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Published: June 12, 2005

When is an apology not enough? What is the difference between a clarification and a correction or an admission of error? Is a retraction the same as a recantation? To recant is to withdraw or disavow a declared belief, as in renouncing a philosophy or abjuring fealty to a religion. The most famous recantation in history was that made by the Italian astronomer Galileo Galilei, when threatened by the Inquisition in 1633 with dire punishment for advocating the theory of Copernicus that the earth was not the center of the universe but that it moved around the sun: ''I abjure, curse and detest the aforesaid errors and heresies,'' swore the intimidated scientist, legendarily adding under his breath, ''eppur si muove'' -- ''but it moves.'' (That retraction of his recantation is apocryphal, probably the starry-eyed wish of subsequent astronomers.)

    Retraction Okay we just danced at the CATS MEOW and attempted Karaoke...spelling however "steven" was really william from the ship the mare...

who consequently had hired my brother for 3 days who is the chef who bought cases and cases of ramon noodles and refused to make a sandwich all decked out to the tess with his black and white ttails...he stayed on board when i got fired after 5 days of which he had been fired after 3 days of cooking but i saw him helping williams london girlfriend cleaning the bedrooms which is one of the reasons i got fired since all the bedrooms were a mess...thankyou verymuch however i was given the 500 euros i am still trying to find the ramon noodle chef...should of asked william ....


It's not that we should drink less we should drink more...hence the positive feedback on a recent Megabus trip one of which I could ad went from Memphis to Chicago, okay maybe it went there maybe it went from Omaha to Kansas City on its way to Columbia, maybe it went from Washington DC to Philadelphia via Baltimore; the truth is I wont tell you

where the trip went....why? because I am not a rat; : that's why however the trip proved that either Megabus drivers sometimes eat mushrooms/drink beer...or theyr'e just plain krazy.

Megabus driver turning up his "OutKast" "RKelly" music up real loud...jamming jamming jamming...and singing the words or at least announcing these songs before they began,

SING IT TO DADDY BABY... all of the megabus passengers looking askance at each other.... on comes the song....next, ALLRIGHT BABY in a loud sexy whisper voice...

okay you get the point but the funniest is the right before we're landing ala heading toward our final stop.

Megabus driver, "Okay we're going to be landing in about 15 minutes make sure that you check around your seats for any phones, laptops, valuables, and cash or wallets that might of slipped into the seats or on the floor behind you...if you do not check around and take these with you I can assure you that when we the Megabus drivers check around when we finish our routes for the day the items we love the most as tips is the cash obviously we always appreciate cash left behind and we love the phones and the ipods; however any traceable tracking items such as ipads, laptops, i phones etc we do not take with us do to the fact that they can be tracked; therefore please recheck to make sure you take any of the trackable items with you...and if anybody is landing here at Kansas City and would like to ride with me in my car to Columbia please let me know however I am stressing that I will be playing my music along the way..."

True Megabus trip Emme turning around to the big funny lady behind her, "Do you want to ride with him to Columbia?"

Chubby Lady laughing, "No he is crazy." Emme, "I know it will be really fun." Chubby Lady, "Ya but you heard that he is taking his music with him,"

Emme, "I know that's why it will be fun." Chubby Lady, "No I am taking the bus." Emme, "You're going to Columbia right?" Chubby Lady, "Yes but I am going on the Bus."

 The real reason young german boys love octoberfest

 Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.

From Associated Press today the Giant Sugar companies have pledged to place billions of dollars of BP’s profits in an escrow fund to pay

for tips about human trafficking at Europe, Asia, and the Americas...as of yet we have not not had any pledges for the north and south pole.

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While jogging at Newport news park at Virginia near all of the military bases so unless you are in perfect shape you seem ridiculous running meeting all of these 10 miler a day runners however the forest is big and gorgeous and sometimes before the deer tick incidents you do see tons of deer jumping across the path.  Eventually i got a deer tick on the inside of my leg and of course freaked out...there being lyme desease etc associated with it.  You see all the tent campers and the canoes and the bicyclists and it is a beautiful park but the deer tick...  3 months later coming to the park as i jogged and ventured 

on the little bridges across the swamps and the tiny paths millers run, swamp run, base camp run, all of the real little trails i felt something different?

I finally figured out the deer were missing.  So for three months i jogged i camped out one night with my two little cats Augustus and Juliet in my little pup tent with the scary tents around me and the deep darkness of the night with my little car parked next to my tent and 3 philadelphia guys with their sophisticated tent along side me.  Guess how many deer i saw? None, when i complained to my landlord that there is 0 deer he said that i perhaps had just missed them so i jogged some more and sure enough i saw 4 deers the next day eating on the fairway next to the campers.  I thought they looked imported and maybe somebody had just brought the deer to reassure all of us that yes we had a deer eating camper but now the deers are allright!!!

                                                                                                                                 Where have all the deer gone...

Enjoy the beauty of nature.

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                                                     L'auteure, spécialisée dans la santé et-------------------------------- L'auteure, spécialisée dans la santé et  


        Hay how about some sugar sugar? 

       That would  yes to you and me... 

Okay Barcelona Valencia or whereever i happened to land at Espana

is lovely they said that i came to barcelona however it being on the mediterreanean sea i have my doubts:::here is some photos of deer at Valencia

Can You Find the Deer in This Picture?
Click on the photo where you think the deer is:


please click gray lodge wildlife turkey shooting contest

the applications must be received by March 8 2010

and incomplete applications will be rejected

yes junior ap-

plicants can apply

                                    note: 900 trdrive is okay

Whitetail Deer Photo

Whitetail Deer



On my way to london where i be writing to you for the next 5 days hope you write back uncensored::: 

spy.JPGI’ve just discovered the I Spy website (the online version of the popular kids riddle books), and have been having fun exploring all the free stuff. The site is filled with games, activities, riddles, coloring pages, etc. It even has some cool desktop wallpapers.You can make your own I Spy pictures, solve riddles, play bingo, put together puzzles, and lots  more! And be sure to visit TV Fun for more games and coloring pages. 


Bolivar, MO

Feb 28, 2009
elizabeth wrote:
Can someone tell me how to decrease the deer population? There're drivingme nuts!!!!!!!!!!
In the 1930's the population of deer was 30,000 and today the count is 30,000,000 deer. 150 people dye a year from deer collisions on the roads. One way of controlling the deer to stay off the roads would be to sprinkle wolf urine on the roads where deer are most likely to cross. Some tips to keep deer out of your yards and gardens are to not have a bird feeder in your yard, the smell attracts the deer, put 6 foot fencing around your garden or yard, or there is a device called a deer sensor. The deer sensor puts out frequency that the deer do not like and it will make them turn away and run. A lot of people may like deer in there yard but one major problem with that is Lyme disease and you can get that from deer ticks.
I am a deer hunter my self and i believe hunting is ok but only in deep woods. If you hunt in your backyard than children could become catatonic,and neighbors could be up in arms.

Delaware, OH

Mar 24, 2009
God put man earth to care for and protect his wild life not to slaughter for more room to expand your housing. man is the only one who decides to wipe total species for greed.

Pleasanton, CA

Jun 5, 2009
we should just make a nuclear bomb and send it to them bastards


Pleasanton, CA

Jun 5, 2009
i agree with brin lol bomb them hoes!!!!
animal lover

Little Rock, AR

Jun 7, 2009
David wrote:
God put man earth to care for and protect his wild life not to slaughter for more room to expand your housing. man is the only one who decides to wipe total species for greed.
I agree with you 100%.

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