The Website EmmeAnesBook is a cultural sponsored website

Now today it is of...We here to promote culture and wonderful opportunities to meet and build something wonderful in life and to meet the people who do the people who took risks to try to make a better life for themselves and the ones they love and yes thankyou very much to sponsorings of emmeanesbook which is a 5 year journey of 32 countries around the world meeting people who you  loveand make us smile and learn about the culture of societies that we love and the ones we would love to see...ciao and thankyou very much to sponsorings of the website love e and a
Here is pictures of me around the world!   Love people that meet me and the international students who give interviews to me and to the wonderful people that I love to meet...ciao

   to writing about people in the world yes love

and yes to the unusual question asked today I do have green eyes.