Image result for cafe kampus  Naprstkova 272/10"I started as a Squash owner, which was difficult to do and after 9 years my partner and best friend he stole my entire business. You know after communism people had it difficult in Czech since although it is about a Catch 22 such as yes we have the freedom now, yet nobody under the communistic regime had money. Only the officers under the communistic regime had money and the rest of the normal residents had one potato and butter. That is it. So, who ends up opening businesses after the communism disappears? The prominent communists!" is the conversation starter we had at the "VERY Intellectual Cafe Cultural Center," of Prague.    Cafe Kampus at Naprstkova 272
    "Prague has traditionally been known as a Intellectual center, where the writers and musicians and directors, the artists and poets come to discuss the world of their visions. The University is here in the section and we are always full of students from around the world wanting to tell and learn views of global interest. They come to meet people of interest and they come to drink cheap beer, 45 Pilzen and 37 Kozel for 1/2 liters, and eat cheap daily specials of food that is typical Czech."
                                                       CAFE KAMPUS room of Theater Saloon
Image result for cafe kampus
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Čína za svými hranicemi: Od Tibeťanů k pásu a stezce

7. října 2018

Čeho je Čína schopná a co může či by mělo být uděláno, abychom se zabezpečili proti jejímu vzestupu? Tibetští exulanti se na tyto existenční otázky naléhavě snaží odpovědět. Tato diskuze se bude zabývat vlivem Pekingu na kohezi tibetské diaspory a zohlední tibetskou zkušenost s čínským přístupem k obraně „klíčových zájmů“ v zahraničí. Tato akce je součástí Festivalu demokracie, doprovodného programu konference Forum 2000. Akce začíná v 16.00.

China beyond its borders: From the Tibetans to the belt and the trail
October 7, 2018

What is China capable of and what can or should be done to ensure its rise? Tibetan exiles are urgently trying to answer these existential questions. This discussion will address the influence of Beijing on the cohesion of the Tibetan Diaspora and will take into account the Tibetan experience of China's approach to defending "key interests" abroad. This event is part of the Festival of Democracy, an accompanying program for the Forum 2000 conference. The event starts at 16.00.                
click link to find the complete 46 months of cultural programs past and present
Kwaskii_explorers - Around the world in 138 days
August 11, 2018

How does it look when two students at the University of Denmark interrupt their studies for one semester and set off on a trip around the world with a tune and a good mood? 10 countries with couchsurfing and camping and photos of how to! 
       Náprstkova 10,   775 755 143
"Since I built a room for the beer kegs only with a 7degree at all time temperature, my beer won the award of excellence from Pilsner!"
Image result for cafe kampus pilsner
Vernissage of the exhibition František Tomík Jedemééé !!!No automatic alt text available.
July 10, 2018
In the present work of František Tomík, we can meet two free and still unfinished cycles of the Sages and Stones. In the former, shrieking colorful birds face human characteristics, the second cycle is devoted to a variety of abandoned boulders in empty countries with minimal touches of human hands. 
"And the food here? Pretty darn good and cheap which is why the students love it."
Image may contain: food and indoor Image may contain: food
                                                                     LIFE  is LIFE
                                           black light theater its alive
It is the original show and at the finish of the show the audience can come on stage and try being actors! 
              "The true Black Light Theater is all about the technique of black on black. It features theater in as a optical illusion in a black cabinet or black box. The human eye is unable to see black on black and distinguish it; therefore it is a optical illusion. The actors are behind the actors you see bringing life to the props. At the finish of each show is a workshop for the audience and the audience can go up on the stage and try to do the acting. It is fun to try and to myself I would encourage each person to have fun. You can take photographs at the finish of each show, too." says Katerina
    "The Black Light Theater that is my families is one of the original true conceptual black light theaters in Prague. It has been here since 1960s in Czech Republic and perhaps many hundreds of years in ancient China Dynasty. the one that my father owns has the original real techniques that make it a true black light theater, though. My father writes the scripts we perform in the theater and the original founder,  Frantisek Kratochvil, visualizes these. In 1961 he co-founded the Black Theatre of Jiří Srnec where he worked until 1974. 
                 Národní 25, New Town, Prague 1

tram 22, 2,18, 9 to theater

4 20 221 085 276

          20:00pm 8:00pm everyday

                            A fun and funny show that shows the audience "HOW THEY DO IT" on stage! 
                                                                Rytirska 406/10 , Stare Mesto  
             The IRISH BAR of Prague, opposite side of Jewel boutique hotel.
McCarthy's is kind of the new kid on the block of the Irish Traditional Bars of Prague, being only about 1 year old. 
     However, it has already grabbed the top 10 places for the International Global Irish Bars Association Awards with the Best Cocktails of any Irish Bar of Europe, the Best Chef and the Best Irish Food. The finals of the top 10 of which en each category about 25,000 IRISH BARS OF EUROPE COMPETE, are in Galway September 8 and 9. 
     Alright what makes a Irish pub a Irish pub? 
   Ït helps if the owners and bartenders are Irish. And they definitely have to speak English. People that come in here are about 80 percent tourists and everybody speaks English.That is one of the first words they say,"O we have been traveling Europe and it is real nice to have a conversation in English! And must have Guinness, and at least a couple of traditional Irish meals and must have a good time and laugh a lot!"
"We had a company in Ireland, two fellows, that spent 16 days traveling everywhere in Ireland and bought every item you see in McCarthys. The handmade wooden barstools carved from real Irish wood, the weathered boards on the walls that perhaps came from barns, the leathers, the plaques, you name it, they found it.  I believe that the minute that you would walk into the bar you feel as if at home and comfortable,"says Connor, who is the manager of the Irish Bar, having worked 4 years with Declan who runs the famous Caffreys of Prague. "
       "We're a young team and most of the team I hired myself. My bartender's are great and we have 99czk cocktails from Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday everyday, which is why people love it here, too. We have Guinness which every Irish bar in the World should have, it is a given, and we have some special Irish whiskies, of course.!"he says. 
   "We have such Irish specialties as Blood Pudding, which isn't a traditional dessert pudding, and we have a more rare white pudding,"Connor starts to say and a Irish man at the bar says, "Yes I love it, yet you wouldn't want to know what is in a Irish White Pudding!" OK! let's continue. "The chef is real good and of course Irish and he is coming to Galway with us to hopefully receive his award, too. And let's see of course we have the sports on and the big sports tvs, which is a traditional thing to do in Ireland, come to the Pub and watch the sports. And the music is live everyday, except in the summer we only have the live music from Thursdays to Sundays. Soon, in a week or two we shall start up with the live music every night." 
На данном изображении может находиться: 2 человека, люди улыбаются, небо и на улице
                                                                PRAGUE RIDE  in Prague 
O MY GOSH TONS OF FUN...went up to a huge park near the Monastery which has beer of course, the Monks love the beer, and a beautiful ride in nature. Saw a cool fisherman in the water fishing too...the scooters take about 15 minutes to feel comfortable turning and riding which is alright since you kind of mosey around the city near the clock tower and jewish quarter before you head down to the riverboats and go a little faster. 
На данном изображении может находиться: 5 человек, люди улыбаются, люди сидят, обувь и на улице
   Two girls from England and I were riding the EScooters the total of 3 hours around the city and hills of Prague, all the way up to Castle Prague. It is supposed to only take 2 hours, yet we ended up instead of 2, doing 3.
     "Yes, the Grand Royal Private Tour is only 2 hours, yet I heard you girls do about 3 hours on tour, which is why my guide is very late." Says the Scooter Team as we zoom our scooters into their little parking spaces. We became very good at riding the EScooters and I have to say that it is the funnest tour that I have ever done.RIGHT NEXT TO FAT CAT BREWERY 
                           Jilska 7, Prague 1
Sergei is the owner of the cool E-Bikes and E-Scooters company named Prague Ride which is located behind the FAT CAT BREWERY. That is convenient of course, yet if you take the Tours of Prague Ride you can buy a beer at the famous Monastery Strahov, yet only a small beer to be safe, yet when you come back you can celebrate your great EScooter Tour of Prague at Fat CAT. 
1 hr, 1 and 1/2, 2hr., 3hr which is only 69euros. 
The entire 3 hours! The biggest and longest tour lets you enjoy the city and its treasures longer, on the very safe and balanced fat tire e scooters, and learn so much more about the history of the city than doing it alone!
 "The scooters are very balanced and a child of 10 years or more is the age we recommend to ride the scooters alone. A family brought their 7 year old and it is alright. Legally he can ride the scooter alone since it is akin to the bicycle, yet I only feel comfortable if the family says that the child can ride the scooter alone," says Sergei. "We have a turbo button on the scooters and if you push the red button, the scooters go real fast. In the open park and nature you can take the scooter fast and have fun."  By the way our guide insisted on us doing turbo and going fast. 
            He wanted us to experience the differences in the scooters.

  Résultat de recherche d'images pour "pragueride"Sergei says "I have designed the tour around the city based on my many years of doing the tours of segways and I made my tours just a little bit more than renting the scooters on your own.  That way they can also learn about the history of the city of Prague"  And you might be lucky to have Sergei as your guide since he, as the owner, buys you a beer!"
На данном изображении может находиться: 2 человека, на улице и природа
               FAT CAT BREWERY just meters from  the CHARLES BRIDGE ON KARLOVY
Having met Jan Simice again today I remembered his sense of humor, which you laugh all the time with him he is very funny. Yet I had to tell him of how impressed I was with the fact that although he has the HUGE cheeseburgers and HUGE hotdogs on his menu with the great 10 beers everyday, he has somehow started to graduate to fine dining, too! ''I know!'', he says, ''It is great. We have steak tartar that is already mixed since people are basically lazy, it is true, they are very lazy and I have to serve the tartar already mixed and we have porkchops and we did away with the fish and chips since you are the only one that ate that.'' O darn I shall have to try the Fat Cat club sandwich today. 
Image may contain: food
   ''I guess we should talk about the beer since it is a Fat Cat Brewery and although we had two beers named Fat Cat last year the summer version didn't work out so well so we only have the Fat Cat Ale and the rest every month are new Czech beers. If the people love the beer I give it to my guests, if they don't, even with my own beer, I make new choices. It is about a great selection of Czech beers that my guests love. It is that simple. I am a nice guy, and I made my place fun and easy to talk to each other at. It is a great success and that is because I have a great team that is super nice and I have good food with high quality and great beers. ''Image may contain: drink and indoor
        +420 735 751 751        Karlova 147/44, 110 00 Image may contain: food
The Fat Cat is a Franchise Genius waiting to happen and I almost have convinced him to open in Chicago where the famous Dick's Last Resort on the River is. ''Yes, my brother lives in Chicago and works for Trump and I know exactly where that is. And yes it would be a great opportunity. Right now I am taking Chinese lessons since I wanted to open two new Fat Cat's and one is in China."He says. It is such a great logo and took much care to design the entire concept all of which Jan thought of himself. He has a great design eye and he is totally smart. "Hey'' he says, ''It wasn't much of a stretch to name it the FAT CAT...look at me, I am basically a very Fat Cat." and he laughs. He is a very big muscled guy that is true. I say that the new one should be the Black and White Orca in Chicago, yet with all Franchise Ideas you must keep the name the same, although it is on the river and he could name it the Fat Cat and Black and White Orca Beergarden. Image may contain: 1 person, drink and indoor
   "You would be surprised, everyday starting on Wednesdays we are totally packed til Sunday. On Monday and Tuesday it is a little slow, yet the tourists find us. They love the beer, it isn't super cheap, yet it isn't so expensive either. It is a craft beer on draft, 10 of these and craft beers do tend to be a little more.!''
                            And although we had new conversations today, I thought I would share some of Jan's humor the first time I met him. He keeps saying honest sentences that people only think but never say for instance:
   "At first the 3 months everyday I opened the door I thought about jumping from the bridge, a little short bridge, yet a bridge nonetheless," says the happy owner, Jan, who says that he himself is the Fat Cat of the brandname. 
"The American concept of playful and fun is great set in the Historic center of Prague and everybody points at the Fat Cat and laughs and says, O let's go in." that is reason. I love American things and I have much experience running pubs and restaurants and now finally mine. It tooks 3 months to be successful and the one day that we had 60 people in the huge place, I said, alright it is HUGE! That is huge, yet now I have 400 to 500 people that come to the Fat Cat daily and I am VERY HAPPY that the tourists love it that much. The Czech people don't even come here since they shun the center of the city and think the tourists have taken over! Yet the tourists love it and I am totally happy with that fact. We work with the hotel that is located in the 18th century building on the 4th floor. We give about 100 guests breakfast everyday and that is real important. If they love the breakfast they tell friends around the world and of course we hope that the one person who had that bad cup of coffee doesn't complain too much." he says. "Here is the great hotdogs." and shows me the pictures that actually make me want to eat hotdogs...which is rare to say the least.
   And I guess if you really either don't want your husband to know you're shopping, need him to unwind before you give him some news he wasn't expecting, want to visit the Clock Tower tour for the 14th time and he has had it at the first one, bring him to the Fat Cat Pub Brewery Day Care where he can bond with cool people and watch some sports! 
                              GOLD BARBERS of PRAGUE! located at Palackeho 6
Above you see Mr. Johny Kepi and the two designs are his, when I tried to interview him and the very funny Dominick, they keep showing me cool instagram barber videos til their boss comes in, who speaks English!                             Photo
   I make the mistake of asking if he uses hairspray on the hair to make it that way! OOPS.Image may contain: one or more people and closeup
     "We have been very successful in the last 4 months, which is very strange and we now have 5 full time barbers,and we are hiring another 6, soon." they say laughing at the big success the funny friends have achieved. They are ALL Professionals and they are great. 
                                                   Person Photo
              Robert, the owner says, "You know I am a professional actor, having worked a couple of seasons with Donald Sutherland on the Television series named Crossing Lines, yet me and some friends got together one day and said, "HEY LET'S OPEN A GOLD BARBERS!" and at first it is a joke, yet we hired the best barbers who have become my good friends the last 4 months, and now we are JUST HUGE BARBERS!" he says laughing. "Everybody loves my barbers and they are always trying to cut my hair, yet I use professional makeup artists and barbers on the television and cinema and I have to let the TV makeup artists do it!" 
         Restaurant Le Cinque Corone and Pizzeria Pulcinella are owned by two Naple's brothers and run by the director named Paolo, who is a totally cool Albert Sordi type of guy, all distinguished and nice although rather busy, yet that is alright since that is essential to a very good yummy restaurant. Paolo is from the Northern section of Italy, yet is happy to help the South boys! 
The food is all from South Italy and although both of the restaurants are side by side, with fancy hotels that Matt Damon stays at when he is in Prague, or Kurt Russel, for example, or the hostel that is right smack in the middle of the alley of Pizzeria Pulcinella(hey a added plus...when you are hungry at 22.00 pm!), they are a little tiny bit different. "We have the same cooks, the same kitchen and the same pizzeria, yet a little bit different. We, as people run back and forth to both!" laughs Paolo as he gives me like 6 minutes then runs away! 
     Marco, pictured below; however, stays and gives us the BEST PIZZA EVER! 
Right now, since I have eaten at least 5,000 pizzas since starting my cultural journey 10 years, (I know I counted along with my capo friend David who owns Bar Italia in Dublin who has eaten at least 10,000), I am wanting some Italian wine...better run to the little Italy here before I drink it all... 
         Melantrichova 11 Praga 1Image may contain: 6 people, people smiling, people standing
    Marco and Angelo are brothers.
Usually when you start a story in Ireland it is with, "two men walked into a bar..." in Germany, "two liters of beer we drank within the first 5 minutes of Okterfest", and in Italy, "two of my family..." they  are real Italian brothers from Naples and they are the nicest friendliest real people you can find. That is the way with Italians. They are smart, and know when tourists love their food, their culture and when they appreciate both. 
    The restaurant is located about 100 meters from the Prague Clock Tower Piazza...down the little alley at:                           Venerdì 31 Agosto, 
Okay, Pizza Pasta and that lovely Italian wine...when you are done traipsing around Prague on foot or on the cool E-Scooter near the FAT CAT BREWERY, down the next little alley near Hotel U Prince you shall find the best Italian food ever in Prague from Italy at Le Cinque Corone and  Pizzeria Pulcinella. 
Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling, drink
                                                                        Staroměstské náměstí 930/7PictureFinally met Libor who owns Restaurant Mincovna on the Clock Tower Square, "I now own another 2 restaurants, the first one is Potrefena Husa, which is totally traditional and near the National Theater, the last one is Tiskarna, my restaurant of 6 months, and my favorite one is here. I loved doing the design and I won the bid at the auction to have the space here. It is mine the last 4 years and it took a very long time to actually do the design inside it. I had to add the long bar and the booths with the etched glass windows in the archways, and basically everything is mine! That is how  I do it. I love talking to the architect and interior designer and coming up with the plans and ideas from my thoughts. It is very beautiful now and I must say the first two restaurants were giving me heart palpitations. The last one, Tiskarna is easy since I now have the experience to know that I must wait til it is ready to be successful. Yet at first!" he laughs.                                   
                           "The design of the bar and bar seating is mine and people love it." says Libor.Image may contain: indoor
"O I see that you have my good friend, Mirek Kalina's restaurant?" says Libor, "My head chef at the Mincovna is named Kalina, too. Yet a different one!" he says. "We, Mirek Kalina and me use the same wine distributor. He is in the city and we use him all the time. That is how I met Mirek." I tell Libor that he should ask Valerie of the Le Bourgin Wines on my site since EmmeAnesBook has the best people and he laughs. 
"I am very proud of the bar since that is where the people love to meet and the restaurant has a great open design. The booths are my signature, I guess since I have the one here that they always reserve and the one at Tiskarna is inspired from Mincovna. The place is very busy and my chef is my best here, yet the food isn't as carefully placed and pretty here. They want to eat the great food and drink the beer and have great conversation at Mincovna. At Tiskarna it is about the atmosphere. I enjoyed doing the differences!" 
Image may contain: one or more people and text
                                                      The Big Cook of Tiskarna, the beautiful restaurant! 
                                                                     Jindřišská ulice 940/22
                                                             +420 602 448 854                                                                
"Here my chef has more time to play with the food, and by that I mean he has the time to make a playful presentation. The food and the traditional recipes of Mincovna are the same and the food tastes the same yet it is a more modern design to the food here at the Tiskarna restaurant," says Libor, since he is the real owner of the 3 restaurants:) , he would know! 
Image may contain: food
            may contain: 9 people, people smiling, people sitting and table
"The cooking team is very professional and very good. I loved the Printing House, of which the restaurant is built on the original Printing House which is a historical site, and I wanted the architect to take my ideas and make it special to reflect it's heritage, hence the wooden designs of the letters. Trust me, it was very expensive and I am waiting to say it was worth it!" jokes Libor who loves his restaurants very much yet, "I love the beginning of the idea and the design planning more than the food, I think. Yet I do love the food, too!" 
     "I hope that the 6 month old restaurant gives much enjoyment to its guests that the designing of it, incorporating the printing letters of the original Printing House, has given to me and my team," says the owner and I  personally love it since I am a writer! I love letters! 
                                 At Potrefena Husa it is all about the beer and the Traditional Czech food.
Although if you love the National Theater it is only meters away and you can take in a beer and a show and later more beer and Czech food!
Image may contain: one or more people, people sitting and drink
                                                                          POTREFENÁ HUSA
                             420 734 756 900. Národní třída 364/39 110 00 Praha.   
The beauty of the Clock Tower Square! and the Staropramen Bubbles! Image may contain: 1 person, sky and outdoor
   "I didn't take a lot of people in my design of the Potrefena Husa since I bought it, yet it is beautiful inside. And it has great food!" says Libor. Image may contain: food
            Chlebíčky is Czech delicacy and it is little quick pick me up if you want finger food and Staropramen! 
Image may contain: food
"I've owned the Potrefena Husa about 6 years and it is my first restaurant. It is not a fancy restaurant that has the much thought out plans of design such as the Printing Wooden letters of the Printing Restaurant or the Minted Coins of Mincovna, and it is typical Czech. Yet the food is the best traditional Czech food and has high quality presentation and preparation. And of course the beer is the Staropramen, which Czech's love."
Image may contain: food
On the longest day of the year and pertaining to the famous Astrological clock of Prague it is only certain that today of any day I would meet the Owner Frantisek(Francisco) and his lovely assistant that is the director of the restaurant, Klara of the new Burger Street Bistro, "We shall open on Wednesday yet the catering is already open many years and we have the same chef, that is me, and of course the food is very high quality." says Frantisek as I wander down the alleys Míšeňská 2.Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling, people standing and outdoor
   "Frantisek has the Burger Street Catering and now the physical place has a lovely garden and I am adding plants everywhere," says Klara. "The Burger Street Bistro is a place where you can have a bottle of wine to open drink and enjoy with a salad, or you can have a beer from the fancy tap in the front with a burger. Yet, as you can see from the photos, it is very high quality and lovely presentation."          The new place Bistrot is on Misenska Street 2. 
Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people sitting and phone
Frantisek is funny, yet VERY COMPETENT,  "I learned to cook in London and around the continent of Europe and last before Prague is a nice restaurant in London named The Ivy Club-" he is stopped by my wild excited yelling. "THE IVY CLUB!" I shout. That happens to be my favorite posh-posh restaurant in London. "O you know it? Yes it is pretty exclusive and I was the chef at that place and came to Prague and opened my own Catering. Now I finally have my new restaurant on Wednesday. I am very happy."Image may contain: 1 person, standing, beard, food and indoor
        And the food that we love to eat! Image may contain: 8 people, people sitting, people eating, table and food
With such delicacies as "Gingerbread Crust on the Foie Gras, and Salmon with Lentils Beluga, it is a little more than a Burger place." says Frantisek. Image may contain: dessert and food
The place has a beautiful tiled bar and front entrance that is modern, playful and sophisticated, kind of the way the team and food is and the garden is a small oasis to sit and drink wine with friends. Love it and loved the team! Can't wait til Wednesday. Image may contain: food
 EVERY DAY from 3:00PM TO 4:00PM you RECEIVE 1 LITER BEERS from 33Czech Crowns! 
Every Day you meet Locals and Students that come to HANY BANY the QUENTIN TARANTINO  famous quote from PULP FICTION where the BEER  is CHEAP, the BURGERS & FRIES 115.Czech
and the laughter and cool eclectic Australian themed Dive Bar is the talk of the town(Prague that is).
"I have traveled to Peru and to Guatamala and South and Central America I love, yet my favorite is Australia. I worked and surfed in Australia a couple of years and yes I have eaten kangaroo and shark." says the young owner of Hany Bany.  He laughs when I say that I hope he didn't eat shark in Australia and then go surfing because mama shark might eat him. "Yes I think for the sharks it is the same, eat shark and we eat you." he says. "I figured that it is the place to surf since there is many surfers in the water and their is only one shark and that way the shark has many to choose from and I hope he doesn't choose me!" Um I am not sure if that is the right way to do it. My way is that I know the shark doesn't like the sand on the beach and that is where I stay.                                  Not only is HanyBany named from a  film, at HanyBanyBar they love to help young filmmakers make films. 
"Okay yes once in a while we do show a Pulp Fiction or Quentin Tarantino film and the World Cup Sports, yet it is a Actor's bar a literary and artist's bar and here people come to drink and have fun with the locals. I want to keep it a local bar because part of the charm that tourists continue to say about my bar is that it is a real Czech bar. And I want the locals and that includes me and my team to have a cheap place to eat and drink. That is Hany Bany." says the lovely young owner who, along with his young team of the two blonde girl bartenders today, I had the pleasure of interviewing. "Can you tell Tarantino to come into the bar and say hi," asks one of his young bartenders, "I am just turned 18 and that would be totally cool." Yes I say I will get right on it! 
"We have good music and conversation. I want people to drink beer and have fun, bottom line. Just have a great time here and tell your friends and meet the Czechs. That is why you come to Prague right?" That's RIGHT! 
                              Hany Bany

                          Veleslavínova 5

It is founded in 2002 with 3 childhoods friends who loved Pulp Fiction and the diner scene (kind of like me and Robin!)

  ...and when we say Bow before the Queen you bow before the Queen in this case, The Great Cheap 1 liter Beers! 
                                           The City Game using phones a 3 hour tour of the clues                                                                                                     of Prague in Search of the Holy Grail.   CityGame of Prague and Escape Rooms of Prague are two exciting team building games that people from 1 person to 8 people can play...(or more if you want!) The Escape Rooms is located at shopping passage Cerna Ruze, 2nd floor of Na Prikope 12 in Prague 1...just steps from the big New York Clothing store.   And the CityGame can be reserved:  +4 20 608 738 488       
        The 3 people that own the games include Rene(who owns The Troll under the Bridge restaurant Pod Mostem), a investor and the very funny and charismatic Libor who I met at Pod Mostem yesterday.

   Before I interviewed Libor, I met his two girls that "man" the control room with security cameras, phone communications, and computer monitors, all too help the guests playing in the Escape rooms with clues and encouragement, and to help the outside people who are totally alone with their phones trying to solve the mysteries of Prague. Ba'ra and Katka are the girl's names and they're quite funny.
    "Sometimes I have to give people 5 clues and they keep beeping me, and some say, o don't give me any clues, I want to learn myself! It depends on the person or the team. Today you see the family of 6 people in the easy room. 3 kids and 3 adults. Yesterday, a father came with his teenage son and they took two sessions continuance that the father paid for since his son had so much fun doing it. You could tell that he really loved his son. That made us very happy to play with the couple and to see how they loved the vacation and that we were part of it." Ba'ra says. 
     Katka laughs, "Yes sometimes we have the best time laughiing with the guests and everytime they open a door they jump up and down and cheer. Basically small groups from say 2 to 6 are locked in the escape rooms and must use their brains and their team building communication to escape each room. The time is 60 minutes and if we don't have somebody waiting, we give each a little extra help if they need it. At the end, they dress in costumes and take pictures. Sometimes they do a couple different rooms since they had so much fun!" 


 How it works

We build your game for you. All you have to do is follow our clues and trails we send directly to your phone.  You can compete against other teams or just enjoy Prague's finest locations.                          CITY GAME PRAGUE

Every game starts from a different place.  Instruction you will get after registration.Image result for city game prague

   The search for the Holy Grail city games! 
"The entire purpose of the CityGame is to introduce Prague and it's mystery and beauty to tourists. It is my Prague the way I see it and I want the tourists to have to interact with locals in learning about the culture of the city." says Libor as we sit under the bridge at Pod Mostem.
     "The guests receive sms texts on the phones of up to 4 people. If they have more people they can split into two different teams. As they walk around the city to find clues and learn about churches and pubs and temples and of course the Holy Grail which is the my personal fascination, they must ask the locals for help. The locals have learned to love the guests as they see them more and more and it is fun for the Prague People to get to know the international tourists, too. I think I am helping to introduce the culture of Prague to the tourists in a way that they have to walk a little away from the Clock Tower and see a little more of the city." he says. According to the legend, the Holy Grail is found in the ruins of Solomon's Temple by Templar Knights in the twelfth century.

Later was this secret hidden by Maltese knights in the very center of the world, on the island of Kampa in Prague. "As the tourists walk in the footsteps of the Knights of the Templar(of which there is one Maltese temple in the game, perhaps they can discover the secret kept for such a long time." Libor says. "It is real fun and one day we followed a group and took pictures as they found clues. As you can see they had a great time. One of the items is under the bridge and if you want to pause the game for 30 minutes and have a beer or grab a quick lunch you can do that too." 

"Basically each team receives sms texts on their phones and they explore the city with the phone and their teams, if they wish. It is a great fun game that lasts about 3 hrs. We're only 3 months old and we have 100% excellent satisfaction on trip advisor!" says Libor...Image may contain: 3 people
 Today I met with Rene, the owner of Pod Mostem, the troll under the bridge, Escape Rooms and the City Games of Finding the Holy Grail, "Please add the codes that people can download into the phones to play the games and to write a review of us. I am very pleased and happy when people write reviews of the games since it reflects how good we are!" he says laughing. Right now I am in the process of loading the two codes to let you use it, in the interum please click on the website to participate in the City of Prague's hidden treasures of the mystery of the Holy Grail, of which Prague really does have the Knights of the Templar church and many historic buildings dedicated to that quest, a quest that has been going on since Jesus's birth. "You know many people have been Knights of the Templar , including Michealangelo and Leonardo Di Vinci, both genius's."                                                                                                                                        Image result for knights of the templar garders of the holy grail
  "While the people since the time of Jesus have guessed that the Holy Grail is a sacred cup used at the Last Supper, Mary Magdelene's children and children of Jesus(some say) it is a secret that has been heavily guarded since it's inception by the most prominent people of society and a rumor is that in the Vatican a room of much mystery is focused on the Holy Grail. Who knows? The clues and the fun of the game of Prague is to visit each historical monument, church, temple, astrological clock, and try to figure out the clues to see what you interpret as the Holy Grail. The last clue is here at the Pod Mostem and we say what is the Holy Grail. Prague has Many Ghosts, many and we hope you find some on the journey."  
                                                             FORKY's Vegan respect to life...Image may contain: people sitting, food and indoor
"Vidlička is the name of the original owner of Forky's in Bruno and he named it since his name literally translates to Fork!" says Viktoria.   located at : Veleslavinova 93/10Výsledek obrázku pro forkys praha
above the "NOT DOG" as opposed to hot dog!
  "Everybody may have different reasons for eating Vegan, mine is a very personal reason and it is simply I love animals and want the planet to have many of these in the future for my children. The Vegan concept is delicious "Forky's" is for eating healthy and plant grown food. All of the items on the menu are 100 percent Vegan and we say Delicious!" says Jan. "I started the restaurant in Bruno with Vidlicka , and most of the recipes are mine since I am a cook and Vidlicka is not. However; he came up with the idea and I do the recipes. Me and Viktoria cook here and at home we cook together. It, for me, is a life choice." 
     Viktoria is a sweet girl, shy and quiet and she happens to love Vegan food, especially her Vegan food, "Me and my boyfriend worked for the original Forky's in Bruno and we loved the owner, who's name in Czech literally translates to Fork, which is the reason he named his concept restaurant, of which he has 3, Forky's." says Viktoria as she tells me about the real health benefits of eating Vegan. That is important to her. On the wall of fame is Vegans, including Prague's Franz Kafka 1883 to 1924, Brad Pitt and Jonny Depp both born in 1963, James Cameron, the famous director and I guess you must come to the Forky's and see yourself! Image may contain: 5 people, people sitting
"You should try the healthy Vegan burger or the Cheeseburger and the street food Vegan which is fattening, yet Vegan, or the Asian inspired Vegan, of which we have 3 or the healthy superbowls." says Viktoria. 
   and they are INEXPENSIVE! 
Výsledek obrázku pro forkys praha"Me and my boyfriend, Jan, really own the Forky's here and we try to introduce food from different cultures, such as Asia, which we have 3 specials from, including Viet Nam," says Viktoria. "My favorite; however, is the SuperBowl which is very healthy."   And although the little one knows how to use chopsticks instead of Forks, I believe that she loves the food! 
     "Yes, " says Jan, "The children eat the food not really knowing or caring that it is vegan and they love it. That is important, healthy, planet conscious food and your kids eat!" (no pun intended) Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people sitting
                                                                U Pavouka Medieval Tavern Prague Dinner and a Show...

It is my 5th year of seeing the show and while I tried finding my photographer, Albert, somewhere amongst the Medieval Knights, fire throwers, and belly dancers...need I say more? Great 15th Century food and a tall hilarious and gorgeous blonde woman kept bring trays of beer to everybody...she seemed to be a maiden of long days, yet wearing the most beautiful pair of diamond earrings you ever could see...hmm maybe living in a Palace of 1,000 years old is not such A bad idea! 
The very real and totally funny U Pavouka Medieval Tavern and Show at Prague totally worth it loved it...
                 CHOCO TOPIA  and the Chocolate Museum of Prague! 
                  Everybody loves Chocolate, right? WE DO TODAY is my 3rd year of the sweet life 
in Prague where people from around the world come to learn about the history of chocolate, take chocolate making classes and most importantly eat the chocolate! 
I actually took the chocolate class and got to make my own little chocolate figures and I ate tons of chocolate and that made me very happy.
Image may contain: food
              420 725 975 762          Celetná 12
"We have all kinds of chocolate, and I guess the most beneficial and healthy would be the pure dark chocolate which has the most antioxidants in it," says Maria, "I have been the first marketing manager of the Chocotopia the last 9 months." she says. "It is so much to learn and now I can say that I am a chocolate afficionado!" When I ask her if she has only learned about chocolate since working here. "Yes that is the reason I know so much. We do have the gelatos which are great and if a child has a piece of chocolate per day I don't think there is anything wrong with that. You of course don't give chocolate in huge amounts to adults or children, yet if you aren't allergic to chocolate you can have a little everyday." she says when I ask just how healthy is eating chocolate. "It is a sweet. It is chocolate. It is for dessert." she says truthfully. "It isn't healthy!"
If your little boy is a carpenter in training and wants to play with tools like a big boy he can            eat the chocolate that are shaped that way! No automatic alt text available.
 I love chocolate and they have great Gluten Free sorbets and great Vegan ice cream and sorbets and gelatos! 
Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, food and indoor
Henk Mestdagh is like Willy Wonka, literally.      He has a chocolate plantation in Yucatan Penisula in Mexico where he has converted a entire village and helped about 65 locals help farm the cocoa planation and that is where they harvest the cocoa, he has a Chocolate Utopia in Brussels and Belgium seaside, Paris, and here in Prague where he has the store and  the museum. "I love chocolate, the Aztec culture and the Mayan culture and wanted to introduce the real chocolate and it's origins to the world." he says the first time I met him about 3 to 4 years now.       (the chocolate classes)
             Now his dream of making himself             Willy Wonka in real life is coming true, "I bought the Grevin Wax museum opposite the alley and we are already collaborating with tickets and in October we shall move the chocolate museum to the Grevin and merge the two. The store shall still be here." he says. When I ask if he is going to have famous chocolatiers wax figured he laughs, "We could make a Willy Wonka figure, yet we would have to make a wax figure asking Johnny Depp since the movie is copyrighted and they would have to let us use the Willy Wonka figure. Yet we could use the actors." he says laughing. Or Henk and team could be figures! 
Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, food and indoor
Maria says, "Henk is opening Provincie on the way from Prague if you drive to Bruno so it should be one of the largest factories of chocolate in the world where children can come and see how they make the Candy." Cool I say just the way the American children everyday love to go to Hershey chocolates in Pennsylvania! 
                           The cool Grevin Museum is now combined with the Chocolate Museum of Prague! 
                                         Have fun bring the children and see if you can find your favorite star! 
                                                                  PRAGUE BAKESHOP
              No automatic alt text available.
       I personally love "the minions," that they make and as you can see that somebody loves Batman and Robin...

     and has a great sense of humor thanks to the owner Martin, who is DELIGHTFUL. I love him and he is one friend at Prague I always love to chat with. "Yes and now my wife who has opened her little Bakeshop Little Bakery on the opposite side of the Charles Bridge has made me eat and drink healthier the last couple of years. She does the smoothies of fruits and vegatables and you can find a lot of vegan in her shop. I don't know if vegan is healthy for you since people have been eating sweets and bread many years, yet they love it." says Martin.

                                                                         BAKESHOP PRAHA S.R.O

                                                    KOZÍ 1,                                                   
Výsledek obrázku pro bakeshop prague
    OK! How does Martin stay in such great shape? "I do eat the food, I love my wife's strudel apple recipe, which, again, is healthier than the traditional Czech with natural ingredients. I eat the smoothies, and I try to stay in shape. The bakeshop is very busy and that helps too." 
"You know my wife and I have two Air B&B's and you can add these too, if people want to come and stay at Prague they know that they stay with nice people." he says and that is totally true. Where is the wife now? Martin laughs, "She is on her way to Austria since she is breeding our cat. It is a special kind of cat and has been with a stud cat,-I am not joking," he interrupts my story when I start laughing. "We wanted a special cat and found one in Austria and she drove to Austria today to pick up the cat." 
No automatic alt text available.
                    Bakeshop Sandwich
  "The cool new item is the eggs. American students love eggs, poached, scrambled, sunny side up, and my one guest everyday loves the white egg omelettes only. Every morning I do the eggs for my students here at the Big Bakeshop. Hope it continues!" he says. Image may contain: 1 person
Bakeshop : Croissanty, Mufiny, Cookies sušenky
The little bakery, the wife of Martin at the big bakeshop, is located at u luzickeho seminare 22, right opposite the Charles Bridge. Here his wife has fresh bakery items with veggies and fruit smoothies and Martin says, "She is much more into healthy alternatives than me and she is a very good baker. She bakes the vegan items to have in my big bakeshop. Eventually when the kids are grown I would love to be a professional chef since I love to cook."

 The first apartment is actually where Martin and his family lived many years and included parking and a gorgeous garden terrace, while it is a little out of the center of Prague, it is great if you have a car and want to enjoy the sites of the city, yet relax in the quiet beauty of Prague at night...
Very large living and dining room
Private terrace with splendid views of Košiře forest.
The Peaceful Prague City Apartment that Martin and his wife own is a great center city place that "my kids used to use after school while I was at the Bakeshop. Now they shall have to come and eat more sweets!"
Bedroom/Living Area. Sleeps up to 4 guests
                                                                                  LE BOURGIN WINES 
  Does anybody love South African Wine? From the famous Stellenbosch Vineyard.  Valery has two new bottles from the Vineyard of Cape Town, one red wine and one white wine.  "A French colony founded the vineyard a long time ago and that is why I wanted to try it." says Valery.  The conversations of Valery about 2 years since, and he does only carry these two from Cape Town, and the red one sold out about one day ago. When I talked to Tamara, his wife, who I met the first time on Thursday, both the red and white were still on the shelf. 
"Hmm, I guess we sold out of the red again. The people seem to love the South African ones."
     Valery says that as I point that out on the shelf.
Výsledek obrázku pro le bourgin wine prague
 When talking to Tamara she says, "My favorites of course the rose ones. I love these. The champagne we carry is Laurent Perrier and it has a new Rose Champagne that I absolutely love. My ultimate favorite. I love to taste my husband's wines, yet it is his store and he chooses each one." she says. 
One of my new additions is the 7 vineyards from Argentina. It is named Clos de Los Suite and a blend of 7 vineyards and their knowledge...famous ones from the Bordeaux family, a prominent collection of these 7 families. Michel Rolland who is world reknown asked these 7 to come to South America, Argentina, and produce a wine with a vineyard made up of these 7 names. And they came. You know that, Argentina has space everywhere. And they thought lets plant some grapes and make a vineyard."                                          Výsledek obrázku pro le bourgin wine prague
     Valery's wife loves the Le Bourgin Rose...
Výsledek obrázku pro laurent perrier rose magnum
The Champagne? "They always use zero chemicals and they always hand pick. Always. Now they have Vegan Wines and you have to make sure zero nonvegan comes in." says Valery. "The traditional way to take bugs or particles in wine barrels out is egg whites. I know, yet it is true. They put the egg whites in the barrels and it draws the bad particles to it and they scoop out the egg whites. Traditional yet effective." 
    You should know that Valery, in his quest for the perfect Olive oil, as with the wine, he would only try to find the rarest and highest quality. He finds the one named LA organic spanish olive oil. "That country has the rarest quality and variety. It is a little expensive, yet worth it and we use that olive oil only at home and in the store. And since you asked, yes sometimes me and my wife want a special wine at dinner or we have guests coming over and of course I run to my store and use mine. It is silly to go somewhere else." he says. No automatic alt text available.
   New 2018? "Italian Prosecco." says Valery. 
   Here is the boss, who says that his passions are golf and poker. At least that is when I first met him at his elegant wine store at Prague.
       It is located at Dlouha 739/19 Prague  +420 222 312 477  
"I have now had a keen interest in the caring about the people and environment of the planet and started caring about the lack of chemicals that the vineyard owners accept in the wines.       The Champagne company always hand pick the grapes off the vines with hands and they turn the bottles with hands. That is the best in the world. They do a 1/4 turn of each champagne bottle that is kept in place years and years. The people that lovingly and caringly turn the bottles do it from centuries of training.       They could
 do 3 to 4 hours of turns and they are aristocratic familys. They take many years to train and they could have 13,000 bottles of champagne to do each day. The people totally trust the carefully trained hand chosen people and the highest quality vineyards use that method. The lower quality uses robotic machines though. It is the mystery and the tradition and the romance of each vineyard along with the highest quality and greatest taste that makes a champagne and wine special." says Valery. Výsledek obrázku pro le bourgin wine prague
"The biological wines are becoming more popular because of the reason that they should instead of because it is a "trend". The biological wines protect the environment. The farmers are very well protected and monitored to see that it is according to the rules. The people shouldn't expect to trust a vineyard then not receive the care and protection they asked for in a biological wine. Some people are allergic to chemicals, in addition, yet the only way they can drink wine is knowing that they aren't using chemicals sprayed on the wine. I have seen vineyard workers in suits that look like your in a nuclear reactor and they ride the tractors spraying the vineyards near schools. Years later you have problems because the children are playing on the school playgrounds as the guys in the chemical suits are spraying the vineyards. Seriously. Now the community is becoming more involved and caring that the wines have no chemicals at all. We have about 90% of the wines here that use zero chemicals. We care about the wines, yes and the wines are a little higher quality and a little more expensive, say 20.00 euros. It protects you and your family reading the back of the labels to see that it is a caring vineyard." says Valerie. Image result for le bourgin prague the wine selections
  "You know Valery sometimes invites his restaurant and hotel clients to try his new wines and we have private tastes here, yet I guess you could ask him for a private tourist taste test and see if he would. He has had private wine tastes before yet usually the tourists come in and buy the wine and ask to drink it here while talking to him. He knows the wine world very intellectually and intelligently and they love to learn about the wine they have chosen," says Tamara, "Yet it doesn't hurt to ask him." 
"The wine store is a reflection of my selections," says Valery Bourgin, the owner of the boutique showroom at Prague. In addition to being the wholesaler to restaurants and hotels such as the 
4 Seasons Hotel , Valery's showroom showcases many rare wines that he has come to know and love in the many years he has dealt in wines. 
    Kapurthala ,is where the two brothers come from in the lovely country of India. "The name is difficult to pronounce and when me and my brother opened the restaurant we wanted people to remember the name. We thought to name it "K" and the two brothers and that would make people ask Okay what does the name "K" stand for and is there really two brothers? And of course we say yes we are two and yet since my brother is always out front and I am in the kitchen as the chef they always kid him and say, Is there really another brother?" laughs Mr. Nandwani, the very sweet owner of the top Restaurant."My younger brother, Sumit is the one who is always having his picture taken with the celebrities,(pictured Josh Hopkins & Bill)Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling, people standing and yet I love the food. The presentation, the recipes and the teaching the other chefs how to cook the authentic way of my India region, that is a joy to me," says Ronny the older brother. "If you want to know about the history of the Royal Family's pictures you have to ask Sunny,(his name for his younger brother Sumit) since he bought all of the portraits and loves these." 
Související obrázek
                 K and the TWO BROTHERS
     "The Royal Family had wives and mistresses, the woman pictured lying leisurely is the mistress of one of the Royal rulers," says one of the brothers.
     Two real brothers from the Dynasty Region of Kapurthala,India, where the Royal family's ancestors pictured on the walls actually own the beautiful restaurant, along with the mistresses! Související obrázek
4 20 273 134 430
Petrská 1136/12,
The waiters always say, O we have Americans! And the other cultures are funny since the Russians order dessert first and a couple of beers perhaps! The Asians never know what to order and we take our time explaining the menu and the Spanish are the funniest! They take at least 5 minutes to ask about the Indian food.  They have no idea what to order!" he says. 
     "What I enjoy the most is the presentation of the highest authentic Indian food with the atmosphere of luxury to match." is his final answer of his perception of the most beautiful of all Indian restaurants I have ever seen. 
Související obrázek
"At times I have very rich clients, one in particular from America, who comes in and brings his own vegetables and after 9:30pm he has me prepare very special curries for him. They take such a long while to make that I ask him to please let me know when he is coming. However, if it is a special request, yes I can do that. The price is a little high to do that since it is my time that people pay the additional price. The dinner here to eat real authentic Indian food is about 650 czech including two glasses of wine."Hmm yum! 
   "The Royal Dynasty in that region of Kapurthala is in the northern section and we have the Great Grandfather and the Grandfather and the son and his daughter pictured, along with one of his mistresses, who is from Iran." says Sunny, the youngest of the two brothers. "Maharaja Japatjit Singh is the Grandson and his son is about 45, I guess. His son is the ruler in India's Kapurthala region." he jokes, "I wish I was Japatjit Singh when he was alive since he had 6 wives, the last one Czech, and many mistresses. He traveled everywhere around the world. He is the one is the Diamond Tiara Turban. I would have to sew mine on, yet his is a real diamond tiara. Perhaps he is handsome or perhaps he is so rich that women love him. His fifth wife was Anita Delgado (Prem Kaur) a Spanish flamenco dancer, who he built a rose pink palace that today standing ghost-like with peacocks strutting outside and it has 108 suite rooms. It is used for boys school today. It is fashioned after the palace of Versailles and Fountainebleau." These mysterious portraits combines with Ronny's exquiste and carefully prepared authentic Indian dishes make the trip to one of the most beautiful Indian restaurants in the world definitely worth it.    
                          Sad Man's Bistro and Bar has Great Cheeseburgers, Beer and the Mixologists know how to make
cool Cocktails: yet I must say the best reasons to come to Sad Man's is the owner, Steven, who is a great conversationalist who used to be the HEAD HONCHO AT PRAGUE'S HARDROCK CAFE 6 YEARS. "I got tired of the coporate bull there, honestly, and here I can relax and drink with my buddys all day and do my pin-up photography and help the bartenders make great drinks, actually have a chance to party with the tourists and sit with the guests and have one of my own cheeseburgers. It is my own place, it is me and I love it." he says.    Konviktska 7 
                    Image may contain: one or more people and people standing
      Steven's philosophy...Image may contain: 1 person, sunglasses and text
   Steven (Bruno) says that the story and bar hasn't changed, "We've gotten new burgers and new burger names, which we do from month to month, yet the story is the same. I wanted a casual dive bar with Great food, and I didn't want the corporate world. Here it is. I met tons of restaurant owners in Prague who all come here after hours to unwind and have a great time. You should really come here at night and party with us til morning. It is real fun." he says.  
  "She is one of my waitresses and photograph's beautifully." Steven says. Image may contain: 1 person
     I caught two of my favorite people today at the Sad Man's Tongue Restaurant and Pub, which in addition to having the best and biggest burgers in the city has great pinup photos adorning the walls, most of these courtesy of Steven, who owns the Restaurant. 

"My friends call me Bruno , that is why my professional photography is Bruno G, yet other people know me as Steven. And again, my grandfather's name is Bruno so I named my photography business Bruno G." says the VERY laid back owner of the totally cool, "neighborhood local restaurant and bar." 

     O Yes! And the second one is Jonathon who owns the Irish Guinness sports bar named O'Che's. "That is just a name, it has nothing to do with Cuba." says Jonathon when I ask him why he doesn't have Bruno photograph Cuban pinup girls to hang on O'Che's wall. "Cuba doesn't have pinup girls," quips Bruno and I say that is not true. They surely have pinups in Cuba? "It is only the name of O'Che's since it is akin to a Irish bar, you know they always name their bars, O'something." they disagree with me. In all honesty if you enter the Sad Man's Tongue Restaurant and Pub you must argue with these guys since they love to tell their unique view of life and have you tell yours. It is quite fun to argue with them and they always win trust me!            Konviktská 7ýsledek obrázku pro sad mans tongue

       "And one of my waitresses and bartenders, too, they all photograph great, I guess it's me!"says Steven! 
Image may contain: 1 person, sitting, drink and indoor
Image may contain: people sitting
  It has a 1950s atmosphere which is accented with the 1950s burlesque and pinup wall photos. It is basically a great food place with nice drinks and on your birthday dinner is free. That is why I love it. I came here one night with 5 friends and the place was full so they sat us at a huge table and everybody scooted to each other and we fit. We had a great time and I met people from England, Russia, China, Australia, America and Germany that day! 
"Although only 20% of the menu is burgers, that is what we are most famous for. The tourists, the locals and the young people love the burgers." says Bruno, "And we are open til 6.00am with drinks served from midnight since the kitchen is only open til midnight. You can find Jonathon here many nights sleeping in the leopard room, which is where I met him." They start laughing, yet Jonathon says, "Actually that is very true. That is where I met him."
Image may contain: people sitting, table, food and indoor
   GREAT Cheeseburgers and Hamburgers with 12 kinds of cheeses, great beers, live music, gorgeous girls(to guys) and the best conversations mingling with the guests that are already here eating and drinking...the best in Prague from the person who was the BIG BOSS at the HARD ROCK CAFE 6 years in a row before starting Sad Man's! 
                                     Image may contain: 1 person, meme and text
    ...and the music? He has live bands on Saturdays and Fridays and cool music as you can imagine the rest of the days...great music, though, and we all love Johnny cash right?
                                         O'CHE'S Irish Czech Sports Bar
   Karaoke! At A Cuban Irish BAR! Yes starting on Mondays you can come and have a funny crazy time at the famous Live Music, Huge Sports and wonderful Whiskey and Guiness Pub. Try the Karaoke on Mondays and see who can make Che come alive! 
"You know the main difference between Steven's Sad Man Tongue and my place is basically and first of all it is a PUB. A sports Pub with live music. A Pub that has Pub food. It is for friends to come and grab a pizza while they watch Sports. It is a Pub that people come and they love to hear live music which we have every night and that is only when say the World Cup isn't playing. If the World Cup is playing we have the Sports games on the television. They love to eat pub food which is fish and chips, and yes I changed the fish and chips to real fish since I am from England and that is my request. I want the people that come here to have a great time. They are on vacation, you know, and the locals don't usually like the bars in the center, yet they have come to love my Irish beer Guinness and they love to talk to the tourists, too. Especially the ones that love sports. It is a Pub. I used to be in the financial sector for many years in London and I have finally found what I love to do. I do not miss London at all. I love Prague and I love my Pub," says Jonathon as we chat at the Sad Man's Tongue. 

                      "O yes and I do love to come here after midnight to see Steven!" he says. 

                                                              420 222 221 178    Liliova 14 

                                                     Image may contain: 5 people, people smiling, indoor

"And in addition to that the fact is that people love the live music. It is much nicer to chill at 7.30pm with a live band than just sit and drink beer and talk. Music is nice and that is why I let people come here to sing. It gives each person a chance and these musicians are very good." 
Image may contain: 5 people, people smiling
Image may contain: drink
"I don't really have Czech food, maybe Ghoulash, since the tourists love it, yet we added pizza for the guests to eat while they drink the Guinness and watch the sports. It is a neighborhood bar, with a friendly feeling and I only added the best food to the menu and now the bar is starting to have a great reputation for Pub Food that is high quality instead of just beer and sports." says Jonathon. 
                                                                   Hair Trend Lukas Klucky
             Sobeslavaska 37 Praha 3...reservations: 4 202 72 730 030
  "Yes it has gotten so busy that I need to find another assistant, yet my highest quality is difficult to match. People send me their CV's all the time with the portfolio and I page through and finally meet with the people. Yet they must be nice. They must be smiling and happy people. They must be friendly. These combined with the highest reach and experience is taking me a long time to find the right person. I love my work yet I love my family. I have a little girl, a beautiful wife and a little boy that is being born in 2 months! That is important to me." he says. Image may contain: 1 person, text
"The salon is aesthetically pleasing as once the same Hungarian designers that designed the restaurant took control of the salon and now we match." says Zuzana as we do a double interview with Lukas and his wife. 
Lucas and his wife Zuzana are the happiest and 
sweetest people alive. Lucas is reserved 2 months 
ahead; however, with his salon and needs much 
coaxing to get him to agree to fit you in...better to 
reserve in advance! 
He reminds me of Warren Beatty in Shampoo!
    "I love my job!" he says...O we couldn't tell! 
When you make hair magic the way he does 
no wonder people line up for 2 months to just have him color their hair. Gorgeous!"Výsledek obrázku pro lukas klucky hair prague
 Alright how long does it take to do a beautiful hair? 
    "...about 4 hrs." is the answer! Image may contain: 1 person

   "I have many clients and each one is fun to listen to what they want, or if they don't know, for them to listen to me and trust me to do it the right way. Yes of course i love it. That is why I do it!" Image may contain: one or more people and indoor
 "I specialize in Color and cut, and have been working in Prague 13 years. The color process takes a long time to do it right and my clients appreciate it. I love what I do I guess that is why I have 10 people everyday with me. You know you said that we are a beautiful family, yet beauty is inside us. We are happy and I hire happy people. I want you to be nice and smile and have people glad to be around you. That is life." he says. His family is physically beautiful and I guess that inside happiness shows!

                                                       Hair Trend Lukas Klucky
           Sobeslavaska 37 Praha 3...reservations: 4 202 72 730 030


Image may contain: food

The beautiful mother, Pavlina Kantova and daughter, Zuzana Klucka(married to famous Prague hairstylist Lukas Klucky) at their mediterranean restaurant, GourmetPauza restaurant, Prague.
                                                    Lidická 19, 150 00 Praha                                   
                                      +4 20 257 312 849    
Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, sitting and food
I tell Zuzana that she is the most beautiful woman
 I have ever seen face to face and she laughs and says
 that is what her husband says! He is surrounded by beautiful women all day at the famous hair salon and
 I ask if that is where they met? "Um we met with
 friends; however all my friends ask me if he does my
 hair and I say that I am the last priority when it 
to making my hair look nice. I am the last on his
 list and when he comes home he doesn't want
 to style my hair!" she says laughing. 
     "And when I am at home I don't want to 
cook either!" she explains. "At the restaurant
 it is a family cooperation. My twin brothers, 
both 25, work here, one as the professional cook and 
the other when he is finished with university he helps 
out as does my youngest sibling. However, it is me
 and my mother's idea to do a restaurant since she 
always cooked for us at home and we all love food 
and we all love to eat food. And it took us 3 years to
 find and design the restaurant. The last 2 years it is gradually better, yet owning a restaurant is a difficult
 life at first." she says.
"My husband's sister married a hungarian and they're friends are the famous hungarian designer's that designed the famous hotel in Budapest that won the number 1 award for design around the world! They designed the entire restaurant. And the tall yellow glass that is a sculpture and holds the wine and glasses is a hungarian glass maker who brought the glass to Prague and designed in in the restaurant. All the Prague designers, 7 of these that I asked all said it is impossible and no they couldn't do it. The hungarian said yes and here it is." she says proudly. The restaurant is as beautiful as the food. "See the seat covers? They are a present from the designers to us." she says as I admire the blue and white flowered chairs. The light teal and ivory walls and decor is very lovely to see. 
  "Breakfast is famous here since we have American and English breakfasts, not croissants and espresso. And the Mediterranean aspects of the menu include: Sepia black risotto, Black Tiger shrimps, coriander, chilli, tomato,  Sashimi tuna in sesame, wasabi puree, sauce from roasted limes, Tornero from South American flank steak, potato puree, port wine sauce, you know the Sepia black risotto is the black ink from the octopus or the squid?" she asks and I say that I do. It is lovely to eat!    
 "Now people start to talk about us and the exotic
 food that we have such as healthy food for the modern people and the normal Czech food for the guys that
 say they don't want to eat healthy food they want 
hearty food!" she says and points to the wall paper. 
"The designer actually designed the wall paper himself
 for a company and we used it on the wall. It is playful 
and romantic at the same time!"Image may contain: food
                                                     The Classic Beauty of L'Fleur Champagne Bar
Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, sitting, drink, table and indoor
     L'Fleur is a sophisticated Champagne Bar with Milos at the helm of the Classic Brass Plush Leather Interior. Milos has about "12 years of experience traveling to the Champagne region of France. I have literally visited 150 vineyards in the champagne region and have extensively researched each one. For instance my own champagne import company is named which chooses  vineyards that use these specific champagnes that are all non-chemical or organic. Terroir Champagne  is a unique blend that the winegrower focused on for terrior, a french word that translates for uniqueness of a specific place in Champagne, France.  And another favorite one is the one I would love you to" he says and gives me a glass of exquisite champagne from Andre Jacquart, Brut Experience. It is the loveliest champagne I drank it with pleasure since it has been awhile since I have tasted champagne of that quality.Image may contain: drink and indoor
"We have a great reputation as a mixologist specialty bar, too," says Milos and Um you can see what he is talking about! "From my company,, we import the following,  Champagne Doyard, Champagne Leclerc Briant, Champagne Andre Jacquart, Champagne Jean Marc Seleque, Champagne Vincent Charlot, Champagne Christophe Mignon, Champagne La Parcelle, Champagne Dhondt Grellet, Champagne Marc Augustin, Champagne Roger Brun. " says Milos. may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people sitting, drink and indoor
 "My personal favorite of one of my high level champagnes is  Anselme Selosse , Jacques Selosse. The winemaker went to Burgundy from the Champagne region early in life and tried a variety of non-chemical grapes in his vineyards, He inspired the growers to make their own wine from the products they grew, which of course drew the prices up and the other vineyards did not like Jacques. However, the people loved his wines and when he made his champagnes of course it is without chemicals, the highest quality and drew the prices up!" says Milos laughing. "It is difficult for me to say which one is my favorite since I love to try new and unique wines and champagne everyday.!"
   V Kolkovně 920/5 110 00 Praha 1-Staré Město, tel: +420 734 255 665, , Otevřeno : Po – Ne / 18:00 – 03:00   
With 100 great champagnes of the usual champagne range , and 40 top high quality champagnes of 400euros and above, you are bound to find a champagne you love and can afford! "We have 28 absinthes, too , which is typical of Czech, and a great mixologists that can mix just about any drink you desire. Champagne bars, the real sophisticated ones have it all, atmosphere, experience, knowledge and presentation of the champagnes, and the decor to match."  Image may contain: 1 person, standing and indoor                           
   and congratulations to the winner of the best new bar in Prague...2014...Czech Awards L'Fleur...Image may contain: drink and indoor
                ...18.00pm til 2.00am 
Czech Bar Awards 2015, Best New Bar 1st. place
Best Design Bar 2nd. place.Best Cocktail Bar 2nd. place,Best Bartender CZ 2015 Víťa Cirok
(L' Fleur)
                                                    Yeah my 8 year friends the CITY BIKE TOURS OF PRAGUE   "Honestly, we do mostly tours. We are famous of that in the city of Prague and every tour is a English tour. Sometimes people from Germany or Netherlands ask for Dutch or ask if we do German tours in that language and we do now. Yet the reason people around the world always chose us is the English speaking guides. 
The people trust us since we are the number one bike company and first bike company to operate in Prague starting in 2001. We have 100 plus bikes for people if they would love to ride around the city with friends and or in one of the tours we have. The ones we have include:the beauty of the Prague city center on each side of the Vltava River, the Jewish Quarter, Old Town Square, lush Kampa Park, National Theater, and around the Castle and the Castle park. You can do a self-guided tour to the Karlstejn Castle, GPS and take rail connections back or explore the Prague Highlands all day which requires 24hr. notice to do that. We say do not take the umbrella bored tours in the city, walking everywhere is boring you must ride the bike it is much more adventurous and exciting" says Pavel and his guides!           Note: except for the 24hr notice you do not need reservations, just find the time of the tour, and walk on in. Have fun enjoying the city of Prague! 

   In Prague my very first Biking Sponsoring Company is City Bikes, located right near the Pralines store, which always tempts me in to buy a couple pralines and of course I need to bike off my fattening snacks...and the better way to have fun in the gorgeous city is careful if it rains, and have a lovely day.
               Králodvorská 5          Call 776 180 284 
   The City Bike tours do tons of Dutch tours now since everybody in the world knows the Dutch love to ride bikes as much as the Prague natives love to drink beer, each does it best!...however, although the Dutch know how to ride the bikes along the Amsterdam canals, don't drink and drive if you're not dutch! The City Bikes is open everyday except November to end of March. However, if you have a big educational class coming to Prague of 40 and or over call City Bikes 24hr. notice and they can do a private tour just for the group! 
                     Prague Special Tours by Ivan Galik has Beer Tours, Castle Tours, And my favorite Ghost Tours, amoung others, such as the Communist Bunkers and the Historical Tours. The guides sweet and fun and the tours worth it. You have a enjoyable evening and you learn about the ghosts of Prague, or you have a very long night with 3 hours of great beers to taste and you have a funny time. Both worth it. 
Výsledek obrázku pro mc gee ghost tours of pragueHad a lovely guide last night his name was Jarad or Jada I can't figure out his pronuciation and when he spelled it nope still didn't get it sorry. We had fun and the guide is very funny and informative from the stories of ghosts in Prague that almost always have a beautiful woman involved in it! Aaa let's just say that the Prague men of the 13th centuries didn't play around...I can let you take the tours to understand that! O and a funny henchman follows you around and scares you! The henchman was so convincing that the police came to ask him what he was doing with a AX! and a Head chopped off standing on the sidewalk! SERIOUSLY! The guide said, "um, I hope he is okay," as we walked away.Výsledek obrázku pro prague special toursMeet great friends on the beer tour, "We always lose a couple of people on the ghost tours...Hey it is in the job description, not my problem." says Jarad as he wanders around the city. 
Mine is named Ghosts and Legends of Prague and while my phone took great pictures, especially of the guide, for some strange reason it won't let me upload the photos GHOSTLY ENCOUNTERS of the third kind.Výsledek obrázku pro prague special tours
Image may contain: 2 people
                                              Výsledek obrázku pro prague special tours
"The Clay monster that guards the temple is supposedly in love with a beautiful girl and as legend has it, threw himself into the river to find her. However, that is a bad idea since he was made of clay and well, you know what happens when clay meets water!" jokes the guide. 
                                     He jokes a lot! 
"If you wander down the dark alleys near the Jewish Cemetary at midnight you might be approached by two ghosts from the cemetary that ask you to play cards with them. My advice? Don't," says Jarad, "Unless you want to die!"
                                 Okay Jarad thanks for the wants to play cards? 
                            The Exclusive Luxurious Smetana- Pachtuv Palace hotel Prague
                          Where do we stay at Prague?
   Try saying hi to the Director, Radek, at the Pachtuv Palace...
                                  Karolíny Světlé 34

BUILT IN 17TH CENTURY ACCORDING TO THE BAROQUE DESIGN OF JOSEPH WIRCH AS A PALACE TO THE NOBLE PACHTA                                     FAMILY                             a favorite of mozart! 

 The guest rooms include rooms, suites and executive suites and as you can see breathtakingly beautiful...MaMaison Pachtuv Palace Exceptional suite 6M.jpg
Risultati immagini per pachtuv palace prague
      With such lovely company...the Palace and the Food...maybe the people won't see any more of Prague except the beautiful view of the Charles Bridge at night from the window! 

Gallery image of this property
                                   Kalina's on Anezka in Prague, complete with Mother Nature! Image may contain: plant, tree, table and outdoor   U Milosrdných 12, The new Kalinas is located attached to the St. Agnes Convent Museum,
with a beautiful casual Garden, "Thanks to that horrible keeps dropping leaves on the guests!" jokes Mr. Kalina as he asks if I would love to sit in the Garden and have dinner last night. O My Gosh, having lamb tartar and caramelized chocolate is me you can not make this at home. 
                                                                         Mr. Mirek Kalina 
             "we wanted to make a restaurant about cuisine, the cooking and the wine...a very sensitive menu."                                Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, standing, beard and indoor

"Let's have you try the Green tea, you'll love it. I drink it all the time, " he says as we sit at one of the elegantly prepared tables for the night's guests. 
     "Hmm, I it is quite normal on google or traveling in  your mind to find new recipes. That is the way that I do it. I have worked at 1 star or 3 star's Michelin and I learn at each, yet the 3 star's tend to be too formal for me honestly. I want my guests to have fun in my restaurant with the star quality food from the kitchen. You know if you are dressed in shorts and the shorts presentable, you can come and eat at  my restaurant. You don't have to have dinner jackets. And the same is with my food. I cook what I like. I would say mine is authentic Czech recipes with a very modern presentation." he says as he starts to himself serve my tea and tell me of how it must be at a 90` temperature and not to sit too long. I ask if when I eat at his restaurant(since he invited me every other sentence!) can he personally come from the kitchen and tell me about the food that I am eating! Image may contain: food
  Mr. Mirek Kalina laughs, a lot! "Yes I do that all the time. I come from the kitchen and talk to my guests because that is fun. A low price, medium, and the expensive. That is the way to do it. " he says.   "It is the guest's choice. And it creates a lovely aura around you." Image may contain: food
   The food is delectable and the wine simple. The fact that you can dine inside with the formal setting or outside with the casual plastic chairs while eating Michelin high quality food is rare to say the least. I LOVED IT. Image may contain: food
   And a simple question, Why do you love cooking?  He laughs, "Because it is is something that I love. and 2nd it is hospitality and I love to work for the people. My team is fine. It takes a long time to find the right cooking team and I have it now. I want only great chefs around me. One of the people in the kitchen is the sous chef at V Zatisi , and they have great training. I think for us we have established a name in Prague and the people want to come and have dinner here." 
     "I do teach cooking classes at the Academy and the tourists can take my classes, yet they are in Czech language. If I have a group of Americans I can attempt the english language if I must." he says laughing and I say that his english is very good actually! 
     "I love to keep my meals simple with only 3 to 4 ingredients and the reason is that I want each guest to taste the food. To experience the feeling of it. The wine is the 5th element of the meal." he says. "And I am quite conservative in my cooking. We don't make fusses and we don't make fusion and we don't make crazy combinations in the flavors. It is simple."Image may contain: food
    "My Czech cuisine I call the new prague cuisine. A traditional dish with new techiniques that is healthy not heavy. And my team is friendly. When you come to my restaurant I want friendly service because that way we have friendly guests." he says. Image may contain: food
  Mirek's new Restaurant that is attached to the St. Agnes Convent and Museum...Image may contain: table and indoor
Image may contain: dessert and food
Image may contain: 1 person, outdoorMy friends from Mexico who have been faithfully on EmmeAnesBook the last 5 years include Rodrigo, David a Luis, Fernando, Patricio, all of who own the 3 Las Adelitas in Prague, have great stories, especially when mom comes to visit. "We tend to drink A LOT OF MARGUERITAS! HERE at Las Adelitas, yet when Mom comes we drink virgin ones and of course the minute mom goes back to Mexico City we're back to drinking the Margueritas again!" Image may contain: 3 people, people eating, people sitting, table, child and food
Image may contain: food
  "We as a Mexican culture don't have such things as Burritos or Chimichangas or Margueritas, yet the Americans love it so much and they think that these are real Mexican dishes, so mostly Mexicans make these for the Americans," says Fernando. Yep it is true. You really have to come to America. You will FALL IN LOVE WITH AMERICANS, THEY ARE SO FUNNY, TRULY. WE also think all Italians are like the Godfather movie, Sicilian Mafia, French Haute Couture, etc.
    The three locations Americká 8,  Lucemburská 1497/6, Malé náměstí 457/13, have "What Americans say is home cooking! It is funny since they really do come in here and say O my gosh it is so nice to finally eat American food we have been traveling so much!"Image may contain: 1 person, playing a musical instrument, hat, beard and guitar
   Fernando jokes, yet it is true, Americans tend to think that Mexican food is American since we eat it all the time!  hint: (THE REAL REASON WE DON'T WANT THE WALL BUILT!)Image may contain: 3 people, people on stage
  Let's see I tried the huge Nachos a couple years in a row, the tostados which are great and fattening and the tacos which vary from special Turkey tacos to beef and chicken. They are huge and full of sour cream when I eat them! Image may contain: food
  My great Marguerita that the cool bartender gave me yesterday is a FROZEN MANGO MARGUERITA...BEST EVER!
Image may contain: one or more people, drink, fruit, dessert, food and indoor
  ...and the other reason we dig tunnels under the wall...Image may contain: drink
"Mexico City is where only 2 of us come from and the other 2 from different citites. Mexico City is a great city full of a diverse culture and we try to be consulates here in Prague with events and musicians that showcase the Mexican festivals. We love to introduce Mexico to Prague and to the tourists around the world." Image may contain: 4 people, people smiling, people standing
   Hey sitting here at the Hard Rock Cafe, Ugly Coyotes, Las Adelitas Terrace, we found Barron(Melania is still missing)Image may contain: one or more people, people standing and outdoor
"The people love the Buddha Bar at Prague, which has the same cuisine as the one in Paris, that you said you have been too; however, here it is a additional aspect of the Shi-Sha , which the community of Prague seem to love. I, myself, love the fact that the guests can eat downstairs in fine dining and later they don't have to leave the restaurant to have a club atmosphere. They can come upstairs and enjoy our resident DJ and have some great cocktails, smoke shi-sha, dance around the tables and have a nice night out. We're open til around 3.00am on the weekends and 2.00am on the weekdays.Risultati immagini per buddha bar prague In addition we have samurai, belly dancers, dancing lessons and sabrage which is the ability to open champagne with different materials which the guests love. We have dragon dance which the guests can participate in and henna tattoo, live sushi cooking, bartender's school, degustations. We offer much in addition to resident chefs we invite the chefs from the Buddha Bar's around the world to come a couple of days and cook for our guests," says the gorgeous Adela who has been here 7 years! Risultati immagini per buddha bar prague
              the food exquiste, the atmosphere exclusive
   Please come for a night of exquisite dining and lovely music and dancing in the evening to: Jakubská 8, Praha 1, 110 00 reservations: Risultati immagini per buddha bar prague
                            4 20 221 776 400Image may contain: 1 person, shoes and indoor
Image may contain: food and indoor
                                                                    Exquisite italian restaurant Aromi náměstí Míru 6

 reservations +420 222 713 222

 The dynasty of Mr. Riccardo who owns La Finestra , Aromi, La Finestra Bottegas and the Cooking School!
   "The Italian cuisine is from my region of Italy, which is near Rimini and encompasses the central section of cooking...Umbria, Tuscany, Rimini, and that reflects here at the restaurants and cooking school. However, sometimes I have guest chefs from Asia or France, for example, and they teach their art. The Italian food here at Aromi specializes in fish and seafood and at La Finestra in beef and meat", says Riccardo as I happily catch him as he is chatting business on the phone at the flagship restaurant, Aromi. It is on Namesti Miru on the square and can easily be reached with taking the tram 10, 16, 22, 7 or 13. for Aromi at Miru 6.  
                                            The La Finestra and La Finestra Bottega...                                                                                                      Platnéřská 90/13 , Praha 1, in Old Town.+420 222 325 325
  "When I first started out, I spent 3 months on Bond street in New York and loved that city in 1990. I had to leave after 3 months and went to London where I spent 10 years learning the cooking techniques at the Michelin Italian restaurants in London and met my Czech wife. She convinced me to come to Prague and in 2002 we opened the Aromi. That is my baby and flagship restaurant and in 2009 we opened La Finestra. It is of interest too, that a small Bottega I opened with fresh products from Italy in 2005 and it was immediately a success as nothing like it had been here before. With the success of that one and La Finestra, I know have 5 Bottegas in the city and a cooking school the last 5 to 6 years. I love to cook and I am always the happy jolly chef at one of my restaurants. If you ask for me to cook for you, yes of course with pleasure I do for the guests and you can always have me as the cooking teacher at the school. We have around 20 people for each class and now it is becoming the fun thing to do with birthday parties and team building. I guess you can make your own cake!" he says.         below...Riccardo the Master...
  "It is always a challenge to come up with new concepts, and especially when opening La Finestra I wanted an entirely new restaurant and didn't want to compete with Aromi, hence the meat specialty." says Riccardo.
"You can sometimes find me in the ktichen at La Finestra and always my head chef, Mr.Jurik, who previously is trained at  Pastacaffe Tonino Lamborghini , and did a one month fellowship at New York's Avoca, holding 2 Michelin Stars."
Devil's Cruise, Bohemian Rhapsody and the Crystal Cruise all are dinner cruises and the other's are sightseeing cruises. They're fun actually...loved it.
Výsledek obrázku pro prague boats
  The Prague Boats run from morning to night, which I believe the last ones are around 22.00pm. I had much fun many years eating and drinking on the Bohemian Rhapsody and the Dinner Cruises and 3 years since we partied with 10 LG CEOs from India, stationed in Doha Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Oman, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait and India, all partying on the river cruise. The India nation loves my website I guess since Samsung and LG, two very big tech companies are headquartered in that nation and they love to use it around the world.They invited me to sit with the group and have much fun conversation and wine and food. Last night I had the night sightseeing cruise that basically takes you back and forth from the dock to the bridge and gives architectual history lessons to its guests on the boat!
                                         Elixir Mystery Escape Rooms...
                                        the legend of King Rudolph II

Some legends connected to the game...Rudolph II, the King most famous for his architecture of Prague had over 20 tunnels from the Prague Castle under the River to the clock tower...your job is to find his                              secret Elixir potion of youth, make it and escape the torture chambers before he finds you! No automatic alt text available.

                     located at the foot of the Charles Bridge and played underneath in the real tunnels 700 years old...
                                                                       Mosteka 09/    Call 604 799 999
                 It is a very beautiful Escape Room Space since it is real and not a cardboard make-believe dungeon!
    Except of course you don't get tortured in the Escape Rooms as it is only for fun...
"The hobby of mine is the Escape Rooms and I am most fascinated with the legends of the King of Rudolph II. The rooms underneath the Charles Bridge Streets are authentic and date from more than 700 years ago; however, the entire rooms I made myself from collections that I found. The tall iron gates are real, yet I found these and made the torture chamber rooms. They are replicas and the items won't hurt you, they are used for clues and the entire 70 minutes is 100% interaction. Výsledek obrázku pro elixir mystery pragueI don't have math problems or thinking problems, only finding clues and it is a difficult escape room rated 80% difficulty, yet we have state of the art security cameras and are in touch with you the entire 70 minutes. You can ask for 20 clues or zero. The point of the escape rooms is to figure where the clues are and when you find a key, for instance, where does that lead you? We don't tell you what the key is for, you  have to figure it out, that is why I think people enjoy it much. It makes you team build and guess...okay what is the ring for?...what is the key for..." says Mr. Vala who owns the hugely entertaining game of real time escape... a must in Prague as his game deals with the history of the dynasty of Rudolph II and his fascination with Alchemy and the finding of secret potions, which he is famous for.  "Yes it seems scary when you first walk down the stairs since it is in total darkness, yet I give the guests lanterns and the minute they find the clue to turn on the lights, it isn't scary at all. It is supposed to be a game to have fun with a couple of friends."says Mr. Vala. "One of the rooms is the potion room and you can find the clues to mix the potion of youth. If you find that and mix it and actually escape the rooms we let you taste a potion that we make for you!" Výsledek obrázku pro elixir mystery prague
"Here is hoods and caps and pitchforks all rubber for you to take pictures when you complete the game. I became fascinated with the King Rudolph and in the floods of 2002 they discovered for the first time that the legends of him having tunnels where his alchemists would work on different potions, were real. A store caved in and under the store they found a alchemist room such as the one we have, and tunnels from the Old Town Square to the Castle. Pretty cool!" he says.  

                                  70 minutes 
              of constant physical activity from 
              room to room, with a little crawling!
                            Great Fun...
Elixir mystery praha

About King Rudolph II

Rudolph ll was the Czech king in the 16th century and had the biggest impact on the Pragues architecture. Discover his passion for art, alchemy, magic, astronomy, innovations and mysteries, while exploring his chamber and trying to escape with his secret elixir of youth.

Elixir mystery praha

Charles Birdge Legend

Can you find the hidden magic sword? It was walled into the Charles Bridge in year 1357 and has never been found. We have it’s replica, can you find it?

Elixir mystery praha

Elixir of Youth

Discover how the Elixir of youth was made and how the king kept it secret. Find the recipe, make the elixir and escape the venue. We have the original recipe! It can be yours.


                                        CityGame of Prague and Escape Rooms of Prague are two exciting team building games that people from 1 person to 8 people can play...(or more if you want!) The Escape Rooms is located at shopping passage Cerna Ruze, 2nd floor of Na Prikope 12 in Prague 1...just steps from the big New York Clothing store.   And the CityGame can be reserved:  +4 20 608 738 488       
        The 3 people that own the games include Rene(who owns The Troll under the Bridge restaurant Pod Mostem), a investor and the very funny and charismatic Libor who I met at Pod Mostem yesterday. 

"The Escape Rooms have been here for 4 years and me personally, I have gone to many escape rooms around europe. One of the most difficult for me was Berlin. I hope you love my rooms, which are entitled, Communist Czecho Slovakia, Semtex Code and Devil's Bible. They range from difficult to easy and they are fun for the entire family, for coporate team building events(along  with CityGame) and for friends." says Libor. 
   Before I interviewed Libor, I met his two girls that "man" the control room with security cameras, phone communications, and computer monitors, all too help the guests playing in the Escape rooms with clues and encouragement, and to help the outside people who are totally alone with their phones trying to solve the mysteries of Prague. Ba'ra and Katka are the girl's names and they're quite funny.
    "Sometimes I have to give people 5 clues and they keep beeping me, and some say, o don't give me any clues, I want to learn myself! It depends on the person or the team. Today you see the family of 6 people in the easy room. 3 kids and 3 adults. Yesterday, a father came with his teenage son and they took two sessions continuance that the father paid for since his son had so much fun doing it. You could tell that he really loved his son. That made us very happy to play with the couple and to see how they loved the vacation and that we were part of it." Ba'ra says. 
     Katka laughs, "Yes sometimes we have the best time laughiing with the guests and everytime they open a door they jump up and down and cheer. Basically small groups from say 2 to 6 are locked in the escape rooms and must use their brains and their team building communication to escape each room. The time is 60 minutes and if we don't have somebody waiting, we give each a little extra help if they need it. At the end, they dress in costumes and take pictures. Sometimes they do a couple different rooms since they had so much fun!" 



"The entire purpose of the CityGame is to introduce Prague and it's mystery and beauty to tourists. It is my Prague the way I see it and I want the tourists to have to interact with locals in learning about the culture of the city." says Libor as we sit under the bridge at Pod Mostem.
     "The guests receive sms texts on the phones of up to 4 people. If they have more people they can split into two different teams. As they walk around the city to find clues and learn about churches and pubs and temples and of course the Holy Grail which is the my personal fascination, they must ask the locals for help. The locals have learned to love the guests as they see them more and more and it is fun for the Prague People to get to know the international tourists, too. I think I am helping to introduce the culture of Prague to the tourists in a way that they have to walk a little away from the Clock Tower and see a little more of the city." he says. According to the legend, the Holy Grail is found in the ruins of Solomon's Temple by Templar Knights in the twelfth century.

Later was this secret hidden by Maltese knights in the very center of the world, on the island of Kampa in Prague. "As the tourists walk in the footsteps of the Knights of the Templar(of which there is one Maltese temple in the game, perhaps they can discover the secret kept for such a long time." Libor says. "It is real fun and one day we followed a group and took pictures as they found clues. As you can see they had a great time. One of the items is under the bridge and if you want to pause the game for 30 minutes and have a beer or grab a quick lunch you can do that too." 

"Basically each team receives sms texts on their phones and they explore the city with the phone and their teams, if they wish. It is a great fun game that lasts about 3 hrs. We're only 3 months old and we have 100% excellent satisfaction on trip advisor!" says Libor
Alright, the ghost tours are my favorite everywhere in the world...and with Prague being one of the most haunted cities, it should be a very exciting time! The tours are at 20.30pm and 22.00pm during the summer and tonight I am doing the early one. Hope you come and have a ghoulish time! Image result for ghost tours of prague
Very happy to add and my tourists happy too, the Prague tours which include the beer tour that I am doing today at 6.30pm if any of you would love to come! google the site and happy drinking beer at Prague. Image result for beer tours of prague

Image may contain: 6 people, people standing and indoor
    DRUNKEN MONKEY PUB CRAWL...O those crazy kids at the Drunken Monkey! 
                             Please click on the link to reserve Pub Crawl Tickets...have fun!

                                             Související obrázek
     Meet Will, from America and his two partners, Taylor and Pete the minute you walk into the oldest and coolest Pub Crawl in Prague. They have every year the best customer satisfaction and the people love the pub crawl. "We just got approved for two Beer Bikes, you know the huge ones that people sit on and in the middle is a bartender and keg? It is the only Beer Bike company in Prague and we start in about 5 days...they can reserve with a message to the website..." says Will who is always thinking of new ways to have fun in Prague and around the world, having backpacked himself over 100 countries. Image may contain: 7 people, people smiling, people standing
Související obrázek"We're in all the hostels including the biggest on, Prague Plus, and every night we have about 100 people coming to have fun. At 600CZK and all you can drink starting at the Drunken Monkey plus dance clubs and wild crazy fun, you must have fun" he says. 
Výsledek obrázku pro the drunken monkey prague
               +4 20 775 477 983   Nad Petruskou 639/6
                              +4 20 775 411 417

   "We started the pub crawl about 10 years now, and for the first 3 years we only did the pub crawl in the summer. A girlfriend of mine from America and my friends from Australia that 4th year bought the Drunken Monkey Bar and stayed year round. The first 3 years we traveled around Europe and got a real education on culture for 3 months each year in the winter. Now it is continueing thing that is full time. Since that time my girlfriend and me broke up and she went back to American a few years ago; however I stayed and bought out the others. Now it is only me and Taylor and Pete. We have fun every night, yes. Yet now somedays I think I am getting a little old 34 somedays I am like burned out! Yet the minute the tourists start coming and laughing and wanting to party, I wake up!" says Will. 
    And I say, you know when the Drunken Monkey closes at 1.00am to 2.00am you should send the partiers to "Sad Man's Tongue Bar and Bistro" which is open til 6.00am and has great Burgers! 
                                                       The Prague Brewery Beer Museums two locations
                                                           Smetanovo Nabrezi 22       222 222 173
                                                        Náměstí Míru, Americká 341/43, Praha 2

  With 30 beers on tap too numerous to mention, you simply must try to find the Prague Beer Museum Pub and check for yourself. It is truly  a beer culture and although the owner, Se says, "I grew up in San Franciso and honestly was never a beer drinker. I grew up in the Napa Valley with the best California wines and drank these. At the age of 27 me and a friend opened a nightclub in San Francisco, a supper club, that got so popular that 3 years later a New York Company bought us out! And that started my journey around the world for 2 years. I even spent Sylvester, which we call New Year's Eve, amoung the pyramids in Egypt." begins Se's story. "Finally visited Prague and in 5 days fell in love with the culture. I ended staying here eventually and now have owned the beer museum, which originally had 3 locations and now only these 2, the last 10 years. At first when we started the beer museum we wanted to travel around Czech Republic and find breweries ourselves and we would drive many miles and come to a small brewery and after a chat the owner would reluctantly agree to give us 2 liters to try. We would say, um we need 100 liters for our bar on a regular basis. He would say yet I only make 100 liters total and I would say okay make 200 liters total and the 100 liters we buy will totally pay for that. And he would say o that is too much work!" 
Jimmie Bozeman's photo.

  They have live music which is a plus in a                           beer pub since everybody loves music                               when they're drinking the beer! "The                                 flights that we have are 5 beers each.                                 Some people order the 5 flight beer deal and then order another 5 flights because they haven't found that perfect                           beer yet. However, most people have                                 the 5 flights and choose the one they                                 really loved and have a couple pints of                                  it." says Se. "Having been brought up                                  knowing the nightclub business I didn't want to continue that lifestyle when I met my wife and had children. When you own a cocktail bar or nightclub and it is a good one they people come to mingle and meet the owners. At the beer bar they could really care less. They come to drink the beer. Czech is a total beer culture country. Prague even has a Beer University." says Se laughing. 
"Since Czech has something akin to 380 breweries we just kept driving around til we found a great beer brewery that could deal with us. When we found the first one that said yes, of course it had a snag to it. The brewery was very far from Prague, yet the owner's daughter worked in Prague and her boyfriend had a van service from the village. He agreed to transport the beer in kegs to Prague at 200 CZK crowns round trip. That is a true story and we kept saying we hoped they didn't break up since we needed the beer! Now we have our own vans and we're a little more sophisticated 10 years in the business. Yet it was a huge education for me. I hear that you met the bartenders and my lead bartender and manager, Marek." I say that yes early in the day I had tried 4 beers that Marek had recommended in little tiny sips and loved the dark lager beer the best. However, the cherry one that I tried in the 3 tastes here I loved now. Marek and his other bartender giggled when I asked if they had tasted all the beers and they said yep everyone! It is part of their job! 
  Alright The coolest transportation in Prague...the 4 wheelers! TOTAL CRAZINESS I LOVE IT...
                                                                            735 774 400  Ostrovní 7/2063
               I found the cool company 
     Prague on Wheels on accident! I am totally intrigued with the "BuBBLES' on the water while looking from the Charles Bridge. They are technically called " water zorbing" and people from "age 3 to 80 can go inside the Zorbis. Of course when the 2 or 3 year olds go inside they start crying so we wouldn't recommend putting your 2 or 3 year old inside it!" says Sebastion and Emil, the owners 4 years now of the Zorbis and now the first season the Prague on Wheels fun 4 wheelers. 
                Call 775 540 860
"Sometimes people rent the 4 wheelers all night, which is about 69Euros, and they can pick up the 4 wheelers at 8.00pm(20.00pm), and have fun all night. You can take the 4 wheeler out of Prague too, say you want to travel the forests surrounding Prague, that is alright as long as you bring it back at 8.00AM," Says Emil and Sebastion. "Sometimes we drive it around all night. We have 6 vehicles and if you have a party or group of 10 ro 12 you can ride one and drive one. Prague is a safe city and a fun city that is totally alive at night and you can drive the 4 wheelers on the roads all the way up to the castle."   THE TWO CHARACTERS...Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people sitting
  "Water Zorbing is something that me and Sebastion thought of about 4 years ago. It looked like fun. At first we thought alright 200czk per 10 minutes is too little of time yet when you enter the bubble you can last about 10 minutes; it is that much fun yet that much of exhaustion. You wouldn't believe how much energy it is." says Emil. "Yes one day me and Emil took a 80 year old man in a wheelchair and we got in the 3 person Zorbi with him and we spent 10 minutes playing and having fun.  He LOVED IT.  Now he says he wants to come and do the Zorbi every year!" says Sebastion when I ask if there is a age limit.
                                        LOCATED RIGHT ON THE RIVER BANK  Smetanovo nábřeží
THE VIEW FROM THE CHARLES BRIDGE IS                                                       GREAT!
   "Where with the 4 Wheeler you have to be 12 years old to ride with a driver, and wear a helmut and have a driver's license; yet if you are from America or Canada a usual driver's license is alright. The passenger is supposed to be 12 years and older. Yet on the Zorbi you can do a little one to all ages; however, sometimes the little ones of 2 or 3 cry when they're in the bubble and we have to rescue the little ones  of the bubble." says Sebastion. 
 The Hilarious Fun of the Zorbi, as you try to walk and keep tumbling...remember to hit the beer tent AFTER THE ZORBI! 
                     Image result for praha biking tours of prague
Everybody who knows me knows I love night tours, biking, riding horses, and doing little wine and tapas walking tours for example; however, the city of Prague is indeed most beautiful at night. That is why a must when you are visiting the city is the Praha Biking Company Night Tour that starts at 19:30pm and lasts almost 3 hrs. "If the couple or the group wants something specific in the tour please let them know all they have to do is ask," says the friendly and bubbly boss whose name is Oleh. Pronounced Oleg. "And that is for everybody. Any tour that someone comes into the Praha Bike to do a tour, all they have to do is communicate with us what exactly they want from the tour and we can either find a tour group for them to join or do private tours." 
      "Yes, actually I come initially from the Ukraine and 20 years now have lived in Prague. I met friends of course and one day about 15 years ago my buddy asked if I wanted to open my own business. We thought about a couple of things to do and being only 24 I thought about the biking tour business since I had tons of energy!  I only had maybe 10 bikes plus 3 of my own and the first 6 months I would just ask people in the square, stand outside my company's door, put flyers in all hostels and hotels, you name it. When I started hiring my first tour guide rather than myself is a great feeling. Now with 14 tour guides and more than 200 bikes, I feel like maybe today I really made it!" he says laughing. Only now, after 15 years! "Yes, everyday you try to do better. I guess maybe yesterday when I opened the store I thought that I am successful!" Okay! 
                                                   Dlouha 24, Praha 1   phone: 4 20 732 388 880
They have great tours to Vienna, or to Dresden or how about a 12 day tour of the countries with 
camping outside along the way? Here a group takes a dip it the Berounka River..."Yes the long 
countryside tours are for the BikingCulture Groups. The luggage is brought to each hotel or 
campground along the way, the housing is included and you are free to have fun along the rides 
which total about 60 kilometers each day," says Oleh. "Usually the groups are 6 or more; however, 
if you have less people and money isn't a worry, I can take private tours, too." 
L’image contient peut-être : 2 personnes, personnes souriantes, personnes debout, plein air, nature et eau
O hey great for bachelorette and bachelor parties around Prague, too..."We have about 10 tours around the city with each one different and we have a couple of day tours that involve the countryside and last about 7 hours. The good thing about the day tours is although you bike out, we take the train back!"L’image contient peut-être : 7 personnes, personnes souriantes, personnes debout
   And if the girls become tired, they can always have that famous Czech Guy pick them up...literally! A couple of weeks from now a couple that is 70 years old booked a private trek with me around the country. They have done my Vienna tour, and the Bohemian Wine country tour, and now we are ready to do another one. Výsledek obrázku pro praha bike
"We have Trek bikes, and Mountain Bikes, and Electric Bikes, and the Party Team Bike and Specialized bikes that are used for the 200 kilometers to 700 kilometers, you name it we have it. The one thing that I would love to emphasize is the fact that I have built the bikes myself. In a sense. I buy the bikes and I customize each one. I have found that in the years doing the tours that the city of Prague is a city that is in love with bikes to a degree. The city is a cobblestoned city. I make my bikes have wide fat tires which is better suspension and absorbs the bumps so you don't have to!" he says. Související obrázek
"You know some people just want to see the city and the bike is the tool that they choose for transportation. It is easier than walking, of course, and the e-bikes are more fun, and less work. Okay, okay, you do have to pedal a little, yet it is fun. As a matter of fact it doesn't surprise me any longer the variety of people that love it. The European culture is used to biking. And yes it is a vacation for some people to take 12 to 13 days and have fun biking the country of Europe. It just depends what you want to do on your own vacation, I guess. Me? I love biking." says Oleh. 
 Team Bike Tours, Private Tours, City Tours, Hike and Bike Tours, E-Tours, Country Tours, Rentals and Special Tours is the Huge Assortment team Praha has to the city they have Castle Tours, Stories and Legends of Prague Tours, Panaramic Tours, River Tour to Troja Chateau near the Zoo!, Beer Garden and Prague Park Tours. The Country Tours and Hiking Tours and the multi-country tours are listed on their great website...
I came here about 17 years now and I am from a little village on the coast of Italy named,  Massa-Carrara, in Tuscany, which is where I learned to make my masterpieces," says Lorenzo. "When I came to Prague I worked with my friend, a Italian, who owned a restaurant and hotel in Prague. A couple of years later, I opened the restaurant of Pivo and Basilico."                    +420 257 533 207  When I ask about the Amatrice and the promotion that the Italian Embassy is doing to help rebuild this city after the earthquake, Lorenzo tells me that every time a guest orders amatriciana the restaurant gives 2 euros to the people of that city in Italy.  And the pasta Lorenzo loves to eat himself is only with tomato sauce. "I make wonderful cream sauce yet personally I prefer to eat the red sauce." he says. And asks what I would love for him to cook for me. And I say what dish you see above! We have fun making pasta while Jiri takes pictures of the kitchen team and us having fun. They make the pasta pizza and every item fresh. When you order the Italian food is when they prepare it and cook it. Seriously loved my food. I wanted to go back down to the kitchen and eat more cappellettis but the locked the door, that is how much I ate!  "Lorenzo makes Czech food just as wonderful, too," says Jiri. "Yes, " says Lorenzo, "The tourists that come from Italy tell me that they love my food yet they're in Prague and would love to try something that is from Prague. That is when I make the goulash and dumplings for them!" he jokes.
Výsledek obrázku pro pivo basilico prague
Here at Pivo and Basilico, I met Lorenzo , the cook and Jiri(George) the wine master.                     
Jiri says, "Me? A sommelier? O I only know how to drink the wine," and his Italian guest sitting at the table laughs. "At least the food is excellent since I come here everyday to eat at lunch!" Jiri says, "That is true. And yes the wine is good, only Czech and Italian."
           Does anybody love South African Wine? From the famous Stellenbosch Vineyard.  Valery has two new bottles from the Vineyard of Cape Town, "The red one has already sold out, I only accepted two, one Version with the Dog and Cat on the label is the white, and the one with the Is that a Goat? hmm. what do you call that? It is with a hen. That is the wine that has the red wine. I wanted to try the wine to see if the Prague people like South African wines. We'll see. I would love to visit the vineyards since they're very famous in Cape Town. A French colony founded the vineyard a long time ago and that is why I wanted to try it." says Valery.      Le Bourgin Wines:)
"I would say that 90 percent of my guests come from Czech Republic and the rest tourists to the store and of course we do the warehouse supplying and the catering in the city. It is a tiny city and I can walk to all of my meetings in Prague. Christmas is the nicest here. It is beautiful..." said Valery last year and now?  "We love everybody coming into the store...I love the selection the most of the know I try to show the wines that I love and to represent myself at the showroom."
One of my new additions is the 7 vineyards from Argentina.
 It is named Clos de Los Suite and a blend of 7 vineyards and their knowledge...famous ones from the Bordeaux family, a prominent collection of these 7 families. Michel Rolland who is world reknown asked these 7 to come to South America, Argentina, and produce a wine with a vineyard made up of these 7 names. And they came. You know that, Argentina has space everywhere. And they thought lets plant some grapes and make a vineyard." Valery jokes a lot. "Seriously though Argentina has Space everywhere. Every soil is different and each wine around the world tastes different even with the same grape because of the soil. The French have a huge debate going on Grape or Ground?"
Here is the boss, who says that his passions are golf and poker. At least that is when I first met him at his elegant wine store at Prague. It is located at Dlouha 739/19 Prague  +420 222 312 477  

"The best vineyards in the world are the ones that select the grapes off the vines by hand. Each one is selected for quality and each one is brought to the vineyard and sorted on the table and each one is added to a little tiny basket. Each basket has tiny amount and if you put too much in one basket the grapes get squished and the juice is squished out and that is why each traditional French vineyard picks with the hands only, not machines. It is quality with hands. And of course that is why it is expensive too." Valery laughs when he adds the expensive...
"The wine store is a reflection of my selections," says Valery Bourgin, the owner of the boutique showroom at Prague. In addition to being the wholesaler to restaurants and hotels such as the 4 seasons in Prague, he has a rare selection in the showroom where normal people can come chat with Valery and buy some great wine.


Cruising Prague with riksha is one of the best and adventurous jobs I have ever experienced during my studies.

                                       Kamzíková 558Call 605 528 407
"The great thing about the Drones is that tourists can come in here and buy the Drone and have great footage of their vacation from a Bird's Eye View. Each country in Europe has their own Drone Fly Zone law, though, and you have to check in with the airports in each country to see where you can legally fly the drones. When you purchase the drones from us, you download a app that shows you where you can or can't fly the drone." he says. COOL.
Alright went to the LAND OF DRONES, where the manager said that he has, "Drones from 500.00Euros to about 1,700.00 Euros. Although you can order Drones from us to 10,000.00 Euros and more, we only carry the ones I told you about in the store. The huge one you see in the window is one that law enforcement uses to catch a mini helicopter!" he says. COOL.
                 Restaurant Michal Naprstkova 8, Prague 1        tel-
Must make reservations immediately...the show only has 176 seats and they only have about 22 open every night including the reservations already made...

Welcome to the internet presentation of Restaurant Michal!...MOST FAMOUS INTERACTIVE DANCE SHOW IN PRAGUE...INVOLVING FOLKLORE!
The restaurant is famous for its show, a 3 hr. folklore unparalled in all the world...with the traditional displayed hand sewn wedding dresses from the Moravian region that take literally 2 years to sew. The girls wear 6 changes of costumes throughout the evening now with interacting playing games with the audience, songs and music plus all the food that you can eat(and drink!)...

Restaurant Michal is situated in one of the oldest parts of historical Prague on the right bank of Vltava river in Náprstkova Streett the interior suggests that its roots go back to the early Gothic period.
                 Výsledek obrázku pro Restaurant Michal Naprstkova 8 Our restaurant offers an extraordinary experience in Prague; in the interior, our guests can see contemporary paintings and graphic works of prominent Moravian painters (Joža Úprka, Antoš Frolka, etc.) and displays of hand made historical folk costumes from Western Bohemia across Eastern Slovakia which were professionally and sensitively restored by girls from Uherský Ostroh led by Mrs. D. Štěrbová.


  "I've been doing it since 13 years at the restaurant and before that about 27 years. Me and my wife drove everywhere and found these costumes. Such as from Czech and Moravia and Slovekia. We would drive to the villages and find the women that make such beautiful costumes and we would purchase these. Some take about 2 years to complete. It is all handmade. The villages each have their own traditional outfits and my girls change the dresses about 5 to 6 times per night. They do interactive playing games with audience and music and dance.Výsledek obrázku pro Restaurant Michal Naprstkova 8 The food is wonderful and make sure that you say that each and every product that we use including the marmalade is fresh and handmade."Says the laughing charismatic blue-eyed owner named Michal. "The fish is fresh, the lamb is fresh, the beef is fresh, and the bread we bake here. Let me show you..." he says as he shows me the kitchen. "Me and my wife are at every show. It is wonderful to see the response and each show is different. I love to introduce the folklore to the people." he says.
     "We work with all of the travel agencies and big groups too. Yet families and tourists come in all the time. Sometimes we have maybe 8 seats open and the people can be lucky and walk in and find a seat...I would call ahead for reservations since we can make tables for you if you want to see the show.

At Corto Pizza some people like getting their picture taken and some only love the food! ´We are the first Italian Restaurant in Prague. As a matter of face when the communist regime was demolished, we were the first in the Czech Republic of Italian Restaurants to come into the country. People here loved it. We had ques 2 blocks. The food is the best and the Czech people came all the time. I myself is 1/2 Czech and 1/2 Croatia. Croatia had tons of Italian restaurants and so I was used to it. Then the big companies started coming into Prague and all the internationals of course came to eat here to. Now we have many competitors at Prague yet the people from the last 25 years remain loyal to the Corto. They tell friends who tell friends and they send us postcards from around the world. That is nice for me to know that when they come here to eat they love it and they remember it when they're away too.´ says the owner Renato!              Havelska 15,    Phone 224 214 15 4

´We have wonderful food with great service. That is why people come. A friendly team that likes to have fun and get to know the guests. That is important. I´ve met people from around the world here from every nation and of course it is great to visit every country in the world without leaving the pizzeria!´ says Renato.  


Here a guest is having a light lunch of the delicacies of the yummy Restaurant Corto. 

 The entrance to Corto is literally right in front of the mercatos which is about 150 meters from the famous Clock Tower....Great location!

 ´Prague used to be the city of mystery. And now it has evolved from the city of mystery after communism to the city of provincial hidden growth to the city of international recognition although that is a slower thing happening. We´ve yet to receive the international recognition of say Paris yet maybe that is a better idea here. We love the tourists and we love when they come to see the culture of Prague and of course try us yet we still like to be a little hidden too.´ the  owner says laughing.  ´And we do breakfasts too since we own a Bed and Breakfast Corto and my sons named Igor and David Apartments which are named after them! ´

When you meet the owners of La Piccola Perla, they are sitting at a table doing accounting work. I ask Mr. Tony from the Sopranos(he looks just like him!) if he is the "Accountant that pays for it the famous song!" and he laughs and says yes. Mr. Vito talks about his food.

   That is his favorite subject and he uses his hand gestures continuously to show his passion. "The parma cheese, the tortellini, the Italian wine...that is Italy. That is love. The Lamborghinis!"he exclaims as I say and the Lamborghinis is from his city of Bologna. "We look up Lamborghinis and see it is located at Via Modena ,12. I say that my mother's family comes from Modena. "Me? I prefer the Ferraris."he says.  


 Address: Perlová 412/1, 110 00 Praha 1-Staré Město

             Phone:224 282 537

You know when I was introduced to one of the owners of the lovelz La Piccola Perle in Prague he reminded me of Tony from the Sopranos at 8am in the morning. When I came back at 10am to interiew him and his boss, Mr. Vito,I met a man that uses his facal expressions all the time to make you laugh and to use his hand gestures to amuse. ´I am a real Italian from Bologna,´ he says. ´And to be honest a real tortellini maker knows that every tortellini has 4 grams of stuffed prosciuttii and that is it.´ he insists and so of course I must find a tortellini picture!  When I eat at the restaurant that night we laugh with tables next to us. A couple has come to the restaurant every two days the last years since finding it! They say that they moved to Prague from England and live a couple meters away. They love the food(mine is heavenly with shrimps and that dessert of Tiramisu.).

The waiter keeps saying that he is 27 and gives me a glass of "the best red wine in the house..."he gives me a huge portion and I somehow am able to drink all of it. However, the grappa that Mr. Soprano gives to me is a little too strong for me. Woah! I say and in about 16 minutes take 3 tiny tastes. "Aw it is only 48percent alcohol."He says. Trust me 48 percent is very strong~!  

The Tiramisu of my invite here at La Piccola Perle is the most yummy dessert ever. The food is out of this world.

City Bike Tours of Prague the one and only most famous Bike Company with 100 + 


    "Why should you come to City Bike Tours? Simple...we're the first and best bike tour company in Prague. We're number one and have been adding tours and bikes especially Treks since the last 15 years. We're hilariously funny and have crazy fun guides. If you want to have fun come here or go home! And we have private tours and every tour imaginable plus electric bikes for lazy people!"says the owner who is only open from April 1 to end of October.  At Kralodvorska 5, tel 7 761 80 284"

"Can you come tomorrow?"asks the hurried Owner of City Bikes? Ï am a little crazy today it has been opened since April 1 and everybody wants to ride bikes...we have almost all of the bikes out now..."I say we must write the article today for all of the people to come tomorrow! Älright alright alright,"he says, "let's do it"

"The outdoorsy down to earth types love to ride bikes..."says the crazy American from Seattle who has been doing tours with City Bike the last 10 years. Ï LOVE PRAGUE.

    "You know bikes are safe, everybody loves em, and if you love the Palace you can walk the bike with you...,Segways have to stay at the entrance...yet with 100% bikes can come inside the Castle as long as we walk em..."says the owner of City Bikes representing Prague. 



 Um...the restaurant is number one must see to has maybe about 5 now rooms plus a outdoor garden plus a indoor garden plus toilets with Monica Lewinsky's picture everywhere...the owner has a sense of humor... and a sense of family, "one must have friends here at the Czech Republic my friends come from and from my homeland which is the ex-yugoslavia...a friend is important. When I hear music and see pictures I remember where I came from and that is all I need."

         A must at Prague...located at 

Újezd 33, Praha – Malá Strana

Tram station HELLICHOVA, n. 12, 20, 22.

Metro A - Malostranská



On top of the ceilings hang upside down tables with globes and maps and along the top is pairs of shoes of various sizes all splashed with color. "The shoes come from the owner's family and a girl artist colored these and added to the decorations..." says Angelica the adorable young waitress that showed me  the amazing rooms. 
     +420 257 212 388