The George Pub Restaurant in Southwark (
                                            Friends enjoying a drink together

     The George Inn, where allegedly Shakespeare came for a little whiskey inspiration, has been sitting as the reigning Pub on the London Bridge territory from 1676. If you want to taste these famous British ales, some signature cocktails such as a Bloody Mary, the Banana Old Fashioned, a funny Pa-No-Ma?, or perhaps 5 combinations of Spritz's including the Pink Spritz come on down to of George.  
             Well we certainly don't want to forget looking in the window to see the trappings.
The George Pub Restaurant in Southwark
     Take in the history and enjoy all of the laughing happy conversation attempting to follow the Royal protocol, afterall you're in Royal land. At least us Americans would respect it even if we couldn't speak their proper language, we would eat their local food, appreciating the varied menu and thank God we could actually at some later point bring in the dog as we visit The George Pub. They had free Wi-Fi to see that the little ones can come to have entertainment while the adults trade stories and drinking tales. 

   We loved the little cabin feeling of the polished shining wood and the roasted 1/2 chicken plates they give on Sundays or you can try the nut roast wellington; of course it isn't Gordon Ramsay's Wellington, yet he is from England remember. So, perhaps he took his recipe from Shakespeare's Pub!The George Pub Restaurant in Southwark
 Perhaps here is where Shakespeare wrote about drinking all night with Falstaff, or where Iago plotted his demonic plot
 of the relationship between Othello and Desdemona? undefined
                                    Okay my favorite is ALBERT PUB, 52 Victoria Street, London
  The Green King Company includes ALBERT PUB & The George, amoung many. 
                               &+44 020 7222 557 7 and ask for ALBERT PUB. 
      Albert, London •
   While we came, viewing the glory of the bar, with it's majestic presence of glittering decanters & colored spirits all to their own, we thought to sample a couple items on the menu. If you want a hearty meal see below.Interior - Picture of The Albert Pub Victoria Street, London - Tripadvisor

 So, I guess the many storied Pub has a very cozy and friendly atmosphere while being close to the top attractions in London such as Buckingham Palace and Westminster Cathedral. Best of both worlds so to speak. With traditional fare including beef & ale pie, or a very classy Turkey spread you're bound to find something you love. Yes, of course they have beers, spirits, whiskies, & hot toddies.
  At Albert Pub, while you have a combination of a family-friendly & cozy feeling; there is additional  guided hands to help you to gain experience of the traditional fare of England's life from 1862.7161_GK_Heritage_Albert_Victoria_Pub_2023_035.jpg
            And what is a visit to London's Pubs without a local favorite?
                                                  That is: LAMB & FLAG  
                                                                                  020 7497 9504
                                  The Lamb & Flag, 33 Rose Street, Covent Garden, London, WC2E
 Yes, of course we drink in London. It is a cultural must that through the ages, at least as documented by Shakespeare, (and who really cares about the government documentation), it has always been the writers, the poets, the Royals who have made the doctrine supported by the locals of England that have made the rules of the country. 
Some of the finest spirits come from England & Ireland and the fish and chips I could eat forever!
      CHATTING TO FRIENDS you haven't Seen, in a long time, is the loveliest thing in the world. Catching up on swinging from Rome Theology to Harvard and sharing stories of life is here at the LAMB & FLAG. 
        Okay! I can't choose. So I pick all of these.Example

    From Smith & Turn--, there is Fish & Chips and THERE is FISH & CHIPS-from LAMB & FLAG.