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                                The Lovely Team of Massimo and his wife of Baldovino's and                                                                           Francescanos
  BALDOVINO RESTAURANT in FLORENCE, ITALY, one of the restaurants of the
                                                         EMPIRE of MASSIMO     
"We are known for the Fish and the Meat, honestly. Both of the highest quality, yet I believe the reason that people come to Baldovino is to taste the way that we prepare both. The fish is prepared in different old-traditional styles of each region of Italy, and I know you said you were impressed watching the family that ate the fish baked in salt and covered with foil, as the waiter serves the fish to each person, uncovering the fish, taking a helping to each person, yet that is the very old traditional Sicilian way of cooking the fish. I guess the guests come to experience that tradition , yet the fish is pretty good too!" says Massimo. "We prepare the fish in regional traditional styles and while perhaps another restaurant in Florence has the same fish, we cook it differently,we present it differently to the guests and the chefs let the natural freshness of the fish be tasted."    RESERVATIONS:  003 905 5 241 7 73

  Legal Theory Blog: Blogging from Florence: Legal Philosophy Everywhere                      I loved having dinner at Baldovino's with Massimo and his very professional team waiting on you laughing all the time. You do drink tons of red wine here and one of the specialties that I enjoyed watching the waiter serve a big family is the fresh fish served Sicilian style baked in the foil and presented on the table. It looked so delicious and the entire family was served from the waiters, along with fresh vegetables baked inside with the fish. Yummy!                                                    Via San Giuseppe 22 Red

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 The day that we took the photos I laughed with the waitresses who showed me that the little alcove here with it's elegance and privacy is the favorite of the guests. I would imagine it to seem that way since it is cozy and fun to sit here. The little room that it is hidden in is very elegant, too, and it is my jewel that I found on the 3rd visit to Baldovino. 
    "Yes," says the sweet Capo, Massimo, "many of my guests say that they didn't know it is here and now they must eat in that room!" 
     The entire restaurant is decorated only with the eye and talent of Massimo and his wife, who blend colors and style with aplomb. Love that restaurant. 
  Now the second restaurant in Massimo's empire is named Francescano... here is the story of that..."Francescano is traditional, and my chefs have the experience of many years of Italian cooking and their grandmother's recipes, should we say that?" laughs Massimo, who is very proud of having saved the legendary restaurant and kept its original owner's vision.  Finito Piatti! Buonissimo - Picture of Baldovino Bistrot, Florence ...


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                                                          Largo Piero Bargellini, 16, Firenze  Santa Croce Square
             "You know that it is funny since Baldovino's is the one with pizza. We are a very upscale modern version with traditional recipes, yet Francescano's which has been here over 30 years and has all the old-school and traditional people along with the private famous people doesn't do the traditional pizza. 
They do steaks and pasta there. Here we do the pizza yet it is a special presentation." says the quiet and very funny capo Massimo. Resultado de imagen de francescano florence
   "I'm young, I'm a professional and I am a gentleman and I want everybody to enjoy Baccarossa!" 
                  Where can you find the jewel? via Ghibellina 58 
                                      reservations: 0039 055 240 620         
          Alright, honestly the restaurant that is MICHELIN, my favorites, caught my eye when I was laughing with the cafe next door, the young Italian. Elvis! with his friends saying that I should try the Michelin, Baccarossa, for it's great wine! Usually when you see Michelin, you know the food is top, yet the wine should be too. So I message the owner and 5 hours later and 6 glasses of wine for the day(my record still standing) we have Amerigo, the young funny Capo of Baccarossa. Baccarossa - 42 Photos & 12 Reviews - Italian - Via Ghibellina 58 ...
                                                       Risultati immagini per baccarossa firenze                              The La Tancia Sal 1970 is a very                      lovely red wine too!Risultati immagini per baccarossa firenze
                      "When people see Michelin
          they become scared..."o it's so expensive?" no!they say, yet Baccarossa is VERY REASONABLE." says Amerigo laughing. The  youngsters can come too! For instance my back table of 7 has young architecture students and they are drinking much wine and eating for 3 hours, yet each one is about 70.00euros. That is very reasonable considering they are really enjoying my menu!" Risultati immagini per baccarossa firenze
     "Mine is a Tuscany kitchen. I have a team of 2 servers and me and a team of 2 chefs. We are a family atmosphere of very personal service and attention and very casual and friendly. I take my time. I love my guests and love to interact gently in conversation to learn about each one. It is a pleasure to laugh with honesty. It is much more fun. I love my restaurant and want more guests from Florence to enjoy the Michelin and the international guests too." says Amerigo.Risultati immagini per baccarossa firenze
    "You choose the menu and I help with the wine. For instance if you choose the gnocchi with shell fish it is very difficult to find a red wine to compliment, yet that is my job and if you love red wine, I shall find one." 
Risultati immagini per baccarossa firenze
   "I have worked in the Michelin 3 star of Florence many years ago, and truly loved the way that a Michelin works. I wanted to try my own and hence the opening of my Baccarossa. I am a top level Sommelier and that is what I had as my title at the Michelin 3 star. So naturally wine is important to me. Very important. I love discovering new wines and especially small vineyards of Italy. Some of my loveliest wines are from vineyards where, as you are drinking now the San Martino a Cazzi Chianti Classico of 2017 which wasn't produced in 2015 or 2016, and had a great year in 2014, is one of the finest wines ever," says Amerigo and as I drink about 3 glasses, as I see him going back and forth to his guests in the backroom, I have to say that it is true! Risultati immagini per baccarossa firenze
     "I used to have degustation, yet I want it to be affordable for everybody. You can choose the entre and the dinner that you want. You can enjoy a great Michelin at your comfort level. The decor and the team is top shelf and so is my service. The food and wine again truly top shelf. Come and try please. And if you walk in, you could be very lucky and have a seat at my 50 plus restaurant. We could always open the wine cellar and the long table too!" he says. result for ristorante baccarossa florence
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      What do Agostino and Giuseppe have in common? Hmm...the best Rosticceria chicken take out, the most traditional and fun Italian Tuscany restaurant in Florence and the history of Chianti everywhere in the rustic and hidden La Spada Ristorante, where the food is really authentic Tuscan and the guests hilarious, especially if you happen to dine when the locals are having football parties! O and ps they have been my friends 5 years now!                       located at:  Via Della Spada 62...Florence Italy.
      Here Agostino with his fun and shy team all spiffed up waiting for their guests.                                    La Spada is an Historic Restaurant in Florence city center, a few ...     La Spada - Picture of La Spada, Florence - Tripadvisor
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Alright we are here to drink wine and eat tons of food such as the suckling pig on the Rosticceria, that La Spada is famous for!
  They have wine from Tuscany that truly shows the long heritage of the great vineyards of the world, such as Frescobaldi with 53 generations, yes that is right, 53, and yet the truly tradition of the Chianti Ruffino is displayed in the simply bottles of that name. Crispy potatoes and a sampling of meat - Picture of La Spada ... love the simplicity of the rustic restaurant with its many hidden alcoves, about 7 of these where you can find great rooms for your party and or your romantic dinner, yet you will be forced to laugh with the joking and happy team of Agostino and Giuseppe and the locals who all come to the restaurant, so just so you know! Image may contain: kitchen and indoor
  Alright, it is a restaurant, what do they have, how about meatballs with peas, or of course the great pasta; Tortellini alla Medici with ham, mushrooms, peas and cream sauce, or Ravioli Tartufati with mixed mushrooms and a cream truffle sauce, or try the exotic Taglierini with salmon and cavier.   Famous for their meats, they have 10 Main Meat courses, each one more special than the one before, or try the famous Florentine local Tripe if you are really braveImage result for la spada florence

  You know, for all of my visits to Tuscany and Florence, I have yet had a Florentine Steak, mostly since they look so big that I would need help eating it! Everybody seems to have the Florentine Steak, yet at La Spada they care very much for the tradition and the laughter of their guests. That is the hospitality of the team.
             Ristorante Il Paiolo is the most romantic restaurant in Florence                                          Image result for ristorante il paiolo
   The restaurant Il Paiolo just so happens to be owned by my real good friend, Gulian, who upon first meeting 5 years now sitting eating lunch at the restaurant, having just finished his exams and his accounting/law degree at university, announced to me that he had bought the restaurant 6 months before. At the time, I did not know that Gulian was practicing his, "guess what, mom, quit being a professional accountant/lawyer, the first in our family, and bought a restaurant. It's real cool," speech. Yet, 5 years later, Gulian is ever bit the successful and professional entreprenuer who just so happens to have made the 40 year traditional family run Trattoria into a adjoining two room beautiful tiny romantic and very private restaurant and went on to buy the scrumptious and most respected very old-school Sabatini dynasty restaurant of Florence. Where once a couple of years ago, the Michelin 2 star was awarded. "That is the line of very well thought out and consistently planned service that we give at the Sabatini. That is my goal." Gulian has said many times in the last year. It is very beautiful and can be found at  Via Panzani, 9/a, while the Il Paiolo sits at Ristorante Il Paiolo Srl – Via del Corso, 42R – 50122 Firenze.Image result for ristorante il paiolo
  Tonight, after having eaten at the Il Paiolo 1, as I have named it, and eaten with greatest privelege at the Michelin Sabatini, I ate in the most romantic side street Il Paiolo 2, with my favorite of Wild Boar and Polenta. A simple Florentine specialty surrounded with candle light, guests, only a couple at the early hour of 7:00pm and great conversation with Christopher my elegant waiter. 
Image result for ristorante il paiolo

Image result for ristorante il paiolo

 Christopher and his charming director, a little Italian gorgeous girl, chatted quietly and professionally offering me a glass of Chianti with my cheese and honey starter and Wild Boar entree. The quietness and soft laughter of the two of these lovely people complimented my fantastic night at Il Paiolo perfectly.  The restaurants of Gulian are always the top class. A understatement of luxury and elegance and top service. I hope you love Il Paiolo as much as I do. Ristorante il Paiolo - Picture of Ristorante il Paiolo, Florence ...

                          Image result for ristorante il paiolo
  The very funny owner of the Bamboo Lounge and Club, named Niccolo Noci, is a great treat. He and his partner Luciano Purpi have the most high tech and crazy fun ideas for their club that makes it a must to visit while in Florence. The club is open on Tuesdays to Saturdays starting September and only Saturdays in the summer, yet with totally FREE ENTRY from 21.00pm til 4.00am every night, the students love it.
         Located at Via Giuseppe Verdi 57, right near Sante Croce, it is the coolest funniest club ever.Risultati immagini per bamboo club florence
Bamboo Lounge & Club - 56 Photos - Dance Clubs - Via Giuseppe ...

   "It is a fun and safe club and people come to be wild and silly and have fun, as the pictures show, but the parents don't have to worry, I am a family man and so is my partner, the young people want to have fun, though!" laughs Niccolo. "We have a great emc announcer guy that goes around with a mic and interviews people as they dance and chat and the interviews are on the speakers on the club and everybody laughs and acts outrageous!"  "We try to have the students and the tourists have fun and come here about 3 times per week, as a matter of fact we have a stock market system that you don't even have to be at the club to buy stocks. The stocks are drinks and you download the app from the Bamboo club and you buy the drinks and add points. The drink let's say, Negroni is at 6.00 euros and nobody is buying it, yet people are all buying the Sex on the Beach...well the Sex on the Beach goes up to 10.00 euros, but the Negroni on your app is showing at 6.00 euros. You buy 60.00euros worth of Negroni and when the students see that it is 6.00 euros in the club, they do the app with the credit card and they buy the Negroni. Soon, the drink goes up and you sell it at 10.00 euros on your app...and you gain points. When you have 100 points, you score free drinks. Every time you enter the club you receive points and if you come 3 times per week you receive points. It is a fun game the people love." says the very creative, super sweet and fun Capo Niccolo. You will love the club and the team.

Fashion Night Out @Bamboo Lounge & Club - Bamboo Lounge & Club ...
   "We have music every night, for instance, HipHop on Tuesday, Wednesday is a open night, Thursday is Reggae, Friday and Saturday we have Hip Hop or dance tunes and we try to make people mingle. We have a social club type of app where you have to buy a person a drink on a app in a certain area of the club, it can be friends, or new people or someone that interests you and you buy a drink and at that point you connect on the app, meet at the bar and start chatting. We want people in the club talking and getting to know each other. It is a time to meet and have fun and drink a cocktail and dance." 
                  Risultati immagini per bamboo club florence
                                 One of my favorite restaurants of all times is closed. Sad.
     Best of luck to Allessandro and his mother and family who brought culture and art from America
Immagine correlata

                  Risultati immagini per restaurant garga firenze                        The Restaurant Garga is famous for many things, most notably, from the Capo, Alessandro, is three items: the love of the art of Florence inherited from his Canadian artist and chef mother and famous Florentine artist and chef father, the combination of the culture of the international plates that Alessandro himself has since brought to the table(having worked 8 years in New York city), and the interaction of the guests with both his food and the ability and opportunity to become artists themselves! 

     "When my mother and father started out in 1971, they were butchers for 8 years. They had parties at the house and painted all the time and it might not seem to be creative to be a butcher, yet think about it!, who knows the quality of the meat and how to prepare it better than a butcher!" laughs Alessandro and it certainly makes sense. 
     "They decided to open a restaurant right here to incorporate their love of being entertainers and artists and their love of cooking. My mother brought her famous Canadian cheesecake to the Florentine people, yet coming from America, she also brought many famous international people that came because they heard of a restaurant where the chefs came from the kitchen after the dinners and cleared the big wooden tables and painted while the guests stayed and drank wine and talked about philosophy and the importance of art. Every night they would paint on the tables and when my father became sick we started a foundation at the local hospital where we gave some of his most important paintings to the exray department. Here while you are waiting for the technician instead of worrying about what is next you can enjoy the beauty of the art and the memories of it.  That is important for me as well as for Garga. In my life the pleasure of cooking has brough many important people to let us meet and has brought many important memories. Art conjures up memories as well as the smell and taste of food," explains Alessandro. 
     When I ask him of his fondest memories of people that we would recognize he immediately says, "Definitely Jeff Bridges. He came here during the showing of his film, The Big Lebowski, which me and my father had gone together to see. He is exactly the way he is in the movies. The nicest and most down to earth person ever. He shows up and he is totally cool to sit and have a great time with. He sat with my father and his friend who has done many of the artistic pieces here and they talked for hours about life and philosophy and painting and we have stayed in touch all these years. He sent 2 of his best friends, one is Robin Coleman of the Gladiators and they came and chatted with us. They said that Jeff had told them to come and meet me that I am pretty famous in America! We have had many stars such as Robin Williams and Leonardo DiCaprio and Mel Brooks and Anne Bancroft, all of which are the nicest people you can ever meet. I won't mention the ones who weren't," he says laughing. Ah People! 
"I would say the way that me and my father are alike is that he loved to eat and make parties all the time and I love to eat, entertain and cook! Yet that is certainly the job of a chef, right? To entertain the guests. And since you asked me if I am nervous when I serve my food to the guests, the answer is yes, everytime. Especially when I make a new recipe, I sometimes hide in the kitchen if they sit in the room where I am cooking in the window and peek to see if they love my food. As a chef, it is a profession and we should be used to it, yet everytime I wait since the individual tastebuds are each unique, right? My plate, I hope, is beautifully presented to the guest, and I know that to me the food is ready to be tasted of the guest, yet since each person is different I do tend to be nervous each time. And I can tell if a person loves it. They taste first and a little smile comes on their face and they eat a couple of bites. Perhaps they sit back and talk a little about the food to the people at the table about the food, and they continue to eat.That  is when I know I did my job!" he says. Risultati immagini per garga restaurant florence via s. zanobi 33
"My father always said that the plate is like  your canvas. The food is your masterpiece of colors. I stay true to that inspiration. Every single dish has to have my approval before it comes from the kitchen to the guest. As if they are in a photo shoot! " Says Alessandro. 
     "You know, many people have asked me if I am happy with my life. The answer is yes and maybe. I have only known the life I have and I know that it is special and that I am priveleged to have had such famous parents. Yet I lived in a bubble of the art world of Florence! It is all that I have known and I hope that I bring the excellence that my mother and father have come to be known for to the table." he says humbly. I think of the Dan Fogleberg song, "the leader of the band," which is one of my favorite songs and memories of my father.Immagine correlata      located at:   Via San Zanobi 33-R
Risultati immagini per garga restaurant florence via s. zanobi 33
"Of course people come to restaurants to eat, yet here they have a total experience of the atmosphere and the service and the artistic experience and history of each piece of art and finally the food. It is decorated from years of my mother and father and the last 5 years of my touches. It is as if you are in my home, instead of a perfect architectually designed restaurant. That, I feel, is why people love it. And I have continued the artistic tradition of my family with the tablecloths and the painting. Each guest is allowed to paint on their tables as I ready the food. When the dinner is finished, at the end of the month, we have a little contest and the winner receives a dinner for two from us. I, myself, am not a artist, yet I know the importance of continueing the tradition of the painting on the tables that my mother and father used to do that made the restaurant world famous." 
       "O and of course my mother has cooking classes, which you can reserve ahead with 3 classifications: up to 8 people where you all start the morning at 9am in the Mercato choosing the ingredients, and 8 to 16 people where they all go to the Mercato, yet the prepping here is divided into 2 groups, and finally the 16 and above groups where it is more a cooking demo of me and my mother and they have lunch! Every year the Smithsonian group comes here from Washingto DC and they do that class. Every class, of course, has the lunch included. Afterall, you have to try your own cooking, right!" he says laughing. 
Risultati immagini per garga restaurant florence via s. zanobi 33
   "Let's thing I would tell young people to inspire them? Alright, live each day and fight everyday as it is the last one." says Alessandro. 
                     Restaurant Garga 

 055 475 286 

                   Alessandro's advice:  "Always analyze something you combine differently and see if your taste buds approve and finally remember that everybody is special."                                        Risultati immagini per restaurant garga firenze
          I love Napoleone's beautiful Decor, and philosophy of Life here with drawings from the website:

              You never feel so much love as when you see 

                                                                          your beloved again.
                                     Rosey &  Francisco's Napoleone Restaurant in Florence
                                             Trattoria Napoleone: Owner and Chef. Nice guys! - Picture of ...
          The cool funky new painting of the owner, Francisco's Napolean Restaurant in Florence depicts the Tuscany countryside. Inside is a gorgeous beautiful palazzo from the Vecchio Family heritage and has many rooms to discover. It has such beauty that you must do a little tour upon entering and enjoy a romantic initimate dinner once you are in!       

                                                           Piazza del Carmine 24 Florence 

 Outside is a beautiful terrace perfect for nice weather with huge umbrellas and a fun team.

As you enter the Palazzo of the Vecchio family, now owned by Francisco, who is a gracious and fun host, you notice the beauty of the works of art, the antique furniture, the sculptures and gilded mirrors that adorn every  inch of the solid stone building. The Palazzo Ristorante has rooms, and each one is unique and different. Gorgeous.  Stunningly beautiful and I seriously didn't even care about the food for the first 2 interviews! I kept asking where does   that come from? O my gosh where does that sculpture come from? O my gosh is that real? O my gosh is  that a beautiful fireplace!         

           "I saw it and said yes, yes and yes," Francisco says, "I loved the restaurant and I bought it all!"
20180405_201704_large.jpg - Picture of Trattoria Napoleone ...


                               I have the great pleasure to meet Francisco's wife, Rosey, who has bouncing curls and perfect skin, and is totally loved with her entire team. She promises to give me pictures of her to add to the site, and I am waiting! 

                                                                      Piazza del Carmine 24 Florence

Image may contain: people sitting, table and indoor
://   That Francisco knows the choice of his menu and which wine compliments it is important. "I know each wine that I present." he says, "and mostly my wine list is to enhance the choice of dinner. We are known for the food, honestly, although you love the ambience of the restaurant, the real reason I chose Napoleone is the finest reputation that it had already had for its food." He does have a few new wines such as the Chianti Classico Castello di Verrazzano Riserva of Castello di Verrazzano, and Pinot nero Riserva of Poggio della Buttinera, and "A surprise this year,!" says his charming director, Valerio,"is the new Craft Beers. Yes, we have 2 craft beers named Birrificio Citta vecchia del Prioli Bionda and Ambrata!" NapoLeone - Florence, Italy - Menu, Prices, Restaurant Reviews ...
   "The interior of the restaurant is beautiful and exquisite and since I loved it that much, I didn't really want to change it. I have added some new menu items, to make it a little more creative from my point of view, yet I love the decor. In April I am redoing the entire outside with the umbrellas and making the floor new. For now, we have musssels soup, and Salt cod with leeks, for instance or try the fresh fish fry. These are just additions that I chose. People come here since we are such a friendly and fun team," jokes Francisco as everybody laughs. "The ambience of being surrounded with such beauty of the Palazza and of course we hope the food!"
         Napoleone in Florence - Restaurant Reviews, Menu and Prices - TheFork   Many years I have seen the door  that leads to such a beautiful restaurant which is the  Palazzo Vecchio dated to the 1000AD and wanted to dine inside. With it's charming exterior at night when the Piazza Carmine is lit up and you delight with the laughter of the tourists, you become trasported back to the aristocratic feel that must of made up the Florentine mystery of why there is such amazing art and creation that has come from here. Wait! until you enter the world of the Vecchio family and its still preserved interior. "Yes, I bought the entire restaurant, the sculptures, the lamps, the pictures, the heavy furniture, the hunting artifacts in the Caccia room, " says Francisco laughing as I keep gasping entering each room. His father, Paolo, is busy watering and caring for the gardens that are attached via glass greenhouse rooms! Yes, real ones! A big throne chair graces the hallway near the bar(can we call a huge carved 1-1/2 story alcove a bar?) and I sit in it and say, "Paolo sit here as the king!" and Francisco's father laughs and sits and commands attention. (He looks perfect here!)The tourists that dine here say, " Siamo nel XVILLL, nel XVI onel XX secolo,"  which translates to "we're in the 18th, 16th, 20th century." That is how you feel when you experience each room with its own ambience that gives it character, from the real working old stone fireplace that is situated with two tiny vintage tables as you enter the hunting room, Caccia! That room is incredibly beautiful with hunting trophies from other bygone eras with old heavy furniture and table of solid worn wood for 1o in the center and 3 intimate tables near the side. Loved it's intimacy and delicacy combined. As you enter the big dining room where you can see the cooks make their famous creations, a huge table is in the center and reminds me of royalty, and indeed probably the aristocratic families, dining here. 

                           RESERVATIONS recommended: Telefono / Phone: 0039 055 2 608414                                                                                                                                                    0039 055 28 10 15

   The leathers of Florence have always been special around the world, yet with the last 10 years having been bombarded with new leather Markets and people setting up shop everywhere people have complained they do not know where to buy the good leather anymore. Meet Edson, of TORO leathers.Navigating San Lorenzo Leather Market – dolcevitadideb "My company is real old-school Italian and they worked here doing the handcrafted leathers themselves the last 20 years. The Grandfather wanted to retire and I had worked with him many years and so I bought the company. I loved and respected and learned from that family who knew and who know the leather market inside and out. Now, I go to the same factory about 45 minutes to 50 minutes away in Sante Croce and I choose the colors and the textures and the designs and have the designers at the factory make these for me. The factory is small just for the 5 Toto leather shops in Florence, yet it is exclusive and the leathers here I pride myself on in being of the highest quality with the best and fair price," says Edson.                                                                     The BEST leather shop in Florence - Review of Michelangelo ...                                                
                                                    TORO LEATHERS Piazza San Lorenzo 14/15red
pelletaria toro firenze Bags | Toro Firenze Italian Leather Bag ...
     The minute you walk into the store you are met with professionalism from the clean white space with the many colors, but not too many. All displayed perfectly, the highest quality and you breathe and say, Okay, how much is it going to cost me? Then you tentatively peek at the price tag and say, Is that all! O my gosh, I can buy that! The boss, Edson laughs, " Yes I wanted a store that people from everywhere in the world could come to and buy the finest leather craftsmanship in the world. Yet afford to buy it. The highest quality, but not the highest price. I could do that if I really wanted to, yet I want a medium price that everybody can afford." he says. Beautiful store, too. 
   "A good leather product lasts forever. I had a fellow come into the store from America with a leather backpack he bought here 20 years ago a couple of days since. He wanted the clasp fixed, the gold clasp. I couldn't believe he still had that bag. And we fixed it and he bought some leather and was so happy that he had found us. If you take care of the bag, and don't throw it on the floor, if you don't stuff 5 kilos into a 3 kilo bag, there won't be any stress, you know?" TORO FIRENZE
                 Buca San Giovanni is a lovely family restaurant where popes, cia director and movie stars dine!
                                 Risultati immagini per buca san giovanni florence
  Alright time to loosen up. The website is always about the wine, the food, the bicycles, the places to stay in every city that I love and here as well. However, how about some celebrities and fun stories today.
                  Meet Sharon Stone! 
  "We wanted a typical historical restaurant that shows only the traditional Tuscany food and that is what we have here. The Florentine steak, the best we can find and the best cook of 20 years with us. He is from Sicily," says Piero and his friend with us laughs and since he is, too, from Sicily tells me that his mother buys the cannoli at a restaurant in the city that has only a Sicilian chef! "We have only Tuscany wine. Yes, I know that Calabria has great food and great wine, yet we wanted to respect the tradition of our beautiful restaurant.  It was the former sacristy of the Baptistery and since it was established in 1882, it used to be secretly used for invitation rites of the Rosicrocians, who were in danger with their liberation free thinking and then it became a after theater favorite of famous actors. The floor is from the 14th century, some of the tiles and it is such a beautiful historical place that we want to respect that."Risultati immagini per buca san giovanni florence
  The three brothers, which I suggested they open a new restaurant named The Three Fratellos, are Giovanni, Vito (who runs the famous Le Carceri in Florence) and the funny and friendly always kind, Piero. Two are pictured here. Buca San Giovanni - Home - Florence, Italy - Menu, Prices ...
     The location is:  Piazza San Giovanni 8    reservations:       055 21 9151
    The Beauty and Elegance of the Ristorante Buca San Giovanni is shown with the care that the three brothers, from Calabria, take with the ristorantes and the life that they have created. "It has been a long process. I always dreamed of being a chef. That is my love and when in Calabria, I took cooking classes at the professional Academy. We moved to Florence and we opened a couple of tand hotels. Finally in 1996, we bought the Buca San Giovanni." 
Risultati immagini per buca san giovanni florence
 There is something to be said about respect and earning a life that you have been given from God. And I challenge you to find other restaurants that receive Christmas Cards from the White House, starting with a visit from John F. Kennedy in 1961. You can see the President's picture on the wall, along with dignateries, politicians, celebrities and real cool people. It comes with a couple of reasons. "You must work hard to succeed in life towards a dream. You must see and learn and not worry about money at first. You must see the long life ahead. I have worked with cooks who are learning how to practice their craft and they see each detail and when you say put the onion here, they put it here and they do it perfectly. Others see do this do this then where is the money for this. No, this is not the way. You must learn to succeed and listen and start to slowly process for yourself. And with kindness, that is true. Always be kind," says Piero nodding at his waiter, who tells the 3 secrets to success. "First of all you must have good stuff. If your food is good that helps if you are a restaurant!" he says and we laugh. "Second you are always kind." and we all nod. Always be kind when dealing with everybody. "Third you must have a great team that you pay!" Now we laugh. "Yes," says Piero, "it helps if you pay the team!"
            Trattoria Vecchio Mercato located at Piazza del Mercato Centrale, 12/13 R
  "My husband is the social media whiz and I am the social person in front of the public. I probably couldn't turn on a computer! I love the little touches and meeting the guests," says Adele. Her husband laughs and says, "Yes and I do the wine selection. 90% of the red wine is from Tuscany and 30% of the white wine. However, for the better selection of whites I choose the norther section of Italy since I want the fish that we have, which is of the highest quality in Florence, to be complimented with the right wine. I am almost at the sommelier level, too, by the way!"                                                           Trattoria Vecchio Mercato - Home - Florence, Italy - Menu, Prices ...
    Alright and with a team in the kitchen that has been with her family 15 years, does she just say do whatever you do best when it comes to the menu? She laughs, "Um, no! I am in 100% control of my baby, the Trattoria Vecchio Mercato. We, the team and my family, sit down when the chef wants to try a new recipe and we all taste it. We add it to the menu if we love it. One time my husband wanted to try a meat sushi with black rice and everybody was very polite. I love tartar and sushi, but um...we didn't add that suggestion to the menu!" 

   "Whether you want a light appetizer of local meats and traditional Tuscan delicacies or to try the Seafood Pasta with my contacts of the Freshest fish daily from the sea, you can feel comfortable here. I have the traditional Tuscany recipes such as Pici Chiantigiana or Florentine steak, yet the guests tell me that it is the softest and best steak that they have ever had in Florence. The guests say that, I'm not bragging," she graciously and honestly adds. She is a very kind and beautiful person with normal children interrupting to chat and show off. Loved the family and loved the atmosphere of real Italian hospitality.Wine Cellar - Trattoria Vecchio Mercato Florence
  Okay, here is January 1, and yet the piano is missing now! "The piano was Luigi's and we have a different style and it is a family restaurant where little children can run around and laugh and families talk to each other opposite the tables. Luigi had his sophisticated style of piano music and singing. I wanted my restaurant to be just the perfect contrast of who I am." Столики на улице - Picture of Trattoria Vecchio Mercato, Florence ...
              The simplicity and comfy feeling that Trattoria Vecchio Mercato offers with the new owners since January; Adele, a gorgeous Italian sophisticated woman that all Americans want to be, her husband, Antonio, children, Mattia, Alessio and Andrea, is stated in the traditional picture of a stylish home instead of a glitzy restaurant.  Adele says that she lightened it up and gave it a simple clean look. "Yes, my father owned a very respected restaurant for 14 years, and I brought his entire team with me when I bought Vecchio Mercato in January. I want and we want you to feel as if you are entering our home when you enter my restaurant," says Adele.Truffle Steak and Jazz Duets: A Review of Trattoria Vecchio ...
   "My team knows that I trust each and every one and that simplicity and hospitality are a must with me. They know, too, that I am crazy enough to drive one hour just to make sure my guests are being cared for, which is why everybody is always on their toes. And the guests are always happy!" says Adele.Trattoria Vecchio Mercato - Home - Florence, Italy - Menu, Prices ...
                  And just where does one find the best cuts of meat for Florentine steak?
                At the Florentine Steak Mercato, of course...just kidding, most of the Florentine steak 
                is of the much sought-after cow named Chianina, which is a from the Tuscany region
                and has been for 2,000 years. Due to its white coat, it was used in the triumphal courtyards
                and sacrificial ceremonies in ancient Rome. 
      Here is the beautiful Capo, the lady Melina, who along with her husband, Nicola, own Mamma Napoli, which is the number one pizza restaurant in all of Florence. It is situated right on the Mercato square at Piazza del Mercato Centrale number 17/18r. That lady I love so much. She is kind and sweet and funny and had me and Louis, the translator, laughing so much! 
                                                     We had to say BRAVO to Melina!             
                                                         Mamma Napoli By Cellini, Florence - San Lorenzo - Menu, Prices ...                                                          
 The lady of 26 years, Melina, in Florence, that is a record, with a Italian award winning chef, who is Raffeale, funny, too, and the team is too kind. You can sit outside or inside and have warm only italian speaking real old-school capos telling you their funny stories and truly caring about you as a person. LOVE THAT PLACE.   The pizza? The best in Florence. 
  And if you want to feel as you are a Princess, come to the velvet chairs inside with a  long table room, and order a special cake! photo1.jpg - Picture of Mamma Napoli By Cellini, Florence ...
   You know there is pizza and then there is pizza, and for me to eat at Mamma Napoli, I have to workout the entire day, run many miles, drink water and chow down once I come to the restaurant with friends and family. You will recieve a very big pizza and you can eat it all yourself or share, yet it is so good and r
efreshing. To just enjoy the pizza of your choice, that you end up sitting down to dinner and eating the entire pizza!
                      Which is my plan tonight!
             The award winning Maestro,
                  Raffaele at work! 
Raffaele won the title Pizza Chef emerging in Central Italy top Number one in 2014!Mamma Napoli - Home - Florence, Italy - Menu, Prices, Restaurant ...
  I guess when it comes to being creative, Mamma Napoli takes the cake, so to speak. After 26 years, you must start to discover new and cool ways to present the Italian cuisine, and the restaurant, although traditional and old-school, is very playful and funny too!   Alright you have been in Florence a couple of years on vacation and ate the Pizza and finally decided to try the Florentine it is and I must admit that I only had 1/2 of a Florentine steak in my total of 8 years covering Florence, yet it is so big and I loved it.Industry Analysts on Twitter: "Maurizio at #mammanapoli is the ...
   Okay, you are more into the history of art in Florence? Try convincing the artist bound historian to visit here since the famous artists Benvenuto Cellini was born in the building! 
   While your artistic  historian admires the building, you can try grilled meats and fishes, rustic dishes, pizza cooked with the wood-fire brick tiled oven, and Tuscan and Naples recipes of many years. Enjoy!
  The team, getting ready to learn the real art of making the best Italian pizza! Having fun, with grace and respect seems to be the norm here at Mamma Napoli! Here at Piazza Vecchio Mercato Centrale 18r.
                                The Micheal Collins Irish Pub in Florence Italy at                                                                                            Piazza della Signoria 30r.(ps the statue of david)
                     PLUS YOU CAN DRINK TIL 2.00AM!

                          The Michael Collins

    "It's your local Pub in Florence!" says the young Irish owner of the famous Micheal Collins Irish Pub on the famous Piazza where you can stare at the Statue of David all day..."It is about drinking a good Irish pint of beer and meeting other international travellers, being a American Student drinking your first pint of beer ever at the age of 18, which is funny to watch how much they love that Guinness, and having a great time talking to the real local Florentines who appreciate the great selection of quality Irish beers that we have." And what self-respecting Irish Pub would be the same without the standard Wild and Crazy Irish people! 
       THAT IS 10:30PM TO 2:00AM AMERICAN LANGUAGE, AT MICHEAL COLLINS PUB,                                                   DAVID STATUE SQUARE! 
Find the Best Sports Bar (Florence Guide) | DoTravel
"My slogan for my famous Micheal Collins Irish Pub is to have the people know it as "The Local Pub in Florence" says Jimmy who is 1/2 Irish and 1/2 English and as fun and sweet as can a person be. "I worked here a total of 8 years and the last couple of years bought the Pub. I try to combine the students and the international tourists with the Steady Loyal Irish, English, American, Canadian, Australian and let's not forget the Kiwis, the New Zealanders. And the local Florentines are very important because they want to feel at home and welcome in the city that is literally their home." he says."My team is international with a couple of the Florentine bartenders and a girl from Croatia and one used to be here from New Zealand. I want my team to be funny and friendly and talk to people and honestly that is why it is of interest to me since it keeps me in touch with the world too." The Michael Collins - Picture of The Michael Collins, Florence ...

 By the way, they have great chicken pizza and great nachos and "we just added very big burgers since a couple of months. The students have 3 days that they can have special prices with us, and they love the burgers.
     Besides watching it happen at Florence right in front of everybody, you can see the statue of David, people watch and drink the cheapest Guinness of any Pub in Florence right in the famous square. O and the pizzas, yes real pizzas are only 6.00euros! REAL PIZZAS 6.00 Euros people and they have chicken pizza! " says Jimmy. 
     everybody is welcome here. The students need a little help with the pricing, yet our beers are 6.50 euros a pint, the most expensive and 5.00 euros a pint the less, so tell everybody if they want to have fun, speak english if they are homesick and just want to meet cool people around the world to come to us," says Jimmy, the Irish kid in Florence!
While the Micheal Collins Irish Pub on the famous Piazza with the statue of David and Neptune in Florence is a great drinking and socialising pub in the summer on the outside garden, during the autumn and winter they have the basement music club open everyday with a variety of shows including open mic and kareoke!            
"Why is a Irish Pub Irish?" answers Jimmy, "I believe it is the atmosphere and the feeling of being comfortable and with friends that you always have in Ireland when you walk into a Irish Pub. The Irish are just that way and that is the real reason everybody comes since they know they are going to joke and have a good time at a Irish Pub. I am the only Irish owner of the some 9 Irish Pubs in Florence, though, and that is why you should come drink the Guinness here...O yes and we are the CHEAPEST GUINNESS IN FLORENCE AT 6.00euros a Pint!"
Risultati immagini per michael collins irish pub firenze
           The Historic Le Carceri ristorante with its beauty and majesty set amoungst the history of the Republic Prison close to the majestic Sante Croce in a small alley known as the Isola delle Stinche and in the 14th century to the fall of the republic in 1530 the prisoners used to be kept there. Located at Piazza Madonna della Neve 3 yet maybe calling with reservations is better!                                                Highlights info row image055 24 7 9327 While at Le Carceri say hi to VITO!
                 Firenze, premiata la pizzeria Le Carceri -
"The coolest thing about the Le Carceri Pizzeria is the fact that we won the 3 star best pizza of the entire world award in 2019. The fact that it is the best pizza in Florence, well that is a given.  And of course, you said that you found the lovely courtyard 5 years ago and now you can add us!" laughs Piero talking about the ethereal restaurant in the middle of what used to be the old prison Florence used to keep prisoners! I told Piero one night very lost at midnight I finally found a magical place that seemed to be a dream! A courtyard, a old fortress with prison doors and in the middle elegantly dressed guests with long evening gowns drinking cocktails. A couple of years after I couldn't find it and thought maybe I had dreamed it! Last year, a Florentine said that I must be talking about the famous Carceri and I found it! The three brothers have a famous restaurant pizzeria in the middle of the courtyard and it is definitely worth the visit. Beware, though, since as Piero told me, "Last night on Friday we sold 300 pizzas! And it is a restaurant, too with typical Tuscany food. Yet the pizza is famous!" 
   Since the Pizzeria is actually a Pizzeria and Wine bar, you can expect the Le Carceri to have a great wine list and it doesn't disappoint with many to choose from My suggestion is a couple of pizzas and a huge plate of homemade pasta to share. Have fun! 
Pizzeria Le Carceri. Firenze – Mangiare Bere Eventi. Lucca Toscana
   So, what do three great Capos, of various expertise, One a famous Swimsuit Designer in California's sunny Santa Monica coast, Lorenzo, and one a famous Footballer of Florence, Nicolo, and one a owner of a 3 generation raw fish market, Luca, that has 100 employees and does catering fresh raw fish to 500 of the best Florence Restaurants have in common? The Three Friends opened a playful and colorful healthy California Style Poke Bowl Bistro, SEA BAR with the freshest fish available everyday(of course) from Ilio Pesca. 


      The fun and funky family bistro is located right next to Il Porcellino and Mamma Mia Restaurant on the famous Piazzo Mercato Nuovo, where people from around the world shop for highest quality leathers and wait to take a chance to rub and kiss the nose of the bronze stature of wild boar, which is said to bring good luck! 
                                      SEA BAR located at: Via Pellicceria 8 red. 
                                 The difference is that the fish in the 
             Poke Bowls and the fried platters are caught that day!                                          
    How about some raw sweet salmon for lunch! The freshest natural vegetables from the local mercatos combined with the highest quality of seafood, which as the owners of the first flagship store in Florence, you arrive with the number one picks of the day! And, you can ask the owners where they do catering of their fish at the local restaurants for fine dining at night in the city! 
 "We're great friends," says Luca as he offers me to try some of the great fish treats, which I do!, and says, "Lorenzo loved California and said that everybody eats very healthy. He found the Poke bowls there and loved these and yet said that my fish is better here! So, we opened our own version, but with the highest ingredients in the world and they are only around 10.00 euros, so they are great for families with children and for students, too!" Sea Bar - Photos - Florence, Italy - Menu, Prices, Restaurant ...

  And while the company Iliopesca has been around since 1950s from Empoli, they have two locations in Florence where, if you have access to a kitchen in the city, you can buy and make your own dinners! At: Via Del Campofiore, 122 and at Via Foggini 20. The highest quality of fish anywhere in the world, in playful healthy Poke Bowls. 
     "I loved California and the lifestyle and that is where, along Santa Monica coast,  I discovered the Poke Bowls and thought we could do something similar here," says Lorenzo. SEA BAR, Florence - Menu, Prices & Restaurant Reviews - Food ...

   Or with some great Chianti wine and Florentine Craft beer try the Hawaiian Tuna Classic. Tonno, riso basmati, avocados, edamame, goma wakame. Insalatiera e posate compostabili in eco plastica di mais e canna da zucchero.
   "The showroom sits in the empire of Ferragamo, who owns the building, and the floor is 800 years old, the ceilings from the 12th century; it makes a perfect compliment to my age-old tradition of craftmanship of hand pressing with vegetable tanned leather. Each piece is handcrafted and even the tiniest piece of art, such as the leather photo albums, take at least 2 weeks to make. A person can come in and order the pool table, which is 100% custom made, and in 1 year have that beautiful pool table delivered to their door!" says the very charming and very protective owner of IO Arte and Lusso, Art and Luxury, of Flòrence. ioluxury#lusso#art#firenze#eleganza#
                 LUNGARNO ACCIAIOLI 78red
    is the location of the elegant showroom.
  Luca owns IO Arte and Lusso of Florence, which is a artisan handcrafted leather specialty boutique in the city, where 55,000 euro custom made pool tables compliment 1,000 euro leather albums. He and his assistant, Federico, are so nice and passionate about the work that they create that I spent 2 hours learning of their century old trade. Luca tells of the 4,000 tools that are available in the factory to create the luxuries you see in the showroom everyday. 
   The Franciscan monastery from the century 1294 is noted as the first leather makers of importance in Italy. The artisans are, today, known around the world as being the finest. The 3 generations of Luca's family have made care to exact the process of that trade. And now, with hand pressed creations made daily in the showroom's factory just outside of Florence, you can enjoy the finest leather in the world. From photo albums to chess sets to custom made handbags that rival even Louis Vuitton, Luca's neighbors, to custom made closets and luxurious beds beyond the imagination, you are sure to find the perfect gift for yourself or loved one.          
Image may contain: 9 people, people smiling, people sitting, table and indoor
   The most beautiful restaurant, lined with 1895 books of law from the start of the Republic, is on the square of the Sante Croce. One of the three in the dynasty of the big Capo, Marco, the Director here is named Salvatore and is one of the kindest people that I have ever met. CASA TOSCANA is located at      Via Giovanni da Verrazzano 3/5.
Risultati immagini per casa toscana florence restaurant
The sweetheart Rocco with his team, is just a couple of people that work for the Capo, Marco, who has family from the south of Italy. As a matter of fact most of the team of 20 years is from Puglia and Calibria. Risultati immagini per casa toscana florence restaurant
   The very kind and decent Capo, Salvatore.Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling, beard and indoor
   "Okay, honestly we have the best lasagna in Florence, and of course we have to have lasagna since the Americans love it!" says the friendly Capo Marco who says that "my 60 year old Florentine cook Luana with the Lasagna is off on Sundays so you have to chat with the young cooking team!" Image may contain: food
Risultati immagini per casa toscana florence restaurant
                  VIN CANTO WINE BAR AND RESTAURANT...: 055 2 74 15 55
     Outside table facing the beautiful Santa Maria Piazza, a gorgeous elegant, yet intimate tiny boutique wine bar and restaurant, and friendly very unassuming and very real nice team of VinCantoWine Bar, makes it the most popular destination in Florence. Here is my Capo and his favorite team of the swanky and yet fun intimate restaurant on the square.  I love the fact that VinCanto displays local artists and sculptures of international status in its restaurant. The fact that students come from every country in the world to study art here in Florence gives rein to the reputation of the finest in the world. Here at VinCanto, the new artists using only wine in her gorgeous paintings or the sculptures of renowned artists from around the world will whet your appetite as much as the variety of wine and food. A intimate and romantic restaurant with the friendliest team in Florence. And that is all the time, not just occaisionlly. Everyday that I have come to the wine bar restaurant, I have been treated with smiles and pleasure. 
            P.zza S. Maria Novella, 25 rosso
What do I love about the wine bar? The wine, of course, and if  I have to eat, I want to eat something that I remember and talk about to my friends, hence VinCanto! Image may contain: food
  "The VinCanto of the last 5 years has evolved to be in the top 5 of my favorite places to dine and wine in the world. The Capo is the sweetest and most honest andsays, "I recently eased out of my other socials in the 3 restaurants that I was part of and now I am only here. I can tell you that the festival in Verona of wine, I bought tons of new wines and sparkling wines and added these to my menu. I love to add and change the wine menu every year. The Name VinCanto is for that and the menu itself is the same. We have a great food menu of the region, with local dishes prepared exotically and expertly and I want to keep that. Yet the wine must change because actually I love to drink wine and that Festival is very good for me!" Warning, he is a cute and funny capo! 
  "The wine of the glass that I have is perhaps 15 and the wines many more. However, if you come at happy hour, I have decided to give the tourists and guests a little teaser with free pizza slices of Naples style pizza. People can come and try a glass of wine with the buffet from say 19.00pm on and if they love the pizza they can just continue to eat the slices and enjoy the sun, the beauty of the Piazza Santa Maria, the wine, or they can elect to try our dinner menu. You know, I love my restaurant, I love my guests, and I love my life. Please invite the people from around the world to learn about my culture here," says my Capo. Now! You wanta come eat! 
   The pasta serving lobster, prawns, calimari, seafood and vegetables of the season can be found at VinCanto! located on Piazza Santa Maria, Florence.
                                                     CAMMILLO RESTAURANT FLORENCE
                                       reservations please call: 055 2124 27
Immagine correlata
 I have known the family and especially Chiara, the 3rd generation daughter, 6 to 7 years now. As a matter of fact, Chiara and Cammmillo restaurant were my very first sponsors in Florence, Italy when I started the website. "The one item you must say about Cammillo is that we are very steeped in tradition and keeping the same recipes of my Grandmother since 50 years. You can find the same food that my mother has taught Salvatore, who came to us when he was 15 and he is now 57, to the recipes that my mother herself cooks everyday. Although I am the 4th generation, I wouldn't even change the beautiful pictures adorning the walls everywhere. I love the restaurant and the feel of the importance as you walk into it," says the very beautiful daughter, Vittoria. IMG_3899
             Borgo S. Jacopo, 57/r, 50125 Firenze Immagine correlata
As you can see, Cammillo is a very traditional restaurant, with the waiters themselves being here 37 and 30 years each respectively. The family is lovely and graceful and very aristocratic although when you walk into the historical restaurant that "doesn't even have a instagram, facebook or website to it after 65 years," as quoted from the 4th generation daughter, Vittoria,you feel as if at a real Italian home. Immagine correlata
  "The restaurant was at first in 1943 down to the left side of Ponte Vecchio. The Nazis bombed Florence and the only thing left standing is the Ponte Vecchio bridge. My family moved to the countryside, Italy was liberated and in 1945 they started cooking here in the location that we are now at. At first it is Cammillo who the restaurant is named after, then Diva, my grandmother who usually eats with us everyday at lunch, my mother Chiara and me now Vittoria," says my lunchmate today. "The funny story of my grandmother is when she met a gentleman at the restaurant about one year since she shows him her hand to shake and she says that her name is Diva. She tells the gentleman that when she was born the docter said that they were certainly going to have a Diva on their hands at the sight of her. She loves to tell that story," says Vittoria.   The walls are adorned with famous and not so famous artists trying their hands in honoring the owner, Chiara the last 30 years. The waiters all look like they stepped out of the Godfather movie! The cooks are very old school in the open kitchen where if you dine in the front rooms you can watch them. 
Risultati immagini per camillo restaurant florence
            Below, my lovely friend, Gloria, the capo of COCO LEZZONE, via parioncino /26 Firenze
  "We have the same traditional dishes that we have always had. Some restaurants say that their clientele has changed for the worse? Not their story. Ours is different. We have every lunch the real nobility of Florence, the 3,000 euro Tailor who eats lunch with us everyday and designs the last 50 years the aristocracy of Florence; the everyday worker who comes here to eat lunch; the tourist who has a story of their mother and father eating here 20 years ago. You know, that is my guest. My guest can pay 35.00 euros and feel comfortable, satisfied with a family traditional table and meet the famous person who wants a couple of hours of normalcy in life next to them at the long picnic tables that we have inside." 
   Salvatore, the famous tailor is eating his risotto. We have a funny lunch chat and I tell him that when my German Prince, Albert Thurn und Taxis asks me to marry him, I promise he can design my wedding dress..."You know, the famous people come to me because I am good. I am a artisan. The famous people come here because they want a original family meal. And when the tourists figure out where Coco is, they come too.!" he says.
So, basically, love the royalty or think their silly, you got to come and meet Gloria, the very sweet and shy and very normal, by the way, Capo of Coco Lezzone, who has met and wined and dined all of em! 
  And everybody knows that Giorgio Armani is my favorite since I have been trying to woo him to do my script, "THE LIFE OF ALBERT" costume designs...sponsoring my movie of course! 
Okay! Not enough star power from us, you say? Gloria would say to differ. She is a down-to-earth person who inherited her lovely restaurant from a father she loved, as mine, and when I ask if she would sell the restaurant and move to Tahiti, for instance? "No Never. I LOVE my life and I love my restaurant." 
 Trattoria Coco Lezzone - Ristorante Firenze 
"Fabrizio, my best friend and head chef, came to my father about 33 years now. When my father passed away, he took on socio or as you say in America, partner. I love Fabizio and I love Claudio, my other partner and best friend. The other cooking helper is Dario in the kitchen and my son, Matteo. We are the team. Only us. It is perfect. We love to sit and talk to people and if we are talking drinking wine at your long table, never has any of the guests said, hey hurry up...where is my steak! IF we are too busy sharing stories, Fabrizio walks out of  the kitchen and gives you his food. It is that way. That is life. Why do you such a hurry? Come to my house, Coco Lezzone, and rub elbows with Mr. Armani and while you are at it, enjoy life." says Gloria. 
       Trattoria la Casalinga located at Via dei Michelozzi 9r, right on Santo Spirito Square.
                                                                    reservations: 055 218 624

   "The original part is as you enter, the historical part since 1963, and the other we've had a couple of years now. It took us 6 months to add the modern yet traditional feel to it additions, yet we needed it for the guests. Everybody says they love the homey feel to it. That's good. The menu is as you mentioned only in Italian. That is it. Only Italian and totally Florentine. The bread is without salt. Everywhere in Italy is bread salted, except for Florence and nowadays all the restaurants have salt in the bread, except here. Mine is real," says Andrea. "We have gluten free pasta and gluten free desserts and yes gluten free bread without salt. And you should try the rabbit which I can make gluten free, too." 
 Since the young 3rd generation Capo, Andrea is actually my real friend, it is sometimes difficult to remember a funny nice evening conversation as a interview and write what we said! Tonight mostly talked about the family that has been here since 1963 and the warm casual laughter in the 3 rooms of the historical trattoria. 
Risultati immagini per la trattoria la casalinga
 "We have many guests from many years, yet we are a big menu of very simple food. Very good food and very high quality, such as the pecorino cheeses of 3 kinds and the pears and honey, which we have a saying from the guest about the farmer. "don't tell the farmer how good the pears are with the honey and cheese!" " says Andrea laughing. 
    The most perfect provincial picnic in the region of the countryside of Italy has always been imagined by me, riding on a old fashioned italian bike in the hills with vineyards on both sides and a lovely dinner of pecorino and wine and pears dripping with honey. 
      I finally had that real Italian treat after 8 years at my friend, Andrea's restaurant named Trattoria la Casalinga, in Santo Spirito Square, Florence.
 The rabbit dish is named Tagliatelle ai Sugo di Coniglio and it is a traditional Florentine entry. 
Risultati immagini per la trattoria la casalinga
They have great filet and Florentine Steak and the pasta is the best! I love the choices of cheese and the house wine in the carafe and can sit for hours talking to Andrea and his very chatty team!
  "You know we work hard, yet we are casual here. It is a traditional Trattoria that the locals love and are very loyal to and the guests love it too. We laugh and we all speak English to help them out with the language of the menu. It is a family restaurant, and me and my sister Cristiana are the third generation. My grandfather was a worker on a vineyard and olive farm and at the age of 50 he said he wanted to move into Florence and take his entire family and start a restaurant. Everybody said that he is crazy, including his friends, yet he risked it and now 50 years plus we are very successful. I know the risk and the hard work that my grandfather put into the restuarant and we all love it. Everyday!" says my friend Andrea. 
Trattoria La Casalinga, ovvero mangiare molto e pagare poco
                                                        Enoteca Pitti Gola E Cantina Wine Club
                  Note:  Please come tonight January 13 as they are closed 14th until February. 
Image may contain: outdoor
                  ENOTECA Pitti Gola E Cantina and Osteria dell Enoteca in Florence, Italy.
                                              Piazza Pitti 16                                         Via Romana 71 
     Simple, exquisite and Simple Living from the land...brings about the finest wine in the world!
Risultati immagini per ENOTECA Pitti Gola E Cantina
"Yes of course we are happy. For 10 years me and Manuele and Edoardo have owned the Cantina. We buy the wine we love to drink and the music we love to hear we add to the list wine club we started is very special. We have about 500 members now around the world. And it takes a long time to build such a club. We send from 6 bottles of wine a year to members to up to 48 bottles of wine. The price is accordingly with the highest being about 4,100.00 euros per year. The members receive the boxes of wine in the fall and spring and they absolutely trust the 3 of us to choose the wine each year. That is honestly the one item that makes it the most difficult to do. To find people around the world who trust us. That is probably the reason that almost all of the members have come in and met us, had a great night with us and or have become members and introduced their friends to us," says the VERY HAPPY and Enthusiastic Zeno who never stops laughing and smiling when he talks to you! 
"One vineyard of Chianti we loved too much and bought the entire 2012 bottles and since it is ours to own, Manuele and me have designed the labels," says Zeno as he shows me one of his two designs. They have 4 designs in total and the beautiful tree is the result of Zeno's drawing for a reserve of Chianti that the team of 3 at the Enoteca Cantina loved too much. I have seen two of Manuele's designs which are so exquisite if they ever had to make a living as artists they certainly can.
 Immagine correlataOkay, here is how much fun and wine I had...from the "300 labels we have and about 4,000 wines,"(Zeno)...BRUNELLO Di Montalcino 1968 that the lovely Capo and his wife from Tuscany brought in, along with his gracious insistence of me drinking Tenuta del POGGIONE and CAMOSSI and a couple more reds and whites and a sparkling champagne. They were the best of the best and I had such a lovely afternoon with exquisite company and my first every taste of real Florentine Liver pate on carmalized italian homemade bread! YUM.

     "We started the Enoteca as Capos on the New Year's Eve of 2008 and celebrated 10 years on December 31,2018" Risultati immagini per ENOTECA Pitti Gola E Cantina
          Zeno's brother, Edoardo and Manuele looking out their Wine Cantina to Piazza Pitti.
               Risultati immagini per pitti gola e cantina florence
Risultati immagini per sabor cubano florence
...the coolest Cuban bar around, right in between my buddys FELTRINELLI LEATHERS and JIMMYS LEATHERS.



love the real Cuban owners and staff with the best Mojitos around... and if you happen to need a pair of authentic 1920s cubanwear, Pasquale Lopez has the real deal upstairs in his vintage bar of hand sewn Cuban dresses and Men formal wear. 

                0039   331 773 1536
         Mercato, Via Sant'Antonino rosso.                      
Immagine correlata
 Pasquale is a sweetheart with a thick Cuban Accent, who LOVES his Guests and laughs with each and every one while he makes his cool signature cocktails in the dark, woodsy feel of the Total Comfortable Bar...LOVE HIM! 
                                                                          Immagine correlata
                The Decor...Cuban, the Music...Cuban, the Conversation Cuban...(if you know what I mean, enter!)Risultati immagini per sabor cubano florence
                          Risultati immagini per sabbatini restaurant florence
       "At the height of its power, Sabatini had the unheard of respect of two Michelin Stars and that is my hope for the future. To bring the recognition that it deserves to the surface and to do it in my way," says Julian.                                              Risultati immagini per michelin stars two star symbolRisultati immagini per sabatini restaurant florence
"Dining at my restaurant is one of elegance and ease and for every table. I want to remember the 100 years of Sabatini culture and respect it and bring the modern presentation of the food to the present. It is a Unesco Heritage Site restaurant and the ONLY ONE in Europe that is allowed to do real flambe cooking at the table, and has the expertise." the new proud owner, Julian, of Sabatini Florence.                                                                                          
                       Via Panzani 9A                                               +39055282802Risultati immagini per sabatini restaurant florence
Immagine correlata
              The formal beauty of Sabatini Restaurant is a once in a lifetime pleasure to have dinner at.
                                            Vini E Vecchi Sapori, via dei Magazzini, 3R
     "Yes, come here, it is a picture of my Grandfather and Grandmother when they opened over 60 years in Santo Spirito and 35 years now here at the location just about 50 meters from Piazza della Signoria, yes the famous one with the statue of David. We are a BIG family, 7 of us, brothers, mother and father and cousins that work in the tiny Osteria everyday," is the start of the conversation that I had with Tommaso, as he shows me the family pictures in the cozy alley Osteria.
 "My brother, GianLuca is the cook along with my Mama, Rosanna. My father loves to wander in the stores around the Osteria and talking to his friends and wanders in and out to talk to all the old-timers. And my brother, Enrico is with the guests, along with my cousins Massimo and Pasquale. And of course Gloria is with the kitchen help. We have fun, yes, yet sometimes with always talk about the Restaurant both here and at home."
    "Yes we need breaks," says cousin Pasquale and Enrico chimes in fast, "Yes, we need breaks a lot. We're always with each other." Risultati immagini per Vini E Vecchi Sapori,
"We're a simple family, and we've been here many years. I write the menu in Italian and English EVERYDAY: it is special everyday," says Tommaso.   "My father usually picks the wine and every so often he chooses something different that a local winery, perhaps comes in to share. We all try it. I invite you to come to dinner!" he says.   0039 055 2 93045
The restaurant is cozy and you most probably will have a conversation with someone sitting next to you, in addition to the people you come with! If you are solo, you shall meet new friends. I got kisses from the entire family! immagini per Vini E Vecchi Sapori,
"We have traditional dishes from at least 35 years, yet we have dishes from Florence that perhaps people don't really know that they are typical such as Fried Chicken and Fried Rabbit and of course the Wild Boar with Duck Sauce," says Tommaso. "It's a old-fashioned Osteria where friends and family can come to enjoy our crazy family, full of laughter and chaos everyday. We have great food and a very lively atmosphere. You can tell us your secrets and we can share our life with you." Pasquale says,"We find the wild boar from the hunters and the wild rabbit and the guinea fowl, and I am a hunter of women." I ask him if wild women are on the menu? He laughs, "Only rabbit, fowl and of course the wild boar that the Americans love!"
    Tommaso,"Ok, just to let you know that Pasquale is kidding. We buy the wild boar and the wild game from the farmers that are certified to accept these from the hunters. I love eat the food, however, I am a bad cook. At home, mama cooks for me and here mama and Gianluca cook." 
Some people say that to eat here is the favorite restaurant since it is filled with love.
                          Immagine correlata
                   A must to come and try a cozy Osteria dinner with the Mazzanti family of Florence! 
                                   Ristorante il Granaio on Via dei Tavolini 14    Risultati immagini per Ristorante il Granaio                                                                                              
 "Il Granaio is a family restaurant of me, my wife Silvia, my sister and my brother. It is a restaurant built on love and family. With Passion," says the very honest , sincere and kind Capo, Armand. "I want it to be a beautiful restaurant where people can come and feel comfortable and try the Tuscan specialties with the little touch of the creative side of my chefs."
     His wife Silvia laughs, "And beautiful people can come here at night. We have these big lights, yet at night we turn the lights off and we place candles on all of the tables. It is very intimate and romantic here at night. Everybody is beautiful." 
                                                              RESERVATIONS:  0039 055 2 91027
Immagine correlata
  Silvia, Armand's wife, is very beautiful and friendly, "We have a restaurant that we have put our heart and soul into," she says and is echoed by his equally beautiful sister who says, "It is a family and we are very close. It is my first time to actually eat in the restaurant, though, and it is delicious and I love it."    "It  is a restaurant as Silvia says, of heart and soul."   
     Armand's sister is a lawyer, by the way, who lives in Albania and says, "Yes I am a very good lawyer,  yet I love artists and anything to do with artists. I have always loved that. I would love to be here to help my brother, yet I live in Albania and now I see how happy and successful my brother and his wife are with our restaurant and me and my fiance are going to open a coffee cafe in Albania!"
     And while the family is young and friendly and of most importance very happy to please the guests, the food speaks for itself with its gorgeous presentation and playful fusion of Italian products. I can't wait to eat it!
"The wine is Italian, of course ,and little by little I am buying more wine. That is something that I want to do especially here. More wine for my restaurant,"laughs Armand. Yes since I love wine!
  I loved the very rare specialty items on the menu that I had never heard of such as the Octopus ragu, or the Chianti Sushi. "Yes it is a first time for me to see such items, too and we work with my very good friends who are the chefs. They combine products in a different way, a Tuscan fusion and we are trying to add more fish to the menu, too. The restaurant is very elegant and romantic at night and I want the menu to fit that." says Armand. 
     "Tartare, I believe, is very difficult to do the right way, yet my chef is very good at it. We have Salman Tartar with Avocados, for instance, which is different than most tartar. He is a very creative chef and as my friend fun to work with. Now we are in the process of  changing the menu to a winter one since Tuscany and especially Florence is famous for the Ribollita soup, for instance, and the Florentine Steak. The tourists appreciate it, in all varieties, and the Americans and Asians seem to love the Florentine traditional food.
I want my menu to reflect the seasonal fresh products and shall change my menu every three months."  
   And of course the question everybody is curious about, is it difficult to open and be successful with a new restaurant in Florence? Both Silvia and Armand look at each other and laugh, "Yes!" they say and Silvia points to imaginary circles under her beautiful eyes. "Look! We are exhausted. At the first couple of months we were so dedicated to the love of showing the restaurant in its best light that we stayed here 16 hours everyday. At night we rarely slept.We care about the guests too much!"  
                                                                 (Here a couple of guests that are happy they do!)                                                                                  
      "Now we stay about 12 hours a day, and we hope to have Armand's brother come to us from Albania soon to help out. Although it is a family restaurant and everybody is a equal partner, we are the physical presence here everyday."  Armand's sister is emphatic about that, too, "They are the passion that you feel and see when you walk in the door. They love the restaurant and they represent it's image everyday. Yes, it is my first day to actually eat here, yet I know my brother. We are family. I know how hard he works everyday. Yet see how much care has been put into the restaurant? That is because they both work very long days to make it the way that they want it to be, the way my family is. Very friendly and caring." 
                            La Menagere restaurant is too beautiful for words...
Risultati immagini per La Menagere
           ...chatting with Laura who is the lovely director the last 3 years and the Capo at the "sharing table" at La Menagere, I felt too much as if repeating myself again and again. I couldn't find the words to exclaim how sincerely and seriously beautiful and awe-inspiring the restaurant is. "That is truly because of the architects," says the shy Capo. "They designed the entire place to fit into the style of the very important noble family of, Ginori that aligns the street of the same name. The architects are from Florence, of course,,"  They designed here and the new project that the owners are involved in which is the Student Hotel of Florence. Angelo is the head Director of both and these days can be found at the gorgeous Student Hotel overseeing the Restaurants and Workspace that they have inside the Hotel. Risultati immagini per La Menagere
   Here Laura and Angel gather near the piano. "Though we do have pianists that entertain for the guests everyday, the piano is open for the guests to play. If you can play the piano, we would love to hear you. The restaurant is open all day from early to11:00every night. The guests can stay in the bistro which is just on the other side of the wall from breakfast to late night or they can choose to dine at the long sharing table, the intimate yet fun section where they can watch the chefs as they prepare the food or the fun playful section near the flower shop." 
  When you hit the pages of Vogue you should know that you have made it in the world!
              "The food here is a mix of let's say International fusion with Italian recipes and Italian products. The chef is a Michelin one star and we are very lucky to have him as our head chef. Although we don't strive to be Michelin, we are too quirky and too varied, I believe and the utmost comfort and stimulation of the intellect for our guests is more importance for us, the fact that he can make Michelin quality and does is important for us," says Laura.
  The only problem with La Managere is the fact that it is too cozy and too comfortable and even the big chefs giving the master whiskey classes are somewhat of hilarious jokers! They have too much fun here and they don't take themselves seriously, at all! They do give the guests the best that the fusion world of international food and Italian food combined can do, the greatest cocktails, the loveliest service and the flowers...o my gosh if you come to lunch you shall never miss a anniversary!       
     Why is that, you ask! The owners of the flower shop, in the middle of the restaurant La Menagere, are Ilario and Hamleto, who have been in the flower business the last 12 years.   "We used to have a concept store on Santa Croce Square in a clothing store, yet the architects approached us when they were designing La Menagere and asked us if we wanted to have the flower store inside the restaurant. We of course said yes and everyday from 10:00am to 22:00pm we are here! We have too many guests that want to buy flowers and glass vases and baskets for the flowers and we are always on. People take our pictures constantly. The flowers have such a beautiful aura to the place and the light smell of the fresh flowers everywhere in the restaurant combined with the earthy, woodsy feel of the place give it such success," says Ilaria. I ask Hamleto if he gives a Shakespeare quote with every purchase and he just smiles shyly!  The flower stores name is Artemisia and the facebook link is: yet they can be found everyday in the middle!
                 Now to talk about the new project which the Capos and Laura have said is a totally separate entity, yet one in which the same architects built and since it is to gorgeous and has the restaurants of the team inside it here it is:
     The view of the Student Hotel 6th floor pool and bar is the most beautiful in all of Florence...
                                                         Simbiosi Logo
                                                    Florence Italy 
Via de' Ginori 58r
055 06 40 115
                 My friend Krista loves Simbiosi!
  "The team of a restaurant is very essential to its success," says Francesco who has been with Simbiosi the last year. "We are all very fun and we laugh a lot with the guests. The open square kitchen in the middle of Simbiosi is one of the reasons that everybody loves coming here. It is very accessible and very important for our chef above others to be a nice guy. You know people are always approaching the chef to say hi and to see how the chef does the food. If it was a chef ramsey I am not too sure he would talk to the guests in a nice way!" says Francesco. 
     "And the food and wine, being organic and or biological is geared to a certain type of guest. They ask to know about the food and the team must be very knowledgeable about it."
The team of Donato and Sophia are VERY PLAYFUL, VERY AS you can see from the decor, which is stunningly beautiful, decadent, erotic, and well, playful! The food at the Pizza Simbiosi has always "been organic from day one. That is something that is very important to Donato and Sophia and is a personal choice. Organic and biologically produced products are very healthy for you as they contain no added chemicals or preservatives and for people with allergies that is important, too." says the fun loving Francesco who Sophia asked me to do the interview with today. 
  "You can see from the decor of the restaurants and the presentations of the food, along with the laughter and joking of the team that Donato and Sophia aren't your normal Capos."  True, they're playful and creative and actually from my point of view a little bit of genius thrown in there! 
                               ...and the newest addition to open in 5 days is the adjoining wine
             bar that of course has meat and cheese plates and organic wine. Of course! 
              Related image
    "Simbiosi design is 100% Donato," gushes Francesco who is probably the most enthusiastic person, besides me, that I have met! "He has the creative genius to see a room and turn it into a work of art. It is Decadent, Exotic, Erotic, Playful, Gorgeous and Comfortable at the same time." I say yes it is a little bit EYE



                       "Okay and as the Wild Boar from the Hunter's that Donato uses must go through a certification, as all of the food that we use as certified organic, the total opposite is true for Manzo. That restaurant Donato wanted to be totally specialized in meat. We don't use only organic there as he didn't want to compete with Simbiosi and that is only beef at Manzo," explains Francesco.      Beef Beef Beef! 
      The Manzo team is blushing, I think! 
       located at Via Ginori 24...I love Manzo!
                                            CAFE FRESCOBALDI on Piazza Frescobaldi 1          
     Okay the place to come in to have that perfect Italian latte or espresso is Cafe Frescobaldi located at Piazza Frescobaldi and soon to have the wine of Frescobaldi. One of the charms of the Italians is that they always name their cafes and restaurants from the piazzas or streets they are on! Love it!                                            
 "Me and Denis have had the cafe only one month. When you come back in another month we shall have Frescobaldi wine, too,"says Julian who is pictured here with the other famous Florentine man, Matteo Renzi.   "Now we have only Chianti, yet the cafe is very young and we are evolving as we do day to day. I want the highest quality of wine, too, and Frescobaldi is a great family along with having excellent wine. Plus everybody loves Frescobaldi."                                              
"Alright I love coffee and the one that we chose is Italian, of course, named Moka Arra from Florence. It is the best, and the coffee machine that I chose is famous because it is almost impossible to make a bad coffee. You have to work real hard to make a bad coffee from the machine. I mean you have to be an awful coffee maker." And we start laughing. "It is the Cimbali M100 machine and it is attached to a machine that regulates the coffee depending on the weather. The grain of the coffee is fine and the weather affects it, so the machine adjusts. It is very cool." he says. And expensive. "It is VERY expensive, yet I want the best. I want the highest quality of coffee that Italy is famous for and I want people to come to my cafe because they know they can start the day with a special coffee from Cafe Frescobaldi. Plus, the tourists love to drink coffee all day and every time you make a coffee here, in the morning, afternoon, night it is a perfect coffee. It is totally state-of-the art coffee maker and we needed something to make our cafe special." 
   Alright the coffee machine looks like something out of James Bond movie and as I chat with Julian and Denis, about 15 Italians mosey in to have their daily espressos. "For us it is important to give the cafe a great reputation and that is why we try to do that with the best coffee. You might say, it is only a espresso, yet so many people start the day around the world with that ritual of a social moment with coffee." Risultati immagini per moka arra coffee
"And as important as our meats and cheeses that we serve to the guests is, the coffee of Italy should be treated with importance, too. It is a part of the culture," says Julian. I told you he LOVES coffee! 
                     Alright everybody ready to meet me for aperitivo time, as you start to walk from the bridge to the Santo Spirito you should first pop in the the quaint and fun young cafe and try it tonight. You will have a lovely time and drink a local aperitivo named the Aperol Spritz. My favorite! Right at Piazza Frescobaldi, and while most aperitivo times are 18:00pm to 20:00pm the guys here really go all out and make it last til 23:00pm when it's over or when they run out of paninis! 
                                  Risultati immagini per rooster cafe florence
     The original Rooster Cafe is located on Via Sant'Egidio 37r, and is opposite the restaurant that Francesco originally started named L'Oriuolo, which his brother, Allessandro and his wife Angela now own. His girlfriend, Meaghan and I had a couple of chats at the cute international one of a kind cultural cafe last year and today. "O yes I am American, yet I have made Italy my home, at least now today, with Francesco!" she laughs when I ask her if she plans on staying in Italy. "I just came back from America for visa reasons, yet I love Italy much and missed Franceso!" she says as she tells me of her influence in the way the two cafes represent International food and American culture and the very traditional Italian culture.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Image associée
   Rooster Cafe Firenze at Porto Rossa 63
Meaghan says, "My boyfriend, Francesco, is a visionary and has many creative ideas. I am the artist, having trained here in Florence, yet he is the designer of both restaurants. I have my little artistic touches, though." 
     "The students feel at home here and now they say that they are very happy that a second location that is open all day, gives great cocktails and has a traditional Italian menu with cool and new presentations to try is open for them too!" laughs Meaghan. 
     "Francesco does Italian food like no other person I have met, and it is beautiful to look at too!" 
"Let the Francescos do the food, I can do the artists!" laughs Meaghan. 
Image associée
"I believe that we are the only restaurant and cafe that does what we do. It is innovate and fresh and young and along with the new addition of the opening of Rooster Cafe Firenze at Porto Rossa 63, with Francesco's uncle, the famous Francesco at the helm of head chef, we are slowly receiving a respected reputation as a great restaurant. We have trendy mixologists all day at the Firenze Restaurant location and they make some great cocktails, too!" laughs Meaghan as she enthusiastically gushes about both places. 
Immagine correlata
"You know my Francesco won't admit to being a great cook, yet he is, I've tasted his," giggles Meaghan. "I, myself, and the artistic one and I am very happy and excited to be introducing artists of all medium to both cafes, with art, photography, live music and live readings perhaps in the future."
                       "We opened the Rooster Restaurant in April and it is doing alright. I LOVE the fact that the Rooster Cafe on Porto Rossa 63r is open all day and all night and has two very special and highly particular menus. One in the day is international and has such items as the waffles and pancakes and fried chicken and at night the Italian Traditional Kitchen is and it isn't such as:  the famous uncle of Francesco, who's name is Francesco Bilotta,  and who is the head professor at the Accademia Italiana Chef here in Florence for the Famous Culinary school, is finally able to showcase his own cooking skills as our head chef. (Kind of like Chef Gordan Ramsey having his own restaurant in addition to having his own school, yet without the screaming.)" says Meaghan and me adding my own little comments!    "We have many of the students from the schools here, the international ones and especially the Americans who love the cafe. I guess they miss pancakes!"                                                                              My Friend Meaghan and Francesco and the team...Immagine correlata

                         LOVE CRAFT Whiskey and Blends at  Borgo S. Frediano, 24 rosso.                                   Risultati immagini per love craft firenze
"I loved the whiskey bars of Seattle when I lived in that city one year, especially the world famous Canon, which is just amazing. I fell in love with it and finally coming back to my home Italy and Florence was able to open my own." says Gabriele who along with his partner, Manuel, own the very cool and unique one of a kind Whiskey Bar in Florence Italy. Risultati immagini per love craft firenze
"We both have beards and wear casual clothes in the culture of the very elite Whiskey Clubs such as the old distinguished gentlemen sitting sipping their whiskeys and smoking the cigars. We want to introduce the whiskey to everybody and if people feel comfortable approaching the bar and asking to taste a whiskey and yet some say they don't really know how to drink it, I am very happy to chat and talk about the way to drink a whiskey to have the best taste that you can from that particular one. We have Scottish and American and Irish and Russian and Japanese, we have a lot of whiskeys, 150 and counting and it is very important to know that there is very different tastes and strengths of each one." says Gabriele. "The other reason that we have beards is that we are member of the charity club that is named Bearded Villians which is anything except villianous! , Established in 2014 in Los Angeles California U.S.  with the purpose of showcasing the bearded men with character from your next door neighbor to the supermodel on GQ mag.)
 They work around the world for a good heart and soul to help charities."      0039 055 269 2 968
"When it becomes busy, we have full bar waiting and they are happy to wait 4 to 8 minutes. The reason is that it isn't a bar where you order a drink grab the drink go sit in the chairs. It is a whiskey bar where you can ask us about the whiskey's, order a flight from the chalkboard which includes 3 types of whiskeys. For instance the FLIGHT WHITE RABBIT is a 3 whiskey taster of American, Italian, and Russian whiskeys. You try each one. The total of 3 is probably equal to 1 glass of whiskey. Maybe you have never tried a Russian whiskey and want to and Yes there is a huge difference between a Russian Whiskey and a American Whiskey." says Gabriele. Immagine correlata
 Manuel laughs, "Gabriele is the Whiskey Capo and I am the mixologist and the difference is that I am the one that makes the fancy drinks for you and Gabriele serves you Whiskey in all different forms. I know the Whiskeys of course and yes we do have to drink the Whiskey. I love the bar and I love the concept, yet coming from the mixologist side, I had to learn a little about the Whiskey. I need to be able to tell you the difference between a Smokey Whiskey and say a Spicey Whiskey, for instance. You need to let the guests smell the bottle, inhale the vapors and let it permeate the senses to really taste the whiskey. We have tasted each one and I guess Gabriele says that it took many years to actually drink a glass of each of the whiskeys." ( I mean they only have 150 Whiskeys and with 365 days in one year, you could actually drink all of these in 1/2 a year.) 
     Gabriele says, "Yes I have drank all of these and I will admit that is one of the fun parts of owning the bar! In the future I have already picked some of the rare Whiskeys that I hope to give my guests a chance to taste. The one Whiskey that is 30.00 euros a glass here is the PREMIER BARREL Whiskey, (I have it pictured above) and since they don't make this Whiskey any longer it is the last time you can ever taste it. I would suggest buying a glass and although it is 30.00 euros you can be one of maybe 5,000 people in the world that can say they had a glass of that Whiskey. That is how rare it is. The reason that I love Whiskey is that each Whiskey and each Whiskey Distillery has many combinations of the right way to taste it. You can have Whiskey with ice or straight up or with a tiny little drops of water and taste it to your comfort. And of course many ways to have Whiskey in a cocktail drink, yet I am talking about enjoying the Whiskey. The pureness of the Whiskey in and of itself." Immagine correlata
"The guests that come here are very different in the way they dress, their age, their ethnic background, their job titles, the regions of Italy where they live and of course the international tourists are finding us more and more everyday. Since we have the MAD bar a couple of meters down the road, they have earned a great reputation the last year and the tourists making their way to them, see us instead and mosey in with curiousity, love it and start drinking whiskeys!" says Manuel. "We're friends and that helps, yet we love that people are starting to know us, too." Risultati immagini per love craft firenze
                             ADAGIO RESTAURANT in Florence Italy is a Unique concept restaurant that highlights different regions of Italy every month, along with a special evening with a guest chef from that region and a degustation menu along with it. The two partners that own Adagio are David and Giavanni, both full of innovative and detailed ideas of what they want their restaurant to be. 
   "The word Adagio in and of itself is a musical direction meaning to slow it down. That is the philosophy of both Giavanni and myself both personally and professionally at the restaurant Adagio. To relax and live life slowly and to savor each moment. We have 5 philosophy ideas attached to the restaurant which are:                        1. Excellent Italian food, 2. Territories of Italy represented in the original way of the culture of food from that region, 3. Biodiversity, 4.Typical regional dishes, 5. Culture.  And that is pretty much how we run and visually see the restaurant developing." says David when I first meet him today and he shows me the lovely lay out of the Adagio. 
Risultati immagini per adagio restaurant florence
                The restaurant is located near the San Lorenzo Mercato at  Via De'Macci 79 rosso.    

"The month of September was the region of Puglia and we had a lovely cook who came and greeted the guests during dinner and introduced each course. We have between 3 to 4 wines with the dinner from that region and since Giovanni is a sommelier he is the one who works with the regional chef to choose the wine for that night and for the month. The cost of the degustation night with the chef from 8.00pm to midnight, or later, is around 45.00euros and includes it all. Chef, intro, music, food, wine, and the culture education of the ancient tradition of the food, of course. October is the North of Tuscany." 
    "The one item that we really try to adhere to in the philosophy is that if you come at 7:30pm and you eat dinner and you want to stay at that table having wine and conversation til midnight that is alright. We NEVER PULL A PERSON FROM A TABLE." Giovanni says emphatically. "The kitchen is open til 11.00pm and you can eat and drink wine til 1.00am if you wish." reservations:    0039 055 051 7094
"I love that Adagio has two different souls in the kitchen. The traditional regional kitchens of each section of Italy and the Ancient traditions  and the modern exotic, yet Italian dishes that the chef has on the menu everyday. The first month we were settling in and we weren't too much in sync with David and my vision of how we wanted the menu presented to the guests, yet now when the chef does the menu he knows just what we want. I love his menu, such as the Duck with licorice or the Pappardelle with Rabbit Ragu which the Italians eat all the time, yet the tourists find fascinating. Or the Erotic Ravioli which basically is I guess the uterus and the stern and the tongue stuffed inside the ravioli. Quite tasty, yet exotic. " says Giovanni. "You should come to a meet the chef night and try the regional dishes, you would love that experince." he says and I hope to, someday. 
"We started together about 3 years doing Christmas gifts for employees of Italian companies all around Italy, with concentration of food and wine. We traveled to different local suppliers and farmers and vineyards and make Christmas gifts for the companies to give to their employees so of course we knew everybody after awhile and when we decided to open the restaurant it began a long process of about 1 and 1/2 years. In May of last year we finally found the location and 7 months later we opened the restaurant. We took many hours, many of planning the regions and the menus and how we would present these to the guests and the best way to introduce the chefs and to introduce each region from a food culture point of view. I believe the restaurant is special for many reasons yet especially the fact that we are the only restaurant to have a modern exotic daily menu and a traditional regional menu that is presented every month. Very unusual everywhere in Italy and in Florence." Says Giovanni, David's partner. "The piano player is pretty cool too, with the piano that you see here. I was going to say that he ususually comes on Tuesdays yet since he only came once I guess we should wait and see." he says laughing. 
  Risultati immagini per trattoria vecchio mercato   The three of us, me and my partners, bought the very traditional and famous Truffle Tuscany Villa named Il Convio Restaurant in the lovely rural village between   Florence and Pisa, three months now." says my friend Luigi.   Located now is a VERY GOOD TIME to go the Restaurant, where Luigi's beautiful and talented girlfriend, Anatella sings tonight,  Via San Maiano 2 in the village of  San Miniato Basso.          
           "Here is the most famous Truffle Restaurant and where the precious white truffle comes from, " says the very funny Luigi, who knows more about the daily Italian life than literally most anyone I know. "Me and my two friends bought the restaurant villa, which has been here a very long days, about 3 months now. The little village is most famous for the white truffle, which of course is used very rarely and very delicately around the world. Alba is famous in the north Italy and here." says Luigi. "You must tell the tourists to come, since it is world famous, the truffle festival in November. Every weekend we pay special homage and respect to the November month and every weekend every restaurant holds a festival on white truffles. Tourists come from everywhere in the world. Yet please tell the tourists they must drive or have somebody drive to the famous village!" says Luigi.  
                                  San Miniato Basso,    Tuscany between Pisa and Florence                                                                                                                                                                      Reservations: 0039 0571 408 11 4                                             
                                                                                                                                                         The elegance and total Old-School respected sophistication is found at the lovely Vecchio Mercato
near the famous actual Mercato in Florence, Italy, soley owned of the Capo, Luigi, who in addition owns the Tuscany Villa named Il Convio just mentioned! 
"Yes, I have two daughters, one is little about 7 and one is a older teenager. The young one absolutely loves me and if I ask her to help she is very happy, the older one ignores every word I say and when I am finished with my lecture says, "NO" to me and walks away." laughs Luigi. Aaa it is nice to know that somehow cultures, although in many ways different, are exactly the same! Risultati immagini per trattoria vecchio mercato
"You know, Florence is all about the Florentine steak that we are very proud of actually. We have many guests and we try to show the culture with the food and the song on Monday nights here at Vecchio Mercato," says Luigi, my personal friend about 5 years now. 
Luigi's passion is "playing the piano..."Risultati immagini per trattoria vecchio mercato  
mine? listening to someone playing the piano...
and drinking the wine that is special to the 
very funny and classic and sophisticated  
Vecchio Mercato here love! 
Risultati immagini per vecchio mercato firenze
Luigi's passion is "playing the piano..." says the affable owner of Vecchio guessed it right across from the famous Central Mercato in Florence. "Here let me play for you..." and he plays "happy birthday." I start giggling. "Wait, I can play two songs..." and he plays a second beautiful ballad. Why only these two songs? "Because I love the piano and I love these songs and I wanted a piano in here and I wanted to say that I can play two songs." Although I wrote the passage above about 3 years now, I love the fact that a Capo loves a Piano so much that he actually learned two songs when he added a piano to his restaurant! 

   Me? I love the food and the music  and the great funny company. Luigi is ALWAYS HONEST and Normal, you know a real person who loves to chat with you. You will love that restaurant trust me. 

  I love the photo here since it reminds me of my little baby, Matti at the age of 8, playing the piano! 

Two lovely girls viewing the Mercato leather carts in the morning asked me why they should come to eat lunch at the Vecchio Mercato...they were American and about 25 to 30. Lovely. I said, "Hmm, because the Capo is a very cool funny person who has a hilarious real Italian speaking cooking team, the most respectful kind service and it is a real traditional lovely experience that you will receive." and I guess that was enough for them since they immediately went there to eat! Risultati immagini per trattoria vecchio mercato


How about  Tagliolina al tartufo, which is fettucine with heavy cream, Tagliata Di Manzo Al Tartufo Con Fonduta, which is sliced steak of beef with truffle and fondue,  Antipasto del Cacciatore(Salsiccia Di Cinghiale, Pecorino, Sott'Oli) which is served per 4 people or one and it is a Hunter's Appetizer with wild-boar sausage and sheep cheese, all of these traditional and respected recipes of the Tuscany region, not to mention the GREAT WINE selection that Luigi carries! 

         Luigi's fun and intensive passion, playing the PIANO AND HAVING HIS LADY SING FOR THE GUESTS!Risultati immagini per trattoria vecchio mercato
                                            While Demetra is formed to as a compliment to the famous
           Fullup Dance Club in Florence Italy only a couple of months now, sitting quietly above the famous club of 1958 its heavily covered cloth chairs and elegant soft hues of ivory and white with brown and soft orange linen napkins, has friendly formal and elegant service as well, yet a comfortable atmosphere prevails, maybe do to its playful persona of its club owners, Monica and Simone. However, the sophisticated quiet restaurant above is on its way to a degustation menu and Michelin status, of that I am sure! Risultati immagini per demetra restaurant  florence

   "The restaurant, Demetra is only a couple of months old and it is something we designed and thought about a long while, since it is above the famous FullUp Dance Club and since we are the first time open in the summer with the tiny, exquisite and elegant restaurant, Demetra, we spend much details on the presentation of the food. On the highest quality, with a special menu. A tiny menu of the most delicate and charming items, such as Tagliatelle al Ragu di Cinghiale, or Filetto di manzo al Chianti conn chipos di patate viole e sedano rapa alle due consistenze. immagini per demetra restaurant  florence
Risultati immagini per demetra lounge bistrot
"My new baby is the Demetra," says Monica in her soft voice. "Simone is all about the Dance Club and now I am having fun with the kitchen team to create a excellent menu to offer the guests. Since we are young and playful I believe that a degustation menu awaits us in the future and my team wants that goal, too." says Monica. 
                                                                         Phone: +39 055293006
                                                          located at : Via Della Vigna Vecchia 25
       During the fifties in Italy the night life and the club scene, as well as in America is a very social way to meet people, to be seen and to intregrate the culture of the era into everyday life, of which is was a Big Part of music, especially.  The 1958 Club promotes Diversity since the family of Monica has entered the scene, buying the dance club in 1978, and adding the beautiful elegant restaurant above since only 2 months. correlata
"Come follow me," starts my tour with Monica being my tour guide through the VERY BIG Dance Club, FullUp, although open again in August 27, it is a maze of 3 rooms and a private room complete with its own intimate bar and DJ booth. "In here we do live music too. And it is available to do aperitivos in the room here and the room to the left of the smoking room." she says as I say how beautiful the club is. Risultati immagini per full up club in florence

Immagine correlata
"We have very famous DJs and the Club can hold up to 300 people in comfort. It is a dance club and you have to weave your way in and out of the people dancing, to find the room you want, of course!" laughs Monica. I ask her if it is totally fun to own a dance club. "My family bought FULLUP in 1978 and yes it has been great fun. Now my boyfriend Simone does the Dance Club, although it is very funny when you ask Simone if he dances down here with me." she says. 
    Alright I ask Simone if he dances downstairs since they have a Dance Club with many famous people here and he laughs, "You know we used to have many famous celebrities come and we're hoping with the elegant tiny restaurant upstairs that they feel comfortable dining upstairs and sneaking into the downstairs Dance Club through the VIP door straight from the restaurant. It is free for the guests of course, and while the other entrance a cover fee of about 10.00 to 15.00 euros depending on the event, DJ, live music etc, is a entry fee it always include the first drink, and that is alright with the guests. And yes of course we have a selection process. It is a elite dance club and you must want to have a good time, and be dressed a little special." he says. 
Risultati immagini per full up club in florence
 "The Club is about diversity and we have Fairy Gold that is world famous every Saturday to come and have fun, we have American Student Nights on Thursdays and they seem to totally enjoy meeting the local people and the other internationals. It is a famous club since 1958 where people can come to party and dance all night." says the owner, Simone, who along with his girlfriend Monica own FULLUP and Demetra. 

"I am most excited to see the dance club evolve through the years and although me and Monica don't really know the exact reason that her family named it FULLUP we try to fill it up with dancing people!" laughs Simone. "My new project is revamping the entire club with a new decor and I am taking the entire month of August to do just that. We reopen and ready for guests at the 27th of August, at least that is the hope, maybe early September. I want my vision of the image of the classy club with its many varities of the highest DJs and Music and atmosphere along with the private rooms of Elvira to carry on the famous tradition." 
  The wild crazy dancers of the FULLUP club doing what they do best, dancing to the KONGA night where the students come to have fun. 
      The many rooms of FULLUP include private intimate rooms with aperitivos and your own live music or the bigger noisy rooms near the entrances! 
                  Risultati immagini per full up club florence facebook photos

                                              italy with us tours.                                                                                  

                Okay for these of us who know our child is Venus...check 

               out the birth of Venus, Botticelli, Uffizi Gallery Florence                          

Risultati immagini per uffizi wonders
           La Galleria degli Uffizi is on the list of the world’s top 10 museums and art galleries
                                ps. One of the other delights is actually meeting Ahmed, the Capo
             of the Italy with Us Tours in Florence who is so much fun that I stayed 2 hours talking!   AND YOU SAY YOU ARE STUCK IN ROME...WE HAVE A TOUR TO THAT! 
                                 Florence Day Trip from Rome HIGH SPEED TRAIN FROM ROME
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     Says Ahmed, "I can bring you on the real exciting tours of Florence. You know people come to  Florence to eat the food, of course, yet to experience the culture especially. Since I have been many places in the world, and born in Egypt, I know that cultures are different. For instance, one time I went to the Italy wine in Verona and met Russians. They bought $12,000.00 worth of wine in 30 minutes. They say, "I love it buy it now." That is Russian tourists. They love life. They see something they love. They buy it." he says laughing. I say that I know. I stayed at the Villa Franceschi The day before they opened Louis Vuitton in Venice. Marc Jacobs wanted my room the next day so I had to leave. The helicopter pad was occupied I guess. However, the night before I dined in the exquisite dining room with 5 Russians and their very chubby 17  year old. The entire night after the Verona wine event,which Antonio the Capo had brought them to, they  ate much. The chubby kid ate nothing. They brought me a dessert tray of 3 cookies. I ate these. They brought the Russians a 3 tiered tray "high tea english style" tray of dessert cookies. Risultati immagini per italy with us tours florenceWhen the 17 year old saw me eating the desserts, the adults brushed these away and ordered more wine. The "little" boy looks at me, grabs all the cookies from the three tiers and starts eating! I laughed and asked for more cookies. We kind of bonded in the sense I hope I made him feel included in the dinner since the other adults ignored him, and in the sense that I showed that it is acceptable to enjoy which one loves.

 "Yes, since each culture is different, it is important to let everybody have different tastes and when they ask questions to acknowledge their wants." says Ahmed.  

       "Actually in Russia, the kids are encouraged to eat tons of food since the fatter you are the more esteemed and weatlhy you are regarded."! says Ahmed. Nancy his assistant and I laugh. "That is the way with my Italian Grandmother, too, " she says laughing, "as a matter of fact when I call her and say I want to visit she never asks what time I arrive, instead she asks what do I want to eat! She assumes I will arrive it is just a matter of how much food she has prepared for me to eat." she says. 

                         How poignant, sad and majestic is the reality of beauty...the statue of David,

Immagine correlata

Met the new director of Florence Tours Italy with us, today. His name is Ahmed and his great funny assistant is Nancy. 

"Alright, I want you to add every tour we have here and Rome, "says Nancy when I first meet her. She is funny and delightful and most of all trustful and honest. "You have to meet my director, Ahmed." she says. And I finally meet him. He is very serious and very knowledgeable about his tours. They have a great private tour of Ufizzi for only $125.00 per person and if you bring more than 2, the 3rd on is only $40.00 per person in your group! (hint you can share like a fraternity group!).Risultati immagini per david museum florenceSuch innocence and fragility in his face! Hmm...he reminds me of someone, I can't put my finger! on it!

How about Florence in one day, David and the Accademia, Florence the Essential (for those history buffs you know it all), or since they are based in Florence and Rome, if you are physically in the eternal city of Rome for $169.00 you can take the highspeed train to Florence, see the city and back to Rome! They are very knowledgeable and the tour guides are years spent in school for their degrees(a must in Italy to be a tour guide) and here they must learn scripts and pass many tests before actually meeting "real" people! Ciao and have fun!                                 

 "Since the tours officially start in December, my tour guides are on vacation the next 2 weeks, if you dare to have me, the Director, take you on the tours, go ahead and make reservations, it is my pleasure." says Ahmed, who has been a tour guide the last 20years in Bali, Florence, Egypt, you name it. HINT: WORTH IT: Ahmed tells you many secrets of life I CAN NOT PRINT HERE!

              The mysterious beauty of La Maremma starts with the very special wine list...
                     Risultati immagini per la maremmana restaurant florence
and continues to the traditional ribollita and Florentine steak  and tagliato di tonno, Pecorino fresco grigliato con peperoni dolci and garganelli ai funghi name a couple of better dinner choices...    
Alright maybe you are a vegatarian! Yes they do have asparagus scrumptious items on the menu, and they present the plates with flair, and remember I said that it is a romantic restaurant which means that everybody needs to dress up when they chow down on the wild boar...just kidding! Risultati immagini per la maremmana restaurant florence
Alright guess what the restaurant is famous about? That is right...eating the WILD BOAR? nope the famous Florentine Steak, 

  And here proves the fact that many love to eat the boar which the restaurant is famous of, yet the Florentine Steak will get you a photo so I guess if you want a picture on the facebook hall of fame, dress up, put on that makeup and ask to eat the Florentine Steak.

Risultati immagini per la maremmana restaurant florence
Okay being a restaurant that has quietly and continuously built a reputation of the highest standards, no slanderous trip reviews please, with guests raving about the food and the lovely atmosphere of locals and tourists who appreciate it,     I find it difficult to find a table. Yes I know the Shakespeare category of the biggest strength...etc. Make reservations and have fun. The wine list is stunning, too and the chefs colorful playful hats make you giggle. 

         The cool sweet Capo of Maremma 
  I have loved Florence the last 8 years since it is a city of beauty and culture and romantic interludes such as can be found here at the Maremma which is near Santa Croce. Tiny and intimate yet playful and famous in the Tuscany region for Wild Boar!
The traditional restaurant is softly lit at night and you can hear the musicians as they play on the Santa Croce Square if the doors are open, or the soft happy chatter of people from everywhere in the world, usually laughing at the Florentine Steak presentations.
"The restaurant is famous for the Wild Boar and that is why I have the little stuffed boars on the top of the ledges since the children love the wild boars as much as the adultes, except the children love to grab the wild boars and that can lead to problems!" says Marco who is the friendly and I am very happy successful Capo of Maremma. 
   THE COOLEST APERITIVOS IN FLORENCE...kitsch 1 and try to find the hidden Kitsch 2, too!
The two owners of Kitsch 1 and Kitsch 2 are Markus and Fabio. Each of these reflect the aperitivos cocktail bars, the Kitsch 1 is run by Markus who loves to be present and DJ from his super cool Iphone. That one, Kitsch 1 is located at : Viale Gramsci 1/r, near to San Croce,  and the Kitsch 2 which is run by Fabio the famous photographer is at Via San Gallo 22. 
                                      Related image
"Hmm, why do people come here instead of somewhere else?" answers Fabio. "We have a gorgeous design of renaissance and modern with velvet booths and chairs and industrial lamps and a eclectic audience of professional locals and international students and curious tourists with the best food at only 12.00euros from 7.00pm to 11.00pm all you can eat buffet and drink of the highest quality. You want Johnny Walker on the rocks and buffet? It is 12.00 euros. You want Sex on the Beach and buffet? It is 12.00 euros. You want a Manhatten, Old-Fashion, Martini, Mojito, you name it and we give it to you. Each additional drink til 11.00pm is only 6.00 euros. And if you want to bring the family, say children of 12 years and they want a coca cola or a juice and buffet, it is 12.00 euros. Where in Florence can you go and receive the best gnocchi, the best salads, the best desserts, the best variety of pizza and the best fish and meat of about 5 at least varieties every night at only 12.00 euros? All you can eat. The family can come and they can spend 48.00 euros of a family of 4 all you can eat. That is unbeatable in Florence.!"
Image result for kitsch deux florence
  And of course everybody loves the buffet at Kitsch 1 Image may contain: 3 people

"You know Martini sponsors me and gives us signs and brochures and especially cool DJ events, and it is a great collaboration. I know that when people see the name Martini it signifies respect and good quality and that is my place. Highest quality. I of course want my guests to have a fun night with the best possible food and drink. And music and yes itis true, sometimes we do dance on the tables.!"Risultati immagini per kitsch and kitsch 2

Okay, I ask Fabio if only the young and beautiful can come into Kitsch since as you see from the pictures here it seems that way! "Yes of course!" he jokes ! I think! 


When I met with Fabio at Kitsch 2 on Wednesday the 12th, the Martini Liquour Group was sponsoring the event to promote the new Fuori Martini to promote Aperitivo Spritz. We had a couple of course and they are lovely. Fabio told me of the way that he is totally conscious of his guests and the quality of food at Kitsch. "I only allow meat that is farm raised in my buffets. I know that the animals are raised to roam freely in the farm lands and that it is with respect when I eat food on a plate, I respect that food. I only use about 5 to 7 meats every night on the buffet, yet each cow or pig is raised on a farm. And the fish we use is of the highest quality, too. In addition the pasta is biological. I care about my guests and the food here is of the  highest quality. I am first a cook. I am as good of a cook in the restaurants in Florence that only serve lunch and dinner, yet my place is elegant, funky, renaissance style with a DJ and music and great mixologists that do the cocktails every night. I am proud to have Kitsch 1 and Kitsch 2." says Fabio.   Immagine correlata
     Warning: ONLY the COOLEST IN CHILL GROUP of people who love to have fun and risk in life to meet new people, the Keeping up with the JONES's , the Double Doses of the Twins in Town and the Key people allowed at Kitsch...Ciao and o yes have a lovely day and a lovely night! Great cocktails, great dancing with DJs and great highest food...all at Kitsch...number one in Florence the last 20 years to do aperitivos til 2.00am! 
"I always have a couple of proposals from Beer and Liquour companies that want to sponsor us to do the year. Now Martini and a Beer company sponsor Kitsch since we bring a lot of people to taste the items, and I must do a couple now to renew the year. They love us and we love the sponsors since they come and do events of music and such with us all the time." says Fabio and above is the Germain! 

                                                                          Trattoria Armando Florence "I have had interns the last 10 years and I have these young talented people here about 1 month to 6 months. I take care of the housing for each. My mother loves to teach these young people since they have tons of energy and they absolutely love her." When I ask how her mother deals with the long hours of the kitchen, "Everyday my mother says, can I please come to work! and I say mama you can come at lunch or dinner because it is a long day. Yet she loves to come here all the time. It is amazing and it truly is a unique situation that we have in terms of women culinary owners and chefs." Since the Teatro House has moved 1 kilometer away, "We have less of the opera stars and the ballet house is gone. It is usual for the people to visit one day to do dinner, yet in the old times they came for one month to prepare for the opera and concerts and ballet. It would be nice to see the young stars of today come to visit to meet in the photos, the mentors of their youth." says Alessandra. You seriously have to see these took me 15 minutes to calm down from all the energy and laughter they share with everyone. 
"My father didn't help me because he didn't want me to do the job but my mother always in the kitchen had mixed feelings. To keep the restaurant yet how could a young woman do the job? Usually with the Italian restaurant it is a couple and my husband has another job and it is only me. I didn't think about it. It was a passion for me. It is the field of my life and I try hard and I have success at the end. I have grown up here." she says. 

       Although Alessandra's mother, Giovanna, speaks only Italian, as does the entire kitchen team, she and I had a funny non-verbal and verbal conversation. She said that when the famous ballet dancer came to the restaurant that he wanted to marry her. And I believe least that is what I think she said! She is such a beautiful lady inside and outside as is her daughter. It is a elegant restaurant where you have a hidden sanctuary to enjoy a relaxed and private lunch and a intimate romantic dinner, unseen from passerbys. Or if you like to people-watch there is still two tables in the front reminiscent of the early days where you can do just that!                                                                                                                                                                Risultati immagini per trattoria armando firenze

It is as if I expect Sophia Loren and Carlo Ponti to walk in the door! "When I am 8 years old I took the picture of my hero Georges Pretre, the famous French Conductor and I went to his concerts since the Teatro House of Florence at that time is only 200 meters from the restaurant." says Alessandra.Image may contain: 1 person, sitting and indoor

"I think the walls show the story of the Restaurant. It is 3 family generations and it is today to work in a family traditional restaurant one must know the history. We usually do a lot of work and to know that it is his. That in many ways it is a lot of sacrifice in a certain way. I was the Economic history at university. When my father got ill, I was 35 years old. He was going to give up the restaurant and I said let me come in and keep the tradition."  The atmosphere at the restaurant is gracious and traditional. A must treat of Florence.   On the walls we have such stars as Russian Ballet Dancer Rudolf Nureyev... to which Alessandra says, "Yes he came here to eat many times yet when the restaurant is closed he came to eat at my house." And that is only one of 100's of photos that adorn the famous restaurant's is a look back in time and as of today the only actor is "Dustin Hoffman who came with his parents!" says Alessandra's mother, Giovanna Pieralli, the famous matriarch cook who brought her culinary talents to join the family when she at the age of 17 met Alessandra's father. "My grandfather, Armando, started the restaurant only in the front with meats and cheeses and wine. They only had a couple of tables..,and he bought the rest of the trattoria later and they made the restaurant."      the elegance of the hidden restaurant is a safe  landing place for the international stars of Teatro...   - Trattoria Armando
Risultati immagini per trattoria armando firenzeThe Lovely Private and Exquisite Restaurant in Florence named Trattoria Armando is Amazing for its Discreet hidden location and it's 60 years of traditional family recipes. However, wait before you say O another Florentine restaurant, it has the most special adornment of famous photos of musicians, opera stars and ballet performers that you will ever find except in the original Teatro Houses which of course no longer exist. Located at:Borgognissanti 140, 0039.055.217263Il passato e il presente - Trattoria Armando

  Above in the video is the surprisingly young and funny team with the Matriarch Cook Giovanna Pieralli, one of the only very rare Women Cooks that head the kitchens of Italy, her daughter, Alessandra Pieralli, and again one of the rare Women Capos of the restaurants of Italy, and Pietro who is the nephew, Alona the young girl in the kitchen, Mika who takes care of the guests, Michael who is a young cook, Takumi who is from Japan and you see in his chef's hat, and Willem the Holland intern who is here from the cooking school of Florence's intern program.            
Risultati immagini per gold records
MillesiMi Wines: Grandi Vini D'Europa the Wine of Tuscany, Italy and France only.
                                              the deep 5 room rooms below the store MillesiMi Wines.
Anne Marie's son, a delightful ball of energy, has a craft beer cavern in the rear of the elegant sophisticated wine store, where she says,"It is a project of his since he is into distribution and importing of the beer which is different than the wine.The people know the quality of wine and the many centuries history of the vineyards around the world and shall pay a higher price for a good and rare quality of wine, yet my son has craft beer. It is very expensive in the terms of beer. The people that go to a pub want a good beer for around 5.00euros. Here they have to pay at least 8.00 euros to 12.00 euros per craft beer and maybe higher. My wine people don't understand paying that much for one bottle of beer." she laughs enthusiastically. I tell her that the beer aficionados pay that much, trust me. 
    We just have to let the beer lovers know that the beer in the rear of the 20 year old sophisticated rare wine store is here and they will come. Perhaps traipsing with their blue jeans and sweatshirts to buy the 12euro bottle, yet they'll come!  
                       Millesimi Birra is owned 
of the Capo's son, who is very passionate about his beer! He imports tons of it from everywhere around the world, including America and I am trying to encourage him to import my neices's brewery beer:
Chicago, Maplewood.  For the Millesimi Beer and for Maplewood
Nessun testo alternativo automatico disponibile.
I laugh and tell Anne Marie that the young hipsters from around the world shall soon be curious and come to check out the knowledgeable lady that owns MillesiMi for the Wine and mosey on back to buy a couple of brews! Strange, yet funny! 
Related image
                   Located at:  Borgo Tegolaio 33/r
             Firenze, Italy. Please call: 055 26 54 675
            or email Anne Marie with questions: at 
                        millesimisrl@gmail.comImage result for millesimi firenze
   Find Santo Spirito for great happy hour aperitivos and it is a little alley down from Santo Spirito. 
  "Of course I love wine and yet when I receive a bottle, I can say that I know that vineyard and I know the year and I know the conditions and that although sometimes a wine journalist says "that 2014 was a bad year" and I disagree and say that 2014 is a very good year, and yet again if I have a bottle that is unopened how do I know the wine til it is opened and experienced?" says the very elegant and one of timeless beauty. 
    Anne Marie and I have a discussion about Audrey Hepburn and Coco Chanel. We love both. Anne Marie reminds you of both, she says Coco, and I say yes and Audrey. You know how Audrey has that perfect face that yet can't be copied.
      So beautiful.  Anne Marie.  She has nobility in her and I say that the wine store is her perfect choice since wine should be had with elegance. 
     "Yes I see wine as elegant. Each bottle has a history and when I find little local wineries only in France and Italy, this is enough. The wine producers only make about 2,500 to 20,000 perhaps bottles of wine per year, and when a person buys a bottle and comes back to buy another one, when it is gone it is gone." 
 The store is kind of a juxtaposition in the sense of the dusty old rare wine bottles in the Caverns below to the funky new craft beers that slowly slowly Anne Marie has allowed her son to present and acquire more space in her store for.
             The first time I met Anne Marie is 4 years ago! And he had a little tiny poster of his Archea Brewery beers he distributed and about 24 to 25 beers total and she wrinkled her nose and sighed, "What can you do, he is my son," and now I am very surprised to see the entire back room filled with exotic international craft beers on the shelves and a table where there is "A mess, simply a mess", says Anne Marie. The table obviously is used for beer tastes and it is quite funny to see. She says that many people have not found the craft beer in the store.  "YET," I say! Wait til the youngsters start coming in with their new sports grunge look, laughing loudly and making their way to the beer section! Her son laughs as he runs, kisses his mom and spurts out the door to a waiting taxi before zooming away.
        O, that is my son, she says introducing him! Just like the beer! Seen, bought and fastly consumed!

 I love putting new entreprenuers on my website and the two very fun Capos of the Civico Leather are no exceptions, they constantly bargain with the guests and joke all the timewith a continue banter that is charming and funny instead of O my Gosh not a bargainer. The Americans love these guys, they are like the Dan Rather and Jim Belushi of The Wild and Crazy Czechoslovakians on Saturday Night Live...O and they have Great Leathers...located at                                                                                                                                   Civico Via Faenza...

 "The bag is great for the airlines, it is the perfect size, yet it is a little expensive, here let me show you all the compartments," says Stefano as he throws the stuffing out and shows me the soft leather. I LOVE THAT BAG. "Here beautiful Kenya woman," he says as a couple from Kenya walk in and the woman, although a little sophisticated starts to giggle. You will laugh with them, trust me. They are fun. And after all isn't that why you come to Florence and on vacation? To have fun? "We both worked many years, at least 20 in the Florence leather market, and we worked with Jimmys, who I see on the site. Yet here is our baby. It is brand new. We have to bargain with people. There is too many leather places and we have the highest quality leather, yet we have fun with people. We don't want to rob you and we want you to tell your friends and tell your friends and tell your friends, and that is the way you grow a new business. You work real hard and long hours, you're honest and you bargain. When you are more established in a couple of years you can be a little more choosy, yet we know people have to buy from us and we work with you. We want to grow the business, not get rich overnight." says Stefano. 

     "I live in the most famous section of the world for leather, and that is Santa Croce, not the square, yet the city where the finest leather is produced." says Marcus. "We choose the finest leather and work with designers. We custom make the coats for you and ship these to you. We are trying to do our best with the highest quality and right now we are concentrating on showing off our baby store.!"

"Meet Marcus and Stefano," says the funny Capo, "That is the names we give ourselves since the tourists can't pronounce our names, we have adopted Italian ones," jokes Stefano.    

           O hey, at least they are honest! 

The Kenya woman whispers to me, "I'm a chemist and even in the winter in Kenya it is 20 degrees, yet I AM ALMOST CONVINCED TO BUY THE COAT!" she laughs and I say she should buy the airline bag and take it everywhere. "Hmm I never thought about buying a bag instead." she says. Image may contain: people standing
"The above jacket is leather cuffs and collars and we can make it in any colors. You know we bargain and say Okay I can do you a great deal and the Americans love it. They say, Okay make me a deal. Some people maybe are too serious, yet the ones that come in here come to have fun and of course take home a real Florentine leather." says Marcus. 

"I love the ones with the hoods, and they are detachable and they are reversible, which is why they are a little more expensive, yet most people can do pretty good with us!" We do custom colors and custom made and only if you come into the store since we don't want to take your measurements over the internet." they laugh. Marcus and Stefano in their "baby" store. "Wait, wait,  we need to dressup!" shouts Marcus, yet he lets me take the photo anyway. They are very fun and everybody stays and laughs and talks to them. "The Americans are the nicest. They always say, O I have to think about it, then they buy it and say, O what the hey." he says.                                                       (0039) 347 27 85550Image result for civico 29 leathers of florence


          Claudio and Laura have a real Tuscany restaurant situated in a 1000AD Palace of the famous Florentine family named, Corbizzi, who one of the son's killed Lorenzo di Medici's brother, and the result in the square, as is a Medici fashion, is to have killed the entire family of the Corbizzi! Yes; however, the family and food here is the lovliest ever, and yes I know since I just ate a HUGE (roman tradition) Carbonara although I am supposed to be on a diet!  "Yes sometimes we have wedding parties that come after the wedding for welcoming guests and they love the downstairs since it is very private." says Laura. It is also very very beautiful. Gorgeous and authentic with a real well and ceilings of such beauty in the original tall arched brick. Must see it! 
"Come let me show you the downstairs," is how me and Laura bond! The "downstairs" is the cellar of the original Corbizzi Palace and is elegantly beautiful. The leather soft grey booths are so gorgeous and I keep oooing and aaaing. "Yes I love these and added these in January. I love the way that they blend with the original Palace walls. When we came here me and Claudio start taking down the plaster walls and discover the 1000 ad brick. It is so beautful, yet is flakes so we can't really have the exposed brick above the heads of people. We chose to keep the covered white above and yet to all sides and the wine cellar you can see and feel the original structure." she says. It is so cool that I believe that you can bring a tour group here to talk about the Palace and learn the history of the structure. "Yes, yet ultimately I want to tell of the fresh ingredients and to promote the families that we use that farm with care and don't mistreat the animals. The cows have a good life and aren't mistreated" he says and here is the wonderful cuts! O and should I mention eat the Tuscany food that is lovely! And fattening. Now I must go jogging! Related image
                  images for ghibellini restaurant florence
"We physically own the Corbizzi Palace," starts Claudio, who sits down with his very funny and gorgeous wife, Laura. "That is the reason here that we can give a family traditional Tuscany meal in a 1000AD palace. Most of Florence is owned by 10 families and the palace's are rented to other people at outrageous rents. They can't honestly afford to have family restaurants in these. Yet we can and many times people approach me, yet I love my mother and father who started the restaurant and I love my tradition of being a Florentine. I want to give the best food. The only thing that me and Laura have done the last couple of years is add fish to the menu, making it a little more appealing to a certain sect, and redecorated. Yet, the fish is cooked in Tuscany style. Every item is from Tuscany. The wine, the recipes, the ingredients." He pauses and for some reason me and Laura laugh a lot! He adds, "That is the real reason that Italy has the best food. We have the best ingredients, especially here in Tuscany. The very best. And we use the best. You must try!" he says and of course the pasta was the best! 

    The waiter, Valerio, brings me the wine of his choice and it is Vermentino. Everybody around the world knows that is MY FAVORITE one! How do they know ! 

         Via S. Pier Maggiore, 8   0039055 214424

                        Looks like Vogue Elizabeth! or Albert of Regensburg! at  ARLO true he is featured on the front of
                                                                         Vogue along with Dior, Gucci! How does it feel to be famous?                                     
Risultati immagini per arlo haisek pictures
                                                                                                AH             Risultati immagini per arlo haisek pictures


Immagine correlata
                   "I don't know why they choose me with such greats as Gucci or Dior or Armani. They love my spirituality of my designs. Honestly I work with bronze, gold-plated, iron, and when I do the bracelets that are of a nail around the wrist I use the 7th century techniques which they would make each nail handmade in those days. I use the techniques yet now they are safe to wear!" he says laughing. "If I have a sponsoring investor, or course I would love to mold my creations for somebody that asks me to use precious jewels in the eyes of society; however, for now I use my natural elements." 
Immagine correlata
                                                                                  ZIO GIGI

                                                  via Folco Portinari 7 red.                                                                 Risultati immagini per zio gigi restaurant florence

No automatic alt text available."What do the Americans want?" Raluca asks and I say that they want to know that you like them. Basically it gives everybody hope around the world to come to a city that has smiles and hospitality and that greets the tourists with real honesty, respect, and happiness. It gives people hope to be in Italy since everybody seems happy! "Yes I am happy truly to have fun with my guests and I have made many facebook friends from everywhere the last 10 years." says Raluca."I am out here saying hi to everybody and I tell my guests that they don't have to spend tons of money here. They can have a entire bottle of wine plus a HUGE PLATE OF pasta for under 20.00euros and if they don't plan on drinking the entire bottle themselves they can each spend about 13.00 euros for wine and pasta." 

     The plates of pasta are HUGE and they look scrumptious! correlata

The fun kind Capo Gigi singing to his guests.Risultati immagini per osteria zio gigi
At Zio Gigi the Capo is Italian and speaks Italian. Only!

However his fun and friendly team speaks a little Engish and I am allowed to interiew Raluca, "I am the waitress for 10 years and I guess let me see the reason that people come here? It is real simple. The Capo is funny and he sings sometimes as he greets the guests he all of a sudden starts to sing a wonderful opera!" And when I say hi to Gigi he starts to immediately sing! 

   "And it is because of the fact that we are cheap!" says Raluca laughing. "I want to be honest, too," she adds, "we have the house wine that is very lovely and it is only 10euros and the food pasta ranges from 5.00euros to 10.00euros. The Italian food traditionally and locally is not very expensive to make. We continue that tradition, of seriously, the typical real food of the Italian people and give it to the guests. Of course the Florentine steak is a little more expensive, yet why do we have to make the prices really high if it only costs us a little?" 

   And here in Italy where vineyards are abundant a Capo can have his picture on his on wine! Immagine correlata
Don't let the fancy picture fool you,"it is a real italian family traditional restaurant since 1963," says Andrea, the son who proudly introduces me to his mother and father and sister and cousins and uncle, you see the picture? "My father is in the kitchen and my mother, too. When my grandfather and grandmother started the restaurant in 1963 they both worked in the kitchen. The tradition at that year and seriously every year since 1963 has been a restaurant that serves great food with reasonable prices, I say the working person's prices." he says hurriedly as they are cleaning and getting ready for the dinner. "Yes people come in here every night we have reservations, yet I love the idea that you do to try to promote culture and Santo Spirito in Florence. I love it. Seriously we have the restaurant full every night, yet it is nice to help others." he says. WE LOVE ANDREA!     see the food on facebook!
"A couple of restaurants in Florence have many years as giving food to the guests yet we have 3 family generations of tradition in Florence." says Andrea."The food is simple, homecooked with only Italians and here at least, a team of 6 family and total of 16 persons working. I love all people yet I am very happy to say that we have real Italians with real recipes of many years. The prices are low because we want it to be a restaurant for locals and tourists to come. The working artisans that make cabinets and artisans and shoes come here all the time along with the internationals that visit and since I have been helping at the restaurant the last 30 years I know many people. The people come in and they always say Hi remember me? It is nice that they love the food." RESERVATIONS or be prepared to wait for that special traditional plate that you have traveled to Florence for!   0039 055 21 8 624 Santo Spirito Square...
  I am hungry just talking to him! 

                         Via dei Michelozzi 9red                                                


                              and the team! Immagine correlata

                      Resultado de imagen para cinto restaurant florence CINTO Cucina in Torre Restaurant is simply the best cut of meat in Tuscany

          and do we have Tartar, the Classica at 100/200grams, Tartare con capperi di Salina e filetto,  Tartare con pesto di pistacchi, (my favorite), Tartare in camicia e olio al tartufo, Tartare pomodori, crema di olive, A Plateau of 3 tartares each 100grams, you have the idea! 1/2 the menu is tartare!

                           Imagen relacionada
  Why Tartare? asks me.  Lorenzo replies, "Because we have a tiny kitchen and we can't cook a lot of food!" he says seriously yet it is quite funny. Located at Via Matteo Palmieri 35/37red, tucked hidden on the same Piazza as Natalino's you will find the 40 seat shabby chic beauty of a restaurant in the Palazzo that used to belong to Dante's Muse, Beatrice Donati. 
"I am only 24 and have been here running the day to day operational section of the CINTO since 2013, which is 4 years. My father and socials make up my partners, yet my father is a Professor of Physics at the Institute of National Research here in Florence. He is VERY smart!" says Lorenzo as we sat down in his adorable very chic restaurant to talk about the difference of CINTO and the rest of Florence. "We don't do the Florentine Steak, and the Ribollita for example. We do use some of my mother's and grandmother's recipes in the traditional food we serve, yet it is all about the cut of the beef. I guess you could say we are famous for raw meat, the tartare and we are very good at it, trust me.!" he says. Resultado de imagen para cinto restaurant florence
"It has sophisticated food yet not in a stuffy sophisticated atmosphere and not expensive entries.  A couple can come in here with a bottle of wine and eat a plate of tartar each and it is about 30.00 euros per person, or share the 3 plate special of CINTO which is VERY big." says Lorenzo.
"I am proud of the wine and the presentation of wine. In the Cantina, the Cellar down the original stone steps is the table of 8 with a round table where you can see the wine stored around you. People love the coziness of the Cantina and they love to have privacy, plus if you come down here with 8 friends or more, you can have your own private party and waiter. Sometimes they point at the wine bottles and say can we drink that one?" he says as he shows me all the wine. It is warm and cozy and feels like home in the Cantina. Loved it. 

     "Hmm why do I love it? I love the people and the team we have is very funny and very young and we have great days with each other. Yet take their pictures, I don't like people taking my picture!" he says. As is my view too. 

     Le Village Sneakers, LAB_SHOP, Via Castello d'altafronte 26 
             The cool showroom of total custom handmade shoes from the son, Matteo Caparrini who branched out of the long tradition of his family's 50 year legacy of making custom made leather shoes in Florence, Italy. "My father is excited yet not so happy since I am a very good leather expert and shoemaker and I left to start my own design and brand, the first one in my family to do that. I had to open my own leather factory, of me only, since my father just signed a exclusive contract with Valentino to do his shoes." says the young and totally enthusiastic Matteo who along with his partner, Marco, own the Lab_Shop concent store. If you want to order the shoes and you are physically in a foreign country you can only order the ones on my website. The custom ones you have to come into the store in Florence. I have my shoes in Hong Kong, too!" says Matteo. The website is :                Image result for LE VILLAGE SNEAKERS
"Every shoe that you see I personally designed and handmade. Every one.