The Cobblestoned beauty of my favorite city around the world, 300AD Regensburg                                                   

                                                DEGGINGER, the Cultural Wahlenstrasse 17

Bildergebnis für degginger regensburg
Werner is a young Regensburger, "I studied Architecture and I apply that here on a monthly basis." he says, when I interview him today at the Funky totally Promotive Cultural Interactive Center in Regensburg. "Another architect built the bar yet I change it every month. And here it is challenging since we always have something going on. For instance we have a night of dancing named Swinging Coffee with the Andi's Bluesorchester, and we have live music on stage, and we have the mayor talking about important issues, that the community can come and join in on, and we have poetry readings and book readings. We even have a house jazz band, and we had a dance for Human Rights." "Alright we have two workshop spaces, on is the Pop-up room where anybody can just pop-up and start brainstorming and being creative and the other is a more formal room that the city government takes appointments for. In the Pop-up Room whatever you create you can exhibit and sell, such as arts and crafts, bicycles, etc. Whatever you make. You can work with several different people from the city, or university or just yourself." says Werner. "And while you're working you can order the Rehorik Coffee and something to eat. It is great!"
The Creative Monday team seems to have been very busy on Sundays...they look like they stayed up all night being creative! 
Bildergebnis für degginger regensburg
I personally love the children's programs that they promote. It is very important to introduce a child at the early age the art of play acting and of protecting the environment and of being a person of interest in the commumity. Through the artistic cultural programs that is easy to do when you introduce it at a early age. Here a Princess plays with a program named "kids musical colors" Looks like fun, right?! How interested personally is Werner in each of the programs? "I love music and the arts and I am learning how to cook, does that count?" he says. "And the fashion is of interest to me since in a couple of weeks I am going to Berlin to see the Fashion week on teh 17, 18, and the 19th. It is both for business and fashion and the fashion of business. Since that is a art we can try introducing that here too!" he says. Cool guy and cool place. Must come. Loved it. Ã„hnliches Foto
My city rep was gorgeous and young and very enthusiastic about the cultural program, "It is great that we see many local people coming in here to try and network and start businesses and the tourists wander in, too and try to help out with brainstorming sometimes. They're very smart and we learn from each other. Of course, the events everybody can come to and the students and tourists come everyday." 
       DILLY DALLY...
            "As you can see from the people coming into the door, the Dilly Dally Vintage Event today is very successful, and actually we are very energetic about the results since we have just opened at 3:00 pm and the place is jostling already!" says Tanya, who is absolutely stunningly beautiful in person yet says, "I am very unphotogenic!" as I try to take her picture! Kathryn says, "We're a little nervous with so many people, yet they come to buy. Regensburg is a wealthy city with the big corporations and when we have a event, they don't look!" she says laughing. I say that is a big plus, not a negative! 
"Sometimes the people in the Pop-up room hire artists or graphic artists for the day and they bring the graphic artists here to brainstorm. We hope when they work with each other that they make something with each other, but I guess sometimes it is not always the case! Maybe they go and make their own things!" jokes Werner
There is a GREAT SOCK STORE I LOVE FROM THE POP UP STORE LOCATED AT .                            Gesandtenstraße 2, 93047 Regensburg is located at and had a huge vintage dilly dally event at the Degginger location is still happening til almost 22.00pm tonight if you want the best vintage around that is the coolest, you have to squeeze past a lot of people though, yet the music and the energy and the food is worth it...not to mention the vintage clothing! 
   "The city is supposed to organize the music and art events and lectures, etc., yet I am usually the one who does it, and I am most excited that starting next month the Jazz festival starts, which I know that you love Jazz and you must come to it. The Grand Piano from Steinway from northern Germany is coming here for one year and that is my doing and I am having artists that play on it at least once every month!" says Werner happily. Cool.
Dance, Theater, Grand Steinway Piano music, Musical events, Literary readings, Poets, Lectures, and meet the Vips can come here to show their multi-talented selves! 
We have artists that come from every  country in the world to the Degginger and they are allowed to exhibit and to participate in one month long projects to show their work here and around Regensburg." says Werner. Ã„hnliches Foto
     The Royal Family Thurn und Taxis come from Regensburg Germany 
                                                                          ALBERT THURN UND TAXIS 
Výsledek obrázku pro albert thurn und taxis and family at regensburg                                                                          
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The charming cafe is open to the Public and situated right opposite the lovely Palace of the Thurn und Taxis(where Albert lives) and as you can see they have real great sweets! Image may contain: people sitting, table and indoor
  In the 1980s, Princess Gloria thew a ball for her husband, the Prince,the likes that had never been seen before or since, and rumor has it when she descended the grand stairway in the Palace with a 2 foot high powered white wig of Marie Antionette, the 500 guests had a moment of silenced awe...the real story of Marie Antionette is Archduchess Marie Antoinette was the 15th child and the last child of Holy Roman Emperor Francis I and the powerful Habsburg Empress Maria Theresa. At the time of the marriage Marie Antionette was only 14 years old when she married the futuer King Louis XVI, and the real reason was for political aspirations of forming a alliance between the enemies Austria and France from the 7 years war. 
    With the offer of the hand of the littlest child from the reigning French King, Dauphin Louis-Auguste, the alliance is formed!  
Image may contain: food
  If it is the first day of you trying German Food in Regensburg, I hope you come here.
   German food is always known as Bratwurst or sauerkraut , yet here at the Cafe you can try some items that are not associated with making sour faces! Résultat de recherche d'images pour "antoinette cafe in regensburg germany"
                                          Emmeramspl. 6, 93047 Regensburg, Allemagne
              The Cafe is named Antionette, as in Marie Antionette, and since my sister happens to be named that I love the cafe and the family of Thurn und Taxis. That is when I am not falling over concrete posts near the Christmas Mercatos as I run to chase Albert aka Austin Powers, or trip down the stairs or fall flat on my face on the cobblestones. Yet he is real cute and thus far worth it! 
                                                      LAUFSTEG 36 Obere Bachgasse 15
                                 The Creative Master of LaufSteg 36:  Kevin Murphy
  What is with the deal of the scary looking chair number 7? "That is every 7th month a lady sits in the chair, without mirror and we do what we want. They are always totally happy when they see the results, though. We know what we´re doing!" Obviously from the gorgeous team. I always say if your´re a sommelier I hope you know what the wine tastes like...if you are a stylist you better look gorgeous so I come to you! Bildergebnis für laufsteg 36 regensburg hairstyles
  As a classicaly trained theater actress I love LaufSteg 36 having met and interviewed Kevin the first time 5 years now. He combines the love and passion that he has "for everythin:, cut, color, style..." with the stage, and when you step into his salon you do feel that good energy from his team with the salon setting as if on a Catwalk Fashion stage. Bildergebnis für lauf styles hair
      The Team is accomplished, VERY PROFESSIONAL and Happy to create for you the best possible hairstyle and makeup application if you trust their expertise; of course a little input from you is always  nice!  And for all of us who love to be pampered a little bit:
Brautpaketab 295,00 €

Probe & Hochzeit 2-4 Std. - Haare & Make Up

Junggesellen Spezialab 350,00 €

5 Personen, Styling & Make Up
inkl. 5 Fl. Prosecco o. 1 Fl. Champagner

Of course if you want to just come in for a cut that is alright too!

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, closeup
I personally love the warm leather brown chairs and old-fashioned barber shop feel of the salon! 
          Berli Berlinski in Berlin Fashion Week 
Bildergebnis für laufsteg 36 regensburg
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                                                  ORANGE BAR REGENSBURG Daniel Jacobs, the architect who says, "the Orange bar is my love and my hobby you could say." owns the funky Orange Bar in Regensburg Germany. "I have had it since 2006 and rarely am here at night now since I work in the day, yet a couple of times a month I come and have fun in my bar and actually work here. Everyday when I open the doors of the Orange Bar, I smile. I love the Austin Powers and flower child era and that is totally the Orange Bar." 
Image may contain: one or more people, table and indoor
                  located at Keplerstraße 3

   may contain: people sitting, table and indoor
  When we chatted on the December 22, a young college aged crowd soon wandered in. "It is usually that way on a Friday and Saturday, as the students seem to love the bar and either stay at  home drinking til midnight and then go to a Dance Club in Regensburg, or come here and talk a couple of hours, listening to the music and just being in a casual atmosphere. The bar is supposed to be a place where you can feel comfortable. My drinks are cheap compared to most places and it is really about the feeling of the Orange Bar, I guess that brings the people here. I have people of all ages, too. From 18 to 65!" laughs Daniel. 
About 15 minutes and here come two gorgeous 40 year old women with coiffed hair and dressed to the nines sitting at the bar ordering more exotic sophisticated drinks! About 5 minutes later, here come 4 business men laughing and ordering mojitos at their table. Very eclectic and very cozy with just the right touch of cool Austin Powers decor and light soft modern music. 
                  The Master Chef Entreprenuer, Mattia Kreutzer, on the stage at Kreutzers! 
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"The range of beef we have is of the highest quality in the world, such as U.S. Beef from Nebraska(Omaha), Wagyu, Fassona, Irish Hereford,  Mittelmeerfische und Krustentiere. The prices reflect that too!" laughs the Master Chef and owner, Mattia. "I am always surprised when people make reservations and say that they are driving 70 kilometers or more just to eat dinner here. The guests know the beef type that they want and the weight in grams every time. They are very educated when it comes to my menu. I guess when you pay that much you probably know what you are eating!" ps...Kobe Wagyu Beef can come to 1,000 euros per kilo! Enjoy! No automatic alt text available.
   When the guests come to Kreutzers(usually a 10 day reservations-in-advance guest!) they dress for their special night out, and their favorite treat is watching the chef prepare the meat on the grill on the island right in front of them. "Yes they always want to say hi to the chef and I allow the guests to walk into the kitchen to meet the kitchen chef, too!" says Mattia.
                   RESERVATIONS IN ADVANCE PLEASE. 0049 0941 5 69 565 020
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Kreutzer´s is to Regensburg as Mortons is to New York and Chicago along with the famous Chop House in Chicago, or Smith & Wollensky in London. The highest quality of beef available in a elegant beautiful restaurant.
"You know it takes many years to earn a respected reputation such as we have at Kreutzers," starts the funny interview with the head Boss, Mattia. "I have had my restaurant in Regensburg 30 years and of the last 8 here at the location at Prinz-Ludwig-Strasse 15. Every year I strive for perfection and to find around the world the rarest and the best meat. I believe the website shows the quality that we have and you can judge for yourself."  
  Does Mattia eat Wagyu Kobe steak everyday?  He laughs, "About once in a while, I love it, yet it is a very deep rich meat, so if you have it one day the next you can choose something different since we have lobster and prawns and great seafood, too, that we grill over the charcoal grills, that is what we are famous for. There is only about 10 places in Germany that have the charcoal grills.  Kreutzer´s is famous for the charcoal grill and the best meat. And I hope that they are entertained with me as I prepare it for the guests!" 
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                                        "Can I have your steak?" Ha ha ha..., I don´t think so! 
                                                                    Barock Bar 2015      
  "The Barock bar is 3 and 1/2 years old, and I am the one who owns it the last 4 months. I love my bar and I am hoping to have in the future people that come specifically to Regensburg to see me, not just to try to find a cocktail bar. I want it to have a great reputation as great cocktails, service and just a classy intimate bar. I hope people that come know cocktails and want to try mine and I appreciate people coming in a little tentatively, too, and feeling comfortable to ask me to help. I love making drinks for people that tell me what they do love in a good cocktail and the things that they don´t like," says Thomas, who along with his partner, Anne, have made Barock the classy 1930s decor bar that it is today. 
No automatic alt text available."I would say that one of the things to notice that I have added is a higher quality of spirits to work with. We have these cool weathered leather aprons that a designer came in and sponsored my team and me with and it just adds to the charm and coziness of the bar. The light colored leather chairs give the bar a classic 1930s timeless feel and that is my idea, too," says Thomas as he explains the way he hopes people see his bar. 
Image may contain: indoor
"While it is my dream to make the Barock bar, which by the way is a play on words for the artistic period of Baroque style and the fact that it is a bar!" interjects Thomas, " It isn´t necessarily Anne´s dream." Anne shakes her head, "I don´t know what my dream is, I guess I am a entreprenuer and I am supporting Thomas with the fact that he knows what his dream is."
 Thomas says, "Yes, we think about the future and making our bar a respected and sought after place to have some classic cocktails in a quiet setting where people can remember the experience. Maybe opening the Renaissance Bar in the future. Another play on words!" 


Scotch, Irish Whisky oder Whisky aus Amerika: Whisky ist eben nicht gleich Whisky. Neben der regionalen Einteilung unterscheidet man weiterhin zwischen Single oder pure Malt, Malt, Grain und Blended Whisky. Da kann einem schon mal der Kopf schwirren! Bei unserem Whisky-Tasting erfahren Sie alles was Sie über Whisky und seine Eigenheiten wissen müssen. Wie wichtige Grundlagen über Whisky und seine Herstellung und auch die richtige Verkostung.

79 €

"I am a serious person concerning my goal to make a career and a life as the best mixologist that I can. I went to college to be a biologist and started working at a 5 star and loved it too much. When I told my father I wanted to own a bar, he supported me a little hesitantly with the fact that he understood I wanted to follow my passion, yet he wanted to be sure that is what I wanted to do. It is 6 months ago;  yes, that early, my mom said she is happy about my Barock bar," laughs Thomas. "We do have fun here. We are a great team. If some members of my team, and I must say team, since that makes the bar function smoothly and makes people have fun when everybody is working with each other, if they are inexperienced at bartending at first, I train them. It is more important for me to have a feel about somebody. Are they a good person and honestly want to learn? I hire that person."
        Located: at Krauterermarkt 2
                       +49 172 844 29 34

Image may contain: 1 person
"I have a audience for my bar and it is a expensive one, I guess. That is what people say. I believe it is just right. The drinks start from 9.00 euros and up. Yet they are very good cocktails." says Thomas. "People say that they look in the windows and the bar looks too expensive, yet it is a great bar. You can come in and have a glass of wine, or you can come in and have a expensive cocktail. Just come in and enjoy the bar, that is all I ask." 
                                                            Bildergebnis für leerer beutel regensburg
Image may contain: one or more people, people on stage, crowd, wedding and indoor
The World Famous Jazz concerts at the Leerer Beutel´s studio space brings in 900 members and many guests from around Germany and the world. "Yes, we started as musicians and artists, as you know, and the restaurant is something that we had to do in order to keep our music space along time ago. Now, I don´t know whether the creativeness of the restaurant as the chef or the music is my favorite. We still have the guest artists that exhibit in the restaurant every year, too. That is something I try to encourage. To bring new artists to the recognition that they deserve. Now for a couple of months we have Normanno Locci from Italy. His paintings are very sensual and deep and rich. Very different than what we have exhibited in the past."
January 7, 2019 
Power Blues  
       Sie mit uns Ihre Familienfeier im Leeren Beutel


Förderpreisträger des Bayerischen Jazzverbandes im Rahmen des Hansjürg-Hensler-Wettbewerbs 2018 am Jazzfrühling Kempten
 Donnerstag January 10, 2019

  "We have the highest quality of local products. That is a must for me. I try to promote and use the local farmers and I insist on the highest quality. Good quality does not come cheap. We do have a student menu and a special tester menu at lunch everyday for only 7.20 euros. That is to introduce the slow cooking food to the guests. At night it is known at Leerer Beutel as being a elegant and romantic restaurant with lighted candles everywhere. 
              "It is a good combination of the fun of the jazz," says Winny, the owner of the coolest restaurant and jazz studio in Regensburg. Bertoldstraße 9 located at.
          Leerer Beutel Famous Restaurant, Jazz Club Regensburg, Independent Cinema, Art Museum, housed in Leerer Beutel. The inside of the restaurant is delicate and elegant amongst wooden beams and century old stone walls that are covered with the artists work.  They have such heavenly dishes as Farmduck, Pumpkin Soup, Salmon and veal, and Venison! It is a real fine dining experience with the coolest artisitic owners to indulge in conversation with. Bildergebnis für leerer beutel regensburg
   "The first month we opened Spitalkeller BEER Garden and Restaurant,            10 years since, we had only 6 people that came to our huge restaurant and beer garden the entire month of November. Me and my brother, Thomas thought, alright people have to know us, " laughs Stefan, who along with his fiance, Franziska, run the entire 1,000 seat Spital Beer Garden and 300 seat restaurant. "Now we have 1,000s of people everyday in the Spital Beer Garden in the summer since it is the nicest one here in Regensburg. It is safe, up on the secluded woodsy garden, private, yet within a nice little walking distance to the Stone Bridge. Next April we are very happy that the biggest Whiskey Collection Museum is sitting up on the hill with us. That should bring in a lot of curious people from around the world, and of course after seeing and having a taste of the Whiskeys, they are welcome to eat some traditional German food and drink some Spital with us, " laughs Stefan. 
                                                        Located at: Alte Nurnberger Straße 12
                                                                        0941 8905 9170 

"In the summer it is simply beautiful and peaceful in the Beer Garden with all of the flowers and trees, until the 1,000 people come, of course, and at that time it is quite noisy!"
Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling, people sitting and outdoor
"We have many tourists that finally find us, if they venture opposite the bridge and walk about 125 meters, which, if they try to find the Schindler´s List House, it is right near us. And we have the local Germans. The people love the traditional Dirndls and Ledenhosens, too, and that seems to be a big clothing purchase for the tourists when they come to Bavaria." Image may contain: 1 person
Image may contain: 7 people, people smiling, text
   "We have a lot of people asking to do the theater in the big theater space we have. Every month we have magic shows in the winter and a couple days a week the local Regensburg groups ask if they can do theater. Of course you can drink the Spital beer and eat our great food and enjoy funny theater in the stage room. It is, I believe, a Bavarian tradition, to have a theater space in a big beer garden restaurant," says Franziska. 
     "We have traditional Bavarian Food, yet all of it is fresh and of the highest quality. That is something that both me and Thomas insisted on from the first day. Thomas worked in IT and since I loved Cooking and am a Chef, I worked in the Kitchen. Now Thomas has delved more into the marketing and IT aspect of his line of work and for me the restaurant is my life," says Stefan.Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, sitting and food
   Hope you can come to the lovely cozy warm and traditional Bavarian Restaurant in the winter, where the fawn colored heavy wooden tables and curtains make it a homey feel to have dinner. Or if you prefer to wait til the weather is nice enough to sit outside, come and enjoy the Bavarian Beer Gardens of SpitalKeller.Image may contain: people sitting, table and indoor
Image may contain: one or more people, crowd, tree and outdoor
                                  The Beer Gardens of SpitalKeller, having fun with friends...
Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people standing, beard and indoor
  Probably the nicest person I have ever met, along with Albert, is Markus of DUDES4, the cool warm and friendly bar on Unter den Schwibbogen 21. I´ve interviewed him two times, two years now on a very lovely COUNTRY TUESDAY; and thought it a country western bar, which I love country. Yet, "It is a casual friendly bar and you happened to come on Country Tuesday where I play all Country!" he says.
Hmm,  okay but I loved the bar´s western theme, the wooden highchairs, the western themes, the deserts of America license plates on the wall, and  here it is. 
   Yesterday I just happened to come to the bar again on  COUNTRY TUESDAY! and he remembered and started laughing,   "You came here two years since on Country Tuesday!" Yes, that is true, yet I told you I love country music! 
  "I love my bar and since it has been 2 years I have gotten to know many people. On Friday and Saturdays it is wild and crazy in here with much partying and I have great guests who once they come here they seem to love it. We have theme nights every night such as Monday we have Moscow Mules for 4.00 euros and they love that since they are usually very expensive, the Country Tuesdays where I have a country playlist of songs all night, Wednesday is Playday where I have games at all tables and beer pong and if you play any of the games the drinks are super cheap, so of course the college kids love to come on Wednesdays. Plus, although I love social media, I have no wif-fi in the bar since people have to have fun in here and talk to each other, " says Markus and the company says yes that is why they come here.                                                                  
    "O and once you walk outside it is quiet time!" 
#thursday #mood #dudes4 #love #and #kisses #duderina #duderino #midnightmoon #regensburg #cometothedudesside
Alright, I gave Markus of Dudes4, Alan Jackson, and my best buddy Keith Anderson, and Josh Turner to add to the playlist. 
    "Hmm, I haven´t heard of any of these guys, yet I can add them to my list!" he says.  
  "The great thing about Country Tuesdays is the fact that the normal beers are all 2.40euros each, which is why they love Country Tuesdays," laughs Markus, "and the shots are 2.00 euros." 
       "Twice a month is Live Music Thursdays!,the other Thursdays I haven´t found a theme yet," admits Markus.Bildergebnis für dudes4 regensburg
   Markus is a great guy, very nice and when you enter the bar to chat for 10 minutes you end the night 3 hours later, just chatting with him and the guests that rush the bar to have fun with him. Great Bar and a must for unwinding and having fun.
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                                                   Bildergebnis für rehorik coffee                                                                             Rehorik Coffee                               
"I have a new store right opposite the Rehorik Cafe where I give espresso lessons," sazs Heiko on December 13. "And we teach people how to use the coffee machines that we have in the store. They can be very expensive coffee making machines, for instance they start about $3,000.00 to $16,000.00. That is the big one!" he laughs and shows me the cool espresso makers. "We give lessons how to make each type of coffee and we give you lessons on how to make the flowers and the fancy pictures that you see barristers do. We sometimes have from 20 to 24 people in the classes. They love it." 
Bildergebnis für rehorik regensburg wines and spirits
Bildergebnis für rehorik coffee"The Rehorik Generations started in 1928 with my Great Grandfather who only roasted coffee in Karlsbad, Czech Republic which it is known as today. It was very famous in Karlsbad and the store lasted til 1945 when the war ended. The Russians came in and said to us, We are taking your store and all of the equipment, including the roaster. Either become a communist or leave today. Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling, wedding We packed up and moved to Regensburg with only the clothes that we had. My grandfather traveled around europe playing in a band with a saxophone and made money to help my Great Grandfather who was starting up his new Roaster Coffee Store here and it opened in 1948 til today.  That is how they started out. My father is the one who really introduced wine and spirits to the name Rehorik since when he traveled with his music he discovered much.
Bildergebnis für rehorik coffee
My father is the cheese guy," says Heiko laughing. "I know it sounds funny, yet that is his love. And me, I take after my Great Grandfather since I truly love the roaster process of the beans. I love the therapy, the smell of the beans, the sound and the entire process and it is me that travels around the world meeting with the coffee farmers." Bildergebnis für rehorik coffee
"O yes, my fellow at the Rehorik Store on 
Gesandtenstraße 16 is like family to me. He is the only one that works at that store," laughs Heiko, who after 4 generations is the one and only Rehorik that is still actively working. 
Rehoriks wines include over 400 varieties and you are invited to try each one everyday, of course in both stores, however, make sure to come to the 90 year anniversary on Friday the 7th and Saturday 8th, from 11:30am til 2:00am to hear live bands, jazz bands, a tent in the side parking lot with wines, cheeses, Rehorik spirits, and tons of food, and a "very wild and crazy DJ friend of mine that can go like 7 hours straight playing great songs. Last time I hired the DJ he played that long and at least 30 people danced the entire time in the middle of the wine store all night. It was funky and I named the Friday section of the 90th Anniversary Funky Friday for the DJ!" laughs Heiko. "I just got back from Prague today where I hired a drone and we video taped the entire area of the city of Karlsbad to show on the website to honor where the original Rehorik Heritage and Roasters started in the Czech Republic." he says. Ã„hnliches Foto
"Cafe 190 is my baby and I love the cool cafe, especially where the people come to see in the open glass the entire process of the very old and very old-fashioned coffee roasting. 
        I love to roast coffee and I know you will love to watch me roast coffee." says Heiko. 
"Incidentally, roasting in the 190 ° is done in the old ball roaster from the 1920s, where you can look over our shoulders at our roasting masters while you eat brunch, taste a light breakfast and of course enjoy Rehoriks 90 year tradition of us as roasters of coffee!" 

    Gotta Love it at the BurgerHeart we love that idea and love that smile and love that food! 
                                                               Alright now we need a BurgerHeart Alberto! Bildergebnis für burger heart regensburg
The very cool and swanky BurgerHeart in Regensburg has at least 3 cool people that love and take care of it.    "I have to say that 1 is my father!" says Daniel. "He took care of it when we opened and even painted the walls!" he says. "And Dominic is my brother. He is great. I am the 3rd!" he laughs. "And of course my team is very nice and super enthusiastic and friendly. When the owner asked me to come to Regensburg and open the BurgerHeart and be the director I hesitated a little. We went to Wurzburg, where the original Franchise is from and when I saw how cool the place is designed and tasted the food and met the Franchise owner I said, "alright yes." It is a gorgeous place and we have the coolest space since it used to be a bank and we even have that huge Big Vault. Come here I can show it to you." he says and we run to the vault. The Vault is a huge bank safe door complete with the 5 combination locks on it, although the locks have been covered and you can´t get locked in any longer. Very cool.     located at: Schwarze-Baren-Straße 10
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"Give me a burger or give me Lori´s cooking...okay we can take the friends to BurgerHeart..." Have you heard the one about the Cook...
"I am very happy that you came," says Domenic the first day that I happily walked in on June 24. "My brother is Daniel and he is the Director. I am the Jr. Director and can show you around and I can offer you a beer or a burger!" he says friendly and charming. Loved the team the first day, I say to Daniel! "Yes, they  are always very friendly. Just say yes to the drinks and food and they feel appreciated."
Two little greyhounds walk with the owner and the team girl says, "Yes and we have bowls for the dogs.!"
The people love it since it is only 7.90 euros per burger and of course the students love it and since my team is super friendly people feel very comfortable in here." says Daniel.  I of course remind him that the students love it since they can afford a lovely cocktail or beer, along with the burger! "Yes and one of the reasons that I said yes is that they have real cool lemonade!" Hmm, I say syly, I can finally drink the lemonade if my sister doesn´t know it! Bildergebnis für burger heart regensburg
"One of the things to do is eat the Canadian Fries," says Daniel. "I didn´t know that Canada had French Fries." I say. "Yes and actually I told my Canadian friends we had Canadian Fries and they said O My Gosh we are jumping on a plane right now and flying to BurgerHeart!" and he laughs. I ask, What exactly is Canadian Fries. "Alright here is one of my team members and he is from Mexico!" says Daniel and the fries are yummy with guacamole and bacon on these mixed in. Alright warning taken. The fries are very fattening! 
       Gaststatte Rohrl, Guiness Book of World Record´s OIdest Restaurant in the World is located 11 kilometers from Regensburg in a country village, owned 12 generations(if you count the little ones) of the same family named Rohrl, who added a addition of a Modern mixed with 14th century edition Hotel next door where the brewery used to be, run by the brother Andreas and wife Katerina.  Below is Karin and Muk and children. 
                                            Bildergebnis für Gaststatte Rohrl,
      The restaurant is located in Eilsbrunn, which from Regensburg is a number 27 Bus, at the Train Station, 12 minute ride. Easy to do. (09404 / 21 12)
        Regensburger Str. 3, 93161 Sinzing
       "People ask us why the food that we serve is traditional yet not of the 1600s recipes and I have a great reason why. A couple of years ago we all decided in Germany to test a white gloved librarian edition of the ancient cookings of the 16th century Wild Boar. Okay we thought, let's try it. We forgot that they had to use tons of vinegar and salt to preserve the meat back then. Which means that it is very sour with the vinegar since they used mega amounts of vinegar and salt. You squished up your nose when tasting it, trust me. Now we tweak it a little and it is much better, still traditional with my Great Grandparent's recipes, yet not 340 years old!" "My hardworking team preferred the modern traditional recipes and while we do use the 125 year old ones, we always try to find new recipes to test." 
      "How does it feel to be famous with the number one restaurant in the World?," Muk answers me, "I guess when you are the 11th generation, you are sorta used to it; however, I need to learn how to advertise the restaurant better. After all there is only one of a kind in the entire world, not to mention a couple of years since we had a Motion Picture filmed here named Adele Spitzeder, a famous bank loan shark in the 17th Century and they filmed two weeks in the wedding room and outside. That is totally cool, too. And we have Television specials focused on the restaurant and I have my own cooking youtube videos, and of course the museum upstairs that the educational groups visit." he says. O and if we forget to mention that his hobby is "Being a DJ at the big clubs in Regensburg on the weekends and weddings!" "The importance to me is the family and tradition and the fact that every item is homecooked and handmade. As you can see we spend hours just making the dumplings in the kitchen in the mornings for the big service starting at 5:00pm." says Muk. 
               GUINESS BOOK OF
                    WORLD RECORDS
            At the Rohrl's second restaurant, THE DANCING BEAR, BRANDL BRAU, it is all about the food! 
                                     Ã„hnliches Foto
"The legend is that in the early 1500s, the circus came to town. The innkeeper of the restaurant, The Brandl Bear, had to protect his restaurant. The bear owner came and tried to steal the restaurant owner's money and had the bear with him. The bear reared up and attacked the bear owner and chased the robber away! The Innkeeper and owner of the Brandl Bear decided to chain the bear outside the restaurant to scare away robbers. I guess it worked and hence the name." says Muk. I ask if it is true and he gives a mischievious smile, "It is as the legend says it is." 
     UM....THE PIG DIDN'T FARE SO WELLÄhnliches Foto
       The Dancing Bear is one of my favorite traditional restaurants and at the very experienced and capable hands of the Rohrl family of 11 generations who own the oldest restaurant in the World in Eilsbrunn, it has flourished since changing ownerships in 2013. "We have a great legend and I guess true story of the bear, do you want to hear it?" asks Muk when I see him at the totally awesome festival on June 24, at the restaurant. Of course I do says me...
          Located at Ostengasse 16, Regensburg
The Brandl Brau, Dancing Bear is one of the 50 most beautiful taverns in Bavaria, with dark rustic heavy wooden furniture and German waitresses that are quick to bring food and drink to you, think the Viking tavern with better food! Bildergebnis für the dancing bear brandl bräu restaurant regensburg
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"When I design of course as a Master Goldsmith sometimes the jewelry item that I am creating doesn´t exactly match the one I started to make. It all depends on the client. I have a idea that I start with and we work with each other. Mr. Mulbacher goes around the world to jewel shows and he chooses the stones. When he arrives back, he gives me the stones and tells me about each one. He tells me if he wants earrings made from such and such a diamond or a bracelet or necklace. I sketch what I imagine his vision is and he tweaks it a little. Sometimes he knows exactly what he wants and I make it. Or other times we work directly with the client that wants a custom ordered item," says the Master Goldsmith who I have had the pleasure of interviewing the last two years. It is fun to chat with him! 
   "Of course I love my job. I get to work with the most precious gems in the world and usually I can create my own vision of the gem´s best fitting. It is real fun to work with Mr. Mulbacher and I would definitely say that we are a great team here, " says the Master Goldsmith of Mulbachers!  Ähnliches Foto
I ask the Master Goldsmith if he travels around the world with Mr. and Mrs. Mulbacher buying the stones? He laughs, "That is Mr. Mulbacher´s job," he says, "I guess when you have 112 years and 4 generations of knowledge, and you are  a trained Goldsmith, you better be good at choosing the gems. Each Goldsmith is a designer in a sense and has his or her own style, such as the great fashion designers. Everybody around the world knows Mulbacher designs. I trust when Mr. Mulbacher gives me a stone and tells me what he wants designed from it. He sees my designs and I hope he is impressed and I learn from him everyday," says the Master Goldsmith at Muhlbacher's. No automatic alt text available.
No automatic alt text available.
                          Bildergebnis für the jewerls of mulbachers
Abschied nach 20 Drehtagen: v.r. Andrea Oster und Götz Lück, dahinter das Kamera-Team sowie Yusuf & Rabia vorne mit den Kindern Elanur, Leyla und Mohamed rechts in der Schaukel               Mohamed
At the Apricoto farm in Turkey, here is Gotz Luck with his team, yet I can give you a treat if you want to meet the real seasoned person face to face at   Glockengasse 4 93047 Regensburg                                  Tel.: 0941-560 169, . I ask Gotz if he ever is surprised by people and the artisans that he meets, if he ever learns something from them or if he knows everything already? "When you work 40 years and you see somebody that long and you grew up with teaching that is a man and that is a woman, you learn to tell the differences between a Iran rug and a Afghanistan rug or a Turkish rug. You were trained and I believe that if you are 40 years in that business you should know. For instance the 3 rugs that I have hanging on the wall, the red one is from Iran and the other two were Turkish. They each are food rugs, which means that these rugs are used for special occaisions for food and they place the rug on the tables and they eat with special guests, the other days they use clothes for the tables. The ones here are at least 70 years old and they have been used only for special occaisions. They have been taken care of. Yet they are 70 years old. That is important and as I said I have seen a 3,000 year old rug only in a museum."        
The lovely Orientales of Regensburg where you can literally hear tales of the middle east and the traditions of the meanings of the woven rugs, Turkey, Afghanistan, Iran, India Marokko and the hidden treasures of these countries. 
                               Here is a elegant knowing man who has traveled the world the last 40 years! dealing with the finest artisans of oriental carpets from the Middle East. He is such a sweet person yet a very serious person who cares about the Middle East and the Customs, the traditions and the tribes. "Yes, the tribal customs are rituals and have been around for 50,000 years, for 100,000 years...imagine that the tribes made such carpets that the museums they have carpets from 3,000 years. I have seen, yet never touched since they are in museums. I believe that these beautifully perfectly handwoven rugs have been around for the last 20,000 years of tradition. They are made the way today as at that original day. Meticulously and with reason."
    " The Green color for these devote people is the color of the Prophet. The people of Turkey use bright colors of green and red and yellow. The people of Afghanistan prefer the very dark colors." he says as he leads me fondly and with reverence around his showroom. I am lucky to have a friend as him.  Götz Lück 
Götz Lück pflanzte 1993 die ersten Bäume im Euphrattal
                             Glockengasse 4 93047 Regensburg                                  Tel.: 0941-560 169, Fax.: 565 940 
"My pieces are old pieces and antiques. They are cared for with rituals through the ages of tribes that date back to 50,000 to 100,000 years old. I value the old pieces that have a story and history to each one. It is a technique that I love. Yes I do love the job I have. I love meeting the new people and my old friends and the cultures which are very different around the world. It is with awe that I have been in the business 40 years. I repair these carpets with love and understanding of the artisan that originally sat down for years to make each one. I love to think of myself as a person that fixes the broken pieces of each ritualistic rug." he speaks with eloquence and reverence and respect. 
     I love his showroom and have literally spent hours in it sitting on the cushions and chatting the last 5 years. I had the immense honor of having tea with a sheikh in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates where I had the best mint tea in my life, laughed a lot, tried on a light blue belly dancing outfit with gold coins that I looked absolutely stunning in and almost bought with literally zero place to wear it, and wore a abaya at his insistence and looked horrid! The Emirate women in their abayas look gorgeous! I looked fat and plain. I prefered the belly dancing outfit! His showroom reminds me of the tea experience. Loved it. Wonder if at Götz Lück if the tourists come in shyly and peer in the windows that show the gorgeous array of rugs and jewelry he laughs, "they all come in, they run in and they laugh and ask o can we try that, and they eat the chocolates and they buy many treats." he says. 
"Pazyryk from the Malti Mountains if perhaps the most known revered artisan that perfectly woved his craft and the traditions continue from him. Each country and culture is different and they love and embrace their carpet making differently. Sometimes they are very happy to see me and sometimes they are not happy to see me" he says. 
            Bildergebnis für pazyryk rug making
"That one is just for show, the real one where I entertain guests is behind the wall and yes we do enjoy tea with each other. You are right it is about traditon." he says when I say that even having high tea in London at the Ritz where we wore white gloves didn't feel the same experience as the tea in the Emirates. At the honored ostello in Sharjah the Sheikh, Ruler of Sharjah, HH Dr Sheikh Sultan bin Mohammed had breakfast with us every morning. I was so scared that I would do something wrong that we all waited til he had his breakfast before we ate. It was the COOLEST EXPERIENCE EVER.! 
                     Orphee Hotel and Restaurant
                          Untere Bachgasse 8
                           0049 941 5 960 20
  The Orphee Restaurant and Hotel in Regensburg Germany is French, lovely and the team great. I stayed at the Orphee about 5 nights my very first visit to Regensburg and loved Annette, my host, and her boss is Micheal. They have gorgeous rooms, one of which is my Jr. Suite with about 6 different sitting rooms, old wooden floors, dining tables in the middle piled with books and fruit bowls and daily bottles of free house wine!
     The Jerusalem room is saved for a lovely old ballerina that used to come here in the 1950s. You can reserve it complete with a open wooden floor and claw bathtub, if you are not shy, in the middle of a huge room. However, if the little ballerina comes back, it is her room! orphee_restaurant_09

  from the orphee.... Restaurant Orphée is considered to be the most authentic French Bistro east of the river Rhine.
Since 1896 the interior of the restaurant with its vintage wainscotting and wood partitions has been preserved virtually untouched. Red plush settees and marble tables await you in the front bistro area of the restaurant, wainscotting and formally laid-out tables with Thonet chairs in the rear restaurant area. The Orphée is a timeless „classic“, open every day for eighteen hours, serving many a function: breakfast in all sorts of variations, daily a modest yet exquisite menu for the noontime visitors, in the afternoons a relaxed Viennese-type coffeehouse, in the evenings plenty of buzz and bustle, after 10 p.m. the bar takes over. The cuisine of the Restaurant Orphée is Mediterranean yet without frills. 
     The bars of Regensburg, Germany, of which they rank 2 in the world for most bars per person, and although that could seem impressive the coolest thing about the bars of the Historical Heritage Site City is that each one is either in a brick stable, or dungeon! or old Palace...they are each individual and each one more beautiful than the next. It is quite amazing to see even the Irish Pub of Regensburg in a 1300 year old cellar! ha.                                     The famous Irish Bar Murphys Law.  
      With Irish Music lessons weekly and Pub Quiz in German and English great fun! 
Image result for murphy's law regensburg
Must come for game night where they do questions and trivial pursuit and you have each table be a team. Every week they have games to involve the locals and the tourists, and the University that came a couple of years now to the ancient city has brought 25,000 students each year to mingle with the locals!                               Spielgelgasse 6 Regensburg Germany
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                    Love the Guinness 
           Related image
                     And I especially love the Kasper Bar one and two, although honestly with 150 specialty bars hidden and tucked down cobblestoned alleys, some with live music every night, you are sure to find a favorite!                             Výsledek obrázku pro kaspar bar regensburg                                                                                                                
Související obrázek
 With young bartenders, cool music and great cocktails, Kasper has been a favorite of the youth of Germany in Regensburg many years. Hope you love it.!
                       Hinter Der Grieb 5 Související obrázek
               For the 30 plus ages always has great rock music on Fridays at Jalepenos! 
Výsledek obrázku pro jalapenos regensburg<
Bildergebnis für buddies burger bar
        My good friend, Daniel, owns Jalepenos Bar and restaurant located at Schottenstrasse 4, and Buddys Gourmet Burgers. 
and the Buddys Burgers are Great! 

         Buddys Burgers St. Petersweg 15.

              Výsledek obrázku pro tarantinos regensburgBest Pizza in Regensburg is hands down Tarantinos with a local Naples Italy Pizza Man, owner of the famous Black Banana in the city Thomas at the helm, and crazy bartenders that play Pink Panther cartoon movies night and day on the big screen, it is total fun with Tarantino memorabilia everywhere! 
First person on the website was Thomas and Black Banana, which is a cult music club that everybody around the world, and especially Germany came in groves to. You would usually see Gothic style dressing at the all nighter club and I met some pretty cool people here. They had to move locations and now it is hidden down a dark alley in the city of Regensburg, yet the popular Tarantinos is right near the bridge. 
         Tarantinos Wohrdstrabe 24   Výsledek obrázku pro tarantinos regensburg   
                                                and the Gothic classic, The Black Banana                                                                          Image result for Banane-Wir sind rockbar!                                                                                     Image result for Banane-Wir sind rockbar regensburg germany