Okay, "Does everybody want to talk about controversial things or silly things?"  "Controversial. Okay here it is:)and the silly things? Name 3 famous apples...Emme? Snow White, The Big Apple and Steve Jobs...The Apple computer.
                                                 or below! really?
does anybody recognize these two characters? No? There two brothers started Freitag the company that uses truck panels for bags and such! The photos are their photos the bottom one a soup kitchen in Berlin! Really!? check out their site http://www.freitag.ch/
  http://www.alte-maelzerei.de/de/index.php a cultural organization that has a underground club room a room on the first level with bar and stage and rehearsing rooms above.  They band members " hydra " range from  male nurses , social worker, tool maker, lawyer who wants to be a judge, and one who is a driving instructor at Peters Driving School in Regensburg....I say that is unusual since most actors musicians are bartending and waitressing! "Yes we´re a little different" says Lisa and Dimitri...here rehearsing. They play in England in March, in Munchen and Czech Republic soon. Enjoy them! http://www.hydraofficial.com/ 
Mat Mecoli age 6 New York City

 Edward Snowden...good guy or bad guy? "I think he is a good guy. I feel sorry for him. He has to live in the Russian airport his entire life..." he says...and as he is talking a fellow behind him is sitting there staring at the train schedule on the wall to which I couldn´t stop laughing...it seems that I live at the train station... anyway when I asked Alec if he was             Mr. Snowden´s NSA boss would he feel the same? "No! I would of said O SHIT! if I was his boss and got that call that he had ran away!"

"I come from Russia, " she says, "and in Regensburg about 3 years. Before this 19 years at Germany though. I love Regensburg...lets see the question is the government and the police fair or mean? No they´re nice.  I think so when I go back to Russia I see a difference in the government and when I come back to Regensburg I know that Germany is a better place to live.The government isn´t fair in Russia" Christina says.

 Montmartre near Paris France´s subway...Augustus Elijah

"We think that Edward Snowden is very brave. He told on the NSA things that the world should know. He lives in Russian now where it is safer for him because in Germany the fact is that Germany and America because they´re friends that would be stress for Germany. America would get mad that Germany is letting Edward Snowden come here." and what about social media who do they use the most? "We use facebook. Mark Zuckenburg left Harvard after one year he dropped out and started facebook and now Mark Zuckenburg is worth 28 billion dollars." Wow...if you were a billionaire that was bored what would you do? "Film a movie...I would film a Asian movie like the Deerhunter..." Like maui maui maui...I ask...such as illegal rooster fighting or what? "Billionaires are bored because they can´t get thrills anymore from normal things...so maybe they do outrageous things just for the thrill or maybe to control things." Okay so we´re betting that Mark Zuckenburg rooster fights in Asia then? They start laughing. "Ya something like that...say at 1Grand per rooster..." um okay. I wonder what Bill Gates does for fun? O I know he plays penny slots at Steve Wynn´s Casinos just to piss Steve Wynn off! Ha!

 "That is a Good Questionn Um...he tried to do the right thing because they shouldn´t listen to telephone conversations NSA and it´s not good to say we don´t want him here. He should come to Germany when he wants to."

The group of 4! American! students studying at the Jugendherberge Hostel..."We don´t like Edward Snowden. We´re American. And no we don´t think he is a good guy. He is definitely a bad guy. He stole secrets from the NSA" When I tell these people that the German´s think he is a good guy they say,"Well maybe they should have their secrets stolen and see if they think that he is a good guy then." Um okay....so I ask Germans... if the BND head guy stole secrets from the BND would you think the is a good guy or bad guy? "Bad Guy" German students say!For the youngsters that seem to be difficult and say WHAT WHAT WHAT to me all the time here is the WHAT city code for them to use their telephones.
City Code 88552
03.08.2013Bez rubrikiNaberezhnye Chelny, Tatarstan codes

On our site you can find out what city code 88552, how to call in Naberezhnye Chelny, Tatarstan, what city code 88552. To make a call from anywhere in Russia from a landline in Naberezhnye Chelny, Tatarstan need to dial 8, wait for dial tone, then dial 8552 and phone number. From a mobile phone to call in Naberezhnye Chelny, Tatarstan need to type 'plyus'7 8552 and phone number. To call in Naberezhnye Chelny, Tatarstan Republic of Belarus need to score 8 10 7 8552 and then the local number. To make a call from Ukraine and from abroad dial: 00 7 8552i phone number abonenta.V Russian Code 88552 What Cities - Naberezhnye Chelny, Tatarstan
Vintage 1960s Here is my horse that I rode as a child up and down the little alley where we lived...aw how cute:)

Vintage 1960s "  THE MUSTANG " Ride On Horse Marx Toy Child Bouncer

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What a wonderful Vintage Marx Toys "Marvel The Mustang" Ride on horse bouncer made in 1960s. This little horse measures 23" tall and is complete. It has signs of wear consistent with age and usage (See
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"We think something is wrong with the Paris thing...for instance when the lady in the conference room it was getting shot up everybody was yelling and running and hiding and the lady said that she crawled out of the room and down the hall and on the video it shows the terrorist! finding her and saying that he is going to let her go because he doesn´t kill women...yet they just opened fire on the entire conference room of people not really caring about who they fired on. (Below Elsa Cayat the charlie Hebdo woman who was killed in the attack.)          Plus sponsorings of emmeanesbook cool  but.terrorists kill women and children and men." Something is strange about this conversation of the woman who miraculously survived while crawling away from a terrorist shooting everybody else in the building...hmm...Good Point. "And Edward Snowden? We like Edward Snowden we think that he is a good guy." Should Angela Merkle let him into Germany? "No if Angela Merkle let Edward Snowden into Germany it would start a war."
I come from a little village says Fabian. I would love to see San Francisco and Los Angelos and LAs Vegas. I do a apprenticeship in Regensburg. And my village doesn´t even have a pub or restaurant! Are the police nice? In my opinion yes yes they´re nice."
Below is a fellow from Regensburg who works on Tractors. It is a private company that owns these tractors and he says "Yes I think so" the police are nice but funny stories about these? He doesn´t think they´re funny. He would love to travel to Washington DC and see the Blue Angels Maximillian says!


visit the missior truck that is traveling germany showing the culture of congo africa. Inside the truck is a church and photos of life and you can find out where they travel next in Germany at the site here: :)        www.missio-truck.de there is TeTe who tells you the story

 Manuel says, "I am a student at the University at Regensburg and I come from a little village near Straubing which has the ice hockey yes. I study business administration and I can speak for both Straubing younger and Regensburg. Are the Police nice? Yes mainly yes. No their not mean. Yes they´re fair. That is my opinion. I would love to travel to American and New York to Manhatten." he says after we talk about the bad police in New York! And I say even after I told you that the people are protesting and picketing everywhere in New York City Manhatten against the police?      He laughs, "Yes I would like to see New York."

"IF I were Edward Snowden´s boss I would of course be upset. I would not be amused at all. He will get in trouble because Edward Snowden told the bad things that he does. Edward Snowden is a very important person to us. Of course I admire him. He had courage and he knew that he would have to live in elsewhere the rest of his life. That is something that he knew. Yet he tried to help the American people and the world see what the NSA was doing." says another German University student.
                  Sweety Anton

 "let´s see...I guess down the escalator and hmm yes I have pushed every button in a elevator when a lot of people come in to it. And hmm...I guess no I don´t drink Coca-cola light or zero but the only reason that they have both of these is because they´re stupid. See they don´t know the difference either and they just make two but they taste the same and they´re the same coca-colas..." When I ask the university students if I can quote that? "Yes" she says laughing, "You can quote me saying that they´re stupid and that is the reason that they have both."

 "Mark Zuckenburg...he does good because he has facebook and Google combined that is why he is that rich. He cooperates with Google and Google has more money than countries. He works with Google and they probably have like 3 billion euros. Everybody used facebook and Google all the time." says two nurses at Regensburg.

 And the silly questions? "Do I like going up the escalator or down? Hmm I guess down, up, up, down, up..." says a group of 5 University students. "And have we ever pushed all of the buttons in a elevator when a lot of people come inside? Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes..." they say. "sometimes if I push all the buttons and somebody gets mad and yells at me I walk out of the elevator and they have to ride with all of the buttons."  Okay and who would win in a celebrity boxing match...Angela Merkle or Obama? "Hmm we think Angela Merkle since she is a tough lady. I wouldn´t mess with Angela. She has strong biceps. Yet at the same time Mr. Obama is a athlete and he would win maybe."

"Up, Down, Yes I have pushed all of the buttons in the elevator..." he says. She?"Yes I have many times okay okay okay the truth be told! And lets go with Merkle? Yes Angela would win." and is there a difference between coca-cola light and coca-cola zero? "No there isn´t a difference. They´re the same." they say. "The only difference is to make people buy more coke that is the only reason."

 "I think that Coca-Cola light has less sugar and Coca-Cola zero has zero sugar." The two say. "We don´t care since we drink the real original Coke" thay say.

 "Down the escalator, " says the girl, "What is a escalator again?" the friend asks. I say that is the moving stairs that go up and down. "O I like going up the down escalator"and what about going down the up escalator? "It is harder because you might fall." But I say if you fell running down the up escalator you wouldn´t get hurt because the up escalator would take you up the escalator and it would be impossible to fall down the up escalator. "That´s true. I didn´t think about that?!"

"Can you take our picture as we´re chomping down on the cheeseburgers?" they ask. And I take they´re picture. "Mark Zuckenburg? O Gosh he must be worth a lot. Wasn´t he a pizza delivery guy in Chicago at one time?"They laugh. I say that I don´t know but he dropped out of Harvard and started facebook. "O yes that is right. Let´s see say 500. Mark Zuckenburg is worth 500Euros?" I start laughing. Um I say I think that he is worth much more than that. "No no 500 million Mark Zuckenburg is worth..."Guess again I say... "28"billion" wow. That must be all the advertising on facebook. O and he bought that What´s up thing too." they say trying to figure out how he could be worth that much! Funny Burger eaters... "We´re banking trainees...you know trainees."

The thoughts of the people in Regensburg Germany on Journalists and the purpose of these people and the cover of the 1st edition of Charlie Hebdo.               "I am a student at Regensburg in Engineering." says one fellow. "The journalist should try to write about stuff that he trusts and knows about and stuff that the people should know about and he should say the  truth because he has a lot of people that read what he says." And the Cover on the Newstands of 3 million copies? "Hmm...I am half and half here. On one hand I am upset that they put the prophet on the cover again and their cartoonists got killed because of such cartoons. They should of shown more respect for the cartoonists that were murdered instead of putting their "freedom of speech to say whatever they want" in front of their fellow journalists. On the other hand they needed to show the world that they will not be influenced by terrorism. I think that they should of had the cover of their fallen journalists faces. And the 3 million copies should of been free since if they didnt want to make money on the tragedy they should of made them free then. They knew they would sell all of these or they would of only printed 60,000 of these." He says....I quite agree with him. 

"Sure why not? People should write whatever they want. I believe in freedom of speech unlimited. Everybody has a right to their own opinion." a person from Stuttgart says.  

"I think that people should write the truth and they shouldn´t do something that they know is going to provoke somebody because that is going to get a reaction every time. I personally wouldn´t of put the prophet on the cover. I would of put a tribute to my fallen cartoonists maybe to say that we´ll miss you something like that." says a girl that works in IT Computers for a International Company. 

Two girls who are also students at the University say, "Hmm...I think that a journalist should write the truth. The journalists that write and draw with meaning to hurt no this is wrong. To offend someone on purpose that is a wrong way to be journalists. For instance when Lance Armstrong took drugs he said yes I did drugs. They should just say the truth...and it is more important to show strength in your beliefs so I think that is okay to show the prophet cartoon." the girl studying law says. Her fellow student studying law says, "Yes I think it is okay to print all these copies so people can have something to remember them by. But making 9 million euros on the sales to profit from it bothers me a little. I guess they need the money to carry on the newspaper. I guess it is okay. I don´t know that they should of put the Prophet on the front cover again since that is why those people died." 

Two University students from Schwandorf..."We´re just sitting here to sit here," they say when I ask if they´re going to University..."I think it is okay to ask people what they want to talk about. That is a journalists position and to travel around and find stories. And the other question is that everybody has different feelings and we should respect everybody. Some things are funny to some people but the people that pray it isn´t funny to make fun of their prophet so freedom of speech is okay unless it hurts someone´s feelings then I don´t think it is okay. I think that freedom of speech is to give everybody a voice. It doesn´t mean that you can say insulting or hurtful things to other people and not have them react." They say.  

Sophi from near Regensburg says, "Hmm that is difficult. On one hand people should have freedom of speech but the cover showing the prophet right after the people here were murdered is I think wrong. And the fact that they made 9 million! euros! on the sale of that cover! is just wrong I think."

Adorable loved him when someone answers "intolerance" when i ask why paris happened...I wonder which side is intolerant? The intolerance of free speech and free thinking...is attributed to both sides.
The three of these answered questions about journalists, "Yes we respect these but the world doesn´t respect that they work very hard." The other one is hiding!
"I am traveling around the world and will go back to Delhi India...the way that I travel is to make friends everywhere..." he says.
"Hattie" is from Saudi Arabia and a darling. Super sweet. He moved to Germany 3 years now to study Mechanical Engineering. And from the fun city of Saudi Arabia? "Yes from Jedda" he says. O the return of the Jedda like Star Wars? "ha ha funny. I would like to go to Qatar too. The fun city is Doha o and of course Abu Dhabi and Dubai." he says. Do I have to cover when I come to the city? "My mom doesn´t cover since she is from Palestine. But some people do. I don´t like when women cover." he says.

These two characters shopping with christmas money...  I named these the "little village girls" since that is how they introduced each other and "The worst is my boyfriend who gave me a hamburger...he went home with me on my birthday and he handed me a hamburger in a MCdonalds bag and said that was my present! and I burst out crying." The other one says, "I got nikes and they were the worst shoes ever."

"I believe that today people have to be very critical and write critical news about anything that is going on in our world today and critical that is important to me. That means always different point of views on notions and change of someone of a politician for example not takethe politicians point of view but your own." says Fabian "About respect to journalists? I do however I bet the journalists don´t feel respected when they do their job since they have to be in difficult situations sometimes and maybe feel unappreciated!" to say the least...hey buddy quit throwing bombs at me...

The couple to the right says, "I only love to give gifts and presents when I want to... I don´t like not to give because they tell  me I have to give not because I wanted to. If it is Christmas or if it is Birthday and someone expects a present I only give it to that person if I don´t feel pressured." 

Okay these three characters are..."we´re in training to do paramedics to be paramedics." they say..."We do respect reporters except we hate BILD reporters...they lie and they print famous articles only." they say...and a ethical and moral question for these three if a BILD page came on and they had to pick up a BILD reporter? "no comment, no comment,, no comment" they all respond or not?
"We especially don´t like when they keep ending their sentences with question marks!" like Obama is white?

The worst or silliest Christmas presents? "One time I went shopping with my aunt and I said o that is different when I say a highheel shoe ornament on a tree and when I unwrapped my Christmas present I received the shoe and I didn´t know what to do with it so I put it on the tree!" "I am 18 years old and this Christmas my father handed me 40Euros and this is it and he didn´t even wrap it up. I was very upset that they thought so little of me:)"

I have dubbed the group below the bank robbers because of their nervous ways and caps, "Ya we´re just waiting for the train to come we hope it comes in 5 minutes...we´re kinda on a time schedule..." they say... "I am a phd student, " says the one on the right, and the other, "I am a phd student too," and the girl'? "I am a worker...I don´t need to rob a bank." she says. I ask if they can give me two euros and hide their faces when I take their picture so I don´t want to be called as a bank robber witness...

 Okay meet my favorite romantic that stayed and said the favorite day of the year last year is when he gave a love letter to his girlfriend who is only a friend and told her he loved her. Wow. And he is a big sportsy person...me totally impressed and I goofed and said to the blond girl...and were you surprised when he gave you the letter...and she adorable as can imagine puts her head on the table laughing shoulders shaking...."O I am his friend not, his girlfriend!" O I ask if the best day for her is when he gave her the letter to give to the girl he loves and she switched the letter and gave the girl a bill instead...and I couldn´t understand her muffled laughter as she put her head on the table again laughing...Um and then there is Edward Snowden...the one in the middle..."You know if you want to make money you could go to Russian and be Edward Snowden´s impersonator while he takes a 1 week vacation..." to which he replied, "Thanks but no thanks I don´t want to be Edward Snowden´s double since I would like to go back to America some day..."  Um did he just say go BACK to america...? hummm...

And I met some girls from Tennessee...this is right after seeing Elvis on the television...O have they come from Graceland? "No we´re from Knoxville and her husband is on the army base about 35 kilometers from Regensburg, " they say. O cool. and Regensburg how did they meet?
"We grew up together and me and my husband have been here about 1 year. It is cool and I am going to take a German course at the base to learn German," she says. Best of luck. Does she or her husband miss America? "No" she says, "only miss my friends."

One fellow from Bavaria says, "when I visit my Grandmother in France for 2 weeks every summer that is the best and favorite for me." Um wow a 20 year old German boy loves visiting his French grandmother in the summer...now THAT is of interest. Must be a cool French place? "She lives in Cannes. And I always have fun."
When I ask the 2015 new year´s resolutions? "to be better at math and to do my best on the exams..." all 3 say...wow serious students.
       Why is it always with such sadness that we must persue greatness?
In responding to yesterday´s massacre of the French Cartoonists...why is it the only ones who are targeted are the ones who risk sticking their necks out and going against the main stream of society...I guess it is safe to say if you sit in your little home in middle America somewhere in Nebraska nobody will ever come to assasinate you in numbers and let the world know about you, but then again nobody in the world will know about you.
There was a movie that I loved it is named Three Days of the Condor...the most disturbing thing about yesterday´s attacks is the way it was planned almost like Three Days of the Condor or when Michael in the Godfather wants to know where his driver is and his new wife gets blown up...you know like where was the security for these people  and the way they ran after this police man and shot him down...like they were hunting and chasing him...so disturbing all in all. The Cia has on its website a tribute to its fallen members...and you always wonder how they knew these people and how they knew who they were...etc. it is very disturbing and sad.

corrupt regensburg train locker thiefs, to fun girls you can find them hidden , here on the "LOVE!"  page 

 http://www.der-postillon.com/ is the publication these two characters say to take a look at! "We believe that the journalist role is to not be influenced by politics creating a objective view other countries is the job they should do. But satire is different. Satire publication journalist gives his view of the world." And do they respect journalists? "Yes personally we do however say in some countries such as China they don´t respect journalists and the kill journatlists if they write bad stuff about china."


"I am always satisfied with my gifts they´re always nice gifts." says a angle of a girl. " One kid with wild hair says, "this Christmas my aunt gave me beauty products from a beauty salon store like I am really going to use this!"  

Ever meet a pessimist? I met one sitting staring at his french fries as if he was contemplating making a sculpture out of them..." O you caught me", he says."ya actually i am sick to my stomach.The burger was not    that tasty and I´ve been staring at the french fries wondering if I should complain.. and now I have a bad stomach. I am thinking about asking for a new hamburger or if they´ll give me my money back since the food isn´t that good!"he is serious and stares at me. I ask him if he could tell me his best or favorite day of the year last year. "You know it was awful. Just awful. I can´t think of one thing that was good about it. The best day was probably the 31 on New Year´s Eve." I giggle and say that obviously a pessimist is going to say that the entire year sucked and the only day that is the favorite day is the last day of the year...and ask if when he sees a glass of water is it 1/2 full or 1/2 empty and he raises his eyebrows at me...um I guess..."1/2 empty?" "ya of course I would say 1/2 empty." and the first little bit of a smile appears.
meet Kit and Kat...I tell em that they need to buy kitkats and give em to each other...actually his name is Killian and hers is Kat. "The best days of last year is our birthdays and we spent these with each other. They´re both 18. And they went to Alte Malzerei and to Suite 15 although I said is that Suite 13 or Suite 15? "Suite 15" they both say:) O and Killian says that October 16 is her birthday the favorite day.
She is on her way to a landscape architect job interview, "Yes I do respect journalists and I believe the world respects journalists." she says. "Their job is to report the news and to as entertaining and informative as they can to the readers. The journalists that have many readers are the best because the readers love the things that they write." Okay I would hire her.


The one above you eventually all i could do is giggle and make jokes ...since he was such   a sweety and quipped and joked every question...on his way to stardom...        and to the Army guy who´s name is Rudy ...(but didn´t want his picture taken...)"the best day is the day I met my girlfriend..." and as a little boy of about 3 starts to come near and yell and point his finger at him and this continues about 5 minutes and he won´t let Rudy answer any questions,  Rudy says..."a...not yet not yet but i am sure in the future um..." and I can see Rudy is unused to kids like answering to his lieutenant..."no sir I haven´t shot my weapon yet sir...not yet sir not yet but soon in the future..." and as I whisper that to Rudy he starts laughing uproarisly..."how did you...?" he asks...
George just lucky in guessing I guess.

A pyschology teacher and a teacher says, "My favorite day last year and I don´t know what it is in English but when they can´t fire me from my teaching job because they gave me a contract..." I tell her that it is named 10year. And that translates to something like you would have to do something really really bad to be fired like not show up for 25 days in a row and say you didn´t feel like coming to work and then? and then? and then? you would be fired." Yes that is my favorite day." The pyschologist says that she analyzes people when she is out in public...I think that all pyschologists analyze people when they´re out in public...
And to the right? "We´re mathematicians and computer programmers and we´re studing for a huge exam in one month." they say as they order coffee and the one with the computer tries to show me some applications that they´re trying to learn...and the computer´s battery goes off and the computer is black and blank and I start to giggle...Um...maybe you should take how to turn a computer on 101 first? I suggest and they laugh..."yes that might be a good idea."

A blond girl and her friend says, "O the most unusual present that I don´t know what to do with? A German spelling dictionary that my father gave me...I mean what do I need a German dictionary for? I put it on a shelf and left it there." I ask her favorite number.... she says, "4" I ask her birth year. "96" I say pick a number like add the two and that is 100 and then go to the page 100 and learn all the words and the correct spellings on 100 and at least you can answer honestly when he asks if you used  his gift you can say "yes I learned the spelling of 100 words." She looked a little quizzical at me but who knows maybe she can use the gift.  

"My friend gave me a stuffed penguin and I still have it..." she says of one of the silliest gifts she ever received, her friend, "one christmas my father gave me reindeer socks...I said o thankyou but i never wore them!"  

"I study about 1 year in Oxford in England. One year here and back to Regensburg. Oxford is cool I really enjoy the small hands on classes and I love the fact that you can do like theater classes and workshops instead of just in say other universitys where you just sit in the class and listen to the instructor. It is more fun to do the stuff. I am going back to Oxford in January." a student that is born in Regensburg but is in England studying...  

"I have Call of Duty game and my friend has the game fall cry fall where you chase animals and you rescue people." I start giggling and he asks me why I am giggling and I say that it reminds me of the circus. 

"My friend gave me this onion and I keep it in my pocket because I don´t know if it is a joke or not the worst is a pencil that my same friend gave with onions!" I don´t know why.  

"I am a student that is studying to build houses and my friend is a electrician, maybe in the present we study it, but future we can work together. Hmm the silliest or the worst christmas present is from my sister she knows that I can only wear size L, however she bought me a XXL and it is a very very large t shirt and I said that I need L."

"I am a law student and I love the 1st year when we practice with one on one cases because it is much more fun than when you are in a classroom with 500 people and sit there and you just have to listen...bored. The small classes when we can talk is much more funl" says a funny girl from North Germany.  



A darling serious student on her way for fun for the Christmas holidays, "I always loved every Christmas present I ever received." she says.  

"Yes we´re twins and we each try different hair colors and stuff to see what the other one looks like. But we´re identical and I love my hair brown and she loves hers blonde. And yes sometimes in classes we switch  classes and see if anyone notices.!" 

From Bavaria and Hamburg! "I like Hamburg since the people are nicer in Hamburg yet I am born in Regensburg, " says the fellow to the right. Hmm I am thinking that maybe he is the Hamburger birthday guy... which since I love Hamburgers from McDonalds that is a gift I would eat! especially big Macs! 

Eating Burger
Eating Hamburger

"Yes we´re twins, " the two brothers say and I ask if I can take a photo of em standing near the O2 sign! "Yes of course." they laugh and say that they both work at the Cinema next door. "One is the food and beverage manager and my brother is in the service of tickets." he says. "It is important to both of us that we do relationships where each of us likes the girlfriend. That is important. The year 2014 is the only year we´ve lived apart.Every other year we live with each other. And yes it is true about feeling what the other is feeling, " they say when I ask if they feel sadness if the other one is sad. "I know when something is wrong with my twin." they say.  


The winners and heroes of the day belong to the group of funny girls that say, "We only come to Christkindle mercatoes to drink the glub wine. I drank 11 in one day...with rum, " says the tiny blonde girl! The others say, "Okay she can drink glub wine trust me but the rest of us maybe 5 is about all we can do!" and I say that 5 is alright I can do that but 11! no way! "Yes but I eat sausages and we eat all during the day that is how you can drink 11 glub wines!" they say. Okay I am glad I had a course on glub wine!  

The shy couple is studying in Regensburg..."We come to Christkindles for the atmosphere. We love the Christmas feeling... and I have to come since I have a girlfriend now she makes me come to the Christkindles and I ask my friends to come. Now I love the Christkindle markets, " he says as she shyly says that she loves to come to the markets!   


 The girl to the left says, "I am a singer. I am studying at the Music College vocal study. " When I say that I just met Robert down below who is a singer songwriter she says that "Yes maybe I try to find him and we can do songs with each other..." I say that is maybe how Paul McCartney started out finding a cool song and singing it!   The pretty red head says, "I am studying Latin and Religious study... but I am way to busy at night always with practice and therefore I can not go to the Christmas Markets!" she says . When I ask if she studys at the church her religious study at night she looks at me puzzled....? What! "No no I do volleyball at night. The big league. No I don´t do religious church study!" as if I am crazy to ask! " I do volleyball every night. I love volleyball!" Um okay! 

 "We´re sisters and we just learning how to play guitar today!" Says the two girls above giggling as they hold their guitars. Met these two characters today on the 18th! "We know how to play knocking on heaven´s door..." they say.  

" i do execution systems!" he says...Execution systems! "no no no no" not execution I mean I do how to say computer systems and write the programs!" wooooo! that is a close one! Google Translate help!  

Here is a smart person, "I am hired to reroute computer systems, "Florian says. I ask the way that hackers then do? "no, I do the real routing to help compturers find the right person. I don´t want to hack computers!" he says... And Ed Snowden? Good guy or bad guy? "good guy." Florian says! 

"I am from Schwarzenfeld..." says Sophie one of 3 pictured here. "We´re okay how do you say? We´re all studying in college but we don´t know if it is what we want to do. We don´t want to tell you what we´re studying..." Okay raised my curiousity....tell tell, "Okay we´re studying to law school! But we want to do something else!" they say. I say that they should all become actors. And when I try to help these three way too giggly girls studying boredom law meet other people they all admit to having cool boyfriends already...okay so much for my matchmaking abilities! "We all love Tequila as our favorite shots and Mexico as the favorite place to go and the thing that we love about Mexico is...the round hats..." they say as they make circles around their heads... Sombreros? I say... "Yes Sombreros! We love Sombreros."!

"Yes, " she is shy and quiet, "My favorite is the furst Gloria at the Thurn und Taxis palace." she says and lets me take a picture:) 



  Here is Dan Folgenberg singing his favorite song he grew up 45 miles from my family home...

Villa Carolina

Location: Tuscany  >  Barberino Val D'elsa
Tourist Area: San Gimignano Area, Chianti, Central Tuscany

Milan during the fashion show is astounding...I had been brought there by a friend for the fashion week and during the visit I met with several fashion designer advertising directors to talk about advertising in the yachting magazines.  While I had been at the Monaco Yacht show I had a press pass and had access to all of the newspaper journalists and magazine publishers and noticed that hardly any of the yachting magazines had high end fashion in them for advertising purposes!  I could barely believe it!  Here were the people that shelled out $1 million to $158 million per yacht and rarely some higher and you know if these people bought top of the line marble and tile for their yachts along with every toy imaginable that they would definetly be the ones shelling out $100,000.00 's of dollars for top of the line designers and cars and plastic surgery and every other little luxury you could think of...I tried to engage the yachting magazines with new ideas for their advertising such as luxury goods you know the rolexes and the guccis and the judith leibers etc.  And while at the Milan fashion show week I met with the top fashion designer's advertising executives but the real cool thing about Milan is that when you walk down the cobblestoned streets where all of the real cool shops are situated you see all of the fashion designers milling about outside smiling at you & chatting, it is astounding and very sweet!

Here is Matti below on the right with the green ribbon on his wrist!

Roman Holiday!

Question of the Day of Gondolas and their drivers...


What an extraordinary ambiance!

WHy do the Gondola men dress that way and why is all the Gondola drivers men?

A. "They are all on work release from prison and wear stripes only non violent offenders can be Gondola drivers."

    "So say if you interfered with a child custody agreement you could maybe drive a Gondola?"


     "I saw two Gondola drivers fighting with their sticks and one of the boats tipped over and dumped all the people in the canals..."

     "He probably got sent back to prison,..."

B.  "Honestly i like the pants attracting the ladys red stripes for traffic lights they have to be athletic and Italian and fun"

C. "Sailorish like ...presentable since its a novelty they must attract tourists"

D. "THey have to have courage to wear that"

E. "I dont know why it just happens they tell me to wear these clothes"

F. "THey have to be given clothes from their familiys or they receive clothes from Best for Less"

G. "THeres no reason they just wear them"

H. "All the gondolas theyre painted black since the bublonic plagues...the doge wanted his gondola to be the prettiest and their is other familiyes with

pretty gondolas so he made them all paint them black."

I. "i have no idea"

J. "Since 1,400 years theyve worn that outfit it is tradition"

K."They bought them at an institution"

L. "Traditional"

M. "EAsy to locate"

N. "Connection to the sea sailorish"

O "I dont know but they make a lot of money"

P"So you dont ask them too many questions"

Q. "to be more distinctive"

R. "They have no other choice"

S. "to protect them from the sun that is why they wear the hats"

T. "The blue and white symbolize the sea"

W. "Only for tourists they dress that way at las vegas"

U."THey want the people to look at them sometimes they sing if they have special passengers"
Couple camping

is the number one campsite at if you can find somewhere for the tent and camper

A "profanity-laced screaming match" at the White House involving CIA Director Leon Panetta, and the expected release today of another damning internal investigation, has administration officials worrying about the direction of its newly-appoint intelligence team, current and former senior intelligence officials tell ABC News.com. Amid reports that Panetta had threatened to quit just seven months after taking over at the spy agency, other insiders tell ABCNews.com that senior White House staff members are already discussing a possible shake-up of top national security officials. You can expect a larger than normal turnover in the next year," a senior adviser to, Obama, on intelligence matters told ABCNews.com. Since 9/11, the CIA has had five directors, or acting directors, A White House spokesperson, Denis McDonough, said reports that Panetta had threatened to quit and that the White House was seeking a replacement were "inaccurate."

According to intelligence officials, Panetta erupted in a tirade last month during a meeting with a senior White House staff member. Panetta was reportedly upset over plans by Attorney General Eric Holder to open a criminal investigation of allegations that CIA officers broke the law in carrying out certain interrogation techniques that President Obama has termed "torture."A CIA spokesman quoted Panetta as saying "it is absolutely untrue" that he has any plans to leave the CIA. As to the reported White House tirade, the spokesman said Panetta is known to use "salty language." CIA spokesman George Little said the report was "wrong, inaccurate, bogus and false, can anyone pass the fucking salt?"

Emails Emails

smile on camera here

Investigation by CIA Inspector General

Another source of contention for Panetta was today's public release of an investigation by the CIA inspector general on the first two years of the agency's interrogation and detention program. The report has been delayed by an internal administration debate over how much of the report should be kept secret.

One CIA official said colleagues involved in the interrogation program were preparing for a far-reaching criminal investigation.

In addition to concerns about the CIA's reputation and its legal exposure, other White House insiders say Panetta has been frustrated by what he perceives to be less of a role than he was promised in the administration's intelligence structure. Panetta has reportedly chafed at reporting through the director of National Intelligence, Dennis Blair, according to the senior adviser who said Blair is equally unhappy with Panetta.

Other Candidates for the Job

The New York Times reported Thursday that the CIA had planned to use the private security contractor Blackwater to carry out assassinations of al Qaeda leaders.

Six other current and former senior intelligence officials said they too had been briefed about Panetta's frustrations in the job, including dealing with his former Democratic colleagues in the House of Representatives. One of the officials said the White House had begun informal discussions with candidates who were runners-up to Panetta in the CIA director selection process last year. One of the candidates reportedly has begun a series of preparatory briefings. "It would be a shame if such as talented a Washington hand as Panetta were to leave after one year

tent number is 4 i am keeping it...Okay at the sweet little town of Everett and the adjoining town , the people said they they come there to start...Jewish Italian Espana and Russian and that they come from El Salvador from Columbia from every city to start a new life and from there they become successful and they see the world and raise new famiilies...How charming!!!!that at America it is a land of opportunity yet it is a place where we must work very hard to be a success...that you miss out on time with friends and families but I said that you need to bring the friends and families to the place where you reside very day and that you need to see goals and to say okay I am writing a book for 3 years and at that time of all of the backpacking and tenting and hostelling and travelling and 20,000 miles of walking I hope that all of my journey and the people I met is a success for everybody and that I can travel to Europe and do my theater that I love and stay at lovely little flat and meet a cool guy  and make babies and drive a car and know that where I am laying my head for the day is the same as it was the day before!!!! And all of the people I met and the journey and the long hours will of been worth it...That is a cool day and a cool life and I hope everybody loves and learns from my


MIMES...I Tried to talk to a mime a couple of nights ago and here is the following conversation...

     emme, "can you point me in the direction of the train station?"

     the mime thought..."is this a trick?"

     emme, " the train station the train station where is the train station?"

     the  mime thought..."i am not falling for that becuz ...im real!"

     mimes...cant live with em...cant live without em

Silhouette of man holding hat.

     When you walk the canals of Venecia at night... you feel so eeire and haunted...it is because it is haunted with ghosts of all of the people who lived here.  They had their own thoughts of why they thought that ghosts roamed the alleys and canals late at night here is mine...

Sanding amidst the haunted ruins of a passion glory and splendor of days of yore ive alwayus wante to say that...days of yore...it is one of hte many canals tiney alleys that once inhabited murder where horrendous things took place a man on horseback riding for his life carenning down the stairs sliding slipperry moss covered the horse wildly bucking floundering in the water..Hey i said haunted as at the wedding of isabel medici with all of the protestant guests murdered by catherine medici...okay now while staring at the waters and the bricks of the building across from me at the lovely city of venice i see the walls fawn brick red old wooden doors with iron clad windows 3 stories high theirs 8 stairs 5 feet wide the 3rd one is moss coveredTHe man struggling to reach the other side desperate as his attacker closes in he tries clawing his way to pullup to the other side his fingernails pulling off as he pulls himup his leg 1-2 way up he makes it his attaacker swims in the water after him reaches him pulls him down into the water...The night is dark it is 1 am there is a tiny wooden door a barnyard style its bottom 1-2 way up 6 inches jagged green and rusted wood his chin hits the cement and he goes down into the dreary murky sinister death canal where he must of lain to rest...i imagine it to have been that way with the political stakes so high and all of the deals made behind the ones in powers back...That is Venice both beauteous and sad because the 1000s of ghosts of its turbulent violent history roam the alleys seeking justice you can feel their heaviness as you walk it drains the soul as Venices beauty inspires it is the definition of yes, it is beautiful it is lovely yet ther is something about it something not quite right because you feel their sadness tha they died that their is nothing you could do to help ghem i once saw the man at Firenze walking he had long grey hair to his shoulders big muscled perfedct i thought it might be David having escaped from the museum with big btown eyes long shoulder hair his beauty stopped me and i thought am i the only one seeing that man is it some kind of ghost that is how beauty affects the soul.  I of course went to Florence many times to that place yet i only saw him walking that one day maybe it is because the spirits knew i couldnt justify going into the museum to see David or maybe the time i had see him many years before it is just after the man hit his toe with a hammer and they had to reconstuct it that is how my grandmother agnes told me of it...One night at Barcelona on my way to Virgin Airways i thought i saw his face how strange life is...or maybe it is Castaglayes they kinda look alike...that is venice if you wait long with silence at the little alley ways you can see and feel the way of the ones who made venice their home a long time ago.