Borgo Pinti 12-18 Rosso, Florence
    The Prince of Chianti Ruffino in Tuscany & the Prince

  The Prince of Chianti Ruffino & of Austrian lineage, Soldana followed in the footsteps of his famous father, Alberto. Alberto & his 3 children raised many eyebrows when the world heard of them playing with napkins & china in a restaurant in Florence, yet his close friends knew that food is Alberto's passion. He often entertained up to 1200 people at his castle in the Tuscany countryside for 3 days at a time & they had always encouraged him to open his own restaurant. Thus, the legend of the first La Giostra began 25 years. Later, the second of his Michelin restaurants, La Giostra 2 would open side by side on Borgo Pinti  12-18 Rosso.
    "That is life, that is what life is for, to live," says Soldano when I ask if it was such a big change to sell the estate & centuries old vineyards and move to the restaurant in the city. He says that his father carried on his heart & opened La Giostra with his own meat sauce recipes & fresh made pasta with the same love and passion that he had cared for his wine. Which of course they have plenty of Chianti that you should drink, too.                                                                                                                                                                       
      Alberto lovingly mingling at La Giostra 
  So why, in a city famous for it's food, does La Giostra 1 & LaGiostra 2 fill up every night with famous celebrities and rock stars from around the world?  Perhaps it is the Maestro's love of music & wine or his charm. 
His quiet voice & grace. Soldano says it is his girlfriend's homemade tortellini's & his homemade meat sauce! "The best ragu & meat sauce in Florence!" Soldano says. It is the atmosphere too, though with the big white fluffy sheepskins adorning each chair for warmth in the winter, the loud rock and roll music blaring over the vaulted ceilings with dangling white lights looped all around the cave like dwellings, giving such a contrast to the hearty dishes filling the plates, so rare for a Michelin Star Restaurant. Who knows, each person to himself. You must come & eat the food, drink the wine & laugh with Soldano who chats with each and every table every night. 
Something his guests rave about as they leave the restaurant, "O it is the best restaurant in Italy: the best food we have had on our trip..." they gush as they meet Soldano on their way out of the restaurant.
I'm standing with Soldano laughing about his stories of all his true friends, who happen to be famous rock stars,   (Sting & Trudy dine there with 20 guests about once a week from their home in Tuscany) and yet Soldano chats with each and every guest on their way to jumping into the romantic streets of Florence. No photo description available.
   Wine rules Italy, maybe now with a little help from Giorgia Meloni, & AnneMarie at MillesiMi Grandi Vini Di Toscana rules Florence with her 22 plus years of helping nobility within the Florentine walls choose a little dinner wine & mostly French. 

                           Near Santo Spirito Square at Borgo Tegolaio 33/R    #055 26 54 675Image

   Whether very French & Bourgeoisie upper class looking or sleek & elegant with her hair tucked discreetly behind her ears, AnneMarie is a fascination. To listen to really. You can interject & give a little opinion, yet it is truly amazing to learn so much about the French landowners of vineyards since Napolean & the wine that is produced from these famous lands that I tend to just love the stories. Image
  "My clients after Covid have actually gotten younger & much more curious about wine. Some are the children of people who have been buying wine for enjoyment from me, much much wine, for 20 some years & the people who collect wine from me. I love to drink wine & although I have had 3 experiences with very old classic bottles of wine, which were amazing, I prefer the younger wines that are easier to experience fresh. You take a risk at a bottle of wine that is 1976 or older. You have to open it to enjoy it & you only know when you open it. Some people collect only to collect, & yet I believe a wine is meant to be enjoyed. Collect & drink with special friends & special occasions." 

  AnneMarie says that she loves when a person is curious when they come into the store. That they want to learn & choose a wine after they have taken time to find the right one. "You used to just buy a nice wine for dinner, yet now a 46.00 bottle of wine is to share with friends at dinner, & although it costs a little more, you can appreciate it & truly start the learning process. The young people are very educated in all matters & why should wine not be one of these? 

                  Located at:  Borgo Tegolaio 33/r

             Firenze, Italy. Please call: 055 26 54 675
            or email Anne Marie with questions: at 

  She has a noble face of the Dante Aligheri family line, yet she is totally French. She lives very near to the new winemaker who we as Americans know as the famous movie star, Brad Pitt, & buys his wine directly from him. "Mostly because of course he has a importer, yet I know what his wine costs, so I buy it from Brad Pitt himself." I say that it is very nice to have such a excuse to chat with Mr. Pitt, too, so that is a added plus! Image
 Actually in the store you can find fine wines, mostly from small vineyards of France of 10 hectares or so, from 20 euros up to 1,000's. Most are at the low spectrum & excellent to drink & to treasure as your special wine that you chose. 

    "Some of the older classic vineyards in Italy are from the 1200s & in France you will only find these from the 1800s because of the revolution that caused all lands to change hands mostly. It is interesting to see." 

"I grew up on a farm in France. My father is very curious & if he could not do something he teaches himself to do it. Almost everybody has grapes on their farm. We thought we could learn to cut the vines, harvest the grapes & we do it all except to make the wine. So we would drive our grapes to the local cooperative & they make the wine. All the farmers from the area do the same. The wine they make for us from our grapes is awful. Simply awful. As is most of the other farmers because we do not take care of the land & the grapes for the wine. It takes much hard work & the sun, the wind, the land, the grade of the land, it all has to come together. Many farmers would take care of the grapes & tend to them & of course their wine is much better than most! Now Brad Pitt is living the life of a gentle farmer, tending to his vineyard & before he bought the castle & the land a famous music star had a recording studio in the castle & now he is redoing the music studio & he intends to make music. So it is nice to have him as a neighbor!" Says AnneMarie. 
You think!!?



                                                                     Omidimo leathers of Florence
                                                                      San Lorenzo Leather Market
                                                                            Dell'Ariento 22 
See the source image
 "I have so many guests from around the world. I have orders to ship everyday from America & they come from my guests who tell their friends who tell their friends & they've been coming for 25 years now. People trust me, I am always offering wine & conversation to relax & get to know each other. If they want to try. Great. If they want to buy that is better for me," says Roberto laughing. We laugh a lot here. He is a super sweet & kind person who is unassuming & would rather tell you stories of how his heart always wins & he knows inside if a person is honest & wants him to help. "People buy because I like them & they like me. That is it," he says. While I watch him take care of 8 people in & out in about 15 minutes I believe him. He lets people try. He encourages it, & when you do you fall in love. Hey! you come to buy leather from Florence, right. Let's go start buying!
 The Omidimo, which translates to "hope" has been associated with quality since before 1999, when Roberto broke away from his father's factory to open his own boutique store. His father had made leathers for all of the leather market vendors, yet when Roberto decided to open Omidimo, he asked his father to only make leathers exclusively for him. Being Italian & very proud of his father's craft, Roberto built a tiny empire that is one of & perhaps the only one that has remained the same the last 40 years. He employs 45 craftsmen & women in his leather factory & they hand sew the leather jackets & accessories everyday only for Roberto. Image

       SAN LORENZO Leather Markets:                           #1 in the World

Omidimo is a elegant leather store. It is super modern & fancy in its interior design to reflect the care that the owners take of their quality & image of their leather coats. They do have belt accessories, yet the Capo, Roberto, has his brother-in-law, also named Roberto, next door to take care of the wallets, bags & purses of his guests. The father started the leather business & he used to make leathers for all of the market. That was “back in the day” as we Americans are fondly of saying. When people from every part of the world came to Florence to specifically shop for leather coats & bags.

    With new designers & new technology, you can purchase leather coats elsewhere; however, it is accepted & acknowledged worldwide that Florence leather is the top in the world for quality & design. For over 40 years Roberto’s family has been taking care of the leather market in Florence. When Roberto branched out to form his own flagship store in the San Lorenzo markets, he asked his father to only make leathers at his factory for him. Now, since 1999, they employ 45 craftsmen & women to create the beautiful designs that you can find here. Indeed, it is the only place in the world that you can still find the original leather makers from 1989. So, come here with your pocketbooks & find some great items to last a lifetime.Image

Immagine intestazione per il sito
   So maybe I don't have my own GIFT, only my own GIF
  Hey When you're trying on a 1,000 EURO coat, you have to strut your stuff. It is Antelope & reversible. It is the softest leather I have ever felt & I don't want to take it off. It is sooo gorgeous! 
  As I chat with Roberto, I am givin' a VERY SPECIAL TREAT on Thanksgiving. 4 Americans come in & start trying on leather jackets. They come from Houston & I am so happy to hear American voices after 3 months in Europe that I am just tickled pink. They say Happy Thanksgiving, & I say O yes that is right it is Thanksgiving! They buy 3 leather jackets, although I am pretty sure the lady is the only one who came in to do so! It is that kind of place. You try on & fall in love. Plus the team, headed by Roberto, is very lowkey & just tries to help you with your decision. Roberto constantly tells funny stories of all of his American guests & we all just laugh & listen. Then as they exit 4 more Americans, from the Philadelphia area, come in. The young couple live in the Cayman Islands now, & the 2 ladies live in Virginia & Pennsylvania. They buy a leather jacket & the other lady says she shall come back the next day. They decide to use my Emmeanesbook for dinner at Soldano's La Giostra!    The fun part of shopping at Omidimo is the wine that keeps flowing from the Chianti box for all the guests; whether you buy or browse. Or espresso if you wish. We were all partaking in a little Happy Thanksgiving celebration while the Guests shopped, & I personally had sooo much fun laughing & talking to the leather buyers. “As I said, I love my guests. They come here about 20 years in a row. They call me, they email me, they call & say Hey Roberto, we’re sending friends to come visit you in 2 weeks, please take care of everybody.” So, of course Roberto takes care of everybody. They whatsapp him, they call him, they come in with arms wide open greeting him. He just sits & smiles & laughs saying, ”I’m Italian & I have been doing my job about 22 years. I don’t pressure my friends. I know that you come to buy leather & it is your decision which one. I can tell from a person’s body what will look good on them, but ultimately they have to love their coat. A couple of months since a woman came in & bought the reversible leather coat that you tried on. She then went home, ordered 2 of these & wire transferred me $2,000 from America! Then she bought 25 coats! She said that she can sell these for $4,000 in America! I said, alright if that is what you want to do!” Wow. Americans should just travel on a $500 round trip ticket to Florence; it is cheaper to fly!
So, what kind of leather would the owner of a 25-year leather jacket store choose? I guess the traditional black leather jacket, as shown here.
 "I love to design,& had watched & learned from my father many years. When I opened my own store, I had seen many designs & styles & when I had a jacket, I would change the pocket, or change the zipper, or make it more fitted. You know, I would tailor it. I still do that. My design team makes the jackets in my factory or here in the store we do alterations. If you buy from me, I ship it to you free. If you buy a item from me the first time & call me to order another item, I ship it to you for free. It is also important to say that I have a 2-year guarantee on my leathers. We hope something never goes wrong, but if it ever does, I am here for you," says Roberto. He is the original Italian leather icon that we think of when we remember the leathers of Florence from 3o years since. I actually bought many leather jackets, bags, purses & a swing coat from him many years since. And from his brother-in-law, also named Roberto, right next door to him. His store has all bags of every design & shape & it is absolutely gorgeous! I fell in love with all the bags upstairs & everywhere. I want 5 of these!
                            Mercato Centrale: Florence VegnVeg
                              Piazza del Mercato Centrale 4
                                           Meet Marcella Bianchi, of VegnVeg
 Which me being classically trained in Shakespeare from London Academy of Performing Arts, I totally relate to with Bianca being the beautiful daughter of Baptista Minola the wealthy gentleman of Padua. Which, honestly, considering Mr. William Shakespeare is very much a London man (Stratford Upon Avon) I often wonder his fascination of Italy lore. I always played Kate, who must be married first before Bianca can be married! 
    However, Ms. Marcella Bianchi has a very adventurous spirit to herself & is nothing akin to Shakespeare's spoiled Bianca! 
    "I went to college to become a lawyer. In my last years, I thought that perhaps it is not lawyer for me," says Marcella as she starts her fascinating & charming story.      
  "Here is Selena, with the braids, she has been with me all of my 8 years at the Mercato Centrale in Florence," says Ms. Bianchi. "My father is a doctor & after many years at the hospital, he decided to do his own holistic medicine because he did not believe antibiotics. He heals in herbs & natural medicine. I perhaps have always had a pioneering spirit, a entrepreneurial spirit & all of a sudden I said that I am moving to Australia for one year & I packed my bags & moved to Australia where I loved." She tries to find words & I say that in America we say that she "jumped". She says," Jumped?" and I say that is when someone just feels love & does. "Yes, I guess & I didn't want to be a lawyer after all."   She says that she loves her father's independent spirit & his courage to reach out on his own.
  "When I lived in Australia, I worked on a natural farm growing vegetables and all of that for about 6 months. Everybody does that when they come to Australia. It gave me time to appreciate the earth & the natural food & herbs & when I came back to Verona I thought of what I want to do with life. I asked my sister's husband to help me with marketing & we approached the Mercato in Florence with my idea of all natural burgers, vegan & healthy vegetarian options. They were unimpressed & asked in a business way for a proposal to do it. My sister's husband made my ideas into a professional storyboard & we presented that to the Mercato & they said yes. When we opened I had worked with the Desgo Chef, who is famous in Verona to help me to develop recipes with burgers that are all Vegan & we started here with learning everyday from 7:00am to close for 2 years of how to make a VegnVeg ristorante survive!" laughs Ms. Bianchi, yet she is totally serious. "At first, the Italians did not want us. The tourists loved our healthy food, yet the Italians said yuck, where is the pasta &pizza!" She laughs. "It has really become popular after Covid because all of a sudden people want to superboost their immune system & that is what we do."
  "I guess what I really want to do is educate the Italians & the guests on the ingredients that we use which are 100% natural & completely healthy. And as for me, I always give 100% of myself to a project & I try to improve everyday. We're all so healthy since working here & for the first time the year of 2022, I have had workers come to me & ask to work for me because they say that they are vegetarian & they want to work with VegnVeg. That is very encouraging to me," says the very lovely Ms. Bianchi.
"Some Vegan &Vegetarian places are not very healthy, they use fried veggies & unhealthy sauces or oils, but my concept is about natural & healthy food which happens to be vegetarian at my restaurants. All natural & all without chemicals. I want a very healthy natural alternative to eating Vegetarian," says Marcella. May be an image of dessert
   "I have had so many burgers over the years that I can barely eat anymore of these. They're very good yet after 8 years, I grab a salad. My Covid lockdown Years, after opening VegnVeg in Rome & my newest in my home city of Verona, ZIGA, has opened my growing spirit to see what I really want to do with life. I started a garden on my Grandfather's land in Verona & me & friends have divided it into 7 plots of vegetables to grow & herbs. My funny father has made videos on the herbs & the instagram of that project is gianiculum. We do intimate gatherings of 30 clients in the city of Verona with candlelight & tents & food that we make with the herbs & vegetables that we grow." 
     food spots in Liverpool - Anne Travel Foodie
Mercato Centrale - a restaurant in Florence - Tuscany - Italy | La ...
                                                               Via S. Antonino 58r 
    Alright now we move next door to the 40 year old Roberto's kingdom where I purchased 30 years since 2 huge duffel bags, purses, wallets, & little accessories. I see the style from many years ago & ask if it is the same. Yes, Roberto replies, they have designs from 30 years & modern designs of today. 
   Daughter Dorna, Roberto & Layla model their famous designs for me. As you enter the store the fashionable simple designs are on the ground floor. HOWEVER, if you ask to visit the top floor you will find amazing treasures that I spent 1-1/2 hours of oohs & aahs at every single piece. It is truly beautiful. As Roberto introduces me to his very funny architectural student daughter, Dorna, she tells me that she has way too many bags & that her mother & father are very lucky to have only one daughter or otherwise they would have no merchandise! 
I fell in love with all the designs on the top floors. You will too. They have 25 designs of backpacks, for instance, & duffels, clutch purses, wallets, handbags, overnight bags,etc. I totally wanted every piece of leather. The handcrafted items are all made by artisans in their private factory of 40 years. You must buy here!

  Roberto & his wife Layla are very shy. They're very kind & very humble & yet very professional. Layla laughs shyly when I tell her I bought many items from her about 25 years since. She says that they have customers from 30 years before to the present. That they receive many emails & phone calls from guests who have been here for years & have sent friends & friends of friends. I say tha is the way that the business circle has formed to become big. To have word of mouth is always the best & when you are the best, it just makes it better! So, come buy a couple of bags. I say a couple because I totally challenge you to buying just one. Impossible.  Roberto says that he loves his factory of 5 artisans working only on his orders & projects. That each bag is one of a kind & that each bag can be found at only one place in the world. Here. From his 5 craftsmen/women who work tirelessly to provide each guest with their precious purchase that lasts a lifetime.Image
  Can you imagine receiving the beautiful piece of luggage for a present, say for Christmas? Wow. Image

  The glossy texture, the detailed design & the quality of the leather says it all. Image
  All I could say is O MY GOD, every time Roberto showed me one of the bags, & the detailed care of the fabric inside each one. They are exquisite with their soft texture, their glossy finish & their silky fabric interiors. I wanted at least 10 of these & kept pointing to the backpacks, yet I still need one! Roberto is most proud of his work at the factories physically making each detailed item, & he carries that pride to his store in the San Lorenzo Mercato. When we meet outside to laugh with his brother-in-law, Roberto of the leather market fame, they joke about life, the Mercato & wine. I invite all to the Centrale Mercato, which is the food Mercato attached to the leather San Lorenzo Mercato, for glasses of wine as my treat. They say they are too busy, yet Roberto of the leather bags fame says that his wife's brother, Roberto, never drinks-water.
They all laugh. Roberto defends himself saying that he buys the Chianti from the Mercato for his guests & his brother-in-law laughs saying that the wine is only for him. Ok, we get it, we all love wine & we have much fun in our jobs & life drinking much of it! 

                                                              Taverna Divina Commedia 
                                                                   Via Dei Cimatori 5/7/r, Florence, Italy
                                                                        reservations: +39 338 6409196      Provided by Business Website                                                   
      Francesco Cofone has owned the famous Taverna Divina Commedia from 2003. He is a very important musician in the Florence region & has made you tube videos & a new CD during his many years owning a famous music club in Florence. Nowadays you can enjoy hearing him play at the Taverna Divina Commedia on Saturday nights starting at 8:00pm where he plays with other musicians he has scheduled. When I asked if the Music Star Sting has come, he says,"That would be great if he came. I would be Wow! to play with Sting. I LOVE STING!"  
Provided by Business Website
  Of course, what is a traditional lovely Florentine dinner without great wine. The majority is from Tuscany & the rest is from the Italian region.  Francesco says,"We have the best wine. Italy has the very best wine & so I have only Italian." When I ask him if he has other wine! So, we drink Italian wine here.

   And here is a funny treasure of Giorgio with the huge Porcini mushrooms in season. Francesco usually buys the Seasonal vegetables at the Mercato Centrale where you can browse & purchase your own if you wish. 
 So what do we do with the Porcini Mushrooms? We serve them on a plate after Giorgio has mixed them, fried them & here they are ready for us to eat.
  The Taverna has a fun feeling to it. The Chef, Giorgio, is always out talking to guests, then he goes to cook your dinner, then he brings it to you. The place is so very artistic with the music playing, Francesco's love, the live music on Saturday night & the various artistic paintings & candles scattered around the charming Taverna, Angela's love, that you feel like you could almost imagine Dante sitting at a table writing his famous poem! Having a little dessert wine with his Italian biscotti.

Provided by
Or sitting outside receiving inspiration from the many passerby's as they wonder the cobblestoned alleys of Florence. Provided by

 Dante's family house is about 100 meters from here, so that is why Francesco named it after Dante's famous poem, The Divine Comedy. 
  These are some of the traditional dishes at the Taverna Divina Commedia such as: Crespelle alla florentina, Pappardella al ragu di chianina, Tortelli cinghiale e porcini & if you feel as if you would love to be true to Dante of Dante's Divina Commedia, try the pizzas. For instance: Virgilio, Dante, Inferno & Cerbero. Or the Beatrice. Provided by
  Try Spaghetti alla chitarra con astice, one of Francesco's favorites. 
      Giorgio making Porcini Mushrooms, Zucchini & Artichokes creations for dinner. 
   The food is very good, especially my 4 cheeses pizza that I had. I love the 4 cheeses & unfortunately I ate all the pizza. The music is a mixture jazz, blues, soul & the atmosphere is lovely. The tables are worn, the chairs wooden & mismatched with brings about charm. The walls are adorned with pictures of Francesco's wife's paintings. Angela is a professional artist & she is very eclectic with her mediums, including her artistic candles, & her various etchings.  It has a very cozy feel to it & a very authentic feel to it. It is protected with the historical society. Francesco says that the bottom layer is Inferno & the ground floor is the Purgatorio & the top floor with the winding staircase is Paradiso, from the 3 books of Dante. Very playful & original. I believe you will have a lovely time here & hope you come back the second night, too! Perhaps try one of Francesco's traditional dishes from the Tuscany region & the next try a pizza named for fun with one of Dante's famous characters from his Poem.  Here is the Pizza, "INFERNO!" & it comes to your table like this! 
      The Palace Vecchio is about 100 meters from here & you can have your marriage at the Palace & come here to do the dinner party. They said that many people do that & they love to have you. 

                                 Simbiosi Organic Ristorante in Florence - Restaurant Reviews, Menu and  Prices | TheFork
                          SimBiosi Organic Cafe, Pizzeria & Ristorante
            are the "brainchild's" of the pair of Mr. & Mrs. Donato, thanks very much, of Florence. I am always thrilled when I have actual Florentines on my website, & especially friends from many years. I first met the pair in 2015 when they had just opened the cafe & we laughed about how they had started a baby online business from their homes; baby clothes etc. And here they were with their first Biological Pizzeria. They had never been in the Pizzeria business, yet were very loyal to biological food & healthy food. Now plus 7 years & here they are with 3 very successful respected businesses.
                              SimBiosi Pizzeria is located at: Via de' Ginori, 56r, Florence, Italy, 50123
     "My first baby is the Pizzeria, where you met me & my wife in 2015, & it is still my favorite. We use biological ingredients, of which we have become famous in Florence for, & we do have vegetarian & vegan options. At the moment, although many people ask us for the Gluten-free, it is very difficult to do because of cross-contamination. To have a totally 100% Gluten-free pizza, you can't use the same pizza ovens or preparation tables as the ingredients that have gluten in them. So, we have biological natural pizza only." says Donato. 
Menu 2024 - Simbiosi Organic Pizza in Florence | TheFork
 Usually I show the ristorantes in the photos, yet the pizzas are soo good that I am only showing the pizzas. When you have reviews that say, " is literally the best pizza I have ever had in my entire life up to now," you know that the pizza is the it. 
         And next door at the cafe ready for Brunch! 
   "The way that we choose the ingredients is either visiting the local farmers for the products or they bring these here for us to try. I guess I can say that it is almost 0 kilometer farm to table, yet I can truly say that it is Tuscany farm to table. I enjoy visiting the farms & tasting the great products, though. That is a fun part of being the boss & in the beginning it was very fun to do. We had to choose the wine that way & of course you visit the vineyards & know the owners. We try to choose the small farmers, the ones with the best products, the ones you develop a relationship with, you know. That is what counts." Says Donato.
  The atmosphere is stone historical walls that are typical of most buildings of Florence with wooden rafter ceilings & wooden tables that make you totally comfortable. The pizza makers create right in front of you, which is totally fun to watch!Book a table at Simbiosi Organic Pizzeria in Florence, Centro storico |  Quandoo
                                 SimBiosi Organic Cafe is the 2019 edition of Donato's 3 ristorante empire & is as charming or more so than the other ones. It has a historical rustic feel to it, all stone & wood, again, with a floor window to the cellar below. There is a long wooden table under the window & I ask if I could eat down there, but Donato laughs. "That is only for show, for ambience." & I ask if maybe in the future he shall renovate the Cafe to include the downstairs table in the window, yet he just laughs & says that um that is only decoration. Yet he does have news for me on the newest edition to the cafe. "In about 10 days we shall do brunch," he says. Wow, that is definitely a American item, doing brunch. "Yes, we are doing a new menu that shall include brunch items." I laugh & say that he must include Mimosas & Bloody Marys if he is doing brunch, but he doesn't know these American items, so I have to describe what is in each. "O that sounds very cool. We shall have to add these," he says!   Here is a link to the video:       Home - Simbiosi Organic Pizza e Pasta | Pizzeria Ristorante Firenze |                                                                                                   
                                    SimBIOsi | - The Lifestyle Guide
          The old traditional charm of the SimBiosi Cafe located at: Via De Ginori corner : of Via Guelfa. "We plan on doing brunch in 10 days," says Donato.
     As I mosey to the place next to the SimBiosi Cafe, the Ristorante, Donato follows & he asks the cook, Leonardo, if he knows what Bloody Marys & Mimosas are.  "Yes but I don't care for the taste of Bloody Marys," says Leonardo & I say that Bloody Mary's are famous in America. All the golfers drink Bloody Marys! It is a golfer idea of a breakfast! Donato wants to know what a Mimosa is made of & I tell him that it is Champagne 
& Orange Juice.  However, if you are in Florence now & need a breakfast item, they have Yogurt & Graola with bananas & fresh berries, or Porridge with bananas & fresh fruit, or Avocado Toast which is 2 slices of bread topped with avocados or try the A Cai Bowl which is served with bananas & fresh berries with seeds! All organic & all healthy, of course to carry on the tradition of their philosophy. They have been doing healthy & natural before it was very cool to do! 
    See? Now that is the kind of food that I totally love to eat. All fresh, natural & healthy. It is so good for you & your immune system & it tastes great. You also feel super fresh after eating such food, so please come & give it a try! 
           And finally my favorite is the SimBiosi Ristaurante located at Via Ginori 60R.
   I call the picture the "quiet before the storm" as you will never see the chairs empty when the ristorante is open. Everybody loves the sharing table where they sit side by side with others dining in the "Alice In Wonderland" atmosphere of fun, funky & top of the line quality food. 
SimBIOsi | - The Lifestyle Guide
  I love the fact that Leonardo, at the SimBiosi Ristorante, the head chef, is from Florence. As is most of Donato's team, & the others laugh & say that they are from Florence, too! As you can see, the organic food that is Tuscan recipes done with a little bit of creativity are so beautiful to look at that you almost don't want to eat it, yet, when I see the pictures, I want to run to lunch! SIMBIOSI ORGANIC PIZZA, Florence - San Lorenzo - Menu, Prices & Restaurant  Reviews - Order Online Food Delivery - Tripadvisor

 Try a little bit of each of the menu or try the degustation to have a very typical Florentine menu, yet the tweak is from Donato & the creativity of Leonardo.

    Eating with friends, on a lunch break as a student, backpacking around Europe or here with family. Try the great varieties at each place. The ristorante has some of the most scrumptious food in Florence that I have ever had. Spaghetto aglio e olio, or Maccheroni Al Pomodoro, Tagliatella Di Giu, Lasagna Nel Bosco are just a few surprises in the organic pasta category.Simbiosi - Florence Restaurant - HappyCow
           One of the MOST Important Trattoria's, if perhaps THE MOST IMPORTANT TRATTORIA in Florence, is The Trattoria GARGA, located at Via del Moro 48/r.See the source image
  Trattoria Garga in Florence - Restaurant Reviews, Menu and Prices | TheFork As I walked away from my funny roommate from Germany who is heading to Rome in the morning, I sashayed to Trattoria Garga, one of the most beautiful Trattorias (or Osterias or Ristorantes in the World). You sashay to the Trattoria in the city where 15% of all the World's Treasures of Art happened to be. The entire Trattoria is awashed in famous paintings from Italian artists & has been that way in the centuries old building at least the last 50 years. trattoria-garga-firenze-sala
  And of course what is the number 1 most beautiful Trattoria in Florence, Italy without the number 1 NBA Star! Here he is & I am sure he probably at the Florentine steak because NBA Stars eat lots of food! 
  Keep in touch with Lorenzo who plans on redoing the art-filled wine cellar where the whites are kept on one side & the reds the other.Trattoria Garga in Florence - Restaurant Reviews, Menu and Prices | TheFork "I want to build a bar where my guests can chat in the wine cellar, admiring the art filled rooms that only VIP clients interested in my rare wines venture down to see now. Yet in the future, I want to have a room here with degustation for special parties & the other room where people can wait comfortably for their tables upstairs." Trattoria Gargani
 I am invited from my gracious friend, Lorenzo, the Capo of Trattoria Garga to sit with him to dinner. Trattoria Garga - recensioni, foto, orario di lavoro, 🍴menu, numero di  telefono e indirizzo - Ristoranti, bar e pub, caffetterie a Firenze -  Nicelocal.itWe sit at the side table near a famous painting, of course, & opposite a table with a famous movie director & two women that he is entertaining with very cool stories of Milan.We're introduced to his dog who is very friendly & she keeps coming under the table. He seems more interested in introducing us to the dog than the women. I am given a very special treat named, The Magnifico dish. It is Trattoria Garga's signature dish & here it is. I had a baby portion because it is rather big & hearty, yet it is so very good.Trattoria Garga in Florence - Restaurant Reviews, Menu and Prices | TheFork

The Capo talks about meeting the famous singer Mika who everybody in Europe loves & who recently filled up the entire Verona Arena...Lorenzo said that he is one of the nicest people that he has ever met & very tall!. Edible Florence- La Cucina del Garga - Divina Cucina
  Alright, so the food & wine is very important when you dine out so here is a little bit of the menu. You should know, too, that Lorenzo just walks around & sits at your table laughing with you, the waiters, who are all young & beautiful, do the same. They're very formally dressed, yet totally comfortable & cause. Lorenzo says, "Yes because it is a Trattoria. We don't have stuffy Michelin status."
             Here is a couple yummies:
Scaloppina all'avocado, Paccheri con polpo brasato al Chianti,  Galletto Nostrale con patate rustiche, Trattoria Gargani - Picture of Trattoria Garga, Florence - Tripadvisor
                                                               PELLETERIA La NOCE
                                                                        Via Borgo La Noce 8R 

                                                          HEY SAY YOU SAW IT ON 
                   EMMEANESBOOK receive 50% that is right 50%!

  The leather location is right down the alley in between my famous Pinocchio Osteria & ZAZA Ristorante behind the Centrale Mercato at #2.  He is always busy talking to people & everybody buys something from him, not browsing only. He is just a trustworthy person, he works with you in the price & the leather you want reasonably & his leathers are top of the line, all handmade by him & his leather crafters. See the source image
 Beautiful    Gorgeous     Very Sexy & Cute
Pelletteria la noce – reviews, photos, phone number and address – Clothing  and shoes in Florence –
  My jacket is a little expensive, 550.00 euros, yet it is seriously the very coolest black leather jacket ever. It is fitted to you perfectly with two zippers so that if you wear a sweater, you can zip it a little loose. It is soft as a lamb & absolutely stunning. Love it. The father son couple of Mostafa & Tasin is rather fun. Both very kind & during the 30 minutes of trying fun leathers on a couple of people from America came in & bought the leather hat for their son, who is very tall & loved it. I wanted to try it on, so here it is, too. Another couple from America came in & bought leather gloves & leather gifts. Mostafa works with each person just 
answering their questions & they buy from him. 
  Leather is definitely making a huge impact on the tourist revenue in 2022; maybe because the world has missed the real handcrafted leathers that you can only find here. Mostafa has Gucci calling him to make leather bags for them, at 3,000 unit orders, so you know the man knows what he is doing. They're just really funny & they enjoy helping us tourist out. Have fun & buy leather.Pelletteria De Noce | Jackets & Coats | Pelletteria De Noce Premium Leather  Jacket Florence Italy Size Small | Poshmark
  You always want to ask if something happens to the jacket, for instance, does the leather place replace it or fix it free & the funny yet serious reply that Mostafa gave me is, "My leather doesn't "break" or "tear". It is made strong to begin with & it is on the floor here with it being ready to be bought. If you snag your jacket on something sharp, that isn't a defect of my leather. So you know if you buy from me it lasts." OK!

                           Mapstr - Restaurant Trattoria l'Oriuolo Firenze - Ristorante, Italien,  Toscano, Trattoria  
                                                       Home - Trattoria l'Oriuolo Firenze (
   Alessandro pictured above says that he loves to make the recipes to introduce people from all around the world to the Authentic Tuscany kitchen. "Each region of Italy is different in terms of locality & food & actually each city inside its region is special in its recipes & food. It's amazing, yet I ask the world when they come to my kitchen, to my Osteria it is as if my home. So don't ask for a cappuccino please. I am a authentic Florentine kitchen & I have authentic food & ingredients. My food is prepared specially with my recipes & if you order a Florentine steak prepare for it to be rare. That is the way we cook the steak, not well done. The steak is too thick to be cooked well done & would be difficult to chew. SoI ask you to tell the readers to trust us with the food when you come here," says Alessandro as he tells me various stories of people asking to change the menu, or a Vegan table, of which he does have about 5-7 Vegan dishes, screaming at the waiters for showing the table next to them a huge raw Florentine steak! O dear!
 Home - Trattoria l'Oriuolo Firenze
   The Ribollito Soup of Florence is a bread soup with beans & vegetables & is always served in the winter months. It is amazing & along with the wild boar ragu & the duck, pertinent to the locally of Tuscany. You can try the penne al sugo di Peposo pictured here which is a simple local Tuscany dish. TRATTORIA L'ORIUOLO - 32 Photos & 27 Reviews - Via dell'Oriuolo 58R,  Firenze, Italy - Tuscan - Restaurant Reviews - Phone Number - Yelp
   The Capo is only opened at Dinner &  there is 2 reasons for that #1 is that he wants you to experience a real authentic Florentine dinner, not grab a quick bite to eat, & the 2nd is that he teaches cooking classes everyday in the Trattoria's kitchen from 9:00am to 1:00pm to the young students of the cooking school so that they all can be the future chefs of Florence. 
Alessandro opened the Trattoria in 2015 & has been serving the same traditional dishes since that time. In the beginning, he often had to be the main chef as they were learning to select the head chef from many & he says that the kitchen is his! "If you ask me about the wine, I can tell you the wine on my list that I personally love, which is the Frescobaldis, the Antinoris, of which
are the most important families of wine in the world. And one of my favorites is the Conte Guicciardini; I have several selections of that vineyard from 20.00 a bottle to 80.00 euros. The wine of Italy you will find it impossible to find a bad one!" he says.
 During Covid, Alessandro said that they would open the Trattoria on Sundays to help deliver homecooked food to people stranded, such as a couple of elderly people who their children could not visit due to Covid restrictions, & had asked them to call. "One older woman would offer to give me money for her food every week & I gave her the delivery 3-4 weeks in a row for free. It was my pleasure. My wife & my director David would tease me saying, Alessandro if you keep giving food for free we will not have a restaurant any longer!" 
No photo description available.
                                                    Piazza del Mercato Centrale, 2/3 R
                                     reservations:  0039 347 543 307 7
      Alright for lunch after you've laughed & joked with the leather market aisles & perhaps purchased some leather to last a lifetime, mosey on down the aisle opposite the Mercato to the lovely & top best Italian Tuscan Osterias 3 years straight now at DelliOsso at Dalle 10 Alle. 
     You will be greeted with smiles & professional friendly service as Gerardo, the Capo, seats you. "The very top priority is friendly welcoming service. That is my first thought ever. The food from my chef is important of course, yet you must like your guests & you must remember that they're your guests to make them feel comfortable, " says Gerardo. "Why have we gotten the top Tuscan Ristorantes of Florence 3 years now? I believe it is the service & the fact that we're small. We have only 20 places & we provide the top quality. It isn't about quantity; it is about quality. That has always been my priority & when I opened the Osteria, it is just me taking care of it all. The design, the team; which I trained from learners to masters, the quality of the products & the advertising to show who we are."
     When I write about the Capos it is always the food, here it is of the "highest quality-that is how we become the top because I choose the top products which do cost a little bit more, yet I have local farmers, for instance bringing me cheese or veggies everyday asking me to try theirs. We taste, we try-me & my team. I choose the ones that have that special something & honestly it is usually the more expensive ones. I don't cut corners. I choose the highest & I want the top quality for my restaurant. It represents who I am & my values. I am Albanian & I have lived here about 20 years with my family. I know Italian food. I love it & I am proud to do what I do." says Gerardo. Well, I shall tell you a little about his food, yet I am not writing with PIGPEN's philosophy saying I don't care what people think of me when I leave the room! Remember Pigpen from Charlie Brown! My philosophy is that I care about when I enter the place & I care about when I leave the place. So, the kilo of Florentine steak is waiting for you to try & trust me you can eat all of it. It is that good! Osteria dell'osso cucina tipica Toscana - Picture of Osteria dell'Osso,  Florence - Tripadvisor

I had a favorite book as a child called That's Bad, That's Good, & Gerardo reminds me of that book: Every question is answered with a very real answer: "Sometimes Yes, Sometimes No!" So much so that I told him I am naming the article: SOMETIMES YES SOMETIMES NO!

I love the fawn colors & the tablecloths, & the way that you can watch the cooks while they prepare all for you. I told Gerardo that they smile & laugh all the time & Gerardo says that yes because he told them that they better smile & have fun.
I love that it is a little playful here. Gerardo says that at night it is all lit up outside & that you don't have the traffic of the Mercato hustle & bustle at your doorstep, yet we as foreigners find it rather fascinating instead of distracting, so its very cool actually. Osteria Dell'Osso steakhouse, Firenze - Menu e recensioni del ristorante
  I am not sure if the cows would agree, but the cook is waiting to ask you if a kilo is alright...hahaha.
   The most important item about the menu is that every item is made to order. Every item. "I wanted a small Osteria to give excellent service & attention to all my guests. It is quality of life & my chef makes every plate especially for you. That is important & I have trained him in all. If you know little about the ristorante business yet you truly want to learn, I hire you & I help you to learn. You can come here & learn how to cook, if you wish. Loyalty & curiousity is important to me."Osteria Dell'Osso steakhaus, Florenz - Restaurantspeisekarten und  Bewertungen
  "I had New Yorkers here in 2019 & they remembered me. They called me a couple days before coming & last week they came back to my ristorante. Yet they had 24 people & so out of respect, I opened my ristorante on a Monday night just for them when usually it is closed on Mondays. They all had the anti-pasta which is selections of cheeses & salamis & meat from Tuscany & some had Florentine Steak, that is huge. I am very happy that they remembered me!" 
                              Immagine intestazione per il sito                  
                          Via de' Pucci, 37/r
  A picture is worth a 1,000 words & some of the fur/leathers are worth more than that in the store, so come have fun.TON SUR TON - 177 Photos - Via dei Pucci 37R, Firenze, Italy - Leather  Goods - Phone Number - Yelp
  The owner of the TonSurTon Store in Florence I have known about 5 years now. Super professional yet sooo funny & always has the coolest most original designs to show you. "The Covid made me rethink life & my new designs & leather are not animal dyed they are vegetable dyed based & so therefore they cost a little bit more to process, yet the texture is super smooth. It is lamb leather, yet it is softer. The designs of most of my leathers are from me or the little tweaks of other's designs. Perhaps I improve the fit or the cut of a jacket, or move the pocket a little bit differently, yet the final choice is mine," he says when I admire his jackets & ask how he designs these.
     His leather supplier was in the store laughing with him as we talked & he says that all the leather in the making of his jackets of course comes from Italy & is treated either in Tuscany at the leather factories or down south in the factories of Italy. He purchases the leather & creates the designs & finally the items are sewn. They're gorgeous always here.
   The master designer himself weating one of his own designs. "I have a VERY LOYAL following of AMERICAN CLIENTS who ordered online from me during the pandemic!" Badie says. 
    The electric blue seems to be the color in the leathers.
The bags are sooo gorgeous & I loved his backpacks before the pandemic, yet he is all out of these today so have to wait.TOn Sur toN | Florence
 Always very cool to see very happy guests when they finally decide which luxury leather to buy.  Here is the Capo, Badie, with his two guests who bought some great jackets & accessories!TOn Sur toN | Florence

                Trattoria Cammillo – Florence, Italy - Claire Imaginarium                          O hey when you're Old School, you're Old School...images say it all.
                          CAMMILLO RESTAURANT FLORENCE
                                       reservations please call: 055 2124 27Immagine correlata
As you can see, Cammillo is a very traditional restaurant, with the waiters themselves being here 37 and 30 years each respectively. The family is lovely and graceful and very aristocratic although when you walk into the historical restaurant that "doesn't even have a instagram, facebook or website to it after 65 years," as quoted from the 4th generation daughter, Vittoria,you feel as if at a real Italian home. Cantoro Italian Trattoria Fills Former Tre Monti Space in Troy - Eater ...

   What about Twitter, I say because I love Twitter & the lovely people who tweet! Maybe for the future we can tweet with Cammillo's team. 
 When we see the old fashioned pictures on the wall we say O yes howgorgeous when young. I say that I try to do the memories as much as I can to please the ones that I love & when I see my Playboy picture I hope only my Prince of Germany has it on his wall! HAHAHA
It was on on my other facebook account in 2018, yet where it is now is a mystery. HAhaHA.
  Review of Trattoria Cammillo | Florence, Italy - AFAR Chiara of Cammillo says that She is very in love with cooking & food & making new creations & that she has every Tuesday & Wednesday makes dinner with from 10-12 guests where everybody shares on the table with wine & very low atmsphere very casual & intimate. At the restauant she helps out everyday, yet the special dinners at home she continues the tradition.  I have known the family and especially Chiara, the 3rd generation daughter, 8 to 7 years now. As a matter of fact, Chiara and Cammillo restaurant were my very first sponsors in Florence, Italy when I started the website. "The one item you must say about Cammillo is that we are very steeped in tradition and keeping the same recipes of my Grandmother since 50 years. You can find the same food that my mother has taught Salvatore, who came to us when he was 15 and he is now 59, to the recipes that my mother herself cooks everyday. Although I am the 4th generation, I wouldn't even change the beautiful pictures adorning the walls everywhere. I love the rest of the team     as well as they see me & love me too. 
     "I recreate all the time, from my Grandfather who started the restaurant to now, yet it is mine now," says the Capo of Cammillo.  
   "I am very young in age & spirit compared to my mother who still at 95 walked to the restaurant to eat everyday.  When we are 20 we see 30 as very old yet when we are grown we see ourselves as young. I plan on being here at least 20 plus years from now & ruling the Cammillo with a velvet hand of love."
  "The restaurant was at first in 1943 down to the left side of Ponte Vecchio. The Nazis bombed Florence and the only thing left standing is the Ponte Vecchio bridge. My family moved to the countryside, Italy was liberated and in 1945 they started cooking here in the location that we are now at. At first it is Cammillo who the restaurant is named after, then Diva, my grandmother who usually eats with us everyday at lunch, my mother Chiara and me now Vittoria," says my lunchmate today. "The funny story of my grandmother is when she met a gentleman at the restaurant about one year since she shows him her hand to shake and she says that her name is Diva. She tells the gentleman that when she was born the docter said that they were certainly going to have a Diva on their hands at the sight of her. She loves to tell that story," says Vittoria.   The walls are adorned with famous and not so famous artists trying their hands in honoring the owner, Chiara the last 30 years. The waiters all look like they stepped out of the Godfather movie! The cooks are very old school in the open kitchen where if you dine in the front rooms you can watch them. 
Risultati immagini per camillo restaurant florence
     Osteria Da Pinocchio in Florence has a great story, greater owners & a lively funny young team of chefs upstairs that make your lovely dinners. "The original author of Da Pinocchio lived right opposite us on the Mercato square; his name is Carlo Collodi Lorenzini. He had originally named the character, Pinocchio a young Carlo Lorenzini & later he took the name himself," says Helga. Paolo says that he had named his ristorante The Love of Wine the first 3 years & when he heard that Pinocchio's author lived here he renamed it Pinocchio for his love of the story. People from all around the world come to eat on the famous square at the Pinocchio Osteria now, just to say that they ate in Florence Italy at Pinocchio. So, I guess it could be hard to tell if they are lying or not. 
   The Lovely Couple. Helga & Paolo, enjoying life at Da Pinocchio Osteria in Florence Italy, right at the Mercato Centrale Square. Paolo & Helga say that they have visited so many vineyards in the Tuscany locality & that one of their very favorites is a monastery vineyard. However, that vineyard is so very expensive, along with the olive oil that the monks make & produce themselves. The wine isn't available for sale any longer as it is a small vineyard, & I said that is because the monks drink the wine themselves so that they won't have to give it to the guests.
    Helga loves to tell the guests that the family of the original author were the very first to study at university rather than only the family of nobles. That is very cool, too.
   Da Pinocchio a Firenze - Menu, prezzi, immagini, recensioni e indirizzo del  ristorante | TheFork  
        Helga was a professional volleyball player for Italy in the top teams for 20 years at the top level of championship for 15 years while she is the player. She played on the European league & in America. 
She met her husband, Paolo, who owns Pinocchio Osteria in 2014. She fell in love with his food & wine & Paolo! She starts laughing when I say that & says all! Now she says that she drinks all the wine having met Paolo who loves his wine collection. Paolo is creative & is the artist. He designs the ristorante with wooden edging & he has the vision to create the ristorante. Only Paolo chooses the wine. He is the creator & Helga says that she is a good worker because she was always discipline in the art of sports.
    Here is the Cantina where the people can do events. In the winter the Cantina in the basement is open to relax & eat dinner. All you have to do is ask.RISTORANTE DA PINOCCHIO, Florence - San Lorenzo - Menu, Prices ...
  I think that the mind is with each other. Together. Helga says that she loves his food & yet their diversity is a asset to both of them, it is a reason for growth. The couple tend to the Osteria together now the last 5 years & let me tell you that Helga is gorgeous. As a professional athlete she kept in perfect shape & says that they are in sync. She is 50 & looks 35 & loves her new life being the Osteria Capo's wife. The new decisions are made together & yet the new pasta makers to make their own fresh pasta in house & low temperature cooking are items that Paolo passionately wanted for the future. It makes Da Pinocchio special & stand out in the Mercato Centrale square of 13 ristorantes. All homemade pasta-fresh from kitchen to plateDa Pinocchio in Florence - Restaurant Reviews, Menu and Prices - TheFork.                                                  
            The wine is all small vineyards; it is Paolo's passion & predominantly Tuscany. 
                      Here happy guests enjoy dinner on the square (the wine looks pretty good, too!)
  Osteria Dell'Osso on the Square opposite the Mercato next to Mamma Napoli's Pizza is a meat lover's; dream. Located at Piazza del Mercato Centrale 2R-3R - 50123 Florence

                                                   +39 347 543 3077Osteria dell'Osso - Provided by Tripadvisor
   Perhaps you can try the Tomahawk di maiale agli aromi su crema di carry e curcuma e tarte di fichi, which is basically Flavored pork tomahawk & curry cream & fig tart. They have Stewed baby octopus on toast & pea cream as seen in the photo here: Warning, they feed you lots & lots of food hree & the people eat all of it. The people is me! I had long homemade pasta & ragu sauce plus the octopus. And way too much wine, of course, so I need to do a diet but it is impossible in Tuscany, especially Florence to do a diet.