+420 732 333 777   Sky Service - Skydiving Prague
                           Dlouhá 612 6, 110 00 Staré Město, Czechia

       With the team of SOUL LOVE, the Honza Simice's new Japanese Fusion Restaurant in the 5-star Jalta Hotel, Prague. Vaclavske namesti 45/818 11000 Prague
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  A very funny guest & the owner, Honza of FAT CAT celebrating their new venture, SOUL LOVE at the Jalta. 
     "We opened the LOVE restaurant at the Jalta during the end of the pandemic & it was a risk, of course. Yet we wanted a restaurant that is upscale & of the highest quality yet not pretentious. The restaurant is expensive, about 130 euros per person, yet the chef is a Master Sushi Chef from Japan & we had to bring him from Japan. So the fish is from Japan, too. These facts are expensive. People think if a restaurant is expensive that it has to be posh-posh. We have a gorgeous interior with my 800 euro chairs from my other restaurant, yet the entrance has a live DJ that plays the music as you enter so it is a fun expensive restaurant the way we want it to be," says Honza.

  The very debonair, DAVID, of Honza's close circle at LOVE, soon to be SOUL LOVE, located in the Jalta 5 star hotel. May be an image of food and indoor

  I keep saying how proud I am of Honza, as if he is my kindergarten child! when I see the beauty of his new project. Yet he keeps reminding me that he has been in the fine dining restaurant business many years. Some work out & some do a little less than had hoped. But the SOUL LOVE isn't a fine dining restaurant Honza keeps emphasizing. "It is a good quality & exotic Japanese fusion, yet it isn't fine dining. It is expensive, though & people do associate expensive with posh-posh. My baby & my dream has always been FAT CAT. That is me. I am a very down-to earth person & the pandemic has just made me more down-to earth than I already was. I love people to come to my places that I have made to experience love."
     "When I hired the Japanese Chef I asked him if he could do Sushi & he said that yes of course, he is Japanese, so he does Sushi. A couple of days later i found he had a Master of Art & asked him about it. He says that is a Master of the Art of Japanese cooking & I ask him if he can cook other than Sushi. He says, Yes of course I am a Master chef but you never asked me that you just asked if I could cook Sushi: um, so now he is my Master Chef!" laughs Honza.
  As down to earth & in my living room as FAT CAT of Karlovy Street is, the 5 star Jalta Hotel's new addition, SOUL LOVE, owned by the very unpretentious & very fun owner Jan"Honza" Simice of both places, along with his partner, David, is luxury personified. Complete with a master sous chef from Japan, the Japanese fusion kitchen is absolutely amazing in both its exotic tastes & beautiful presentations.
                Above is the very swank,y SOUL LOVE in the Jalta Hotel & below is the very comfortable FAT CAT PUB. A little bit of something for everybody! 

      I always remember the first time walking into Fat Cat Brewery and meeting my friend, Honza Simice. I commented on how funny it is that he named his unique and specialty trendy Pub and Restaurant Fat Cat since his last name was "mice". He didn't know his last name was "mice "in American English and I couldn't beleive how clever and funny he is, yet doesn't see the simple ideas of to do lists. Mr. Simice is always a little too humble for a advertising public relations dream and we have to coax him a little to have him see the greatness of his ideas! Since Honza is a big guy his only response was, "Hmm I never thought about it yet the real reason I named Fat Cat that is because I am a big Fat Cat!"        IT IS ABOUT THE BEER AT FAT CAT PUB SINCE IT IS NAMED FAT CAT BREWERY AND PUB!              

     "People come for the burger, the beers, the nachos & the chicken wings. That is why they come. To have a good casual night out, or a nice lunch. We do have a all you can eat breakfast that is amazing & we serve over 100 people everyday. " 
  Okay, but you have to admit that a person named MR SIMICE naming his place Fat CAT is pretty cute. No photo description available.
  Fat Cat on Karlovy Street is a pub. It has a great logo. It has a very cool & comfortable dining room that is more of a sports stadium;  small for a stadium yet big for a pub with 2 foot tall glass ceilings &  long rectangler wooden counters that square all the way around, sitting more that 300 people in the place. It has light wood, cozy seats & a comfortable ambience. The beers are varied & local Czech breweries with one being the FAT CAT Beer Pale Ale that they brew themselves. They started with the idea of their own brewery, yet some ideas took off & some didn't. Having one signature beer out of the 7 local craft beers is okay with them.
No photo description available.
     He still has the sign outside that brings so many tourists inside everyday with a smile on their face that reads: "HUSBAND DAY CARE, Leave your husband with us." And people sometimes do. 
The girls go have some shopping & some treats & the guys can stay around the pub trading stories. A place that has gotten a great reputation for its food the last 5 years, as well as its beer & sports.                                                                                           May be an image of pizza and indoor

   May be a cartoon of text  As a girl, I have to say, the idea of Che is very romantic, a gorgeous revolutionary, a freedom fighter, a hero who died for his country's independence; all of that wrapped up into one. The Cuban icon has grown in popularity every year around the world & here at O'Che's which combines the first owner, Gordan's background of a Irish fellow with his admiration for Che Guevara, the Cuban military man who was killed fighting along side Fidel Castro, one of his best friends. Jonathon, who has owned the pub the last 6-7 years kept most of the memorabilia & memories that were original,, and added some of his own through out the years. 
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   They have a lot of stag parties, & groups of people who are all on tours together & miss the Guiness so they find the pub. If you have Guiness in a city, the groupies always find you! 
    LILIOVA 14, Center PragueMay be an image of one or more people
May be an image of 2 people and indoor
   "Before the pandemic I used to have girls working as servers & bartenders & now it is all young fellows that have been helping out," says Jonathon saying the same words that so many tourism hospitality owners have been saying about the staffing problem of Europe. It is very hard to find teams these days. "My young team is doing great. I trust them & they have a lot of energy & O'Che's is a party pub. Come watch sports, drink Guiness & eat chicken wings & pub food. The food has grown in reputation since I bought the place & every item is fresh & of the highest quality." says Jonathon who has had a varied life while living in London working in the corporate giant world of Google & the Music World where he was in charge of all the liqour & drinks for the stars for over 8 years. "I met a lot of the stars & brought them their drinks-partied with some, met some in the elevator, you know that sort of thing. I've had a very upfront life for many years & it's rather fun for me to have my pub & if I want to party til 5:00 am & eat breakfast with David at the FAT CAT at 8:00 am, I can without having to worry about meetings at 10:00am!" Well that is one way of looking at it!
    "You know, O'Che's is crazy fun. It has many stag parties, girl's doing the before wedding parties, same for the boys. They come to Prague to have fun. The government made a very bad decision in all of the restaurant & bar owner's opinions.  They said that they wanted to get rid of the young drinkers-too many alcohol drinking backpackers-less alcohol tourism they said, which has hurt all of us tremendously," says Jonathon along with most of the hospitality owners I have talked to in Prague. The hostel owners, or ostellos as the Italians say have decreased from around 135 to about 33 to 37 hostels after the pandemic including the hugely popular Mosaic House which has only hotel rooms. That decrease resulted in about 10,000 to 13,000 hostel beds A NIGHT that don't have rooms any longer. When you look at the average of 45 Euros to 85 Euros a person these people spent a day, that is at least 100,000 euros a day in pubs & restaurants that Prague is losing: in CZK money that is 1/2 a MILLION CZK Crowns A DAY that Prague is losing. That used to land in the hands of the pub & restaurant owners. Yet the city that is known world-wide as the city with the biggest alcohol consumption per person a day wants to get rid of the alcohol consumers! And that isn't even counting the hostel income of about 200,000 euros a day that the city in taxes is losing. 
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              And seriously, aren't these fellows so much more fun than mom & dad? The silly notion that people out to have fun don't spend any money is simple sillier than the costumes they all are wearing.  Anyway, if you can find a hostel room, or if you travel with a couple of people or a stag party, simply share hotel rooms & come have fun at Jonathon's O'CHE'S! O, and PS, New York said that they would love to have you all come to party in their city!
                                                  The Wine O'Clock Bistro in Prague
       It is a small slice of Romance from the Puglia Region of Italy May be an image of bottle
   Veronika loves to entertain her guests & the newest Venture is a Air Bed & Breakfast that guests can book for up to 2 weeks at a time. The place has 3 bedrooms & starts at only 83.00 Czech Crowns a night including 2 people. It is amazing & with little treats thrown in such as ordering a home-made breakfast spread of delights from the Puglia region or a Wine tasting or a private dinner at the Air Bed & Breakfast, she has her dream of making her guests have a vacation of a lifetime extended to their living space, too, in addition to the Wine Bistro  +420 773 201 216  reservations for both places.
    Veronika & her husband pose in their tiny 10-12 seating Bistro in the Heart of Prague, hidden in plain-site, yet stocked full of passion, decadence, romance & of utmost importance: wine, cheese & traditional Italian dishes served as small tapas that couples & friends can share in 2 seatings. Reservations are requested from 6:30pm to 8:40pm-ish as the 2nd seating is from usually around that time to 9:00pm to close. As people come & finish at different times the start of the 2nd seating can vary somewhat, yet each group is more than welcome to enjoy & experience all that the team of 3 has on the menu & a couple more surprises. Such as the top 3 breads that I have ever tasted, made in Veronika's home kitchen as one of these, & brought straight to your table to dip in several oils that they offer. The cheese & meat plate is a small plate of delicacies that totally filled me up & then some just that alone & yet you can continue to sample as much as you wish. The wine is from Puglia & a couple new reds from Czech as Veronika has added these during the Covid lockdown. The red I tried is lovely with a distinct Oak taste from the Czech region. A must try.  
                                                      photo description available.
The wine is important, of course it is a Wine Bar/Bistro, & they have a hefty selection, especially impressive with the reds, yet the food totally completes & compliments your evening of decadence!May be an image of food

   A rare vintage of 2012 found hidden in 2014 & ready to drink in 2022, how cool is that! 
May be an image of drink
  It's about the years of experience & knowledge of wine itself & particularly Puglia region of Italy that the Czech born & a little couple of years resided in Apulia region, Veronika, literally brings to the table that will keep you coming back. It is such a relaxing enjoyable evening to chat with her & her husband & the cook (Peter & Mourad), all who are right on the other side of the wooden counter that serves as a serving table & place setting in the intimate wine bistro. No photo description available.
No photo description available.
In addition to the little tapa plates of meats & cheeses, they offer a variety of specialty items from Puglia such as Roasted Petite Chicken Stuffed; Crispy Filo Salmon, & Italian Meatballs with Marinara Sauce. 
They have Italian slices of Ham & Salami, Baked Provolone, Cherry Tomatoes, & Eggplant Parmiggiana just waiting for you to order & share. Try these combined with select glasses of wine & make your own mini-degustation menu.
No photo description available.
   You literally sit right in front of the 3 Masters preparing your evening seating of fun. You sit next to other diners & have a great time sharing life's stories & celebrating your perfect chosen partner or friends for the evening. It is a cozy atmosphere & the type of place that I would spend every dinner at! 
                                                                       MINCOVNA RESTAURANT
                                                   For reservations: +420 72 795 56 69
                                                      The restaurant is very busy and reservations are recommended. 
No photo description available.
      Welcome to Mincovna, which is located on the famous Clock Tower Square in Prague, Czech Republic.
                                            Good to know the team loves the beer, too

Since the Czech people can claim that they consume more beers per person than any other country in the world, as usual, Libor sticks to tradition and the historical significance with presenting Pilsner as his choice of local Czech beer. Famous around the world and from the city of Pilzen, Pilsner is a delightful light beer that I personally love, too. Restaurace Mincovna - Staromestske nam. 7 P-1 | Music instruments, Drums,  Instruments
  Say hi to Libor, the big boss of the lovely Micovna in Prague. Located at: Staroměstské náměstí 930/7, , the one thing that you will notice immediately upon entering the beautiful restaurant besides the lively and loud conversation of the local Czech people mingling with tourists from around the world, is the stunning interior design. Libor bought the restaurant and wanted to keep the history of the building intact for visitors.. Since it was the old Mint, he has framed pictures along with old mint machines in the restaurant and it is rather fun to walk around admiring the handy work. Opposite the Clock Tower Square is the Hard Rock Cafe, so whether you love browsing for famous quitars or a little bit of money history, you can find it here all within walking distance. 

 Libor has three restaurants and each one he lovingly keeps to the tradition of the historic building such as the mint house here transformed to the Mincovna Restaurant. Where his chef creates from old traditional Czech cookbooks with modern presentations and huge portions, Libor uses the structure and old mints from the 18th and 19th century on drawings and in sculptures.  Plus Pilsner is in the house with domestic wines!
   The Wine list is extensive especially if you want to try some Czech wines and of course since they're famous for the beer, well here is a very cool bar to have a drink at.

No photo description available.
              The famous chef who makes all of our great Czech food!
                                                            Located at Uruguayska 3 in Prague 2.Image result for wine and deg prague

    Jakub is a 3 time Czech number 1 champion of the sommelier, the maximum times you can win the championship and thus says, "Okay so I decided to go to Slovekia and try to win this year and I won the Slovekian Championship for sommelier and now I am invited to do the World Class Master Champion Sommelier in London and only 4 people win each year the title of Master Sommelier. There are only 300 Master Sommeliers in the world, such as the 3 Star Michelin awards. It is kind of a big deal!" he says laughing. 

Image result for wine and deg prague
   "It is a boutique and unique wine bistro. We have little pate and sausage and cheese and it is mainly for little something to compliment the wine. We have fun here, to, and as it is only 2 years old now, I guess we are still in the having fun stage instead of the working stage! It is more fun to be the boss since me and Veronika can decide which wines we want, what degustations we want, what tables and basically everything about the presentation of the wines!"Image result for wine and deg prague
  Jakub and Veronika own Wine & Degu of Prague, a very serious yet much fun boutique wine bistro where they have, "About 200 wines that you can come in and enjoy with the glass. I have many from Czech and Moravia, yet I have Italian and American and French and Austrian and Bulgarian and Greece. The Czechs are a little iffy about the Bulgarian and Greek wines, yet the internationals are curious and want to try." says the much revered and experienced sommelier, Jakub. 
   "We do have the degustation every month that is from a vineyard who comes and introduces their wine, and in September it is a vineyard from Sardenia. Again, they are introduced to about 7 wines in a couple of hours and they taste cheese and meats with these. It is always my pleasure when they love the wine so much that they ask me to import it to the bistro!" 
   "The real boss is Henri, my little dog, who people walk by the store and ask if Henri is here today or if he is at home. If I say that he isn't here today, they leave! It is amazing that they only come to see Henri!" 
  Henri, by the way, is hilarious and out of site of Jakub keeps raising his ears to Jakub's remarks that I swear is the way a human would, as if to say, okay buddy! 
   "Something that we have done starting early 2019, is every month a tournament of the wines of countries. It is a blind degustation and the people don't know anything about the wine. They taste and vote. It is about 700 czech crowns and it lasts a couple of hours and they taste 7 wines. After each vote I tell the guests about the wine and which country won, though. The only countries and teams left are late September or early October America vs. Italy and Austria vs. Spain. Whoever wins that shall compete late November for the Championship. They have little cheese and meats and they have fun deciding the best wines of the world. The tourists can join in, too, if they want to do the Champion degustation, tell them to check on the facebook for the exact date and come on in!" laughs Jakub. I say that it is a very cool fun thing to do, like a pub quiz night, yet more interactive~.
             You know when the first item you see on a instagram account of a famous Italian Mediterranean Fusion Restaurant named GIARDINO is Be a Nice Human, that the people are cool! Image result for giardino prague
                                                                 Záhřebská 24
                                                       Praha 2

  Ariana, the daughter of the owners of the beautiful fusion inside and outside garden restaurant in Prague 2, takes me around the restaurant with grace and sophistication, yet a comfortable affection. It is rare, I say. "O I don't like snobbiness. I don't like this. I want my guests that have stress in their days to come here for relaxation. To feel a relief of the day. To come to my hospitality and all are welcome. We have the lovely garden that guests prefer in the summer, as it is a oasis of calm and it is hidden and although we have the linens, we have the children's playground where the families can come too, to have a nice evening. In the lunch, business people come, yet we are all family here. It is nice that you say I am with graciousness."She is one of the gentle souls of a person who is geniunely concerned for your happiness and comfort. Beautiful and graceful.

                          The beautiful garden of Giardino Restaurant in Prague.
    "The dinner menu is more sophisticated with the seafood and beef presentations of the highest quality and we do serve some great wines, including Italian famous vineyards. I hope that when you come, whether to try our lunch menu or to have a romantic dinner, that you feel comfortable and at home,"Ariana.
   As I walked in today and met the gentle daughter, Ariana, she was laughing with her team photographing food! " O you caught us taking pictures of the food!" she says and invites me to take some pictures. "Everyday I take a photo of food at lunch to post on instagram. It helps the guests to see the real food." She says as she posts it during our conversation. Her instagram is a killer too! GREAT PHOTOS!
   In addition they do have live music and jazz, as recently as July and it is a better idea to check their facebook and instagram links to see the upcoming schedule...warning, you probably won't want to leave! It is that comfortable and funny and fun and the food is Michelin rated, yet affordable.
  "In addition, we have birthday parties here, and it is funny to see all of the people especially when a couple of weeks since a lot of little children had a birthday here!"laughs Ariana, "The restaurant is family and families are welcome, of course, and I think that since we have fresh pasta and homemade bread and Italian desserts, that everybody can find something that they love."
"The specialty is fish and seafood, and we try to present the food in its nature. The garden is beautiful and comfortable and surrounded with the wood for the floors and green plants everywhere as if you are surrounded with nature. The feel is for family. My family runs the restaurant and we take care to present it to the best that we can. We came in 1992 it was and we came from the ex-yugoslavia where there was war. We are proud to share our family and our care in the food with the guests that come here."says the very beautiful lady, Arlana, the daughter who pleasantly led me around her gorgeous elegant restaurant, "It is my father's restaurant and I try to manage it as best to my ability. To help him out. The outside garden is a combination of me and my mother, in it's design, though."                                                                   
          ALBERT's PIZZA! That is at the Einstein Pizza on Rumunska 25, you can
find a lovely Serbian Family who has owned and run the college popular spot the last 20 plus years. The pizza's are super huge and super good and the special incentive of show your international student\teacher card lets you and a buddy everyday enjoy 2 pizzas for only one price. The team is fun and always friendly and the service fast. They have so many different types of pizzas that you could literally eat here everyday for 2 months and try new ones! Image result for einstein pizza prague
Image result for einstein pizza prague
  The family team is, Vuk, the son, who I dealt with on 3 occasions and every day met me with smiles and affection, not a bother it is the journalist, at all. His team is always friendly, and his mom and dad only speak very little conversational english, so we relied on Vuk to do most of the talking! The outside beer garden is the first thing that you notice about the always lively and loud Einstein as you walk on by and stop to think that maybe if everybody else is having soooo much fun here, maybe you should try it! 
   You know what is super cool about the Albert Einstein Pizza on Rumanska, near the International New York University in Prague? The students and teachers around the world with the Student-Teacher Id card receive 2 pizzas for the price of 1. Everyday! And when the pizzas number too many to count, with the average being about 150Czech crowns for an entire pizza, imagine that amount for 2 pizzas. You and your roommate or backpacker buddy can eat everyday here! 

Akceptujeme tyto karty

  O yes they have beer and wine specials, too, after all what is a pizza college fav without that! The pastas are super good, too, by the way and with a friendly outdoor beer garden and chatty cozy interior, you are promised a fun night! Image result for einstein pizza prague
   "My family loves to laugh and have fun, and we are from Serbia and it is important to us to keep that culture. People should be proud of the place where they came from. I think people like it here since we do have great food, and it is a affordable place for families, which is important to my mom and dad, Zorica and Radoslav. They always put family first, and they know what it takes to make people feel comfortable. We always have the garden packed and you can hear people laughing and having a good time. When the students or teachers around the world come here and learn that they can eat so much with a buddy, they really appreciate it. A lot of the students who live in Prague bring their families here when they come to visit. I hope many tourists from around the world find us from your website, so they can enjoy the residential side of Prague, too, not just the touristy side!" said Vuk when I interviewed him and commented on how loud and fun his family seems to be! "I have a younger brother, too, who just likes to eat the pizza, not work here!"
    "When I found the place, I loved the openness and the windows and wanted my vison to be here. The name is because a famous literay writer named, Legerova wrote the novel Mechanicky Balet, about ballet dancers and since the famous street we are on is named Legerova after him, I named it that, only with using Mechanical heavy industrial pieces that I pick up that I fancy. The cool addition is the train time table, that they were going to through away. It has the destination, the time tables, it has the entire package since it is a real train timetable and I have it plugged in so every 30 minutes the times flip and change, just the way it would in the train station. It is pretty funny, since it is big and dominates the entire dining room and people are eating and drinking beer and all of a sudden the entire train schedule starts flipping times and destinations and people jump and look up at the train timetables and start laughing and about 3 mintues later it does it again!" laughs Ondraj who absolutely loves his playful memorablia restaurant. I know you will too so jump onto tram 22 and start seeing the real Prague!          located at Zitna 52
   And Ondraj must love Tram 22, since you can take the Tram first here to Zitna 52, to Mechanicky Balet, and then have some more beers as you jump, back on the Tram 22 to the Bar Vesna!
     "While the menu is fusion American and great bar food, we do have some Czech specialties since the tourists love to try,"says the young nice bartender when he shows me the place and the menu."It's a young team, since my boss is in his early 30s and we have a lot of fun here. Ondraj is always trying to find new mechanical rare items for the bar and even the menu holders he has little tiny vices to held these to attach to the tables. I've been here the entire 3 years and it is a mixed crowd, the young people love the area here to come party and drink some cocktails at night, too, although we are open to midnight only. It is a nice place to meet the young Czechs, though."Mechanický balet pub & bar, Prague - Restaurant reviews

  "The window seats are meant to be antique looking with the bench seats that fit curved and perfectly match the windows. It is a historic building so we have to design around the building and not vice versa, yet they turned out beautifully, thanks ot my parnter, Lukas, who had that idea. He is very creative too and the restaurant reflects both my style and his."
Image result for mechanicky ballet
  And since the bar, "is entirely my building and design and it took me 1-1/2 years to make my restaurant, the bar is made of 100% real bricks and the top is old table wood that I carved and fitted myself," says Ondraj. In fact, what would a great bar be without great bar food! See the source image
  Mechanicky Balet is about mechanical parts and "On the wall is a huge Helicopter mechanical engine where the blades would usually go, I bought that piece, which is from a Russian Military Helicopter in was very expensive, yet I loved it. I love going to places to find unusual items such as the stone coal mining cart that I bought and now have trees and dirt in. It is fun to play with my place," says the young and fun owner Ondraj of Mechanicky Balet in Prague. See the source image
  The food is great, too, as I noticed both the funky kind bartender and Ondraj eating a creamy soup with chunks of chicken in it! The burgers are great, too with Guacamole on a couple of these and of course the Jim Beam Bourban burger(adults has real Jim Beam!)  Me? Loved the Mojitos.

   "I have my first bar about 5 kilometers from the Center of Prague, yet just take tram 22 to Na Hroude Bar Vesna at or take the Metro A to Strasnice, so that way it is easy for the tourists to find it and tell the tourists that while my bar Mechanicky Balet has some pretty cheap beers, say 30 to 40, the bar Vesna is much cheaper since it is in a local district and the locals insist on cheap beers! It has my style, though with the motorcycles and books and collectibles that I find on ebay, for instance!" says Ondraj.    located at- Na Hroude 61See the source image
   Here you can have a beautiful trendy, think San Francisco bar, with very low Czech prices for beers and huge portions of Czech and American food at the locals price...hey it is only 22 , tram ride to it! 
See the source image
   Some cool funky places that the local Czechs design and take care of can be found if you venture off the beaten path, so to speak!                                 
   They even have American Hotdogs at the place! Or how about 69 crowns of Black Forest Ham with horseradish and pickled cucumber! For 65 Crowns baked spicy Camembert cheese with onion and cranberries! And of course GREAT CHEESEBURGERS with Jim Beam BOURBAN SAUCE! See the source image
                      located at Masna 620/2, in Prague 1. 
     DIABLO CAMARONES sautéed chipotle shrimp served on a bed of lightly pickled zucchini spaghetti with cilantro!AGAVE RESTAURANT, Prague - Stare Mesto (Old Town) - Menu, Prices &  Restaurant Reviews - Tripadvisor
   "For instance we have on the main dishes, the Beef Heart, which is an actual heart of cow and is full of blood so that we need to cook it well and some people are a little squeamish, yet they try and love it, and we have the exotic versions of Mexican fusion, of course," says Jan, Agave's director. 
  "Agave has Mexican and fusion of international flavors that are presented elegantly and exotically and we try to give each dish it's own natural flavor of the food so we don't let guests suggest substitutions."
   How about try something akin to the appetizers: Guacamole agave with tortilla chips with fresh cheese, crispy bacon and pumpkin seeds, and caramelized walnuts with pepper and pomegranate. Or let's try corn flour cups:
with duck meat, mole verde and goat cheese with shredded pork, red enchilada and sour cream. These are just the starters, so be prepared to eat a lot of food! Agave Restaurant - Mexican Restaurant - Prague, Czech Republic - 610 Photos  | Facebook
    We could do dessert with crispy fried plaintain, and cinnamon sugar with nuts, fresh berries, whipped cream, sea salt, balsamico caramel and shaved chocolate!See the source image
    The cocktails are scrumptious with many different styles of tequila and you can pretty much have as many versions of Margaritas that you wish! AGAVE RESTAURANT, Prague - Stare Mesto (Old Town) - Menu, Prices &  Restaurant Reviews - Tripadvisor

   "When I train my team it is with respect and learning that I am here to support my team and to make my team happy. I want that joy to transfer to the guests. The restaurant is known for its elegance and for its experience and when a guest comes here each dish is prepared specially. If it takes a little long to come to the table, I want my team to become ambassadors at the Agave. To ask each table if they are in need of anything to enjoy a conversation with the table. To bring the entire night a joy to the guests, the food, the service, the cocktails and of course the tequila!"says Jan. "A person that joins my company is a professional in a company of hospitality, not a waitress. I want people that want to grow with the company and have a salary and chose that career."See the source imageMay be an image of food and text that says 'PATRON.'
             Agave Restaurant | Prague Restaurants
  "The elegance and the stateliness of Agave is attributed to the owner, Glenn, and the menu is a fusion of brainstorming between me and Scotty, who is Glenn's partner. They both opened California Brothers, aka Cali Brothers about 10 days now, yet I am here at the Agave. Me and Scotty say to each other, maybe we should do a quesadilla with goat chees since everybody loves goat cheese and we try it and give it a beautiful elegant presentation and the guests love it? It is on the menu,"says Jan. "That is the way we work. Scotty does the other fusion types, yet he wants it to reflect the Mexican culture and dishes. We don't do fancy Cinco de Mayo parties. The restaurant is a authentic sturdy elegant restaurant. However, if you want to paint your face white and come do dinner that is up to you!"

 Vinograf Wine Bars in Prague are very chic and elegant and promote firstly the Czech wines of Czech and Moravia at the location Misenska 8, and wines of the world at the location of the bigger wine bar and restaurant on Senovazne square.
Zuzana Veselá is a sommelier, as are the entire team of Vinograf and I had the intense pleasure of interviewing her in June. "I love my job since I love wine. I love the taste, the smell, the aura around the vineyards and I especially love being surrounded with people that have the same level as me. The wine community around the world understands each other and it is a great privilege of me to actually meet these people and to learn from each other."
   "I have enjoyed most about being the boss in the sense that I can see the creative work that I have done. I can say that I want to have blue on the walls and I have blue on the walls, for example. That is a silly example, yet for me it is important and the first time that I have had that luxury. And in addition, I have had such a opportunity to visit the great local small vineyards of Czech and Moravia and to taste so much wine!" Says Zuzana laughing. "Okay yes that is the fun thing about my wine bar! And in Prague we have a wine invitation to taste the local vineyards everyday. And I do try to take advantage of the fact that I now am a sommelier and that I can taste all of these wines!" 
   "The Czech wines I truly love, having come from the Bohemia section of Czech. Yet when I dine out, I don't select the Czech wines for myself since I know all of them!" Suzana laughs. "The American wines are good, yet since we have to import these, they are a little more expensive and some people elect a wine that is less. It depends on your taste and what you want." 
   The elegance of the charming Wine Bar on Misenska 8 had caught my eye about 1 year since and I walked in and sat down out of the winter cold and had a lovely evening of a couple of glasses of Czech wines. Since that is all they carry, that is about all I could try, yet pleasantly surprised, I had a couple of glasses in the two hours, enjoying the team and the people who sat next to me. The place is tiny and cozy and perfect for intimate romantic evenings, or getting to know your seat mates! 
   To my people who know and love me around the world...they truly know the meaning of "it's not in the kitchen?".
     "The way that we choose the wines? Alright, here is our secret, all the sommeliers, which is the entire team, sit around and perhaps we taste 10 wines. We usually all agree that 1-2 wines are better and of the highest quality to enter the wine bars. The big wine bar has about 700 wines and about 50 by the glass. We truly pride ourselves in that fact. You can have a great selection of wines by the glass in each wne bar. We hope that you find a couple you love, and as a sommelier you really don't taste the wine with the purpose of identifying where the wine comes from yet rather if the wine tastes good and is of a high quality."
  The big wine bar is located at Senovazne Square and Suzana says that while it is known as a very high quality wine bar with the friendliest service, they hope in the future that the food shall be known around the world, too! "I would say that it is a international cuisine that we have and done in a exotic way." 
  And finally, after a long day of work we can enter the relaxing Vinograf & have 1 glass of wine(or 2,3,4).
           BEERS & CHEERS, Prague - Nove Mesto (New Town) - Menu, Prices & Restaurant  Reviews - TripadvisorThink Clean Cut Industrial, 3 star Michelin Gordan Ramsey trained culinary techniques and you have Thomas of Beers & Cheers.
                                  "It is my first and real only baby, although my family has the sports club outside of Prague, here it is all mine. I love my vision, which is come in and eat high quality juicy burgers, the one and only place, perhaps in all of Europe according to you, that has real Philadelphia Cheesesteaks, which they are totally famous for, and Pastrami, which the New Yorkers love," says Thomas as I giggle and giggle. His assistant keeps pointing at me,"See! She sees the humor in your total honest saying what everybody thinks, yet never says, humor!" Yet, Thomas doesn't see his honesty as funny. "It is true. My restaurant is super special with 5 quality drinks that nobody else has in terms of beer and menu items, such as the Fake Lobster Roll, that uses real prawns instead of lobster, that everybody loved at Amori, where I worked with Riccardo. Yet, if they come in and ask me if I have special coffee drinks, I say to them to go to Starbucks. I'm not Starbucks. I'm just being honest. You can eat some great high quality special casual food here and great original beer. That is my place. You want specialty foo-foo coffee go around the corner!" and of course we all start laughing again!   

 The very opinionated and honest boss of the cool new clean simple yet highest pure quality of Beer & Cheers,  Myslíkova 1698/18.Beers & Cheers - Nové Město - Myslíkova 1698/18

 I keep asking Thomas if he is really Ben Affleck and he is just teasing me, and he says that he has never been compared to Mr. Affleck before, although he has done a lot of accounting while building his first dream industrial restaurant! If you wish to see the complete menu as of today, you can click on the link, although Thomas says that within 2 weeks it should be ready...only open a couple of days folks!
   The Metallic beer is Vegan and the Chocolate Stout is Organic brewed with well water! 
 "I don't want a restaurant where you have to feel the formalness and I don't compare my restaurant to a "working class" restauraBeers & Cheers - Nové Město - Myslíkova 1698/18nt. It is mine, unique and has some items on the menu that will be constantly evolving. The fact that the frier has been here and is a huge and expensive frier has made a challenge to me to use my culinary skills and building my menu around it. It has been fun and I pride myself on the specialty sandwiches that are only represented in all of Prague here." Cool.
   One of the companies that Thomas choose is the funky Delirium Beer, and another is the Metallica Beer that is rather expensive, yet definitely worth it. My Smith's chocolate stout somebody else enjoyed since they thought it was for them! Yet it looked scrumptious since Chocolate beer is my favorite...intriqued? Come on in! Image result for elephant beer delirium
"It is fun to own my first restaurant since when I was a young child I always wanted to be a cook. I attended Culinary School and I worked in London under the Master Chefs of Gordan Ramsey's restaurant, went to the Island of Jersey and worked in a Michelin restaurant, and came back and worked under the Royal Seal of Approval. I believe that I learned a lot during all of my years and although if somebody came in and asked if I could cook him or her a Michelin level breakfast, I could say that yes I COULD do that, yet at my restaurant I don't cook breakfasts for people!       Beers & Cheers, Praha |
  Tri Stoleti is the hidden Czech and International Michelin presentation Restaurant of Prague.

                                                           located at Misenska 70/4

   "It is a restaurant of business lunch meetings, loud events, romantic dinners and intimacy with friends," says the charming director of Tri Stoleti who gave me a hint of Czech hospitality yesterday with the very beautifully prepared and yummy soup named from Old Bohemian style "kulajda". 

The restaurant is a romantic hidden jewel with traditional formal service in a elegant setting. The menu varied with Czech Old-Style goulash " Ferdinand", or Roasted duck on honey, red and white cabbage or my personal favorite Rabbit leg with sage and Mushrooms! 

  Tri Stoleti translates to 300 hundred years mainly since the actual building that the very elegant and exotic Czech and Italian restaurant is in is about 350 years old. The head partner is Martin, who is the master chef and all of the creative dishes that are so sophisticately prepared come from his recipes of 12 years at the hidden alley renowned restaurant in Prague. Související obrázek
  "When you try the soup, which is "kulajda", a typical Czech soup, it is spiced very heavily with dill. If you are not used to the spice perhaps it is too sweet for you. It is typical here, yet the people in Germany or Austria, for example may not be used to it. When the spices from long ago went from the orient and various European countries to trade in Venice, dill is one of these. It is fascinating to taste the delicate additions that Martin does with his creations." says my favorite fan, the director! 
                      Tři století
  Martin is the head chef and one of the partners of 12 years and has always been full of energy when doing the interview. I caught him on a Saturday and he was showing me his new addition which is the front cafe where, "it has been about 1 and1/2 years that we added the cafe. It is usually for the people who want a cake and cafe and maybe just want to try the restaurant. Maybe they think the restaurant is too formal or fancy and they see the menu here and they say, hmm, let's eat dinner, too. They can sit outside in the outside garden or inside. If they just want to be very casual and order soup or appetizers here, they can do that too!" They have new technology ipods as menus and you can see each and every item. They are almost too beautiful to eat! 
  "I am very honored that you say my food is Michelin prestented, although the restaurant is very elegant and we try to make it as beautiful and soothing as possible with the running fountains, I choose to create with my style the best ingredients that I can find fresh everyday here in Prague's markets. The results are the plates that you see!" says the very humble Martin of Tri Stoleti! 
         Hey! I found a AMERICAN STEAKHOUSE in Prague, actually  AMERICAN STEAKHOUSE ATMOSPHERE AT OSTROVNI 26. No photo description available.

   When Max Charles introduces me to his beautiful Czech wife, I learn a couple things that make Americans different from most cultures in the world. "When I met Max he would say, OK see you tomorrow. Or yes, that is great we'll get together next week. Yet he never meant it. Ever!"laughs his wife. "When a Czech, or a European says, Ok I will see you tomorrow, they see you tomorrow. When a American says, Ok see you tomorrow or O yes we'll get together, we'll have a beer on Saturday, for example, they never do!" Max Charles and me start laughing, "Yes that is true,"I say. Max says,"The reason for that is because we are very friendly as Americans, yet it is real on the surface, yet that doesn't mean we want you coming over to our house the next day. A American always wants to be happy and give happiness and real friendship. They don't want to disappoint. A Ok see you tomorrow gives happiness and hope, but of course tomorrow we will not see you and we won't have a guilty conscience about  it either!"Yep! 
  No photo description available.And does Max Charles miss Chicago, where he is originally from? "I married a Czech girl, who started to work for me and the restaurant, yet we fell in love and I stayed. I am still American. As a matter of fact, when Obama's election results came in, we had televisions and television crews set up here to film the results. I am American, not really a EXPAT, yet not a immigrant. My family has come to America and my wife now speaks English. I speak Czech and French and English, of course. It is a global world, yet I want people from around the world to enjoy Prague and to enjoy American great food. That we give in the form of Steaks, Burgers, and Tex-Mex, which is different from Mexican food. It is American Mexican!" says Max Charles. 
  "At first from University in 1991, I moved to Paris and everybody in Paris said that if I loved Paris I would most definitely love Prague more! I didn't really think about Prague, yet came to visit and stayed since after 1992. I opened the  more upscale American Steakhouse look to it, at Ostrovni 26, which is back to back against Serial Burgers,"says Max Charles THE AMERICAN BOY who made it big in Prague.  No photo description available.

  We laugh when Max Charles says, "I have yet to find the great quality of lager that the Czech culture has compared to American beers. I have only American food, American whiskeys, bourbans, yet my beer is Czech!" Challenge? 
    I know that the ONLY place in the world where Boubon is made is Kentucky, right? Of course you have to drink Jack Daniels, or the real drinkers are 100% loyal to Johnny Walker only. Johnny Walker red and black, blue and green. Yet ONLY Johnny Walker! It is a cult kind of bourbon thing and here at MAX's STEAKHOUSE you can find it! 
  I know from traveling that people in the world are fascinated with the AMERICAN CULTURE, which of course doesn't necessarily mean that they are fascinated with Americans, just everything American! And especially if you are from America and out a couple of months, the rich creams and exotic foods start to weigh you down, that is when you crave a BIG FAT AMERICAN BURGER or STEAK! You have it here! No photo description available.
beer story prague ile ilgili görsel sonucu
   "Alright, my story is that at the age of 13 I started working in my father's pretty famous restaurant named Bella Vista, which is located on the way to the beer monastery that you went to on the scooters,"says Jan, who's father is named Jan, too. I said I would call him  Jan Jr. from now on. "Okay, "he laughs. "It is interesting since I grew up on great wines and food at my father's gastronomic restaurant and here it is only beers. I want to make my little baby restaurant and project the best that I can. I plan on adding new beers from around Czech Republic every week, if I can. Right now I have only 32 and I hope in a couple of months, after doing the research and visiting the microbreweries that I have at least 50."
beer story prague ile ilgili görsel sonucu
"We are one of only a couple of craft beer pubs, yet besides the Prague Beer Museum Pub, we are the only one that is totally focused on the Czech Craft Beer Market. I have a couple of fruit beers that are coming that I am excited about too. You should try the blueberry one," he says and of course I do. LOVED IT.Ä°lgili resim
"The front entrance is light and open to bring people in. I wanted it to be a little funky and inviting so you can come up and order from the tap draft, of which we have a total of 10 beers on draft, and about 22 in the bottles. People see inside with the big open windows and it looks friendly and fun and they come in. The Beer Story name itself is friendly. As you said, everybody feels comfortable with that name since everybody loves to hear and tell stories. It is a conversational name and a unintimidating name. You can come here to taste Czech beers and eat Czech food."pipa beer story ile ilgili görsel sonucu
   "Before last month, we had beers from everywhere in the world, yet as of December, I am focusing only on the Czech beers and the Czech culture and food. That is why people come to Prague, because it is is Czech. I want to show them the best that I can and I want them to have a good time and come back to Prague because of my BeerStory!"


                              GOLD BARBERS of PRAGUE! located at Palackeho 6
No photo description available.

Above you see Mr. Johny Kepi and the two designs are his, when I tried to interview him and the very funny Dominick, they keep showing me cool instagram barber videos til their boss comes in, who speaks English!                             the source image

   I make the mistake of asking if he uses hairspray on the hair to make it that way! OOPS.
     "We have been very successful in the last 4 months, which is very strange and we now have 5 full time barbers,and we are hiring another 6, soon." they say laughing at the big success the funny friends have achieved. They are ALL Professionals and they are great. 
                                                   See the source image
              Robert, the owner says, "You know I am a professional actor, having worked a couple of seasons with Donald Sutherland on the Television series named Crossing Lines, yet me and some friends got together one day and said, "HEY LET'S OPEN A GOLD BARBERS!" and at first it is a joke, yet we hired the best barbers who have become my good friends the last 4 months, and now we are JUST HUGE BARBERS!" he says laughing. "Everybody loves my barbers and they are always trying to cut my hair, yet I use professional makeup artists and barbers on the television and cinema and I have to let the TV makeup artists do it!" See the source image
         Restaurant Le Cinque Corone and Pizzeria Pulcinella are owned by two Naple's brothers and run by the director named Paolo, who is a totally cool Albert Sordi type of guy, all distinguished and nice although rather busy, yet that is alright since that is essential to a very good yummy restaurant. Paolo is from the Northern section of Italy, yet is happy to help the South boys! 
The food is all from South Italy and although both of the restaurants are side by side, with fancy hotels that Matt Damon stays at when he is in Prague, or Kurt Russel, for example, or the hostel that is right smack in the middle of the alley of Pizzeria Pulcinella(hey a added plus...when you are hungry at 22.00 pm!), they are a little tiny bit different. "We have the same cooks, the same kitchen and the same pizzeria, yet a little bit different. We, as people run back and forth to both!" laughs Paolo as he gives me like 6 minutes then runs away! 
     Marco, pictured below; however, stays and gives us the BEST PIZZA EVER! 
Right now, since I have eaten at least 5,000 pizzas since starting my cultural journey 10 years, (I know I counted along with my capo friend David who owns Bar Italia in Dublin who has eaten at least 10,000), I am wanting some Italian wine...better run to the little Italy here before I drink it all...
         Melantrichova 11 Praga 1Image may contain: 6 people, people smiling, people standing
    Marco and Angelo are brothers.
Usually when you start a story in Ireland it is with, "two men walked into a bar..." in Germany, "two liters of beer we drank within the first 5 minutes of Okterfest", and in Italy, "two of my family..." they  are real Italian brothers from Naples and they are the nicest friendliest real people you can find. That is the way with Italians. They are smart, and know when tourists love their food, their culture and when they appreciate both. 
    The restaurant is located about 100 meters from the Prague Clock Tower Piazza...down the little alley at:                           Venerdì 31 Agosto, 
Okay, Pizza Pasta and that lovely Italian wine...when you are done traipsing around Prague on foot or on the cool E-Scooter near the FAT CAT BREWERY, down the next little alley near Hotel U Prince you shall find the best Italian food ever in Prague from Italy at Le Cinque Corone and  Pizzeria Pulcinella. 
                                                             FORKY's Vegan respect to life...
"Vidlička is the name of the original owner of Forky's in Bruno and he named it since his name literally translates to Fork!" says Viktoria.   located at : Veleslavinova 93/10Výsledek obrázku pro forkys praha
above the "NOT DOG" as opposed to hot dog!
  "Everybody may have different reasons for eating Vegan, mine is a very personal reason and it is simply I love animals and want the planet to have many of these in the future for my children. The Vegan concept is delicious "Forky's" is for eating healthy and plant grown food. All of the items on the menu are 100 percent Vegan and we say Delicious!" says Jan. "I started the restaurant in Bruno with Vidlicka , and most of the recipes are mine since I am a cook and Vidlicka is not. However; he came up with the idea and I do the recipes. Me and Viktoria cook here and at home we cook together. It, for me, is a life choice." 
     Viktoria is a sweet girl, shy and quiet and she happens to love Vegan food, especially her Vegan food, "Me and my boyfriend worked for the original Forky's in Bruno and we loved the owner, who's name in Czech literally translates to Fork, which is the reason he named his concept restaurant, of which he has 3, Forky's." says Viktoria as she tells me about the real health benefits of eating Vegan. That is important to her. On the wall of fame is Vegans, including Prague's Franz Kafka 1883 to 1924, Brad Pitt and Jonny Depp both born in 1963, James Cameron, the famous director and I guess you must come to the Forky's and see yourself! 
"You should try the healthy Vegan burger or the Cheeseburger and the street food Vegan which is fattening, yet Vegan, or the Asian inspired Vegan, of which we have 3 or the healthy superbowls." says Viktoria. 
   and they are INEXPENSIVE! Related image
"Me and my boyfriend, Jan, really own the Forky's here and we try to introduce food from different cultures, such as Asia, which we have 3 specials from, including Viet Nam," says Viktoria. "My favorite; however, is the SuperBowl which is very healthy."   And although the little one knows how to use chopsticks instead of Forks, I believe that she loves the food! 
     "Yes, " says Jan, "The children eat the food not really knowing or caring that it is vegan and they love it. That is important, healthy, planet conscious food and your kids eat!" (no pun intended) 

City Bike Tours of Prague the one and only most famous Bike Company with 100 + 


    "Why should you come to City Bike Tours? Simple...we're the first and best bike tour company in Prague. We're number one and have been adding tours and bikes especially Treks since the last 15 years. We're hilariously funny and have crazy fun guides. If you want to have fun come here or go home! And we have private tours and every tour imaginable plus electric bikes for lazy people!"says the owner who is only open from April 1 to end of October.  At Kralodvorska 5, tel 7 761 80 284"

"Can you come tomorrow?"asks the hurried Owner of City Bikes? Ï am a little crazy today it has been opened since April 1 and everybody wants to ride bikes...we have almost all of the bikes out now..."I say we must write the article today for all of the people to come tomorrow! Älright alright alright,"he says, "let's do it"

"The outdoorsy down to earth types love to ride bikes..."says the crazy American from Seattle who has been doing tours with City Bike the last 10 years. Ï LOVE PRAGUE.

    "You know bikes are safe, everybody loves em, and if you love the Palace you can walk the bike with you...,Segways have to stay at the entrance...yet with 100% bikes can come inside the Castle as long as we walk em..."says the owner of City Bikes representing Prague. 

Výsledek obrázku pro city bikes prague
                 CHOCO TOPIA  and the Chocolate Museum of Prague! 
                  Everybody loves Chocolate, right? WE DO TODAY is my 3rd year of the sweet life 
in Prague where people from around the world come to learn about the history of chocolate, take chocolate making classes and most importantly eat the chocolate! 
I actually took the chocolate class and got to make my own little chocolate figures and I ate tons of chocolate and that made me very happy.
              420 725 975 762          Celetná 12
"We have all kinds of chocolate, and I guess the most beneficial and healthy would be the pure dark chocolate which has the most antioxidants in it," says Maria, "I have been the first marketing manager of the Chocotopia the last 9 months." she says. "It is so much to learn and now I can say that I am a chocolate afficionado!" When I ask her if she has only learned about chocolate since working here. "Yes that is the reason I know so much. We do have the gelatos which are great and if a child has a piece of chocolate per day I don't think there is anything wrong with that. You of course don't give chocolate in huge amounts to adults or children, yet if you aren't allergic to chocolate you can have a little everyday." she says when I ask just how healthy is eating chocolate. "It is a sweet. It is chocolate. It is for dessert." she says truthfully. "It isn't healthy!"
If your little boy is a carpenter in training and wants to play with tools like a big boy he can            eat the chocolate that are shaped that way!       Now his dream of making himself             Willy Wonka in real life is coming true, "I bought the Grevin Wax museum opposite the alley and we are already collaborating with tickets and in October we shall move the chocolate museum to the Grevin and merge the two. The store shall still be here." he says. When I ask if he is going to have famous chocolatiers wax figured he laughs, "We could make a Willy Wonka figure, yet we would have to make a wax figure asking Johnny Depp since the movie is copyrighted and they would have to let us use the Willy Wonka figure. Yet we could use the actors." he says laughing. Or Henk and team could be figures!
Maria says, "Henk is opening Provincie on the way from Prague if you drive to Bruno so it should be one of the largest factories of chocolate in the world where children can come and see how they make the Candy." Cool I say just the way the American children everyday love to go to Hershey chocolates in Pennsylvania! Related image
Henk Mestdagh is like Willy Wonka, literally.      He has a chocolate plantation in Yucatan Penisula in Mexico where he has converted a entire village and helped about 65 locals help farm the cocoa planation and that is where they harvest the cocoa, he has a Chocolate Utopia in Brussels and Belgium seaside, Paris, and here in Prague where he has the store and  the museum. "I love chocolate, the Aztec culture and the Mayan culture and wanted to introduce the real chocolate and it's origins to the world." he says the first time I met him about 3 to 4 years now.       (the chocolate classes)
                           The cool Grevin Museum is now combined with the Chocolate Museum of Prague! 
                                         Have fun bring the children and see if you can find your favorite star! 
                                                    Yeah my 8 year friends the CITY BIKE TOURS OF PRAGUE   "Honestly, we do mostly tours. We are famous of that in the city of Prague and every tour is a English tour. Sometimes people from Germany or Netherlands ask for Dutch or ask if we do German tours in that language and we do now. Yet the reason people around the world always chose us is the English speaking guides. 
The people trust us since we are the number one bike company and first bike company to operate in Prague starting in 2001. We have 100 plus bikes for people if they would love to ride around the city with friends and or in one of the tours we have. The ones we have include:the beauty of the Prague city center on each side of the Vltava River, the Jewish Quarter, Old Town Square, lush Kampa Park, National Theater, and around the Castle and the Castle park. You can do a self-guided tour to the Karlstejn Castle, GPS and take rail connections back or explore the Prague Highlands all day which requires 24hr. notice to do that. We say do not take the umbrella bored tours in the city, walking everywhere is boring you must ride the bike it is much more adventurous and exciting" says Pavel and his guides!           Note: except for the 24hr notice you do not need reservations, just find the time of the tour, and walk on in. Have fun enjoying the city of Prague! 

   In Prague my very first Biking Sponsoring Company is City Bikes, located right near the Pralines store, which always tempts me in to buy a couple pralines and of course I need to bike off my fattening snacks...and the better way to have fun in the gorgeous city is careful if it rains, and have a lovely day.
               Králodvorská 5          Call 776 180 284 
   The City Bike tours do tons of Dutch tours now since everybody in the world knows the Dutch love to ride bikes as much as the Prague natives love to drink beer, each does it best!...however, although the Dutch know how to ride the bikes along the Amsterdam canals, don't drink and drive if you're not dutch! The City Bikes is open everyday except November to end of March. However, if you have a big educational class coming to Prague of 40 and or over call City Bikes 24hr. notice and they can do a private tour just for the group! 
                     Prague Special Tours by Ivan Galik has Beer Tours, Castle Tours, And my favorite Ghost Tours, amoung others, such as the Communist Bunkers and the Historical Tours. The guides sweet and fun and the tours worth it. You have a enjoyable evening and you learn about the ghosts of Prague, or you have a very long night with 3 hours of great beers to taste and you have a funny time. Both worth it. 
Výsledek obrázku pro mc gee ghost tours of pragueHad a lovely guide last night his name was Jarad or Jada I can't figure out his pronuciation and when he spelled it nope still didn't get it sorry. We had fun and the guide is very funny and informative from the stories of ghosts in Prague that almost always have a beautiful woman involved in it! Aaa let's just say that the Prague men of the 13th centuries didn't play around...I can let you take the tours to understand that! O and a funny henchman follows you around and scares you! The henchman was so convincing that the police came to ask him what he was doing with a AX! and a Head chopped off standing on the sidewalk! SERIOUSLY! The guide said, "um, I hope he is okay," as we walked away.Výsledek obrázku pro prague special toursMeet great friends on the beer tour, "We always lose a couple of people on the ghost tours...Hey it is in the job description, not my problem." says Jarad as he wanders around the city. 
Mine is named Ghosts and Legends of Prague and while my phone took great pictures, especially of the guide, for some strange reason it won't let me upload the photos GHOSTLY ENCOUNTERS of the third kind.Výsledek obrázku pro prague special tours
                                              Výsledek obrázku pro prague special tours
"The Clay monster that guards the temple is supposedly in love with a beautiful girl and as legend has it, threw himself into the river to find her. However, that is a bad idea since he was made of clay and well, you know what happens when clay meets water!" jokes the guide. 
                                     He jokes a lot! 
"If you wander down the dark alleys near the Jewish Cemetary at midnight you might be approached by two ghosts from the cemetary that ask you to play cards with them. My advice? Don't," says Jarad, "Unless you want to die!"
                                 Okay Jarad thanks for the wants to play cards? 
                                                                    Exquisite italian restaurant Aromi náměstí Míru 6

 reservations +420 222 713 222

 The dynasty of Mr. Riccardo who owns La Finestra , Aromi, La Finestra Bottegas and the Cooking School!
   "The Italian cuisine is from my region of Italy, which is near Rimini and encompasses the central section of cooking...Umbria, Tuscany, Rimini, and that reflects here at the restaurants and cooking school. However, sometimes I have guest chefs from Asia or France, for example, and they teach their art. The Italian food here at Aromi specializes in fish and seafood and at La Finestra in beef and meat",says Riccardo as I happily catch him as he is chatting business on the phone at the flagship restaurant, Aromi. It is on Namesti Miru on the square and can easily be reached with taking the tram 10, 16, 22, 7 or 13. for Aromi at Miru 6.  
                                            The La Finestra and La Finestra Bottega...                                                                                                      Platnéřská 90/13 , Praha 1, in Old Town.+420 222 325 325
  "When I first started out, I spent 3 months on Bond street in New York and loved that city in 1990. I had to leave after 3 months and went to London where I spent 10 years learning the cooking techniques at the Michelin Italian restaurants in London and met my Czech wife. She convinced me to come to Prague and in 2002 we opened the Aromi. That is my baby and flagship restaurant and in 2009 we opened La Finestra. It is of interest too, that a small Bottega I opened with fresh products from Italy in 2005 and it was immediately a success as nothing like it had been here before. With the success of that one and La Finestra, I know have 5 Bottegas in the city and a cooking school the last 5 to 6 years. I love to cook and I am always the happy jolly chef at one of my restaurants. If you ask for me to cook for you, yes of course with pleasure I do for the guests and you can always have me as the cooking teacher at the school. We have around 20 people for each class and now it is becoming the fun thing to do with birthday parties and team building. I guess you can make your own cake!" he says.         Related image
  "It is always a challenge to come up with new concepts, and especially when opening La Finestra I wanted an entirely new restaurant and didn't want to compete with Aromi, hence the meat specialty." says Riccardo.
"You can sometimes find me in the ktichen at La Finestra and always my head chef, Mr.Jurik, who previously is trained at  Pastacaffe Tonino Lamborghini , and did a one month fellowship at New York's Avoca, holding 2 Michelin Stars."
Devil's Cruise, Bohemian Rhapsody and the Crystal Cruise all are dinner cruises and the other's are sightseeing cruises. They're fun actually...loved it.
Výsledek obrázku pro prague boats
  The Prague Boats run from morning to night, which I believe the last ones are around 22.00pm. I had much fun many years eating and drinking on the Bohemian Rhapsody and the Dinner Cruises and 3 years since we partied with 10 LG CEOs from India, stationed in Doha Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Oman, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait and India, all partying on the river cruise. The India nation loves my website I guess since Samsung and LG, two very big tech companies are headquartered in that nation and they love to use it around the world.They invited me to sit with the group and have much fun conversation and wine and food. Last night I had the night sightseeing cruise that basically takes you back and forth from the dock to the bridge and gives architectual history lessons to its guests on the boat!
I came here about 17 years now and I am from a little village on the coast of Italy named,  Massa-Carrara, in Tuscany, which is where I learned to make my masterpieces," says Lorenzo. "When I came to Prague I worked with my friend, a Italian, who owned a restaurant and hotel in Prague. A couple of years later, I opened the restaurant of Pivo and Basilico."                    +420 257 533 207  When I ask about the Amatrice and the promotion that the Italian Embassy is doing to help rebuild this city after the earthquake, Lorenzo tells me that every time a guest orders amatriciana the restaurant gives 2 euros to the people of that city in Italy.  And the pasta Lorenzo loves to eat himself is only with tomato sauce. "I make wonderful cream sauce yet personally I prefer to eat the red sauce." he says. And asks what I would love for him to cook for me. And I say what dish you see above! We have fun making pasta while Jiri takes pictures of the kitchen team and us having fun. They make the pasta pizza and every item fresh. When you order the Italian food is when they prepare it and cook it. Seriously loved my food. I wanted to go back down to the kitchen and eat more cappellettis but the locked the door, that is how much I ate!  "Lorenzo makes Czech food just as wonderful, too," says Jiri. "Yes, " says Lorenzo, "The tourists that come from Italy tell me that they love my food yet they're in Prague and would love to try something that is from Prague. That is when I make the goulash and dumplings for them!" he jokes.
Výsledek obrázku pro pivo basilico prague
Here at Pivo and Basilico, I met Lorenzo , the cook and Jiri(George) the wine master.                     
Jiri says, "Me? A sommelier? O I only know how to drink the wine," and his Italian guest sitting at the table laughs. "At least the food is excellent since I come here everyday to eat at lunch!" Jiri says, "That is true. And yes the wine is good, only Czech and Italian."
           Does anybody love South African Wine? From the famous Stellenbosch Vineyard.  Valery has two new bottles from the Vineyard of Cape Town, "The red one has already sold out, I only accepted two, one Version with the Dog and Cat on the label is the white, and the one with the Is that a Goat? hmm. what do you call that? It is with a hen. That is the wine that has the red wine. I wanted to try the wine to see if the Prague people like South African wines. We'll see. I would love to visit the vineyards since they're very famous in Cape Town. A French colony founded the vineyard a long time ago and that is why I wanted to try it." says Valery.      Le Bourgin Wines:)
"I would say that 90 percent of my guests come from Czech Republic and the rest tourists to the store and of course we do the warehouse supplying and the catering in the city. It is a tiny city and I can walk to all of my meetings in Prague. Christmas is the nicest here. It is beautiful..." said Valery last year and now?  "We love everybody coming into the store...I love the selection the most of the know I try to show the wines that I love and to represent myself at the showroom."
One of my new additions is the 7 vineyards from Argentina.
 It is named Clos de Los Suite and a blend of 7 vineyards and their knowledge...famous ones from the Bordeaux family, a prominent collection of these 7 families. Michel Rolland who is world reknown asked these 7 to come to South America, Argentina, and produce a wine with a vineyard made up of these 7 names. And they came. You know that, Argentina has space everywhere. And they thought lets plant some grapes and make a vineyard." Valery jokes a lot. "Seriously though Argentina has Space everywhere. Every soil is different and each wine around the world tastes different even with the same grape because of the soil. The French have a huge debate going on Grape or Ground?"
Here is the boss, who says that his passions are golf and poker. At least that is when I first met him at his elegant wine store at Prague. It is located at Dlouha 739/19 Prague  +420 222 312 477  

"The best vineyards in the world are the ones that select the grapes off the vines by hand. Each one is selected for quality and each one is brought to the vineyard and sorted on the table and each one is added to a little tiny basket. Each basket has tiny amount and if you put too much in one basket the grapes get squished and the juice is squished out and that is why each traditional French vineyard picks with the hands only, not machines. It is quality with hands. And of course that is why it is expensive too." Valery laughs when he adds the expensive...
"The wine store is a reflection of my selections," says Valery Bourgin, the owner of the boutique showroom at Prague. In addition to being the wholesaler to restaurants and hotels such as the 4 seasons in Prague, he has a rare selection in the showroom where normal people can come chat with Valery and buy some great wine.


Cruising Prague with riksha is one of the best and adventurous jobs I have ever experienced during my studies.

                                       Kamzíková 558Call 605 528 407
"The great thing about the Drones is that tourists can come in here and buy the Drone and have great footage of their vacation from a Bird's Eye View. Each country in Europe has their own Drone Fly Zone law, though, and you have to check in with the airports in each country to see where you can legally fly the drones. When you purchase the drones from us, you download a app that shows you where you can or can't fly the drone." he says. COOL.
Alright went to the LAND OF DRONES, where the manager said that he has, "Drones from 500.00Euros to about 1,700.00 Euros. Although you can order Drones from us to 10,000.00 Euros and more, we only carry the ones I told you about in the store. The huge one you see in the window is one that law enforcement uses to catch a mini helicopter!" he says. COOL.
                 Restaurant Michal Naprstkova 8, Prague 1        tel-
Must make reservations immediately...the show only has 176 seats and they only have about 22 open every night including the reservations already made...

Welcome to the internet presentation of Restaurant Michal!...MOST FAMOUS INTERACTIVE DANCE SHOW IN PRAGUE...INVOLVING FOLKLORE!
The restaurant is famous for its show, a 3 hr. folklore unparalled in all the world...with the traditional displayed hand sewn wedding dresses from the Moravian region that take literally 2 years to sew. The girls wear 6 changes of costumes throughout the evening now with interacting playing games with the audience, songs and music plus all the food that you can eat(and drink!)...

Restaurant Michal is situated in one of the oldest parts of historical Prague on the right bank of Vltava river in Náprstkova Streett the interior suggests that its roots go back to the early Gothic period.
                 Výsledek obrázku pro Restaurant Michal Naprstkova 8 Our restaurant offers an extraordinary experience in Prague; in the interior, our guests can see contemporary paintings and graphic works of prominent Moravian painters (Joža Úprka, Antoš Frolka, etc.) and displays of hand made historical folk costumes from Western Bohemia across Eastern Slovakia which were professionally and sensitively restored by girls from Uherský Ostroh led by Mrs. D. Štěrbová.


  "I've been doing it since 13 years at the restaurant and before that about 27 years. Me and my wife drove everywhere and found these costumes. Such as from Czech and Moravia and Slovekia. We would drive to the villages and find the women that make such beautiful costumes and we would purchase these. Some take about 2 years to complete. It is all handmade. The villages each have their own traditional outfits and my girls change the dresses about 5 to 6 times per night. They do interactive playing games with audience and music and dance.Výsledek obrázku pro Restaurant Michal Naprstkova 8 The food is wonderful and make sure that you say that each and every product that we use including the marmalade is fresh and handmade."Says the laughing charismatic blue-eyed owner named Michal. "The fish is fresh, the lamb is fresh, the beef is fresh, and the bread we bake here. Let me show you..." he says as he shows me the kitchen. "Me and my wife are at every show. It is wonderful to see the response and each show is different. I love to introduce the folklore to the people." he says.
     "We work with all of the travel agencies and big groups too. Yet families and tourists come in all the time. Sometimes we have maybe 8 seats open and the people can be lucky and walk in and find a seat...I would call ahead for reservations since we can make tables for you if you want to see the show.

At Corto Pizza some people like getting their picture taken and some only love the food! ´We are the first Italian Restaurant in Prague. As a matter of face when the communist regime was demolished, we were the first in the Czech Republic of Italian Restaurants to come into the country. People here loved it. We had ques 2 blocks. The food is the best and the Czech people came all the time. I myself is 1/2 Czech and 1/2 Croatia. Croatia had tons of Italian restaurants and so I was used to it. Then the big companies started coming into Prague and all the internationals of course came to eat here to. Now we have many competitors at Prague yet the people from the last 25 years remain loyal to the Corto. They tell friends who tell friends and they send us postcards from around the world. That is nice for me to know that when they come here to eat they love it and they remember it when they're away too.´ says the owner Renato!              Havelska 15,    Phone 224 214 15 4

´We have wonderful food with great service. That is why people come. A friendly team that likes to have fun and get to know the guests. That is important. I´ve met people from around the world here from every nation and of course it is great to visit every country in the world without leaving the pizzeria!´ says Renato.  


Here a guest is having a light lunch of the delicacies of the yummy Restaurant Corto. 

 The entrance to Corto is literally right in front of the mercatos which is about 150 meters from the famous Clock Tower....Great location!

 ´Prague used to be the city of mystery. And now it has evolved from the city of mystery after communism to the city of provincial hidden growth to the city of international recognition although that is a slower thing happening. We´ve yet to receive the international recognition of say Paris yet maybe that is a better idea here. We love the tourists and we love when they come to see the culture of Prague and of course try us yet we still like to be a little hidden too.´ the  owner says laughing.  ´And we do breakfasts too since we own a Bed and Breakfast Corto and my sons named Igor and David Apartments which are named after them! ´