La Tavernetta 48
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                                My favorite LA Tavernetta 48 here with Capo Federico(on right) 
                                                      plus his waiter Allessandro. 
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   The Presentation is lovely too, along with the food being specially tasty. It is a fun atmosphere with lots of laughter, not stuffy or formal at all.L'immagine può contenere: cibo
"You know after 8 years I can finally say that the joy of mine is to have my guests come year after year and when they see me they say, HI FEDERICO! I of course remember faces, except you! You I remember the name!" he laughs and his girl interpreter tonight, named appropriately, Alessandra laughs and says it is true. He remembers you, and everybody remembers him!" And I am honored to be remembered. How nice. Risultati immagini per tavernetta 48
"I have a love of Italian wines and my selections come from every region of Italy. Must try!" he says. "I came from Brazil and married my wife Denise and we bought the restaurant about 8 years now. I would say that it took me at least 2 years to feel that it is a success. We always change the menu, even today we do since it is a learning process and I am always stiving for perfection" says the happy Capo, Federico who along with the help of Alessandro translates for me!  
Hidden down a alley where you can dine with intimate pleasure and attentive service...charming.
 "The beauty of the restaurant has to be given credit to my ex-wife, who is Italian, and she is the decorator, my best friend, and a lovely gracious person," says Federico.                              owner of La Tavernettta 48 is Federico, his waiter is Alessandro, and together, Federico has had the restaurant here 8  years now. "I changed the menu 8 times in 5 years, experimenting with dishes til I found the perfect menu for my guests. Now in 2 months I change it for the 2018 season. I know that every year that you come here you say we laugh and laugh, yet we are here on earth to have fun.l Yes it is a elegant restaurant. Yes it is fine dining and a formal atmosphere. Yet elegant people can have fun too, right!" he says. "I hired a new chef, named Alessandro, you would think you have to be named Alessandro or Alessandra to work here!" he says laughing. Alessandro laughs, "You know at one point my father was the chef about 3 years ago! I was a little sad when he left, yet with the teaching of Federico I learned how to be a good waiter. I am a little shy. I had to learn how to be more talkative and positive with the guests, yet Federico is very gentle and kind to everybody and the guests love him. I have learned much from Federico." he says. 
   I always have to have Alessandro translate since "Federico is very proud of his dual citizenship of being an Italian citizen and loves the Italian language. English is difficult for him, though!" he says and we all laugh. "Federico loves to greet the guests and his ex-wife loves to decorate so now Federico says they are perfect business partners!" 
   And the wine? "The wine is from everywhere in Italy and Federico says that he loves the most to visit the vineyards around the country to meet the owners. He invites guests to try his selections since they are very personal and he is very proud of his vineyard connections." 
    And of course the food, "the Tartar with Black Truffle" is always admired here as is the vocation of fish. It has the freshest fish possible and Roman traditional fare. 
    The service is small and intimate and kind. The food deliciously lovley. 
"I am happy in October I went to Montepulciano and met the President of the Social Club and ordered  more wine! My important politico friend from Brazil came here and we drank together!" says Federico of his wine collection. 
    You can find the home cooked elegance at 
                              Via Degli Spagnoli 48                               
                                  06 6819 2591   
                                 No automatic alt text available.
              Okay let's face it when you've got it, you've got it! Robert DiNero and Al Pacino in one photo, it doesn't get any front is lovely Claudia and behind her is her father, Alessio, to the right is Aldo and the names of the generations since the Great Grandfather starting with Alessio, Aldo, Alessio, Aldo and now little Alessio, Aldo's 8 year old son. "We want to carry on the tradition. My family has been the owner of the Taverna dei Fori Imperiali since plus 100 years and the respect and authenticity is very important to us." says Claudia during the 1 hr. conversation.  
"My father was very instrumental in my growing up to be a respectable human being and because of him we feel very alive. We always work together and we work totally as a family. Of course we fight a lot. We're brother and sister and yet we deal with it and move on. You know it is much more fun now to work with my brother and all I have to do is give him a look and we are totally alright." she says. Risultati immagini per la taverna fori imperiali"We know each other and if he meets my eyes, we know that maybe table A needs dessert and table B keeps asking for bread." Laughing says Claudio, yet Aldo is very serious when he says, "I tell the people that after the first basket of bread, which by the way they should be using to taste the food, they don't get free refills on bread. We are a restaurant. If you are still hungry order dessert. Yet, at the same time, we have very good dessert. " he says. 
                    VIA DELLA MADONNA DEI MONTI 9 - 00184 - ROMA    
                                                    TEL                                                                        undefined
   "Alright, my passion and my desire to give my guests the hospitality of my Great Grandfather and Grandmother is my love for the restaurant. When people come here the biggest nerves is when I sit the line of reservations and they ask if they can move the table and I say that we don't have seaside beach view, every table is cozy and right and that it is the food and the atmosphere and the gentle service that is what makes us special.Immagine correlata 
"I am raised in a family that at the age of 1 I am walking around the restaurant and to me food and wine is a holy experience, like the last supper. " says the friendly Claudio, she laughs all the time. "Yes I do, yet when I see a sad or mad person, I think why is that person that way. We are here to have fun in life and to smile. To experience the best that life has to offer at least laugh and smile." and she actually makes me see life in a different way. Risultati immagini per la taverna fori imperiali
And mama? "O yes, she had it difficult when my father died. We love to be in the restaurant since everyday we feel him. It actually gives a chance, although it made us cry at first and it was difficult to deal with, that everyday we can experience a memory of him. That is our memory and people can't take that away from us. Everyday when I enter the restaurant I feel that he is with me. My mom comes in everyday and prepares food and mess's with the bills and computers and takes care of the restaurant. We are learning to becoming accustomed to it." she says. Immagine correlata
Risultati immagini per la taverna dei fori imperiali rome italy
We have 100 years of hospitality and I try to educate the guests if they ask certain questions," says Aldo, who is funny in the totally honest Italian way, although he says that he is just being respectively honest about his restaurant. "If the people ask for olive oil or balsamic vinegar at the table I tell them that it isn't a real traditional Italian table to put these on. The bread is to use to clean the plates in Italy. The bread is used as a bite to clean the mouth to better taste the wine. The bread is used to taste the oil to see that it has good quality. If they lather parmesan cheese and olive oil on the bread, they ruin the taste. I try to respectively tell them how to best taste the Italian products. In a nice way, yet it is about respecting a culture to taste." he says. "We have pure, simple food. We have a lovely family, and I have a great mother, my father passed away last year. I have a wonderful sister and great kids. I am happy. I want to experience the joy of people being happy when they walk out my door. They have a happy experience and they say thankyou very much Aldo. We love you!" Risultati immagini per la taverna fori imperiali
"You know every item is fresh here. I think that is the difference between Italy and America. And the wines? You asked about the wines. OOOKAY that is my favorite subject since both my brother, who is 12 years older than me, and me love to drink wine. We visit every vineyard that invites us for a couple of days and actually I have picked grapes in vineyards and helped make the wine in very prominent vineyards in Italy.Total fun. Me and Aldo taste the wines and decide on the ones for the year." says Claudia. Aldo laughs,"Yes actually that is one of the perks in owning a historic famous 100 year old restaurant. We get to drink wine and eat as much great Italian food as we want.!" HOW TRUE!Immagine correlata
                    Risultati immagini per la taverna fori imperiali
    "Here is my two little ones," says the capo, Aldo. In bounces the 8 and 7 year old boy and girl. "Alessio is very shy and at first he wouldn't venture near a table, yet a couple of times now he brings water and he loves to bring the bill. I think that my brother is encouraged since he thought maybe the restaurant's heritage would end with us, yet now Alessio is showing interest in it." she laughs. 
          Quite Pysched to have added my personal friend Chiara and Alfredo e Ada love it...
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    "I do only face to face menu options!" says the cool local Italian, "When I come to the table I say Hi and here is the food of the day. I do that with every table and have been doing that since the last 7 years when I came to own the Osteria. My father asked me one day since I worked for the Publicity Marketing Agency if I would love to continue the Osteria that had been in the family the last 60 years or if I wanted him to sell the Osteria. I said that alright I shall come be the Capo. At first it is difficult, yet now it is fun. I only have seats of 20 to 25 people to eat and it is fast. They come in and I tell the guests my menu and they order. We have about 25 items on the menu and I let the guests know if something isn't available." Chiara says. Via dei Banchi Nuovi, 14
Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, indoor
                    Chiara's father helps in the morning to No automatic alt text available.prepare the food for the day yet she says, "When I am on the day it is a lot of responsibility  or if I am sick the restaurant doesn't open. I am responsible for my Cuoco in the kitchen and I must try to come here everyday. I close the month of August the entire month and in August we go on vacation." she says. "Vietnam and Cambodia and Thailand is cool to go on vacation to and actually my favorite. In addition I loved Mexico, and thankyou very much the Mexican people that visit here always invite me to vacation with them!" she says. 06 687 8842 is the number to call for directions, yet reservations? Chiara laughs, "Are you kidding me! In my little place! And on Sundays and Mondays I have personal days."    
        I say that is music to hear she has fun. 
"Yes I used to go out on Fridays and Saturdays to have a glass of wine with friends, yet I work such long days, from 12.00lunch to 22.00pm is the kitchen open. Now I am thinking that maybe I can have a person help on a Friday and Saturday and go see a concert or something fun to do." Immagine correlata
   "I've kept most of the pictures from my grandmother and grandfather just the way it is today. I added some sketches and some of my little personal touches to make it mine. Here the notice says that in 1931 you were not allowed to play card games and it lists a ordinance that every place in Rome had to adhere to. These items I kept for memorabilia." Food? Heavenly. Chiara? Delight.
   The charming totally authentic traditional Italian kitchen and Osteria is located at Via dei Banchi Nuovi, 14 and how lovely it is. From the only person that you shall see and talk to, aka the Capo Chiara above, to the cuoco in the kitchen, it is a real Italian home that you come to eat at. "My grandfather and grandmother bought the restaurant in 1946, yet it started maybe in 1930s I suppose since they bought the already existing wine service from a farmer that had the vineyards. The vineyards are small and about 50 minutes from Rome. They would bring the barrels in everyday and they would resell wine. At that day in 1946, my grandmother and grandfather only sold wine, yet a couple of years since the theater around the alley opened and they started running food back and forth to the actors. That is when they started having Italian cooking here since they already cooked for the actors they decided to cook for their guests!" says the very beautiful and totally charming Chiara who I interviewed from 22.50ish pm to 1.00am at the little Osteria. Risultati immagini per alfredo e ada restaurant

"My tables have paper on each one and people draw and write letters and doodle everyday and give these to me. They send me letters and postcards from around the world and they invite me to every country. It is amazing that I stay here to give my guests my cooking, yet the world visits me. The world revolves around my restaurant!"Chiara says. 
    We had so much fun drinking wine and chatting til 1.00am. I learned about how the process of turning a little Osteria of wine and cheese into a homemade kitchen with a spotless reputation happens. How a young Italian girl who went to college and started working in publicity is now the Capo of her own Osteria. How life continues on. Charming.       Osteria is located at 
      Via dei Banchi Nuovi, 14
                No automatic alt text available.
                                                                           Ristorante Chicco Di Grano
                                  located at: Via degli Zingari 5 to 8...

         Very gracious, charming, Old-School, totally Old-School...the real Capos here. 
                                           Pizza Ciarresci - Foto di Chicco di Grano, Roma
                                     Risultati immagini per pizzeria ristorante di chicco grano rome italy
bucatini all'amatriciana
 I ask Ciro if he and his partners fight about the fact that Naples dishes are Naples dishes and Rome's are Romes. He laughs, "Yes a little, yet the three of us sit down and we decide the wine and the food with each other. It is a partnership and we have a glass of wine casually and talk about the items that we need to talk about. We have been partners 20 years. For instance, follow me." he says and walks outside and shows me the new digital cool interactive menu. In almost all languages, you can choose whichever language you want and see all the menu. "It is good for the Russians, and although I do speak Russian, it helps that they know the menu before they enter." he says. Okay the new technology has entered Rome's traditional restaurants! Risultati immagini per pizzeria ristorante di chicco grano rome italy
Ciro, "I am of the society of 3 capos. We come from Naples, me, and Roma. And we have been business partners the last 20 years here. I love all the tourists, honestly. They come from Germany and America and Russia and France and all countries. Chinese and Japanese rarely. I don't know why. However, I do speak at least 7 languages and each team player speaks at least 3. That is every person on my team." he says. He asks how many languages that I do speak and I say English! "American or English?" I say , hmm, both. "Okay you speak 2 languages at least!" he says. Alright I am Finally bi-lingual!Risultati immagini per pizzeria ristorante di chicco grano rome italy
 "I guess the main thing to say is that the Restaurant is catering to everybody. We have a mixture of all homemade and traditional Naple's dishes and Rome. That is very simple. I love to talk to the people. They come to Rome to have a lovely vacation,right? I am sure that they appreciate real Italians that can communicate to the people in various languages. We are here to be friendly and to give great service. The food is, in my opinion, representative of Italy. We have 20 years of experience in wines. You know, it isn't rocket science. I am most comfortable telling you that I  hope your audience is friendly and loves Italy. That they want to have fun.That they want to joke with Italians, the real ones here. That is the reason that they should trust us and have a great time." he says.
     I, although a little intimidated with the great Capo, truly loved him and trusted his opinions. 
Reservations? Ciro prefers would rather that you email him to the address:      
or call the number:   06 47 8 25033 Immagine correlata"Yes the pizza we have here you can say is very original. It is a mixture of Naples, which is me, and Rome, which is my other 2 partners. It isn't thick, the way Naples is, nor thin, the way Rome is, it is middle and perfect." says Ciro trying to describe his pizza. 
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                                                                PANTALEO food wine mixology
                                                                 Piazza di San Pantaleo 4                                                                         
Image may contain: people sitting, table and indoor
                Caviar anyone? I personally LOVE CAVIAR and when I walked into the very sophisticated cocktail and Lavish bar, I was immediately drawn to the huge Caviar cans above the Sushi bar...yet the owner, Roman, approached me and in such a cool friendly way and showed me the entire upstairs velvet lounge area with the balcony overlooking the ristorante and the downstairs cellar complete with a table for wine tastes, that I almost forgot to ask about the Caviar. Almost. "Yes we have the Caviar and it is very special since it comes from the Brescia area. We have octopus and cuttlefish from Venecia, and we have a couple of Roman traditional dishes, yet you can see on the chalkboard that we have American Burgers and Tacos, of all items on the menu. I would definitely say that we are a upscale New York American style of bar ristorante. We want it to be international and meditereanean. Very cosmopolitan since, although you can find such things to do in Milan, here at Rome it is rare." 
          may contain: 1 person, smiling, indoor
We met Sergio, Roman's partner,and Giovanni who says, "I love to eat, that is about it." in Italian language with Sergio translating today. "My wife is in Marketing and Advertising and  her name is Amelia. Let's see if she loves the website." he says before committing to doing it. Yet here we are and I am very happy since it is a juxatoposition of elegance and sophistication just steps between Piazza Navona and Campo Fiore and in addition Sergio says, "People don't come for one hour. They come and they stay 3 to 6 hours. They have dinner and they go upstairs to the lounge and have long conversations and stay 5 hours drinking cocktails. It is essentially a great eclectic restaurant that has tacos and caviar and mixologists from around the world. The downstairs has the wine cellar and our sommelier is the number one in all of Italy 2016. That is the person you have wine tastes with. Make sure you tell your guests to reserve the day before to do a wine taste with the master and enjoy learning about Italian wines." he says. 
Please check out the GORGEOUS photos on facebook and social media courtesy of Amelia, Sergio's very beautiful and ambitious wife! Image may contain: one or more people, people sitting, table and indoor
"I have 3 in my social, me and Sergio and Giovanni." says Roman. "I worked for 24 years at the Lavish hotel at the Spanish steps and met one of my partners and all of us have been in Michelin restaurants or hotels or equivalent. We, of course are very used to the client that expects and deserves very attentive service, both in prestentation and in present. We try to have fun and be friendly, since it is our baby and our first project together, yet at the same time we have a standard that we expect ourselves to live up to," he says.   Location: Piazza di San Pantaleo 4. 
                            06 9357 2514
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Image may contain: people sitting and indoor
Image may contain: food
No automatic alt text available.
  "The restaurant is now 4 years old. I try my best. I hope you find it friendly yet sophisticated. My team is dressed professionally yet for me it is a feeling of comfort. I want you to have a nice feel about the coming to my restaurant. I used my grandmother's signature, Emma, as the logo, and although she never had her own restaurant, nor anybody in my family, she taught me everyday in the kitchen. She taught me how to roll the dough and make it light and thin and crispy. That is the true Roman style of pizza, that you are eating." says Francesco and it is the first time I say that I have ever tasted real Roman pizza. Usually it is thick and heavy. "That is more Napolean style. The Roman is thin, and I always recommend one of my 13 champagnes. " 
I stop him and say, "EXCUSE ME! CHAMPAGNE?" . "Yes we have 13 of the champagne families represented and I always say to try my pizza with champagne. " He calls his director and speaks in rapid Italian, not that I could understand if he spoke more slowly yet I decide that I have a little trouble only because it is spoken fast! In one minute the champagne arrives! UM it is REAL GOOD CHAMPAGNE!  ... A ROSE  that is perfect with pizza, so if you can afford to spend over 60.00 euros for pizza, which is light, followed by some of the best champagne I would definitely recommend it for a girl's night out! Wow! 
Yes they have black truffle pizza in season now as we speak with a special menu created every 7 to 8 times per year, yet the main menu of which is changed every 
                     4 months can be viewed on the                                              website:
           via Monte della Farina 28/29
                                06 6476 0475Image may contain: dessert and food
"I worked as a selector of tomatoes and fresh supplies for restaurants with my own company many years. I wasn't a rich person. And I worked with some of the best restaurants in Rome in terms of respected tradition and highest quality, one of which is, Pier Luigi Salumeria Roscioli.  
"When I started the restaurant I felt that maybe 3 of the restaurants in the city were up to my level and I wanted to make mine the same level that I respected. I believe that in the last 4 years I have done that. Every night we are full with reservations, yet it is funny since the Americans come and they say, Can we slide in between reservations? and while most other cultures ask for the full reservation time, the Americans are more than happy to have 1 hour of the best food and wine and on to their night of enjoying Rome." says Francesco. I say that we only receive 2 weeks of vacation every year while most countries have 4 to 6. Maybe that is why when we see a great deal we grab it, use it and be thankful for the time we had. Image may contain: 4 people, people smiling, people sitting, table, drink and indoor
"At Emma's it is ultimately about a personal graciousness that I try to give my guests, I respect the people that helped me and are my friends and I respect my guests. From the personal art collection of Keith Haring on my walls to the Roy Lichtenstein that I bought as a congratulations gift on my 3rd year of my restaurant. Each painting is of my collection." says Fancesco.  I say why doesn't that surprise me! He chooses the menu, the decor, the music, the team, and yet he stays as a team. With his team. Image may contain: food
Francesco says, "My guests are always nice and especially Americans. They seem to be happy all the time and ask questions and they never are in a bad mood. And although some are casual occaisionally they come dressed to the T's, the way most Italians dress all the time. Every American compliments the team and me. Every time they take a minute to say "how amazing!" I would love to visit America and have it planned for next March!" A lovely blonde American woman and her husband were eating lunch and she chimed in, "I am from South Carolina. And I can say yes Americans are nice, the ones who travel outside of America are nice!" and I started giggling.
       I say later to Francesco, "Well that is alright because the only ones that you meet are the ones that travel outside of America!" Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, sitting, drink, table and indoor
     "The Italians love the quiet elegance and decor, you know we are known for dressing nicely, I guess because we feel, especially in Rome, that we are surrounded by such beauty everyday we need to blend in." he says laughing. "Every culture is different and I am a little shy, so I sit behind and love to stay in the background. Yet the menu is mine. The music is mine. I don't come in one day and say I wonder what music I shall have today, I already know. If they come to say Hi I appreciate every culture and country, yet at heart my team interacts more with the guests. And my team is great.!"   As he says that he asks the director to bring me food and soon arrives a bio pizza, a super bio pizza actually. IL MONTE DELLA FARINA - Le nostre pizze speciali SuperBio 12,00 Mozzarella di bufala Dop di Paestum, pomodoro a piennolo del Vesuvio Bio Casa Barone, olio Castello di Monsanto e basilico
"I usually give the region of where the ingredients come from and in addition from which farmer. If my competitor uses these, I don't care. It is for the guests. Some guests really want to know and some just want to eat the pizza!" he says seriously. Image may contain: table and food

Image may contain: pizza and food
            ENJOY LIFE do a MAYA TOUR of ROME
       let's face are tours! WAIT! how about painting your own masterpiece in a wine and painting 7.00pm class!
Mufasa is the capo of "MAYA" tours, "I started the tour company in 2007 and it is 10 years now. I heard many tourists ask about and helped many when they asked about the interests of Rome. And finally I said alright let me start my own company. Now it is 50 tour guides with me that do personal tours of Vatican, Vatican gardens, Vatican garden buses, Night tours, Food tours (yes it is dinner), Colosseum, Roman Forum and Palatine tours, and the cool guided sunset tour in the ancient city center of Rome."Image may contain: indoor
Alright let's talk about the gardens of the Vatican,"Yes, we have that tour. I offer the tour of the Vatican gardens with a tour bus, too. They are real big gardens!" laughs Mufasa.Image may contain: tree, sky, plant, outdoor and nature "The Vatican is such a sacred place and if you walk around the church you can become lost. The private tours tell the stories of the art on the wall. In essence the entire tour is about the art. Why is the Sistine Chapel so special? Why is the room of Raphael such of interest and what do the paintings mean? You shall learn that the four rooms of  Raphael are the apartment that is on the second floor of the Pontifical Palace and that section is known as the chosen living quarters of Julius II della Rovere.(1503 to 1513)Risultati immagini
            I hope you have fun here is the contacts...
           please use online reservations and phone 
                              0039 327 597 5624
                           via germanico 16                                 

             art and wine tour...includes painting!Image may contain: people sitting  Now let's talk about the art and wine. You can stroll the city and drink wine and eat aperitivos and during the 2 and1/2 to 3hr. tour you enter a art studio with a teacher who instructs you 1 hr on the painting class of which you continue to drink wine and eat aperitivos and take the masterpiece home with the love of Rome.
  "We have the Coliseum and Forum and Palatine tours and we have tours in 6 languages plus if you call and ask us for a language that you speak such as Arabic and Chinese, we can do that too. Just ask." says Mufasa. 
      "Why do people love us and use us? Because we are very knowledgeable and have 50 young guides that are fun and happy to guide you. Because we give the rare historical tours, yet fun and new ones to interact with the culture of the city such as art and wine and food!" says Mufasa. "Yes it is a HUGE jewel of a tour and BIG dinner, you eat a lot of food that is true. We do Campo Fiore and Trastevere and we eat at a couple of restaurants that let us! You can have a lovely and a fattening! tour! " 
  Mufasa is so sweet and nice you will immediately fall in love!"I love the people and I loved helping all the tourists that came to ask me for advice. When I started my own tour company I ask the guests what they enjoy and what they want to do in Rome. We have great fun doing new tours. Life is now. I hope you enjoy it." Mufasa says. When he introduces himself I say, "not yet" and he is puzzled. I ask if he knows the famous scene from the LION KING of Mufasa and he laughs. O yes the famous scene of we are still alive youngster. 
Image may contain: sky, twilight and outdoor
                     It is a beautifully elegant restaurant, with the Maestro, Allessandro ready to serve you his families kitchen at the door. He takes your coat and greets you warmly, yet professionally. Two tables are in the foyer surrounded by the wine stunningly displayed. Allessandro is a Juxtaposition of professionalism and playfulness. As I read his wine and champagne labels, I ask if he has the rapper Jay Z and Beyonce's label. We google on the internet and see it is one he doens't carry yet. "Maybe I shall, although it is a special label, Ace of Spades, that he has at around 900.00 euros I see here on the internet!" You know, playful in that respect that you can talk to him as a normal person. And as you enter the huge stately mansion with his precious restored rooms and the historic wine cellars, which are some of the most breathtaking rooms I have ever seen. 
     The Bleve family discovered the Roman walls and have restored these downstairs from the Augustan age to its original splendor.                                             CASA BLEVE 
                                                                                 06 686 5970
Image may contain: indoor
The cool great ancient cellar of the Casa Bleve where the wine is kept, is "quite cold and smells musty since it is very ancient so we don't do dinner in the cellar; however, sometimes we open a great bottle of wine for the guests to start the dinner and they enjoy it a couple of minutes here." Allessandro says. "I am very happy to have the refrigerated glass case in the front of Casa Bleve, since it allows us to show all of the wine and champagne. We try to be professional here," he says as he takes the coats of the lunch guests graciously. They are all nicely dressed and he says, "Yes during lunch they come from the professional offices and occaisionally we have tourists, yet they mostly come at night. Families are welcome, after all we are one big family here, yet I tell them when they come and ask if they can bring 5 young children that want to eat french fries and pizza that we don't have pizza here. We can do all kinds of pasta or dishes to help you with children and it is alright if they want to play and run around the elegant restaurant. We love children. But Casa Bleve isn't a pizzeria. It is a elegant lovely restaurant with my mother's recipes in the kitchen. We can try to do any kind of pasta dish you ask for to help the children be happy." He laughs when I see Tina Bleve, the great chef, carrying dishes to the table just now, "Okay and sometimes yes here the chef is, that is true." 
Immagine correlata
"I don't know why we are in Michelin," says the VERY funny Allessandro. "You know I think they must have 2 categories of Michelin, for the very important restaurants and for us!" he says and although he seems serious as I see his restauarant, food and clients I think um I believe that I know why. I say that it is very elegant and it must definitely be up to Michelin standards since it has been on there 4 years. "Yes, except we don't have degustation menus, we change the menu a couple times per year and my mother does specials sometimes everyday, yet it is a family restaurant. Elegant, yes, a little expensive in the sense lunch is about 30.00 to 40.00 euros per person simply because the parliament and guests must go back to work at lunch, and at night maybe 60.00 to 70.00 euros since they can drink more wine and champagne." He is a funny guy! Nice and very family oriented. "My brother is Antonio," says Allessandro,  Gino's brother is Antonio, and my mother is Tina, the chef. We used to have before 5 years the Osteria which is more the family Trattoria and we had a great reputation and since moving to the huge beautiful space we  have been in Michelin." he says. L'immagine può contenere: persone sedute, tabella e spazio al chiuso
  "With glossy cared for floors, white elegant linens, fresh flowers artfully arranged daily by the cousin Gino Bleve, and the kitchen expertise of Tina Bleve, it is a must when in Rome! 
Risultati immagini per casa bleve rome
 Casa Bleve is one of my favorite restaurants simply for 3 reasons, the beauty of the majestic building, the Bleve family and the food! These are lovely reasons to visit and try some of the Chef, Tina Bleve's dishes, to sample some of Gino's flowers he does fresh everyday on the tables, and the grace and service to be greeted by Allessandro, Tina's son.    The restaurant is located at:
        Via del Teatro Valle, 48 to 49, RomeImage may contain: food
"O! I want that!" I say always when I see food coming from the kitchen and yes it is a real plate that you see here.L'immagine può contenere: 2 persone, persone sedute, persone che mangiano, tabella, cibo e spazio al chiuso

L'immagine può contenere: 1 persona
   Venerina's son, Nicola Marchesani at work. 
"The way that the lady wants is to welcome people as a family. Many days she sat with Papa Ratizinger from Regensburg, Germany. Although most people know him as Benedict, here he is a friend and all the time he came. His favorite dish is the fettucine with seafood. Many cardinals come and came here. It is a traditional respected restaurant that is known for 3 items, good food, good tradition and good service." says Rosario translating as the lovely tiny Venerina smiles and nods. She says, "Mangiare," and she pats her tummy. "I love to eat." she says and they both laugh when I ask if she was skinny when she just owned the bar and when she started the restaurant she became chubby. They both start laughing. "NO!" exclaims Rosario. "She was NEVER skinny. She LOVES to eat!" he says. "Especially her food. It is very important to say that every item on the menu is her choice." he says and she adds, "Every item is care. Every item is my favorite. Every item is a recipe that I love and we taste to see that it is perfect and we add it to the menu. I love each one." she says.         may contain: 2 people, people sitting, table and indoor
"And if you don't pay your bill boys and girls you must make pizza all day for the guests! ha ha ha."
Rosario tries to translate as he attentively goes to each guest, "She comes from a tiny village in South Italy and the region is named Molise. As you can see from the pictures, she rode the donkey in the village." he says. I ask him if he could ask Venerina that when she is a little girl in that village does she ever imagine the life of owning 5 important restaurants and soon a 4star! hotel," I joke, " in the biggest tourist city in the world, Rome? Next to the Pope's Vaticano and having lunch with a pope a couple times a month?" He laughs and asks her. She opens her eyes wide and shakes her head, "she says that it is such a privilege and how lucky she is to have the life she does." he says. 
For the ones who love Pizza...try the homemade at Osteria Venerina were the cooks give a little lesson! Image may contain: 4 people, people smiling, people sitting and indoor
...and connected with the Ristorante Venerina, you walk from the Yellow linened table-clothed room, to a formal dining room with tapesty covered windows and chairs and a real fireplace of warmth to the Locanda-a casual and comfortable pizzeria, where the pizzaolo hides when I come to take pictures and the guests laugh. 
"And each restaurant Venerina personally decorates." says Rosario, and Venerina adds, "and I love each one." she says!   As the years went by and they added different style restaurants, Venerina was always at the helm, choosing the tapestry for the window lace curtains, to the chairs and tables and colors of the linens to the wall painting! "It is my dynasty. When I want something, the kids(meaning Nicola and Domenico), say do this mama, yet I do what I want to do." says Rosario translating! OK! I believe that she has earned it!                                      may contain: 2 people, people smiling, text
                  Osteria Orbitelli is located at Via Orbitelli 13 and is a REAL South Italy Restaurant
                   complete with the history authentic South Italian tradition of Calabria, Naples and the famous                     Blue Moon Restaurant and of course the 3 year old Osteria Orbitelli that is always full of 
                   tables speaking cool dialects. Want a I ate at the Capo's Grandmother's  house restaurant? 
                   Come here and be instantly and formally greeted by Antonio, the Big Capo's son.                               
Image may contain: food and indoor
 What is one of the best things about having a father with great connections and a famous restaurant?
            "Meeting people such as the star Constantino Vitaliano," says Antonio, the young son who helps run the very South Italy restaurant hidden here in Rome.    
Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people standing and indoor
Image may contain: dessert, food and indoor
Image may contain: food
                   I met Giggi and his daughter, Floriana, at the lovely Trattoria Vaticano Giggi, of which the famous actor Luigi Tondinelli, is now the Capo of and they inivited me to lunch. And his beautiful daughter, Floriana, is a famous artist of who has had a art gallery 13 years in the city. Her art is AMAZING. Check out her art on her facebook which is...shown below. Right now I tried the Tiramisu and it is very fattening.                
L'immagine può contenere: 4 persone
   The typical Roman traditional dishes include the ones pictured below, "We do the traditional carbonara, spaghetti, with egg and bacon. It is a specialty." says Floriana. "My cook has been here 10 years, she has been a cook since she was 15 years old. One other specialty of the house is omelette of potatoes with onions without egg. The second dish is let's say, lamb , meat grilled, meatballs, trippe, pork rinds with beans, the stew with meat beef and potatoes, and eggplant parmigiana.
  "This is spaghetti, carbonara with bacon, which is a typical Roman dish that we serve at the restaurant. It is a simple dish that Romans from Italy  love." says Floriana. 
L'immagine può contenere: cibo
"The Italian Director, Nanny Loy went to the bar and when people were drinking cappuccino,  he put his brioche in the cappuccino, and the people would say WHAT ARE YOU DOING! and then people would laugh and he would say,"SMILE YOU ARE ON CANDID CAMERA!"  
  "Alright,  a lesson on food: here is the famous Bucatini alla Amatriciana." says Floriana laughing. " It is a combination of tomato, bacon and bucatini." L'immagine può contenere: cibo
"The restaurant is 12 years old in that location yes,
 but my father is Giggi who has been in the restaurant field since 34 years." says Floriana. "And he used to have the Beach Club which is the bar and restaurant in Ostia, the beach city of Rome. "My father had other bars and restaurants before in the city of Rome. His involvement with the cinema of Italy began before he was in the restaurant business. Yet during his work as a actor he owned and worked at several restaurants and bars while he would show his portfolio to the agents.  When he was finished in the film business many actors and directors would visit him and his participation in the restaurant world became famous.  His favorite one is Nanny Loy's Mi Manda Picone, who introduced Candid Camera to Italy." 
   When I enter the restaurant it is as if entering a family home, from the pictures on the wall of famous cinema, of which Giggi has been a part of, to the art room on the second room of local artists. and it makes me very comfortable. I loved the restaurant for warmth, its friendliness and of course, it has great food and wine which I had the white wine from Roman Castles, pasta with fresh tomatos, tiramisu, which I must is the creamiest tiramisu I have ever had! And the pasta was the softest melt in the mouth pasta ever! 

                                                        Here is the list of the many films that Giggi has starred in:
  • La madama di Duccio Tessari (1976)
  • Sono fotogenico di Dino Risi (1980)
  • Mi manda Picone di Nanni Loy (1983)
  • Yesterday - Vacanze al mare di Claudio Risi (1985)
  • Caramelle da uno sconosciuto di Franco Ferrini (1986)
  • Ginger e Fred di Federico Fellini (1986)
  • Quelli del casco di Luciano Salce (1987)
  • Teresa di Dino Risi (1987)
  • I ragazzi della 3 C di Claudio Risi (1987)
  • Carla - quattro storie di donne (1990)
  • SPQR nel ruolo de "Il Matricianus" di Claudio Risi (1998)
  •   The team wears the tshirt with loyalty saying I AM WITH GIGGI
  • L'immagine può contenere: 2 persone, persone che sorridono, persone sedute, tabella e spazio al chiuso
"My father teaches me to be kind to people all around the world." says Floriana laughing. "and the guests appreciate it a lot because not in the other restaurants they don't speak other languages. And here they know actually the food that they eat." 
   Alright, Giggi's daughter is following in his footsteps of a famous entreprenuer of the arts...with the paintings that she has showcased for 13 years and can be found with contacting her on the email:
or at the 
Trattoria Vaticano Giggi restaurant Via Catone 10, Rome, and in the future the art will be showcased in Trattoria Vaticano Giggi. 
                                   " MERCURIO"
L'immagine può contenere: 1 persona
           ...the artist at work Floriana TondinelliL'immagine può contenere: 1 persona, con sorriso
  • The madam of Duccio Tessari (1976)
  • I am photogenic of Dino Risi (1980)
  • Sends me Picone of Nanni Loy (1983)
  • Yesterday- Vacations to the sea of Claudio Risi (1985)
  • Candy from a stranger of Franco Ferrini (1986)
  • Ginger e Fred of Federico Fellini (1986)
  • Those of the helmet of Luciano Salce (1987)
  • Teresa of Dino Risi (1987)
  • The boys of the 3 C of Claudio Risi (1987)
  • Carla- Four stories of Women (1990)
  • SPQR in the role of "The Matricianus" (13 episodes) of Claudio Risi (1998)
                   location; Via Catone 10
     reservations: 0039 063 973 0551
Because Floriana works a lot of days with her father, Giggi,since she was 15 she is influenced by him.  She works and studies her art at the same time, being working along side Giggi has inspired her art. 
 "I see the work of the restaurant and I used to have contact with the guests and I learn the work by my father, and I learn the two things with each other. So, yes since I am a little girl I have always worked with Giggi and he is my first art critic to approve my work." Then I ask Floriana why she doesn't miss art.

Floriana says, "Because I had a lot of satisfaction and my paintings are appreciated, and  I have a personal commission  by art collectors." 
   And now what is her job now in the restaurant?
    "I am a entreprenuer and my job now is to give people good and fresh food like near the Vatican city. To be kind with people with internationals from everywhere in the world who come in to Rome in the restaurant speaking English, French, Italian and Spanish. They love us and our food and they come back again and when they revisit Rome they come again in the restaurant and that is a lovely satisfaction for us." 
                      Alright ready for her art!
   And my favorite of course of the art of Floriana is "ZEFIRO" Nessun testo alternativo automatico disponibile.
...AND HERE , AS MOST OF HER WORK IS MYTHOLOGY, we have included some of her favorites.
                                     " L'amazzone"
L'immagine può contenere: 1 persona
L'immagine può contenere: spazio al chiuso e cibo
                                  ... the preparation of Amatriciana with a little bit of the White Roman Castle wine
                            after the bacon cooking and before the put the tomato.The dedication to Giggi from Mr. Fabirzi reads:
                            Roman Actor named Aldo Fabrizi to Giggi when they met in 1974!    
                                               Each day they prepare a special soup homage to Aldo Fabrizi!  
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  L'immagine può contenere: sMS

Nessun testo alternativo automatico disponibile.
Alright met Paolo, Fabrizio and Tatiana at the fun MY BEST TOUR which specializes in GOLF CARTS, and although the Sistene Chapel dancers aren't quite the modern ROMAN NIGHT CLUGB show, THEY SEEM QUITE FUN and since my President Mr. Donald Trump is the GOLF CART KING, I thought it only right to ask their story and add the cool fun and very caring company to the website. They "specialize in Golf Carts mostly since the people who have trouble walking, such as disabled people, can enjoy the city of Rome, yet we have kids and adults that just love to relax and have fun with the driver and learn about the city. You know when you are on vacation, you want to be pampered. We have the golf cart tours that allow you to sit back and ask questions while the professional works. We have a entire stable of 20 some golf carts. And yes of course we have the traditional walking tours, THE PERSONALIZED GOLF CART TOURS and added the cooking tours since people seem to enjoy learning about the culture of Italy and bringing a little bit of experience back home with them!" Paolo says laughing. He is the jokester. Fabrizion is the serious one and wants to know all about the people that come to my website and I tell him that "my people" are very educated and cultural oriented and want to talk to the local people and learn about the country that they have chosen to spend their valuable vacation on.
"We are experienced tour guides of the city since we have personally given International people private tours for decades around the city of Rome. Since it is difficult driving the minivans around Rome due to parking spaces etc, we have decided to finally do the legal golf cart mode of transporation and bring people that love the city to their special sites." says Paolo joking.  Located at Via Santamaura 9, walk here, facebook, website or call at: 0039337 783 255
L'immagine può contenere: spazio al chiuso
     "Yes we are specialized in the sense that we take you places where you might not have ever thought of actually being such as the restaurants that locals eat, where we eat, the bars where we think have the best atmosphere and if you want we can also take you home with us."says Fabrizio and since he rarely jokes I am sure he is sincere!
"i know that it is important for people to have fun at Rome yet at the same time they chose the city mostly because of its historical significance. If you are a serious person, couple or group on the tour and you want a serious factual tour, the guides are very skilled in doing such a tour; however, if you are here to have fun and enjoy the city the guides will have fun with you and you can learn much continueing around Rome on the Golf Cart." says both Fabrizio and Paolo since both talk at the same time.
    Of course they have the Vaticano, the Coliseum, yet they have special private tours, walking tours, GOLF CART TOURS that I love since I love to TIP the CART and pick it up! ha ha ha. My specialty when golfing, yet they have COOKING CLASSES FROM LOCAL WOMEN that take you to the MERCATO and shop with em and they BRING YOU TO THE ROMAN WOMAN'S HOME FOR THE COOKING CLASS. 
                           How cool is that! 
L'immagine può contenere: cielo, albero, spazio all'aperto e natura
   THE BEAUTY OF ROME SEEN only through the eyes of locals, enthusiastic hikers, or the MY BEST TOURS guides!
                 The Capos and the team and as you can see the beauty of the Taverna Angelica
L'immagine può contenere: cibo
"The food is Roman yet we have a little different presentation with the wine and the food. The wine is chosen from me and I try to visit as many small wineries as I can, in addition, I have many who come here and invite me to the vineyards. All of the wine is found in Italy and I am usually the one who finds it!" she laughs. "The wine usually can not be found in the super markets ever. If you love the wine here you should either buy another bottle, since the vineyards rarely make more than 300,000 bottles that I chose per year, or ask me for the contact of the vineyard and I can give that to you." says Mariella. 

Nessun testo alternativo automatico disponibile.
"The food is from many regions of Italy including, of course, Rome, yet we needed to respect the Roman tradition as that city hosts us, and at the same time do our own cuisine, and the menu has items from Sicilia, Emilia-Romagna, Campania, Piemonte, and Lazio naturally. The chef does an amazing job presenting the plate. Simply beautiful and I love when people take time out to compliment me with the things that they do write. They send me emails from America, as I told you, and always ask for the place where they can buy the wine. I am very happy to hear guests when they come for dinner to say someone recommended their visit. As we are usually only open for dinner, I guess we can be a little more elegant at night and I try to be very personal and professional with the table." she says. "In addition, the team speaks, Italian, Dutch, English, Spanish and French! I speak 3 languages and Francesco, the waiter speaks 5! So, it is truly a bilingual restaurant where everybody can feel comfortable." 
Mariella, the lady Capo, is very formal and professional as is the first impression of the swanky copper gilded restaurant, "Yes I added the copper 16 years ago since I loved working with copper. I grew up in Naples and Rome and the United States where I was a journalist! Yes believe me,"she says laughing since I am a real journalist! "When I came back to Rome I met my partner, Guido, who asked if I wanted to open a restaurant with him and I said yes.   We started the Taverna Angelica 16 years now and the copper touches on the tables and walls have been here since then. My good friend is a artist and the pieces of her art are mixed in with my copper sculptures on the walls. I think it gives it a elegant mood to the restaurant." I do too since the restaurant is beautiful and in 2007 received its first entry into Michelin. 
L'immagine può contenere: 3 persone
"What I really enjoy is when I present a wine to the table that I have suggested would be good for their dinner entry and they love it. They always compliment me and sometimes email me when they are back in the United States and want me to ship them wine! That is when I give the vineyards email. They do that, I am a restaurant!" she laughs. A very elegant restaurant and a very nice team. "Yes my entire team is great and my partner is lovely and Francesco, who you said Hi to, is wonderful. The chef is from Rome, of course, and we work with him on the selections of the menu. He does 4 different ones, one for each season. We show you the menu on the website, too." she says.  They use products from some of the best farms around the world and it is arguably the best restaurant near the Vaticano so please be prepared to make reservations and here is how! 
                              06 68 74 514
Nessun testo alternativo automatico disponibile.
                  Hosteria Grappolo d' oro in Campo di Fiore, Rome, Italy. 
                                                        it is all about the Slow Food Process at Grappolo. Risultati immagini per hosteria grappolo d'oro
"We started the restaurant in 2000, yet it has been here in the location about 100 years. The fun thing for me? Hmm, honestly, Simone, my partner does most of the Public Relations and interviews, but what the heck . let's try it with my so and so English." Andrea says as I say please it is my last day in Rome and I must interview him today!  "My rest of my team works very hard, especially Antonello, who is responsible for all the menu choices and helps me with the wine, and Francesco, who you met today at lunch. He is the cook today!" he says. I feel very bad as he misses Francesco's yummy lunch as we do the interview sitting at the table while the team eats. When I ask why the girl is the only one eating the white cream sauce on the famous pasta dish, "She is on a diet. She says the tomato sauce is too fattening!" he says. Image may contain: food
"The first year that we received the number 1 Slow Food restaurant in Rome, Italy is 2016. It is quite a surprise, yet we were like, "WOW" and the next year we had soooooo much stress thinking that we wanted to be number one again. The last year, 2018, is lovely. We are very happy. They said in  2018 that we have accomplished much in the world of today since everybody is wanting the easy way out. Let's call up and order food, yet we go to the Mercato everyday. That means that when I , " says Andrea, "go to the Mercato everyday I have to pick the fresh vegatables of the season and come and clean these vegatables. Others order on the phone and then the order comes already clean.No automatic alt text available.It is MUCH more difficult to have to do the slow food requirements which encompasses when the guest walks in the door we greet them warmly and with friendliness, that when we give the guest the menu it is with homemade desserts, homemade pasta, made to order food everyday. That we do it in a society and neighborhood that is constantly becoming faster and faster. It is difficult for us to do it everyday the way my Grandmother did it, yet it is important. I am very happy here." says Andrea. We had such a lovely talk! 
                                +39 06 6897080
                         Piazza della Cancelleria, 80                          Hosteria Grappolo D'Oro
"O, I see you have Sandro Petrini on the mentioned of the Il Falchetto restaurant, " says Andrea and all of a sudden we check out the slow food owner, which is Carlos Petrini. Hey I say. The Sandro is the past President of Italy. He starts laughing hilariously, "Um, Em, that is Sandro Pertini!, not Petrini!" OOps I say and correct it. Yet, I tell him, it is fate I found Grappolo since they have similiar names!            of the photo below Andrea says., "WE are very pleased to have won for the 3rd year in a row the slow food award of Rome..." Um...does anyone know where the dessert is.Image may contain: food
"O and if you LOVE CHAMPAGNE you can come here as we have yes real Champagne from France, about 12 different types since I personally love champagne!" says Andrea. "And Antonello finds the great wines from Germany, France and Spain. while I know a little about the wines of Italy since having tasted every 250 bottles  that we currently have!" he says laughing. Must come here. Christmas? "We're already completely booked. Which makes me feel good to know that people around the world can feel at  home here.! "
Image may contain: people sitting, table, indoor and food
...the exquisite beauty of Collegio Rome, a modern day brass bar Speakeasy in plain site! 
Image may contain: people sitting and indoor
  Love Collegio if you are "young and beautiful, powerful and connected, chic and stylish, curious and fun, interested in a smart, eclectic yet traditional era of Roman Heritage, the list can go on and on,"says the young entreprenuer who is the 5th generation of the Santarelli family that immigrated to Rome in the 1900s from Amatrice. "My grandfather and grandmother came here and opened 12 wine stores around Rome selling wine, later in the 1960s they started their own farm and we actually have vineyards now and produce our wine. However the restaurant here is the first restaurant in the family and I am at the helm. I wanted to bring the young team with me. Since the last 6 months all my team is under 34 and I am 27, my head chef is under 30, and my bartender too. We have a kitchen that is modern and progressive featuring real authentic Italian food, yet in a lovely fresh presentation. And in additon since the kitchen is open til midnight, people stay and drink cocktails sometimes to 2.00am." he says.                                                 
               Telefono: +39 06/69 94 099 2
     Piazza Capranica 99/100, 00186 Roma
        Happy Hour 5.30pm to 8.00pm                       10.00euros Cocktails! Image may contain: indoor
"My family had always been involved in the wine business and the first restaurant is the Collegio. I hope I can make it trendy and young. That is my goal." says Sebastian! 
"The name Collegio came from the actual name that is known in Italy as the school of Priests, literally. Since the building and the walls that we are in, we physically own, yet the entire building the Church owns, and there is a real school for priests above us, we thought to honor the tradition and with respect to name the restaurant Collegio. It seems fit.! " says the very serious Sebastian as he talks about his chic restaurant. "The entire modern chrome and metal design, though is from a architect friend of ours, we aren't that creative, we're a wine family." he says laughing. "We have the vineyard and farm and the Rome home, I prefer the farm where I go a couple of days a week and here the rest. I love the tradition of my family and enjoy telling people the story of Berardino Santarelli and Figli which originally had 12 wine stores in Rome. The only one still living is here at Via Del Collegio Capranica.Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling, food Now it is my restaurant where personal fun welcoming is a must." says Sebastian and since I believe him having seen his way that he greets the guests and leads the guests to the tables personally, I added the lovely Collegio. 
Sebastian, the young 5th generation son of the famous Santarelli family of Amatrice, says the above is "a typical dish found only in my home country, with sheep and handmade gnocchis and amatriciana sauce." as he explains the heritage of his great grandfather and grandmother from the Amatrice region. 
"I am especially proud of my latest 6 month editions, Igor Pazienza, who is the head bartender pictured in the video, and Patrick Dianetti, the head chef. I hired both when I came on board and they are part of my young, professional always and energetic team." says Sebastian. Image may contain: one or more people, people sitting, indoor and food
and try facebook for pics and funny guests adding the view they have.
"The varied menu is traditional with modern prestentations such as Gnocchi Ricci Di Amatrice, or Ossobuco Alla Romana, and Fettuccina Al Funghi Porcini, yet each one has a added herb and a special way of using the ingredients that make people love to come here and try new dishes. I am very happy with my young team now." says Sebastian. Image may contain: food and indoor
 "The architects used a lot of people in the rebuilding of the place and the wood gives a homey affectionate feel to it. The use of metal and the little balcony is visually appealing and the bar is very chic and modern. I love that the people always compliment the bar room and the other dining room which is open to let them see the cooks at work. That is the first impression of the place and when they taste the food they are very happy. Since the kitchen is open til midnight, the Europeans and the South Americans love it as they come in about 22.00pm to midnight to eat. The Americans and Asians eat early. Yet you can eat at the bar from here and you can stay and drink our great cocktails til early morning!" says Sebastian. 
Image may contain: 1 person, shoes, table and food
Image may contain: food and indoor
                                       and they have a Volare in Chicago Illinois, too. Been there it is GREAT!
Photo of Ristorante Volare - Roma, Italy. Veggie soup
                 My lunch lasted 3 hours and Emanuele took his day off to do a interview from 11.00am to way past my lunch of 14.25!. They are Sardegna born and bred, and best of friends. They pretty much own Sardegna.Photo of Ristorante Volare - Roma, Italy. Young roasted pig with potatoes
"You know Maurizio loves the design. He has created the black and white motives here. He loves to do that and he is good at it. I am the wine guy," laughs Emanuele. "Maurizio and the chef from Sardegna, of course, do the menu. I love the wine. People have a idea about Sardegna that it has the best fish in the world. Actually that is true. We do have the best lobster. The waters of Sardegna are pure, uncontaminated. Everybody from Tuscany to Rome buys the fish from Sardegna. Yet we are famous for the sheep cheese, pecorino, and the goat cheese, Caprino, too. I bet the people around the world should know that too." says Emanuele. I learned about a lot of cheese! Since Pecorino is my favorite, I am happy to know now where it comes from! Location.Via di S. Giovanni in Laterano, 48, reservations 06 6476 4939
        Photo of Ristorante Volare - Roma, Italy
"I would love to invite  you  to lunch," says Emanuele and of course I say yes. I had just had a 1 hr. interview with the very eloquent and serious Maurizio and his joking half Emanuele. They came together to Rome at the age of 16 and have been friends and business partners 33 years. "Here is the baby. It is the first restaurant that we have owned." says Emanuele. "The most difficult is putting up with my waitresses!" he jokes and says no no dont write that! Ane, his interpreter and waitress laugh, "Emanuele is the joker. He is all the time making jokes and Maurizio is the lecturer. If I ask him one simple question, I learn much!" she laughs. And they laugh too. "It is true," says Maurizio. "Yet we compliment each other. You know people say to me that we have the world visit us. Yet to us it is a special vacation. A special day for the people to come to us after planning one year of fun. We too have a lovely time with their perfect vacation that they have chosen to share the day with us. It is very important for us to enjoy our guests too" he says. 
Photo of Ristorante Volare - Roma, Italy. Eggplant parm
                         "I am a pharmacist, my father was a pharmacist, my brother is a pharmacist, " starts the conversation with my newest addition to Rome, a lovely shabby chic "totally original recipes from 100s of years" restaurant near the Coliseum, with the real intelligent Capo. GianCarlo loves to talk about his food at the Il Bocconcino, via Ostilia , 23.  
"I research the ancient recipes and I find one that I want to do.That is when the real work starts. We have to find the freshest ingredients that are in season now. And we have to find trustworthy producers and suppliers that we can receive these from. That is alright and continueing that relationship is the hardest aspect. It has to be a long term relationship. I have a love of food. My mother, Luisa has a love of food. In the summer we have a dessert named the Lemon Creme of Momma Luisa and that is a traditional dessert that the school children received in the afternoons when I was growing up. We serve it here in the summer and everybody says, O I used to eat that as a child!"  It is little details such as that you can find here, plus the team is the nicest and most professional, gracious. I said that to the Capo. "Yes I try to train the team to be so. I am happy to hear that they are!" he laughs. 
L'immagine può contenere: cibo
"As I said, I am a pharmacist and I used to be married to a lovely lady, a Venzualian, and about 12 years now we said alright let's open a restaurant. I read every book, I should say that I researched and as a pharmacist you are basically a chemist. I read recipes and found traditional Roman ones that we use here. Now for 5 years, my wife and I split up, and I am the 100% owner of Il Bocconcino. All that you see here represents me. The recipe books on the shelves are all used and most written by famous journalists!" says GianCarlo. "For me it is about tradition and the month of February is soup month. We have all kinds of traditional Roman Soups from Lazio and Rome." he says. 
L'immagine può contenere: cibo e spazio al chiuso
                         06 7 707 917 5
"When I have my restaurant, which thankyou very much to saying it is beautiful," says GianCarlo as I tell him a couple of times that it is! "I have 3 philosophies here. One is that the cuisine is from the countryside, which is traditional Roman recipes of the Castles and the Nobile families in the ancient times. In the summer it would be too hot for them in Rome and they would adjourn to the country side to the Castle. The second food is named the 5th Quarter. That used to be the area of the cow for the workers, the Trippe, the intestines, the inside of the cow, the liver. It was known as the poor man's food and it is as of today traditional Roman food. The third is the Jewish ghetto food. We had a very important influence from the Jewish ghetto section of the city for centuries. These three recipe sections make up the traditonal menu at the Il Bocconcino." says GIanCarlo. "One day many years now I ate in the country side a dish of rabbit meatballs, celery and cinnamon. I remember it always. I found the Jewish recipe here.
      During Yom Kippur it is traditional for you not to touch the food, yet it is too much tempation for a child. Here we have rabbit meatballs with the cinnamon around the outside of the plates. The children can touch!  It is a lovely dish, as is the pumpkin soup. You must try all!" he says enthusiastically. 
L'immagine può contenere: una o più persone, persone sedute e cibo
"We have a traditional Roman menu that surpises       4 times per year. It is 100% seasonal only. Everyday we have a blackboard that I write the specials on and here is where you find Fettucini with chicken liver. A American tourist ate that and said O my gosh that is incredible and delicious yet that isn't Roman. And I said, O yes it is. It is from hundreds of years now and it is a real authentic original Roman recipe. I researched it and found it in old traditional books of hundreds of years old. I am quite proud of that true fact." says GianCarlo and I am SUPER excited to hear!                                                    'immagine può contenere: 1 persona, persona seduta e spazio al chiuso
"The Romans used to have a calendar blackboard. They would know that it is Tuesday because fish is on the blackboard. They would know that it is Thursday since Gnocchi is on the blackboard. We have a blackboard from Monday to Saturday of very special dishes and the locals love to come and eat lunch everyday!" he laughs. 
 come visit at Via Ostilia, 23. Coliseum area
L'immagine può contenere: dessert e cibo
Immagine correlata
                                         My lovely friend of 3 years, Andrea, and his Musical Kitchen can be seen every night at I Vicini Bistrotright near the Panthenon...if you walk from La Fetrinelli Bookstore down the cobblestoned charming alley take the first on the left and find the very Provincial Bistrot run by a famous Vineyard's nephew, named Andrea. The Vineyard, run by his uncle is the famous Cortona family and produces, "about 22,000 bottle of the best wine of the world, now we received a 89% rating for the year, " says Andrea proudly. 
     "I chose to carry, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Merlot for the year of 2017. All the wines are excellent and I would give you a glass but we ran out of these today. Tomorrow they come again. It is nice to have the family provide the wine, yet we must share with everybody in the world the 22,000 bottles every year!" says Andrea. I am thinking that maybe in the future that shall not be the case since he has grown the last couple of years since I first met him.                        
                      X All November great promotion to places....Image may contain: food
Now the kitchen is big and modern and has, "two of my employees that have been with me the last 6 months. One is Valerio and the other is Lorenzo and they are guitar musicians. Yes it is true. They came here and played guitar and I taught each how to cook. Now they love the cooking, they make wonderful presentations to the guests that love to come here and I can have a couple of people helping me since the 30 seats fill up quick. At 22.00 pm to midnight say 1.00am we have the KITCHEN MUSICIANS  that play in the KITCHEN!. The guests can have a couple glasses of wine and listen to the music and usually honestly they dance all the time. It soon becomes 65 guests, yet that is alright since they stand and sit and mingle and the kitchen is closed...only now we drink!" says Andrea, a big gentle kind person.   Via Monterone 18, phone, 36 68 78 26 25


 The couple of days in the last 3 years that I have eaten and drank the best wine at I Vicini Bistrot, I had a lovely conversation with the team of Andreas and with the guests. The place is intimate and provincial and every light is industrially designed by Andrea. He has many talents, and that is one of the coolest items about the place. The food is fresh and from Germany, Italy, France, Spain, that he himself has found in his car journeys around Europe. 
                   I hope you love it." 
Image may contain: outdoor
  Tucked and hidden down the first alley from La Feltrinelli Bookstore , if you can escape those frightening security guards, walking to the Panthenon. 
Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people sitting and indoor
Bildergebnis für italy with us around rome photos
                                                                                                                             Italy with us. Ihr erfahrener Reiseleiter für Italien.
Amazing tours with secrets the public never sees, private tours, and fun informative guides that as you enter the offices you always find them laughing outside. 
Bildergebnis für rome
   The beauty of the Sistine Chapel...
Bildergebnis für rome
Italy with us. Ihr erfahrener Reiseleiter für Italien.                                         
Ähnliches Foto
                                                                 immagini per il falchetto ristorante via dei montecatini 12
"The Il Falchetto has a long tradition from the late 1800s when the family of Falchetto originally owned the restaurant. At these days it is a famous wine, spirits place that people from everywhere in Rome associated with high quality. Risultati immagini per il falchetto ristorante via dei montecatini 12The food here is excellent especially when my father bought the restaurant about 8 years now and we changed the interior to the elegance that it is today, keeping with the important tradition of the Il Falchetto. The famous poet Trulussa used to come in here after the family after the Falchettos bought it and changed its name. He ignored the name change and kept writing his poems under Falchetto, and since he is famous, people kept asking for "where is the Falchetto?" and finally the other family changed the name back to Falchetto! The restaurant along with, Francesco who has been with my father from place to place in Rome, and my father have great stories. The important Cardinals with the ear to the Pope Francesco comes and dines in here. My father is a great man and he has been awarded the prestigious "Cavalier del Lavoro" Risultati immaginiwhich is to give service to the people in his lifetime job, a man of great importance." says Jerry proudly. Jerry is Antonio Donato's, the Capo, son and he says, "Every dolce you see I make myself." Risultati immagini per il falchetto ristorante via dei montecatini 12And of course I have to try a chocolate mound of yumminess which is lovely to say the least, and fattening!
     "The Il Falchetto literally means "little Falcon."" says Jerry and then he shows me a photo of his father as a young man talking and greeting the President of Italy, Sandro Pertini. "My father has known many important people of the political world." he says and I say that I love the name as long as it isn't "the falcon and the snowman" and then say "woops" as I see Mr. Donato with his white hair now enter from the kitchen. We all laugh at his white hair. "That is me as a young man." he says as he points to two pictures on the wall of him and Mr. Pertini. 
                              Risultati immagini per il falchetto ristorante via dei montecatini 12       
"We have the lovely elegant deck outside which is the favorite of the people to sit and observe the city and the three rooms inside which are really quite elegant. The one room you love is in the middle with the Godfather chair, as you say. And next to it is a private room, although it does look out to the garden. Behind my father's desk is the wallpaper that we made especially that has all of the reviews on it of important newspapers around the world. They are real articles that we had replicated to show to the guests. That is my idea and everybody loves it. And it is a family. My mom, Gina, goes to the Mercato every morning to buy fresh food and bring it back to the cooks. She really enjoys that much to do it. She just loves going to the Mercato every morning. And my wife is my right hand. She helps me with essentially everything and of course my father is the big Boss.!" says Jerry as he introduces me to his beautiful wife, Tiziana, who says she loves the beef at Il Falchetto and the Risotto with fish on the menu the most. Risultati immagini per restaurant il falchettoThey give me a plate of Tonnarelli aglio and olio and peperoncino garlic, which is very spicy and very tasty and I would recommend it along with the house white wine, which is a very high quality to choose for the "house wine." The restaurant is elegance with a capitol E and I would make reservations soon before it receives the Michelin award and reservatons will become impossible! 
     The location of the restaurant is in a hidden alley at:   Via Dei Montecatini, 12                       and for reservations please visit the website
 and call:          0039 06 6791 160   
                                                                      ...the Maestro at work
                                                   WHAT A LIFE TOURS in Rome, #1 Trip Advisor
Vatican Tours, Coloseum Tours inlcuding Undergroud Dungeons, Rome Tours, Daytrip Tour
can all be found at the number one Trip Advisor Tour Company What a Life Tours...
             Via Santamaura, 14, B/ Rome.    0039. 068 897 5757                                   Image may contain: sky, mountain, ocean, outdoor, nature and water       
vatican skip the line tour
                   or visit Ville d'Este while in Rome,   0039. 068 897 5757Image may contain: tree, sky, outdoor and water
 the friendly "Canadians" enjoying a Food Tour (prosecco)
Image may contain: 5 people, people smiling, people sitting
  The very gracious and kind Joseph has given me the Dungeon Tour of the Coliseum, which honestly is about as close to heaven as I am ever going to get at least in my lifetime...ha ha very funny, anyway it is totally cool, with additional 4 and 5 level views since that level of the Coliseum has finally been restored after 40 years. 
I ask Joseph if the Dungeons evoke any emotions? 
"Yes definitely. When you weave in and out of the dungeons of the Coliseum you will feel the souls of the ghosts, trust me. You can't help it. and there was literally no way out of the tunnels. You feel something haunting down there, yet don't worry since the tour guide and the group is with you the entire time. We haven't lost any paying guests yet!" he says. 
No automatic alt text available.
  "My guides total 10 to 12 and it takes us a very long time to actually choose these guides. They are all professionally licensed, intelligent, knowledgeable and of the biggest importance friendly. We want you to have FUN. " says Joseph. "Meet Federica, she is the coolest and the nicest person I've met here at Rome." ...and of course the beauty beyond compare. I always aspire to be as great as the people I could never become...I hope my script is a masterpiece as Micheangelo's paintings! And in addition to the Art and History and Legends Tour of the Vatican, you can explore the secret libraries of the Trastevere region! Image may contain: people sitting, table and indoor
      "In almost 12 years that young Joseph Kokolodimitrakis from Greece has had his tour company, they have had over 350,000 guests that have walked through the door, and these guests have made the company number one of Vatican Tours." now that is totally cool... here is the website and check out these tours. Below is the tour to give fantasy to children with the Keyhole to 3 countries tour...peep out the keyhole of the Knights of Malta tour and you shall see Malta, The Vatican and Rome. It is a great educational tour for children. 
   Trevi Fountain...o my gosh the beauty of it...they have night tours where you can see the eternal city all ghostly lit up, and early morning 7.00am tours where you avoid the pushing and shoving of the crowds! 
Image may contain: outdoor
    "I came from Greece in 2002 to study. I loved the city, yet went back to my homeland. Yet I  missed Rome very much and the people who are always hugging you and very affectionate. In 2006 I started the company and tried to give my unique perspective on Rome. It is always a educational and fun tour. My girlfriend is Swedish and so technically we are a very international team!" says the sincere and kind Joseph of What a Life Tours. "We are smaller tours with 12 at the most. We give private tours and personal tours. When you come here you can do breakfast every morning here in the office with lots of people asking for coffee since about 80% of the clients are American. I guess we have great English speaking tours!" he says. 
     "The guides in Italy are different than the rest of Europe and maybe Americas. We have to take a 3 year course and become licensed to be a tour guide as the Country of Italy has strict guidelines to preserve the rich history and culture of Italians."  says Joseph when I ask why they study such a long while. 
                                once in a lifetime experience...literally! ha ha ha the Coliseum. 
              Risultati immagini per enogallery roma Saturdays  LIVE MUSIC AT 9.00PM ON THE 28TH OCTOBER!              
                                                                                                                                                                   "The EnoGallery is a authentic showcase of my sharing my love of the Tuscany vineyards where I can present the wine from the heart with real products from the Tuscany region. It is all about the warmth a person has, and when that person comes here I want the guests to feel that affection that I felt growing up in Naples. I want a full life of helping each other to enjoy it." says the very affectionate and charming Capo, Maria Theresa, of Enogallery. "It isn't a enoteca, it is a enogallery, where I present myself."
                                              Risultati immagini per enogallery roma

With the help of a smiling laughing translator, "The EnoGallery has been opened since May 20 and now it is full of friends. We have many people that come to enjoy the authentic food of the Tuscany region," says Maria Theresa. When I ask what are they going to do when the place becomes too full of people! "Um, we don't know!" laughs the translator, "it is a tiny place!" 
Nessun testo alternativo automatico disponibile.
  "Yes you can find Carbonara and Amatriciana and meatballs as you say that is the favorite?" Arturo says as I say O I love meatballs when I see his menu. Yes I say, finally meatballs which of course every American around the world comes to Italy since we all saw the Godfather movie and we want to eat the spaghetti and meatballs that we saw the momma and Sonny making in the kitchen. FINALLY here it is. 
      AND he has lovely wine...little tiny bottles. 
click the link and come straight to the Monti section of Rome, a real traditional little provincial section with great local food and enotecas! 
             via urbana 126 - rione Monti
  It is totally cool that I remembered Arturo and that the young Capo of his own restaurant has remembered me! Such yummy Roman creations before could only be found at the sit down elegant restaurant, yet now you can come straight to Monti and take the food with you. "It is traditional Roman food, yet with my modern twist. I am very happy that it is my BABY as I say. It is all my idea and sometimes my mom and dad come in and say, Yeah you have a great place! They are very proud of my new restaurant." he says laughing. Image may contain: food
 Alright 5 years since I sat down with Arturo near the Spanish Steps in Rome talking about his dad and mom's restaurant which is closed since 2016. However, Arturo, the son's restaurant is now open and is in his own words, "Totally mine. It is the same recipes that you could of found at the traditional restaurant named Cirichetto for many years, yet now it is what I have named "street food" since you can take it with you" he says as he gives me kisses and hugs. 
Image may contain: 1 person, sitting, eyeglasses and indoor
    "Yes yes yes, " says Arturo in response to my question if the modern ultra chic street food restaurant has social media, "I have it all and have brought my family name into the new century, facebook, instagram, and helps for people to find me!"          
                                                    The famous L'Arcangelo in Rome Italy...
                                                              Via Giuseppe Gioacchino Belli, 59,
                                                                                  06 321 0992
       Risultati immagini per l'arcangelo roma
Whenever I approach a restaurant that has Michelin stickers on the door and window I am a little intimidated since I always expect the Capo and the Chef, especially, to be real snotty! Yet, although Arcangelo(his real name and the name of the restaurant) is totally serious, he isn't snotty. He is very intense about his food and his craft , yet he is approachable and interested in what you have to say and in what he has to tell you. His restaurant is one of these before and after theater, you know, the kind that is a little dark and mysterious and you are awaiting that great production, such as his famous recipes that he says he likes to be a little creative with. His walls are adorned with relatives from the "old country", and the real old photographs are so cool to browse that you don't mind waiting for dinner. I would say that reservations a must. 
   At least we can celebrate in style at the L'Arcangelo in Rome! Just sprinkle a little bit of Arcangelo's magic recipes in the plate and a freedom of relief beyond belief from the reality of everyday stress! It even has little cars you can play with if you get bored waiting for Arcangelo's creations! Ristorante L'Arcangelo a Roma
His assistant helps me with the translations between Italian and English and she says that "he is very happy about his restaurant and the beauty of it. He loves his food and he loves his guests. He is the master chef, yet he is always out of the kitchen trying to talk to the guests. He is at the table more than the modern chic kitchen that he designed. He chats with the guests and laughs with them and his wife has to remind him to go back into the kitchen and make the food for the rest of the guests."
"The food is a lovely experience and the cars is  about the memories," he says. That is the reason for the cars on the table, not necessarily that he played with cars as a child, yet the memories of childhood. That is why each of his creations has a touch of memory to it, maybe not exactly the way that your Italian grandmother, or your best friend's Italian grandmother, or you're next door neighbor's Italian grandmother made it, yet the memory of a little touch of something in it, is what makes it special. La cucina di Arcangelo Dandini
"Every morning I ride to the Mercato and pick up 3 special herbs that they save to give me. I am the only one that uses such special herbs and that is the secret to my success and the Michelin status restaurant. I prepare such uniqueness and the people come from everywhere to experience my food." says the lovely and kind Capo. 
Risultati immagini per l'arcangelo roma
   I Have always loved the Chocolate Restaurant, S.A.I.D. in Rome and three years interviewed the Capo, Fabrizio, and now Carla his sister. "Yes it is the 3rd generation and actually working on the 4th since my daughter, who is studying in London, is somehow involving herself in that great success showroom S.A.I.D. that we just launched in that city. It is such a success with people lining up outside the door that we have to build a bigger one. It is amazing, really, and the fact that my Grandfather started the enterprise in Rome in 1923, is rather cool since now me and my brother have our own little project." says the very charming and rather energetic, Carla, when I interviewed her in the morning today. I think it could be the chocolate that she eats! Is the myth true? When you work in a chocolate store you don't eat the chocolate? "Um, no, I eat the chocolate and especially love the dark chocolate which of course has the most cocoa in it!" she says laughing admitting to being a lover of chocolate like the rest of us! The chocolate restaurant in London will soon have a chocolate workshop that people can participate that should be fun. 
                                 (working on my memoirs!)    Via Tiburtina 13 5 Rome, Italy 00185    06 446 9204
    The Restaurant, S.A.I.D. is actually in about 5 sections, one is the front of the store, which has the chocolate for sale and little provincial shabby chic chairs to take a tea and coffee with that favorite breakfast and chocolate cake, the next section is the beautiful dining room where at night you can really dress up, the bar behind the restaurant and with open windows to the people actually making the lovely creations of chocolate, the factory itself, and the winter garden where the diners enjoy privacy and an intimate dinner complete with working fireplaces in the winter. "The guests come in elegant clothing and sip a liqueur that is specially made to compliment the different cocoa from the world that we offer, a little bit like a chocolate tasting menu. And everyday we have the starter, the first course, the second course and the dessert with each one highlighting one entree made with 70% chocolate, such as the wild duck and dark chocolate sauce. It is a typical Italian kitchen with chefs from everywhere in Italy that come as guests to cook for our privileged guests, and each one uses the chocolate in different ways. Perhaps that is what your friends were talking about?" says Carla as I had told her that the very first trip to Rome 8 years ago, I met a young American couple on their honeymoon near the Pantheon. They told me that they had special reservations at the chocolate restaurant famous in the world. I finally found it! 
"Every year I change the decor, something different, such as move the chocolate molds to the other side of the bar lounge, or the artistic pictures, or the fabric on the chairs, you know I have been surrounded by chocolate all my years of life and I become bored so therefore I must recreate all the time!" says Carla laughing when I say, o that is new and that is new...
   ...come and experience the chocolate side of you! Have fun.
   A truly lovely person the wonderful Michelangelo at the helm of the Miscellanea Pub and Restaurant, Rome Italy. I tried interviewing Michey, as he is known, about 3 years now and always it is English Italian communication! and busy busy busy. Yet today on the 24th the 1983 Pub has finally entered the World Wide Fame of EmmeAnesBook via his son, Romeo! 
                       I name it the Panthenon Pub since it is literally a next door neighbor!Image may contain: plant
What happened with the cast? I ask as I meet Romeo outside sitting at the typical provincial table, and Romeo is sporting a arm cast, he says, 
"O a soccer accident." I ask if the other guy looks worse! " ha ha Ha" laughs Romeo and he tells me the tale of the famous heart of gold owner, his father. "He started the restaurant in 1983 to allow American Students a pub of kindness and welcoming to Italy." he says in his charming Italian.
                      0039 (0)6 68135318                                   Risultati immagini per miscellanea rome pub
"Make sure that you say that every time a student , tourist, guest says that they use EmmeAnesBook they can receive one free glass of the "SEXY WINE" on the house. WE LOVE EMMEANESBOOK!" says Romeo. 
   "My father is a very good man, and people love and respect him. He has helped many people and he opened the Pub because he wanted to meet the American students. He loved America. You see on the wall he has every American President and when the people come in they always wanted to take pictures next to the Obama picture and now Trump!" he says as he shows me the entire wall. It is a great place, fun people, lovely Capo and his team, and great food. At the late night it has great drink and music. What more could you want!" Check it out definitely. Ciao!Image may contain: people sitting, screen and indoor
  "Today the name Miscellanea is very representative of the Variety of people we welcome to the pub and restaurant. Nowadays everybody can come into the Pub, yet it still has the heart of the students. My father in 1983 fell in love with the American Students that lived here in Rome and he wanted to give a friendly and safe place for the students. He helped so many with financial situations and jobs and mentoring in the years and in 2001 the Pub became a Public pub for everybody, Italians, tourists, students. Yet, today the students remember his kindness and we always have specials if they show the student card and he still mentors the kids. The menu is typical Roman, Amatriciana, Carbonara, and yet every night at 22.30 til 2.00am we have a DJ and music. At 22.30pm it turns into a Pub!" he laughing. VIA DELLA PALOMBELLA  37 is location...
Image may contain: 10 people, people smiling, people sitting and indoor
                                                                                 A Bicycle and A Kiss  
                                                                                  Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people sitting, motorcycle, beard and outdoor
   Here is the biggest and comprehensive Biking, Vespas, Segways and Fiat Electric Car Tours in Rome, at BiciBaci. It is where you can find 400 bikes, 100 Vespas, more Segways than you can count, and on and on, yet the coolest is the guides who look as if they have way too much fun in life! 
They have night tours, day tours, Private Tours where you can make a personal tour of Rome with Champagne and Sightseeing, and a Fiat Electric Car tour with a personal guide and two people enjoying the eternal city of Rome!   
       Specializes in the funniest guides for Tours of all ages, sizes, and places to see...a must in Rome
                               Via del Viminale, 5                                                           Via Cavour, 302      
        Via del Viminale, 5
00185 ROMA

aperto dalle 8:00 alle 19:00
+39 06 48 28 443
+39 06 48 98 61 62


Via Cavour, 302
00184 ROMA

aperto dalle 8:00 alle 19:00
+39 06 94 53 92 40
+39 06 94 53 87 13


Vicolo del Bottino, 8
   Claudio, the Capo of the 3 locations, "and soon to be 4th in Piazza Navona were we make a Segway location," has been doing BiciBaci 20 years. "At first it is Bici and Baci and now we make it BiciBaci since everybody says BiciBaci anyway!" he says laughing, "I'm crazy that is why I do these things." When I ask why he decided to do a Biking, Scooter, Fiat touring company. "Seriously I am crazy and I love to have fun. I love people. I love making tours. You ask how many people work in my 3 locations? Who knows! Many people. It is like a family. Every person knows how to do tours and do mechanicals on the cars and bikes and how to adjust helmuts on Vespas. Everybody knows how to do every task in the stores!" he says laughing. He laughs a lot and people love his look on life! 
                               Vicolo del Bottino, 8
                                    00187 ROMA

aperto dalle 8:00 alle 19:00
+39 06 67 86 788

                         For the enthusiasts of Rome who love Roman Holiday, including Madonna who Claudio has given a special Vespa to, Claudio has created the Vespa Museum downstairs at the Via Cavour location. It includes some of his 100 Vespas that he has collected around the world and has in many locations displayed in Rome. may contain: one or more people, outdoor, nature and text
  "At my newest restaurant, Maracuja,at LARgo Corrado Ricci 1,which is right on Via Cavour just steps from the Coliseum, we specialize in fish and wine. As a matter of fact that is the logo. I like being creative. If I have a restaurant longer than 3 years, I must change it. I need the creativity  and the challenge of opening new things. My specialty is the SCIALATIELLI AL CARTOCCIO, which when you open it you have seafood and pasta." says the very energetic and alive Capo Maurizio. He says, "I started as a architect 30 years since and every night I would get done with work at 8.00pm. Then at home I would be drawing all the time since we didn't have computers back then, we had to hand draw. I used to be so tired. Then one day I started cooking in a restaurant and went back and forth cooking and architecture. Finally I loved cooking so much I went to England and cooked one year, then I went to France and on a private huge sailing boat I was the chef of a German owned ship, English team, in France! I loved it. When I came back to Rome I opèned a Gelato store, than a bar, then my first restaurant near Piazza Navona named La Focaccia, which is my heart." he says.At Maracuja please call for reservtions at 06 4543 6112., 06 9761 7557 LA FOCACCIA.
     Al Braceri Rome Via della Chiesa Nuova, 12, 
is 3 years old and gives cooking classes, reservations   06.8976.7732,children and adults with the hilarious Capo Maurizio. Below the beauty from the restaurant in Rome. 
      Via Del Boschetto 16 and 19 respectively, 

Osteria al 16, reservations 06 482 2025

                      Immagine correlata
  "I love to create the restaurant and 3 years later to create and open a new restaurant. That must be my architect side!" says Maurizio, who along with his brother run all 7 places. "One is a local bar near the Metro Spain." he says. "If you want to meet real locals and the resident Italians of Rome you must come to my restaurants after 9.00pm. The Romans eat late! And they love the homemade pasta we serve in all of the restaurants that we make at each one. Each person making my pasta has been specially trained by me, as you can see I just bought a pasta maker to train my new team here!" he jokes as he shows me that he has indeed bought the pasta maker! "And I love to make raviolis which I add all kinds of ingredients inside including sea bass... it makes it of interest to me!" 
  at Via Della Croce 21, is Antica Birreria Viennese
        06. 679. 5569 reservations please.
"it is one of my most beautiful restaurants," says the Capo.Risultati immagini per antica birreria viennese
             at Via Della Vite 96, Osteria Della Vite 
    for reservations please: 06 6979 7680                          Risultati immagini per via della vite , osteria della vite
   ...the romantic view from inside the Trattoria Al 19...Risultati immagini per Al 19 Trattoria 00184 Roma RM
  "To experience romance at Rome I would suggest trying the Trattoria Al 19 and the Al braciere, both of which have romantic and intimate atmosphere." says Maurizio.
                                                                                              Via Del Boschetto 19

                          reservations please at 06 482 6096        Trattoria al 19,

"My most beautiful of all is Trattoria Al 19, where my partner here loves to design lights. He is the cook and all the lights in the place he designed! He has some beautiful lights here!" he says                        Risultati immagini per Al 19 Trattoria 00184 Roma RM
 .and if you want a romantic night after you have made the pasta and pizza, la focaccia , via della pace ,11.
Immagine correlata
Risultati immagini per la focaccia roma
                  How excited to finally have the number one coolest club in the world in 50 cities on my site in Rome
                                     THE ICE CLUB PUB 100% MADE OF ICE
No automatic alt text available.
                     Via Della Madonna Dei Monti 18/19
                                    Rome, Italy

A pub made entirely of ice is a concept first started in Stockholm, Sweden, which of course along with the Eskimos in Alaska and the cool people in Iceland and Siberia, are used to the cold. The glasses are even made of ice and the maximum staying power for people with the thermal capes on is about 1 hr., however at the famous Ice Pub in Rome, the record is 7 hrs. if you dare.  Yet for 15.00 euros including the cape and a free drink and as long as you can resist the cold, you can have a great one hour of prepare for Rome partying all night long! 
    "we came from Spain, and it is cold in the Ice Bar, yet it is true that at other bars you stay in            your group of friends and talk 
                             to each other only,
           at the Ice Bar you talk to everybody and 
 you make friends. It is totally fun and funny!"
                 Call 06 9784 5581Image may contain: 2 people, indoor
              "yes we came to the Ice Bar all 9 of us               from America, Tampa, Naples and                                        Miami" 
        "...we loved that although 9 of us 
 went into the bar, 13 of us became friends, went out partying all night...the ice bar makes you want to talk to other people about how cool it is and how cold it is!" 


Sat down today with the lovely family that runs the famous Trastevere Restaurant that is steeped in tradition right at the base of the Santa Maria church and the Piazza. I first met the family about 3 years now and interviewed the son and his father and mother, Franco and Carla. Since they speak mostly Italian, I had double blessings today of having one of the sons, Bruno's wife help with the English. Nicoletta is a doll and we had a lovely interview.
             "Every morning I come here and I do the mushrooms. Every morning, I chose the fish and the food of the day. Instead of going to the Mercato, the Mercato comes here. And I decide based on the food that they bring what is on the menu." says the father, along with the help of Nicoletta and Andrea, the oldest son. 
      Andrea laughs and says, "Yes every morning he is here, sometimes I am here early and I help, yet for 60 years my father has been the Capo of the family. He is 80 years old now, if you can believe it! My mother is 71, and she helps him every morning too."
         Yet Franco jokes, "I love to see the beautiful woman come to my restaurant, that is why I do it!" Andrea says, "He loves to see the tourists and he his very happy that they have a beautiful lunch and dinner is what I think he means!" 
             I still can't believe that every morning he is here. "Yes, " says Nicoletta, "the sons change, yet Franco is here every morning, with one member of the family. And the food? I love to eat it all. Whichever he chooses for the day is highest quality." she says 

"My husband is the sommelier," says Nicoletta as we have a nice summer day outside chatting while Franco readies the mushrooms for the guests, "We have many wines, yet I don't know how many!" she laughs and asks Andrea in Italian. "Maybe 100 to 200 here." he says and the father speaks rapid Italian and says emphatically, "200."  Somehow you know the father knows exactly how many wines, peas, fish, mushrooms the restaurant has at all time! 
   "I reached my goal here in life. To have my family and the restaurant and 60 years of a great traditional reputation makes me happy. We all took a trip together to Los Angelos and we loved it, San Diego, too. I opened a restaurant near San Diego with a partner I love America that much." says the father and Nicoletta and Andrea laugh and say that they too love California! me too! 
          Via Dell ' Arco Di San Calisto
                   Trastevere, Rome     
                        06 581 8323
"The food is Romantriaciana," says Andrea. Hmm what exactly is Romantriaciana, which I spelled it right the first time...amazing, try saying it! "The Roman traditional food. Carbonara of course. Plus, the region of Lazio is rich in vegetables and the traditional meat of Lazio is known for its highest quality. Where in other regions of Italy perhaps rice is the number one dish, here it is pasta dishes."  
       And of course, fish. Any restaurant in Rome that presents fresh fish the moment you walk in , in a cooling case, is a high quality restaurant. The food here is exquisite. Simply. 
   And check out Andrea's very cool other life...he is the President of the Rodeo of Italy Organization and they perform at all the major horse fairs in the country. 
"We used to have a restaurant named Passetto, " says the father Franco. "Tell her about it." he says and Andrea enthusiastically says, "O yes a very famous one, all Michelin and etc. Then it got political and the pressure for the political people to come in and take over the restaurant was too much for us. We love it here. Highest Quality and the guests are great from the highest political levels today of Rome and the world to the funny tourists that just insist on having us choose for them. The other we kept the guest book, which dated back to 1860. It has signatures of Charlie Chaplin, Joh Wayne, Mussolini, Hitler, Charles Bronson, and the modern day ones such as Leonardo Di Caprio! O and my favorite is Don King! My father said his hair was so high he had to stand on a chair to compete with him!" jokes Andrea. Yet it is a great story!
                                   The 3 Amici of the Posh Sapore di Mare, Rome, 
                                              06 678 0968,  Via del Piè di Marmo,36
Alright the first item you will notice about 
     Sapore di Mare is the soft beauty of the restaurant as you step into the hidden in plain sight restaurant. It is a cozy stone cave a couple of steps from the Panthenon and famous Grand Hotel de la Minerve, hotel,
      The outside garden is beautiful, especially at night where the greenery surrounding the private oasis open to the alley, yet secluded, gives a lovely glow to the candlelights. I met a totally funny couple from Winchester, England, who entertained me with stories of the Royal Family, their love of Robbie Williams, and Adele. They showed me a little video of Robbie Williams where they had gone to see him a couple of days prior in England. 
    Now of coure we must talk about the Michelin Quality food of Sapore di Mare. I asked Giovanni, one of the three owners, the other Gino, and my lovely friend of almost 5 years now Simone, why the restaurant hadn't ever received Michelin..."I don't know, it is a perfect restaurant for it." he says in mostly Italian. O yes, you will find the real Italians, here! As I entered I thought I recognized a couple of Parliament families with their children about 22.00pm walking in, along with the usual hosh-posh groups. That is a word my table mates named the guests..."they're kind of posh," the lady says speaking in upper-crust English. 
     Yes here I am in the garden with                   the waiters behind me!
  As I am doing the selfi the English couple ask if they can be in it! And you know how selfis are...they selfish...
    (hey it is not as bad as shelfish)
   "I guess maybe during the filming of Pretty Woman," says Simone a couple of years since I asked him about the famous pictures elegantly on the entry hall displayed. "My favorite actress is Meryl Streep and when she came in to dinner that is my night!" he says. "She graciously sat hidden in the dark corner inside and handed the plates to the waiter every time, a lady and she laughed and had a couple of bottles of wine with us. We had a great evening.  Afterwards, I named my most expensive plate after her, the Meryl Streep, which feeds 10, costs $1,000.00 and has only the freshest fish on it" he says. Risultati immagini per sapore di mare rome photos
Okay as my lovely friend Simone, weaves in and out of the intricate intimate tables inside the elegant stone cave and leads me to the lightly lit garden outside, he tells the waiters to give me wine and pasta anything that is special! he says. Alright the waiter asks me, "On the pici do you want fish or seafood?" and the English blokes and me start laughing. Um. What is the difference? I ask. "Fish is Red Snapper, Sea Bass, Cernia, and seafood is Prawns, shrimp, clams..." okay lets try the sea bass. YUM! Gino speaks Italian, only that, and keeps saying, Wait for Simone, wait for Gionvanni!" as he smiles and I try to ask him questions. Giovanni says"I am the fish man. I receive my fish every morning for the cases in the window here. We have fish from Sicily and fish from Sardegna and fish from the coast below Rome, Terracina is where most of my fresh fish comes from, 120 kilometers, everyday. I am here a couple of hours choosing the fish, since that is what we mostly serve, and Simone is the General Manager. Simone much prefers to greet all the guests, to sit down and have a couple of glasses of wine with his guests and to chat. If we ever try to find Simone at night he is always at the tables talking. That is one reason that people come here. And O yes we forgot Gino, he is the master chef. The Cuoco." 
     Alright and the description would end there, however, after the GREAT FISH I had of SEA BASS and Pici, yum yum lovely, and the nice white wine, I went to find Simone from the Garden to the Stone Cave and now it is really booming! About 23.15pm. 17 waiters and team, including the chefs, are waltzing in and out of a light elegant chatter, dimly lit atmosphere of mazes inside the cave, and the CAPOS! Now I understand Giovannis statement! It is a bundle of energy. At the entry desk is about 6 waiters all talkking emphatically in Italian, like a scene with Sonny out of the Godfather. You can not get a word in edgewise, trust me! And Giovanni is on the phone, dealing with the team, saying Goodnight to the Guests, Simone is kissing the friends, kissing the friends bambinos, everybody is hugging and kissing as they leave, and the entry hall is meant for maybe 4 people and has 12 in it at all times! The food is highest standard, the atmosphere priceless. 
 Image may contain: 6 people, people smiling, people standing The Tucci family is wonderful, and they own most of the restaurants around the Piazza Navona Square. They have homemade authentic Italian food, each a little different in the various cousins, brothers, neices, nephews, restaurants, yet each is the highest quality and amazingly fresh and real considering it is one of the busiest tourist piazzas in the world!   PIAZZA NAVONA! ROMA
                         Ristorante Tre Scalini
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Image may contain: one or more people, sky and outdoor
                               Cafe Nettuno
As I am wandering the cobblestoned alleys of Roma near the busy Piazza Navona, I stumble upon a little side street that is totally autentically local Rome, very charming and busy with deliveries. A tiny boutique bistro has it's door open and a couple is engaged in a lively conversation at the glass case displaying a variety of Italian cheeses and I approach to say Hi I notice about "150" bottles of beer on the wall. "O hi, I am Madeleine from England, " is the first surprise when I try my very bad Italian skills at the beautiful language, "you can speak English if you want and I  can translate to Marco. He owns the Bistro," she graciously says and I am happy to have her help me.
Thus starts a 1-1/2 hr. conversation of how Marco came to be the Capo (italian for Boss) of the Baguetteria del Fico tucked quietly hidden near the famous Piazzo yet "crazily busy at lunch and dinner hours. The people line up for the great authentic sandwiches and a bottle of craft beer and good luck trying to get a quick lunch here. It isn't happening. You have to learn to wait for that special sandwich that Marco makes for each and every guest." says Madeleine who says she "lives just around the corner here and come here everyday. Since I am gluten free I usually ask Marco to make me a salad yet I eat the sandwiches a couple of times a week they are that good."
                        "Here is the three types, " says Marco as he holds up the special bread, the whole grain bread and the long Italian bread.Image may contain: food Each one is available for the sandwiches which range from Wild Boar Meat, to Deer to Salmon to Cheese and Meat Platters that the Americans love. "Yes the Americans are always most excited about sharing the platters and they sit and have to know what each meat is and which region from Italy it comes from and they love to sit and sip a beer and choose from the platters. The Japanese always order sandwiches yet mostly the fish selections and the Chinese the bruschetti." 
 "The cultures are very different in what awes them here. The Italians?! ALL of it. They love it all." says Marcos as he shows me the menu laughing all the time. To find:
                     Via della Fossa, 12     
                    Call 06 9604 5541
      And most importantly Marcos says is, "Fresh and tasty healthy products for lovers of good flavors and beers of choice and always many novelties to intrigue and satisfy every request of our customers immediately!"
"O you are giving him a big ego and I am trying to tame it down, " laughs Madeleine and I say that he needs a big ego to show all the International people how special his is. (Plus as Madeleine says he is totally GORGEOUS!) "All fresh everyday and we don't cook any food. You can choose from Italy and Spain the meats and cheeses and the beers, which we have now about 150 Craft Beers, you can choose as many as you want. They come from Italy and Germany and Belguim, you name it. Usually I pick a beer based on the breweries that we work with and they will suggest another brewery to try and we invite or visit or they come here. The special thing to say about the farmers, though, is that we know each and everyone of the people that we buy the products from and we visit many on the farms. It is a fun way of life and we chose it to know people and to learn, not to there you go now by!" he says. 
Image may contain: food
"It is the Ambiance of the place, it is real fun to come here, you line up and order that special present custom-made for you and you wait for it the way you do a present. That is what makes it special to come here. And the people. Marco?s partner is Vladimiro and his wife is Catia, who makes the cake everyday. People either chose the cake or a beer when they come in." she says laughing. He says to say that he "puts his Heart into his life:" and that is true. 
  Yes these are really that big! "It is a real treat to come here, such as trendy street platters with fish meats and cheeses that have amazing quality and taste and since I know the beer they people ask me which beer goes with the food choice. I help them to select with the beer or the spritz or the wine. Madeliene loves the spritz and the red wine." says Marco. "Yes yet his spritz is VERY strong!" she warns me. "I just make it that way for her," he jokes and while we are joking he says that is life, it is fun. He has fun with his role and sometimes dances with his guests! "You must come to dinner here!" he says and I say yes of course. He gives me a beer to try and although my choice is a pink beer it is very strong...the fruity rose petals one is pretty good though! 
Image may contain: food and indoor
                                The Rome site is being rebuilt in 3 days and up on the 17th ciao and we're doing a flipping book form which makes the site much easy to use. In the next day visit Sienna and Florence while Rome is being rebuilt. 
                                                              Largo Del Pallaro 15, Tele: 39 06 68801 488
                                                             may contain: one or more people, people sitting, table and indoor
    She is most famous for her food of course, yet to know how famous, she is only one of three cuocos in all of Rome to have been given the prestigious Bottega Storica a top chef who has cooked for at least 50 years in one continuous that is famous! 
No automatic alt text available.
She has a prix fixed menu that she has served everyday and night for the last 55 years. I tasted the menu about 3 years now and one night Rick Steves was there while I was eating! Talk about competition! She came to each table, to everyone and she cooks for everyone. Honestly she has more energy than a football team! And she smiles and laughs and kisses her guests cheeks...each and everyone. I fell in love with her the very first night I met her. Ciao to Lady Pallaro and to her team. And if you are a historian and love Italian food, check out her ancient cellar which has relics of the Julius Ceasar! 
                The famous Lady Pallaro is 73 years old, 
   beautiful and gracious...she says, "I use the steam and it is natural to see the beauty of my skin. It is my love of cooking and everyday of 55 years I have cooked for the guests that I love." She is charming and always gives me loving and affectionate kisses on my cheeks! Her food is the best in Italy! 
      La famosa signora Pallaro ha 73 anni,
    Bello e grazioso ... dice: "Io uso il vapore ed è naturale vedere la bellezza della mia pelle. È il mio amore per la cucina e ogni giorno di 55 anni ho cucinato per gli ospiti che amo". È affascinante e mi dà sempre baci amorevoli e affettuosi sulle mie guance! Il suo cibo è il migliore in Italia!
Lady Palloro says, "Rick Steves brings tour groups all the time to the restaurant, and bless you now!" she says when I show up 3 years to ask how my people compare with his! I am winning! More people come from EMMEANESBOOK to say hi to Lady Pallaro and to eat her great dishes! 
Image may contain: text and food
While at the Restaurant tonight, on May 14, 2017, I met 4 Americans, two couples and since I haven't been to America in about 3 months, I wanted to know about Mr. Trump. The Americans made me a couple of things...aware that we ate WAY TOO MUCH AT LADY PALLAROS! , that Mr. Trump is now to be addressed as President Trump (although to be honest I have always addressed Mr. and Mrs. Obama as such), that Americans make me totally homesick for America, that Americans really are very nice people, and that Mr. Trump is actually alright and the people say he is doing a lovely job of cleaning house and choice picking his own competent people. The last one is a relief to me as I only see and know about The Trump Presidency through facebook, CNN, The Washington Post and the New York Post as I don't have a twitter account. They say that Mr. Trump tweets ALL THE TIME... THAT HIS TWEETS ARE OUTRAGEOUS, and that actually people are starting to like him. They were the sweetest most down to earth people that I have met in a long while and I loved the table. The women looked like they were 37 years oldish at the most, yet had grown up children of 25 and 31 respectively and were following the journey of their children, doing Italy and meeting in Ireland in a couple of days.They were totally cool. And I mean totally cool and fun and such a lovely light conversation about politics, children, travel and funny people that we look like! One of the girl's husband looks exactly like Alec Baldwin and said that when he worked at Rockefeller Center in New York(they're from that great city) people would ask to take his picture since they needed movie star pictures! I told the couples to trek the little way from Campo Fiore to the Jewish Quarter since it is only a hop skip and a jump from here and hope they made it to that little lovely section of the city that is steeped in Roman tradition. All in all I loved the conversation. The coolest thing about it is that I let the Americans know that Europeans loved Americans when they came to visit. I said, honestly and sincerely, that every European that I interviewed said they loved the Americans and that they always found that culture honest and fun to talk to. They were both amazed and happy to hear that. It made me remember the real reason I started Emmeanesbook and that is to introduce the cultures of people to each other around the world.  
                 O HEY TOURISTS...HOW ABOUT THE 7:30 am TOUR OF ROME
             from "Martin" one of the most sincere people you will ever meet...a real
             nice person and somebody that loves to tell you about all the people in the
             world that he has made happy in his life with his great accomplishments!
 "Alright you can soon in 16 languages have a audio guide since it is important and since the electric bikes are very fast at least 25 kilometers per hour you can complete the entire city of Rome with all of the historical monuments in about 3hrs." says Martin. "The cool idea is the morning tours and the evening tours since if you start after 10:00am there is so many tourists that you run over them with the bikes. Or you just stop and it takes twice as long to see the entire city. With my idea it is great since you have the eternal city of Rome to yourself. You can be the only one at the Trevi Fountain that early and that is important." he says. "O and the water fountains around Rome are called Nasone which means nose and the water is from the ancient aquaducts in Rome. I am creating a map of all the fountains and the Americans especially always fill up the water bottles. Now they can download it from my website and they can find all the water spots. The ancient aquaducts are especially good water." he says. 
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Alba Trips

Risultati immagini per alfa romeo bikes
"When you are on vacation and come to Rome you want to ride a superior super style bike. Every project that I have been involved in the last 20 years at Rome is the highest quality around. Now, I start with the Bicycles since tourists love Biking around a city. The normal bikes are the Alfa Romeo," says Martin who owns the AlbaTrips Biking right near Piazza Navona. He knows every huge business person in Rome! He reminds me of the little boy in Jerry Maguire...spouting off facts like there is no ending! "The fact is that the Alfa Romeo bike is one of the best bikes made. The reason that I choose it to allow tourists to ride is that they deserve the finest bikes. They can come here and ride with each other using the audio guide headsets, they can ride with a guide along with the live audio guides, they can ride with our tours to the Gelato places, try all 36 flavors including 18 which are vegan and without milk and take a Gelato making class, or they can ride the electric Fiat bikes, which yes each of these are real Italian carmakers, too." says Martin. 
Risultati immagini per fiat  bikes
"I officially am opened today, yet in the window is my bikes a couple of days. Already 3 Americans knocked on the window and called my number and bought 3 of the Fiat folding bikes. Since each is only 360.00 euros here, and about $1,300.00 in America, they bought the bikes and along with the 40.00 euros carrying case they took the bikes on the planes with them! And they didn't even have to pay for luggage check since the bike folds up to the size of luggage. Now I must buy a couple more bikes to do the tours! Yet if people want to buy these I let them. Since I am in Italy and the makers are in Italy they can give me new bikes the next day. I hope I don't run out! The Americans love the bikes!" Says Martin. 



                                                                                +39 342 9812803 (MARTIN)
                                        +39 342 9812805 (ERLIN)

                      Via Dei Tre Archi 8 Risultati immagini per gelateria tre archi roma
"I have 2 Gelato stores that I love to manage. They both have 36 flavors and 18 of these that you can choose is vegan. We don't use cow milk, we use oat products and if you are allergic to milk you have many choices to eat. That is important. Here try the pistacchio, and here is another pistacchio, and try the French Chocolate that we use. The Chocolate is from a region of France that only the best top chefs in the world use in their cooking. That is important too. You can come to Italy and try many Gelatos yet ours is the best. Here try it!" says Martin as he keeps giving me gelatos to try. YUM! I ask if I can eat an entire cone of Pistacchio. It is the BEST in the world. Martin says, " love that flavor or either you don't!" he says. I say that I love that! 
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       104 P. Farnese, Rome
The restaurant is one of my favorites in Rome for many reasons, and although the food is Michelin standard the other reasons are why it is my favorite. Angelo owns Ar Galletto, and along with his son, Alessandro and daughter Federica, they run a restaurant with such smooth energy that you never notice the chaos. Which is pretty amazing in such a high profile(situated right opposite the French Embassy in the Square) and always reserved atmosphere. The chefs  name is Anita, which happens to be my mother's name, so we get along wonderfully, and the wait staff is long, loyal, and flirty. You will have fun here, trust me. O and did I mention the food?Tonnarelli asparagi e guanciale
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   Angelo ONLY speaks Italian yet Alessandro is always around as he is flying back and forth with his dishes, to help me translate. The one year I tried to interview Angelo at the restaurant on my own the conversation went a little like this..."We have many guests from the French Embassy and the Ambassador and staff always comes here to eat, that is why I opened the restaurant here, " he says and to which I reply that O it is a French Restaurant? I thought it a Italian Restaurant although it is awful chic. "That is why I open it here for the French people." he says again laughing. And I say that O that is cool is he French. He looks at me a little strangely and says, "Now why would you think that I am French? I am Italian." And I say O yet you cook French food. And he says looking at me even more strangely, "Of course I don't cook French food, I am Italian." Hmm...something is lost in the translation...I say...alright...why are we opening a restaurant right opposite the French Embassy if it is a Italian Restaurant again? "Because the French love Italian food," he says. I understand. 
    I love seafood restaurants, adore the ones with the real live lobsters in the tanks moving around, yet never want to kill the lobsters and have at younger waitress days been fired for trying to save the lobsters and not have guests buy them! As a matter of fact, I worked in Cape May New Jersey at the Lobster House of all places and yes we were famous for the lobsters and only the lobsters. Needless to say the manager, Markus fired me! I kept telling the guests to order something else. That is about 10 years now and in Barcelona a couple of days ago one of the captains from a huge yacht docked in the Harbor had tapas with me at one of the nice restaurants and I recognized him immediately. Same person! We had a couple glasses of wine and of course great seafood such as here at Ar Galletto...and he still remembered my fondness for lobsters! It is a small world as they say. 
                     Spaghetti is Spaghetti is...yes, yet, have you ever seen it presented that way ! 
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Ciao! A lovely restaurant near the Piazza Navona, I walked near it one day about 3:45pm and the brother, Marcos, was busy putting lights up outside, and the sister and one of her best friends were sitting inside tasting the wine that he had brought. "He always brings wine everyday for us to try and we sit and drink a couple of glasses, which is probably why we're always laughing and happy!" the lovely gracious owner, Cristina of Terra di Siena in Rome says. 
     "Here try the white wine," the friend, Piero says, and gives me a glass. Alright if you say I shall! I say and sit to drink the wine and chat. Soon, "here another glass of wine, red" he says and I say no no yet there I am drinking the red wine. 
Risultati immagini per ristorante siena roma
Entering the second room of the Ristorante TerraDiSiena I say that it feels "honest" which is a word that I've used "HONEST?" asks Cristina, who along with her brother, Marcos, owns the funny and funky ristorante in Piazza Pasquino! Yes I say that is a odd word to describe a room! Yet it is such a perfect warm and nice and real. A honest room. A real room. "I have a real Tuscany kitchen...come sit with us" and starts the thank God interview and lovely time of 2 hours since I had a real long bad day thus far! Yet they invite me to sit and chat as they try some new wine. "Piero is my friend and he comes here to represent new wine and chocolates or tomatoes that he finds. He goes all around Italy to find and try new items and the last 10 years he has been our friend." As I sit down to say Hi, Piero pours me wine immediately and we try. "It is a Vermentino from Montepulciano," he says and wonders upon wonders that happens to be my favorite wine, Vermentino. They burst out laughing and try more wine. "here is why we love the ristorante!" giggles Cristina and Piero pours another wine. "Everyday he comes and from 3 to 6 we try wine." she jokes. "i am trying to make the break from 3 to 7 now!" and they both start laughing again. The interview is a mixture of English and Italian with laughter and private conversations of the two mixed in...I have a sneaky feeling that they don't fill me in on all yet the feeling is totally silly and fun. Call: 96.6830 7704 Piazza di Pasquino 77/78