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10 brothers and sisters Walter has...They had big families that generation. Cristoph, one of his sons, just had his first child a beautiful 4 week old baby. That isn´t the only thing that has changed in the generations...
Cristoph," In my Grandfather´s generation he lived at the hotel, and my father and mother they´re here all of the time but not as much as my Grandfather was and me I try to make private life private and public life public."
Walter laughs, "But the funny thing is that his wife worked for us at the hotel and when he came back to work for us he made his wife work at something else.!"
Christoph, "No no no. No no no. That is too much family at the hotel." He laughs. "She is a school teacher!"
Emme: The funnest aspect of working with your family and the most challenging?
Christoph"o...the funnest thing...that's difficult...the bad thing is that the family is here all the time."
Walter nods,"That's right."
"Yes.I was...let me think about 5-6, video stores, mechanic...1/2 is my own work for someone else...
there are things when you're working you have regular times...when you stop when you start etc...your private life..and your work...
But working for my father it is more stress and I am aware of the responsibility."
Emme:It is not like you can call in sick.
Christoph,"Stress for him sometimes because it is
difficult to differ between an employee and his son...yes...
When you make suggestions for the business it is for the business but sometimes you have to make sure you don't want to hurt his feelings.He is
father and not my boss"

Christoph," And I love the people of course. I love that but it is a lot of people to work with...I think different my father is trying to do it all by himself and all alone."
"One of my brothers does the online booking and one does the website design.
  It is great that everyone helps out with each other. We have some old rooms but they´re now 30 years old. I love the modern ones."
   Walter in response to the differences in cultures. "There is really really nice mix
of these people. The Americans and the Germans they're not so big difference in the cultures. Kindly people. That's American. Kind.
Yes I love American people. . Germans are really difficult. Don´t write that!" Laughing..."No the difference is that when the Germans come it is usually
business and others come on vacations."
Christoph,"In a good way it is the Japanese people. They're very sweet. Always quiet. Their housekeeping is perfect and when you see the people in the rooms.
Their rooms they´re all of it clean. The bed is made. American´s too."
  Walter, "For me it is one of the most important things is to meet people...a lot
of people... Sometimes people go away and I am not sure they go away and you never know it. But for me a lot of times.I try sometimes I call em and I am
friendly with em...One of my hardest things friend from Nicuaragua ,a doctor and 100,000's of people got caught in the earthquake and I got a christmas card then
and I never heard from these people again. "
Walter, "Our longest guest lived one year here. He was working for a bank and so he never know how long he would stay. We speak together, but he has his own
Emme: Is it difficult to give all that you worked for up? To do a vacation?  
Walter, "It isn´t difficult. I worked here 40 years. Next 3 years and that is it."
Laughing. I guess when it is a profession that you grow up in it is easy to say here son take it and enjoy now I am having fun.