Charleston is known for its Southern Plantation Charm, its 65,000 students plus and its wonderful cobblestoned traditional flair of its town center...o and lets remember the Battery Park Mansions along the sea view. What it's not known about in the traditional sense is best exemplified by the oldest staid restaurant in South Carolina...Henrys! The man who bought Henry's in 1985 revamped it to include a Elvis style jungle room upstairs leading from the rooftop bar and deck into a nightclub renamed NV(think Nevada Elvis style and you will conjure up the vision of zebra hides and plush leather couches complete with the real cool animal bronze sculptures.)
The owner of Henrys pictured to the left is Leo. His manager is Patrick Johnson. I ask if he is from the famous Johnson and Johnsons and he laughs and says that he is a native Charlestonian! Leo is a bundle of energy of Peach and Tranquility and Wild Crazy Playboy Hugh Hefner mix. It is totally a treat to meet and laugh with the wild team of Henrys. "I bought the restaurant in 1985. It is one big restaurant and I tweaked it to include the Whiskey Bar upstairs which has jazz and blues and rock and roll on Fridays and Saturdays and the NV nightclub with VIP bottle service, a huge stage and dance floor and the lounge room. At one time it had a real swinging shag room which I am renovating now. That is my idea. I designed all the decorations and all the architecture myself. I am a straight male yet I am a great designer." He jokes when I say that I am truly in love with the entire place of Henrys.
It is named the Rum Runner of St. Augustine...rum runner conjures up many memories mostly of my days as a flight attendant for Midway Airlines where I flew every flight with my buddy Cheri Rafferty (husband James Hershey, yes of the Hershey Chocolate Family) now owner of Talent Management a model and acting talent agency in Chicago. While at the airline I had many buddys with the famous most wild airline in the world that merged with Midway... South Florida Airlines(think the sad story of South Florida Airlines heading into the Potomac river on that fateful icy day...I flew with "ernie" many times whose best friends were on that flight.). A couple of these pilots were millionaire playboys living on the intercoastal waterways of Miami and Ft. Lauderdale and we went on many Miami South Beach yacht adventures to find little water huts of rum runners. That is the pirate legacy of the south Florida formation of colonies. Here at St. Augustine I am about to embark on another one we hope with my lovely funny and wildly intelligent friend the Prince Al of Regensburg, Thurn und Taxis.http://www.blackravenadventures.com/
Tonight at 7:45pm which to me on European time is 19:45pm. The 29th of July. Arrrrgh mateies!
Says the wonderfully beautifully sophisticated  Swedish owner of the Pirate ship named Monica(and her husband is Gunnar). "We came to St. Augustine and owned a hotel but no longer. We built the ship from our own imagination.tion thinking that the city of St. Augustine needed a Pirate ship adventure to compliment the rest of the charming town. It is such a wonderful historic town and we had a famous architect design the pirate ship.
 The entire idea and trip and ship is from our ideas. I don't think that any other ship in the world is like this one." she says. st call Friday and Saturday rumrunner ship. It is how do you say? Not for the easily offended"I hope that you are a adult when you are courageous enough to board the 8:00pm rumrunners cruise...it is not for the faint hearted and we hold our breath. We never! know what they are going to say next(kind of like Trump's speech writers.." Her Public Relations Genius name is Grace how says, "Lets say BAWDY is a good word. It is a adult cruise. We have children's cruises everyday where they can be pirates and we have Birthday celebrations and of course weddings however the Friday and Saturday night is for adults only." Okay we got it~!
The wonderful St, Augustine...the trolley rides around the island to about 33 locations all day long...a 3 day ticket is a must. Fun and informative...yet the coolest item on the list today on the 28th of July? The last day of the Rock a Billy Group, Go, Get, Gone at the famous outdoor FREE stage pictured below on George Alley...the central location smack in the middle of the famous old fashioned city. Starts at 18:45pm...aka 6:45pm to the Americans. FREE with Giveaways such as tshirts and sunglasses complete with homemade GINGER beer and Homemade Ginger Frozen Margueritas. Yum...at Taberna del Caballo is located at 37 St. George alley and the FREE OUTSIDE concert is to the left hand side entrance to the left side of the gift store. Come have fun all night long and enjoy the huge Rock-a-Billy band before it makes its way to europe for their tour! http://colonialquarter.com/dine/taberna-del-caballo/ is the website if you want to check Kelley below, Cindy Stavely, the executive director and Cindys husband John who does the Colonial Tours of the 2 acre open arena that spans from the 1500s to the 1700s. "We have the Bull and Crown English Pub Restaurant too in addition to the Largest Authentic Pirate Museum in the World." she boasts. The bartender, Kelley pictured below in the outside stage arena where the Rock-a-Billy Band is playing tonight at 6:45 pm(18:45pm to the Europeans), gave me a cool Ginger Frozen Marguerita. I am NOT A FAN of GINGER, however fell in love with it. "Order a Air Conditioner Ginger Style tonight at the concert if you love it that is the drink." He says as he gives me a taste of Ginger beer that they brew themselves! Um Yum. Cindy says that "I truly enjoy the city. Me and my husband came here 20years now on the honeymoon. I wanted to show him where my daughter attends college at the Flagler University. We fell in love with the city and I have been involved with the tourism business of St. Augustine ever since. Make sure you say that the Pirate Museum has the largest artifacts collection of the Golden Age of Piracy in the world. 2 Major Pirate Attacks seriously happened here. Sir Francis Drake burned the city to the ground and we have artifacts from that event and Robert Searles pirate attacked the city in 1668. We have 1 of 3 Jolly Rogers flags that still exist in the world right here in the museum. It has about 800 artifacts real and authentic...people come from everywhere in the world and finally St. Augustine is receiving the recognition it deserves. Last year Mumford and Sons added St. Augustine and brought over 35,000 fans! Now they tell friends and friends tell friends and everybody is coming to St. Augustine." she says proudly. Please come and say hi. "We all will be at the event tonight having fun, not working!" she says. 
Below is the famous TRADEWINDS where the star JIMMY BUFFET  got his first start. He used to sell 5 cassettes per night of his live music performance. The owner of TRADEWINDS TONI didn't like JImmy Buffet so she wouldn't let him play at the location any longer. When Mr. Buffet became famous he came back to rub it in to Toni who still wouldn't let him play at TRADEWINDS... talk about Principals!