I would love to welcome you to the other Czech city, actually there are a lot of hidden Czech cities that are quite charming, one that the students love, 80,000 a year come to universities here from around the world, is the city of Brno. I found a cool funny friend named Zoltan, like a Sultan, yet with a Z! And he named his Spanish tapa and Spanish Wine bar under the streets of Brno, about 3 levels of hidden caverns and total coolness, ZBARBRNO.                 http://picdeer.org/zbarbrno
        Come laugh with Zoltan, who is from Budapest, and drink some great Spanish wine at the ZBAR!                                                        in Brno. Pate. Tinto de verano. Cool cellar. 
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Pate. Tinto de verano. Cool cellar. Perfect combination.
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  Here is the very kind and talkative, Zoltan, who is a mixture of cultures and loves Brno. "I was a IT person many years and although I love the city of Budapest, Hungary, where I come from, you see it as a tourist does. Thank you @millipokorna, Lidka for the the  nice evening!
#ilovebrno #spanishwine #spanishfood #cheeseloveBrno is much more fun and livable to me, and I love the Spanish culture and am happy to be able to devote myself to learning the wine, too. I have been open only 3 months and Brno really doesn't have a Spanish wine bar, so I thought to open it," he says as we chat about his cool bar. A couple of minutes pass and here comes a group of people from America and the UK. They are added a couple of minutes later and some more join in. "Want to see my cellars below the bar?" Asks Zoltan and they say yes. They invite me and we all troop down the stone stairs to a level below. AMAZING and huge huge is the wine cellar and very beautiful. "I only have wine tastes here, and groups can come down and visit the cellars with glasses of wine if they wish. No food down here, though. Come on there is another level," he says and brings us even deep to the 3rd level, which is more amazing and very long and big. Loved it.  https://www.facebook.com/Zbarbrno/Image may contain: one or more people, indoor and outdoor
Image may contain: outdoor  As the group oos and aas we laugh about how totally cool the underground wine bar is. "Maybe in the future I can fill the entire cellar with Spanish wines, yet for now I have a very nice selection." Says Zoltan as he leads us back upstairs. The group wants bottles of wine now, I guess they were very intriqued and happy with the 3 levels of tours below ground, and they order a huge cheese and salami and meat plate to compliment the wines. It looks great, and although I spent 1 hour chatting with Zoltan, had to run. I can't wait to come back, sip some great Spanish wines and try the meat and cheese and talk to my new found buddy from Brno! Zoltan.Image may contain: food
       And since it is about the Spanish wine and the spanish culture here at Brno at the ZBAR , guess what else you can find at the ZBAR? Live Flamingo dancing. I told you it is cool! Image may contain: indoor