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The best thing about the INDEPENDENCE, I mean besides the fact I wrote from 51 pages to 55 pages of my first script in it last night while drinking a JOHHNY WALKER BLACK LABEL( they didn't have BLUE or RED) and The Johnny Walker, which they give a huge portion for such a small sum of $20.00 on the rocks, made everything surreal. Especially if you are drinking it for the first time. The second best is that they didn't have the Cubs game on. Hallelujah! The bar is a classic elegant wine bar style with couples chrome tables at the smokey glass windows and cool bars that make you feel Wall Street Important which is why I ordered the classic whiskey on the rocks...yum love it. The third reason is since I first went to Barneys Beanery where after 15 minutes on each level of the huge sports bar where all they had on the big screens Cubs games and receiving appropriately zero service. Um first upstairs where everybody that was a first timer and that is everybody upstairs, trust me I asked all the couples at the overlooking ledge of the upper stories bar, said that they had no idea how to be served. Nobody came to help out the 50 people hanging out upstairs staring around. When a couple brought up beers from below we all figured it out and everybody ran down the two sided staircases. Once at the alcohol bar the snotty hostesses asked, "where are you sitting?" "Upstairs I said, O that is why. We don't serve upstairs people you have to come to the bar and order yourself!" O okay and once at the busy bar? Any service to bring the food and drinks upstairs? Nope. Okay Barney I love you but... on to the Independence where the bartender a gorgeous classic lady immediately takes the orders and gives you smiling and professional service. Cool.       

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The Independence Tavern Santa Monica
The only thing colelr about the Independence is a couple of things and one is that when I went back to my even cooler hostel in Santa Monica, the best ever, I immediately fell fast asleep. The whiskey put me out like a light and I didn't have to deal with my other roommates all of who complained about my phone vibrating all night long with messages every 33 seconds...literally. I guess they tried waking me up but failed! oops! And I loved my whiskey script that much that I registered it today at the, copyright office Wash. DC, first ever. I am now a official Scriptwriter!
Alright now I am sipping my first Johnny Walker which is strong'er than sin and a couple sits right next to my quiet peaceful writing my first script on my laptop private bar. I mean right next to me. The girl's body is touching mine. She is foreign and says her and her husband spanish. Okay I try to move one seat to the left since at the bar is about 25 seats and she tries to pick mine! Um...Hello! Okay I move and the bartender immediately asks to see her ID. The conversation is "me? don't understand?" The bartender, "It's easy as that. I need to see your id." The spanish girl, "I'm from france.I don't understand. Here I am" The bartender, "I need to see your id. A passport." The spanish girl in broken spanish, "See me I am here. I am french." The bartender, "Yes I know if you want to sit at the bar and drink you  have to show me a passport. You have to be over 21 and I don't believe your over 21." she says.  To which the girl digs in her bag and produces a passport, "here is my husbands passport" she says. The bartender gives up and says, "okay." and about 3 minutes later she puts a drink in front of the spanish/french girl. "Here is your coca cola" says the bartender and I couldn't help but giggle at the pissed look on the customers face.
205 Broadway
             Santa Monica, CA 90401
                                     Address: 1436 2nd St, Santa Monica, CA 90401Phone: (310) 393-9913
                                         The Santa Monica Hostel....4 blocks from the Metro Station
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Image result for hostel santa monica
                                  Here is the start of the Santa Monica Boardwalk and the beauty of the city. The one thing that I do notice about the coastal cities of California is that they all kind of blend into one another. They have little sections of the cities with tons of restaurants and bars and beach and little tuffs of grass and residential sections. Then they have other little sections of restaurants and bars and more little tuffs of grass and residential sections all running into one another. The only thing that is for sure is the ocean continuous along side. Depending on the cities such as San Diego the ocean side streets are one lane and winding with little circles in the middle that make the cars and buses barely able to navigate around these.
      The other such as Santa Monica has bigger roads of 2 lanes and more pronounced hotels and clubs. They all have the appearance of independents yet for the most part aren't at all with the bartenders or managers saying the owners are rarely if ever present and have people doing the responsible positions without the responsible authority. Which of course makes it difficult for me to do my job. As the website's main focus and purpose is to let entreprenuers reach as many people as possible and to let  entreprenuers around the world introduce themselves it makes it easier when I can actually meet and interview these cool people. However when the entreprenuer is unavaliable all the manager or bartenders do, in fairness to them,  is pretty much give a vague description of both the boss and the business!
      The european system is such that most of the places have the owners present buildng their dreams side by side with their workers. Here it is a little challenging yet I'm trying. Hope you love the people I do have a chance to chat with and let share their lifes and dreams with you. And of course eat their great food, drink their signature cocktails, enjoy their vision of fun. Ciao. 
                       Walking directly onto the World Famous Santa Monica Pier you will see the wonderful fresh fish restaurant, The Albright. Continue on to the Bubba Shrimp House and the 1950s era of Dirty Dancing Boardwalk Rides! It's Quaint and touristy yet fun to see. 
          Blue Plate Taco's quilts...surprising you need these at night when the breeze of the ocean drops the temperatures. Great Margaritas and wonderful huge fat burritos...all California sprouty healthy style too! 
To the left the charm although quite tourist-packed Santa Monica Pier Boardwalk and below the fun Blue Plate Taco on 1515 Ocean Ave,

Santa Monica, CA 90401

Phone. 310-458-2985image
                                  The old fashioned light blue charm of the bike below caught my eye...I imagine the owner was eating at the Blue Plate Taco!  Or taking a dip in the ocean!