Le restaurant préféré du Vin qui Parle, Caviste du 5ème arrondissement, Boulevard Saint Germain.
When you have 5 gorgeous girls from Sweden and China all giggling talking to Al who is doing wine tastes and they all buy the wine you know you have a successful business... the assistant let me try 3 cool wines one of which is his favorite,"the Domaine D'Aignes Belles from 2012 is my featured wine and the one that is the totally um best in the store," he says as he lets me taste. "If I went out to dinner and they had that wine it would of choice of mine" he says happily as we wait for the owner of Le Vin to arrive.
Here is Loic Aubert; the owner of the ready?100% French wine store: I loved him since he has my own philosophy,"I only wanted to carry wines from people that I personally met. I thought if I met the owner's of the vineyards I could say yes I see that person cares about the wine and that is the wine that I choose to carry in my store," he says. " I can put the spirit that I really want to my company. To make wine simple to my guests. You don't have to be a expert. You can taste the wine every Saturday we have 8 wines. You can taste and say O yes that is the wine that I love. Why should it matter if you know the wine's background? Who cares really? It is about the moment and choosing the wine that makes you feel good." Loic Says.
The importance of having 250 wines in the store;"If you stand the wine up instead of laying it on the side it starts to have different qualities to it which is why we only have 250 wines since we lay the wines on the side. I rotate the wines every 6 days in the standup position." Loic says. Here is a wine named Domaine Les Carmels which is one person and he only does 3,000 wines per year; of course he has a day job. Yet he is trying to do his own wine business and he bought vines and put a house on his property and now he has a vineyard. I chose him since he totally 100% cares about his wine. The people that I met I want to tell my guests that they're good people. If I see that the wine tastes good but the people don't really care about me or the wines I won't choose them." he says
"I used to manage 150 famous French exclusive chocolate stores...yet here I am my own boss. Yes it  is a big risk yet what I found is that from going from employee to boss the biggest difference is that the problems go from you just choose your problems and that is the biggest difference" he wisely says.
The fun totally young team of 24; William says, "24 and in June 25, yes we're young but I think that is what makes us special. We're excited about the newness of the restaurant" and Justin, "I'm 24 and in 10 days it is my partner's birthday in June and we're both 25 in June. We're having a big party here for the birthdays. It should be cool. I am the unstressed one and Guilliaume is a little more stressed in the front of the restaurant", he says. They're both pictured above after a long day of traveling around France to find just the right wine and specialty products they serve at the happy restaurant named "Sourire"... it "means smiles" says Justin who says that they want they're guests to smile and they thought together of the name in french that means just that.
The chef in his kitchen; "I designed it specially for me." Justin says,  "And it is open and I like this since I can see the people in the restaurant and they too can see me. If they want to say hi while I am preparing food that is fine with me. Mostly I love to cook. I love the restaurant and we spent a lot of time traveling around France talking to local farmer's to pick the right ones. We met a lot of nice people and now we have 5 farmers that we use for ham and the cheeses and a couple of small vineyard owners that we use for wine."     to learn more;
                          01 42 01 06 43
And they're own typical French tapas that they serve at the Sourire restaurant on the tiny famous Galande Street in Paris. Across from Notre Dame. "I think that we're the first with the concept that you choose little french tapas and you make your own meal. It is supposed to be individual to each person. And since it is of the highest quality we don't do a prix fixed dinner. You just mix and match. The first week we only had French locals and now we have international tourists and locals. It is fun and it makes us happy when they love the food." says Justin.
Here is the view from the inside of the boutique 44 seat restaurant with Guilliaume serving. "The funnest thing about starting the restaurant is when Justin and I got to meet the farmers around France. It is great and especially the farmer we choose to buy the ham from. He is very provincial with the straw hat and the bread in his basket of his bike...you know the real thing. He is a little older and funny. He was so used to people like us coming and for us it was real new. We loved him and we got to eat so much meat and cheese along the journey. And wine of course."
To meet the young 25 year owner of Hemler's Burgers all you have to do is come to his location at 12 rue monge Paris, Click on the facebook link below or call 01 43 29 44 91  and say hi to Warren.
"When I opened the restaurant I wanted to do traditional burgers on the Grill the way that I learned in America. I wanted to let people of all incomes be able to afford the burgers. Now the funnest for me since I am working all the time at the Hamler's burgers is to see that a kid of 16 comes in and buys a burger and a kid of 70 years comes in and buys a burger. Plus my team is really fun. We have a lot of fun here." Warren says. Believe me they do. When I checked his facebook page their is a video of all of these characters dancing in the store. You'll love the people and the friendliness and now on to try a burger! I'll let you know if it is as good as it seems.

 "We grind the burgers downstairs everyday from the beef that we purchase from Ireland Named Black Angus. It is the best in the world. The burger's are made everyday and they start at 4.90E each...with cheese. I wanted to make the best burgers inexpensively and everybody can afford one. My grandmother, whom I loved, lived in a little town in OHIO USA named Hemler." says Warren as he shows me both the way that they grind the hamburgers(amazing really) and the little town of Hemler on the Google. "She and her husband owned a diner that I think was called Alberta's diner! I loved America when I visited and about 5 years now I've wanted the American style of grilling the hamburgers to introduce to Parisians. I am doing my own franchise too and in 6 months another location is to open in Paris. The 3rd then in Normandy, France. I hope people will come because of the hamburgers and of course my story of my love of my grandmother." the young friendly honest owner Warren says. 

Hamler's Burgery, l'enseigne de burgers du Ve arrondissement de Paris
                                                The classic beauty of Don Giovanni
"It is about family and friends. If you love your family of course." says the geniuly sweet owner of the restaurant DonGiovanni near the St Paul metro."Actually it is more of a coop honestly. 3 of us own it and we all come from Italy. Me I am from near Rome the south of Rome and th food is from every section of Italy. And I am Enrico" says the handsome Italian. "My partners is Angelo and Maximillian the chef and Giovanni. We're really friends. That is what life is about. Friends. When Interview people for a job I never ask their age or whatever. It is only if I like the feeling that they give me and if I trust these people. That is the same here. See for a instance upstairs is a elegant private restaurant and when people reserve it I never say O is it a birthday or is it a business etc. I just say alright. I don't really care honestly. I only care that they come and have a good time." he says.
        19 rue françois miron Paris
              Tél : 01-48-87-01-02

I see that the bartender downstairs is a woman and I ask her name. "O that is Angela. We have to have a beautiful woman of course to greet people." he says; Angela is model beautiful; tall and dark hair and smiles shyly. "It is really about friends. I want friends here and I want people to be happy." he says.

                                9 rue LAGRANGE  01.435.4.13.99

  Hippopotamus Notre Dame has a husband and wife team ownership and the Juniors. The Juniors would   be Estelle Lopandia, the 19 year old daughter then her brother Thomas Zimmermann who works at night. "I am only here a couple of days to help my mom and dad. My stepbrother Thomas is there every night and he knows everything about the restaurant, plus my english is bad." The charming Estelle says. Her mother a beautiful Asian woman, 42, looks a lot younger and laughs as we try to speak 3 languages and learn about the Hippopotamus team. "It has 230 stores, I think, and it had one in San Francisco in 1965 is where the franchise started. They're fun. I think they're a lot like the Starbucks of America. Everybody comes and eats here everyday and it is super super busy. My stepfather and mother bought Hippopotamus about maybe 2 years? They used to own their own French restaurant and now we make the Hippopotamus style food. People sometimes ask me if they can order a Hippopotamus and I try to tell them that on the menu isn't a Hippopotamus it is only named Hippopotamus!"
The cool thing since it has many tourists and locals that it recognizes the students too. For all of these Sorbonne students who need a little help here is the 20% student special to feed hungry people so they can brain function!
They have these little stirs for drinks and they're shaped like hippopotamuses! Says the son, "We're happy as the family always working with each other...this is my other brother Vincent," and he introduces another sibling. "We love coming to work since it is like fun with each other all the time and as  my dad working with him let's just say I've never seen my father mad. Ever. He is the nicest person and the easiest person to work with." Thomas says. As we talk about Hippopotamus a young chef who comes from, India carries lettuce...Do you love working with the family? I ask and he shakes his head and says, "No!" and the brothers laugh and translate my question in French to which he replys, "No" and then Thomas says, "She is a journalist and she is writing a article about the Hippopotamus..." and he smiles and says, "O yes yes yes I love working at the Hippopotamus..."
Click on the weblink above to learn more about the Hippos in Paris or specifically 9 rue Lagrange:http://www.hippopotamus.fr/.../paris-5e-lagrange...

 We thought it would be funny to ask Vincent, who is the waiter at the restaurant, to sit down and eat so we could take a funny picture...and he said alright he does...the picture is coming! "I would love a picture with the entire family." asks Thibault, the father, and we agree that would be fine. The mother Cecile graciously gives me a espresso, my first from Hippopotamus and it is a little better than most of the stronger espressos. "The best thing about the HIppopotamus is the fact that we're supported of a big company and we know that people love the food yet the bad thing is I wish to create my own recipes...maybe in the future." the son says.

Ah yes Paris has wine and more wine and more wine in fact us all around the world consider Paris and the French the wine capitols and the most knowledgeable people can find wine here...
01 46 33 90 35  is the number if you would love to invite yourself on Friday nights at 7:30pm for a glass of wine at the tastes and the very good sausages pictured here. Yum. I tried one...I love the dry sausages.
Caves du Panthéon Vin Paris by Wine
Olivier answers, "I love being the owner because I love being the fucking boss!" is his not so quiet reply to the question of why he loves owning a wine store."I used to have to do everything someone told me to do but now I dont have to do everything someone tells me to do. I can do anything I need to do and I can do anything I want to do since I am the boss." I say that is why I love owning the newspaper emmeanesbook...
& show him the front of the paper withme & Albert who I say is the real boss:) of the entire paper:) He laughs. It is 2,000 pages of totally cool people and businesses around the world. How fun is that:)

Caves du Pantheon Paris by Wine
Olivier, who owns the wine store the last 6 years, is a bohemian artist. I don't know if he is really an artist but he is definitely bohemian. He has great chocolates that you can't find anywhere and you will not find um any kinds of mainstream wines here...only subculture wines as I named these small vineyard selections. The wines have names such as PROS ECCO, BUBULLE with little cartoon bubbles on em, LeMasque with handmade drawings etc. Olivier says,"I only select little vineyards and independants. Most of the independants have no sulfites or organic. That is important to me and to my guest. I have cheese sometimes and sausages at the tastings but on a couple of Fridays it is only Wine. It is really all about the wine." he says in a laid back non hurry sort of way.


                    9 & 11 bd Richard Lenoir

The funny team at the motorcycle store has a directing manager whos name is Thibaud. He laughs hilariously constantly and says every person who comes into the store is a little crazy since motorcycle people are risk takers and for a better word a little crazy! The store has tons of colors of helmuts and biking jackets and cool sneakers and tons of videos of crazy stunt people trying airbags such as me! 

here is the infamous test of the airbag that professional motorcyclists wear and the other video is why:)...it protects and poofs up when the line is pulled it is scary! emme 

Posted by Bassano Romain on Monday, May 18, 2015

the airbag in the store is to try; however do not don't try this driving airbag since it is dangerous in the second video! 

Vitto D'errico partners with another person to own the Nicolas Wine Store near the Opera House...and a cool talent agency which you can find more about at the facebook link here.

Coryllis itself is a elegant restaurant set in the middle of the young artsy community of Montemarte. All in the alleys are funky boutiques and unique clothing stores and little cafes and pubs. Yet in the middle of it all is a formal Italian intimate restaurant that is a little inexpensive. "It really is affordable, " says the owner. "I have many people that are local that come here everyday. Yes the international tourists find us as they wander around the streets but mostly French people and locals. The tourists come more for dinner. We have a kitchen that is open til after 11:30 if the people come and we're here. It is one of only a couple open that late that is why I guess they come. And the food is great." he says. I must warn you about these two...they're joking all the time so be careful when you ask them questions...I doubt if you ever receive a serious answer!  


85 Rue des martyrs 
75018 Paris
  • Phone: 
    +33 (0)1 42 23 05 69

"I love food." says the 100% joking owner of, Coryllis Restaurant in Montemarte. "Everyday I write 3 items on the menu. I make these Italian foods myself. I make the foods different everyday and the next day I make new ones. And we don't keep the recipes ever. It is all made up in my mind. That is why I love the restaurant. I love to play. I am a player." Joseph says. His assistants name is Amelia. She is Italian. He is from Sri Lanka and raised in Paris! 


as I am wandering throught the neighborhood of the avant garde alternatives I CAME UPON A funny store that has chain saws and gardening and mowers and about anything you want to take care of the home or garden for rent! The employees spoke zero english and we had fun with a parisian guest who translted a little...in came a group of 4 "we come from germany, stuttgart, they say" and one says " o here is where you rent the chainsaw and the divorce is easy" i laugh and say take care of the lawyer too! if you want to rent anything come here :)



 Résultat de recherche d'images pour "rs locations paris"

 At La Baraque you won't find a more romantic or beautiful restaurant upstairs anywhere or night club down:)



only for fun people on thursday nights from 7pm to 9pm FREE MOJITOS AND SEX ON THE BEACH cocktails along with 6 other cools ones plus a cool buffet...all for only 15.00euros wow and dancing in the nightclub with a DJ til 2 am sure the hell beats the pub crawls! only 15euros here free buffets or   Cub au 102 rue de Charonne

"It is only 15 euros for a free buffet with as many cocktails as you wish to drink free on Thursday nights in the night club in the basement and it is from 7pm to 9pm and people can dance from 9 pm with the DJ til 2am in the morning. It is a expensive restaurant yet Thursdays is the Afterwork thankyou very much to everybody night. On the weekends we have so many people dancing til 5 am and so many bodyguards yet on Thursdays it is alright to try" says Raffe the 31 year old owner of La Baraque.

   https://www.facebook.com/mathuvue27   MATHU VUE optics on the rue de mathurins

"We have famous people that come in here everyday. Such as actors and the great animator Jean Michel Maire. They're fun to talk to and they buy the glasses that they love. They always joke around." 

Warren the young owner of the chic optics on rue de mathurin street says that since he opened the store 5 months now(it is odd how many stores have opened since january in paris) that he chooses only designer glasses. "The people in the neighborhood are rich and the tourists only want designer labels. They know Gucci and Marc Jacobs and or course Dior and they want these brands.Plus I love these labels and that is why I carry these." 

"When you try the glasses on the 540Euros seems small that is how good they look." he says and when i tried the Diors I thought hmm how can I afford these must have! 


"Sunglasses and glasses...it is all about image." Warren says. "And we have a little kids section where the kids can color while they're mom and dad shop. We have Dolce and Gabbanas for the kids at about 120.00euros." 

"I choose the model one and one. If a person comes in and purchases the Dior one and another person comes in and says hey I wanted that one, I can of course order another one. It takes about 6 days to have oAne in. I have 800 models here and it is impossible to keep 2 or 3 each of these. That is alright though since you know you're the only one that has that model." Warren says. As we chat his assistant, Chalom, pulls up a girl poledancing and starts laughing. My friend said that the girl here is the number one pole dancer in the world in the champion competitions." And I say that my friend bought a pole and took pole dancing lessons and put the pole in her husbands bedroom and gave him pole dancing lessons for his birthday. And we all thought that is cool.

 Geoff_Peglar_Photography-ImageGeoff Pegler Photo



Interviewed El Bent, "My girlfriend does the vintage shoes and 50s style dresses and I do the avante garde cool tattoos. It is fun to work with each other, however I do miss the guys you know in the tattoo parlor talking about life. It is fun to tattoo in my own studio though. I must say that since when I work alone here the girls come in and I find some girls a lot wierder than the tattoo people that come in. The girls just look around the store and leave and don't even say hi sometimes. It is different." he says about working in a girls boutique! 

The couple that owns True Love is El Bent the tattoo artist and his girlfriend Lady Tornade 


The cool couple... 


Lady Tornade looking all chic and starlet. 

The cool thing is that Lady Tornade has a online store that she has had the last 6 years and you can purchase her dresses and have them shipped to New York! http://www.ladytornade-shop.com/fr/48-shorts-pantalons

      Francois, the wild and crazily funny owner of 106; the new elegant restaurant on St. Honore is worth the visit. I am trying the food on Wednesday yet honestly the conversation with him is dessert! He is honest and refreshing,"I left the financial world and started my career with restaurants 5 years now. Honestly to say totally honest the stress of opening a new restaurant is much higher than a stock broker." I laugh and although he laughs he says,"honest" and means it!               106 Rue Saint Honoré   http://le106-restaurant.com/

    "All of it and I mean all of it is remodeled." Francois says proudly. The cucina is wild and theatrical and waves his Italian hands all the time. "I am from the country of Naples. The best chefs in the world." he says proudly as I wait to meet Francois. Who by the way has the most beautiful pair of red and black leather shoes I have ever seen.When I tell Francois this he laughs and carries on,"thankyou but you  know I am so focused on the restaurant. You can have the best restaurant in the world but if nobody comes to eat then you know. Instead of being worried since I know it takes about 6 months to be successful then and we are such a baby I thought to concentrate on trying new ideas with the chef for food. For instance I am doing a steak tartar tomorrow night. I invite you to try. Seriously it is all about trying new things and to risk." he says. I must warn you about Francois he is all laughter and someone you might meet in the members only London club of stock brokers and traders! All fun and laughter and he laughs at the ridiculous things of life...a nice laughter and a friendly one.

"alright is it fun?" he laughs "it is another life" he says repeatedly about running a elegant high class restaurant on a hugely trafficked tourist area on St:Honore. "the people are great" he says and a fellow from America knocks on the door asking when it is open and if his wife(they are retired) can have that special Italian plate again. "yes of course" says Francois, closes the door; and runs back to the kitchen to tell the chef he must prepare a special dish.  I thought of Cannes and the Actors at the Festival...the one rule of acting? say yes and figure out how to do it later!

         Here the elegance of the 106 St Honore 

 "i live here in the kitchen in the pizza box" jokes Emilio as he stands in the cozy cool architectural restaurant. "the pizza is the best gourmet wait 5 minutes and you can see it..." he says as he makes and adds the pizza to the over. His second in command Naples chef, Marcos laughs and helps make the pizza. From Naples? is it dangerous in Naples? " Yes" says Marcos. "it is very dangerous" he laughs and I think that Marcos would not makje a good tourist guide for Naples.

Nour points to the kitchen and says,"they are the experts in the kitchen, I am the one the 2 months that does the decorations and the tables and all of that. We opened 3 months now and we asked a architect friend of ours for advice you know can we do that and that. Is that possible to do?" he says. "these kind of questions about technical stuff and if it is possible we do it""Marcos the cucina who has been in Paris 3 months says that it is fun here...along with Emilio we feel at home. we so busy that we dont have time to miss Italy!" he says.

                    Acqua e Farina

"why do you have 4 Gold chairs and one green chair" my questions are of the utmost importance of course... Nour answers"because we needed another chair and they only had 4 gold vintage chairs..." so it wasntfor a artistic reason or a sentimental reason? " no we just needed a chair" he says. that is pretty much the atmosphere of the new trendy Naples Italian Pasta Pizza restaurant in the alternative neighborhood near the Bastille.

"you know if you have a idea you can do it, you dont need a contract. just try it and all you need is experience and you can do it"

  Emilio the Naples Cucina and Nour the Big Boss from Paris own the trendy artistic Acqua e Farina... here they are joking and having fun..."yes it is better now since we laugh at work and try new things every day; you know all you can do is try. If it is successful you keep it or you try something new. Were having fun trying."

lright here is the reason I found yet first a word from my sponsorings...the people I admire a couple of people a day actually have the nerve to ask ME questions instead of vice versa! The person I admire is Albert Thurn und Taxis and I can tell you why. Because Billionaires deserve love...that is why. They deserve the human emotion of sensitivity and honor and dignity. And when I first am introduced to Albert with friends saying O hey emme need to check that out I thought hmm...he has it all, inherited 1 billion, a prince of a father, a totally hilarious mom, great family, yet sadness I saw. And I thought...I bet people envy him and expect something of him...you know take his kindness for granted. Yet the Prince is a real nice honest person from when i met him.

The company to the left is a lovely store that has Italian shirts, this is all they have Italian shirts. However they're fashionable and high quality and the person I interviewed who is pictured in the Youtube Video above says that he wears the shirts because he likes them. "The fitted real stylish ones of course it is impossible for me to wear since I have children," Mr. Mamane says as he pats his stomach! "I have to wear the traditional ones!" The shirts are pretty cool though. I found at least 3 that   I Loved. With stores around the world including about 200 stores in Japan you should find one near you. The only country yet to franchise these? America and with prices of 95E per shirt that is a totally cool opportunity for anyone wanting to make it big!  

https://www.facebook.com/NaracamicieofFL?fref=ts   yet I found a naracamicie of Florida?!


Magasine Chi
Parution le 15/2/12


 Il Vicolo the famous Italian Restaurant almost hidden down a quiet alley in the middle of the Notre Dame Cathedral on one side of the river and the hustle and bustle of St. Michel Blvd. and St. Germaine Blvd. is a family run restaurant. Here is son Francisco, owner Loredana, son Luca, and of course Mr. Holland having a fun group picture.

 As I sit and am priveleged to have an invite to chat with Luca! Loredana orders Lasagna for me to try. Gigi, "My real name is Luigi," the shy cook from Naples says, cooks the very best Lasagna I've ever had. Seriously and we talk and laugh over Lasagna and red wine from Umbria. Luca is sweet and fun and says, "My mom and the chef talk about the new menu every couple of months, redo it and give the notes to me. From here I design it on the computer and a agency finalizes it. Here is a famous French television show and we are selected to show the world our cooking." I add the youtube video since it not just shows the cooking and chef Gigi , it shows the family and the fun they have.

Ever hear of too many cooks in the kitchen? Here is Mr. Hollande doing a little chef practice! Loredana says, "It is difficult since at first day you have a heartattack when you try to imagine if people will come and if they will love the food. As you continue with the 14 years I see the same people all the time and new international tourists of course. Since we're hidden and it is quiet people love the intimacy yet sometimes people can't find us!" She admits. "I see the people as friends and when they come often I always try to give a little something to my friends such as a bottle of wine. It shows that I appreciate these guests that continue to eat here. I dream of another restaurant in maybe 5 years. Of course Italian with the addition of the French Parisian culture. And yes we do have a sense of humor, " she says laughing.
Loredana is beautiful as pictured above with her sons and in the videos. She is a stunningly beautiful Italian women who is Smart with a capitol S. "I went to Hotel school in Tuscany at the age of 18, married and finally settled in Paris with my husband. We opened a restaurant in Montemarte and about 15 years ago then we broke up. The last 14 years I have owned Il Vicolo myself and the last couple of years my sons help me." Loredana says then, "Stop Francisco." she interjects as Francisco who,"I want to do cocktails and a famous bartender." throws ingredients in the air ala Tom Cruise from Cocktail. His brother, the more serious one says, "Stop Francisco because we are not a pub because we are not a cocktail night bar we're a elegant restaurant and we behave accordingly." To which I giggle. Luca, 24, and Francisco, 22, are different yet both charming and real.

See above? As I mentioned early the food is wonderful and tasty. The presentation beautiful and expensive alright yes. Worth it. Yes. Love.
  Elegance of Il Vivolo and down a little quiet alley. To the left the famous chef.
The two guys pictures above have decided to take a simple concept of good cooking of rotisserie chickens, purchase the company named Steven ot...stevenot, and rename it. "That is a work in progress. We have a name yet we're launching it in a couple of months. Everybody knows the name now and we added fresh cheese from a farm and fresh sauces and goat yogurt and wine. It used to be only fresh rotisserie chicken. As you can see it is a specialty store with the rotisserie and people can add as much as they want in the little box... with salads and potatoes and chicken and then we added pork too.It is funny to see the people do that." The young owners say. They have two stores in Paris and hope to do a franchise. We can wait and see. In the meantime hope you love the site and the visit of the chicken fellows. "We make it all in the downstairs kitchen every morning. We do the mashed potatoes and the salads ourselves. We love the people and we love when they say, O we eat here all the time. We even have a potato washer..." they say as they show me how to add a potato and wash the skin. Really?

     Rôtisserie Bretagne : 014

                             Rôtisserie Cadet                                                   

 A team player and owner Francoise. 

      : 50, Rue de Provence                            09 84 24 18 81/       12:00 – 22:00

"I handled mutual funds in finance about 13 years and dealt with CEOs everyday. Here I have a couple of minutes to say hi to everybody and meet people from every walk of life and international tourists. It is really fun and really fast. I admire Warren Buffet who always said that stocks are like Hamburgers. I like Hamburgers. When the price of Hamburgers goes down I buy a lot of hamburgers. I thought I would open a hamburger company that is fast and good. We spent many months with tastes of the different sauces and now have 6 recipes. The bread is made by a top baker and only ours." Cool. 

"My sister made the design for the company since she works in Web Design, " says Francoise going to the counter to take another order.  The brand new flagship store that they hope to take Franchising does about "500 orders per day. From the time you step into the doorway to receiving the burger is 5 minutes tops." He says. "It is about fast." 

"The students and business people wanting fast food can have a burger, with 6 secret recipes, gourmet burger and gourmet french fries and a drink under 10Euros. Where else can you find that?" Francoise says.  

            Résultat de recherche d'images pour "itrocks burger paris"

"We don't put lettuce and tomatoes on the burgers since they wilt or you can't always find good guality. Instead we let the meat and the sauces make the burger. I mean it is a burger yet it is a gourmet burger. And we slice the potatoes everyday. It is cool. I like the Chicago 5 guys concept of showing the sacks of potatoes everywhere in the store. It looks funky and cool. We could do that."he says.  

           Fresh Burritos of Paris.  10 rue de la tacherie, Paris, 01 77 15 59 25 :)

  Mexican man riding a horse.                   Mexican man riding a horse.                   Chili pepper smoking a pipe.              CincoDeMayo-003         CincoDeMayo-004



Anne-Laurie is tiny. She looks like a little baseball player all full of spunk and energy. And she is enthusiastic about the burritos, "I was just telling my friends yesterday what an opportunity for me to meet so many different people from all around the world. The tourists find me from the Hotels near here and they all come in and they're all real friendly. The company has 15 stores all around France since it is a French company. Since I am from the west coast of France in a couple of years I would love to open a burrito store in my city too. That is where the beach is and the sun. I love the sun." She says. I guess that is why she loved Mexico! O and she is fun. She wears a sombrero to work. Now that is loyalty!  Fresh Burritos Paris Hôtel de Ville

"I lived in San Diego doing a internship and Mexico about 8 months, actually I've been back and forth to Mexico about 10 times sometimes for 7 months or 4 months. I love the people and I love the food. I know English a little, " she says shyly(yet speaks it quite well) and Spanish ,of course, um and French" Anne-Laurie says. She is the funny young (25) owner of Fresh Burrito the one and only fast food Burritos franchise in Paris. For right now she has a monopoly. "I've only been open 3 weeks. It is brand new for me. At first I was really nervous on how to make a burrito but the team comes and they work with you for one week to help and then you're on your own!" she laughs and says now she can make any kind of burrito you want. "Since Paris didn't have a burrito fast food place I thought okay why not let me open a burrito fast food place where people can eat. I have met so many people from America and Mexico and Europe and everywhere. It is really really fun for me to meet these people." 

           6 Rue Echelle
              01 42 60 57 12

When I had a chance to do dinner at the fancy restaurant I sat next to a family from Denmark! "We come here every year since 18 years," the mother says whos birthday is the 13th. "I am taking the family to London." the father says of the birthday in Paris on the 12th and London on the 13th. As I hit the sauce, the salmon little pitcher sauce that is, the son next to me orders two desserts one right after the other of strawberrys and whip cream. I start giggling as I think he is pairing with me in hitting the sauce. That is strawberry sauce!  A couple from America sit near the window and giggle at his two desserts. The Denmark mother says, " You know the Parisians don't really take their children out to dinner. They have au pairs. In all the years that we've been coming here, we're the only ones that bring the children." 

The funny staff team of father and son, Romin, along with the sleeping Italian chef on the plush red velvet sofa as i MOSEYED into the Famous Parisian restaurant is a breath of fresh air. Yes They're famous and have stars such as Pierre Cardin and McGiver coming in everyday yet,"I love since the restaurant is here since 1988 that the people come as friends. They're our guests yes they're paying guests that is true," Romin laughs,"Yet they're friends and if they have a special request the door to the kitchen is always open and they come to the door and ask of a special request and talk to the chefs. That is the style here. We're famous yes but ze're famous I zould hope because of the food and the friendly service. And of course we're in the best location." the son admits. I spent one hour laughing and talking with the son and had a great time. My next trip to Paris is on the 12th where I shall try the food from a invite...lovely.

It is a delightful evening of close tables and conversations and I loved the grandmother who just continued to giggle in the "Mrs. Doubtfire" way all night long...a mixture of "Tootsie" and "Mrs. Doubtfire" with a laugh of O my goodness lets just laugh since we don't know what else to do! Hilarious, Fancy, Elegant, Comfortable. The grandmother's daughter said, "O she is a treat all right!"


Abraham is energy personified,"About 6 years I am a buyer for international purchasing one  that traveled around the world buying promotional gifts for big companys and that was fun and I made a lot of contacts so when I started the company I knew a lot of people." he says. "I started a vapor company because I wanted to give people a alternative instead of smoking. Now I work with two companys one in Eastern Europe with a lab then one in France to the north. I ask if they could please make that one and that one for me and I test it and if I approve of the flavor I show it here at the store." Abraham started the Insolites Collection to bring new technology from everywhere in the world here to his store. As you can see from the video he has fun toys. From Abraham you can buy the fun electric snowboard as I describe it for about 790.00E to 1,000.00E and "since in America they try to sell it for 1,500.00 mine is a much better deal." he says.


"Some of these are mine and some the company comes up with the idea about tastes. I have coca_cola and cheesecake and caramel toffee is my own along with maybe lemon tea and fruit rouges which people seem to love."Abraham says.

p3_4What is that new fangled colored green blue red polka dot high tech thing  you might ask..I am glad you did... a phone recharger this is revolutionary that is when you°re traveling and stuck at that bus terminal and need to talk to everybody that you ever made contact with in life. The cool solar system toys range from 24.90E to up and can even play music or take a phone call while in the shower... the company is named insolites and Abraham to the right is the owner. Abraham is fun and funny and used to "be an international buyer and a international buyer buys gifts around the world for huge promotions for big companys sometimes  500,000 gifts such as makeup companys receiving little eyeshadows or lipsticks" says Abraham. I say that he should contact Clarins and we try to look up the owner on the internet.


 You can say hi to Abraham and purchase a fun electric snowboard to zoom around the city zwith or a new tech phone recharger in case your on this bus and you need to call a friend in a hurry at Paris... Justvap - 10 rue des archives, Paris le Marais. Métro hotel de ville                     

Tel 014  2 78  25  60

                                   Le Cadre de Louvre Bouteille

                                                               Tél. +33 17 35 4 44 44


 Frédéric Lebel is Master Sommelier UDSF in 1990. He was Best Sommelier Paris Ile de France in 1987 and 1990. He was the bronze medal of the national finals of the Best Sommelier of France Competition in 1990...okay okay  he is important you say  however it is his sweetness and his tall honesty that we love! Totally natural and funny showing me pictures of his chef and staff laughing and joking and making funny faces. How refreshing to find such nice people at such a prestigious place. And right near the Louvre what more could you ask! I am eating lunch on Thursday I shall let you know!

To describe how stunningly beautiful the restaurant is especially upstairs in the hidden room is difficult: Take a peek at the walls...and high ceilings to match. Beautiful. The chef is young and extremely talented with a Gold medal that he won competing with 22 international countries and him being the representative of France. When I asked the owner Frederic how he got so lucky to find him he said that he just applied! wow... to tell you a little about Frederic I took a couple of liberties in French to show you how important of a person he is... having met the chef today I hope he sends me photos that he promised...Frédéric Lebel est Maître Sommelier de UDSF en 1990. Il a été Meilleur Sommelier Paris Ile de France en 1987 et 1990. Il a été médaille de bronze de la finale nationale du Concours du Meilleur Sommelier de France en 1990...
Frederic used to oversee about 225 people at a huge 5star hotel and restaurant and does he miss his 20 some years being the boss of so many people? "No not at all. I love being the owner here and yes it is a lot of hours that I do such as 15hr. days sometimes since I am the one who opens the door at morning and I am the one who closes the door at night. It is my restaurant and I want to be here all the time. As you can see I have my computer and I make the table my office during the hours that we close during the day. And that is my life. I love to show people and tell people what wine would compliment the dinner that they choose for instance. That is fun for me. That is what I enjoy doing.Here I do it on a intimate scale and a smaller scale yet each person is important to me." Frederic says about the guests that come to his restaurant now. I can not wait to try.

 Select fresh ingredients for the day's menu guided by the Chef    Visit the market in Montmartre       

 6 rue Baudelique 75018 Paris,


+33 (0)1 42 57 22 84

 Al is from Houston Texas and the sweetest nicest American kid you will ever meet hope you love the classes!

Would you love to meet a funny American who chased me down the street in the swanky section of Montmarte that has some of the best pastry shops in the World? He owns and runs a French cooking school in English... try it:) 

 Chef Pino FicaraThey do a cooking tour of the area and you visit the local restaurants and pastry stores and bring the food back to the cooking school where you chat and enjoy the local products...that is totally separate from the cooking classes but hey its food right? yum...

                    Cook'n with Class in Paris : our Chef

                              Paris my favorites is St Pauls and The Republic stops and alright all around the city

We couldn’t find the Michelangelo paintings,” said one visitor to the Musée du Louvre. “It was actually like being in ‘The Da Vinci Code.’”

Now, the museum is undergoing a nearly $67 million makeover to help make it easier to navigate.

Jean-Luc Martinez, the president of the Louvre, is overseeing a nearly $67 million makeover to help newcomers crack the code of the labyrinthine museum.

                       Photo courtesy of La Fleche d'Or.



the new   OUTBACK STEAKHOUSES coming to Paris:)
or try buying all of em in New York  favorite locations in America


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