re own liqueurs. If you ask for "sex on the beach" they throw you out! They make the drinks especially signature to fit the bar and if you say Hmm I love Rum and Pineapple and Mint and sambucca...guess what they´ll make that for you. I said that I love Tahiti can they fly me here? Ha Ha ha:)

Kerstin and Konstantin have both been working at the bar about 11 months. "When they hired me I wanted my own team. I hired all new and everybody who works here is hired from me." Konstantin says. Is he a nice boss I ask Kerstin, "Ya he is real nice. It is fun here since you have a lot of neighbors that come all the time and in the summer we have people from everywhere in the world. All the tourists come in to see what the bar is like." And Murphy the bulldog is only 11 months old too. A young couple is having fun trying the drinks and making out on one of the cushy sofas and Murphy keeps wandering over to bother them! "Murphy, Murph," Konstantin keeps calling him and running over to bring Murphy back to the bar. He is the only bulldog I ever saw with a tail!

 The bartender Konstantin says, "All of the highclass bars now-a-days only use they´re own signature drinks. That is normal now. I love making new ones and serious if someone came in to ask for say Bahama Mama we don´t even have the ingredients to make this. We only use our own liqueurs. The neighbors who I love all know that about us and they come here especially to hear the music and to have a special cocktail."                                                      0 157 3 200 003 2

"Yes my bosses are great." says Konstantin here posing for Vogue pictures..."the first day I started as a bartender they gave me keys and trusted me with opening and closing and that is important to me. I knew the owners about 5 years and my father is a  immobilien and they do deals with each other. It is a strong relationship and a friendly one." he says.
The funny owner of Eastside Brillen has signature pictures of Grace Kelly Rainier everywhere however I love the Princess Gloria more and I added her instead since she loves glasses. "My music is punk . I love punk music, "says the owner...and here is the punk princess for him!
"The young people that come into the store maybe skateboard by or dress real modern and they love the store. They feel comfortable in asking for what they want. " he says.
"If you come to the store and say O I love that color and that shape but I would love to make the sides a little pointier or bigger or whatever I hand design each one. Yes it is a little more expensive yet it is one of a kind." Bernd says.

        03 0 2911 778  krossener Strasse 36

 We start talking about the euro and start to look up exchange rates..."See" I say, "the dollar is equal to the euro for the first time in the euro´s existence. Yet the dollar in today´s finacial world isn´t stronger it is weaker therefore that means that the euro is weaker meeting the dollar which is scary and you as europeans should be scared. " I say...with that we decide to look up the Chinese Yuan.

   (see the conversations of the emme is always based on irrelevant information.)

He is hilariously funny and I hesitate to ask if he is a real optician or just some person like Leonardo DiCaprio in his famous airline movie, "Yes I am a real optician although I make fun designs as my specialty" he says laughing, "here is my vision test..." he holds up the picture of Albert Einstein/Marilyn Monroe. When it is far away it looks like Marilyn Monroe and when it is closer it looks like Albert...hilarious.
"I love the vintage styles and my inspiration comes from these." Bernd says.
"The old guy was there at the store 40 years but the neighborhood changed and all these electro music type youths moved in. The old guy didn´t like them but I love the young generation. Bad for him and good for me!" he says.
"See," I say that the American dollar is almost equal say at the rate of .6203 and last year at .6103...yet the European Euro is worth 1/8th of the Chinese Yuan which compared to 1/6 last year. That is a huge difference. Invest in Chinese Yuan,". !
I found the picture below to be an interesting choice of poses...almost looks like an apothecary which the owner is not this way. He is wild and crazy fun and a little bit of a risk taker with his outlook on life and his outspokeness.
"Last year I took one vacation and went sailing in the med sea. That is one day and that is my only vacation that I took." he laughs as he says that. He laughs all the time and sits on the wooden iron bench outside the store chatting with his neighbors. "I only talk to people that come in here and purchase wine. Otherwise I don´t talk to them!" he laughs again yet somehow I think that he is serious!           Image result for hallgarten riesling another fav...
And Laurent Barth posing with his wines another one of , Klaus´s favorites is Barth.
"Most of my wines are directly imported from small vineyards and the owners of Europe. I only have about 8 wines that aren´t from Europe." he says. Does he attend shows? "Nope". Does he go to the big Verona festival on wine every year? "That is in Italy? Nope. I told you I only take one day of vacation a year." Does he visit the vineyards? "Nope" How does he choose his wine? "The wine is from the owner before and from that point I choose tiny vineyards if I love the wine. And people come in and bring the wines to me. It is just wine. My website says that I have wine. That is it." Hmm...try drinking a couple of glasses of wine with him to see if he loosens up!:)
Winterfeldtstraße 46,03 0 21 68 700
If you stop in to say hi to Klaus, the owner of the wine store in the artsy Winterfeldstraße district be prepared for a very laidback person. "I bought the wine store about 5 years now. The chalkboard signs outside see that say wine for 5E a liter was written in chalk from the previous owner and I just keep it that way." he admits. Seriously? Yes.   "One of my favorites is the Babone from Muralia Tuscany." he says and I write that down:)
"It is easy to find nice people in Bavaria and in Berlin but it is more difficult to find nice people in Northern Germany, "Klaus says about the cultural differences of the German regions. And Americans? He can´t stop laughing,  however maybe he is laughing at us instead of with? "All my friends talk about the Americans since they always come into the store and ask about Checkpoint Charlie and then they say well East German is communist right? And I have to tell them , that East Germany is a democratic type of politics and that communist was a long time ago. But the Americans sometimes say what exactly is Checkpoint Charlie about? We laugh since the Europeans all know history but Americans don´t" I have to laugh since that is true yes.
Emme: Cool is the theater classical? Live Theater?
Nadia sitting at the bar, "Um yes but hmm how can I explain it? It is a little like
a circus show. Yes it is that way. A Circus show."
Emme smiling: A Circus show with theater? A Circus Show with Music? Or just
a circus show?

Nadia and the fellow at the bar laughing,"Um letś say that it is a Circus Show with theater and a
 story line. But there is akrobatics and trapeze artists and usually it has some sort of music in it.
It has been here about 24 years and me about 3 years now."

Emme: Okay on the website does it show the circus in videos? I am having a little hard time
 imagineing a theater with a circus act. Okay is it the way in Las Vegas that the CIRCUS CIRCUS shows free showsabout 13 times a day every 30 minutes and they show akrobats and chinese juggling plates and knife throwing and all of that?

Nadia laughs, "Yes. At times there is theater involved with it and most of the time akrobats."
Emme to people in Berlin...if you were a Real Estate Agent and didnt want to sell homes what would you say to prospective buyers?
Guy who owns a mobil phone store, "Yes see that why yes that is where Londonś M6 Headquarters is located and it is pretty impressive you have at least 2,500 people per hour driving past the house it is the only access road to the estate.You too can be a spy."
Guy taking beer from truck on dolly, "SHIT! Was that a snipers bullet?...and then I would duck."
Guy on subway, "O that one? That one is in Eskrow. ...Then I would duck really fast."
Tow guys and a girl walking near Potsdam PlatZ" Did you want to cancel the house appointment or did you want a contract?"
Guy on subway, "Maybe you should find someone else to talk to because the ears
nt listening." "Then I would put big security guards all around the house as we drove by..."
Bart man driving car talking to his little girl , "When people knocked on the door I would let my little girl answer the door than I would run up behind her and say Honey now What did I say About  talking to StrangeERS"
Man and Woman eating salad, "O these planes they come quite close I remember one time when my wig almost flew off my hair,"laughing uproarisiouly a fake laugh, "O remember that honey!"
1, That one is Shi! it that a camera!...okay and that one is a evangelistic house they are the frientdliest neighbors..


Now the guy next door is a different story...
Guy at video store, "Ya crazy? Ya there is a guy that comes in he is nicely dressed and he used to be a doctor or he used to be a scientist and he talks about 10 different subjects all the time. He just stands there and talks about music one minute and something else another minute and if I agree or try to say something about the conversation he immediately starts talking about the internet."
Emme: Does he make sense? Does he live in a home?
Guy at video store, "He has nice clothes on and he is washed all the time. I think he used to have a job but now he talks crazy all the time. And there is a woman who came in and she dumped all these pirated movies on my desk and she says raising her hands to jesus, "Here I am giving all these to you I apologize to the film community and hollywood everywhere I have been pirating illegal films for years and here they all are" and then she left and left the movies and game boys on the counter."
Emme laughing hysterically...Um okay that is lovley...

Okay to the cutest little pumpkin pie ever...he owns the SaladChen in Berlin...when I asked the meaning of SaladChen he said that it means in America Saladish... you know if you would love to eat at Salad or Saladish...
Emme: Kraziest Guest who ever came in here?
Olaf, "Okay Um..."
Emme: I mean besides me the kraziest person who ever came in here?
Olaf smiling , "Okay good because I was going to say you but Um hmm the stragest person... there is tourists that come in here they´re strange and both actually all the people who come in here.They have childish behavior."
Emme laughing,:Everyone who comes in here is krazy? (I notice that i am the only one in the store)
Olaf, "Hmm there is so many of em."

Went to a cool guitar store today at Berlin.  You can see their selection at the top of the page...the owners they´re funny and a great story... Mo and Leonard. Leonard had a guitar store in St. Augustine Florida and knows all the great artists that used to play there including Jimmy Buffet and Tom Petty who bought a guitar at his store. But the coolest thing about the owner is in 1972 he is one of 19 Americans living on the East side of the Berlin Wall in Berlin.

Emme: How cool and how inimidating to live in that sector.                         The Quitar guy aka Leonard, "It was great. I could move freely back and forth across the border and I smuggled goods back and forth including pampers and belt buckles and guitars. If I had a Playboy magazine the East German Officers would give every medal on them to me if I gave them the magazine. Dean Reed is one of the other famous Americans that lived there and he was known as the Red Elvis. I met a German woman and fell in love and one year later we had a baby. I found out later that both the CIA and the East German Secret Police had dossiers on me and I got to see them after the wall went down. They kept tabs on people that went back and forth over the border."

Emme: O MY GOD that is krazy.  

Leonard, "I know I couldn´t believe that they had dossiers on me."

Emme: No, I mean that is krazy that you smuggled goods across the border everyday especially during the cold war when everybody else was trying to get out of East German you were trying to get in!

Leonard, "Yes everyday I went to West Germany and smuggled yogurt and all items. I made tons of money smuggling guitars and when the wall went down I moved to West Germany and I made tons more money with all of the people buying Western Guitars."

Emme okay today  I am asking Germans their favorite American Major League Baseball team, their favorite Chinese Baseball Team and if they owned a Chinese Baseball team what would they name it...

Girl and two guys working at The Dockers store on Rosa-Luxemberg Strasse...near the Alexander Platz train,

"I am the project manager and I am from America and I know baseball but most Germans don´t know baseball.." Her German Guy employee, "CHicago BUlls!"      Emme: Um that is a Pro basketball team in Chicago.       German Guy laughing,"O okay let´s say the New York Yankees instead. Because I like their hats."                  Project Manager, "I would say the New York Yankees...can I say that since he already said that?"                                        Emme: Yes it is the favorite Major league team...   Other guy employee, "I don´t like them."      Emme: Okay if you bought a Chinese Baseball team what would you name it?

Project Manager laughing hysterically, "Hmm lets think     about that...okay the Fengs....and The Chopsticks..."           Other Guy, "The CHopstick Destroyers."     Emme: Okay that is a good one.                     First Guy ,"The Kung Foo Homerunners."

Emme: Would you make them work out since you own the team?                                                                                              Other Guy, "Yes I would want to win and therefore they would have to be in shape."

Emme: I would name mine `fortune cookies in bed`since everyone in America when we receive fortune cookies it is tradition to finish the cookie in bed...such as you will receive a surprise today...and we add in will find great treasure today....and we add in bed...

Project Manager, "O cool that is the first time I heard of that."

                     Here is my favorite song.....:)


Leonard, "Yes than I moved back to St. Augustine in 1999 and moved back to Berlin in 2001 and opened the store here. We have famous musicians who play here and when we do small presentations of the musicians we clear the store and we can fit 60 spectators hearing one artist. Next Wednesday we are doing a concert in here at the store if you would love to tell people."

Emme writing down on the 17th live concert...:And America ever feel homesick and want to go back home?

Leonard, "No! America isn´t America any longer. America is boring. Except for a couple of places."

Emme: You should go to Miami. Miami is Ecuador and Hondorus and Venezuala and El Salvador and every major drug capital of central and south America plus all these dangerous Espanol Countries that have nothing in common with their cultures all living together."

Leonard, "Now that would be kinda nice since it would be more interesting."

Emme: Yes in that way it is, but Coconut Grove is still the artistic cool place that it always has been and South Beach and North of South Beach is a little edgier and dangerous. You used to know that it is Cuba and the Columbians and that is Miami and now it is a bit edgier and ecletic.

Leonard introducing me to Mo, "That is MO. He came to some of my concerts at the store about 6 years ago and I got to know him and he started working with me and he met his wife here at the store. It is a pretty cool story."

Emme: Allrighty thankyou very much and much success and I hope people come to buy guitars here! But for me it is on  to Hamburg! As I leave the store I hope everyone comes to the music store since the people are fun and real. A bit of edginess in Berlin.  Is a cool store of only piercing in a white Doctor´s office modern eclectic office... the 25% owner does a great job and he is from Missouri which is totally cool since I lived in Mexico, Missouri for a little while.

"I really wanted to be a tattoo artist but I started doing piercing 18 years ago. When I came to Berlin about 3 years ago I worked for a little while at different places and became a partner here about 13 months now. I love Berlin. I love the culture here. We use titanium only here with all the piercings. In America they use these big piercing needles that you use on Farm Animals. It is wild but here they´re normal piercing needles."

Emme: O That´s comforting.

"Yes here it is all about the comfort of the patient. I try to guide my clients with the initial piercing and the healing of three months and the next piercing etc to make each ´piercing bigger. It is a long process and for example a piercing of about 8 cenimeters takes about one year to totally do right and to heal so that you can take the piercing in and out without damage."

"My studio is also a photography studio and I show different works of piercings and tattoos every couple of months. All of it is on the website. Hope you love the pictures and the piercings since it took me 18 years to put it together."

Emme: Wow my book only took 4 years.  I don´t know what the hell I´ve been doing the last 12 years.

Two guys eating at a CurryWurst Store, "Men in tights! Why would we want as Germans to watch a bunch of guys in tights in a really long game!"                           Emme: Do you have baseball in German highschool?   Two Guys, "No. We have soccer. I have never even seen a Major League game on the televison, That in all the German  pubs is just for tourists."            Emme: Can you name one team?

They both look at each other, "No not really."  Emme: And about China? Can you name one Chinese team?                        They both look at each other, "I didn´t even know that China had baseball."!                                                          Emme: Yes they always win the Olmpics since Germany doesnt even have a team and the Americans they´re all pros. And last question...Name the Chinese team that you bought.

They both look at each other, " I don´t want to because I dont want the Chinese seeing the website and saying o the Germans say Racial comments about the Chinese saying were all Kung Foo Baseball or something."     Emme: Okay but just name the team.                 One guy the young one, "Okay what the heck I am naming my team The Yellow team because Germans call the Chinese yellow and the Indians Red people and the Africans Black people so therefore I am calling the Chinese team the yellow team."                                         Emme writing down...the Germans don´t care what the Indians or the Africans think about them.

Guy who´s family is 5 taxi cab drivers...:My family is totally honest. If someone leaves a cell phone in their cab they drive 10  kilometers to return cell phone.
Emme: Well its good, to know that people they´re honest:)


At the Trilogie in Berlin you can find  a sweetheart of an owner named Kirinkas and his assistant that yes girls if you would love great headshot actor and model photographs he is a great makeúp artist that works with MAC cosmetics...:) If you see his restaurant you can see all original cartoons of a Greek Artist that makes cheeky fun with barrels and wine, and all of the great Greek vocalists and bands that come to Berlin are courtesy of the owner who brings these artists to the city. They come to the restaurant to play either before or after the concerts. Cool:)  Kirinkas pictured above smiles with kindness and sweetnes when he talks to you and he is totally sincere and at home in his eclectic restuarant of comfort.

Kirinkas," We have the most extensive Greek wine list of any restaruant in Germany."   
Emme: Wow totally cool. Maybe we can taste Greek Wine now?  

Kirinkas laughing, "I only drink wine at the end of the night. Every night when the restaruant is closing that is when I need wine!"                       Emme: Okay i can come tonight when the restaurant is closing!

Kirinkas, "I love the restaurant that it has a home feeling to it. It is totally casual. People can just come here and be themselves
and hang out. I love the people that I meet. And the coolest thing about my job? I am the boss!"  he starts laughing hysterically. "I love my job since I am the boss!"  Emme starts giggling: I love my job since i am the boss too:)

 Mobil phone guy, "It is a great job. Full of pleasure and happiness the people we see and talk to and sometimes it is a funny job because the people are full of  anger and hate! If they buy the phones from us it is pleasure with the service but if they buy it somewhere else they´re angry. When The people come here angry and yelling I am quiet and unresponsive and they become angrier and they yell and then i am more unresponsive and they become furious. If they buy the phone from us they´re happy."

Emme laughing hysterically: I find if someone is angry at you and yells I patronize them to see how angry they will become.

i am not sure if the guy below is smoking shisha or a lost reservation non´guest.

AT Hotel Reception, "Okay but we have here a lot of angry people especially when we lose their reservations!"


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BEZIRK           25 hours hotel bikini

Here is a great Shisha place at Dunckerstrasse 72 and the phone number is 030 896 25 550 . SINDIBAD

Monica, "The Shisha is only 5 euros here. Young people come here they´re 20 to 25 and they sit one hour and smoke shisha."

Emme: 5EUROS!!! o my God you need to make 25 euros that is everywhere at Germany at Regensburg it is 25 and at Nuremberg it is 25 etc. You are in here to make money it is a business you are not here to give shisha away and starve yourself!

Monica, "I know I must raise it to 10 Euros since that is reasonable but the young kids they´re used to paying just 5 and it is difficult. But tonight I am raising the shisha price to 8 euros or 5 euros if you buy a drink with shisha."

Emme: Very good business woman. That is the way it should be. 5 euros 8 euros that is allright they´ll all say okay that is better than MUNICH!

Japanese girl working at japanese store, "I love my culture i love it. There is many things we have in the store such as the masks that they don´t even have or make in Japan anymore. There is many customs at Japan that people should know. For instance. If a group of 5 people go to a bar all of the people share one big beer. The lowest person on the totem pole buys the beer. At the dinner everyone shares the food. But it is important to buy one big beer and share it in Japan."

       25 Hours hotel Bikini ...

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                                                     The luxury and uniqueness    of German toys::)

Ladys at Car Dealership, "The funniest kraziest thing that happened here is we had a guy that came in to the door and he started screaming, this place is shit it is shit and then he ran out the door."

Guy that owns a shoe store, "Everyday they´re krazy people. I have one lady that comes in and asks the same questions everyday and i try to tell her that if we dont have size 4 shoe yesterday and that we dont have size for shoe today she doesnt listen:"

There is lovely people at Berlin in every neighborhood. Yesterday I visited a cafe named Kau KAu...the bertenders all 3 of em each had a different tale of why the bar is named that. At first they all thought that the bar is that since Hot Cocoa is Kau Kau in German and
then decided this was a name for some obscure tribe somewhere... either case we had great stories of the kraziest people we´ve ever met...
Miriam, "My friend is the time we went to a huge Hilton convention and there were some business guys standing around a bar and she goes up to em and starts dancing around em. Then she gets in their face and keeps dancing then she sticks two of her fingers up one guys nose and runs away. The business guy starts screaming after her and chases her and she jumps on top of a bar and starts dancing on the bar and starts saying na na na na na when the guy is below her yelling at her. I mean she is krazy krazy. Funny yes but funny krazy."
Emme: UMMMMMMM okay that is really really krazy.
Other girls, "There is krazy people here every day. The funniest guy with his expressions is Timsen he is the artist that painted some of these pictures. He is a little odd looking but his expressions that he makes is hilarious."
Girl, "My friend is krazy one time I went to a real cool club and this guy kept coming up to me tilting his head back and he had all of these gold teeth in his mouth and he was like hay baby... and my friend was with me one time and here he comes up to us and my friend takes one look at his gold teeth and she says o hey whats up bucky...and he leans to her and has his big gold teeth out and he says what what...what did you call me... and she says ya whats up bucky..." Hilarious


Emme: Kraziest person in Berlin?
Cake Girl, "O that one is easy. About 3 weeks ago I went in a taxi with my boyfriend and the taxis cab driver kept yelling at me, "Give me cookies.".  I was sitting in the front seat and I was eating cookies. I had to give him a big cookie and he ate it and he kept yeiling in Turkish, "COOKIE COOKIE GIVE ME MORE COOKIES:"
Emme: Why were you sitting in the front seat?
Girl, "I felt sorry for the taxi driver so I sat in the front seat and my boyfriend sat in the back and I was intimidated so I kept giving him my cookies and he was serious he wasn´t joking. My boyfriend just sat there stunned. "

Guy who owns cool artsy cafe, "The strangest person who came in here was a krazy lady that always wore long dresses. The first day she asked if i had egg bread. And the next day she came and asked if I had egg bread again. I told her that no I told her that we didn´t have egg bread. The third day she came in and asked if we had egg bread and everyday she kept asking the same thing and she would look at me and ask and I would tell her no. The third day I made her leave since she was krazy asking if i HAD EGG BREAD EVERYDAY!"Steve Coogan arrives at the Leveson Inquiry
GEThe Dudes is a original clothing store of young kids...okay not really young kids but okay about 23 year olds...who own a cool clothing store and all of their pictures adorn the is located at the Mitte section and the website is and I guess they´re just a bunch of dudes:) a cool toy store german of courseMelamin-Teller FISCH Geschirr beige

Allright the Berlin sweet is that come eat a cool Burrito at the first modern high tech fast food burrito store!  tried to interview the owner on krazy people but he said that everyday that people come into the store and their krazy that is why life is fun:)
Phillipe working at video store, "Ya a lot of people come in here and most of em arabs they ask you all sorts of questions and they don´t have a clue of what they´re talking about. They don´t have a plane ticket and because they also become super agressive...Jesus. "
Emme: Ummmmmm

Guiseppe and Helen own Camilla
www.mamicamilla.deBildergebnis für mami camilla

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Two women sitting in a tea cafe, "The meanest person ad I guess you could say kraziest is one artist lady I worked for in Berlin. I did my intership with her and she made me go pick up coffee run errands etc. I didn´t learn one thing about the art world while I interned for her and I had to volunteer for free. Then one day she made me go sit at the drivers license bureau for an entire day with a  letter she had written letting me renew her license and I had to sit there 4 hours. I was so pissed that when I went back to the gallery I handed her her license and I said that I had a migraine and had to go home. When I passed the politicians house next door the securitz officer said, "Why do you go in and out of the gallery all the time?" and when I told him that I worked there he said that he felt sorry for me that there was always new people going in and out of there that the lady was an awful person to work for!"
Emme: Hmm Guiseppe´s father owns Mami Camilla in South Italy... a family of moms and dads and uncles and aunts and sons and daughters.
I sat and chatted with 5 of Guiseppe´s workers the cucinas and the waiters...
Waiter from Milan, "What really is krazy and made me very dissapointed is when I first came to Germany my very first night and when I got into the taxi cab the driver didn´t speak English. He only spoke German and I didn´t speak German and I only spoke Italian and English."
Emme laughing, : Um you´re mad since the GERMAN taxi cab driver in GERMANY didnt speak ENGLISH!
Waiter from MIlan, "Yes. Everyone speaks English and I thought it would be allright if I spoke English. But we couldnt understand each other. "
Waiters and Cucinas introducing each other...two from Bari and one from Milan and two from near Naples. All Italian and sweet and funny. 
Cucina helper, "I am a banker but I am also an assistant cucina. In Germany the bankers only make about 1200 euros a month and it isn´t enough to survive but the apartments they´re cheap so..."
Emme: And everyone is Italian here?
All of em, "Yes we´re all Italian. But we´re from different parts of Italy. "
Guiseppe shows me a book of the region below Naples where he comes from. His family owns an hotel and cooking school there with the same name as the restaurant. He has a glossy book that he shared with me about the region and pictures of his family It is a pretty cool place only since the people are normal and real. 
I liked them. okay.