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                Love my friends at La Ferramenta in Bologna Italy

   The true style of the Italians shine in their men's and women's clothing and the cool designer Italian styles of the eyeglasses that the "doctor" chooses to reflect his taste.

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      – Phone: italy 051 239346
           Located at Via Delle Moline 16/A

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                                                                                da Lucia Enoteca-Ristorante 
                                                                      ...classic, elegance, and it tastes GREAT! 
   "My food, which I prepared the menu along with my chef, is my idea of Bologna traditional food with a modern twist. 

I wanted the shabby chic decor and the beauty to reflect the young vision of my restaurant, yet keep the Bologna tradition of Pietro my Grandfather's.  

     The food at Lucia is of the  Bolognese, yet with a modern approach and a presentation that is lovely and fresh." says Lucia, of the stylish restaurant that bares her name! 

 Where as the light modern decor of the Lucia is fresh and airy, the dark interior of Pietro lends to the traditional ambience. 

            "Pietro is old-school." she says! 

     Enoteca Ristorante Lucia is located at                           Via dei falegnami 14.                                       0039 051 912 912              

 Trattoria Pietro Via dei falegnami 18.                        051 6 48 6240      

"The Trattoria Da Pietro is my Grandfather's restaurant and as the tradition continues, I asked if I could open my own next door and name it Lucia," says the tiny adorable 37 year old who just so happens to be named Lucia! "He said yes and although Trattoria Da Pietro is as  traditional as can be in terms of Bologna food, mine is a little modern." she says.

  "It has only been opened about 20 days now, and we have decided to change the menu every 20 days to add new recipes and new presentations to give the guests a lovely taste of Bologna the way I have learned. You know every Grandmother in Bologna makes tortellini, yet it is each way that the Grandmother makes the tortellini that is special. I had fun designing the Ristorante Lucia and it is definitely my taste, yet if you walk next door to Pietros you see difference in the culture of 3 generations. My grandfather is in Umbria now, and I have to take care of both of the restaurants." I ask if it is difficult?  "It is fun. I love it." she says. 

"It is more formal and it has a private upstairs at Trattoria da Pietro, while the Ristorante Enoteca dei Lucia is  fun and light. I hope you love both." 


 "It is my first own bar and I want it to represent cool modern music. Modern Art. At night we can play strange and wild music. Here in Bologna it is super chic yet in New York it would be a small fish in a big pond." He says. We laugh since I try to translate the translation!  

It is a chic classy lounge bar with heavy duty food prepared beautifully. "WE have music live here and I want it to be a place that people can come and dance, have a good traditional meal. It is young. Only 2 months now and we're trying to let the artsy music side emerge on its own. My friend from Florence is a great architect and I let him do his thing. He is talented such as the art hanging from the ceiling is his design. The other art is exhibitions and the album is a friend of mine who designs art down the alley. Especially for me." he says. Marco is young...36 and he is from Sicily where he says it is BELLISIMO: love it. 


   Via Santo Stefano 8 Bologna   051 03 16204

food a bologna

Marco is young and savvy and is playful as he rides his brown and ivory bicycle old fashioned style to the Peacock and leaves it outside. "O I keep my eye on it." he says when I ask if he is worried about the bike being taken. Later during the interview one of his cooks brings it into the kitchen and Marco looks outside and freaks! "Where is my bike!" and the team laugh and say in the kitchen.  Speaking of the kitchen...

I see Grey Goose Vodka, "O that is my favorite," I say and his interpreter the bartender translates(Edoardo) and Marco says,"Check out the vodka lined on the shelf...all vodka from around the world." he says. When I come to the restaurant he has 5 people already waiting to talk to him. Yet he gives me his attention. How cool is that?  

"People in Bologna say Wow that is a strange bar..." Marco says with the help of Edoardo. I say that it is super sophisticated and playful and it brings extra class to the city. It would fit right in with say New York or Chicago. 


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                            E' CUCINA LEOPARDI | CESARE MARRETTI

       A different outlook is the Artistic Side of life and love and food. Cesare Marretti creates. His first art book is named and it is the start of his passion of art mixed with his real passion of making food. “Food is important. Life is food and food is life.” He says as he bounces like a Mexican jumping bean around the huge New York Style Loft ofcolored umbrellas hanging from the ceiling and wild brass pipe art lights hanging from the ceiling and every color in the rainbow of tiles that he painted and beautiful naked pictures of his nude wife and apples on the wall , his wife by the way looks like Liv Tyler, and he excitedly points out a etching architectural style of something? Emme: Um and the skull drawing? What is that? He jumps up and down and his staff just nod their head to me as if they are quite used to it, “Biscuits is all about Biscuits.So I love new project is biscuits since everybody loves biscuits and everybody eats biscuits everyday.” Immagine correlataHe runs into the open 4 sided kitchen and runs back to me and gives me a ceramic orange colored bowl...”That is my present to you. It can hold all of the biscuits that you love. You can put your biscuits in that.” I laugh and treasure it and put it in my new bag of white and black and white bowtie and proceed to see all of his art. The more I see of his art the more I am convinced that the guy is the next Picasso. His food they all assure me is much better than his art but his art is of the 10th degree seriously. His staff Matteo and Casper say, “He is always gathering us today in a circle and talks about life and inspiration and he paints everything. If it is there he paints it.” You see wooden tables painted with his name and numbers and colors and the entire huge 3 roomed loft has colored glass and cinema lights and hand prints of colors my favorite on the walls and it is a place of art. You must come with me, I say as I grab his arm and drag him out the door, We're giving up the restaurant business and we're opening a art gallery in New York. È CUCINA LEOPARDI

Via Leopardi 4, Bologna

Tel. 051-2750069 

He laughs and runs and grabs a white piece of paper and writes that I am his agent of art and he signs it and I sign it of... and we agree that I am his artistic agent. He insists I sit and I choose a window seat and the minute he is open open to lunch in comes tons of people and literally within minutes the every table is taken. How sweet. He gives me Um Grana Cheese Mozzarella

and a little apple? Tart to which I eat one taste but I eat all of the mozzarella and Cesare himself comes to pour sparkling white i say white wine please and i partake in the white wine. I see his first art book as I eat and I finally feel what his staff must feel when they come around that lovely man. 

As he cooks he wears a backwards baseball hat with huge letters... I GOT GAME

AND the more that I know of his adorableness the more I know his wife must really be something to handle this bundle of inquisitiveness... As I eat the food he runs over and says, “And how do you like my food?” And I say that the food is great but that the Art is Better and he laughs and runs back to his KITCHEN! I think of Georges Perrier of the famous water and the Le Bec Fin Philadelphia restaurant and its 5 star ranking and think that Perrier's food is a 8 on a scale of 1 to 10... and that Cesare's is between a 7 and 8...but that his art is a 10. I say that he should come directly with me to the New York Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art and Exhibit immediately and he laughs but I am serious. He is that unique and original and I note that I am to send a copy of his stuff directly there today... I am inspired from the atmosphere the art and his food but mostly the laughter that we've had the last 15 minutes of peace before the crowd came and I start to write my thoughts of the experience... His art is of perfect Genius of unbelievable porportins and exstasy of being. His sweetness and energy and kindness. We chat about movies and I tell him there is a movie that reminds me of him, 

     like water for chocolate, (thank my prince I am drinking wine) and he knows the movie and excitedly tells me of a German one that is named the recipe of love. I must see that as I write it down.

His book has his poem in Italian and English... Il Piatto E Come LA Cornice

Di Un Quadro Non Dev E Attirare Attenzione Ma Dev E Esaltare

Il Contenuto

Which means_ A plate is Like A Frame... Of a Painting ,It Must Not, Divert Attention 

But instead must...Elevate Its Contents.

È Cucina Leopardi di Cesare Marretti a Bologna

                    Risultati immagini per È Cucina Leopardi di Cesare Marretti a Bologna

"Honestly my life is about music. From 2000 to 2009 I had my own record label company and we tried that for awhile and in 2003 I joined my partner with the COVO club. It is the oldest dance club in Europe with 35 years to its credit. We've had bands such as Mumford and Sons who by the way are the sweetest people. They're totally humble..." says the GORGEOUS young owner of the Jukebox in Bologna.  Via Mentana 3   05 12 7 3832

 "Come to the COVO club on Friday at 9:30pm to 24:00 midnight. I invite you." says the charming Daniele. And of course I am coming...for the students and the international tourists (and nationals) take bus 20 to  direction Pilastro and stop at San Donnino, "it is in the park and since it is a Friday night and we have great bands you will see tons of people. Come in side and dance and have a great time," he says. "The reason that I always loved the COVO and my partner too is since we're totally into promoting the music and the bands. It is all about the bans. I love the music and the ones that I love the most is the humble ones. You know the bigger they are the more humble they are. That is the truth. I love the club since I am always backstage and need to organize the events. Once the music starts it is the people's events. That is one thing that I found strange about this Jukebox. It is only 6 months old since June. I had to talk and mingle with the guests here and thought since I am shy and really not a people person that it would be difficult. Yet here surprisingly I am having fun with the tourists and the guests. They're interests are the same such as the bands at the club and the Jukebox is funny. The only place in all of Europe (3 in Italy) that has Jukeboxes! Especially Americans. They love the Jukebox. And me and my partner fight since he loves punkrock and I love the indys. Sometimes I change the Jukebox to Indys and in the mornings he sends me a text...WHAT THE FUCK is with the music? Where is my choices? I do it on purpose. We have fun. He says that I am here to make life difficult for him!" he jokes. Viale Zagabria ,1  05 15 05 801

"Honestly it is all about the producing the music. The artists themselves. I am always behind the scenes. I love the musicians and the professionals. It has been 15 years now and everyday I say...hmm I am getting older. Yet it is fun when I have a chance to meet my idols. The favorite band is Pavement. When I met my group or hear a group that reminds me of Pavement I totally am the happiest." he says when I ask his favorite group!  MIne? Love Mumford and Sons.  

"I have promoted about 1,000 bands now. And the fact is that most of the time it is totally cool to meet these people. Since 2010 when one of my friends who had a rock band died we have the people sign the posters and protect these on the walls of Jukebox. IT is a new project of only 6 to 7 months and I find it comforting to see the bands that we had. And the people love to come here to see the independants. " Danielle says, who along with his partner have been a major player in the music world with the COVO club about 15 years now. It being one of the oldest longest running music clubs in Europe with its 36th year approaching.!  "I am interested in cooking and took classes the last 10 years and when we said lets open the Jukebox I wanted something that is food related and music tied to the club. And here it is. "

When I walk into the Osteria Cucchiaio d' Oro near the University of Bologna   Via Giuseppe Petroni, 6 Bologna University Square. 05 1095 2570


The students favorite philosphers? "Michael Dummet from Oxford University, German Gotta bfrege, Hegel a German and the American Quine. " has anybody ever heard of Plato!  

Bologna Student News of the Day... Philosophy students, "We're from Parma, South Italy Sicily,Ferrara and Modena... we talk about Philosophy all day long." When I say that the people of United Arab Emirates talk about and try to understand the Koran passages everyday they say,"wow that is cool." When I ask to explain the philosophical statement, "It is not what U do with LIfe it is what LIfe does with you?" they say, "Wow, deep, alright that means that knowledge is being something knowing it is big happening and try to see that moment that is all around you and a awareness of what is happening to you at that moment in the world to people that you know and in the future people that you will know, U never know." Um philosophy... 

 "Salvatore says that he wants to make sure I translate what he says," says his young assistant Denise. "I am Romanian. College Romania. I came here and from a friend of a friend got a job with Salvatore. You have to come here in the morning. You should see him. He is happy. Dancing and Singing every morning he is readying his life for his guests. He is happy. He sings everyday." she says. Salvatore is from Naples. Is the bar a typical Naples bar or a typical Bologna bar? I ask. "No no it is definitely a Bologna bar Salvatore emphatically says." 

BAR TUATE at Via San Vitale 56/F call for directions to 05 122 18 55

 We go back and forth...I have to say it is as if you are at a family reunion in that place...Salvatore is a commanding person...he has been here 9 years and made a success in Bologna where there is about 500 Bars the same...not exactly, "He says it is special and he makes it special with his enthusiasm and his friends come here every morning and how do you say the strange people come during the day." Denise says. I say you mean the strange people are the tourists? She laughs, "Yes the tourists is I guess what he means." she says. "He is here from 6:30am in the morning til 22:00pm every night every day. Sunday is his one day of personal day." And Salvatore agrees. Does he have bambinos? I ask and if yes where? hidden in the beer closet? He laughs and says, "yes many bambinos!" 

 "Alright tell the truth,"when I see the cappucino pictures on his facebook page,"That is a how do we say it? Trace?" "No noit isn't a stamp! That is me doing the handdrawn cappucinos!" Salvatore says although he is a man of strong principles and ideas I dare to trust that. Can you even imagine this perfect picture drawn freehand? Michealangelo anybody? 

What is fun for Denise with Salvatore? "Maybe it is here and I am here why? When the people come and his heart is full of love and every morning he is happy and singing to everybody and seeing him that happy we feel it. I feel happy since he makes people happy and has a good time." she says. Salvatore is joking and serious at the same time. One day of his? "Sunday." That is the day he is with his family. Tomorrow morning I hope you have breakfast at the elegant local bar and say hi to a real person from Italy! Ciao "I want my people in the pictures,"Salvatore communicates to me via his smartphone and us perusing the facebook pictures. He is adamant about what pictures to represent his "baby" Tuate. "It is important to show my guests and the way we have fun everyday." Pictured behind the guests is a alcove built in the wall to show his taste. Great. "The bar was completely different. Now it is a beautiful classy woodsy looking bar with great cocktails, wonderful Italian breakfasts and guests enjoying themselves."

Vicolo Colombina is a tiny formal elegant traditional Bologna restaurant, "The one here is about 3 years old. My partner Max who  is 44 and me(I am 45) opened it here almost 4 years. He is a cucina at a different restaurant that is gourmet and very formal and here a little more traditional. Of course it is fun. All the time. It is never work for me. It is always fun. I guess since I was in the Navy about 8 years before..." pictured here one of the owners. He was happy to show me the awards and plaques associated with the Navy...Gionni Frizzotti is happy to own his own restaurant now instead of taking orders from the Military! he says. "For me seriously it's fun. I have made tons of friends and every night I would say that 25% of my guests come as friends. The others that come to the restaurant to eat I hope to make friends." He is a happy person and loves his place. He shows me the wine cellar above as you can see is lined with bottles of wine and "The guests if they wish can come down to the wine cellar and see all of the wines and pick the one that they would love with the dinner. It has every one labeled and they vary from 16E per bottle up to 350Euros per bottle. Yet they can see that when they choose the wine. I hope people love it of course. I hope they feel comfortable here." 

Upstairs as you see is a elegant homey atmosphere with the feeling of comfort and ease at one's fingertips. Cool restaurant. "Max is the cucina in Il Cambio and it is gourmet. Here is a young staff. Traditional Bologna cuisine. We try to make people happy and it is open everyday. I see new faces every day at the restaurant so I know we're doing a good job!" he says. Call for reservations at: 39 051 233919  Tel 051 236 628 is where you can catch a glimpse of the restaurant on line and make reservations... the owner Suzanne is great and has a lovely upscale British accent to where she spent 22 years growing up, "I love Italy. I love the Italians. They're warm and friendly and I appreciate the culture so much more since I lived and traveled other places. It is really a great country. I wish the Italians would all travel around the world one month and if they do I know they'll come back to here. I wouldn't live or do anything else honestly. I love my country and I love the job that I do. " she says. "Many others come and they talk to me and they say O I could do what you're doing or something since they don't realize how difficult it is to own one's own business. But seriously I think if you could do what I am doing then you would already own you're own restaurant you know? It is much more difficult and it is always on when you're the boss yet at the same time I can do anything that I would love to do since I am the Boss!" 

The Il Saraceno is a beautiful ristorante as you can see from the picture above however the atmosphere is the picture to the right and the owner Suzanne who wouldnt let me take her picture! As you can see they're hilarious and funny and normal. It is as if you are home for Christmas and having dinner...o hey bud can you ask Bro to make me some turkey?...They talk casually and they're real and friendly, "I am here all the time." says the owner, "When I am out eating with friends at a different restaurant I always compare it to mine and appreciate my kitchen and staff. That is the way with Italy too since we're talking about culture and the Italians. If more Italians went away from their country they would totally appreciate it when they came back. I believe that is the way with people that love and care about the work that they have chosen. If you love something you think about it all the time. I  see or taste something on a different menu and I think hmm I should have my chefs try that, " says Suzanne. She is adorable. Being born in London and at the age of 22 came back home to Italy. "My husband started out making pizzas at a restaurant that we had about 15 years before the one here. Now he is a little semi-retired but as you can see we have the pizza oven. I wanted my restaurant to show high quality upscale and still be a pizza restaurant."  When I ask why she has the restaurant that is such elegance and beauty and a added pizza section she says, "because I want a happy marriage!"  As I am eating the lovely Swordfish and tagliolini , a little baby sits next to me...and all I do all lunch is giggle at the baby...she keeps grabbing the mother's phone and deleting messages and phone numbers and as you can see she is the queen of the restaurant. And she loves the pizza!

"I have a great team, " Suzanne says. "Many of these people have been with me about 6 years to maybe 7 years. I respect all of em and they respect me. That is probably the reason that it works out so well." She says. I say that respect breeds trust and if one respects each other that follows in the line of trusting each other. She agrees, "Yes I guess that is it. If I ask any of the staff to do something I think that they do it because they respect my judgement. They know I am asking because I care." And I say that is true.  


A famous restaurant has been reinstituted as it is apply named RosaRose and reopened, "25 years a friend named Beatrice owned the restaurant where such people as Susan Sarandon and REM and Grace Jones came here. Then she closed. I reopened the RosaRose 2 years since and last April brought Beatrice back on board! A long time to do that," says Valerio the new owner! A cool restaurant with an outside garden that is open " is always open as is the kitchen from 11 am til close."
Valerio is camera shy as I am but he wants me to take a picture of the outside of the restaurant..."See that RosaRose? That has been here since the original...25 years." he says. When I ask if the menu is the same cucina? "No but we have some great dishes. My favorite is the hand made egg spaghetti with sausage and turnup greens..." It is made with a original authentic Chitarra which is a wooden board that slices the pasta so I say that my cousin came to Italy to a villa in Tuscany and for 6 weeks almost learned how to cook the Italian way with the chitarra. He brought a chitarra home and we all had to guess what it was...I said it must be some musical instrument from the medieval ages! Yet Valerio knew that it is used to make pasta!
Arcobaleno foto in Bologna is run by a father and son team. The son says that the funniest thing about the photo store? "The people. Personally when I photograph and me and my father are both photographers, I prefer to photograph landscapes...  I don't like photographing posing people. I love natural people." He says... The store has been here a really long time and they're pretty knowledgeable about all that deals with photography and cameras. Cool                   051 23 82 58

PIERCING..."DO I WANT TO GET PIERCED!" How many times have you been asked that? Today the adorable gentle son of Tomaso asked me if  I would like to do an exchange and get pierced after seeing a video of a woman being tongue pierced by his dad on their video..."My dad likes the  videos to show the real experience...when people say does it hurt he doesn't say it won't hurt but he says yes it will hurt but you will forget most of the pain and come away with okay that hurt a little but not as much as I thought and my experience I will remember the rest of my life." Emme: O yes thatis the way when women say o it hurts to have a baby but you forget the hurt the minute you see his little face and I say O bullshit you're telling me 10     hrs of child labor and you forget all that pain the minute its over! Is it kind of like that experience? And Gil the son says, "Yes kind of like that."  Okay in the video it shows Tomaso piercing a tongue and when Gil asks me if I would like a piercing I hold my tongue as my nona used to say if you can't say something nice don't say something at all.  Here is some great pictures of piercing and Tomaso's son Gil's Morocco video contribution to culture:)

                                 Via Delle Moline 1/B

Piercings have always intrigue me if they are done in a sensual way one little tiny piercing of maybe a loop and a precious jewel okay that I would do, however some people LOVE PIERCINGS and have them everywhere as you can see from the website. 

tel. 051 2915539

Tomas says, "I love when people come from of the booths with smiles on the faces..." That is why he pierces:)



 The adorable girl is Tatiana and the fellow is Cosimo and when I ask if they're married she giggles, "Not yet!" and he I say "O your in love then" and they laugh.  It is visiting authentic Italians that give you love and passion and of course pasta bread pizza and his speciality from Paestum Pesci fish:)  "And i make my own Dolce...sweets..." he says and    I tell him that l love that word dolce...I say it all the time:)  They love the talking of the people and I say that I love the honor of the Italian people the tradition and to make sure not to lose that...  As we chat in walks a friend with a "French Dog" Tatiana says..."I don't know we just call it a French Dog..." It is a mixture of a pit bull and a baby boxer and  I fall in love immediately... 15 minutes later after playing with the puppy...I understand the pet therapy thing. 

Cosimo Cavallo Cucina 
Via G. Oberdan 24/2
(di fronte alla chiesa di S.Martino)
Tel: 051 2 60106

The couple is adorable and a perfect match of smarts and common sense and Italian passion...the Cucina Cosimo has big blue eyes that smile and twinkle all the time. A definite fun lunch time chat with cognac and pasta and on to romantic dinner of seeing mischevious Tatiana serve you pasta as she shows her playful birds made out of vegatables in the cases. They're young and fun. Tatiana, "My favorite picture is above because I love wine:) Me too I say 

although I love the cool picture of the family restaurant and the brick pizza oven... I have a question I say...some people have trattorias and some osteria and some restaurants what is the difference? Tatiana, "Here we say pizzeria and restaurante since we have an authentic Italian kitchen and a brick over to make pizzas." As I am there the curious people peek inside and I tell her that once they realize that L ammiraglio has real home made food they'll come in. 

Trattoria dal Biassanot and the woman who makes the tortellinis:) can found at via Piella number 16A in Bologna.. it is totally fun to talk to her. Maria says, "I met my husband about 30 years now as he is how do you say timido?" Shy? I ask and she says, "Yes  I am shy and he is shy and we meet and we marry about 3 years later!" She is the master tortellini maker and her husband is the Maestro Cucina of Italy the award he received at 25 years in the is proudly displayed on the wall as is her 3 awards. The family run, the grandmother comes in carrying tortellini as I talk to Maria, trattoria is hidden down a little alley and there is always laughter and happiness inside.                Trattoria dal Biassanot is on Facebook in addition...

trattoria dal Biassanot at Bologna...met the lovely woman and her cucina master husband as they make tortellinis just like as in the video here of her showing you how she does it...

AS she proudly shows me the restaurant her husband sits down in her seat and starts making tortellinia as the guests eat their lunch. The tortellinis that they make everyday at lunch the guests eat at the dinner that same day.  

 GianFranco pictured below owns a Cool International Beer Store

named Beer 4 Bunnies 

 He owns the Green River Pub and the Harvest Pub have fun finding em...



 Beer 4 Bunnies is the cool beer store that GianFranco owns plus those cool bars such as the Green River Pub at Via Petroni , 3A and the Harvest Pub at via Montello , 4, in Bologna. 

 GianFranco says, "I am from Puglia but I've owned the Pubs the Green River since 3 years and the Harvest Pub since one year. The imported international beer club of 300, 450, 650, and counting store has been here one year:)

Having met his assistant at Michele's Beer store pictured here on the website I finally managed to track her down and say hi and mucht o my credit I didn't drink one beer so though don't do as I do drink the beer its great... 


Via Montello, 4, 

329 099 3048

There is a perfect artistic cafe in Bologna that is named and of course I love the name: Not Thurn o sud...A tiny little white Charlie Chaplin cafe with a chic bar, a corner music corner, books that yes the owner says people come in and read as they chat and sip a cappucino and discuss politcs and art and theater and the future of the world...progression is the feel of the cafe. 

Via del Borgo di San Pietro 123

CaffèLetterario NotturnoSud FACEBOOK!

349 759 79 09 

 The Owner has only had it 3 months and it took him 3 months to redecorate it...He has a theater in the basement where he teaches theater and movement and voice to students the last 2 years. They have performances in the basement along with dance invitees and he invited me to one of the theatre shows. He says that the idea of the cafe came to him to try to show cultural and all forms of art to the people. Where they can come and hear the live music which includes a small electric piano, a guitar, and a violin on the wall. The sweet thing about the cafe is that they have tried 3 monts now to make little charlie chaplins in the is one of the renditions and they're all so cute when they say "o it is hard to do we try all the time..." as if that is they're bent on life to do the little Charlie Chaplins! such as Mozart would say I've been trying to do the prelude to the 5th symphony but it is difficult...!


He feeds me tortellini and the Americans eat tortellini too. And wine and wine and he gives me a huge filet steak and vegatables and the guys order the same and I start to giggle... Manuela keeps coming over and kissing my cheek and then I notice that he kisses everybody's cheeks!  When I ask if he always walks to every table and serves all of his guests personally all the time he says "Yes. It is my living room. The owner needs to be in the living room. I take a vacation of January 1 to January 7 every year to go to Matera Italy to see my mother but the rest of the year everyday except 5 days I am in my restaurant. It is my life."  Since I stayed there such a long time I started to feel iike it was my life too! 

He gives everybody a rose...:)

 Love Intimate Dinners in a own private wine cellar? You would love Drogheria Della Rosa at Via Cartoleria 10... tel  051.222.529

The owner's name is Manuela and one of the waiter's is Ema Nuele and when I say that my name is Emme Nuele I am pretty sure that we all make a happy HAVE to come to that restaurant since it is HILARIOUS... ALL OF BOLOGNA IS HILARIOUS... but especially here. He shows me the tour of the three rooms one a long narrow open window to all of the goings on in the kitchen! and the atmosphere right from the start is here is wine sit down munga munga,... of course I sit down and 3-1/2 hrs later...I am stil being given food. The give me MASCARPONE EN CICCCOLATO AS THE DESSERT BUT WAIT.. here is the hilarious conversation as Manuele walks to every table and pours people wine constantly. The entire place on a Sunday is packed all 37 tables totally full and two guys sit next to me and I hear an American accent... while Manuela is sitting next to me drinking wine constantly as he pours it to everybody... all 3 hrs...   Emme: O I hear an American accent...

The American and the guy with him, "Yes we're from New York...Brooklyn..." I start laughing, O Brooklyn! How charming... I say, he nods, "Yes we came here 7 years ago me and my partner and I remember it. Trust me you will love the Food it is something that I remembered all these years..." As we talk Manuela says, "O that reminds me as I am sitting in front of a Obama picture with donkey ears hiding behind a tree..."7 Americans came in here the other day and pointed at the Obama picture and said Get that shit out of here..." Really! I say... He nods and said that he made them leave his restaurant...when I ask where they came from he says TEXAS!

chef Jacques Durussel is delightful he reminds you of Gene Wilder in the Willy Wonka and the Chocolate looks and mannerisms you will love him. His kitchen is , "French and Italian. I am from Switzerland. I used to be the private chef for Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor..." His waiter proudly shows me the letter from the couple about his talents and the fun they had with him 6 months before he went into the Swiss Army. "They called and wanted me back after my Army training but at that time I had fallen in love with my wife from Bologna and I am still with her by the way. My son is my chef when I am taking a couple of days off at home. He has a PHD but it is difficult in Italy to find a job and so I trained him here and now he is the second chef! "  When I ask why he didn't go back to work

with the famous couple he says, "Love is Love. It is more important than being a chef for a famous couple. They had they're own life."
Hmm true.

 "I like not to look no, I love to here quiet and still to read a book when I am at home. I love the public and the people and with friends. " He says when he is off he spends time with friends and if he eats at home he cooks at home for friends. He has tons of famous friends too as you can see that adorn the walls around of about 25 years... inlcluding Maria Callus. Maria Callas

Bologna (BO)
T 051 237938 - 051 222961

YUM LOVE BEER? Try the  Il Pretesto that offers about 450 beers and the owner has tried everyone..."I used to carry 650 beers and of course I try everyone if someone comes in and asks me which beer is the better one and how does that beer taste it is my duty to tell and I can only know if i try these."  Emme laughs at the young owner who is entertaining and during the entire 1 and 1/2 hr chat and of learning the beers I tasted a couple of em.

via Riva di Reno 60/d,           Michele  339.2924331

"In Italy it is a tradition of 1,000s of years of wine and it is akin to competing David against Goliath when you try to compete Beer against Wine! But it is fun to learn about and find these beers."

Emme: Okay lets say as a girl here I come into the beer store and let me choose based on how a girl chooses...ooooo that is a pretty beer picture... Mikhael says as he teasingly slides next to me, "Okay lets pretend your a girl..." Emme protesting: Um I AM A GIRL... he laughs "Okay how would you choose?" Emme: Let's see I would choose Gypsy Tears and Mikkeler makes that one...Michele says, "Yes I choose him since he is a genius seriously he doesn't even have his own brewery he just goes around and uses everybody else's and adds wierd items such as donuts to his beer and it tastes different the one here is my favorite and it is with coffee from Viet Nam."       Emme: okay and my second is Proper Job  by St., Austell, the third is Alley Hop... Michele interrupts, "Yes that is my favorite since when I drink it it makes me happy and hoppy..." We both start laughing... Emme: Happy and hoppy? Can I quote this?   Michele, "Yes."           Emme okay the 4th is 5Am Saint from Brew Dog and the 5th is MEANTIME... Michele says, "Yes that is a famous London brewery" Emme in a hotty totty accent...Shall we partake in a MEANTIME  at the Pub Darllling...?  Michele laughing, "Hey that is a pretty good accent." Thankyou thankyou very much Emme says in a Elvis accent... Now on to the 6th it is K:rlek Sweden brewery and the last hmm let's see how about the skull with the typewriter on it...what does that name say? Michele says, "That beer's name is Dead Metaphor..."  And Emme says, O my friend Stephano from the Majer Store in Venicia would love that one since he packed up his E computer and shipped it out.

A beautiful elegant traditional restaurant that has as the hostess insists on saying, "Only fish just fish." Okay fish.

Via Nazario Sauro 12/b


Il Prestesto has cozy shelves and tons and tons of fun beers to choose from...while we chatted about the selection a Belgium guy comes into the store and tells Michele that he is having a Belgium guest to dinner and would love to purchase some Belgium beer and 6 beers later out he goes buying all of that kind on the shelf.  A girl comes into the shop and he opens a beer and the three of us drink it I start giggling...You know I thought my job      was Great but his is better!