The upscale trendy Mahl 2 with the cool Mr. Mueller and Mr. Mueller as the creative chefs...they are very nice, at least Robert Mueller is, I didn't really meet Constantine since he is away from the restaurant; however, Robert is a nice sincere person who is the chef genius behind the duo. 
"You know in the summer it is less busy inside restaurants since everybody grabs something outside or sits in the beer gardens. My restaurant is not grab a sandwich, it is a little more upscale, we have Duck and Venison and Filet at of course reasonable prices, yet it is a upscale restaurant. I am proud to serve the menu. It is one page and elite. You know one day last year a German and Hawaiian couple asked us to fly to Boston! America and do a wedding! We said of course and we flew there and for 70 people we did the wedding." Says Robert matter of factly. However, seriously, that is amazing that of all the catering in the world located in Boston massachusetts to fly 4 people from Germany and pay all expenses just because you "liked our little h'oerdoevers they ate at a 
event we had catered," is impossibly special. 
Image may contain: screen and outdoor

Mahl 2 is 24th ranked restaurant in Dresden on Trip Advisor out of 772 that is totally cool. The nicest thing about a restaurant is the food. That is why you go to dinner. However, given the fact that they make amazing food to eat, the one thing that I noticed about the fun group is:
                                  A. they're all young, B. they're all nice, C. they're all smiling and happy...
                         the minute you walk in they say hi and they're joking with you. They make you feel
                         totally wanted. That is rare/ does that make sense? They make you feel like they actually
                                                   are happy you walked into the restaurant! 
Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling, people standing and beard
 "I am the chef in the kitchen and I do the menu every 2 months and Constantine is out with the public, which he loves, and he does all the drinking stuff! His family is in the Wine Dealer and Liquor Business and we order all of our wine that we serve at the restaurant from Constantine's family. That is a huge help for us. The first couple of months that we opened in February, 2016 we were full every night. It was crazy. And we were so busy that we couldn't keep up. Every night. That made us feel great. I think it is because for 6 years we had the catering business and built up a reputation. Now at about 8:00pm it is full and gets crazy in here!" says Robert smiling. ALWAYS SMILING! Image may contain: one or more people
"Okay here is the story. Me and Constantine met while we worked for 3 years together as chefs at a famous Dresden Restaurant near the Opera House, across the river in the posh area, where all the museums are. From the first day we met we said that we wanted to open our own restaurant. Three years later we started our own catering business named Mahl 2 Catering! We worked here for 6 years and of course we still do the catering; however, now if someone calls us and asks if we can do a event for 100 people we say yes! The TOP priority is the restaurant Mahl 2." says Robert. I wonder if he knows that when I googled his restaurant compared to his mentor restaurant that he spoke so highly of, that 9 years later, his has surpassed the other. When the servant has surpassed the master, that is when you know you made it! Image may contain: sky and outdoor
      Call 0351 40864241
        Gorlitzer Strasse
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         HOTELDEBOTEL  BAR in Dresden...Swanky, Vintage, Elegant, Individualistic
Image result for hoteldebotel dresden
    "We have a billard table down the long hallway and all the time American Tourists especially, open the door and come in, walk down the hall, and come and say, "WOW A HOTEL WITH A BILLARDS TABLE COOL!" and I have to say, The name is HOTELDEBOTEL it means Crazy in Love and it isn't a Hotel." However at the same time, the Netherlands always stop and take pictures outside the sign and that is how I know they come from the Netherlands!" says the totally funky cool Nancy owner of the bar. Call 0351 33235430
                                 Görlitzer Str. 15
"I worked 20 years around Dresden in famous bars such as Katy's Garage and it was really really fun. However, when I opened the bar here, my very own, the day I knew it is mine is I walked behind the bar one night and took my shoes off...I stopped! and said, O it is mine." says Nancy.

       "I am most proud of the fact that we came in here and for 7 days we stripped the entire walls and we had it all open and I stood and said, okay, I want a big bar here with a lot of corners so that when people come in little groups such as 4 people, they can sit around the corner bars and talk to each other. When I go out to a bar I love to sit at the bar and talk to people and most of my friends own and work at bars. I want a social bar and a big bar with lots of seats. That is where I based my concept of the bar at. My father hand-built it and he built the doors on the walls that have liquor bottles on them and he made the fun bowling game for people to play. He loves to work with wood and he is amazing. The entire bar is a creative vision of mine, my father, and my friends." Says Nancy. 
     Doreen, her barkeep for 3 years and best friend says, "Why do I love the artsy independant side of the river, here? Because it is a mix of people and cultures and honestly if you talk to people every person is of interest and they give me something new. Each person makes me think about what they say and each person changes my thoughts and ideas. That is what the atmosphere here is all about." she says. 
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"You know when I opened it in the winter is busy, yet in the summer I only have 3 outside tables and everybody in their right mind wants outside tables. I have the opened french doors and that helps people to mingle. However, I found a very talented musician named, Ju von Dölzschen, and he loops different instruments and plays a one man band with amazing music. You should come hear him some night." she says. 

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                                                                                                              DRESDEN GERMANY
      "I love Graffiti Art and have been a artist since the last 12 years. About maybe 5 to 6 years I have owned the store here. I have about 800 colors of graffiti spray paint that you can use. I have events and for instance at the very FAMOUS KATYS GARAGE you can buy spray paint here and paint your own design. Legally, at Katys Garage outside on the walls." says the shy Stephan. "I have sneakers, too. They're cool since people can buy any color they want." he says. I say that or they can just paint them the color they want! He laughs. "Yes or they can paint their bike green!"
                                                           may contain: shoes
            "Graffiti Art is its own culture. It started in New York, and my favorite artist is "Seen" from New York, and it came to West Germany in the 1980s and the East Germany in the 1990s. I guess people like it since it is fun. It is a artist's way of expression. I have books on Train Graffiti in Europe. No spraying trains isn't legal, yet they are pretty cool ones in the book" he laughs. "There are many venues around the world where you can express yourself with graffiti art and that is why you should come to buy the paint and have fun!"   
           Ackerstraße 191      0211 – 73 28 46 72
"Since anybody can spray and do the Graffiti Art in Dresden at Katy's Garage, I think it would be a cool challenge for people to have fun with. On my site is a cartoon train and you can paint on the internet the train!" he says. Now that is funny! It is a little like the Cia(Central Intelligence Agencys) Children's site for games where you can dress a spy!
How understated can a Michelin waiting to    happen restaurant be?...try Barceloneta in 'Dresden...the first thing you will appreciate and notice is Mr. Miquel...the owner of Barceloneta who´s varied and vague life has been a culmination of positive and real experiences in known and remote places in Spain and Germany. Located at reservations 00493 5 12 063 7981..Alaunstrasse 39 at Dresden across from Katys Garage

      And the new item on Miquel's cool list isn't on the culinary menu unless you're married to a Spanish person...language lessons in Spanish on Tuesday nights. I ask if I need to know any Spanish before I come? He laughs, "It would help yes!" he says.
  Enter the exquisite one of a kind Barceloneta...a Real Tapas Bar Restaurant that caters to the elite. 

Miquel is a nice person who has a story of Spain and Valencia that only you can believe when he tells you...I'll let him...besides it is much more fun eating a Tapa while learning about Spain!
The simplicity of the Barceloneta can only be described with the persona of the famous highly intelligent yet in the background owner, Miquel. "I spent half my life in Spain which is why I have such a unique and wholy authentic Spanish Tapas restaurant here. From  1993 to about 10 years I spent as a Taxi Cab owner and driver in Berlin! Of all places and of all specialities. Why taxis? Simple. One night I chatted with a gentleman that owned taxi cabs in Berlin. I realized that he worked  1/2 as hard as me and made twice the money. He had twice the life and fun. After spending my youth in Valencia Spain I said, Alright lets start with 3 taxi cabs in Berlin and 9 drivers and see what happens. I loved that life and I met the craziest people ever. Yet after 10 years my back started hurting a little and I realized that I needed to grow on my own and moved to a little tiny city near Valencia Espana. That little city with, my wife, is named Enguera Spain. I spent 6 years learning the real traditional cooking of Spain from the cooks in the kitchen, yet I knew that my time to grow had come. I went to Valencia for the next 10 years and opened a cooking and wine school. I had the 6th floor and a huge glass table with 12 seats and that is where I taught wine classes and cooking classes. I met the owners of vineyards in Spain. I taught many people the aesthetic way of tasting a wine. I learned every day and grew. Yet after 10 years I wanted to show my knowledge and the love and spirit of the Spanish culture to Germany and came to Dresden to show off my wares of wine. After one year in Dresden I opened Barceloneta and have grown ever since." says the charismatic owner Miquel. 


"The items on the menu range from one tapa and one glass of exquisite Spanish wine or German Riesling, or maybe 10Euros total per person to 59Euros per person with two tapas and an entire bottle of wine. Spend a little with a special elegant night out as a student or a lot of people come in and make en entire evening of culture at Dresden. Tonight? "Great Conversation and wonderful tastes of Spain." he says.. 

"o we have a Film Festival?" , says the artsy sect of Dresden when I tell that. Ask the very sophisticated Miquel when I tell him that perhaps many stars will come to visit his famous private restaurant tonight. "I didn´t know that we had a film festival. Invite all of em. I have special cheese tonight that they can try. The products are from many regions of Espana over the last 25 plus years where I went into the kitchen as a young boy to ask the chef how he made things to my more sophisticated years actually teaching Spanish people how to cook tapas. Now I have 28 items on the menu." he says.  The restaurant is located at Alaunstraße 27...and can be found from the main train station on TRAM 3, 6, 7, 8, and 11. Ask for the restaurant across from Katys Garage. 

Telefon:0351 20637981
"An Irish Pub is a Irish Pub it can only be in Ireland!" says the funny Derek owner of the Pub..."and "it is a replica of what people think a Irish Pub should be. I try to introduce the culture and try to give them a little Irish feeling to it. Guinness is always representing of Ireland. People that drink Guinness always drink Guinness."
At the Shamrock Pub where I met the owner, Derek who is a real Londoner, "I came to Dresden in Construction in 1992. Spent about 10 years here and thought to myself, I should build my own Irish Pub. I love to drink and I love Irish Pubs. And I did. And now after 5 years of 17 hr days, literally, I have 3 of em. When you ask me if I finally feel like I am successful that is a different question. To me one can never sit back and say "O now I am a success." IT is a process. Everyday I try to better myself. Do I now feel that I can have a little fun  and not work 17 hour days? Yes now I can say that I have learned how to delegate responsibilities. I have managers working for me. I trust these people. I can say that I am a fair person. A fair boss. But I am not friends with my team. I am my team´s boss. They love me. They respect me. I hope. At the very least they respect me. That is important. When I hire my team I can tell my people a couple of times to do something. If they make a mistake and try to correct it. That is alright with me. If they do it a second time I ask politely to hear my instructions. If they ignore me and they hang their coat in my spot 3 times in a row I cross them off my list. I ask my team to respect me and to know that if I am asking for one of my people to do something there must be a reason for it." Says the honest English boss of 3 of Dresden´s best Irish Pubs. He sits in his "office". On the left hand side of the bar is a cushy booth seat and he can, "see everybody as they enter, I can check out my team and the back of the Pub from my cameras here and I can command here. I designed it with the help of 6 to 7 architects. They kept ignoring my wishes for my bar and they wanted to have a "BIG BEN" in it and a CAR RACING around it and finally the 6th to 7th one made it just perfect." I say that he seems to be the Captain of his ship! At Kleine Brudergasse 1 and to phone ahead to see what football and rugby was on the tely just call at 00493 51 4865 935 Is anything more Irish than a visit from Mr. Micheal Collins himself!          


 Gewandhausstraße 7, 01067 DresdenTelefon:0049351 484 274 0

"When I hire people at the Dubliner and the rest of the pubs I have one rule. No texting on phones, and no phones behind the bar. I want my team to have fun and give service to the guests. That is why I hire my team. When a guest comes to the Dubliner I want him or her to write a great review about the visit. I want the guests to say they had a great time, the service was good and the food and beer great. I want them to enjoy themselves. That makes me happy." says Derek about his pubs.
                    The Irish Fiddler...the definitive Irish Whiskey Pub! at Louisenstr. 56 "It is my newest renovation project and is going to be 3 times the size it is now...all have fish and chips." He says when I ask(love em).

Tel.  +49 351 895 11 08
"On St.Patrick´s Day every year we hire the river boat and have a huge party. Since you can´t officially have a parade, we do one from the boat into the city where we party with all of our guests. The majority of the tourists about 50% are the Americans and Irish and the English and Canadians and the Austrailians mostly because they love Irish Pubs, they love Sports, and they can find a Pub where usually the team speaks English. Yet the Germans love these too. The real traditional Irish and English Pubs wouldn´t go over very well in Germany mostly since in Ireland there is no need to pub Irish Pictures on the wall since you are already in Ireland." he jokes.

 Okay I had the funniest time at the Boys Bar in Dresden...there with the Boys doing a special one time per year event where everybody can come as a Diva Drag Queen...the Boys Bar owner in Dresden is the Diva in the middle....Stefan and his partner on the right side dressed as a man is Janko! Great Fun...the question I asked of the event(which they have many events...such as Bingo and Quiz Night and 6 Gay DJs on Fridays and Saturdays to which everybody is invited to come and participate Gay and Straight) is can I as a woman dress up as a Drag Queen? 

The Question I ask all around the world when I am doing interviews and happen upon a wonderful       Gay Bar...."Can straight people come in?" When they answer "Yes of course as a matter of fact girls love the Boys Bar of Dresden...we have tons of straight people that come in here because they aren´t bothered by someone constantly hitting on them sexually. They can come in  to the bar and laugh and have conversations and a great time with friends and if they want to pick someone up they can go somewhere else!" Stefan and Janko laugh when they say that. They have owned Boys Bar Dresden the last 6 years...the best Gay Bar in town they say.  


"The club has been here the last 15 years and we part of it the last 8 years as guests and owners. Tommy for example is one of our Gay DJs and he is also the creative genius that designed my hair and makeup. I had to sit 3 hrs. for him to put the makeup on and the hair and it is real funny. The guests seemed to really love it and I would do it again." says Stefan who now is the barman and the face to face person. "I meet new people everyday. That is why I love it." he says.


"Dresden is both a liberal and conservative city at the same time. The new town as the Bohemian city where we are at is called just town and it is liberal. Every store is a special bohemian store, a classy bar, a liberal club, a wonderful inspired by the owner´s imagination restaurant. It has all of the young people in that section here. The students come here to have a wonderful night. The tourists come here. The old town on the other side is conservative. They don´t tend to come to the side here unless it is for a nice dinner. Ours is the party side." says Janko who used to be in the Computer Science Techie side of life in Berlin before moving to Dresden and partnering with Stefan the last 8 years.  


"I am originally from Syria," laughs the friendly 33 year old owner of HABIBI the SHISHA place in Dresden that is with about 25 cool bars and restaurants in the young section of Dresden. "I used to be in Television in Advertising and know all about how it is important to do advertising. Now my friends help me with the internet site and I give my friends free food and they can come and stay here and chat with me. The food here is wonderful and the people love the Syrian kabobs and the vegatarian items. We have great cocktails too!" he jokes.  


"I am my own boss and I have my own money and I love my life now. It used to be so much stress before. Then the television boss came and yelled at me to make more money and all of this! But now I make my own shi-sha...I have fun with my team and I can come whenever I want to. The Shi-sha that we have here is about 30 of em. We make the apple that everybody loves and the mint and the cherry. When I ask the team every night the favorite they always say it is the apple. Now about 3 of the shi-sha places in Dresden have us at Habibi make shi-sha for the restaurants. That is cool. Maybe in the future I would love to redecorate my restaurant. It is better to have one totally cool Habibi then 2 just okay shi-shas. I don´t believe just honestly doing it for the money. I want a fun place and a home for my family. That is important to me." says Osama. "And I am not Osama Bin Laden. The Americans always ask me that! My name is only Osama and I am from Syria. I hope for the future a wonderful life with my spouse and my children." he says. Come have fun and eat great food at Habibi. "And about 10:00pm, that is 22:00pm to about 1:00am is when everybody comes here. The young people especially. And the people from the Hostel come since it is close and they love to drink great cocktails and do the shi-sha."  IT is located at Martin-Luther-Straße 37 and the phone is 00493 514 04515

Check out the Vintage Vinyl Albums and CDS store in Dresden that has been in existence the last 25 years. The    owner´s name is Norman Sharp. Norman says his favorite artist is Archie Shepp and his favorite abulm is Yasmina, black woman. "It is the kind of album I don´t bring into the store and the reason is that it is one that maybe people would run out of the store with!" the nice affable owner says. Why? Intriqued I ask. "It is a little too edgy and loud for most people´s tastes I guess." he says.       :  Louisenstraße 22, 

            01099 Dresden

Telefon:0043 51801007 5


          The Vinyl´s Store is      ZentralOHRgan

                          Having a bath of vinyl records:

Norman´s Assistant says that her favorite singing artist is "Maria Callas." Okay! Norman says, "In the store I have many CDs and Vinyls of course, yet at home I probably have just as many as in here!" A true collector!  

    CRAFT BEER IS HERE CRAFT BEER IS HERE CRAFT BEER IS HERE...the latest news of the coolest brews.

                 at hopfenkult...  

On one of the most progressive streets of Dresden in The New Town is situated many cool bars and bohemian restaurants...along with the since 2013 2-1/2 year old  lovely Craft Beer! store. "We have over 400 beers!" says one of the funny students who works at the store. "Me? Myself I have tried at least 80% which is lets see...that is about 320 of the beers. It is very important to try. Since when people come in I must say...yes that one is wonderful and tastes that way...etc. How can you know if you don´t try?        You can´t" he says. Located at Gorlitzer number 25, 0049. 0351.32029 103

"The funnest is and you are invited if you would love to come is Thursdays and Fridays here. We give about 32+people 5 beers to taste. It is only 2Euros to try and we introduce a beer from different categories such as the Indian Pale Ale which is the IPAs, the stouts, the pils, the lagers, maybe a barley. Me personally I love the stouts and the barleys, yet my colleagues love the pils, or the IPAs. When you ask why we taste so many it is because we must be knowledgeable about the beer that we suggest for you to try. Why would you try something that me myself wouldn´t try?" says Johannes a student at Dresden. 

"The ones that I love is the Stouts beer and the Irish Whiskey Finnish which is stored in a Oak barrel about 60 days. It is the best it has that wonderful whiskey taste to it. Or the Chocolate Samuel Smiths which has added chocolate, or the Barely Wines such as the Nuss Knacker...these are some of my personal favorites. You can buy 6 beers at a special price. Try the choice that you want and maybe in a couple of days come here and say, O I loved the stout but I would love to try a new IPA. And mix and match these. So many times the Micro Breweries around the world can add such things as Chocolates or Whiskeys or Herbs...That is such a cool thing. Right now we´re all students and we´re having tons of fun here. We hope to introduce all these beers to the tourists and the German people The Germans are more used to the Pils or Lagers. It is fun to see the Germans try." he says as he leads me around the cool store. 

Every day when they receive new beers you can come in and chat the team and try a new one! Cool...

And yes Virginia the team has a sense of humor. 


"Alright we serve the best beer in Germany, it is named know the famous place in Las Vegas is the Hofbrau Haus where yes they spank all the men." says the adorable Daniel, owner...who happens to cook the wonderful food here too! Do they spank the people here at the Kugelgenhaus in the wonderful outdoor square right down the piazza from the famous Augusts statue? "Sometime okay okay sometimes we do..." he laughs. Inhaber: Olaf Ruhs and Daniel Juhra at Haupstraße 13, call for reservations at 0049 3515 633 12 6   

                 "The cool thing about the bar is that it has a museum above it named for the famous painter Kugelgen...hence the Kugelgenhaus. He painted Schiller for example. The actual restaurant has been here since 30 years yet we bought it about 5 years now. It is totally cool and we give great beer. And I am the cook. I want to give great beer such as the World Famous Hofbrau from Bavaria and combine that with the great Saxony food of Dresden. I have a typical Gulasch with Bohemian Dumplings and a Lamb, I have typical of Saxony a red cabbage, and I have the Bavarian White Sausage that every tourist asks for especially the Americans. I LOVE THE AMERICANS AND ASIANS: THEY´RE tons of fun!" says Daniel.

Above is the Cool funky Dresden Comedy Show housed in the basement of the  restaurant which is right across the bridge from Old Town where the Gold Statue of Augustus sits on his horse, walk past the touristy Watzeke which is awful and about 100 meters on the left hand side is the beer garden and fun wonderful team of Kugelgenhaus. Located at Hauptstrasse 0049 3515 633 12 6   If coming from  the train station take the trams, 3, 6, 7, 11 and cross the tram tracks and continue straight toward the statue...on the right. 

             Sat, 16.04.2016  20:00hr. 

                     c/o Agentur Kulturperlen

          Hauptstraße. 13 in Kugelgenhaus.
                       01097 Dresden

                 Fon +49 (0)351 - 46 44 877


                                     The famous Hermann-Mode Design Dresden....