The Great thing about BarBruto near Porto Romano Tram and Metro Stop is that on Thursdays you receive a pint of the craft beer of the week for only 3.00 euros, which by the way, I didn't know at the time of the interview with the VERY FRIENDLY brothers, Cosimo and Marcello, and my translator Riccardo. Yet it is a very added plus. Very. And After Midnight They let it all hang in push aside the tables and some serious dancing happens on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays! 
     "Marcello goes to Rome or Venice or Florence or whereever they have a craft beer brewery, tries the beers and brings these here. I totally trust Marcello, and besides, I like to drink beer and the people love the beers, yet for me it is all about the sandwiches. I love to create new sandwiches and right now I have about 30. It is very rare for me to be behind the draft beers serving beers." says Cosimo. It is kind of funny that they each have found their specialty! 
                    L'immagine può contenere: una o più persone e spazio al chiuso
   Marcello is a very big guy, and since the translation of Barbruto is literally with a beard, all the sandwiches and specials are named after famous people with beards, such as Fidel Castro which I say Marcello looks exactly like! He says, "I trained as a theater director and directed many plays for the Milan Theater, and every book in the little book and sofa room where people love to sit and drink beers and chat is a play. Here, my gift to you is a Italian language book of Anton Chekov!" O MY GOSH do you know how much I LOVE CHEKOV! L'immagine può contenere: 3 persone
The caption on the picture here is have a beer, have another craft specialty beer that we offer only from Italy, and have the 3rd beer and you can see the ocean and feel the breeze of the tropical islands, that is the attitude of the two brothers. They are SO SWEET AND SO MUCH FUN. I loved these people. Seriously. LOVED em. And when you say something serious to either one, they are a couple of things such as the Wild and Crazy CZECH bros from Saturday Night LIve or the Nigerians lauging at Lionel in Brandon Tarkenton's Tarzan. Like yes we should close at 3.00 am on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, yet if we are having fun and you want to help tap our beers, straighten our furniture and make the place beautiful and make us laugh you can stay all night... ha ha ha  ha ha ha ha ha laughs the Nigerians. I love them. 
L'immagine può contenere: persone sedute, oceano, cielo e spazio all'aperto
"Alright is it my turn yet?" asks Cosimo, the "older brother of 5 years. I am 40. Let's see for me I love to make sandwiches, I have about 30 different specialty sandwiches that are all named after famous people with beards. And of course the best ingredients, yet for instance at Halloween my very creative younger brother, Marcello had us make specialty pumpkin sandwiches." he says. And of course named after a beard, right? Of course. 
L'immagine può contenere: bevanda e cibo
                           Via San Mansueto 1
L'immagine può contenere: cibo e spazio al chiuso
Both Riccardo and Alicie, who is half Syrian and half Italian, "I am born in Italy, trust me," she says, tell me, "We are both gay.Riccardo says that the neighborhood is definitely gay friendly, and the cozy shabby chic creative, comfy Craft Beer bar and Beard Sandwich place welcomes everybody from around the world. Sometimes I ask Cosimo or Marcello to play a GAY song, and they say I can play whatever I want." says Riccardo, who looks very gorgeous in person, by the way. "Girls hit on me all the time and I try to be nice but I am gay." he says. Alicie tells me she wants to "Meet the person to share my life with, yet I work with Marcello and Cosimo who are very straight and I am a lesbian." she says. They are So funny and loveable here.  
"Okay basically, I went to theater school to become a director. And I worked with the Milan National Theater and directed many plays of classical playwrights. Every play in the bookshelves is a copy of one that I have at home. I love plays. I thought that the people could come here and enjoy the theater through the plays." says Marcello. And I ask if they read the plays, has he seen them? "Yes, they do. They sit on the sofas, where the little ones are playing and they read and drink a beer. O  My Gosh we have sooooo many children playing here tonight." he says laughing. They do have a lot of children since they heart love balloons and festivities and the boys and girls are playing hounds of the baskervilles.! 
    "Alright," says Marcello, "let's talk about the beers, since me and my brother opened the Pub because we both like to drink beer, and me espcially plus my brother is great at inventing sandwiches. Specialty ones. We have very high tech storage containers for the craft beer, actually it is all as high tech as we could find, a little expensive, but we made the Pub solid and to last many years. The beers we change about every  month. They come to us and have us taste the beer or I travel around Italy. That I love to do. I can taste all the beer and Cosimo tells me to choose whichever ones I like. He says that he just like to drinkt he beer!" says Marcello. They have fun in life. You will really love the place, the atmosphere and the team. 
    "On one side of taps is high fermentation and on the other is low fermentation and that is how Marcello chooses the beers. We always have a couple of each." says Cosimo. Okay. All I know is their beer is very good, not so expensive, and totally cheap for the students that live near on Thursdays! 
L'immagine può contenere: spazio al chiuso
 I absolutely love Maddalena and Luca the Capos of the trendy funky artsy 100% Craft Beer Pub in Naviglio AL COCCIO
Image may contain: indoor
I loved Maddalena and her mother! named Alba who laughed and giggled and laughed delightfully the entire interview. Loved her. "O Maddalena cooks much better than me!" says Alba as we wait for Maddalena to sit with us and share her story of Luca and her. 
    I must warn you that Maddalena has the most beautiful red hair and it is natural, yet she immediately has you at ease. Very friendly and honest and laughs sincerely at my very bad jokes, "Me and Luca love beer. That is basically why we opened the pub," she says honestly while her mother starts laughing loudly. "We worked at a pub down the canals about 10 years ago and we met each other and said, let's open the Pubs Craft Beer business!" she laughs now and I start to giggle thinking o dear the story is going to be funny... "and when we found the pub it is Zebra, is that the right word? to say a Zebra?" and her mother, Alba points zigzagging, "black and white." O...I see it is a zoo theme before you opened the pub, I ask.
     "Yes and we now have gorgeous natural brick and we have soft walls and iron staircases and books and books and books and little places to sit and chat, like little nooks and crannies!" from the American slang. "I am bad with my English," says Maddalena charmingly. "We are here the last 10 years everyday from 11.00am to 2.00 am or 3.00 am and it is along day and we needed to feel comfortable and yet we needed to present the craft beer from Belgium and from Germany and from The United Kingdom and from small breweries in Italy, especially around Milan. And now we have 16 beers on tap, all craft beers, which at first it is hard since it is expensive and people ask why we need that price to be high and now they love the bar and the craft beer prices have lowered a little." she says laughing. "The years now are easy yet I am older and tired at 2.00am! The early years are more difficult yet I am energetic. Now I say maybe I should open a small boutique restaurant!" Image may contain: drink and indoor
"We love mostly helping the small craft beer breweries around Europe that people would only know if they drank the beers at a Pub such as the one that we own here and you know it is a lovely experience when people say thankyou very much for promoting beer." she says. "We love the beer and we want to come here everyday and drink it...yet the guests love it too." she is a funny lovely very nice person. 
 Alzaia Naviglio Pavese 2 on the "wild trendy canal" side which the locals say is less upscale, however, the locals and students from around the world at the University of Milan rave about it! Image may contain: 5 people, people smiling, people sitting and indoor
"We have natural meats and cheeses typical of Italy here for sandwiches, yet real good ones, and the typical food of a Pub, yet it is about having a great evening, a great couple pints of real Craft Beers and something to eat that is 100% authentic naturally Italian. Remember, though, I said that me and Luca LOVE beer. That is the real reason we bought it." says Maddalena. 
     "Every beer on the draft, which is what we are famous for, although we have maybe 5 to 7 bottles of Craft Beer, we love to showcase the Draft. Yet every beer on the draft is a beer that me and Luca love. It is a beer that we drank and said, alright we can drink it at the Pub, let's show it!" she says totally straight faced! Image may contain: food
"Of course with the birth of Emma, the 8 year old daughter who rules the life now, we alternate the nights at the Pub. We see each other every day at the Pub with working with the team and we alternate the nights that each of us can play with Emma. In June we open a tiny boutique pub in her size with only 5 beers on draft and one caretaker of the Pub. It is a fun family adventure!" she says laughing. I guess when you are happy and own a artsy trendy shabby chic Pub in the coolest section of Naviglio right on the canals you are happy most of the days! "Yes, however, as I become older, as I said, it is party party party when you are young and after 35 to 40 I start to get tired at 2.00am! Now maybe the restaurant is coming!
    To keep up with the newest additions of fun and beers at Al Coccio Pub please visit the facebook at:
                               Capo Maddalena, her bartenders, Luca(another one!) and Emaneule
Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, night and indoor
                                 Straripabar in Milano is a 4 part combination of the Capo, Marco, who is a real treat! 
L'immagine può contenere: 3 persone, persone che sorridono, persone sedute e spazio al chiuso
          Ripa di Porta Ticinese, 19, 20143 Milano
Marco says, "The first thing people do as they come into the restaurant bar is start walking around to the different rooms taking pictures. When I opened it 9 years ago i wanted to make it mine. I have 4 different rooms, a elegant dining section here on top, a pub atmosphere down the stairs, a family area with couches and playdough for the kids and big kids to play with and decorate the walls of the entire restaurant as well as eat lunch and dinner here and the bar area. I fought with the company of Guinness in Ireland and they were very insistent that Guinness be in Irish Pubs only around the world, yet I won and people can come here and eat a Milan Grandmother's recipes lunch or dinner from the kitchen and drink their favorite beer without the screaming and yelling in a wild Irish Sports Pub. They love Guinness and they love my fun Pub Restaurant and I am happy to combine the two." says Marco. Risultati immagini per stra ripa bar milano

"You know one night I was playing wiht playdough at the bar and I thought, hmm...I don't want people drawing and writing on my walls, yet it is a artistic creative pub, so maybe...and I thought of the idea of people to make little objects from playdough, put these as sculptures on the shelves and maybe write messages to stick on the walls. And that is how the colorful playdough messages have come to adorn the walls the last 9 years!" says Marco laughing. e 3492740870 Now THAT is cool.

L'immagine può contenere: cielo, spazio all'aperto e acquaThe silent beauty of Naviglio section, my favorite, of Milan in the morning. Giorgio Armani museum and theater is right under the Genova train station on the other side of the tracks...gorgeous while I took 1 hr. gasping at the designs and headed to the canals where I met the coolest entreprenuer named Marco, "It is a different story. I was a executive chef in Fine Dining for 15 years in California and my father became ill in Milan. I dropped everything and honestly lost my 15 years of life, reputation, financial situation, experience when I zoomed home to see my father. He recovered after many months in the hospital, yet I stayed to take care of him and my mother. I started a catering business and above all a video business! I needed capitol fast to start my own restaurant which is here. I started it with $300,000.00 in debt! And now, 9 years later I can happily say that my mother and father are well, and that I am out of debt with the help of my guests, my friends and the commuity of Naviglio which is real and helps each other. Now I have no regrets and I am very happy with my life. Plus I have a 5 year old daughter." says the very intelligent and active Capo, named Marco. 
     "The food is traditional from Milan and Italy and it is simple, we have great Pub cocktails, and friendly hands on atmosphere plus we have Guinness. What more could you want!" he says. 
"I wanted a restaurant to represent me. I am many different people and each room is me. " says the Capo as he offers me a Guinness to try. I LOVE Guinness and sip it as we talk. "When people come to my home, I am many different people. I want to be able to eat chips on my sofa and have a nice romantic dinner at my dining room. The same is here. People have different moods, yet sometimes when people come to a "PUB" they are fighting with each other. I don't know why. I immediately give these couples playdough and tell them they must create something on the walls! And within 5 minutes they are laughing with each other and the rest of the night is a good night." he says. I tell him maybe he should of been a marriage counselor instead! "Yes maybe, yet for instance, I am mostly here with the people and organizing my Pub. Plus I have a 5 year old daughter now. If I was back in the kitchen, I would have to be a control freak and head chef full time. I love being the boss of all of it. It is very hard to be a head chef and take care of the restaurant. It is almost impossible. I trust my team that they are nice. That they are hardworkers with high standards. When the chef sends out the food from the kitchen it is my recipes and my grandmother's recipes and he is the best. He tweaks these his style, yet they are mine and we get along famously. It is a good relationship." says Marco. 
L'immagine può contenere: 1 persona, persona seduta e spazio al chiuso
Ciao met the young owner, Federico, of the 30 year traditional trattoria on the Canals of Naviglio Milan located at  Alzaia Naviglio Grande 62. 
     KM1 La Trattoria's  tables sit under light umbrellas and the little waterboat filled with tourists in the narrow canal passes a couple of times per hour. It is charming and the owner is both serious and fun.
"I came here a couple of birthdays, maybe 3, and every year I fell in love with the restaurant. The location, the experience and since my Grandmother owned a restaurant til she is 80 in Brescia, which is near Milan, I thought perhaps I could try a restaurant business. Both of my mom and my dad are lawyers and my dad is a judge. So, I thought I don't want to be a lawyer and let me try. It is a 24 hr. a day job and it is long hours yet I love it. Each person is different and I have to approach each table and situation differently. Sometimes a younger person wants me to be hilarious and I try and if I am dealing with a person who was my father's age I can't be hilarious." says Federico as we sit and talk about his life as a Trattoria Capo.
        Use the link below to see the KM1
  I'm not sure if below is the new team or                        a group of guests! 
"I love to imagine that here on the canals it is akin to San Francisco's acceptance of the young people of the world who are free-thinkers. They see the world as opportunities to have fun and to know each other with differences and acceptance and  hope Naviglio is that to people." says the charming and honest Federico. Come visit! 
"When I came here along with my partner, who is shy, we thought to have a new team since although we are young we want tradition and experience in the kitchen. The new chef is old, about 40, and we work together to experiment with new dishes everyday yet I want to learn the old-school traditional recipes of Milan. My grandmother is from Naples and I wanted the Milanese recipes here. And everyday we have let's say 6 courses, 6 desserts, 6 appetizers, 6 pastas, and the specials. Yet some people come all the time maybe 3 times a week and if I didn't have the specials to entice these locals after about one month they would of eaten all my menu items." says Federico and I start laughing. I ask if he sees the locals coming back does he say O NO! and run into the kitchen yelling to the chef that he needs to make something new for the day? He laughs, "I prepare before they walk in!" he says. 
     "I was never a big sports football fan, and now I don't really have time to go even if I was. I love learning how to cook that is a love of mine and now I work with the chef to do that. I always have loved traveling and my favorite city is San Francisco. It is most like me. A city where people whether they are maybe billionaires or working class people talk to you and listen and are interested in each other honestly. I spent 2 months there and loved it all. That is a special city for me. I love the glamour of dressing up and the casualness of life and yet I appreciate each one. If somebody wants to go to galas all the time that is the choice they make and each person deserves a choice that they choose. I appreciate all people. " he says. 
   For me at least I loved the ivory linens on the tables, the Al Capone 1930s feel and the dark wooden chairs that brought glamour and a special night out to mind.
Milan is known as the Fashion Capitol of the World...and as I moseyed to the trendy Navigli area(take the Metro Genova...ahh?) I found the cool Handmade Jewelers of these young entrepreneurs. Although they have a Goldsmith Background,"My father is a traditional Gold Jeweler in Genoa." Says Lorenzo who along with his brother Luca, girlfriend Camilia and her brother GianLuca, opened the innovative design store 3 years now, their jewelry is different.  At ELL silver....
                                    02 83 95 24 9
"I do Rock and Roll themes, Medieval themes, classic figures and honestly most of the designs do come from people asking if we could do custom made designs. And that is a big section of the work that we do." says Lorenzo. "And if you have a motorcycle snap helmut I can make these too."

 "My inspiration is from fashion, from Nature, from Life and I try to bring that inspiration into the store and my work. I try to inspire people with my own inspirations, if that makes sense with my bad English." says Lorenzo laughing yet I know what he means!  Gothic Art, Medieval Art, Rock and Roll Art, and Religious art...a and God said Don't put anybody before me...

Lorenzo, the artisan, at work. "The jewelry here is one of a kind. We make each piece separately. See the case here?" he says as he shows me some totally cool rings. "Each one is handmade and can not be copied. If you want a skull silver ring we make it especially for you. We can add say rubies but since you asked about emeralds these green jewels can become very expensive. We couldn't heat the emeralds because they would explode. We would have to custom make the eyes and custom make the emeralds and a ring of silver is about 160.00Euros plus the emeralds it is about an extra 1,000.00Euros. I mean we could yet it is expensive." he says.
The Simple beauty of ELL jewels in Milan. The store is set in a middle of the trendy yuppie industrial section and the street itself you will these great cool designs.
And here is a gift card that you can make totally personal...give the gift card and have your receiver come in and design the perfect piece of jewelry...only at ELL Jewels, Milan.
   It is always more fun than business interviewing Andrea, and today it is super fun since as he said, "I cleaned house and hired a new manager who is my friend of 17 years. The reason is because he listens to me and we do the restaurant together. And I hired a new cook since we last talked. We do the menu with each other and we don't hear screaming like Chef Ramsey in the kitchen. You can be creative, as the Italians are very creative in the presentations of food nowadays and you don't have to scream doing it." he says.                                                                                                                                                                           Risultati immagini per il brellin milano
"My father was a important person in his day. He was a big Music Producer and Record Label Promoter. He had Nat King Cole and Quincy Jones write him notes and visit him. At one time he had 100 people working for him. He sold the Record Label Company in 1997 and one year later we went into the restaurant business. I knew absolutely nothing about the business. Now I love it.I was 29 at the time of opening the restaurant and in 2010 when my father passed away it totally changed my life. It was very hard to move forward alone. It made me a better person and a stronger person. Now my team is 13 people and I am including only the people that work at the restaurant...I never work!" he jokes and at the same time says that he is the one who personally brings plates to the tables.  Is the restaurant involved in Music still?      I ask. "Only on Wednesdays we have live Jazz playing in the one section of the bar/restaurant which thank God since I have had enough of Jazz from sitting on the real musicians laps to hearing it everyday. Now my guests love to hear the musicians yet I escape to my family. I have a beautiful wife and children who I love. My life is about my family and when it gets super busy in the restaurant with a lot of people I escape!" he jokes again. The one thing about Andrea is he is a super geniune nice person who loves his family. 
" know the French used to be known for the presentation, yet they aren't really creative. The Italians are very creative and wiling to try new things. Mostly since we have the best ingredients in the world of which to work with." he says. I say that at first Americans used to think that the Italians in Italy were real Macho yet when I visited the French I found the French male more Macho and the Italians more Family oriented. "Yes the French won't try new things since they think they know it all and they are the best. where the Italians want to show off their food. The Italians are become known around the world now as being the most creative." he says laughing.                                                                                   Risultati immagini per el brellin milano
Come meet the team at Vicolo dei Lavandai Alzaia Naviglio Grande,14               reservations:  02 5810 1351

"In Africa, Kenya, I ate some strange things too! And don't forget Thailand where they have real exotic time I ate a Python in Kenya!" says Maurizio. "I ate some squirmy live things on a water market in Thailand," says Andrea and we all say ooo! I say the most exotic thing that I ever ate is probably oysters! 
The restaurant is right on the canal and Andrea says, "I don't know why people come here," as usual a funny comment, " I guess it is a couple of reasons, the jazz that we play all the time, the live Jazz on Wednesdays, the great food and new chef, and my team. And did you notice the flowers in the paintings on the walls? These used to be in the top floor of the restaurant yet in the last year I planted flowers outside near the tiny canal and people loved sitting outside and I thought we should show the flowers here. And my shirt, do you love my shirt?" he asks as I admire his white cotton button shirt with pink flowers painted on it. "My wife took my shirt and painted flowers on it. They look pretty cool." he says. 
    The second day I visit he has on Hawaiian shorts and a white shirt. "Yes I went to college in Hawaii. I love Hawaii. My wife is in Paris now. She is from India and she is beautiful." he says as he shows me his wife and son and the videos on Instagram that they send to him everyday. I say that I don't know how to use Instagram and he says me neither but it is fun to see the pictures! 
 I am super loving my lunch of the 5 raviolis with grouper and lemon and the little tiny caviar on top, Very tasty. He gives me a little beautiful shrimp appetizers that are tiny steamed vegatables and ginger sauces. Yum. The new waiter, "All my team is with me about 18 years, Massimo, and the other Massimo and Maurizio I have known 18 years. The other chef in the kitchen is 18 years, yet the one here is only 10 days and young...let's see how long he lasts!" he jokes and just then he brings me a espresso and little tiny biscuits. Andrea says, "see!" and starts laughing. "A gentleman. He does things his own way to do, yet as I see that I am asking now the waiters to present the biscuits. That is a nice touch." he says.  "I learn from each of my team. Here let me show you the cooks, I usually don't let people in the kitchen yet..." and we visit the cooks! Funny! Immagine correlata
"...and you have to say hi to Maurizio or he won't talk to me..." so we visit the Manager that runs the huge place when Andrea is home with his family, "which is often now since I just started taking dancing lessons with my two children!" he says. OK! Maurizion says, "I have traveled everywhere in the world and lived 17 years in California. My favorites or most exotic would have to be China, where they eat just about anything and some things I don't even know what they are!" he says. 
  Milan the Fashion City of the World...and Who owns the Milan Basketball team? Giogio Armani!
The city is known as the financial capitol, the sports center, and the Fashion City of the World...   To find out more about these subjects visit the people I met in Milan including the one and only dedicated to basketball store in Italy smack in the middle of Milan and the cool financial giant of 30 years, Emma, who now owns SCIATT Restaurant having left the Banking Financial Community 2 years ago,come meet Emma at SCIATT Milan located at Via Monte Grappa 18, and to talk sports? visit Dario and Federico at Airness Basketball below.

"Here I want you to talk to a major player in the Financial World who is CEO of a important Italian bank here in Milan," she says as he speaks better english than her! and she gives me a privelege to talk on the phone...Hello? is his suprised answer and wants to know if I am face to face with Emma and wanting to know about her food? or the financial genuis of Emma's curiosity of the world and Milan in terms of being a economic player...Um I say that yes Emma is here and we would love to hear his opinions of global finance and Milan. "I used to work in London and with the 2 largest American banks, Citigroup and Bank of America Meryl Lynch and now I am with a Italian bank. It interested me to come to Milan 6 months now and everybody knows of the involvement that the Government had in the Expos and the various culture of Italy. Everybody is looking to do business in Italy because they are bullish about the economy. I myself work on emerging markets and to answer the question you asked if Milan is in my opinion a major player in the financial world? I can answer better with showing than with words. Italy is showing itself as being proactive in doing things and that is important.  The fact that I am here is unprecedented and given the opportunity to come to Milan and work with emerging markets for the Italian sector representing that is unparalled. You can ask Emma her opinion too since she is right in the heart of it...I met her 6 months since right here at SCIATT by the way," he says,"Yet if she wants my opinion I can give it. The interest now from the international world is of the Italian food supply and where as the, let's say, last 5 years international giants from  America and Asia, would chase German products, now they come to chase the Italian products.    They come to consult and have interest in Ferrari, for example, and Italian merchandising.             Italy is following Germany and there is a lag of years yet it is catching up." says Mr. Londra who has to run to an important meeting I guess...afterall it isn't everyday you sit down with two financial powerhouses in one meeting! O and by the way SCIATT has great food! 

"I came to Milan because of love. And stayed here. Yet having done the financial business 30 years I noticed that in say 2008 the world is changing. Milan had to change to become a powerhouse of the world. What I loved about Italy and what most people loved about Italy was in a sense what was also holding back the Italian progress to a cosmopolitan country emerging from a provincial country. It's charm became it's bad thing. The food and the Italian Grandmothers and the Historical monuments were all real provincial yet the world operated on a Global economy, not just a local economy, to be successful. I wanted to make a difference in the world and for Milan," she says in her and my language barrior conversations of life and SCIATT. Here the powerhouse of SCIATT.

When I ask Emma if she misses the Financial World she says that ,"The banking world? No! It is much harder here to work being the Capo yet it is better since I am the person who makes the decisions of my life now." Yet at the same time she is funny when I ask if she loves her life now? "NO! My life isn't so much fun now.                                      I work all the time to make it successful and my one item on my list for my SCIATT is to make a better team. I want 3 to 5 people on my team that work and love the SCIATT as I do with the same goals. That is my present and future." she says. Risultati immagini per sciatt milan

Via Monte Grappa 18/02 6347 05 24 "Milan needs to go back to the basics of what is really important in life, it has fashion and finance and is the cosmopolitan city of Italy and it needs to promote that. The world needs to see Italy as something in addition to the Italian Grandmother's kitchen. I would like to open the world to put in the world but another way not the same old way. I want the show to must go on and to show the world all of the great things about Italy. To bring us into the modern world. It is a emerging city that has substance not just surface. I want the substance to show. It is totally precious the window of Milan...and yet everyone is important. To do a train it takes 2 rails not just one...and Milan in my mind has 3 important things, the Spirito that you need that is true, to touch and to see all of these 3 things to do. The window of Milan yet the substance underneath too is the most important. My life at SCIATT is a Big Dream for Italy and I am the small beginning of that dream." the intelligent, thoughtful lady says. 
"Me and my friends went to America to California and to Nevada and Yosemite and the Grand Canyon and we ate a couple of Diners and fell in love with these American Diners! So we thought, hey lets bring the concept of the American Diner to Italy. And we ate at all of these that we could find. And now it has been 3 years since we've been here." says the adorable Simone, who along with his partners Maurizio and Mario are the young funky owners of Sunny Side Up.
                                       "At first the Italians would come in here and they would say, "O it is a lovely place but you should have more Japanese in here, " or "O it is really pretty but it is a strange counter..." and the Americans would come in and sit at the bar and say loud and yell and laugh, "Alright a American Diner, WOO-WHOO!" They're very different.
"Now we have 1/2 and 1/2 of Tourists and Italians from the Neighborhood. You know Italians all around the world are fond of their traditions and the customs and especially the food. To try something new is alright yet here we seriously have tourists that come in here the first day and they stay the entire vacation and eat here everyday. They say thankyou totally much for making us feel comfortable here in the city and they drink a lot of the coffee! You know Starbucks did Focus Groups and they won't come into Italy. They say that the Italians are used to the 70cents to 1.00Euro espresso and won't pay for Starbucks 4.00Euros. Seriously."

                          028 70 84 083

  The typical American Breakfast can be found at the authentic SunnySide Up.


 "Since I am Italian I had to do all of my own research such as what are American Holidays that would make my guests comfortable? Now we have 4th of July specials and we just had Thanksgiving of Turkey and Cranberry, Pumpkin Pie and the decorations. I know all of the USA holidays and I love America," says Simone, the Milan born owner of Sunny Side Up. "And the music is all American such as Willy Deville, Elvis of course, Rock a Billy, Whiskey Town which I know you love and I love Whiskey Town too!" he says. "And the girl here does all of the music because she is better at that than me. I am good at the food and the culture. The Italians are getting alittle used to it yet the other day some little old Italian ladys came in and said, "It is beautiful is it a cafeteria?" he laughs. "I say that it is a American Diner!"

                                   HERE at LA PROSCIUTTERIA MILAN
The plates just the way it is presented here and at 100 Euros per plate which comfortably feeds the table it is way more food than you could possibly eat in one the best in Italy..."The fun thing everyday for me,"says Marco, "Is everytime we give the people the plates they say O my Gosh how am I to eat all of that?"

      /                    LA PROSCIUTTERIA MILANO
              Via Corso Garibaldi 55
                      20121 Milan
           Telefono: +39 02 8901 0390
Aperto dal Lunedì alla Domenica 11:00-1:00
"The specialty is of course the food and we have something that Americans water! And no cover table charge, and free bread to the table." Marco says as we sit in the funky Tuscany basement where a little wishing well sits and Olesya turns on the tap and drinks from cups sitting here. "The water is drinkable and people can come and do that. They love it." She says.
Either he owes a lot of people money! Or the food is just that good! Here gathering to storm the La Prosciutteria near the Lanza Metro Stop in Milan...the great thing about Italy is that you can drink outside...and with the food that good and the wine that cheap...and the party hours til 1:00am prepare to have a great time.
"We're young and we want a place where young people can come and drink a glass of great wine and spend 2.50Euros to do that...and have the best products of Italy." says the lovely Olesya,the young Russian Immigrant who married the owner of La Prosciutteria, Marco. Marco is from Milan and speaks a little English and his wife speaks Russian and a little Italian! "It took us 2 years just to find the location and the old antique furniture that is miss matched and perfect for the Provincial Tuscany Specialty Osteria." she says. "And about that long to understand each other!" They met on the island of Cyprus on vacation and she came to Milan to do her Master's. "He took English courses and I took Italian courses and finally we can understand each other!" she says. 
Is the food good here? I am asking as we walk through the Gourmet Osteria..."yes it is great!" they all say.
Eating the great food at La Prosciutteria...and yes that is the real plates! The food looks so great! "The best is when people love the food and sit here and relax on Sunday and love to stay. The only thing that I need is more free time yet I guess all the Bosses say that...and the most difficult of owning the restaurant since it is my first one is the personnel. I had to find the perfect team. And now I have it yet I would say that is the most difficult thing to do." says Marco, who on his day off is? "He is here!" laughs his wife. "Now we do Christmas gifts...come on..." she says as she grabs him as we walk out. "Christmas at Italy and Moscow for the New first when I come to Italy I say o the night clubs are bad and that Moscow has much better fun ones and now we never go to nightclubs except when we party at Moscow." she says.
The humanness and personal attention to the littlest guests is why Stendhal has become a full house every night...located at via Ancona 1 Milan, Italy 02 65 720 59
"The thing that I asked my team to do is say "HI" to the people when they enter the door. To smile and laugh with the guests since they chose us right? All the restaurants on the way here from the main subways of Garibaldi and Moscova that they could choose from yet they took a risk on us. Appreciate it. Be happy that we can show the guests our service. And we make people feel at home and happy. And of course the food is great. We changed the chefs when I came here and the food is better. Now people come a couple of times per week and that is why we're packed every night." says the superstar. "The food is totally Italian of course and from Milan the region. The staff and team is totally fun," says Aura which I can attest to since they all come and kid her as we sit. The team is old-school and thus even more respectful of her:)
"The one thing that I knew I would have is fun and yes it is great being the boss since I can do anything that I would love to do. When I first came here Vincenzio is like who is that little girl telling me what to do since he had worked with my Grandfather 20 years and now he is my biggest supporter! The bad thing about being the boss? It is one year and now I have 5 days of vacation! And today is my first day and here I am talking to you in my restaurant. It is totally hard and I did realize it would be so hard!" she says as she laughs and digs into her favorite fresh food at the fun Stendhal(worth finding) in Milan.
"The history of Stendhal is a poet who came to Italy and felt at home, a famous poet. I wanted people to feel that warmth. When I first came here it is all stiff and formal. People felt uncomfortable. Now they love it. My grandfather is happy and surprised and very proud of me,"says Aura. "Stendhal poetry is composed of music and the idea of time and space and the desire to escapre are presented..." perhaps that is the feeling of Aura?
And the fact that it is beautiful helps a lot! "You know a little cosmetic surgery is all it needed on the surface and the lovely graciousness of my team and the food is wonderful. How could you help yet love it?" Says Aura. 

                VIA GAETANO NEGRI, 4
331 997 5437

Their charming niece, not pictured here, translates since the family is very Italian and speaks very tiny English. "She is the master chef," Guilia says of her favorite aunt, Stephania. And when she translates Stephania giggles at the use of the word Master. "Yes I am the Master!" she says. "Everyday since the last 7 months of opening  we sit and talk about the menu. It is a try that one day and try a different dish another day. It is new. The restaurant is a design concept restaurant which means of all the Baccanales in Italy they provide the decor and furniture and you are allowed to make it personal. The food is the one item that is totally personal. Stephania chooses the Baccanale food and I am the person that cooks it! She loves the tartar and we do meat tartar here. The guests are a mixture you know. The political and the Wall Street and the biggest newspaper in Milan's office is here and they come in everyday. We try to see do they love this pasta and of course 1/2 is the tourists that come to try real Italian food. Stephania loves that to try and create the different food everyday." When I ask Stephania what her husband loves to do she says, "He loves watching everybody and he loves the people. He is much more the people person talking to everybody and I am the one that loves to make the different food. It is a perfect combination."She says and intertwines her fingers together. Since Stephania says "that Milan is a Fashion, Sports, Business city." when I ask her to describe the city. "RUGBY!" says her husband, Marco, "My father is a sports guy, in Chicago they have 10 famous Rugby teams!"

Be prepared for a fast-paced real family when you enter Baccanale in Milan. Above you see the artistic work of one of the sons, Lapo..."One of my sons is here and is a artist the way that I am" says Stephania(the owner and wife of the Capo, Marco). "One is married in Chicago-his wife is from Chicago and he is studying to be a pilot. One is Gaia who is in London and the younger one, Giacomo is too young to work with us." She says.  "I WANT TO OPEN A BACCANALE SOON IN CHICAGO!" says her husband Marco! "WE love the city of Milan and the Italian people and that is the warm affection that we missed working and living in palma di maiorca the last 7 years. And since our son is in Chicago we thought we should open a Baccanale here too." she says. 

 "The young yuppies love the famous Milan aperitivos  which start here from 18:00pm to 20:00pm, 6Euros to 8Euros drink and all the buffet...they love it."  

"The fresh Italian ingredients that make tourists from all around the world come to Italy!" says the Cowboy, one of the staff that helps translate for me. When I enter for the interview, Marco yells, "COWBOY! ENGLISH!"               The cook is pictures here & below is Marco.

"The main thing is to have fun." says Stephania through the help of Guilia. And she is joined on and off by Marco and while he runs to the counter, Lapo comes back and forth to translate the English. 

     "The family is wonderful. I lived for a little while with my aunt in Palma di Maorica and in Australia.                                                                    They love each other and they love to travel.  They love Milan yet it is about bringing a great Pizzeria such as the famous Baccanale to the people of Milan and when it succeeds to bring the Milan culture to Chicago. They love that city and their son loves that city. Yet he misses his family. They thought alright the Baccanale is truly successful here and lets try America now." says Guilia.  Look out Chicago here comes the Fatai and Paganoni families of Milan!  

At Tre Cristi Milan the decor is beautiful, elegant, sophisticated and modern with starched waiters ironing the linen tableclothes at 12:00pm as I chat with the owner...ultimate luxury... 
                                                                            022 906 2923
"I traveled all over the world," says Riccardo, one of the owners of Tre Cristi in Milano, the otherTre Cristi being the original world famous 1830 in Siena, Italy. "I traveled for 25 years around the world and lived in Asia and  Australia, India, Korea. I feel most at home in Siena where I am born yet the world has shown me many things and I am a much more sophisticated person than when I grew up in Sienna, if that makes sense?" he says. "Maybe 100 Countries around the world with dealing in Pharmacia Business. Milan is very different than Siena which is a provincial traditional Italian town. Milan is a small city that acts like a big city. It behaves like New York yet it is in fact a much much smaller city. And it doesn't really represent Italy. It is South Central Europe and the Italian things that you can find in Milan is only the Italian habits of internationals that moved here. The food here is Italian yet since we have one of the top 10 chefs in all of Italy and the top 15th in the World who is now the head cook and the other cook comes from a 3 star Michelin. There are only 5 in Italy in the entire world. The food and kitchen here we say is a research center. We try to find the raw materials of the food and the chef's expertise is to take that raw material and make something unique with it." Traveling the world of 100 Countries and settling in the provincial town of Sienna and Ultra chic Milan? "Yep I got bored with traveling Asia and exotic the end they're all the same and one must settle in a place that one feels comfortable with and I am happiest here." Riccardo says. With a famous staff and a super glamourous restaurant they hope that many people come here and fall in love with the concept and the food and "yes be curious about the original 1830 Sienna Restaurant and take a trip to Sienna. And in addition if they come from the south and love the Sienna restaurant I hope my brother who runs Sienna Tre Cristi sends his guests here. He is most mad that my restaurant is more sophisticated and highest quality of chefs in Italy!" Laughs Riccardo.

 Above Paolo Lapriore, one of the 15th best chefs in the World, says that they want to develope a convivial kitchen. A research center for food! And that the friends who make up the Tre Cristi he has found to be both emotionally and professionally supportive of him and the project. And while that may sound a little too scientific for you! Take a walk to Tre Cristi and see the beauty of the restaurant every bit as modern and techi as you can imagine and do dinner...highest quality of food "a little bit more sophisticated than Siena's Tre Cristi" says Riccardo.

My favorite color combinations of all in here...the Swiss colors of Teal and White mixed together with wood paneled floors and sleek chrome and black kitchen...