The funny Capo at the Island's favorite restaurant named LA FAVORITA! 
                   VIA FRANCESCO DUODO 33 
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The Elegance of the island of Lido is personified in one of the "four best restaurants on Lido; Ristorante GRANVIALE," says the Capo, Claudio Barbeiro, who used to be the head chef at the Venecian Ristorante Antico Martini for 15 years. "In 2006, I decided to move to Lido. My children were young and I knew that it is a lovely  place to raise children, the island is very different than Venecia." he says. 

     The culture here is one of tranquility, quiet, a family place yet very important families

 live here. All the Capos of the Venetian Restaurants, Hotels, Couture live on Lido. And of course we have the beach. The tourists don't know about the beach and we keep asking Venecia to give publicity to the gorgeous beach we have on Lido. If the tourists knew they would hop on  a waterbus and take the lovely ride from Venecia and stay on the beaches all day. We have a great golf course too. The 1st beach ever in Italy, the bathing beach, is here in Lido in 1800." says Claudio. 

                          Gran Viale Restaurant in Lido along the Promenade 
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   "We have a famous dish that is named the Gran Tecia and it is a mixture of clams and mussels and prawns and polipetti and it is a huge plate of seafood of all kinds and pasta(of which you choose between the fettucini or the spaghetti) and you eat the huge platter with your hands. The plates is for two people." says The Capo with the help of his team who try to translate the English and the Italian. His team is very enthusiastic about the Gran Tecia and they show me how they eat with the hands. "The lagoon has the freshest Venuto fish of course and it is very particular to Venice and Lido and we do all seasonal here. The quality here is the highest although the city is perceived to be of the highest quality I think we match that perception the best." he says. 
                           tel +39 041 52 60322
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    Gran Viale 10, Lido di Venecia, Reservations: 0415 2603 22

   Does he miss being the Head Chef? Claudio says, "O sometimes yet now I love being the Big Boss. All the recipes are mine since 2006. I hired 6 chefs in the kitchen and I work with these talented people everyday. I supervise the food and the kitchen and run back and forth; I think that it is important and very good to have that experience as a Head Chef. I know what the food should taste like and I know how it should be presented. I like to eat food, you understand, yet I want my guests to LOVE to eat food!" he says laughing. 

     "When the Italian people come here everyday it is because I make the people and my team makes the people feel as if they are in their home. That is the feeling I want for my ristorante." he says.

                                                                    Wow Hope Everybody is Hungry! 
The famous 3 hr. gramaphone at the cozy authentic enoteca in Venice named Ai Divini. "I bought it literally 2 hours ago," says Beso, who's name means kiss in Spanish, so since I don't speak Spanish I kept calling him Bacci and throwing him kisses. We love to throw kisses in America, I tell him. "I am from Albania til 10 years old, and I moved to Venecia and my name is Spanish, yet I don't speak Spanish since I am Italian and Albanian I only speak a little French and a little English...O and here is my very cool collection of original vinyls which I brought to play on the gramaphone, yet it is a special gramaphone, which I didn't know, and it only plays one kind of vinyl and otherwise it breaks the vinyls in half!" he says and shows me the one vinyl that it plays, which is Indian music. 
Matteo and Beso...on the streets of Venice. "I met Matteo about 3 years now and we have great fun doing original items for the bar, Ai Divini, such as the Gondolier handles, original, on the beer taps. We sat one day looking at the bar, and at the real Gondolier oars that we have displayed on the ceiling, and suddenly Matteo said, Hey how about Gondolier handles since they come in here all the time! And we did!" he says.
How about the baby here? It feeds 10 people! "Yes, we have fun and most importantly, we try to add new wines and new drinks every week. Some people say that they add every month or two months, " starts Beso and Luca laughs and interrupts him, "No we do new drinks everyday."  "That is true," says Beso. "Every couple of days I change the wine menu. It's fun for us to try new ones and we love our wine suppliers. They're great!" he says. 
Yet for me, Luca and Beso have decided that I must try almost every wine in the bar which Beso says, "The bar is as of my house, and when you are in my bar you are in my Casa..." and it feels that way. He shares graciously and somewhat ridiculously young and illegal, you know when you are in your mom and dad's basement trying the liqueur cabinet and they're out for the night, some great wines. "The wines we use come from only small farmers from Italy. One of the wines Santo Maria is a Montepulciano regional wine of which only 10,000 are made every year and the vineyard gives only us and one bar in Verona the wine. Here taste." he says and gives me the normal wine. It is the BEST! Then he gives me the Superior... it is BETTER. and later in the interview he says, "Alright here is another of my favorite vineyards, all small ones, and you must try." It is BETTER than the others...I say. Wow. Then, not to be outdone, Luca mixes me a RED BULL Mojita that has tomato vapors in it and ...Yes you guessed it, IT IS THE BEST!  I drank way too much on a afternoon interview and felt like Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra drinking Martinis...while we sang Johnny Cash songs, my favorite and John Lee somebody that is Beso's favorite, and he is pretty good too and had a great interview. Open til 1.00am to 2.00 am every night with great make as you order sandwiches, and great italian aperitivos all day long. YUM! Plus the outside terrace has a gondola park..."Okay you can't park your gondola here since it is a private launch, however, if the Gondolas want to leave their passengers and it is the final stop they can use the launch for a couple of minutes to let the people walk up the steps and come into the bar from the water side...the people that are residents upstairs use the garden and the boat launch, yet you can have gondolas drop people off if  you want." says Beso. It is such a cool place, such fun people and such great authentic food and drinks that I KNOW YOU SHALL LOVE IT! On the way to the April to September 24 hr. bar where I spent a couple of late Movie Star nights from 1.00am to 3.ooam with my "I want to see Johnny Depp" Lido Film Festival All nighters ...the bar is VERY popular in the April to September months since the beach goers start to swarm into Lido... which has about 20,000 beach is the COOLEST ISLAND EVER, has the Lido film festival and is a 13 minute water boat ride from San Marco Square...a MUST and the bar is cool! L'immagine può contenere: 10 persone, persone che sorridono, persone sedute e occhiali_da_sole
                                                                   Ristorante Andri in Lido 
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             Be prepared to love modern art, murano glass that is all the Capo, Luca's designs, have a multitude of discussions with Luca about the Movie Industry, almost all are his friends, and eat some of the best fish around. "We only have fish. I am only a fish ristorante. We go in and out of Michelin and I can never keep track of when we're actually in it. The restuarant has been here the last 100 years. Lido was a very different city 100 years ago, by the way. All the aristocratic families made their homes here in Lido from Venecia.  and actually from around the world. It has a lovely golf course, and it has a airport that people who come here fly in to dinner from Brussels, or Paris or London. We have 3 kinds of guests here, the locals from Lido and Venice and the surrounding islands, the guests that fly in here once every couple of months to stay on the island a couple of days and do dinner, and the tourists." says Luca who talks a lot as he weaves in and out of the tables and shows me his art hanging on the walls, the glass sculptures adorning the tables and little shelves everywhere and the useful glass of which he keeps pouring me proseco and fruit juices in different glasses. Risultati immagini per trattoria andri lido
    "I buy the best materials and that is why my kitchen is the best. If you work with the best it is easy to make great things. It is very easy." he continues to say and I continue to laugh. "I buy pasta that is the best in the world that is made in Naples and Puglia and I buy the best olive oil that is made in Lazio, Vetrella, that is important. I am a great chef because I have great things to work with. I love to come and speak with the guests though. I prepare every dish in the day and at night I come and talk to the guests." Risultati immagini per trattoria andri lido

                           +39 041 526 5482

     Via Lepanto 21 | Lido30126 Lido di 
                          Venezia, Italia
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"Ralph Fiennes is a personal friend of mine and when they were filming the English Patient, which they filmed here, they came in everyday. They were here 3 months. The entire team came in sometimes for lunch and there were 100 of em. That is a lot of people to feed yet they're all laughing and friendly. A great friendship came from that. I have pictures on the wall from Jonathan Demme, and Gene Hackman, and Antonio Banderas who is a real star. He and his wife, Melanie, came in and once in a while you have that. They wanted perfect soft lighting and to sit in a intimate private room and the entire star treatment." he says as he continues to go in and out of the kitchen and brought raw prawns that he peeled for me to eat and try. "Wonderfully delicious and Huge swordfish steak and little fish named the frog-fish...a cool fish that you can't eat its head since it is terrible, yet the back of the frog-fish is great." he says. Immagine correlata

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                                      The Elegance of the Albergo Quattro Fontane on the Island of Lido

                                                      Via Quattro Fontane, 16 - 30126 LIDO DI VENEZIA - Tel. +39 041-5260227Resultado de imagen de al fontane quattro lido

"I've been here since 1983," says Massimo who is the Director of the famous Alberto Quattro Fontane on the island of Lid. "The Hotel has charm and character and the people come here to have a quiet holiday away from chaotic Venecia. The only problem with Lido is that people rarely know we're here when they visit Venecia. We have to educate the tourists that we exist!" jokes Massimo. "A couple times a year I have guests that check in and they say, O we thought you were on Marco Square, we don't want to stay here! and I say stay one day and tell me what you think. They always love it and say they shall always stay on the island of Lido from now on and stay at the Fontane!" he says. There is many reasons why. The beauty of course of the 1954 restored private Villa that the two sisters, who live on the property in private residences, trasformed themselves, and the graciousness of the staff. 
       "Here let me show you around the Villa," says Massimo. The Villa has 60 rooms! It is a very big Villa! "Here is the little house that originally is built in 1910, and the sisters redecorated in 2003. One is a architect and one is a artist and they do all the decor themselves. Including each piece of art or antiquity in the Villas. They travel to Sicily and Africa and around the world collecting items. The little room in the middle of the garden is a favorite of the guests who can come here and enjoy the day and read a book. On the wall is a original series of paintings of the Kennedy Texas tragedy that they bought in Sicily of all places. It is quiet remarkable and you don't expect to find such a piece of art there!" he says and I say that is true.

  "We have two restaurants, one inside and one outside when the weather is nice. For instance a couple of nights ago we had 70 people in the garden for dinner. It was absolutely fantastic. The guests loved it. Resultado de imagen de al fontane quattro lido They love the gardens as do I. They can have breakfast here or sit in the chairs and talk about life. The island of Lido is full of lovely surprises such as the beach which is just steps away from our front door, the private water taxi can pick the guests up from Venecia or Lido and bring them straight here and as you can see we are right across from the place where the International Film Festival of Lido is held every year. It is the end of August to middle of September in 2017 and we already have people filling up!" he says. 
     "You know it is a 4 star superior which is very important. The history of the Hotel and the history of Lido go hand in hand, all in all it is a lovely charming Villa where people can be transported back in time to enjoy the gentile life of  the aristocrat." he says. 
  "O yes everybody asks about the Movie Stars, and we've had many here, such as Marcello Mastroini and Robert Di Nero and many many more. They are the nicest people and always smiling. The guests here come 25 years in a row and stay 25 days as their vacation as a couple from America do. They are my friends here. When you have guests coming 40 years every year they become friends and it is always a great pleasure to have them as my guests. We always see people come again and again once they find us!"
   Massimo says. And the concierge? He laughs. "We are the concierge. I am the concierge and the director and the receptionist and I sit with the guests in the garden or sit and have dinner with the guests. It isn't a huge chain hotel where you are just a number. I am it." he starts laughing and is serious when he says, "I have never missed one day in 34 years loving it here. It is my home. I love Lido and I love the Fontane." Imagen relacionada