Zum Schiesshaus

                                                                                            Am Schiesshaus 19
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      Finally a real authentic Saxony Restaurant where the meals are very big, very hearty & warm your soul when it's very cold outside. You can meet Ute Stohr, who has owned the restaurant at the age of 26 when she had finished her studies of engineering. Her & her family were eating at the restaurant, that dates back to 1648 & used to be a shooting club/range, & they said to each other that they could do a much better job cooking her grandmother's recipes in the traditional Saxony style than the restaurant was currently doing.           https://www.zum-schiesshaus.de/
   "Actually the recipes come from my Great Grandmother & My Grandmother & of course my mom. My mother & father are both engineers & I was an engineer.  My daughter, who studies in Munich, is an industrial engineer. So it is a very different career for me, yet I have never regretted it. It is actually much fun to do. Me & my husband at one time, not so long ago, had 5 restaurants. 5! It was fun, & they were all traditional Saxony recipes, which is very important to me. Now I have much less stress & much more fun. My son loved the cooking experience of working at the restaurants & now he has aspirations to become a chef! He wants so badly to study in Japan & to learn that technique. So we shall see what the future brings. As for me, I wanted these all at one time because believe it or not it is very hard to find a real traditional German Restaurant in Dresden. People come here because they want to try our food & our culture, so I am very happy to provide that."Image
        https://www.zum-schiesshaus.de/Header photo shooting house
  Emma, Ute's daughter, is very kind to help translate via the phone the entire 1 hour of conversation from Paris, where she studies for a little while. Is the restaurant business in her future? She laughs,"Me & my brother have talked about that idea. We shall see in the future whether we do here or in Dresden. He has plans to learn the art of Japanese cooking, so you never know if a fusion Japanese-Saxony restaurant is in the plans!" One thing is sure, she can probably design a rocking modern industrial location for their dreams!See the source image
  They have 3 local Dresden breweries which provide their guests with two light beers & one dark beer. That I find important, too. When you come to Dresden & the Zum Schiesshaus, you can experience a very real Saxony lunch & dinner!
 So, is it fun to work with all the family? I ask. Ute laughs, a lot!. "Well, for me, but I'm not sure they would say that all the time!" O I say. That is because you're the boss. "Yes, I'm the boss!" she says, yet she laughs. I say that it is good to be the boss!See the source image
  Although the bartender laughs & says that the items hanging on the wall come in handy when guests don't pay their bills, I am pretty sure that he is joking. They talk amoung themselves, yet they're always laughing & smiling. Hey it is a very fun place, with simple, yet hearty meals & beer "standing" people always up at the bar ready to bring their steins back to their tables if the servers are busy. They laugh & joke with you too, although in German so perhaps it is only me who thinks that they are joking!   It is a rare mixture of locals & internationals who all seem to dance when they enter & dance when they exit!
   I absolutely love the Zum Schiesshaus & in the summer it has the adorable beer garden in the back where the shooters, in the 1648 time, used bow & arrows, of course. There is a array of the types of items used throughout the years on the walls of the beautiful historical restaurant along with many antlers, in case you are a history buff & would like to see all of it. 
  No photo description available.                      Is it the cutest loveliest charmer in the world? Ute took the shooting range club & restored it to its historical value. You will feel so comfortable that you will drink too many beers-wait!is that even possible to say in Germany? Where 7 million people come every year to Octoberfest in Munich! Okay, so anyway, you will want to drink hot cider or local beers & taste the hearty traditional food. Such as: Back Kartoffel mit Rote Beete, Rossenkohl-Kartoffelpfanne with brussel sprouts or Duck Leg with red cabbage & homemade dumplings-my favorite. I know the Americans will love that one so I wrote it in English. It looks all 1648 centuryish!
   Fun, fun fun, right? The outside garden has 220 seats & the inside has 220 seats, so come all of you! It is really fun & it is my 3rd time here & my 3rd beer. My beer is very light & very good & usually I love dark beers, yet the bartender chose & I actually loved it. 
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  Ristorante AusoniA 2 in Dresden Neumarkt & Ristorante AusoniA in Dresden Königstraße 9
Luigi, who is the chef of Ausonia & Ausonia 2 of Dresden, of Backnang, Schwäbisch Gmünd und la Casa in Heilbronn, & of Tiffany und Le Paon in Stuttgart, started with his very talented mother, Angelina. Angelina started cooking after WW2 out of a tiny room in Germany & along with her memories & her recipes, Luigi has built a Italian empire in Germany!

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  I feel total love when I'm interviewing the Capo of the lovely Italian restaurant in the Historic section of Dresden. I feel the respect of his team & the love of his mother who started all of it in 1958, He has sent me a couple of pictures & along with telling you about the family, team & food; I would love to share these with you. 
   So here is Angelina arm wrestling with a customer who always went to the gym...I believe that she won!Image
  When Angelina first came to Germany. She spent her last years as a restauranteer in Milan, Italy, where she opened yet another Italian restaurant.  The first one, in Gastronomie im Cafè/Pizzeria Milano in Heilbronn. Later, Stuttgart, where Luigi has 3. He has a total of 7. He loves his guests & says that some of his guests come to eat here about 3 days per week!
   All comfy & cozy is how I would describe the Italian Osteria named Ausonia. It is named from the region of Italy in the Lazio territory near Rome that the Romans conquered & destroyed in 314bc, so I'm especially fond of the Restaurant. hahaha.
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   Above is one of Luigi's son clowning around with the cook. Luigi says that both of his son's have careers in the IT industry & that one of his son's has a 1 year old GRANDCHILD! So that makes Luigi a GREAT_GRANDPA! And that makes the restaurant side a 5th generation in the future starting with Luigi's mom, Angelina. Image
Along with their great reputation of Naple's style pizza, Luigi says that he comes from Pompei, which is right outside of Naples, they have the traditional dishes of the region. Yet, alongside of the Konigstrasse 9 address is a favorite of mine: the meats & cheeses of Italy. You can find the real Bufalo cheese that Naples & Sorrento is famous for; the salamis that are the very best of Italy in my opinion & a variety of both for your charcuterie plate that you can make. They have a very playful side so you can buy snowmen or fat animals carved out of cheese. They gave me a unicorn & it is so cute I might just save it forever. Image
   Here we are having fun. The blue guy on the left is the creator of the playful cheese characters...they have A LOT OF TIME on their hands! 
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  How ever you try to copy the Italian's flair for food, they do Antipasta the best. Perhaps it is their traditionally always fresh products, which you can purchase yourself in the Meat & Cheese store connected to Ausonia, or just their  for knowledge of combinations to satisfy the palette. Whatever the reason, here you can have good conversation & great food!
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 There is something about black & white photos that just make a Italian restaurant seem real; traditional: authentic. Perhaps it is the throwback from Francis Ford Coppola's The Godfather, which every American has on their top 10 list of all time favorites! Or, it just makes you feel comfortable that these people have been doing their jobs a real long time & they know how to feed you! Whatever the reason, we love Italian food. Here you can find Pizzas from the regions: and the Sicilian territory one has hot spicy salami. So that is my favorite. In addition you can choose penne all'arrabiata, 3 types of different spaghettis including spaghetti carbonara, & Linguine alla puttanesca.
Penne all‘ arrabiata is what the team was eating as I said by for the night & it looked very good! The soup & pizza does too!Image
   Here is the very talented team at the Ausonia in the Königstraße 9 section of Dresden. They're rather shy, yet the servers & bartender laugh a lot with Luigi. When I ask Luigi if he ever cooks nowadays they start laughing. "He was just in the kitchen as the cook when you came to interview him. He helps out all the time especially now when we are busy!" And here I thought he is the big Boss & tells others what he wants! Nope. Luigi does it all! He says that it is fun & you have to love the job with passion. He loves the social aspect of it, his guests & serving people.


                    And right down the alley from the AusoniA is THE RED ROOSTER PUB, the Irish Pub that has live bands, only German Traditonal food & actually the only item that is Irish about the PUB is the 120 choices of Whiskey Irish & Scottish mostly. 
                     The Red Rooster PUB owner along side his very cool bartender at the very fun pub that actually stayed open last night til 7:00am today celebrating their 27 year anniversary with the band, the food & of course the Whiskey. O & yes they hace Guinness!
   It is a smoking Irish Pub, one of the few in the cities of Dresden, & usually caters to the drinking age crowd. The beers on draft number 10, though, which is pretty high and includes 2 Guinness taps & a Cider from Ireland along with 4 local craft beers. If you love a good Irish tale & some SPORTS RIGHT NOW THE WORLD CUP games being shown, & would love to try a couple Whiskeys ranging from 3euros a shot to 33euros a shot, come here to party. 
  As I sit & write, feeling a little bit akin to James Joyce at a Octagon high table with 3 drinking smoking Irish couples, I feel right at home. Nobody even bats-an-eye at a writer typing amoung the drinking crowd who are all cheering for Portugal. Sadly they just lost to Morrocco, so Ronaldo is going home, yet we still have Messe, so at least that is that! The food here, as I can see mostly Red Rooster Cheeseburgers being ordered from a younger American group, look very good. I'm getting hungry as I watch the server bring them by. 
  I thought the Prinz summed it up very nicely, yet I would add that the conversation is loud, happy & full of laughter & jokes. You hear a variety of languages. I heard Spanish, German, English, Arabic. A couple mixtures I was unsure of & lots of drinking of the beers. I preferred the little tiny taste that the owner, Mark, gave me. Of the Little Red Rooster Scottish whiskey from Scotland, of course. Very good & vapors up the nose, which all good whiskeys tend to do at least with me!
      The owner, Mark's dad, who started the pub 27 years ago, Alice Cooper, & Mark with the long hair! Wow!

                         MINIMAL Cafe In the Artsy District of Dresden
                                                            Rothenburger Str. 37
   So, the Minimal Cafe is just a bunch of Syrians who happen to be architects, musicians & IT professionals who decided to open a cafe. It has warm soft ivory & brown tones & the owners (4-6 of 'em) say that,"Well, okay, if it was really minimalistic in terms of architecture, which I am an architect, it would be only white with splashes of perhaps black. But we tried to come up with a name that we all loved for almost 2 months & finally said that we would do the minimal name that represents the architectural approach to simpleness."May be an image of drink and indoor
 "We had some Syrian bakery items for the guests, but then the supplier didn't give us the quality that we had at first. We want all of our products, including the best coffee in Germany that we can buy, to be the of the highest quality. So, now we are using a very good bakery of different cakes & maybe deciding to bake our own. We have only been open 2 months, so we see how we do. We all took a 2-week course with our friends who are barristers, here at the cafe before it opened, to learn how to make lattes, for example! It has been a very fun & funny learning experience!"
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  "The drawings on the walls are mine," says #1 architect. "I thought to do all black & white with simplicity to represent a little of the minimal approach & yet it is & it isn't Syrian. We have a Syrian serving of coffee that is what you would actually be given, with the technique in making it, if you were in Syria. Yet we have cocktails at night & many specialty coffees that we are concentrating on."May be an image of indoor
  They have a Syrian liquor called Afra that is similar to Ouzo & it is very strong. The Syrians just drink it as shots, & we rarely drank it. However, we thought to experiment here & we now have 4 cocktails that we use the liquor with & the guests & us love it!"