From the Wild Rover Directors...Meet the Avonmore U11's yellow team, we are proud sponsors of this extraordinary team. We wish them best of luck for their Sunday matches and their upcoming tournament in Blackpool...
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       The reason I loved the Wild Rover Tours is I met a bestfriend on one and we together did the Belfast tours. I learned tons about Northern Ireland and Belfast and actually am very impressed with the culture of the city of Belfast. The tour guides joke all the time and are very funny. I loved the Kilkenny stories of Alice and the tours of the beer factory next door. The city was of such charm that we stayed the night and spent a couple of days in the city of KilKenny and in addition to that we met real young partiers in that city. They have cool live dance bars and the hurling champions of Ireland are located at one of the Central Bars where they give you two hour lessons of hurling and a real Irish stew lunch. 
Image may contain: 1 person, sky and outdoorThe Wild Rover Tours start at Dublin and of 3 of em that they give the tour I went on is the Kilkenny one. The Wild Rover, which the owner when he started the company 5 years ago says he never thought they would be so successful! "It's great to wake up every day and say wow the company is one of the best in Dublin. Yes that is great and I do that I must admit!" he laughs. A young fellow who is super friendly with his team and guests. 

      The one I loved is the Kilkenny and Glendalough Tour which takes you to the amazingly beautiful Medieval Capitol of Ireland in the town of Kilkenny. I loved it that much I stayed all night! The famous Brewery here is the Smithwick's and the best beer ever! The tour Guides both adorable and informative. Have fun all day at these tours. You can either elect to do the walking tour with the number one trip advisor guide in Ireland at each place or continue on a private tour. We loved to hear of the witch trials in the famous Kilkenny tour and the many ways that the locals party at all the live music venues at night. Including tap dancing! Below one of the highlights of the Kilkenny tour...the famous Alice Kyteler inn. 

  • Tourist Office Dublin
    33 Bachelors Walk
    Dublin 1
  • +353 12 845 560
Wild Rover Tours
The Glendalough is where the famous monk, St. Kevin built his little church about 1200years since and is a treasure of beautiful lakes and gorgeous medieval untouched stone structures. The Wicklow Trail of 128 kilometers is central here, which starts in Dublin, and the Glendalough bus stops literary 125 meters from the International Hostel on the Trail's door. If you feel like taking a 3 day walk back to Dublin you can jump off the Wild Rover here and do that too. One of the guides has done it 3 times-her name is Graina"pronounce it anyway you wish...most people just call me Gran which is okay." she says laughing. She has won the best tour guides of Ireland on Trip Advisor to give you a idea of how informative and attentive to her guests she is. "The Alice de Kyteler marries 4 times. Each time her husband dies early on in the marriage. After the third one, and subsequent fortunes attached to each one, people started to think she was a which. The fourth one on his dieing bed whispered in the Bishop's ear that his wife is a witch and they went after her in a witch hunt.Alice escapes presumably to England where nobody ever hears from her again. Yet the famous Kyteler tavern from 1263 still stands today where people can go in and have a Smithwicks and listen to some good Irish music." says Graina. 
          The lovely castle in KilKenny! 
"The funniest thing," says Pawel on a Sunday as he and the Wild Rover girl, Ingrid, are sitting at the counter, "is the 80 year old man who comes in and shows us pictures with him on his bike and shaking the hand of the Pope. He was so proud of that." they laugh when they tell the story. "Tourists are great. They're happy to see the city and they're happy to have a chance to take the bike for the 24hrs. You must keep the bike inside if you have it 24hrs. You can't leave the bike on the street. That is the only stipulation." he says. 
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The one and only biking place in the city where you can do the bike for 24hrs. How cool is that?!

 "The BikeHire opened 1 year now in June. Today people already are out riding the bikes and we only have 30 of em. We need more and especially electric bikes we only have 2. We have 4 luxury mountain bikes and the rest of em are bike city bikes." says Jawel, the funny young owner of the cool BikeHire in Dublin. And guess where they have the bikes? At my favorite tour company, WILD ROVER OFFICE! Located at 33 Bachelor's Walk, Dublin! Below is why Jawel says they take deposits!

                  0353 08922 64 618
for bike reservations...please drive responsibly...
"The coast of Dun Laoghaire and the marina is only about 20 kilometers from Dublin. One fellow took a bike for 20 days and I gave him a wonderful bargain of only 200.00euros. He spent his entire vacation touring Ireland on the bike. I told him though he must keep the bike indoors at night. That is the rule. I take care of my bikes." Jawel says. "Dublin is a friendly city on a bike. Much more accessible than a bus. In the next 10 years Dublin is going to be the new Amsterdam of bikes. Every Dubliner rides bikes to the city honestly." he says. And the reason it is only 15Euros per day? "A lot of my tourists are backpackers and I try to give these people a wonderful day without spending all of their money!" he says.
"It's going to happen,"says the enthusiasic owner of HireBike about more bikes in the near future along with cultural tours to which he is strongly supportive of in the city of Dublin. "And the coastline of Ireland is beautiful. The coast of Howth is only 12 kilometers ride to the beach and the Irish sea to which tons of resort hotels can be found and if the people want to take the bike 24hrs. they can stay at the coast all night. It is a lovely way to see Dublin and the region." he says.
          "The other location is at the Generator Hostel where my bikes are available. Stay at the Generator and take one of my bikes out for the day and of course the bike stays at the Generator hostel at night!" he says. Wow the bike has better hostels than me:)
"The halls are lined with Irish musicians only, though" says Grainne as she tells me a little about all the famous Irish musicians that have made world class names for themselves!
"You know Kurt Cobain was supposed to come to the famous NIRVANA concert on April 8 1994, but he killed himself 3 days before! His band never made it to Ireland but we show his famous winged poster here that people swarmed the street to grab before the show." she says.

 Grainne is my guide! "We have musicians from everywhere in the world who come here to record including the people that filmed the Oscar Academy Award Winner, ONCE!" she says as she guides me through the halls and recording studios of the Museum's tour. It is totally cool especially if you love musicians! Above the amazing machines of the sound engineers, one of which is the director now, "My pleasure is meeting Rihanna when she sang the Eminem piece. She was delightful. Some talk, some are total business. It just depends." he says.

The two funnest pieces of the museum tour is the room where  you can dress in any costumes and wigs you want and play a jam session! Bring your friends and cameras and have a funny video made! And the other hilarious one is the Buttons factory backstage tour of the Museum where you sit in the backstage dressing rooms and the sound engineer has canned loud crowd noises to encourage you onto the stage! Hilarious!
"We have great seafood and great steaks at the Old Mill House and of course the traditional Irish fare. However, the Old Mill House is intimate with only 60 seats and that is why we can give such personal and wonderful service to the guests. And the food is of the HIGHEST QUALITY.  Including the presentation which is of such high standards that if each dish isn't perfectly arranged the chef sends it back to the kitchen!" says Eimear. And Gerry? "He is both the chef and the owner. He has Quays since 8 years and the Mill since about 5 years now. We love both. And of course we have the best wings ever." she says.


         14 Temple Bar Square, Dublin.
                     035 301 671 926 6

Eimear, the manager, is a lovely girl that is the person I meet at both of the cool places in Temple Bar's Square section of the city, named Old Mill House and the Quay's restaurant; above the famous Pub with that same name in the Temple Bar region of fun, fast and crazy Dublin. The hub of nightlife. "I hate tour guides telling people not to come to Temple Bar. They complain that it is touristy! That is the reason tourists come to Dublin!" she says laughing. "We have home-made food with all Irish dishes and of the highest quality at both of the restaurants and sometimes I personally stand outside the door and ask people gently if they would love to see the menu. It is that wonderful here. And if my staff is nice to the guests, they're never yelled at. The chef and owner, Gerry is a perfectionist and he would make Chef Ramsey cry!" she says.
                                                                    The Quays Restaurant, Temple Bar Square.
"Along with good old-fashioned Irish food you could meet Jack Nicholson here at Quays," says Eimear, "he came in and ate a couple of days since." she says. And the Irish slang?"Yes it only sounds right when a Irish person says it, though." she says. Located at 10 to 12 Temple Bar Square, you can call for reservations at 035301 679 192 3, "The place holds 160 people and we have a menu in 5 languages and 47 different nationalities working here. We always love the guests when they come in and expect you to be a photographer, a tourist guide, a beer  connoisseur and explain the Irish food. They take out their maps and make you guide them around the city! It is funny. Now in addition to the staff being highly trained with 2 weeks courier service of carrying plates from the made to order kitchen, they have to be tour guides too!" "O and make sure you mention the Craft Beers which we are famous for too." says Eimear.
Below real people enjoying real food at the totally authentic and fun Irish restaurant named Quays in Dublin's trendy Temple Bar. "We have the best breakfasts in Dublin. Why? The food is made when you ask for it. Not before!" says the lovely manager of both restaurants, Eimear, who has been with the company almost 5 years now.

And seriously what would the World of Dublin and indeed the World be without GUINNESS!? Here a world inside the world of Guinness as we know it to view the genius that went into the making of its own empire. (Hey is that the Queen?) 


 353(01) 408 4800 at St. James Gate in Dublin...(my birthday of Guinness!) 


"When people go into a pub around the World and say give me a pint of the black stuff, they're referring to Guinness which is actually ruby red in color, not black as previously thought. However I don't think it would be quite as nice to go into a pub and say give me a pint of the ruby red stuff." says Michelle, talking about the world famous color associated with Guinness.  "It sounds complicated if you don't get it right the first time, however, you just need to do it. When you're there you understand, you just have to be there to do it yourself," she says on how to pour that perfect pint!

 "People love the tour since it is interactive and they can take pictures and post these, they can answer fun quizess, they can learn how to and pour a pint of Guinness and they can receive a certificate. Plus it is a great way for them to taste the Guinness." she says. 

I had a personal tour guide named Michelle who is totally charming as she shows me around the world of Guinness. @ the world of Cooper?! What is a Cooper? I ask. "Coopers were the people that physically made the Barrels that the Guinness is stored in. At one time the factory employeed 300 Coopers who were resident barrell makers and that is all that they did is make the barrells. They employed one person who all that Cooper did is sniff the barrells all day long. The entire job! When the Coopers were bored or had to do other things they would utilize the wood from the barrells and make chairs and lamps and ashtrays to decorate the warehouse. The Factory and the Guinness family is known for the great work they did for society and for the better treatment of its employees." says Michelle. 

                Here is the amazing structure at Guinness...a remarkable marvel of 7 floors including ,"a panoramic view of the city on the top floor Pub. The steel is used from the person who built London Bridge named Arrol and it is 38 meters high and 44 meters high including the 7th floor." says Michelle. "It is 3,600 tons of steel and is the worlds largest pint shaped glass. " And the truth about the 9,000 year old lease that Arthur Guinness signed? "That is true for 1 pound, however the lease doesn't exist any longer since they now own the building and the land. It is a cool story though." she says. 

                                                                                 Image result for brazen head storytelling dublin                                       
Tom Jones performing at the Brazen Head Pub in Dublin, the oldest pub dating from 1198! Wow! Here is a real deep many roomed stone cavern depicting the Pub life of Dubliners in the 11th Century. And here ladys and gentlemen is where you can find the wonderful Irish Folklore Storytelling of the Irish Folk Group. The Dinner that is included in the 3 hr night includes real cool stuff like the Beef and Guinness Stew! Which has plenty of Guinness in it along with the pints that  you can order! Yum love that Guinness however the real treat is the wonderful stories that are weaved by the Professional Irish Story tellers. A trip advisor number one event to do in Dublin the last 5 years.. A must see! Upstairs in the Brazen Pub...18:15pm every night.

The Front Door is elegance redifined. It is a restaurant and Pub, yet it isn't.You have to enter to see what I mean. The decor is stunningly beautiful and Shane, who is the resident manager/bartender, and Liam(the Publican owner)and Dean, who is Liam's son are nice fun and friendly people. The Mid-Western type if you've ever been to America, you would know what I mean. The back of the Pub is fluffy glossy luxurious curtains separating the public area from the kitchen. The tables are elegant. The one television is over the stairs heading downward, yet it has a mirror positioned so that it looks like two huge televisions. All gloss and mirrors, yet the people and food the highest quality and real substance.  The first thing that Shane told me is,"In Dublin the bartender is the Pub. People come into Pubs to socialize. They want someone that they can tell the secrets to and to have a good chat. I want to shape the pub to be who I am and that is why Liam hired me. He wants a good reputation and a friendly pub. That is who I am," he says. It is true since the 30 minutes that I had at the Pub they entertained me with stories and laughter. The next time I came in there were two gentlemen sitting at the bar and one asked me if I knew the Peadar Kerneys which happens to be across the road. I said, O yes I do. I hate Peadar Kerneys since the owner is a jerk.He is really mean. To which Shane cracks up with laughter, bending over! "She is the funniest person I know." he continues laughing and I just look at him. "Here is the owner of the pub across the street-the guy who asked if you liked the pub or not!" he says. Woops! 

               15 Dame Street Temple Bar,                              0353 01 67 7845

 Dean, the son is very honest. When I ask if he loves the fact that his father owns the Pub and he has a great opportunity to work here? "No, my father makes me work here." he says and of course we all start laughing again. (Warning, you will laugh a lot at that pub!" But I guess it is alright. I like Shane alright!" he says. 

   The beauty and elegance of the Front Door restaurant and Pub. When I ask if it is only a restaurant, they are very adamant. "IT is a PUB!" they say...okay okay it is the most elegant PUB I've ever seen!  

 "Samuel J. Peploes is a great artist from the 1800s who never was really successful. However, when he died his painting was sold for $740,000.00! Kind of the way Van Gogh's." says the very educated serious "perfectionist" Mr. Frederic Pelanne. He introduces himself as just "Fred" and when I ask which he prefers he says, "Either, because I've been called worse!" and you see that he has a sense of humor too. At the world-renowned famous Peploes in Dublin you can find, "Unique and special French, Irish, Italian and Spanish food. Of the highest quality. We have 110 wines that we stock and each and every wine producer and vineyard I have personally visited and met the owners. Every one of em. In addition it is very important to tell the readers that each of the wines we carry we personally import ourselves. Yes every one of em." he says. 

                                                         16 St. Stephens Green, Dublin. 0353016 76 31 44


Risultati immagini per peploes dublin "Every picture is from Irish artists. One day Peploes owner, Barry Canny, who is quite the um honest person, is walking along Bond Street in London one day in 2001 and saw a painting that Samuel Peploes had done. He said that is when the restaurant's idea came to play. In 2003 the restaurant is opened and I've been here since day one." says Mr. Pelanne. "Although we don't have an actual Peploe's painting, Mr. Carry kept the idea of his passion and vision of art!" says Mr. Pelanne when I ask which one is a Peploe. "It is a warm and unique restaurant and especially during the winter months the international guests seem to enjoy the coziness down here." 

 "To run a successful restaurant that is respected and to respect the guests that come here. To teach a knowledgeable staff about the products and the wine that we present is of the utmost importance,"says Mr. Pelanne when I ask why he loves what he does. "Every great restaurant has a great philosophy and while you say that I am intense about Peploes I am not really that intense. I strive to make it very very unique. To make a point that the staff knows the chef's intent. All the wine is 100% imported and I have personally met every producer of each bottle of wine. That is why Peploes is highly respected." he says. Immagine correlata

                        immagini per peploes dublin

Risultati immagini per peploes dublin

 "What is fine dining? If high quality food that is the freshest we can find from Italy and France and Ireland and Spain, and if the fist we buy fresh in the morning is the fish you eat at night is fine dining I guess you can say we're fine dining." says the affable Frederic. 

        Immagine correlata "Here at Bang, which is named from the original owners who named it after the famous dutch designer Pia Bang and Pia's sons opened the restaurant in 1999, it is about the top quality of food and wine. It is engaged with personal moments. Most certainly it is the real expectation that they want traditional Irish food and that they can find here. It is the most wonderful of what Ireland has to offer on the International food scene." and you can and I do quote Joe on his eloguent description of his famous "Bang"!

Bang Restaurant near St. Stephens Green in Dublin is a 3 level beauty with private parties on the 3rd level, "We have a lot of corporate and touristic parties upstairs. It is real nice since the Chef does little lectures to the tour groups from around the world and teaches each group about the food they will be eating and the process of how he prepares it. We do book readings and wine events upstairs too, in addition the dining room open everyday. It educates our guests and gets them talking about coming back." says Joe. 


                 03531 4004 2 29                                              guide_michelin_2016         

Bang Restaurant  11 Merion RowRisultati immagini per bang restaurant dublin

             Immagine correlata

Bang is a sophisticated, elegant Michelin restaurant right near St. Stephen's Green. The owner is elegant and charming and serious. His restaurant is elegant and sophisticated with beautiful people at the helm waiting to welcome you with a non-pretentious gracious attitude. Although it has what we as Americans say a posh-posh atmosphere and entrance the team is anything but. They're friendly and casual and has a fine dining Irish European menu. The owner at 11 Merion way is Joe. He is anything but your average Joe, though, and has a refined air about him as he sits totally relaxed with his legs crossed elegantly and patiently answering questions from a backpacker reporter. "I believe in the absolute highest quality of Irish products. We have the best beef in the world. And we have the highest quality of local produce from the Irish farmers. We need to educate the international community on the fact that Ireland has some pretty good chefs, too." he says with a little bit of me piping in to add some spontaneous applause! 

 The totally cool and authentic 1850s Pub Kennedys is owned of Brian Donohue and his partners the Mahon Brothers. They have 12 Irish Pubs in New York city too, right in Manhatten! Come in and say hi to the wonderfully kind and nice owner. 

Risultati immagini per kennedys dublin
Kennedys, Westland Row, Dublin

        30 - 32 Westland Row,       Dublin 2. Ireland

     Phone: 353 016 79 907 7
The most important thing about Kennedys is that it has absolutely nothing to do with the American Dynasty! "My name is Brian Donohue and the Pub has been mine about 5 months now. The Kennedys did own it at one time many years ago and I kept the legacy and the name Kennedys, yet it is name only." says the friendly and seriously caring individual named Mr. Donohue. "My friend Oliver owns Donohue's Pub, I'm keeping Kennedys name."  LIVE MUSIC AT 22:00PM                  FRIDAY, SAT AND SUN...

Joyce, Beckett, Oscar Wilde, they all wrote here...a literary pub of course. The pub named "conways" is Kennedys many years ago and is mentioned in Ulysses two pages! Today Trinity College lecturers come in and maybe in the future...?

Honestly I don't "have" to say that the reason I love Kennedys is in the owner's words, "It is traditional, it is authentic, while the floors maybe have been replaced a couple of times in the 125 years of existence, the building is original, the team is Irish and friendly, the live bands start at 22:00pm on Fridays and Saturdays and Sundays since when people come in here at 17:00pm they want to unwind and chat and have a couple of pints. At 22:00pm they want to dance!" however I can say that is the reason I love it. And it is true. He says. "And yes of course we have real traditional Irish food such as Beef and Guinness Stew, yet important to say is that the fish is real and fresh everyday and the chefs prepare the fresh fish into fish and chips. I challenge you to come and try the fish and chips here and see if it is the best in the world." he says.
Risultati immagini per kennedys dublin
"Kennedys is a 1850 year old tradtional pub yet it is a 5 month old baby for me." says the owner Mr. Donohue. "My family owns a real dairy farm and my mother who is 90 lives on it. She comes here sometimes only to eat and say hi. She loves reading books and stories at the dairy farm. They deliver the milk from the gates of the farm where the local truck picks it up to the neighboring villages. It is definitely a real dairy farm. Here is mine though and I really love my day. When the 80 hrs.every week are put in I can say at the end of each day that I am happy and I have had a wonderful day. I sleep at night. I wake up when the alarm wakes me up." he says when I ask if he has a happy life now. "You know it is cool. We welcome the tourists from around the world and introducing them to Irish culture? I would say that at the least I hope they have a fun visit and a lovely experience when they come here. Good beer. Irish food. A little music and dancing. I meet the people face to face and that is important." he says.

Risultati immagini per teelings whiskey dublin The Whiskey Tastes on the Distillery tour is wonderful, mine a special of Single Grain and Single Malt plus Single Batch. My favorite is the Single Grain....yummy! We learned during the whiskey tastes that a person can buy a barrel of the Teelings Whiskey today at 2,500.00 euros and the Teelings keep that barrel on a farm in the fields with cows and sheep around it. In 15 years that barrel is ready for you to bottle and each bottle weighing in at a  2,000.00euros per bottle! Now that it is a investment profit of around 150,000.00 per barrel! Talk about a secured retirement investment! 

The cool funky team of the young Teelings Whiskey Distillery in Dublin, Ireland. "The two brothers who own the Teeling Whiskey are in the 30s. They're a very young team and all of us actually are pretty young. The only person who has a couple of years on him is the Master Distiller who came with us when Jim Beam bought the other Distillery from Jack and Steve's father John. It is a cool job of his to taste each and every barrel that he makes and I put my name in for that job." Gabriel jokes when I ask if he needs an assistant! "The real reason that the whiskeys are different around the world is that each barrel produces different flavors. The ones that we use have a Rum base to each barrel and it gives the Irish whiskey that soft delicate flavor to it. The interaction with the woods and liquid is what makes a whiskey a whiskey. The Teeling whiskey is a little strong with 46% and most whiskeys are 40%. The Cask Whiskey is about 56%. That is a little strong for me!" he says.  

The coolest thing is touring the factory which I am doing at 16:30 pm today. "It is the only functioning distillery tour in Ireland. You are actually in the real factory while they make the whiskey. No fake stuff. Only real whiskey here!" says the young funky and sweet Public Relations Head Gabriel.  17 NewMarket                   03530 15 3108 88

   The ultimate prize for the little guys...! Risultati immagini per teelings whiskey dublin

"The story of John Teeling and his distillery and the sons, Jack and Steven, is pretty amazing." says Gabriel. "In the 1700s the Irish Whiskey was known around the world as the best in the world. At one time, we had 37 Irish Whiskey Distilleries in the country. When the prohibition happened in America it pretty much destroyed the whiskey distilleries here who relied so much on that customer base. Then the War of independance happened and we lost the other market England. When Mr. Teeling opened his factory in 1987, it is the one and only operating Irish distillery from the independant ones that had gone out of business many years before. A couple of years back, Jim Beam bought the distillery. The two sons took that money and decided to continue on the family tradition. And that is the distillery that produces what you know today as the Teeling Brand. It is literally a company that goes back about 300 years and I am very proud to be part of such a wonderful legacy myself. The first year I started with the two brothers and they sent me to New York for 18 months where I worked with a independant distributor who helped us introduce Teeling to America. I didn't actually stand on the street corner of Manhatten New York and sell whiskey by the bottle but it seemed like that sometimes!" he jokes.  Risultati immagini per teelings whiskey dublin

For some reason and I don't know why, Michelin's never want to do my site, well okay a couple of em do around the world, I don't know if it is since Albert doesn't really like Michelin's and they know that or if it is because when you receive Michelin status they don't think they need more tourists, yet the Marcel's at   0353 01 6602 367 13 Merrion Row, Dublin 2 for reservations, 
is a Michelin level or higher restaurant without the guide inclusion. "We used to be in a non-touristy section of the city complete with 3 underground rooms with one table each of highly discreet political levels entering. When they moved here in August 2015 they did away with the rooms and while at first people asked for it now they have accepted the new restaurant of highest quality dining and wine, with the very different PUB attached to it. Both Marcels and yet both different." says Giorgio. Immagine correlata

First is a PUB as you enter the Marcel's entrance, then as you enter you see a Chicago Gangster style intermediary and then the fine dining. The Titanic replica staircase is in the fine dining experience. I said to Giorgio Urbani, the Head Manager who has worked here about 5 years with the company that he soon shall be Giorgio Armani. "Not yet," he says and laughs. "Yes I guess you can choose to go out as a Gangster or on the Titanic. I would choose the Titanic since at least you have a fighting chance." He says. He introduces me to his Head Waiter, Marcels Staffwho is from Krakow and a sommelier. "I love wine, I love talking about wine, I love my job, and I love arguing about wine and food which I do with the guests and with my Polish sommelier. Now since we have gotten in so many arguements about which wine to add to the menu, we keep adding and adding. Yet in the last month since we have 125 wines on the wine list, the corporate has written me a email saying that we must stop adding wines. They say that we either have to subtract some wines or not do adding. We don't have the storage for the new wines. Since we love the wines we do have, the list remains as it is." says the very educated, Ivy league, Lake Como born Head sommelier of Marcels.
Marcel says his restaurant is very expensive, reservations only on Friday and Saturday, exclusive and a little quirky. "The people come here and always buy at least one bottle for the table. They fine dine and they have a romantic dinner. Then they walk a couple of meters into the PUB which is adjoined to the restaurant. It is the only one of its kind. As a matter of fact the reason that Michelin won't give us ratings is they say we have to do away with the PUB. We say no way.Immagine correlata We keep the PUB. The people on Friday and Saturday come in here and have a couple of pints while they wait in their expensive dresses and suits. Then after they eat they come back to the PUB and for instance last night at 1am everybody is dancing at the PUB. That is special to Dublin and to most places around the world. We're keeping the PUB." says Giorgio. He, himself, is a wine connoisseur. "I have about 250 wines from around the world in my collection that I started at the age of 18. One night my father, in Lake Como, calls me up and says apologizing that he drank one of my most expensive and most prized wines. I was heartbroken. He then built me a huge room of stone and wood for my wines in his cellar in Lake Como. My heart feels better." he says.


        The History of Nearys from the owner's son, James, who is big on privacy, both personal and carried to his Pub, professional, and the tradition of the Irish Pub. 

"My father bought the Pub around 1955. He hasn't nor have I changed it much since that day.  I, personally, value the tradition of both the story of the Pub and the aura surrounding it." says the 30 something young Publican. "The original pub as far as I know is founded in 1887 when Thomas Neary bought it from a Mrs. Casserly. The original lamp fixtures that decorate the front of Neary not only show the wonderful skill and care and detail that the craftsmen put into it,  but they are in fact the last original brackets of their kind in Dublin." says he in his own language, plus a little of my interpretation, which he has given me free liberty to write about. 

 1 chatham street 0353016 7 7859601) 677 8596

 "The people can come in here and receive good old fashioned customer service. That is what we're known for. To come in here and enjoy your drink and a little light fare. To relax. To have a good conversation. That is Nearys. Perhaps it hasn't much changed over the many years. My father's Pub is pretty much the same as 50 years later, my Pub. The only difference, maybe between the Publicans of 50 years ago to the Publicans of today, is that when Guinness brought the beer to the Pub in the 1950s they did so in Barrels. The owner, which would of been my father, would take the beer and (same with the whiskey distilleries)  use a bottle and bottle his own beer. Put a label on it and sell the beer at the Pub. Nowadays Guinness brings us the draft beer and the beer already bottled. That is about the only difference." laughs James, the son of Mr. Harding, the original owner.

To the left is Mr. Raul, the first person I said hi to upon entering the Pub Nearys. I, at first called it O'Nearys to which he replied, "It is Nearys, you said O'Nearys yet since we're already in Ireland there is no need to say O'Nearys. In America, you need to say O before each thing since people need to know that it is Irish, yet since we're already in Ireland we know that it is Irish!" he says. O! I say. The lady doing the pint is a recent bride. "The tradition here at Nearys is that brides traditionally are allowed to pour their first pint for their husbands." O! I say.Risultati immagini per o nearys dublin Risultati immagini per o nearys dublin


  The Port House, The Bar Pintxos and the Ibericos in Dublin all owned by the Porterhouse Brewing Company.Risultati immagini per port house dublin


"We try to emphasize that here you can come in and only have one glass of wine. That is important to us. That you feel comfortable sitting and drinking a glass of wine and maybe you will love the Tapas and Wine Bar that much to order a couple of Tapas. Yet in reality, please come in and try the wine."  Risultati immagini per port house dublin

"While the Port House and its compliments of the Bar Pintxos and Ibericos has been here at Dublin as very classy wine bars since 2006, I just joined the company since 8 months." says the young operational manager, James. "I am originally from England, came to Dublin in 2003 doing a university program, met my Irish wife, and we moved to London for 4 years. I worked in the financial Public Relations sector. We moved to Chicago for 2 years while my wife worked as a scientist at Northwestern University and I was a coach of Rugby! Came back to Dublin and worked with some independent cookie makers and 8 months ago joined the Porterhouse Group. Basically, yes I love Tapas. I've tried them all and I help make the menus. I also have tried about every wine on the list!" he says laughing.   

 "You know when Irish people are involved with something there is always a little bit of Irish influence." James laughs. "Here when people enter the caves as the owners like to call them, they experience Spain immediately. It is about the memory of that Portuguese wine or that Spanish wine and that Octopus tapa that brings you back to that moment when you had the most fun on a vacation learning about the culture of Valencia for instance. That is what we try to do here. It is typical of all three of the Wine and Tapa Bars to have candles and a dark romantic cave-like atmosphere, Temple Bar being the lightest of all of the three. It is a cozy and comfortable feel to each of em." he says. 


 "Lee, who used to be the master brewer for the Porterhouse Brewery, had a love of the Spanish Tapas. He and Oliver, who is one of the cousins who owns the Brewery, went to Barcelona in 2006. They fell if love with the food and the culture and toured the city trying all of the tapas. The favorites they added to a list to start a menu at their very own tapas bar, located here at, The Port House 64A South William Street  Dublin 2  Tel: +353 1 67 702 98 in 2006. Now they own three in Dublin and one in London! The Irish people took to loving the Spanish style wine Bars immediately and the tourists of course found us, too. We have a extensive wine list of only exclusively Spanish and Portuguese wines. We have Ports and sherrys as well. And of course the tapas that the owners go to Spain every year and revamp the menus. The tapas from the regions of Barcelona are quite different than the tapas from Seville or Valencia. Each region has its own style. We try to do the Pintxos which traditionally are light tapas with a stick in the middle. The Port House has more fish than say the Ibericos. You must try each Wine Bar to see which one you love." says the young 8 month old operational director named James. 

 The Port House Ibericos

Ballinteer Road
5/6 Pembroke Cottage
Co. Dublin

Tel: +353 12 16 6133

 The Port House Pintxo, Eustace St.

Temple Bar, Dublin 2
Tel: +353 16 728 590

"One thing that you will find is the consistency of friendly service in a Spanish form from the teams in each of the Tapas and Wine Bars. We strive for that and it is the number one priority. Lee and Oliver or Liam and Oliver make trips to Spain every year to find new varieties of Tapas, wine and how to present these to guests in Dublin." says James.  

The famous O'Connell's is a coo for me! I love the Pub right at the O'Connell Bridge in Dublin. On the famous Bachelor's Walk at number 30 is the Pub. It looks like a local Pub on the outside and on the inside it is as if you enter a totally different Pub, all modern with a Curved Cave Brick Ceiling reminiscent of the hull of a ship! "They rebuilt the entire Pub when Paddy O'Connell bought the Pub about 30 years now." says the friendly funny Kerry Bartender named Tom Halpin. "I come from the city of Kerry which happens to brew my favorite beer named Tom Crean who was a famous antarctic South Pole explorer from Kerry. They shot Tom in his pub in 1922. True story." Aaa the tales of the Irish! "The real reason that I love being a bartender is that I can be as sarcastic and cheeky as I want and get away with it.!" he says joking. (i think)
The owner is Paddy O'Connell and his son Pius who is a doll. A wonderful kind person. Must see.
Risultati immagini per o connells pub dublin
The pub is a sports bar, a friendly family real Irish Restaurant with a cheeky chef who comes out the kitchen saying that "all of my dishes have peanuts in them! Everyone and my Beef and Guinness Stew might as well be Peanut, Beef and Guinness Stew for all of ye that have peanut allergies." he jokes.(i think). "We have Irish lamb stew and the traditional Cottage Pie. It is a real Irish Pub and Pub food yet it has the upstairs and the downstairs and it has a great dance place downstairs. Hope you come party here with our about 30 international craft beers!" says the bartender Tom!


"To give you an example of how we are different is to know that when I first met the Italian chef who worked as the Michelin sous chef in Italy we only talked about our love of the pure ingredients of the regions of Italy. We were very passionate about the products. I hired him without ever seeing his CV!" he says. "I travel around Italy all the time. My three little old Italian ladys from Piedmont met driving one day and saw a little sign near their shop of handmade inched raviolis. We import these 2 times per week now. They are the only hand-made pinched raviolis in the world. We have black truffle pinched raviolis, parmesian cheese pinched raviolis, and dipped in fondue cheese sauce. Every day a new ravioli." he says proudly.  

"Because it is about the pinched ravioli." says the funny 3 year manager of the LANGHE. "Because it is about the wonderful wine," he continues while we laugh, "Because it is about the wonderful Parmesian cheese!" and we laugh more. I am known for loving to eat~the leader in it true:) "The wonderful idea of the Langhe is that from day one it is here to introduce the food of one culture to the Irish people. The owner loves the Italians for the love of the food. We would love the Irish people and tourists of course to experience real authentic Italy culture with the passion and warmth that goes into every mouthful of pasta for instance." he says emotionally. Of course, he is Italian! 

The other fine Italian restaurants in the Wallace group are:(+353) 18 7 30 040  Taverna 24 Ormond Quay

,+(353) 188 47 500  Asti at 5 Russell Street, 

 (+353) 1 45 37 791 Torino at 19 Grattan Crescent,


    Right across from the Ha'Penny Bridge you will find a cobblestoned walkway which I like to call the little Italy of Dublin...side by side about 5 cool Italian restuarants the favorite of which is mine named LANGHE, one of the famous Wallace Restuarants and the first one they opened. Every one in the group is authentic with ingredients imported daily from Italy. "We're a little tidy bit more expensive since every ingredient imported is more costly than local products. Yet the Italian food world-wide is revered because of its ingredients and the climate that it is associated with." says the young Roberto who has been with LANGHE for the last 3 years now. He, himself, is from Calabria near Sicily. Where the famous red wine comes from. "And of course every wine in the cozy guest house type restaurant is from Italy." he says.  Enoteca delle Langhe Italian Quarter Bloom’s Lane



'Thoroughly recommend it…really enjoyable'  Ivan Yates Newstalk
'Get driving….for a night filled with fun, laughter and friendship' Dublin Live.
'Suberb..Wonderful...' Irish Independent
'sweet and heart-warming' Sunday Times
'a feelgood evening'  Irish Mail on Sunday   
'magical moments'    
'Ernest Perry Jr and Simon Delaney are excellent' Sunday Independent 
'warm and funny' Irish Examiner
'The play’s genius is that a quarter of a century is captured within just an hour-and-a-half with such ease.' 
“…Driving Miss Daisy is a total delight." —NY Daily News. 
“A perfect night at the theatre.” – Wall Street Journal 
     A wonderful cast that every minute they leave the stage you miss one of em. Loved the actors and show.
The Gaiety Theatre, South King Street, Dublin 2, Ireland.
Box Office: 0818 719388
Group Bookings Information: +353 (1) 648 6029
Wheelchair & Box Bookings: +353(1) 679 5622

"Give an Irishman lager for a month, and he's a dead man. An Irishman is lined with copper, and the beer corrodes it. But whiskey polishes the copper and is the saving of him." Mark Twain, Life On The Mississippi

Now here is my experience of entering the NUMBER ONE WHISKEY STORE OF 2016, that is the number one  IN THE WORLD...  at Dublin...27-28 Dawson Street Dublin 2, 0353 16 75 97 44...first Alastair says hi. He is one of the owners of the coolest Whiskey store around. I am immediately given a choice of 3 whiskeys to try and loved the Scottish one which is then translated to Writer's Tears! What an odd name for a Whiskey I say, although it is quite good. Then, Celtic Cask 15, which is the signature Brand of the Store and voted the best independant bottler of Whiskey in the World, 2016, and finally the Coole Swan Irish Creme. I guess you must try your own to find which one is personally the favorite of the three.  

       "Mostly tourists find us since everybody loves to try free whiskey and they can free taste test here. We usually let them try 2, but if you would love to try three that is alright.  That is the real reason, I think, that the tourists come"jokes Alastair. "I opened the store here in 2003 and about 3 months later, now the new Restaurant and Bar in Killarney specifically for tasting the Whiskey and of course the experience of the Whiskey. You can come now and do the Master Classes which include the blending of the whiskeys, cheese and whiskey, chocolate and whiskey, only Scottish whiskey, and on and on since we have about 10 classes." says Alastair. I am coming to do the Master's Classes on Blending the Whiskey while eating cheeses and that way I can drink more Whiskey! 

"We have our own Brand of Whiskey that is named the number one Bottler of Independant Whiskey in the World for 2016, named Celtic Cask. It is pretty darn good I must say and it is about 225.00Euros per bottle. We only do about 650 per year and it is in its 16th year." says Alistair who is Scottish at birth and Irish at work!
"We do importing of wine too and work with a lot of the restaurants in Dublin. I would say that it is 1/2 and 1/2. Half of the people are guests in the store and the other is commercial. You know it is fun. I myself buy the whiskey to drink. I have maybe 10 bottles at home. When one is finished I buy another one. Yet some people are avid collectors and they come in and buy the most expensive and elusive ones and maybe dont ever drink it. They keep it and they resell the Celtic Cask for 800.00euros instead of the 250.00 euros they initially paid for it. It is just a matter of taste to which ones you see as the better blends. Some people love the Scottish Whiskeys and some like the Japanese which used to be more trendy than it is now." says the highly knowledgeable and friendly Alastair.


              75 Dame street, Dublin

 Risultati immagini per brogan's bar kilkenny

 Brogan's Bar is to outside sources a local bar of where you would expect the real authentic Irish people to hang out...but looks are different s is the owner, Ben Brogan. On the walls are the coolest original prints of almost all of the older Guinness Advertising campaigns full of delight and color and wit and artistic marvel. He bought the prints framed and unframed, and most of his guests, "come depending on the show..." when I assume that he means the sports show on that night he corrects me surprisingly. "No no not the sports, the show is the theater next door. They have all kinds of different shows and the audience and the actors sometimes come here before and after. The techies for the show come all the time." That is the kind of Pub that you will find here. Full of tourists and theater and creativity and yes locals that, "get off of work and the bus happens to drop or pick them up here. If they find a different bus they go to a different pub" the funny owner says. 

 Immagine correlataAs I open up my backpack I take out a book on the local Irish Government that I found in the bookcases on the wall..."It is such a different feel to the Pub," I say and the owner laughs. "Yes people think it is just a Pub, yet honestly we have a lot of culture in here. We have the big bookcase with books that you can take and read while you drink a Pint, take one home, bring new ones back, and I've read every book in the bookcase." he says. For such a big guy he looks more like a sporting person than a theater and book guy! Yet one of his passions is collecting the Guiness Famous Advertising Posters on the wall. The pub is a pub, yet it is a little bit different too. Loved it. 


                                                     immagini per

 The new owner of the Bar on Claredon street, right next to Grafton street, is in addition the owner of the popular Micro Brewery in Ireland named Carrig Brewery. "I was sitting in my backyard about 5 years now and trying to think of a beer's name. I thought that every town in Ireland has a Carrick which sounds like Carrig and that when people around the world heard the name they would associate it with Ireland. As of today the brewery has 14 beers and growing.Here is my first showcase store that carries all of the beers in Dublin. And I am only hiring red haired Irish people so my manager has to dye his hair this week to keep with my dress code,"jokes Marie, the young owner of Carrig Breweries and the new Bar Rua which translates to Bar Red! 

As I say that his manager, Brenden, had told me he is amazed at dancers in the wonderful streets of Paris and that Dublin doesn't have that although Bar Rua will have live music in the windows 7 days a week. I say that they should put some Irish Dancers in the window. "Yes we are open to anything at this point," says Martie. "If Brenden wants to put dancers in the window that is alright with me." His red haired bartender yells, "We've already had a couple people dancing on the bar, does that count?" and Martie says that is alright.  To see the new trendy chic Irish Bar and Restaurant visit Claredon street and meet the fun loving team. (I love the independant one!)

My favorite is the Rogue and Dead Gods Ale. But the Independant is rather good too, and hey try the...yes I tried all of these wonderful beers. (I don't have much to do all day.) 

                        Here is the classy very chic(think Studio 54 in New York) Irish authentic food and beer Restaurant on Claredon, the BAR RUA.

      "The Carrig Brewery now brews 14 beers. I plan on more," says the wonderfully funny and lets do it now owner of Carrig. "When he has a idea he is ready to do it now. He doesn't like to think. He loves action and adventure and risks and loves when people try his new beers and keep buying em." says his Manager Brenden. 

            "Here at the Central Porterhouse in Dublin you can find the new Whiskey snug bar named the Dingle Whiskey Bar, and the Burlesque Type Dance Bar upstairs named Lillies's Bordello. It is named after Lily Langtry who used to have a partnership with Judge Roy Bean which I originally worked for before the Porterhouse bought the place here about 10 years now. I've been with the company here about 20 years now." says Robin who is the Big Manager of the huge bar. "It is really a Pub with food, not a restaurant. We give Pub service and concentrate on the Micro Beers of the Porterhouse Company. You can stay and drink as much as you want and while you drink you can have some food. We have the specials that you told about such as the 4Euros Porterhouse Pints everyday and in addition to that is a loyalty card. A table of 5 people can come in, and when the card has 9 specialty beers they receive one free. It is a real wonderful deal and the people love it." he says. 

 Oliver Hughs, one of the founders of the Dingle Whiskey Bar. 

 "When we first started the company of Dingle DISTILLERIES the last three years normal people could purchase a barrel of the whiskey for sale. Every barrel had that person's name on it. Pretty cool way to start a company. Now it is the Dingle Whiskey Bar that is housed in the Porterhouse Central here.  We have Whiskey Tastes every Tuesday for 18Euros and they can taste some of the finest Whiskey available. We have 160 Whiskey's that I see the company you interviewed the Celtic Cask provides for us each week." says Robin. 

 "We brew 10 specialty beers, yet the Pub has many others to choose from to. When I was younger I used to have more fun and party more. Now have fun with the guests and party less. But on St. Patrick's Day we are always a little nervous. We usually start with O Sugar! Pint, Pint, Pint, Irish Coffee, Irish Coffee, Irish Coffee...and it continues with the Green faces and Green hair and the locals who drink a lot. The tourists don't know how to drink on St. Patrick's day the way the locals do!" Robin says laughing. 

"I personally drink HopHead. I love IPAs. We're not as responsible when we go out drinking with friends. I used to bring my friends here when I wasn't working but after 20 years,  I try to venture out a little bit. It is way too comfortable here. I am so lazy if I come to my own bar. Now we try to see the city and a different Pub maybe one time a month. The team here is great yet honestly it is as if I am with my family hanging out at the Pub and drinking. Funny yet true. You know it is a long time to be running the Pub. Sometimes we have so many people on a Friday and Saturday that we send them up to Lily Langtry's and bring the food and drink upstairs. I don't want to lose guests because they have to wait too long. It is a personal taste in the end. Since if you have young children sitting in the plush elegant bordello might not be your thing, but most of the time people love the plushness." he says.  

                                                                      for my conversations with my kids...NEWS FLASH COME TO THE CENTRAL BAR WHERE THE SPECIAL PINTS EVERYDAY 4 EUROS EACH... 

                                   47 NASSAU STREET    phone: 0353 16 7 185 58

                                   Check out Jacob's cool songs in front of Victoria Beckham's even cooler dress designs in front of the BROWN THOMAS store in Dublin...he is on the cobblestones singing away and wow is he great!
                   "An Elegant Restaurant in a formal setting that is really informal", is how owner Jimmy describes his tavern/pub that has been turned into a plush ivory and white airy restaurant that reminds one of the 1920s and of where F.Scott Fitzgerald would of dined. "I guess our claim to fame is that the American's first lady Michelle O'Bama recently had lunch here with her two children. Of course they had secret service but since I already had 50 reservations we let everybody come to lunch and she personally went to each table and said hi."Wow

 Is it fun to own such a high maintenance elegant restaurant? Is it work?  "O it is fun yes but everyday is different and it there is always problems always everyday. It has been 3 and 1/2 years of hard work trust me but now it is finally fun to see it all come together. The menu is about 90% fish and it is about the only restaurant of its kind in Dublin. That is why it is special and then what makes it unique." 




The beauty and elegance of Matt the Thresher is unparalled in Dublin. The fish is excellent. The team formal and professional with smiles on the faces and the guests famous... 


           01) 676 2980
Matt The Thresher logo

 "It's been 3 and 1/2 years since I had the restaurant" Since it is a huge project as you can see from the pictures I ask if he had owned another one before he tackled this project? He starts laughing, "before that I was a farmer!" "Now my farm house stands empty...My great grandfather built it and it is a huge beautiful Victorian home.  From farmer to here.! My wife is a interior designer and she designed the entire place. When it is a tavern a famous airline owner had it as a hobby and it was all dark the way a pub should be but we changed all of that. The leather settees and the colors are all ours." It is beautiful with stained glass windows high above and it even includes a library designed room where Mrs. O'bama ate. Above which is a grand piano.



                                                                    +353 1 6705602

+353 87
263 0270

   The Blind Pig, the one and only 1920s style Underground Speakeasy in Dublin

"Yes of course it is discreet however I've always loved Speakeasys myself. And many tourists come to cities and only want to go to the underground restaurants that the locals know or the underground Speakeasys. That is the one here, the Blind Pig." says the 36 year old young owner.


"I bought the place in 2007 renovated it from a basement to a real cool Speakeasy complete with stone walls and a stone cave bar. The people that come here love Speakeasys...they love that prohibition feeling of the classic meaning of the word yet traditionally its been grunge you know. Here it is upscale and classy. People make reservations and we meet them at a specified location and personally bring them in through the back alley. Through the kitchen. They love it. Reservations only and if you make a reservation you know the location. It is that simple." says Michel Martin who has owned Blind Pig since its inception.  +353 85 874 7901


                The Blind Pig

 "We used to have a code on the back alley yet since the alley is used by a couple bigger pubs they didn't like open public access. Now we have you call us from a location near and we come and bring you through the alley into the kitchen and down the stairs to the exclusive elegant bar and restaurant." says Micheal. Think the movie Victor/Victoria complete with the flapper atmosphere and you have The Blind Pig of Dublin.

Since the restaurant has a unrivaled reputation for its Dublin food I am very proud and lucky to have it included here on the site. Love the owner who is especially proud of his heritage and his sports! "We're of the traditional Gaelic Sports Football which is played at the famous stadium here all volunteering as it is. Here is 32 teams that play in the Ireland league and the league and stadium is from a long tradition of promoting and keeping the Irish tradition, culture and heritage prominent." says Martin. "My father passed away about 1 and 1/2 years ago." says the owner(as has mine). "He worked at the age of 15 on the big cruise ships as a chef, on the Queen Mary and the Queen Elizabeth about 10 years and came back to Cork and opened restaurants based on this experience. The restaurant here has been here almost 24 years and I am happy to give my guests traditional Irish food such as Irish stew and Whiskey Sausages which I recommend to my better friends!" he says laughing when I ask. "Yet funny enough we have fajitas such as Mexican food since the tourists that come to Dublin want all different kinds of food. Every restaurant here serves international food and beer. We don't just serve Guiness anymore since it competes with other beer companies. Me for instance I like a good Budweiser!" he says. "The most fun for me is rather odd. I like the stress in a good way such as trying new items to the menu and seeing if the guests appreciate it. I like meeting the people everyday and owning a restaurant here motivates me to get out of bed everyday." he says. Which I must say I can empathize with.
             O'Sheas Irish Restaurant
                           23 Anglesea Street,
                          Temple Bar,
         Phone: +35 3 (0)1 67 1-9049

Above guests at the formal wonderful Irish restaurant and below Martin and his father outside the O'Sheas. That is the family name right? I ask? "Of course, we're Irish!" he says.


43 Dawson Street,Curved street Temple bar
                  086 8 407 360


 "The Dolce Sicily second one is located in Temple Bar region in the Crowbar Club which is famous. We have a special coop with these cool people. In the morning til 5:00pm(17:00) is the bakery Dolce Sicily and we give breakfast here too. It is new only one month and we shall see the results yet now the people come already. When I started my bakery at 43 Dawson Street 2 and 1/2 years now I had only me and one person at the counter. Me baking and one helping me. Now I have 24 people including me! It is unbelievable. I laugh and say Wow! yet now I need time for my babies too!" says the young and lovingly owner Letizia who along with Fabio her husband and two adorable children make these wonderful Sicilian cakes for us to eat everyday! 

 "The cakes I bake myself. I had visited Dublin in 2005 and loved it and went back to Sicily and got married and had two lovely boys and baked and baked. I've been baking since the age of 8. Of course Sicily is known for its famous bakeries, and of course the cannoli. About 3 years since I said to my husband would you love to move from Sicily with me to Dublin and I can bake. And he said yes! Remarkable seriously. And here we are! With my husband saying he eats my sweets and has the belly to prove it!" laughs the gorgeous Letizia. 

 With two locations to choose from and wonderful food! The cannolis are yummy! 

"I love to bake. Now I have 5 people helping me. The very first day people came down to try the bakery. Yet it is in the bad location which you have to come down the stairs and into the little bakery store. People have been coming here everyday. And everyday more people come to try the cakes. Now I have no room for my fridge! I would love to make the fancy cakes yet there isn't room for them! The people love the cannoli which I tried many recipes to make the ricotta cheese right and finally I am happy with these. Everyday I try new ideas and I love that. And I say my favorite is the mousse, definitely the mousse!" she says.  

"Michael Ryan Mick, it's Mickey and that is my wife Ann we own Ryan's Air...just kidding!" says the jokesters that own the coolest Pub in Dublin...yes that is right it took me 3 years to grant the interview and chat with the young couple who've owned the Pub the last 25 years.                    Ha'Penny Bridge! Right  at the foot of the famous Bridge.

42 Wellington Quay, Dublin....
TELEPHONE: 01 677 2515 ADDRESS: hapennybridgeinn@live.comAs I walk into the bar, is the way every Irish joke starts, and when you come to Dublin you understand the underlying meaning of it...because the minute you walk into a bar the jokes start.  And they never stop. It is the same this morning. I entered about 10:25am and Anne and her husband Mick sat at their own bar eating cereal. Why Ha'Penny? I ask. And he takes his old Irish money of schillings and half pennys from his pocket to show me the old Irish money.When a daily guest comes in he quips,"just showing the journalist me money I have...counting me money..." and I say that is my monthly salary of 3pence.  

"You know it is a live music Pub, a comedy Pub,-" Mick starts to tell me and Anne interrupts and says, "besides Michael talking to all the customers-he is the real comedian and he doesn't care if you're a movie star or a daily customer he jokes with everybody."  Mick resumes telling me that his Pub is" a musical Pub Crawl Pub everynight at 19:30pm they bring the guests in with their own Irish music and you can walk upstairs and hear the music. And in addition we have Blues on Saturday night. All the music and comedy is upstairs." he says. He invites me tonight to follow the musical Pub Crawl, which sounds kind of cool since you can hear Irish music everyday. At about 11:00am the Pub starts to get crowded with tourists and I try to follow Mick around and ask  him more questions. Although it is difficult since he only jokes about life. Below is the famous Ha'penny Bridge.

In the end, it is a Pub. A cool classic Irish Pub. Upscale with the best upstairs of live music around. The owner's unbelievably young, sweet, in love and friendly. Loved these people. Could spend the entire day here learning about Ireland. O! and does everybody know that Ryan's Air received its famous colors from the county the owners come from? Tipperary.  The Hurling colors of that section is Blue and gold and that is why Ryan's Air is Blue and gold. Trust me you learn a lot talking to Irish Pub owners and bartenders! HaPenny Bridge Inn

In addition is the Wellington Bridge which earned the name of the Half Penny Bridge in 1816 when they put the first bridge to join the two sides of the tiny river. "Back then a Irish man earned 3 schillings a week. It cost half penny to cross the bridge. It was a wealthy man's bridge and they would get all dandered up and stroll across the bridge. They also had little boats called Ferrys and they would go from one side to the other. Today the equivalent of what you earn in one week(for me it hasn't changed from 1816 Ireland) would cost about 100.00euros to walk across the bridge!  "When we bought the Pub Anne came up with the name. You either had to take the name down Jim Mourns was on it, or make up a new name. Anne thought of the name because of the famous bridge. We found cool newspapers upstairs that come from the late 1880s. Let's take a look at it." says Mick and runs the newspapers down for us to see. In these is an advertisement for the Brays Head Hotel, the Luxury Hotel at Bray for 2pounds per week including room and board! I am hopping on a bus to Bray Today! 

"The Irish changed its money in 1971 to 2001 to Irish pounds and in 2002 to the Euros. All the Irish money has animals on it...hence the big pig outside as our symbol since the ha'penny has a pig on it. When the Irish people had to change the money they went to the bank and where given euros back. The paychecks in the coming weeks were given in Euros. That is the way they introduced the euro system." tells Mick. I ask if 911 made the world change its currency? And he laughs. "No the Euros had nothing to do with 911! it was europe." he explains.  Image result for the pig on the ha penny irish

In addition my favorite Irish beer is the new one named CUTE HOOR red ale which is the tastiest ever...a big competitor to Guinness. 



In the day the Dolce Sicily is located here til 17:00pm and at night a cool club. For instance on the 13th on Friday is a party for Prince and people can come and dance to purple rain! Cool club and fun cocktails to drink.  It has happy hr. from 17:00pm(5pm) til 19:00pm.  At the Button Factory Curved Street Temple Bar, Dublin 2....

Cultured, Educated, Poetic, Opulent, Luxurious, Rich, Wealthy, Bohemian, Charming these are all ways to describe La Cave... the first wine bar located if you can find the hidden quiet gem under neath the city...I can give you a hint it is across from Kehoes...while waiting one night to interview the owner, I moseyed to the intimate unpretentious wine bar . I am glad that I was curious.
                                                                   28 South Anne Street 01 679 4409

 Steven Maybury is amazing. You can not step into the Library Book Exhibition Space without listening to Steven for 15 minutes without you saying one word. His language is poetry in itself as he describes his life and its parallels to his artistic vision.

 Steven's sculpture of his skateboarding exhibition is the relationship of skating in life to evolving personally. Yet he loves his pen writings above all..."I use only Ballpoint pen drawings." he says. 

      text for the image

 The Library Project located across Temple Bar, Dublin. 4 Temple Bar...08 6 856 169

The Library Project. Photo by Steven Maybury


  Anicca Art Exhibit at the Library Project DublinAnicca

 Anicca, Steven Maybury

12 – 29 May
Opening: 6.30pm 12 May
At The Library Project

                          18 Suffolk Street, Dublin 2.... Phone 016 7 756 51                 

 The cool funky traditional authentic Italian Restaurant, Pacinos has been redisigned from a tiny Trattoria to a elegant beautiful romantic place for dinner. "When I first bought the restaurant it had a totally different appeal to people. Now it is a fine dining where people with a bottle of wine can have a wonderful intimate dinner for about 50euros. Of course the tourists find it since it is on one of the most high-end streets in Dublin and they always come in and ask if Al Pacino owns it!" says the young affable owner of the trendy Pacinos. 

The team is dressed in black and white formal wear yet very comfortable to talk to . They smile and are immediately friendly the minute you walk in the door. Loved em. "Yes they're a very professional team," says Micheal. "I wanted a elegant traditional restaurant with a certain look to it. A beautiful restaurant that the ambience can transcend you from the hustle and bustle of touristy Central Dublin to the elegance of an Italian dinner. That is the feeling I had going here." says the young serious owner of Pacinos.  "Chef Patron Luca Mazza from Milan brings Italian cooking at its best. Regarded as the finest Italian chef in the country, along with sommeliers to help you choose the perfect wine."


"I wanted a place that is friendly and has a real authentic warm atmosphere that people can feel comfortable with. We give great service to everybody. You know if someone wants to come in and order pizza and a beer that is fine yet they can come and have 3 courses and a great bottle of wine too. It is for everybody to enjoy wonderful Italian food." says Micheal, himself a Dubliner. It is wonderful and chosen as the restaurant of the year. 

 Complete with the ivy on the soft ivory brick walls and elegant lighting is the trendy Pacinos. 


Marguerite is beautiful and when she tells me that almost 40 years she has known her husband Akim I am trying to find where that could be possible if at all. "We used to have poetry readings in here..." HERE is a rich ruby velvet type of grapes hanging from the ceiling O hi DAAARling atmosphere of intimacy at the posh tiny cosy bar to the funny lively tables scattered in the parlor as I call it. I can only imagine laughing as in Gigi at a fancy dinner as Eva Gabor did while tasting the bordeux and lamb waving my fork at some uproariously funny joke that Gaston or some other worthy people had just told...I meet Akim who Marguerite introduces as her lovely Algerian husband who cooks every night just for her..."I have never cooked ever and he cooks especially for me..." And her favorite?  "A dish of lamb and artichokes and peas...I don't know how he does it"...Akim is muslim and when the subject centers on that religion and the Emirates and Qatar and they ask if the Muslims drink alcohol I say that they would all love the wine bar with its intimacy and fun and opulence and would all probably come in to lunch and bring security to stand guard at the gate while they ate , laughed, and drank wine!
 "My husband came up with the idea about 28 years ago and here it is today. He came up with the decor and the idea of a wine bar in Ireland when there wasn't any wine is all about the beer in Ireland in those days. We still have the original decor from 28 years you know on a shoestring budget and we kept it the early days he had these fancy glasses the most fancy especially here when everybody is used to going to the pub for a beer and here it became popular for a lady to come have a glass of wine in the hidden section where she could drink with elegance. The people weren't used to the very fancy glasses and they got broke but we still have the decor!"

We spoke of poetry and writers and how they would definitely be inspired at the aura of the beauty of the cave and we talk of love.... because as I say when I say that I love that wine bar isn't love what it is all about?

Tom Kennedy  Bar located in 65  Thomas Street Dublin 8

Catering for any parties...

Friday night is our special party night. Live music every Weekend, With Mick Kelly, Johnny Hopper, and Joe Mc special guests on occasions.Such as me truly as I had a bet with Clinton Kennedy that I should come sing a rap song on stage about the which I came at 10:33 pm Friday night got on stage and sang to a 50Cent background music provided by the stage musicians my rap... here it is...

"Ya my name is Clinton Kennedy and I am the owner of the pub. Come here on Friday nights and it is a party scene in here. We have live bands..." famous last which I reply to Clinton and his Corkie bartender the "only Corkie allowed to work with me...the rest have to be Dubliners...mostly cause I can't understand a word they say"...ha ha ha and to which I tell him that his name is American Presidents to which he replys, "Yes I know..." to which I say that actually he has the only name where both Presidents got their heads blown off... to which the only one that would , be Clinton by the way, that appreciated my joke is Clinton!


he Boar's Head is owned by a chatty very intelligent fellow named Hugh...yes Hugh Grant and his only customer at 9 am is a fellow named Joe ....both intelligent drinking a cofffee and showing their pub kindly to a curious tourist. On the wall is a huge conglomeration of all of the famous and sometimes infamous not so well known people that come to the pub including every year the champions of the Gaelic FootballChampionships.                                                                                                                                                                                                    The team comes and eats and drinks the day after they win and it is standing room only in the pub upstairs and downstairs...when I ask if it is true that the Irish drink so much considering that the pubs close at 11:30pm at night Joe says, " Except the married people...they just normal folk..."   and when I say o the married people stay home Joe says, "No the married ones run to the pub to drink..." aaa the Irish humor...


  Guiness...that is the beer of the Irish and having received a hefty education of Lagers and Ales...yes a Lager is a I at least know what a Guiness LOOKS LIKE even though I haven't tried one...yet... 149 Capel St, Dublin

(01) 872 3107
and friends on facebook 
The facebook site is

"I've been here 20 years now and I don't know if I'll ever retire..." when I ask him if Hugh is near retirement...after all around the world and 20 years as a publican is a lot of years:)  "O yes it is fun and itis busy but I would like it to be a little more busy..." he says... it is a cool quiet morning the mornings I always love best and he says "come in here on a Thursday night that is o yea that is when you can see the characters Thursday night would you say Joe about 8 oclock?" Joe nods his head, "Tons of Characters Thursday night..."  okay. lets do it on Thursday night!

 Guy is the owner of the Cigar Emporium a specialty and rare cigar store in Dublin, "It is image and sophistication that we try to exude. I've been here about 17 years and a total of about 20 in the wholesale business but the most fun is the store and helping the people choose their cigars. "People come in here and purchase anywhere from 10Euros to 15,000 E items...they can drop 60,000 Euros at one time. It just depends." But one thing that they're all after is the expertise and advice that we can give to each and every guest." When I ask if the fact that America has a ban on Cuban cigars helps the mystique of the Cuban cigar elsewhere in the world he says definitely. "That is one of the reasons that the Cuban is so popular...o it is not allowed anywhere in America it must be good...but the Cuban cigar is one of the finest and you can definitely tell that from smoking it.

 The next day when I chat with Guy he says "The cuban would be too strong for you. I shall give you one of the lightest ones we have. You can smoke it outside in Ireland but it is banned everywhere in Ireland to smoke inside. Remember DON'T inhale. Cigars can be bitter if inhaled...alll of the taste buds are at the tip of the tongue and that is what makes a cigar unique." 

Okay I write that in my little notes and think of a perfect place at Dublin to smoke my Macanudo Rothschild...


And based on the elegance and sophistication of the Cigar Specialty store I chose the picture of Austin Powers to best represent the experience:)
If you would love to learn about the real handmade cigars visit the store chat with Guy, have a espresso while you tour the store with Gary, and of course chat to Barry Joyce about James Joyce and the house of Sweeny that is the Sweeny house in Dublin.  
And since I just talked about Oscar Wilde and the Importance of Being Ernest here is a great segway... the Dragon Bar in Dublin that has the final competition of Drag Queens tonight wiith the famous winner at Ruth Paul's in America performing tonight. The winner receives the contract to work in the Dragon Pub one year, a 500 Euros thankyou , a crown to crown the drag queen winner and great recognition.
11pm tonight..
The chat I had with the performers and stage manager outside is priceless but I promised that I would put there great show on tonight to give them a little extra perk. Find these great guys and girls at? at 64 South Great Georges Street Dublin
. 353 1 478 1590


 Peter's Pub a longstanding traditional Pub with a Gentleman as the Owner. Peter is the name of the original owner the last 28 years but his son is En da "It is an Irish name" he explains... as he offers me COFFEE! in the middle of a busy 6pm rush hour of beers! How dare he does he think that I look like I need sobering up? And of course I kindly accept and it is pretty darn good coffee by the way but I AM a bit envious of everybody drinking that Guiness... "Okay" he says above the roar of the customers drinking beer at Peter's..."What do you want to know about my Pub? Ask me anything..."I bite okay what kind of things does Peter's serve I naively ask and am handed tons of is the alcoholic variety...

As people dodge flying saucer plates and waitresses dangle glass mugs and people push and shove everywhere and tables are filled outside...En da calmly leans on the bar and chats with is hilarious the way that it is such a calm conversation and I keep nervously glancing over my shoulder to see if he is going to go flying off the handle at any minute...but nope he keeps talking... "My father is retired now I mean he is still alvie but I am the only one that works at the Pub..." It is funny since at the moment he seems to be the only one not working... here is a man of my own heart's advertising promo on Peter's website... the power of advertising...:)

Draught Beer

O'Hara's Stout
Galway Hooker
Pilsner Urquell
Carrig Irish Lager Grolsch Lager Peroni



Jameson 12 yo 
Jameson Gold
Red Brest
Jameson 18 yo
Tullamore 12 yo 
Jameson 1780 
Powers 12 yo
Bushmills 16 yo malt
Connemara malt
Bushmills 10 yo malt
Tyrconnell 10 yo malt
Black Bushmills
Lockes 8 yr malt
Crested Ten
Tullamore Dew 10 yo
Tyrconnell Malt Greenore 8 yo

Bottle Beers

Bulmers Cider
Rekorderlig Cider Becks

Irish Craft Beers O'Hara's Red 
Belfast Blonde
O'Hara's IPA
Mac Ivor's Cider Helvick Gold

World Beers

Spaten Tiger
Leffe Blue Moon


Non Alcoholic
Paulaner N/A
Cobra N/

                    THUNDER ROAD Ashley the supervising manager is sweet, "I've been here about 8 years. It is definitely more of a eating type bar as you can see the American style booths and it is themed with motorcycles. There used to be the revolving motorcycle in the middle of the restuarant above the bar and we moved it all. Now people come to eat and at 11pm the kitchen closes and we all do a bar type of style with a DJ then and everybody hangs out and dances and has fun. Right now it is a private pub and the owner has been here a long time. It would be kind of cool to have these in all of the major cities but I wouldn't want to have a reputation such as Hard Rock." She responds when I say that it reminds me of the Hard Rock memorabilia. "And with the economy as it is all around Europe it wouldn't be a good investment now to start opening pubs." Okay but it is a cool pub. Great food fun staff.

 Girls Like That in Theatre

52 Fleet St, Dublin 2 (01) 679 4057 Is where the Restuarant is located. It is huge huge huge and the best thing about the multi level Pulp Fiction type of restuarant is the staff. They're fun.
"The best thing about the restuarant in General is that everybody talks to everybody. The atmosphere is the best." 

"GIRLS LIKE THAT" a THEATER DRAMA ON TEMPLE is a play that ... I have officially renamed "
... since it shows girls being the girls in a typical Playboy bunny fashion from the 5 year old pageant runway of little jr.american pageants to adult hood think
Mrs.New Jersey...but the acting is hilarious and cute and funny and although totally offensive of a girl they all wished they could reach named Scarlett you never feel offended  you just listen and learn. 43 Essex St E, Dublin
Girls Like That production at the New Book Theatre in Temple is a very young amateurish attempt at showing the ways that Girls think and act from the time they are about 5 years old to 45 years old.

Find the production at 7:30pm at the New Theater in Temple. I give Natalie's Blog an A since it is funny and incorporates 20 girls then 19 when they think that Scarlet is dead But she is reincarnated and the rest you must see.
You can find the Green Rooster at oops I am sorry it is barbershop instead of a pub...okay here is the pub but underneath the Amnesty International sign on the way is 48 Fleet street Barbershop...and the people are normal young guys that do a lovely hair...The Green RoosterAs the bartender drops a glass and it shatters all over the floor he says, "See they're throwing glasses at me again...Stop throwing glasses I told you I would be with you in a minute...Jesus always throwing stuff at me."  The guys at the end of the bar start laughing and pound the bar to be served. Ray is owner and his son's name is Ryan. You can find these quiet unassuming guys at 9 Mary street Dublin. He teaches courses in many areas of martial arts and is insistent every time I rephrase or ask him a question that it is all about the way the sport makes the person feel. All positive reinforcement and healing from within.
The Owner of one on one sports in Dublin is a genuine nice guy, "I believe in positive reinforcement. Healing a person from within. It is all mental and physical comes with it. The concept of the store is from years of working in martial arts. Of course the store has the equipment that many of my students come in an purchase but it is ultimately finding the strength within you that I try to reinforce." The store does have the typical boxing equipment and clothing such as Americans call "you call it kickboxing but we call it something different here. The concept in America is just touch the person in kickboxing and that is the game but in Ireland full competition it is full contact. A little different."

  The Bowes pub has a bunch of local characters in it. It is the Dublin sense of humor of one liners.... as I chat with the bartender as they get ready for the game the financial anaylst to my right says, "Yes it is almost 5 o'clock and I can do my job at maybe about 7 am to 10 am and if I come early I can leave at 5 or later about 8. So I come early. And I can hang out at the pub and have a pint before I go home." fleet street