I would love to let every person who uses EmmeAnesBook to plan vacations and to meet real loving and caring cultural people around the world know that DONT USE BOLOGNA. When I came to the city today on December 5, I tried to do interviews to let my 2,200,000 to 3,400,000 people that visit the EmmeAnesBook website every month learn about the restaurants and enotecas and lovely stores that Bologna had to give. Yet EVERY APPOINTMENT REFUGEES INTERRUPTED. They came into the appointments then they threatened or they walked in and went behind the bartender's stations or they walked into the kitchens or they walked downstairs then they told the Capos in Italian not to do my website. The website has been in existence the last 8 years and has a 100% approval reputation around the world. I am very sorry that the Bologna city is unsafe for tourists. If you come to Bologna as a tourist danger waits for you. The Capos in Bologna Dont help tourists, dont stick up for tourists nor do they respect or show gratitude for tourists. I had heard that cities in Italy were being overrun by refugees forming organized crime. This is what I found in Bologna-dangerous organized crime not by Mafia but refugee organized crime taking over the Italian Capos's positions. Please DONT COME IN BOLOGNA ITALY DANGEROUS THERE.