ANDA Hostel in Venice located at Via Ortigara 10, Mestre-Venice
  The owner of the 4-1/2 Star Plaza in Mestre decided to do a cool Hostel for the rest of us in 2016 and here it is; already a design hostel winner around the world.
  Peek-a-boo...anywhere else you can find a cool bed at 9euros per night? In Venice, Italy! Maybe on the beach drinking a Mojito!
   The Anda hostel sits literally about 125 meters from the Mestre-Venice Train station, the next stop is over the lagoon and into the city of Isle of Venice, Italy. You could bike over the lagoon, which is about 5 to 7 kilometers, take the local bus which is 1 to 2 euros or take the train, last time I checked it is 1 euro 30cents. So, stay in Mestre, which is a cutey little town and it has the most beautiful hostel that rocks all night and super affordable. UNLIKE the city of Venice where a hostle room will cost you minimum of 45euros and be moldy smelling due to the canals. So, choose ANDA.
   Here is my lovely team at the ANDA  Hostel Love these people so much. Super funny and friendly at all hours of the day and especially at midnight when at the cool ANDA hostel you usually  have live bands and parties going on til 2.00am or 3.00am.
   For their very first year they received the best largest hostel in the world with 900 beds and only 9 euros per bed on up, that is pretty darn cool.

                                               5301 Calle de l' Aquila Nera

                           Sestiere di S. Marco 5301

                    Trattoria Aquila Nera                              The Black Eagle, in Venice Italy.

emme ane's book
  Yes it is heaven to find a lovely family-run restaurant in Venice and yes we do have these. You just need to know the address and you can still have a real authentic Italian home-cooked meal. One of these is the Aquila Nera, or as we American landys say, "The Black Eagle." The food is homemade and they have tiny degustation menus of about 20.00 to 24.00. They have the typical cuttlefish, that they call Venetian Squid from the lagoons, and they fly the fresh seafood in daily from Sardegna. Enrico, the young capo, laughs when I ask if it is everyday. "Yes everyday."               
   "It is my father's restaurant, The Black Eagle, and do I see myself following as the Capo? For now I do. In the future I have meditation interests that I am taking classes with the association and I want to teach meditation. That is a personal interest," laughs Enrico. He is always smiling and energetic and laughing, totally enjoying the tourists and guests of his. "Yes I do involve myself with the restaurant, yet I do have a social life and my vacation in September was Croatia. A beautiful country. I love the face that the tourists either come to us directly or they are lost on the way to San Marco square, since we are on one of the direct paths, and they love us and at here."Aquila Nera in Venice - Restaurant Reviews, Menu and Prices - TheFork
                               0039 41 522 4769
Venice, Italy - Image & Photo (Free Trial) | Bigstock
  Enrico laughs as he and his father pose for pictures outside the San Marco Alley restaurant, "Yes we are a family, and it is my sister, me and my father who do the service. My sister's daughter helps sometimes, she is 6. You know she loves to pretend she is helping!" 
                                courtesy of , the

"One of my favorites, since I am a fish lover, is the sea bass or the Spaghetti ai fruitti di mare, sea food and spaghetti for you english speakers!" says Enrico.Risultati immagini per ristorante aquila nera venice 5301

  "You know the restaurant has been here 19 years about and so honestly if you saw the menu it is  now as when it is first beginning. The fish, as I said, is from Sardegna and the food is homemade. It is fun, yes to have my family work with me. I enjoy it. Italy is beautiful and my city especially. I am happy tourists come." Trattoria Aquila Nera - Picture of Trattoria Aquila Nera, Venice ...
  "We are a traditional restaurant that I would say is medium range. You know, we aren't cheap, yet being so close to the San Marco Square down the little alley, we are very medium and 1/2 the price of the San Marco Square, yet honestly, being a 100% homemade restaurant, our food quality and huge quantity is top." 
   The team of Vini Da Gigio ristorante of Venice consists of Paolo, who is simply charming, kind and loving and his just as real and natural sister, Lara. They have been at the helm of Vini Da Gigo the last 40 years as their mother and father started the restaurant and at the early ages of 24ish they took it as a life long dream. 

                             Located at: Cannaregio 3628 a with reservations at: 0 41 528 51 40                      

                                   MICHELIN GUIDE 2019

  "We are famous in Venice, that is true. However, I would love to think that we are famous for our food, that as I told you is traditional and authentic to the old recipes of Venice and the lagoon are number one traditional. Yet, I love wine. It is my passion. I have collected over 600 labels, including a page and a half of champagne. I have white wine and red wine to compliment the fish entries of the menu of Lara's and I have these to compliment the meat entries. Yet these are about 8 bottles that you can feel comfortable everybody with the price. It is normal. The huge book of wine that we have has bottles of 500 euros or more. Not everybody feels comfortable spending that on a bottle of wine, even if a special occasion such as vacation. That is why I add the wine selection pages. Everybody can enjoy a lovely lunch and dinner at the local prices, yet you can add to it too." نتيجة بحث الصور عن ‪vini da gigio venice‬‏
  "Lara is the cook. Trust me, if I was in the kitchen and she was in the front greeting and waiting on the guests, it would be a disaster!" laughs Paolo. "First because she is a finest chef, with the traditional dishes of Venice, and I love talking to the people and greeting and treating my guests as if they are in my home." 
    I tell Paolo that I want to come and celebrate the restaurant on my website and we all laugh as he says we can have champagne. Although I love champagne the reason his wine list and restaurant is suggested by the top hotels of Venice is, "everybody can have Amarone or Brunnello, but I have classics that I have found and loved the last 40 years that are very rare. People that love wine and appreciate it love to come and try my selection. I am happy that the hotels recommend us for Lara's cooking and for my collection."Vini da Gigio, Venice - Cannaregio - Restaurant Reviews, Photos ...
        1 of the 3 bosses, Marco, with his director Antonio at 1000 Gourmet.


                                 Located at : (next to Do Forni) Calle Specchieri, 475 S. Marco                                                                                                                    

"Okay, I want you to please try our Pizza, because my bosses come from Naples. They are 3. Marco, who is here(and pictured above), Micheal, and Marco's brother Vittorio. They are born in Naples and started 1000 Gourmet Pizza, which is definitely Naples style in Naples. They thought that as odd as it sounds, Venice is missing Italy. So, they, as Italians, although from the south, came here and opened the second 1000 Gourmet Pizza about 5 months now in Venice. It is 100% a Naples owned and Naples regional inspired food restaurant. Yet, the tourists come in and tell me, "o I am from New York, you must come to New York and open a 1000 Gourmet pizza in New York, or Miami, if they are from Miami, or Chicago, even. The Americans love it. The tourists love it and I am very happy that everyday the local Venetians come in and say thankyou to giving us real pizza and at a low price!" says the very funny and very talkative Naples director named Antonio! 

     They even have FRIED PIZZA! YUM 1000 Gourmet Venezia in Venice - Restaurant Reviews, Menu and ...

             In the ever changing world of Venice, where huge companies and internationals are snatching up the once Italian only owned restaurants and enotecas, it is totally refreshing to find Italians from the South doing business in their own traditions. "Yes," says Marco with the help of Antonio's translations, since he only speaks Italian, "We are very happy to serve tourists since in Naples to be honest, there isn't tons of tourists. It is fun for me to sit here and talk to them! Yet it is satisfying to me to know that the local Venetians have made us their home! They tell us they love our pizzas and with prices from 7.50 to 18.00 euros for a total seafood fresh shrimp from Naples pizza, it is way less expensive than say San Marco Square!" he says laughing. Who cares! I say. The pizza is heavenly and mine melt in my mouth. Loved it. 

                    1000 gourmet Pizza in Venice 

  The lovely jewel and surprising refreshing VERY ORIGINAL ITALIAN, ALBEIT NAPLES ITALIAN, team and new bistro 1000 Gourmet Pizza is, well for a better word, refreshing... 1000 Gourmet Venezia in Venice - Restaurant Reviews, Menu and ...
  Since I talked with Antonio and Marco, who says that although yes he does know how to make the pizzas, of which Venice has a amazing 24 styles, he is the boss and must greet the people and therefore hires a pizza maker from Naples. Yet Antonio says, "Trust me, I shall surprise you with a pizza style of my choice. He chooses the pistacchio pizza and I can say without a doubt that it is the best pizza I have ever tasted.     
Alright, come try Naples in Venice! 

     After eating 3 days of Lagoon specialty fish and the local regional dishes of Venuto, you can be guilt free and try a little something different yet very Italian. Pizza Caravelle - Picture of 1000 Gourmet, Venice - Tripadvisor

            "Hmm, I am just the director, my team that I work with each day is 100% Italian and mostly Naples and to be honest I am not used to so many tourists!" laughs Antonio. A very young kid from Naples. "I love when the tourists smile as they eat and say they love our food and I love when they say they want us to come to America!" PressReader - Where Venice: 2019-06-01 - 1000 Gourmet, creative pizza
                                            Oficina Ormesini, Venice - Restaurant Reviews, Photos & Phone ...
  "Hi my name is Enzo," says the VERY ENERGETIC 40ish year old entreprenuer of the classic and classy Oficina Ormesini Osteria on the canals. "I am very happy to introduce my industrial design restaurant. I have always dreamt of owning a restaurant in Venice, and after 27 years in the Venuto restaurant, I finally am very proud to have Oficina. My brother, Giuseppe and me are the cooks. My girlfriend Elenora is the bartender and we are open 7 days a week all day long til 1.00am. We have too much cicchetti all the time at the industrial bar. My friend is a architect and he helped me to design it. I love the industrial look and that what he helped me to achieve here." The tiny restaurant has a totally cool long wooden table in next to the bar where people sit and share the table. The lights are all industrial design which Enzo has designed and it has a very happy crazy feel to the restaurant, yet a elegance and a very high quality menu. 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Oficina Ormesini Venezia - Osteria arte e passione - Picture of ...

  Located on a charming canal on Cannaregio,a pleasant unusual surprise amoungst the student hangouts, is the lovely fish specialty restaurant named Oficina.  +39 348 34 15 910

  Cannaregio, 2689 (Fondamenta Ormesini)Immagine correlata

 Oficina Ormesini - Photos - Venice, Italy - Menu, Prices ... Although the locals know the small canal areas and the charm, and the great dinners and aperitivos you can find here, it is a hidden jewel that the tourists must discover. I help you!
Oficina Ormesini, Venice - Cannaregio - Menu, Prices & Restaurant ...
  "Dinner with a nice fish is about 40 to 50 euros. It isn't cheap, yet I have a nice degustation menu, two of these. One is fish and one is meat and they are 26 euros and 22 euros respectively. A nice dinner and a great way to try a couple dishes. You can add about 100 labels of wine and great cocktails, too.Immagine correlata
   The entire team is young and super friendly and laughing all the time. They are so happy to show you the gorgeous industrial restaurant, and the guests love to sit on the steps during aperitivo and talk about life. Inside it is elegant and condusive to conversation with each other and your partners at the big wooden table or more intimate in the farther dining room. Come and enjoy!

  "Yes we do have aperitivos and happy hour and the students love that. Mine is a great cocktail of a very specialty at happy hour and two specialty cicchettis for about 15 euros. Or you can choose from the 14 glasses of wine that I change everyday for around 3 to 5 euros and do aperitivos for 10 euros total. It is your choice. A way to have elegant aperitivos and of course most people come in to dinner after the aperitivos, or the young students go to the happy hour bars next door!" laughs Enzo. Risultati immagini per oficina ormesini venice
                 What does the famous family of Serandrei, with it's Superior 4 Star the Saturnia and the Design Award winning hotel Ca Pisani have in common with the Venice Film festival? Well, a very important award, perhaps one of the most important is sponsored by their family, the film editing award. When Marianna and I had a chat about the prestigious award that her family gives at the Venice Film Festival the last 4 to 5  years now, she said, "It is named the Mario Serandrei award for film editing, and we do it for the films in the critic circle week. Most of the films are the independent films that the festival is famous for, and the judges come from around Italy who are experts in that field. We announce the winner to the public and at 5.30pm we give the award to the winner. After the award is given, we bring the winners and the judges back to the Ca Pisani where they have dinner and cocktails with us."

                I ask her if it is very exciting to have such a famous award to give at such a famous Festival. "Yes, yet I was so very nervous the first year on the big stage and I couldn't remember all of my speech since I had to memorize it and people were all in long glamour gowns and now it is in a small salon and it is much better for me!" she says laughing.  

                                    Hotel Saturnia & International Venice - Official Website - Best ...
                Hotel Saturnia 4 Star Superior Roof Top Deck in the Summer  
It is especially fun and lovely. "Yes we plan on having private events, and now I am into the entire jacuzzi situation. I love jacuzzis since I researched these and am finally constructing the fitness room which used to be the laundry room next to the open garden Michelin restaurant. Want to see it?" he asks as he walks me into the kitchen and into the laundry room and we end up with open french windows and doors viewing the restaurant on one side and the gondola canals on the other side. As I open the canal side windows, "Be careful, you can fall right into the canals, and although they are only 2 to 6 feet deep, you might not like the experience." jokes Gianni as he tells me the vision of the multi dimensional jacuzzi and fitness room. Complete with views on both sides. "And now, if I can make a jacuzzi on the roof without my guests falling into the floors below, I shall!"                                                                                                                                                                                                     Risultato immagini per saturnia 4 star roof top deck

                          "And the guests who come here appreciate the beauty of course and the elegance, yet I believe they love the family atmosphere.We are one of the last family run 4stars left in Venecia and you can definitely tell that it is a family. We're present always, the four siblings since my father passed away, and we are very friendly. That is the difference, I think of a family run hotel. That very personal feeling, you are not just a number in our hotel." 
      The Ca' Pisani...first modern design hotel in Venecia has a lovely room just for relaxing, the steam room!Immagine correlata
I personally love the beauty and the lovely sun of the Rooftop deck of Saturnia where I enjoyed a funny afternoon. It has lovely green plants and sun chairs complete with a outdoor shower.
Risultato immagini per saturnia lovely hotel in venice

  "We all have our strengths and now, after several work experiences on tourism for me, I prefer to be behind the scenes, concentrating on redesigning and renovating the 2 structures." says Gianni.  Hotel Saturnia & Intl, Venice, Italy -
"I've always loved the bar attached to the Saturnia, Il Caravellino, and after my uncle's retirement I started managing it in a completely different manner, giving it a new style and now I use my expertise in promoting it.     The bar is elegant and the people love it, yet for many years it had much privacy and was too stuffy. Now it is chic and trendy and we have among the best of the cocktails of Venice." says Gianni, the young son who is the 4th generation of the Serandrei famous family that has owned the 4star Superior since 1908. "My father's great grandfather opened the hotel in 1908 with only 10 rooms and then during the century he grew up!" he laughs. "Now it has 87 rooms, yet I am renovating one of the best views room that forever had been the maintenance room! Yes, it is true, I entered into the maintenance room  and said, Hey why does the maintenance room have the best view on the canal!" he jokes!
"You have to see the rooftop deck , " says Gianni as he prepares to meet his sisters for lunch, "I am eating with my family at lunch, yet feel free to see the Saturnia."  And I do! me and my freshly painted toes on top!"I've always loved the bar attached to the Saturnia, 
"I went to Cornell University in America for the summer and took a summer course properties management; that's very good theory, then you need practice for running of a huge hotel such as SaturniaYou know the guests are always right and here especially we treat the guests with respect. People come to Venice for different reasons, yet when they come here I want them to have a gracious stay. To have luxury and comfort yet to feel that the family is here, that it is a warm friendly place and that we care about each guest.  The roof top they love and the garden, too.  "The fun things for me is when I can renovate rooms and each year I do some of these. That is fun for me. Remember the water on the desk here? We chose the San Benedetto.  I want a new design bottle to compliment the high quality of the Saturnia. You know little things like that. My sister, Zoe does usually things like that, choosing food and drinks, she manages the contracts with tour operators and suppliers and many other things, and my brother, Kim, is in charge of public relations of the 2 structures, the Ca' Pisani Hotel, that we opened in 2000 and here.
He is in charge of the Ca' Pisani publicity and does such a great job that we never have any rooms! And My sister Marianna, is the one who you will find everyday at the Ca' Pisani.

                                             OGIO which translates to Olive Oil,                                                                    is located at Fondamenta Cannaregio 1037.

                                           reservations: 04154 130 99

                                                                         Capo Paolo Specchio                                                                                                                Risultato immagini per ogio venezia                                                                  

    Risultato immagini per ogio venezia

 "For me it is about the experience and enjoying the natural flavors of the food and to that I do come to the table and prepare some dishes with you. In addition, when I choose the fish and the vegatables and come to the Mercato, I don't choose the cheapest, I choose the best,"  says Paolo. "Since I live in Milan, I am not always here which is a problem at times, yet I try to show that I want the highest quality in the restaurant."  Here the elegance and perfection of Ogio, with Uovo in camicia con crema di Robiola e Tartufo scorzone.

    And as you can see, when it rains, we have fresh fish. 

   "Okay, I love my location, yet you know it is Venice, and we had tons of rain in October!" says Paolo on whether his gorgeous lcoation here is better than the one in the palazzo. "With the canals and the view, it couldn't be better, yet obviously we are trying to save the colored tiles restaurant from the water though." Risultato immagini per ogio venezia

Image result for ogio restaurant venice

     Met the fun Capo of Ogio today, Paolo, who lives in Milan and is opening his first Milan restaurant named Craenza on Savonna, near Tortona, in 15 days! "My team here is fun. Starting with my crazy chef, Samuele, who I have been with 4 years now and who everybody pretty much knows in Venice, to my Olive oil supplier who is Savario Campanelli from Puglia to Samuele's assistant and very energetic assistant, also Paolo, we have a great team. It is important to surround yourself with family and as an Italian, my family includes my team," says Paolo while we sip Aperol spritz and wild Prosecco as Samuele opens a bottle and shares!   "Samuele has a cooking class that he teaches professionals in Venice about Vegan cooking. He is very knowledgeable and the other cooks take his classes. Yet we are trying to organize in the future cooking classes with Samuele for tourists on Vegan cuisine of Venice, as they would really love that." says Paolo. PS for all you Veganites, they have a big and lovely menu to choose from. Risultato immagini per ogio venezia
  "The meat comes from France," says Samuele, the very fun chef of Ogio,"yet Paolo tries to bring as much real local products, such as the fish from the lagoon and vegetables and in addition to the products of Italy, such as the olive oil from various sections of the country."

    Paolo agrees,"Exactly, actually we have at least 15 olive oils picked for restaurant, Craenza in Milan. The restaurants are different and since the location here is only 6 months, we are amazed at Samuele's experimenting with the dishes. Maybe in the future we shall have 15 olive oils here, to, yet for now we use only the olive oil from Puglia. However, for instance, each olive oil is used for its purpose. Some for salads, some for cooking, some to bring the natural taste of the plate to your palette. They are very special and they come from many sections of Italy. It is all about enhancing the experience with Italians, especially their love of food." Risultato immagini per ogio venezia

         I believe that the photo here of OGIO in Venice, Italy, shows what Venice is all about. The fresh air, the beauty of the canals in the one and only city in the world built entirely on trees and floating on water, the tranquility of the island as the tourist enjoys the famous hospitality of the Venetians with the Italian spritz named Aperol Spritz, which is orange in color. I have had about hmm...maybe 3,000 spritz's in my life! Which is about 325 spritz's a year for every year I have come to Italy. Okay, maybe that is a little exaggeration, we hope! 
               The outside patio of the charming and very fun osteria, Ogio, with aperitivos and spritz. 

In addition my lovely friend Saverio owns the olive oil farm and the company that the OGIO restaurant uses, named Olio Campanelli and here is the facebook link:  If you have catering a event such as a Wedding, and if you are a bistro, enoteca, restaurant and would love to contact Saverio please do so at the sight or tel: 39 320 348 4399

           The much respected heritage restaurant in Venice, named Antica Carbonera, has an interior that rivals kings and queens and emperors and empresses, princes, princesses, aristocrats around the world. As a matter of fact, the Empress of Austria, Princess Sissi's yacht, the Miramar, is in fact inside! "The booths and wooden walls and the 18th century lanterns all come from the yacht that the original owner of the Antica Carbonera bought from the Venice Arsenal," says the kind Capo, Andrea, who I am lucky enough to be granted my third interview in 5 years with! As he sits with me at 22.00pm last night for a couple of minutes, he tells me his love of his restaurant. "When people walk in my doorway, I am here to greet with the hospitality of as if in my Casa, my home. I welcome you with respect of my team and of me. Everybody treats everybody with respect here. And they reflect on me. My love of my creation and my respect for the heritage and the history of the Miramar, and the food that I serve my guests that my grandmother and my mother graciously gave their time and their recipes to help me make for you is shown with each meal," says Andrea. 
                    ANTICA CARBONERA of Venice is located at Calle Bembo San Marco 4648. 
                     Risultati immagini per antica carbonera venice

The kind and respectful Capo, Andrea, in his domain of domains at Antica Carbonera, the kitchen!                                                           Risultato immagini per antico carbenara venice                                                                                                      


   Although the restaurant is formal and of the highest service and quality, especially the fresh fish daily, the team is ALWAYS smiling and laughing and offering you prosecco and little treats. They love to give service to you!   "That is the one thing to do that Andrea insists with us each day," says Igor, who is his director the last 7 years. "Everyday he tells us that we must present the food with grace and fast. That the pasta boils 2 minutes since it is freshly made, and that pasta must be served immediately to the guests. We serve in front of the guests with special dishes and the chef, Andrea, who is a master, comes to the table, too." Risultato immagini per antico carbenara venice
   "As seafood is the specialty, we or should I say, Andrea really knows how to prepare it. I want you to try the moeche, the little tiny baby soft-shelled crabs of the lagoon, which only have a 2 week time period in which to harvest!" says Igor. And we try these. Yum.

     Risultati immagini per antica carbonera venice

   "One of our recent greatest pleasures is when the famous actor, John Malkovich came to dine. We had fun with him and I hosted Mr. Malkovich as he is such a kind and funny character to deal with," says Andrea!  

     "You know, here at the restaurant, we give a experience and that is why you should come to Venice. When you eat the fish here, for instance Carpaccio di: salmone, orata, branzino e tonno or Baccalà in umido con polenta alla griglia, Andrea uses herbs and cooking techniques from centuries to bring the true flavor to the palette. And the wine compliments. I enjoy guests who ask my advice and try Andrea's food with my wine selections to enjoy the event and the night." 

             The beauty of the Antica Carbonera.
Risultati immagini per antica carbonera venice
  I love the team of Antica Carbonera and the food, too, of course. The place is lovely with the nostalgia of the Princess Sissie of Austria's yacht on the first level, Andrea's personal quest and love of wine on the second level and the gorgeous garden on the top. The service the best in Venice. Very friendly, funny, and totally attentive! Risultato immagini per antico carbenara venice
     The second level is made entirely of wine boxes that Andrea has created, "I love wine and good quality wine and that has been a dream of mine many years to create the second level honoring the great vineyards of Italy." 
I have many friends and many Capos, both women and men, around the world I say "Hi Friend",
although some are my personal favorites such as Andrea and team at The Antica Carbonerain Venecia...      The original Miramar 


  He asks to invite you do dinner since only when you eat his food can you feel it," says his charming young chef who laughingly and lovingly translates for us. "My mother comes into the kitchen and makes new dishes for us. The entire menu I design myself...every recipe a mixture of my grandmother's kitchen and my mother's kitchen. Yes usually in a restaurant of such quality around the world the chef does the recipes and menu, but here I do it." the boss says:) "The restaurant is totally traditional Venetian! with Pesce. Since it is fish it is a little on the medium to high side of pricing. The recipes come from my Grandmother and my mother who continues to be gracious enough that when I say that I would love to try my recipe of such and such she comes into the kitchen and makes it for me. My favorite is the cod fish on top of the cold polenta. That is totally her recipe." he says as he shows me the very elegant and classy menu. And since everybody knows that polenta is my favorite dish?... along with steak tar-tar and red wine...and here one of the very funny and friendly team gives me a little pasta pepper!

As I walk from the Rialto Bridge, past the Disney Store on my left hand side and about 1 tiny bridge I see the Antica Carbonera sign on the alley and mosey on down to see my friends. The food here is simply delectable. Love the Capo, love the food, love the team.

                                                                             00390415 22 54 79

                      Risultati immagini per antica carbonera venice
                     The third level, is a beautiful garden on the roof where you can be hidden from the voices of the tourists walking up and down the alley, yet remain within their sounds! It is gorgeous and totally compliments the rest of Antica Carbonera. "In the summer, it is always full since the guests want to sit up here, yet just call or make reservations and we can try to do our best!" says Igor.                                           
                                    Risultato immagini per luna sentenda venezia
 Here the Capo Alfredo is making fresh pasta for his guests! A very happy person, as is his entire team, which could be the reason of the success of the elegant tiny boutique Venetian jewel and its counterpart of the Cicchetti located opposite at 5000. "We have live music outside 2 hours and we have wine farmers come and give wine for free," says the charming Capo who along with Gaetano, his very big chef, and his team give a lovely lunch and dinner. 
         "My events and music compliment my places and the music with the enjoyment of the Italian culture and food is very important to me. It is very important to say that the guests come here and enjoy the experience of the dinner. They savor the wine and enjoy Gaetano's presentations of the Venetians dishes. It is about life, pleasure and enjoyment," says Alfredo, that is when you can actually have a conversation since he laughs and jokes with his team(s) all the time! 

 The restaurant Luna Sentada has healthy Venetian lagoon specialties with a little inclusion of oriental flare and the addition of the wine bar and cicchetti bar opposite give it a all-inclusive night out in Venice. You can sip champagne and many varieties of Italian wine along with cheeses and meats and cicchetti here or dine in the elegant restaurant opposite the campo. 

                Campo San Severo 5000                          and CASTELLO 5018 CAMPO SAN                                           SEVERO

 "It's a very nice compliment saying my restaurant is elegant and sophisticated," laughs Alfredo, who is so casual and comfortable to talk to that you almost forget you are in a gorgeous old venetian establishment. The chairs are solid tall wood with very ancient tapestry and the table setting is linen. "The guests that come here are treated to a special Venetian Italian experience. When we have the 5000 live music and events opposite us, the guests here love to hear the music. It is very important for everybody to have a happy time. Yes, it is decorated Marco Polo era and very sophisticated, yet it is about the food and the hospitality and of course the wine!"Image may contain: one or more people, people sitting, drink, table and indoor
  "The two places here are with me and my associates which include Michael and Lorenzo. The three of us make my team and in addition of the restaurant Luna Sentada and 5000 wine bar, they own the restaurant in Venice named Osteria L'Orto Dei Mori,    which is at Campo Dei Mori number 3386, and Lorenzo is chef at the Osteria.       

L'Orto dei Mori is a new restaurant with a native of Sicilian heritage and me for one and very happy to have that character on my website for my guests around the world who love Sicilian food yet don't have many chances unless they actually visit Sicily of eating it! The restaurant is warm and charming and in the summer you can eat in the nearby field if you wish! Welcome to Sicily in Venice! 

   They are super nice a family, and super friendly. Everyday I have a invite from the restaurant and the wine bar for some kind of music event or wine taste event or just show up and have a glass of wine. You must find these adorable and sophisticated kitty corner boutique restaurant and wine bar while in Venice. O yes have a lovely night! Risultato immagini per luna sentenda venezia
                                                                AL CANTON DEL VINO 

 locations: At Salirada South Francesco 3156 and on Ponte Del Parrucchetta(near Campo s. Giacomo)

Risultati immagini per AL CANTON DEL VIN

                   And I must repeat, the liters of great 13 wines are only 2.50 euros per liter! 

As I enter the coolest entoeca wine store with the barrels of about 13 different wines from 3 important vineyards of Venuto, a American couple greets me and laughs with Manuel, the young owner, saying, "O yes some German friends told us about the wine store and we came here and bought a plastic bottle and a liter of wine for only 2.50euros! It is our 5th day here and we wish we should of come the first day and bought a bottle everyday!" they gush. O yes the Americans have found the best kept secret of Italians, the little fresh from the vineyards winestores!

  "I love the Monks of Parish of Salirada South Francesco who, when the Franciscan Friars first came to Venice they were given a small refuge in the vineyards of the nobleman Marco Ziani, and I carry that wine from the Monks here in the store!" says Manuel proudly. The church is on the Campo near the tiny wine store! Risultati immagini per AL CANTON DEL VIN

   0039 041 27 704 49                                                                             
  "I started in biology at the university and came to work here about 13 years since as a part-time job. I loved the people, the pace, and of course knowing and learning about my wine of my heritage lands. I decided when I finished college to buy the tiny shop and have been here many years now. I added a new store about one year since near the bridge Ponte Del Parrucchetta, and hope the Venetians love it and the tourists come to find it to enjoy the natural wine of the regions. They are always yelling that they don't carry a plastic liter bottle with them to buy the wine and when we say we have the plastic bottles, their eyes light up and they say, give me 1 or 2 bottles!" laughs Manuel. And I believe him. It is such a pleasure to taste the Italian wines, yet it is a greater pleasure to afford to taste 10 Italian wines in 5 days! 
                                                                                                                                          "o yes I remember it well..." 
   The picture above is 100% totally representative of the family, the real authentic unassuming facade of the Taverna San Trovaso which celebrated over 40 years of continual service to the community and culture of Venice with an all day party of FREE FOOD AND DRINK in the summer. "We ran out of food! says my cousin, Marco, when in reality we ran out of energy. We were so tired after all day giving free proseccos and free lunch and dinner to everybody that we had to finally at night relax and drink and eat the food ourselves because we literally couldn't walk anymore!" says the funny Anna, who is 27 and the accountant of the family restaurant.                                  Hint: about 50 meters from the Academia Bridge 
   "I guess Marco told you that every year we take all of our employees and we go to a Villa in Tuscany for the day and treat everybody to a day of fun and dinner and wine. It is a way to say that we appreciate everybody and a way for us to relax and have fun," says Anna who at 27 is the family accountant. How does that work, I ask since with so many older bosses they must really trust a young person to handle all the finances.

    "It took a couple of years. At first I would make a decision and my father would correct me constantly and after 2 years and everyday of his advice, now I do it all myself. I am happy since I have my business and its best interest at heart of course, yet it took awhile for these old timers to trust me!" laughs Anna.                  Taverna San Trovaso near Acadamia Bridge 

"The one thing to remember at every place that you arrive at is the people, the atmosphere, the way that you are treated and finally the food and drink," says Anna.  And while the food at Taverna San Trovaso is very good, it is the 6 brothers and 6 sisters(Anna's father and uncles and aunts) and the 12 girls and 12 boys that make up the 1st cousins that are everywhere along with the friends of the years that make the team of the Taverna. 

CHIAMACI: +39 041 520 3703

  Marco, the young cousin who is 100% all smiles all the time sat down with me with his uncle the first day that we met "You should definitely say that we are 1st and foremost a local restaurant of the Venetians. It is where they eat lunch and dinner everyday. Of course in the 40 some years we have had many tourists although I don't really know why since we do publicity the first year now, yet they must find us somewhere! The food is real authentic what we eat at home, what we love to eat and the wine is the wine that we love to drink. Of course Italian. Yet it is honestly full of Venetian residents and workers everyday. I guess the tourists love to mingle and talk to the locals is why they come!"  As you can see from the pictures the food is fresh and beautifuly prepared, yet once you walk into the Taverna which is a restaurant you are surrounded with lively and loud conversation and laughter. Always.
    "We have great pasta great pizza and homemade desserts and pesce and of course the Italian wine. Um what else should I say,"laughs Marco who usually just tells of the Venetians and the fun he has with the guests. 

                I guess that is it! Say I and we drink some wine. You know us girls we love the wine! 

                                               Ristorante Al Graspodeua 

                     in Venecia between Rialto Bridge and San Marco                        

                                          Contact +39 0415205644      

        From EmmeAnesBook come  to the Opening Party January 27th!

  The Capo, Sergio is one of my favorites ever. Can I say that? Why, hmm, he is real, authentic and totally cares about the local Venetian people and promoting the culture of the city of Venice. And since I am a unofficial cultural attache from America, totally interested in culture of people and entreprenuers, we are a total conversational match! 
    "Alright do we have to talk about food," laughs Sergio and his friends run to our table and bring the wine and start talking about the food. One, the lady is wearing gorgeous black and white designer glasses and I compliment on these. "O I love you and I love the restaurant and my friends had the wedding in one of Sergio's restaurants and now we find the 3 bottle of wine in the Wine Cellar!" laughs the lady and her partner runs to the Wine Cellar and grabs the 3rd bottle of wine. 

     "We all just ate the Gnocchi with prawns and porcini mushrooms and black truffles which is absolutely heavenly. All of us. You must try it," says gorgeous Natalie and I say that I love that food! 

         From EmmeAnesBook come to the Opening Party January 27th!

Ristorante al graspo de ua

When I ask Sergio how he chooses his wine, since he owns a couple of famous restaurants already in Venice, he says laughing along with my 3 guests who have already consumed 2 bottles and on to the 3rd, "I choose the bottles of wine that the local Venetians and the local Italians choose. The ones we know, the ones we drink and of course, honestly the wine that I love to drink. If I am to have a wine at my restaurant I need it to be my favorite for me!"
The wine that the table next to ours is drinking is: Castello de Roncade from Villa Giustinian in Trevisio, Cum Laude Banfi from Tuscana, and the third drinking the wine and as of yet we keep drinking the wine! 

The table is friends of Sergio who is originally from Moldavia. "The reason that I bought the restuarant Al Graspodeua is because when my family came to Venice 25 years now we lived right near here and my mother brought me here to eat at the age of 5. I remember the famous restuarant that Ronald Reagan came to eat at in 1987 and his picture is here along with a letter from his chief of staff," says Sergio as he laughingly shows me Ronald Reagan when I say I live in Miami and Los Angelos. "Wine is important too," he says as his 3 friends all laugh and raise the wine glasses to drink to Ronald Reagan, the President of America! Sergio's lovely mother laughs and comes in and gives him a kiss. "My mama!" he says and wants people to know that the idea and vision of his Al Graspodeua is a comfortable and friendly family where you can come for the famous and prestigious Venetian food and wine, yet laugh and joke with important people at the tables as we do. 
"You know some people love oysters and raw fish or lobster. If you love my menu that is great since it is Venetian and that is why you come here. However, if you read it here and you call me one to two days ahead of time you can ask me for special fish and I just call my fishermen and they bring it the day you arrive. O and yes you are invited to the opening party. Actually if they mention the website everybody is invited to the opening party on January 27 for dinner. Everybody come for wine and food!" Um like we're not going to come to that! 
Image result for ristorante l opera venice
                                        Ristorante L'Opera, San Marco 3567
                                                                                  Campo San Angelo
  "The vision of mine is to have a restaurant where I can design it from start to working everyday.                  I cook what I love here, what I desire. I love food and I wanted a small menu that I can use local ingredients and be very choosy and picky. Yes the restaurant is on a Campo where it is companion with a 4 star superior heritage hotel, so many guests come here, yet it is hidden too. My restaurant has outdoor seating, yet inside the guests are private and it is totally designed to compliment each one with personal and friendly attention. As if taste of my food at home and they always say that they are happy." 
               http://www.ristorantelopera.comRisultato immagini per Ristorante L'Opera, San Marco 3567
   Ayman, the Capo of the lovely elegant restaurant, loves the hidden jewel that he designed, "I wanted my own aura to the place. Somewhere you could walk in, feel comfortable in its elegance and sophistication, feel intimate with your partner or your friends and have a romantic dinner." It is that. Lovely. Secret, yet in a Campo of Venice. San Angelo. Yet it's beauty, especially on a cold winter night is ethereal. 
                   0039 04 1241 2 651
                                          Risultato immagini per Ristorante L'Opera, San Marco 3567
     "The menu is a little different, such as plain selections of the best cheeses as appetizers and selected dishes of the lagoon with cuttle fish and polenta. Yet it is a menu featuring meats and fish of the highest quality and not the typical solely Venetian style. For example, the fish soup has the best selection of seafood, including lobster and with abundance. I love my restaurant and to me it is as if a child to be grown and growing up or rather a woman who is beautiful and I am happy to see the beauty evolve," says the poetic capo with the help of his 4 year partner at the restaurant who laughs when she translates. "I started to say as a wife, yet he has a wife and so lets say a woman!" and we laugh. The wine is great too, by the way! 
        It is a elegant, soft restaurant with a Michelin feel to it, hidden from the view.
                                       The Trattoria Aquila Nera in Venecia 
                                 between the Rialto Bridge and San Marco Square
                             Risultati immagini per aquila nera restaurant venice
 What I love most about the Black Eagle which 
is hidden totally in the middle of Venice between the Rialto Bridge and San Marco Square is the Capo's kind and funny son and its great location. Hidden and perfect for the international tourist who wants real Venetian food from a family own and run restaurant, gorgeous garden and yet hidden from prying eyes!   The Aquila Nera aka Black Eagle has been here since 1505. Cool, huh!?Risultati immagini per aquila nera restaurant venice
  "Here at Aquila Nera, We order the fish on the phone and it is fresh everyday from around the Italian Coast. If the fish doesn't come that day, I can go to the Rialto Mercato. It is the same. The fish that we have the fishermen bring straight from the boats. It is usual why you come to Italy where we are near the waters and you should enjoy the lagoon fish and the fresh fish. It is normal," says the sweet young Capo Jr., Enrico who is a pharmaceutical genius having gone to university and received his degree. "Right now it is very hard to work in a restaurant and make all the guests happy and it is a challenge to me to make all the guests smile. I love it. Of course I worked in pharmaceuticals after college, yet now I am happy helping my father, Giorgio and my sister Raffaella here." As he is called to a table of tourists he smiles and laughs with them. 
Risultati immagini per aquila nera restaurant venice
                  Calle dell'Aquila Nera, VE
    S. Bortolomeo | 5301 Rialto, Venezia, Italia

Risultati immagini per aquila nera restaurant venice
  "In the early days, the Germans and the Austrians would come from their countries and eat here at the Black Eagle, the Aquila Nera, a symbol of the flag. Now today, I hope they find us, too!" laughs Enrico. "And the Americans and the South Americans and the Russians," he keeps waving on and on! 

              Risultati immagini per aquila nera restaurant venice
   "Yes we have the Cuttle fish, which gives the black ink to the color of the spaghetti alle seppie nere, and the Cuttle fish on the polenta with or without the black ink. I guess the Americans love that?!" he asks and I say that yes they do, the Americans love it and simply because it is special and tastes great. They like the unique and newness of it.Risultati immagini per aquila nera restaurant venice
                               +39 041 522 4769
         "My favorite on the menu is the Sea Bream baked with Tomatoes and olives or the Orata Al Forno con pomodorini e olive, " says Enrico as he shows me the very big menu and the great regional Italian wine.

This photo of Trattoria Aquila Nera is courtesy of TripAdvisor
                                                                                    Castello 4687
                                                                        +39 041 4764210 
                   As I wait to interview the gorgeous Capo, Francesca, I chat tothe bartender who has been here since the last 5 years. He says that most guests come and share a couple of plates of seafood, and yet rarely do they actually order all 24 oysters. "It depends on the oysters, of course, yet I can only eat about 3 oysters myself since they are very rich. Some people I have seen eat about 10, yet maybe a entire table can eat the 24!" he says laughing when I continue to insist on eating 24! 
                               Soon, Francesca arrives sporting a beautiful fur coat. I ask if it is mink? "It is from my
        grandmother and I am not sure the kind," she says laughing as I touch the beautiful brown and black tails on it. It is either lynx, I am sure, or mink. Probably lynx. That is the type of people that come here at night to eat the great seafood and champagne. Maybe the sheiks come tonight I ask and she laughs! 

   "The new chef has added exquisite and highest quality of meat and seafood to the menu. Since it is Venice, we don't have the loud music at night, however, we do have the elegant bar open til midnight to 1:00am, if you wish to come and experience romance in Venice!" 
  "At Sestante, we're becoming known for the high elegant and chic restaurant and bar now, as maybe last year more of the nightlife of a cocktail bar. We hired a very highly qualified chef and I am very happy with his presentations," says the VERY beautiful and chic herself Capo, Francesca. 
Související obrázek
               Risultati immagini per sestante venezia
      "Sesante is a exclusive and high quality cocktail bar and restaurant where a 
        couple and group of friends can come and have a very nice cocktail with              dinner, some great champagne and maybe 24 oysters for 160.00 euros. The best oysters from around the world. A platter of the freshest exotic seafood for two at              65.00 euros as a appetizer and a lovely dinner and share a nice bottle of wine and or               champagne," says the lovely and very choosy Capo, Francesca, who I love to chat with every year!
                                                                              Tessitura Luigi Bevilaqua
                                                                                                                            Risultato immagini per luigi bevilacqua                                                    
    "Yes we do have some famous fashion designers come in and purchase the fabrics for Haute Couture,
such as Dolce and Gabbana, yet most of the fabric is used for redecorating a home, palace, show piece," says GianLuca.
                                   Showroom in Venice:  Santa Croce 1320 to the right of Bel Sito Hotel 
"The family has been weaving over 300 years and people can come in and purchase a beautiful handwoven pillow and tassle or redecorate their palace. The choice is the guest's, yet we love each and every person that walks in the door," says the gracious and always fun to talk to son and Capo, GianLuca, who is now 5 years that I have interviewed.
"The fabric that is handwoven on the 300 year old machines, of course lasts forever. The cost reflects that, yet they are so beautiful touch, to hold and to have in the home, that many people treasure the purchase as if a Picasso," says GianLuca, who along with his wife are both architects. 
   Walk in or call to make a appointment and have fun!
                          Risultato immagini per luigi bevilacqua
   "My family owns every loom that is of the highest quality of 300 years still in existence in the world, about 25 of these. They are constantly being repaired, yet they are used to make the handwoven fabrics that we show. The process is very slow and very costly, at only 10 centimeters per day, which is very little, yet each line that you see is handwoven and 3 dimensional. You can only have that 3 dimensional if it is handwoven. The other machines we have are from the 1960s and the material here is about $1,000.00 per meter. The handwoven much more expensive. Yet around the world The White House in America, the Kremlin in Russia and many famous people use the Bevilacqua to restore historical rooms or palaces. When the cost of restoration is in the 10s of millions, a curtain from us worth $10,000.00 is a tiny piece of that restoration." says Gian Luca as I revisit the beauty of the Bevilacqua family.       Showroom in Venice:  Santa Croce 1320 to the right of Bel Sito Hotel       Risultato immagini per luigi bevilacqua    
                           come on over to the CRAFT BEERSHOP VENICE 
                                                            Calle degli Stagneri, 

San Marco 5192/a

                                                                                                 041 523 3928       Risultato immagini per to the CRAFT BEERSHOP VENICE Calle degli Stagneri, San Marco 5192/a                                                                                                    
  "My name is Daniele and my social is Michele. Here today we are having a  beer brewery taste party, with the brewing master and his team about his craft beers named Wooden House Brewery. You can try these two," says Daniele and Michele gives me a taste of the prosecco and beer mixture, which both taste great. Risultato immagini per to the CRAFT BEERSHOP VENICE Calle degli Stagneri, San Marco 5192/a
  "We've been here about 1 and 1/2 years now and it is very popular to come and try the beers. As a matter of fact we added pictures of the guests and now have 3 lines of these in the store and that is many people to come and try. The very first person happened to be a American since I guess you all love craft beers! We have the beer from everywhere in the world and it is the ONLY CRAFTBEER STORE IN VENICE!" 
  "The store is made since we both love beer and we both wanted a fun job!" says Michele as we all jostle around the small craft beer store that is right opposite the famous Pizza Restaurant Calle, near the alley of the Forest Devil's Pub. As you can see the group is rather big wanting to taste the beers. "Let me introduce you to Stefano and to Nicola, who is the master brewer. And the person here is Alberto who is the designer!" That is of all the beer cool designs on the beers.
    "We are thinking of having a guest beer team about once per month and the guests can come and taste the beers for a couple of hours. Right now, today, the people are welcome to walk right in and try."   Calle degli Stagneri, 

San Marco 5192/a

Live Music every night at 8:30pm til 10:30 pm, great heavy Italian wines from 20 to 50 euros, real authentic and simplistic Lagoon cooking and the best seafood we can find, that is the great motto of the gorgeous very hidden restaurant that is so beautiful, warm and cozy I am not sure if you would want to leave without at least 3 glasses of wine!  find it opposite the church down a little alley and you won't be disappointed... Cannaregio, 5701, 30121              Výsledek obrázku pro al remer restaurant venice
  "My team is very important to me and they know that of utmost importance of being a respected trattoria and team is fine service." says Yuli. "My cook is very experienced in fine dining the Venetian way and of course he goes to the fish mercato every morning for the fresh fish. Now, I just hired a very important and famous mixologist as the bartender and I am excited to see in the coming year the reputation that he develops and in turn adds to the reputation that the restaurant is finally achieving." It is all do to Yuli, as the first time I came is 3 years ago and it was famous the last 20 years as the only aperitivo buffet in Venice. Now, Yuli has stopped the aperitivo, much to the backpackers disappointment and since the restaurant is so gorgeous merged the atmosphere to the menu.
 reservations please call Phone041 522 8789
Image result for trattoria al remer venice result for trattoria al remer venice
   The VERY elegant yet surprising affordable, at about 50.00 euros per person a couple, unless of course if you "for instance a couple spent 200.00 euros a piece last night just drinking great wine with 3 courses each. I don't know if they remembered it or not, yet they had pretty good wine!" interjects the capo, Yuli, and we both start laughing. Can you tell me when happy hour is, I ask! And we both start laughing again. "Okay, again, last night a couple came in and they had a couple of cicchettis at 9:00pm and each a cocktail from my now famous mixologist, who I just snagged and is my head bartender now. They each spent about 10.00 euros. You can come and enjoy the music that is here live EVERY NIGHT AT 8:30pm, it is either jazz on the piano, bass guitars, live music is live music. On Wednesday night a man plays the guitar and he either brings another bass or two or a pianist. I want my place to be warm, beautiful, cozy and elegant. 

And music, especially live adds to it."             Výsledek obrázku pro al remer restaurant venice

  "You know it is real funny since the last couple of months the Americans, I can tell they are American from their accent by the way, come in and love the espresso or the double espresso they love. They used to order the Creams and the fancy coffees, the sweet coffees such as the Caffe Bottega or the Caffe Cocco or the Nocciolato, yet now the Swing is happening and the Italians love the fancy coffees and the Internationals yet the Americans choose the very Italian espresso. Which is the way I like this since when you come to my country of Italy I want you to choose my food," says the very very energetic capo of Bottega del Caffe Dersut Venezia. Související obrázek
"Soon I am studying the actual coffee places in the world and the coffee beans and have learned that there are about 1,200 coffees. I want to educate myself on the coffee plantations and introduce the coffee beans and new flavors that my Caffe Nute and Cafe Cima and NoccioCrim, for example shall have with the new coffee beans. It is all about the great ways to enjoy coffee!" laughs the Capo who has made having fun with coffee and his guests his life! Image result for bottega del caffe dersut venezia
"My place is definitely a Italian specialty coffee shop, yet it is very funny for instance yestereday 6 americans came in and said that they wanted to have the specialty coffees and they wanted to take these away and then they spent 30 minutes sitting right here with the coffee. Why do they say they want to take it with them then end up sitting here all day! It is a mystery."Image result for bottega del caffe dersut venezia
"Hey I love to stay with the people and hear the local's share their stories everyday and meet the international people who come in and love to make coffees for my guests. I love it." 04 1524 5322Výsledek obrázku pro Bottega del Caffe Dersut Venezia
   The coffees are delicious and scrumptious, by the way and yes very fattening!       located at Campo del Frari 3015
My friend and VERY funny Capo at his "special place in life. I have found the last 10 years the job I am born to do. I love the coffee culture."Výsledek obrázku pro Bottega del Caffe Dersut Venezia
             "I am a very nice boss and yet my sister is the opposite, should I say that! She is very 
tough and if my staff asks again and again to ask me to do something I always say yes and my sister is like, Do it yourself! Learn! The opposites!" He laughs and I say I am like his sister! 
                                       RosaRossa Sestiere San Marco (Calle de la Mandola) 3709, 
                                                                      30124 Venezia, Italia
                                                  Telefono: +39 04152 34605Risultato immagini per rosa rossa  restaurant venice italy
   For many years, about 5 actually, I interviewed the lovely Capo, Dionigi, who is Cristiano's brother. Cristiano being one of the Capos ,along with his wife, Elisa and Alvise. Confused yet? Okay hold on and we have Ivan and Aldo as the famous cooks. The other famous person who LOVES ROSA ROSSA IS JOHNNY DEPP, having spent his ENTIRE FILMING of the Venetian film, THE TOURIST, here with his surrogate and adopted family, Elisa and Cristiano. "We loved him too much and have an entire room that is Johnny Depp...from the drawing on the ceiling that he did one of the nights during his 2 week stay here to his Jean Jacket thatImmagine correlata       he gave to Cristiano upon departing Venice," says the lovely wife Elisa. She is too sweet and I had much fun interviewing her today! Immagine correlata
"I know that when Johnny came he said that he felt as he is home. Every night he came and ate dinner with us and one night we closed the restaurant and stayed late. We asked Johnny to be the bartender and that night he learned each way to make the drinks that we ordered, including the famous Italian Spritz that he, himself, wanted to learn how to make!" says Elisa. "The one night he couldn't make it to the restaurant, he ordered 5 pizzas to be delivered to his hotel. He loved us. He gave a scarf that he wore every night to me and a scarf to my daughter when he had a new one on!" says Elisa who is lovely and I believe that it is the family friendliness and good-natured easy humor that brings people here. Yet when you taste the food? The best in Venice and I have eaten at most of the best! 
    And why the name of Rosa Rossa? I ask first Elisa and Alvise.
     "Hmm, that one I do not know, yet many people ask if it is my name!" says Elisa.
    Alvise, "And here too! I came on to the restauarant after the two brothers and I remember always asking, yet I can't remember. It is lovely roses and I believe that the original father named it that, to be honest."

                     Risultato immagini per rosa rossa  restaurant venice italy
The Capo, Alvise, I had fun interviewing, "The most important to say is that for social media we are very bad. I am the sommelier, you could say, the person who tries the new wines for the restaurant, and each of us has our unique job; yet, the social media we are always too busy to worry about! I know many guests do come because of it and I especially love when they come back and they send their friends here to try. We are a international restaurant,although for me, I love the lagoon fish, such as the cuttlefish and the fresh prawns as a appetizer. I love the fried seafood, too, and the lamb is my favorite. We have many seafood items, and as you said, the presentations are beautiful, yet I do say the serivice is one of the reasons that people write good reviews about us."
      It's true: they are nice and professional, yet very funny, too and although the Italians are a little more shy than the Americans, say, since I am a American, I would say that they're very friendly in a family way, once you know the team. Risultati immagini per rosa rossa venice
   Me? I love it because it is romantic and up until when Elisa, Cristiano's wife, started working only days, the restaurant had little womanly touches of candles on the tables. "Now it is the men at night and maybe dark and seductive and romantic yet without the candles!" she laughs. Risultati immagini per rosa rossa venice food

This photo of Ristorante Rosa Rossa is courtesy of TripAdvisor
    Just try to make reservations although in the slow season you might be able to walk in. And remember to kiss the Capos as a appreciation although I kissed 3 kisses and they say that is only in Padova! Try to kiss as many times as you can since they are all such sweeties, including the kitchen cooks and remember the bartender! 
  My favorite traditional family Trattoria in Venice, tucked down a little alley, elegance and friendly service.
 Risultati immagini per trattoria da ignazio veniceSince 1951, my favorite year, the IGNAZIO trattoria in Venice has been catering to its guests...I am charmed with the daughter, Linda(holding her little daughter who captivates us all) and son Francesco, as we chat today. It is the first interview with the 3rd generation since I always interviewed the father and mother the last 3 years. 

  I kept the interview of  Fiorenzo, the Capo, although today I interviewed his son and it is for memories. 

     "You know the world has many restaurants,"  starts the Capo about 3 years since when I interviewed him on his famous and traditional Trattoria.     "Trattoria Da Ignazio is one of these.  And one has to say...I work my entire life to come to Venecia, the city of wonder and beauty and mystic. Where should I finally after a long day of seeing the city eat? I am at a city that is famous for its canals and going out to dinner. I know, let's try the 65 year old traditional Garden Restaurant named Ignazio. The restaurant is named after my father, yet, truly, I wanted to be a architect. Actually I received my degree in 1979 and the new renovations of the restaurant I personally designed." says the famous architect named Fiorenzo Scroccaro. His father started the restaurant in 1951 and it is one of the oldest Venetian real traditional family restaurants that still exist. Risultati immagini per trattoria da ignazio venice

  "I love Golf, too,"  laughs Fiorenzo.  "Not so much anymore. I am busy now since it is the season of fresh lagoon seafood such as the delicate Mochea, which are my favorite. We are know for the seafood here and I personally go  to the Fish Mercato everyday. I enjoy it. I love the restaurant and I love the tradition of my family here. Yes, you remembered the Bocce Ball! It used to be played by the locals everyday in the garden. Now the garden is as important as when the tourists enter they first see the restaurant and say, O how lovely, THEN! they see the garden. O we want to sit in the open garden. It is a oasis in the center of Venecia and very rare." he says.          Reservations recommended: 04 1 523 48 52            San Polo 2749 | Calle dei Saoneri,

Risultati immagini per trattoria da ignazio venice
"It's a traditional Trattoria of Venetian Lagoon and Seafood specialities and the menu has traditional dishes that have been on it the last 50 years, yet we change every 3 months and we are a very seasonal restaurant," says Linda. "Me and my brother are excited to help our father and mother and now it is a family team. I am the social media and public relations person and I love decorating and Francesco loves the guests. We are always happy and especially my father is the final decision maker, I would say."Risultati immagini per trattoria da ignazio venice
   Francesco is always smiling and says, "Yes I have fun here. That is why I do it. Everyday and to say that I love the tradition and the bringing of my family tradition to the guests. We had Peggy Guggenheim and the nobility in the 1950s come here and tons of Venetians and now it is a mixture of both. Yes, we used to have a wineand cicchettis in the 1950s, yet now it is a traditional Trattoria, complete with the outside garden. The bocci ball garden playing has since disappeared, yet the old school still come here and ask about it!" 
            Since 1995, Roberto has been designing the original and gorgeous stones of Italy...
Roberto has the most unique rare stones of Italy and his designs, every one, I loved. I asked if he is in Vogue and he said, "many magazines!" over the years!  Venice, Italy, Texas 76651, United States              +393335381131  

  Open til 2.00am with Music is ANCORA Famous Aperitivo Wine Bar with Michelin-type prepared food at Rialto Bridge Square
I bet you didn't know you had a famous person that you could dance with on Friday and Saturday nights right here in Venice, right! His name is Stefano Monti and he owns the Ancora Cafe near Rialto Bridge along with a gourmet boutique restaurant has a great aperitivo wine bar and from 22.00pm to 2.00am it has a live music and piano set. Loved the owner, who is sponsored from a big wine company to do real race car driving around the world. He is great, having lived 18 years in Brazil being the owner of the famous nightclub in Rio de Janeiro before coming to Venice the last 13 years. Come meet him, he is great, below is the picture of him next to the white pillar behind Rod Stewart, yes the real Rod Stewart!
                                                                Caligula, Rio de Janeiro
                        Související obrázek
Image result for ancora venice
    They have delectable seafood from the Lagoon of Venice and great Aperitivos! Výsledek obrázku pro ANCORA restaurant venice
  "We have fun here. The Italians know us and they love to come and party on Friday and Saturdays and the tourists appreciate a good Spritz or great Italian wine. Výsledek obrázku pro ANCORA restaurant veniceThey find it pleasantly surprising that they can dance to live music, too, on the weekends. I hope many tourists come to have fun with me. You know I used to have a very big crazy club in Brazil 18 years and I am used to having party! And I drive my race car 225 kilometers per hr. I am a crazy man!" laughs Stefano. I don't know if he is crazy, yet he is definitely kind! Výsledek obrázku pro ANCORA restaurant venice
            The absolute elegance of the boutique piano bar on the Rialto canals, ANCORA! 
                                            Ostaria Boccadoro Venice, Italy
                Bildergebnis für ostaria boccadoro venice
       Ostaria Boccadoro Venice is one of my favorite places to visit around the world. Why? The food is great and the location is perfect if you are done with the hustle and bustle of sightseeing in Venice and want either a quiet place to have lunch, a place for the rambunctious children to play in the square or a romantic dinner. These you can find here along with the real reason I visit every chance I can: The Capo is the son of Luciano, who owns San Guistina just around the corner, and his name is Simone. He is kind and funny and his team is always joking and friendly.
The great fresh seafood from the Lagoon can be found fresh daily at Boccadoro, which is another reason I love the Ostaria!
Bildergebnis für ostaria boccadoro venice
  Simone with one of his full red bodied wines.
Bildergebnis für ostaria boccadoro venice
Samy, who is from the Philippines, I have known the last 3 years and he is the head waiter. He always gives me a warm greeting and tells me how many people come in saying that they found Boccadoro from EmmeAnesBook. I always tell him that I am very glad about that and Simone laughs, "Yes I am happy about that too!" The other reason that I love Samy is that he always gives me a welcome glass of wine!
  located at : cannaregio 5405/a041 5211 021Bildergebnis für ostaria boccadoro venice
"My father, Luciano, is the real capo of both restaurants and it is he who started these as the head cook," says Simone. "He taught my chef Anwar, the last 11 years the way that he learned the Venetian cooking and the recipes and Anwar has carried that way on here. The fact is, I am too young to do it all myself as it is a lot of responsibility, yet I am trying. I love to make the guests feel comfortable and I am a person who tries to learn about each and every wine, each recipe, each way to present the food to the best guest. I am actually starting to take my own cooking classes from a very good professor outside of Venice and hope that one day I can practice these. We have fun here, as you know, and my new team member, Andrea, is a perfect match for us. He is super friendly and at the same time very professional and cares about Boccadoro." 
     The team shows me around the intimate beautiful restaurant and the new Murano glasses on the tables and sculptures on the wall, which can be purchased right next door to the restaurant!

  Here to me is a perfect lunch in the gorgeous Venetian sunshine with the beautifully presented seafood! Yum.
   I happened upon a great Trattoria, one that I can not believe I have missed all these 10 years of visiting Venice since it has been here 75 years, I am told! "Yes I have tourists from France and England and America and Australia but mostly 70 to 80 percent locals. The tourists that find us are nice. I love people and they seem to like to joke with me." says the kind happy and very normal Capo, Oli. Risultato immagini per antica trattoria bandierette venezia
The Capo, Oli and his wife Muska, are nice and kind and very local. He is young, 40, and laughs, "I came to the Trattoria as a baby since my Grandfather started the restaurant 75 years ago and I would say it is 70% locals and about 30% tourists. Mostly since they only find us if they visit the San Giovanni Piazza!" I told him I was going to be sure to change that since it is a refreshing lightly colored restaurant dotted everywhere with about 25 brightly painted chairs in every color you can think of. "That is because the restaurant is named for the flags, the word Bandierette means flags and we have all the flags portrayed with the colors!" 
   I ask Oli if he is the better cook or if his wife is the better cook? He smiles, "I better not say, I am the better cook but I should say that she is." Risultato immagini per antica trattoria bandierette venezia
  The Capo with his apron on smiling and his happy team, all of who speak Italian and smile with you. They're a nice couple, the husband and the wife, and the service is joking and friendly. Risultati immagini per trattoria bandierette venezia
     The very affordable yet one of the oldest Trattoria's in Venice is 75 years old, located in the Canereggia Region just steps from the San Giovanni E. Paolo Square and Cathedral at                               Barbaria Delle Tole 6671
named :   Trattoria Bandierette

Risultato immagini per antica trattoria bandierette venezia

    If you want to make a reservation at the very traditional and family run Trattoria of only a team of Oli and his wife and team of 5, please call: 
                          041 522 0619.
"If a couple come to dinner they can have a great fresh appetizer of fish from the lagoon and a main dish for dinner such as Cuttlefish with polenta or pasta or Fresh Fish or Meat, it is a inexpensive local restaurant that with a good bottle of wine from our selection you can spend 30.00 euros each including the bottle of wine. The wine I have is only from Venuto, Friuli and a couple from Tuscany. That is it. And the most expensive is between 20 euros and 25 euros with the Fraciacorta or Brunello around 45 euros. We have very good wine, not expensive wine." he says. Risultati immagini per trattoria bandierette venezia
"Outside guests, or inside they can stay til Midnight if they wish," says the 3rd generation Capo. I ask if his children are the 4th generation? He laughs, "They're only 8, you know I started at 18, not here since I attended the cooking, cooking? school first. But I started here maybe at 22 and yes I can cook. Now I have a cook, though." he says. 
   They have such specialities as: Excellent antipasti based on schia with polenta, cicadas and sardines ... a tasty dish of bigoli with onions and anchovies sauce, spaghetti with clams; bigoli; grilled sea bass; grilled fish and vegetables. They have great cuts of grilled steak, yet the restaurant is a specialty pesce, fish restaurant and the guests seem to rave about the white wine. "It is a very very traditional restaurant, where we serve fish from the lagoon in seasonal varieties only and the Mediterranean, with the Chef's pasta in the Venetian way," from the Capo's own words, "Yet the kitchen is from 12.00 lunch to closed at 3:30pm and reopen the kitchen at 6:30pm to 10:30 pm is closed. You can stay and drink wine til midnight, though outside or inside."
Risultato immagini per antica trattoria bandierette venezia
                               OSTERIA DOGE MOROSINI on Campo Stefano Square, Venice
                                                       San Marco 2958 - 2967 (Campo S.Stefano) Venezia
                                                                    Tel. 041.5201002                                                               
    "The menu is a mix of international Italian. By that I mean the Italian recipes come from Sicily and Tuscany and Lazio and Venice, with Venetian products. Venetian Lagoon fresh fish, for example, yet with my chef's own creations. He makes Amatriciana from Calabria his way. The food is original with Italian ingredients, the best that I can give him to help him create, yet the recipes and the presentations are all his," says Ben,"Such as Sicilian red shrimp tartare with avocado mango and orange dressing, Grilled sea bass turban stuffed with cherry tomatoes, or chopped goose breast with Amarone della Valpolicella sauce and Jerusalem cream."
The Capo, Ben and his family with his wife and little girl named Bea,pronounced Bya, sat at lunch with me. Actually his wife and little girl sat at a table opposite us and while we talked about,  "Moeche are the little tiny crabs that are only found in the Venetian Lagoon and they run real fast, the only probelm is that they have gotten very expensive. Two years ago we could afford to give 3 Moeche to a guest at about 15.00euros yet now they are about 30.00euros per 3. The guests just won't pay and it isn't like it is Truffles. The people around the world know that Truffles and the prices depend on the season's feast. Sometimes they are rare and they are expensive. The guests pay the price, yet Moeche is a rare Lagoon specialty that is very expensive," says Ben and as he talks his little Bea starts to run down the aisle. Being only about 3 years old she runs very slow and is easily caught. I say she is a very good actress at the age of 3 being a Moeche!  

"I want to emphasize that a couple can come in and have a good 20.00 euro bottle of wine and a plate of pasta, or a 200.00 veuro bottle of wine and a couple of courses. It depends if you want to spend 50.00 euros per couple or 250.00 euros per couple." 

    The square that the Osteria sits hidden and private on is known as Campo Francesco Morosini after the Doge who lived here in the 17th century.           
     It used to have bull fights untill the early 1800s yet the hunts and fights were banned since the grandstand collapsed and a couple of the spectators died. This I tell to the Capo, Ben, who laughs and says, "You know I never knew that story!" Well now he knows!
     "I love the fact that the entrance on the Square is private since people that come in that way love the intimacy and the romance of a hidden restaurant. Yet if you continue down the Square into the alley you can access the restaurant here to and there is huge glass windows to see inside. Same restaurant yet surprisingly the guests are different. The back room is accessible from the quiet tiny entrance off the Square and the rest of the restaurant on the alley side. Same food of course, " says Ben.
         The capo standing outside his romantic tiny entrance to Doge Morosini, a excellent restaurant of meat and fish and a great selection of Italian wines, make it one of the best restaurants in Venice.
Alright the most perfect item about the Trattoria is that the owner's son, Gabriele is a sweety and the family is as friendly and most importantly sincere and honest and warm as can be. The second coolest item is the cicchetti, which is tiny size little italian tapas that are usually between 1.00 euro and 2.00 euros. Here they have many, which Gabriele makes himself with fresh fish from "the Mercato and the sea of Lido and of course the Lagoon," says his father Donato who bought the little Trattoria about 5 years now. 
          The Best Way to Describe the Osteria is the team and family: NICE, FRIENDLY, KIND
     And if you feel about a little hike from the Train Station of Venice to San Marco Square, you literally can not miss the little Trattoria as it is at the end of the long cobblestoned walkway about 1 kilometer from the Station and before the little tiny bridge entering the domain of the section of San Marco.
                                  Located at the lovely residential San Campo Apostoli, Cannaregio 4462 section of Venice. Risultato immagini per San Campo Apostoli, Cannaregio 4462
     "The name is Riccio, which means either Porcupine or big fluffy hair as like a Afro, in Italian and the Peoco translates to bald. Since my last name is Riccio and I am bald, I thought it funny to name my Trattoria, Hair yet Bald!" says the very sweet Capo named Donato, and since I am drinking Prosecco and interviewing, I loved the little plaque on the Traditional Trattoria's walls.   "Hi Gabriele," I say as I enter and the son is very surprised that I remember him!  "How are you and you come back to find us at Venice!" he says and I say yes of course since I love the cicchettis! Made from fresh catches everyday.
"If the tourists call me the day before or early in the morning and say they have 2 people to 12 people and they want to come to do dinner and spend 8.00euros per person, I make cicchettis, perhaps 3 and wine or beer just special plates and prices to make the group happy. They just need to let me know and I can do special items made that day, " says Donato.Risultato immagini per San Campo Apostoli, Cannaregio 4462
Yet don't be fooled by the little cicchettis, since although very tasty and my main meals during lunch and dinner in Venice,(I eat a lot of these), they have great homemade dishes such as traditional gnocchis, which is a favorite of mine, too. Risultati immagini per OSTERIA DAL RICCIO PEOCO
Risultato immagini per San Campo Apostoli, Cannaregio 4462Image result for San Campo Apostoli, Cannaregio 4462
     I love Italian wine, and I know the world loves the richness and the heaviness of the Italian vineyards, too. The french is a little sophisticted for me, and although Italy has the Frescobaldi and Antinori and the Brunello, the local vineyards are the best, in my opinion. 
                 You can find jewels here. 
The Chianti is special everywhere and perhaps after visiting Riccio Peoco, you elect to wander down the cobblestoned alleys to your cool Bed and Breakfast at the Locanda Casa Martini, my favorite too, and take some food and wine with  you.  Don't worry it is only about 500 meters away at and you can ask Gabriele and Donato to give you a couple of suggestions. 
They have many cicchetti and serve a huge meat and cheese chopping board to eat with 2 people and trio of fish with local recipes in addition to the fresh homemade pasta gnocchi and other recipes, including great Rissotto with Black Squid sauce. 
      Great wine, cool draft beer and a friendly local service. 
     Reservations:(0039) 3388 49 8 214
     "You should tell the tourists and students, since the locals already know and come here every night, that the Osteria is open til 2.00am, and although the kitchen closes at midnight, you can eat as many cicchetti available from midnight to 2.00am. 
             Most of the Venice restaurants close before 23.00pm, yet we stay open til 3 hours from that and I hope the tourists that stay near San Campo Apostile shall come before they enter the hotels for the night and have some drinks with us locals!" says the happy kind Donato. 
      Will they find Donato here at midnight! "I am home with my wife, yet Gabriele is here and we have team two that comes at night too. That way we're always open and happy to show the world Venice!"
                               NEVODI, "the nephews" a Italian provincial jewel                                             hidden on Via Garibaldi, Venecia                                                             

   The father, Silvio, is great. "I owned 2 restaurants many years, very famous, with 350 seats and 250 seats, and here the reason that it is one of a kind in all of Venice is that it has atmosphere. It has energy and happiness and people are laughing and talking all the time. The waiters are either my son, my nephew or their friends and you have to want to have fun here to work here. They come and they make the guests talk and laugh all night long. The other reason that I believe the restaurant is doing as good as it does is that we do a special menu that the young cook chooses from the fresh fish of the day and we trust him to do it at the price we want, and everyday we change the fish special. Every couple of months they add their own touches such as 3 kinds of ravioli with different fish stuffed inside such as cod or something exotic from the lagoon, and the portions are served in huge colored bowls of gigantic portions such as you would find at a grandmother's kitchen. The yachts that slide in at the lagoon always find us at night and come to eat. You can eat here with a great choice of wine and food for per 35.00 euros to 65.00 euros per person, or a bowl of pasta and glass of wine for 15.00 euros. It is up to you." 
See that food? That is why the little Italian taverna with the elegant wooden tables and totally fresh seafood is a huge hit with locals and the lucky tourists that find the rustic treasure everyday and everynight. And the other reason is the young team of about 10 young waiters, all friends, age 25 to 35, who twirl around the tables laughing and joking constantly and hurriedly piling the great seafood on the tables, along with that lovely Spritz or one of 15 glasses of red or white wine.  "You see it in low season, usually in the little space of only about 25 seats inside we have 125 people packed inside and outside. They love the food which is from my father's experience of 20 plus years in the Venecian industry where the fishermen and the people at the Mercato give him the best. That is respect." says Andrea, of which he is one of the two "nephews" although he is actually the cousin of the nephew Matteo, and Silvio's son! Risultati immagini per nevodi venezia
"The aprons are from a fabric store down the road where we buy the fabric and ask my mom to make the aprons, or sometimes old shirts from when I was a little kid and was very fat. My mom cuts the shirts and we make aprons!" jokes Matteo.
Image result for nevodi venice
    "I listen to Silvio and I know when he says a merchant is the best he is. My job is to hire the people. If you are funny you can work here. You can't be a sour person. My only requirement is that you have fun, love the people, love the team and are funny. You must be funny." says Matteo as he and Petron start dancing behind the counter on the rainy Monday morning as my feet and toes are slowly thawing out...playing "1,2,3, A,B,C Micheal Jackson on the speakers and twirling the plates, aprons and food!" 
People crowd into the tiny beautiful trattoria and start cozying up to the tiny bar, pointing over the counters asking for a plate of fresh seafood aperitivos and the waiters start bustling again. "This is slow season!" laughs Matteo again as I say that it seems very busy! 
I am only here for advice a couple of years." he says good-naturedly. "I am 58 and the old guy. You know in a couple more times, years they will probably kick me out!" he says laughing hilariously. "Can you make sure that you mention that every 20 to 25 days we buy 30 boxes of Sardengna wine, Sicilian wine, Tuscany wine, whichever region that we choose for that days and we present it. Every 25 days a new one!" says Silvio.Immagine correlata
 I ooo and aaa when the food keeps whizzing by, "Yes we present the food on the heavy black squares, which are VERY HEAVY, by the way, and we serve our own unique recipes. The one you loved is the soup, with fresh seafood everyday such as mussles, clams, prawns, squid, any of the fresh fish in the big bowls with broth. People love it." he says. Let me show a couple pics...
Image result for nevodi venice
                   Castello 1788 Via Garibaldi 

Silvio having a glass of wine, "I choose the wine, although if Andrea or Matteo says that they want to try something new, of course we try it. Andrea is the social media person and the front person and Matteo loves the food and the people. We make a great team, yet it is their restaurant. Risultati immagini per nevodi venezia
                              04  1528 5885 La Pietra Filosofale Masks  san marco 1735   ,30124 venecia
Image result for la pietra filosofale masks venice

Image result for la pietra filosofale masks venice
Bildergebnis für La Pietra Filosofale Masks
Bildergebnis für La Pietra Filosofale Masks
         Met Carlos about years now and he is a totally nice person. Respected and known everywhere in the world of theater and he designs the masks every year to very important people that come to the Lavish Balls at Carnival in Venice, the National
Theater if Switzerland, Rome, and Milan and important Japanese Operas around the world. His masks can be purchased for as little at 183.00 euros to 5,000. euros and they are all one of a kind. Plus he is a very nice person that you shall enjoy meeting and conversing with! 
                                                                         Osteria Ai Assassini
                                                             San Marco, 3695
                                                        30124 Venezia - Italia
                                                       tel (0039) 041 5287986
"The story of the street, Assassini, is that in the 16th century it was a street of brothels and courtesans, and it was not a lit street. Very dark and dangerous at night as the robbers hid in the shadows waiting for the customers the courtesans had. The only people that came to visit the courtesans were very rich and therefore the robbers waited and hit the rich men over the head and stole their money. However, one night, the robbers hit a very rich and rather discreet member of the community and they were named the assassins since the very prominent man died." Says Tomaso, the waiter and right hand man of the Capo of 30 years, Giuseppi. 
Related image
"It is a very traditional wine bar where the locals love to come for the last 30 years, and we serve very traditional dishes,with the meat changing daily according to the chef," says Tomaso. 
Monday - Selection of white meats, (rabbit, chicken, duck, goose, pheasant …) prepared according to the classical Venetian recipes and also delicious soups of every kind.
Tuesday - Stewed or braised meats, (“spezzatino” stewed meat in a fresh tomato sauce, “brassato” braised meat in a red wine sauce, tripe, and liver done in the Venetian fashion ….)
Wednesday – “Bollito misto e salse” boiled meats with selection of sauces and for starters fresh bean soup with radicchio of Treviso.
Thursday – 5 different kinds of “baccalà”, cod fish, with polenta.
Friday and Saturday – Traditional fish and seafood plates.

  My favorite food is polenta, it is too simple and the Italians say that the polenta is a poor man's food, yet I love it with rabbit, with the fish of the lagoon, Venetian style, here at the Osteria. 
"Giuseppe loves to do different dishes everyday and is most proud of the fact that the locals love his food. You can always find him sitting at a table after service with his guests drinking wine and eating. It is a very friendly restaurant and we pride ourselves on that." 
Giuseppe is also a lover of the “voga alla veneta”, Venetian style of rowing with one oar like the gondoliers. 

In France, in the beautiful lagoon of Camargue, he founded a rowing club which is named after his restaurant, “Montpellier Assassini Club

                              Image result for the assassini restaurant venice
                                I am very happy and proud to promote and include the Jewish Heritage section
of Venice Italy, which has been here since 1516, it is 500 years old and has a very special place in the heart of Venetians, yes you can find Kosher restaurants, Middle Eastern restaurants and the VERY FAMOUS AL FARO which has been here 50 years serving the best Pizza in the city. "I believe that it is the friendliest section of the city," says the Capo Youssef, "the Jewish people accept everybody and they are very intellectual and educated people." 
               Ristorante AL FARO Pizzeria in the Jewish Ghetto of Venice is 
                     not only a great place to sightsee, people watch and learn the Jewish history and tradition,
                          it is also a great place to eat Pizza! As you can see from the guests!                                                                                     Image result for al faro pizza jewish quarter venice
Image result for al faro pizza jewish quarter venice
  "I am a very kind person and it is important to me that my guests are happy and treated always with respect. My life is my restaurant and my friends and the 4 years that I owned the restaurant in the start, my brother who is a famous chef in Paris now, started the kitchen to add high quality meat and fish dishes. The last couple of years, my brother is in Paris and my new chef is great. The pizza has always been the best in Venice and you can see Trip Advisor reviews to know that it is true." says the gracious Capo Youssef.  
       Sestiere Cannareggio 1181 Venecia 
                    339 447 952 3
                The Jewish Ghetto                                                
"The guests love the pizza and a couple of months ago a family from America came here and the dad said that he is going to bring his family here every night to try and taste all of our pizzas. He brought his family here 4 nights in a row and they each had different pizzas every night, although they didn't try every one since we have 48 varieties plus you can make up your own pizza, if you tell us what you want on it!" says the so nice waiter named Karim and Adnane, the waiter and the pizza maker, respectively who are very funny. 
     Don't like pizza? Hey it happens, how about the delicate fish on the menu or the tartar ai carcioffi. result for al faro pizza jewish quarter venice

           "We are right next door to the elementary school and for the kids the Pizza is most important," says the friendly and very kind Capo, Youssef Safwat, who himself originally comes from Egypt. "The kids always run over to eat at the restaurant." he says laughing, "I worked with the owner of Antico Carbonara many years when we both worked together, Andrea, and he is a good friend of mine, along with the owner of Vesuvio, Andrea is his name too, and they are both good friends. We all like each other here in the Jewish Ghetto Section of Venice and the Jewish people that don't have to eat Kosher come here for the kitchen. I have a great chef and I would say 50% of my food is the meat and fish and pasta 50% is the pizza. It used to be a famous pizza place in the ghetto for 50 years and when I bought it 6 years ago I added a better kitchen menu and chef." says Youssef. "We of course make fresh dough everyday and the pizza is always made to order, of course." 
 The family owned Ristorante San Provolo on the famous Provolo square is famous in and of itself, being only one of a couple of historical restaurants still in Venice that is owned and operated more than 40 years, 3 generations of the same family. The Storia Venetu is awarded for restaurants of excellence that have the family that is the original owner at the helm. Here it is the Papa Amedeo, Mama AnnaMaria, brother Kristian and the young Capo I interviewed named Danieli, Kristian's brother.                                                                                 C
ampo San Provolo4713 Venezia, Italia 
39 344 110 5192
Image result for ristorante san provolo venice
"My mother, " says Danieli as his mother walks out of the kitchen, "has been cooking here everyday for 44 years. She never is tired and she is here from the start of the day to the finish of the day." His mother, is beautiful, blonde and gorgeous carrying a stylish Harrods bag, which I admire. "She is 65." he says laughing. "And a Italian cook, yet she doesn't look like the typical Italian cook!" And it is true. I imagine the Italian women cooking in the kitchen 44 years to look  like the Mama from the Godfather, cooking the meatballs in the kitchen. How does she do that? I ask and Danieli laughs. "I guess she loves it." Risultato immagini per trattoria san provolo venezia

  "We have the ravioli and the tortellini that is color of black cuttlefish ink. That is why the color is different and the green is usually spinach that you see if the pasta Italian is green. Since my mother is a great cook of fish, she creates her own recipes. She makes the pizza and the fresh dough everyday and she makes the desserts, we basically give her recipes and homemade food to the guests. That is about it." says Danieli laughing when I ask just is it that he and his brother and father do? His mother seems to do it all! 
"The menu is speciality of fish and my mama goes to the Rialto Mercato at least 3 days per the 6 days that it is open and sometimes I check out the fish in the Mercato." says Danieli. I am happy that the famous restaurant is my number 3 day of Venice since 3 years now since they came onto the website and I remember how gracious and fun the family is. 
      When I ask Danieli if it is easy or difficult to work with family as opposed to working with friends or colleagues he says, "Aaa, it is more difficult!" and laughs. "It is me and my brother out greeting the guests and being waiters everyday, and my father is the responsible of the restaurant. We are the ones who mingle with the guests and me and Kristian have fun. Kristian is very nice, too. The reason that I work here is partly because my family owns the restaurant, yet mostly because I enjoy it. I love the guests and the happiest is when they have a good time with me and they leave my restaurant happy that they came." he says. Risultato immagini per trattoria san provolo venezia
               Risultato immagini per trattoria san provolo venezia
"Since we are famous with the fish, we offer a fresh seafood plate that either one person or two can share. We have for example,  Salmon inside Black Carpullecucci and Gnocchi Lasagna style which we name Venetian style. That is basically Gnocchi covered in cheese with ham and items inside and baked. It seems to be a big cheese casserole, yet when you open it it is Gnocchi." says Daniele when I keep saying, "O WHAT'S THAT!" REAL LOUD.   
Risultato immagini per pizzeria vesuvio venice
"We are the ONLY PLACE TO EAT PIZZA IN VENICE," SAYS the very young 28 year old capo, Andrea of Vesuvio. The first reason that I wanted to add Vesuvio to my EmmeAnesbook a couple of years now is that my son, Matti, loved Vesuvius and as a 6 year old made me rent the movie from the local Princeton University library everyday afterschool in Princeton, New Jersey. The librarian would smile at all the children renting Beauty and the Beast and when we walked into the little video store he would give us THAT LOOK and say, " VESUVIUS?"  and I would say yes Vesuvius, although when I taught him how to rollerblade I had to rent the "how to rollerblade video" too, where you walked in  the grass like a duck and hence learned how to rollerblade. So, here is to you, Mathew, the Vesuvio Pizza! 
Me, myself, I try the Funghi with only cheese and I add tons of olive oil, which the Italians think is funny, and it becomes much greasy and I eat it with love. Love that pizza and the white wine...I tell you every year that I become too much drinking wine at the city of Venice which is perhaps why they have so much water, I am trying to turn the water into wine! 
"Let's face it. The only place in the entire world where you can have the fish from Venice lagoon is here at Venice!" 
         Cannaregio, 30121 Venezia, Italy     +39 041795688Risultato immagini per pizzeria vesuvio venice
"Risultato immagini per pizzeria vesuvio veniceMy father made famous the restaurant many years, and I eventually started to work for him, however, he started me at the age of 20 as the low waiter with maybe 5 waiters ahead of me.  I never really knew my father since he was always at Venice establishing the restaurant, yet at the age of 22 he turned to me and said, "Here son, that is yours." He handed me the keys and left the restaurant." says Andrea laughing. "Honestly I didn't know much and from the last 6 years I have went from asking advice to building my own team. The locals love the pizza and a couple of glasses of wine. The tourists love the fish and the wine. You know it is a good restaurant when the locals will only eat pizza at Vesuvio!" says Andrea proudly.                                                                                                   Risultato immagini per pizzeria vesuvio venice
                                     Risultato immagini per 6342 corte venice                                                         The Maestro, Rami, at work, "I am a shy person, yet I love my restaurant that is here
             5 years now and my new"babies" as you say. My Locanda is a new idea for me, a old-fashioned hotel 
            attached to a new restaurant named 6342 Alla Corte, which shall have the bigger window for people to see 
            how we make the fresh pasta so they can appreciate the food that they eat," he says. His team? "Yes, he 
            is shy about interviews and talking about himself, yet with the guests he is always kind and smiling. He loves
           to talk to his guests and he is always at the tables," says his new Locanda manager, Thea. Risultato immagini per 6342 corte venice
Risultato immagini per 6342 corte venice
   "We do reservations only, and honestly if you just walk in we will be full;however, we do say to you to try the Locanda Restaurant Alla Corte about 50 meters down the little alley from here and we have the menu of the Ale Tole identical. That way, if you wish to see the pasta also being made, you can run down the alley and eat it!" jokes Rami.
Risultato immagini per 6342 corte venice
 Here is Rami and Elena, the two bosses who the team says are the sweetest and friendliest bosses ever. Says Thea, who is the manager of the newly added Locanda that is attached to a beautiful garden and the elegant fish and freshly made pasta in both restaurants,     6342 Alla Corte, "Rami is the nicest person, I love working for him. He is always smiling and kind to everybody." 
As I walk out of the Locanda admiring the garden we meet the Architect who is a cutey! "Yes, I am the architect and maybe I do something here a couple of days, " he says and Thea says, "Yes, he is very nice and funny and that is why he is a great team with Rami since my boss is very funny and nice too!" Risultato immagini per 6342 corte venice  Here is a couple of links to check out the photos, make reservations and see the reviews of people who have eaten here...                            

"You know the 6342 Ale Tole took off the day we opened, mainly do to the open window where they can see us make fresh pasta everyday.
    We make 75 kilograms everyday of many different types and we are the ONLY restaurant in Venecia to do that. Now, after 5 years and reservations only of my first restaurant, I opened the 6342 Alla Corte which is attached to the Locanda which has 12 rooms.   It has a beautiful garden and the people can eat inside and in the formal dining room with the white glossy piano. The menu is the pasta same in both, yet in the 6342 alla corte it is a fish restaurant, too." says Rami, as he brings me from the very chic and modern restaurant of 6342 ale tole to the newest addition, the traditional Locanda and garden.
          "We do fish from Morrocco and fish from the Lagoon, it just depends on where we can find the freshest and the best." 
                        reservations only
                            041 476 8410Risultato immagini per 6342 corte venice
"I met Rami because for 3 years me and my husband would eat at the restaurant about 3 times per week. I eat a lot of food and my first time that I ate here I thought to order pasta then a main entree, yet Rami said to please try only the pasta so I tried and the plate is very big and I ate much. That is the way it is and now if you have pasta you will not need to have fish too, since the monkfish is huge. Trust me and try one dish and if you are still hungry you must eat a lot of food, "says Thea. 
                                             Relax is it only to do a calming medicin type of quality to the body.Image result for cannabis store venice
  The owner of CANNABIS AMSTERDAM in VENEZIA is LORENZO, originally from Florence Italy where he says he loved the CANNABIS Franchise in his home city, yet needed to choose Venezia to do his own.     " I love that my store is exclusive and my territory is Venezia." He says. " My guest is usually from the 30s and above age. They come in and ask me if the Cannabis is used in medical experiments and ways to improve the outlook of the spirit. And I say that yes it  is calming and relaxing.
      They don't want stress they say. The Cannabis that I have isn't drugs. My cannabis is used for relaxing the muscles, for limiting shakes in Parkinson's disease, and a sense of well-being. The young generation,   of course, loves the lollipops and beer and wine and brownies and cookies and cakes that they can either buy in the store or use weed, not drugs though, to bake cakes and cookies. I have t-shirts, hats, gummy bears, you name it and the Big Company has it!" laughs Lorenzo.  Calle de l’anconeta 1998 , Venezia

      "However, in Amsterdam they use different Cannabis this makes you high; however, in Italy the percent is only .06% and that only makes you feel better and relaxes you. My Cannabis doesn't get you high." Lorenzo is careful to say. "The reason I opened my store is the innovative medical research ways that the product cures illness. It has been open 3 months. It is very beneficial to helping people and Doctors use it to give to their patients. I do believe that California is one of the pioneer states that started using it in prescriptions." Lorenzo is a serious guy and I laugh a little because usually people that come to Cannabis stores are pretty mellow people.
                         331 728 4877    

     "Yes, it makes you have the giggles, chills you down and does give you the munchies and that is true. I personally only tried smoking one time and I am not a person that smokes weed to get high. I know that a lot of my guests do smoke it, yet mine, as I said, isn't a drug to get you high. Mine has low THC and is used to calm and soothe you. If you have trouble sleeping you can try it, too. Yes, the guests laugh a lot and all of my guests are happy. Even the strong Cannabis isn't addictive nor does it make you aggressive. Cannabis mellows you and quiets you, you don't get anxious as a matter of fact you are calm when you use my Cannabis weed. I know the Americans love to bake brownies and cakes, right?" Lorenzo asks me and I laugh and say that I guess they do yet I am allergic to all drugs, so I don't eat the brownies.  

     "O and just to let you know, it is a natural product. People aren't allergic to it since it is a real natural plant. Pharmaceutical companies don't make Cannabis, which is a added benefit. It is just a great natural plant that has various uses and I hope that Italy progresses in the next year to allowing stronger percentages of the THC. Right now I am happy to educate the people and listen to the stories that they tell me of how much the plants have helped them! O and the legal age of the THC products is 18. The gummy bears and lollipops and cakes have zero THC so everybody can buy these products, but the other limit is 18," says Lorenzo. "The cakes and cookies and lollipops have 100% CBD which is relaxing yet 0% THC."
    Irina, pictured right, is the Capo of the Michelin restaurant named Vecio Fritolin in Venecia and has always been firm about her restuarant's image...Elegance & Grace.  VECIO FRITOLIN
                          is a ancient famous traditional fish restaurant
I met Irina a couple of years since and loved her although she is very particular about where her restaurant, a Michelin! is represented. Finally I have convinced her to be in my website guide, EmmeAnesBook , 2 years and she asked to invite me to lunch and a chat with her new Director, Filipo, who is a treat. 
    "Yes, I have been here only 5 days, yet I have much experience with restaurants, having been in 3 Michelin's in London the last 5 years. The last is at the Tower Bridge location and a Michelin, yet different than here since there it was very formal and stiff. Here we have more creative control based on the boss's vision of the future which is a more modern approach to her traditional seafood of the lagoon and Venetian dishes, " says Filipo. "That is where I come in to represent and to recreate and create her visions of a more modern restaurant."                                                                                                          result for vecio fritolin                                  
That is a actual plate, trust me, I ate it! "Yes the first interview with Irina, I was a little not convinced and all of a sudden the German dessert arrived and went past the table and I looked at Irina and I said, "Alright yes I shall come and work with you." says Filipo, based solely on the presentation of the dessert! 

As we talk at least 3 times, Filipo runs out the elegant door and down the alley way after the cook pictured below, Pierluigi Lovisa. "He keeps saying that he is staying for the new modern approach and the next day he says that he is leaving. He has done that the last month according to Irina and everyday I must chase him down the alley to convince him to stay. He is very creative and a genius and I love to chase him. He always comes back and it is usually during the service of lunch and dinner." Related image
Filipo's newest idea is "a degustation menu which most Michelin's have. A tasting menu, and a little more expensive than the ala carte. My vision is to give a little bit of lagoon, a little bit of the chef's innovative twists on Italian cuisine and a little bit of the Venetian traditional dishes with modern prestentation at a modest price including wines at around 90.00 euros per person." says Filipo. 

  "Honestly, in the 5 days that I have been actively working with Irina it has been a great challenge and of much interest to see that we have had a lot of French visitors the last couple of days. I see Americans, Europeans and the French. They love to come here. I try to have a casual and fun work ethic and me and Claudio, along with Barbara, the hostess, love to have fun. The Michelin is a standard, yet we need a star and we can do that with service, fun and friendly attitude,not the past stiffness." says Filipo as he exudes a fake pose. "I don't want to stand and pose I want to be active and let the guests be a part of the service and taste. To have them included in the act, not just mannequins." he says. 
   Calle della Regina 2262    041 522 2881
While the restaurant is famous of its elegance and intimate location, the food is the best in Venecia with artistic and sophisticate presentations of traditional dishes from Venetian accompanied by the funny waiters and directors that are determined to give the Capò Irina's vision of a modern approach to her ancient restaurant a little twist of simplicity and fun. Loved it. 
                                                                         Trattoria Ai Divini Venecia
  The famous 3 hr. gramaphone at the cozy authentic enoteca in Venice named Ai Divini. "I bought it literally 2 hours ago," says Beso, who's name means kiss in Spanish, so since I don't speak Spanish I kept calling him Bacci and throwing him kisses. We love to throw kisses in America, I tell him. "I am from Albania til 10 years old, and I moved to Venecia and my name is Spanish, yet I don't speak Spanish since I am Italian and Albanian I only speak a little French and a little English...O and here is my very cool collection of original vinyls which I brought to play on the gramaphone, yet it is a special gramaphone, which I didn't know, and it only plays one kind of vinyl and otherwise it breaks the vinyls in half!" he says and shows me the one vinyl that it plays, which is Indian music.
Matteo and Beso...on the streets of Venice. "I met Matteo about 3 years now and we have great fun doing original items for the bar, Ai Divini, such as the Gondolier handles, original, on the beer taps. We sat one day looking at the bar, and at the real Gondolier oars that we have displayed on the ceiling, and suddenly Matteo said, Hey how about Gondolier handles since they come in here all the time! And we did!" he says. immagini per ai divini venezia
"Yes, we have fun and most importantly, we try to add new wines and new drinks every week. Some people say that they add every month or two months, " starts Beso and Luca laughs and interrupts him, "No we do new drinks everyday."  "That is true," says Beso. "Every couple of days I change the wine menu. It's fun for us to try new ones and we love our wine suppliers. They're great!" he says.
How about the baby here? It feeds 10 people! Risultati immagini per ai divini venezia
Yet for me, Luca and Beso have decided that I must try almost every wine in the bar which Beso says, "The bar is as of my house, and when you are in my bar you are in my Casa..." and it feels that way. He shares graciously and somewhat ridiculously young and illegal, you know when you are in your mom and dad's basement trying the liqueur cabinet and they're out for the night, some great wines. "The wines we use come from only small farmers from Italy. One of the wines Santo Maria is a Montepulciano regional wine of which only 10,000 are made every year and the vineyard gives only us and one bar in Verona the wine. Here taste." he says and gives me the normal wine. It is the BEST! Then he gives me the Superior... it is BETTER. and later in the interview he says, "Alright here is another of my favorite vineyards, all small ones, and you must try." It is BETTER than the others...I say. Wow. Then, not to be outdone, Luca mixes me a RED BULL Mojita that has tomato vapors in it and ...Yes you guessed it, IT IS THE BEST!  I drank way too much on a afternoon interview and felt like Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra drinking Martinis...while we sang Johnny Cash songs, my favorite and John Lee somebody that is Beso's favorite, and he is pretty good too and had a great interview. Open til 1.00am to 2.00 am every night with great make as you order sandwiches, and great italian aperitivos all day long. YUM! Plus the outside terrace has a gondola park..."Okay you can't park your gondola here since it is a private launch, however, if the Gondolas want to leave their passengers and it is the final stop they can use the launch for a couple of minutes to let the people walk up the steps and come into the bar from the water side...the people that are residents upstairs use the garden and the boat launch, yet you can have gondolas drop people off if  you want." says Beso. It is such a cool place, such fun people and such great authentic food and drinks that I KNOW YOU SHALL LOVE IT! Risultati immagini per ai divini venezia
   On the way to the April to September 24 hr. bar where I spent a couple of late Movie Star nights from 1.00am to 3.ooam with my "I want to see Johnny Depp" Lido Film Festival All nighters ...the bar is VERY popular in the April to September months since the beach goers start to swarm into Lido... which has about 20,000 beach is the COOLEST ISLAND EVER, has the Lido film festival and is a 13 minute water boat ride from San Marco Square...a MUST and the bar is cool! The delightful young and funny bartenders, owners and friends of Ai Divini on Venecia and on Lido, had me entertained for nearly 2 hours, especially Beso, the Capo of Venecia and Lucas the bartender... the original owner of Ai Divini and Lido's bar, Chiosco Chiringuito,  Matteo only speaks Italian,yet he laughs a lot!      The cool Cabana Tiki style bar is out in the open right opposite the beach at Lido located at Via Lungomare Marconi Angolo Lorenzo, and phone is in case you are lost...34 7 576 2538....if you lost your phone too, ask for the green bar:)Risultati immagini per Chiosco Chiringuito

                                                                      Trattoria da Gigio 
                  Immagine correlata
                   Trattoria da Gigio is very Old School, TOTALLY ITALIAN AND ONE OF A KIND...

LOCATED AT  via Vanin just about 200 meters from the Train station, you will find the only restaurant that I know of in the world where the Capo is the Cuoco and the ONE AND ONLY CUOCO. ever. 

                                          Campo S.Leonardo 159430121 Venezia, Italia
+39 041 717574

"Yes, trust me, he only is the one allowed in the kitchen. THE ONLY ONE. The last 24 years if my father,

is not in Venecia, the restaurant is not open. He cooks at lunch and he cooks at dinner. The only one."

   Okay don't be scared of black cuttlefish. It is the ink from the squid and it tastes heavenly.  I ate it on fettucini and ate all of it, and yet here at the traditional local Trattoria da Gigio they serve it on Polenta. "People order the cuttlefish and polenta and when it comes to the table they exclaim! It is black! What is this black stuff! And we have to tell the people that the ink is from the cuttlefish and if they try they will love it. They try and they, of course, eat it. For it is delicious. Yet sometimes they are a little surprised!" says Sara and her father Massimo. "The only reasons that people have ever sent food back, honestly in the last 24 years is that they are surprised when the food arrives!" she says and I start giggling. UM. "They think it is one thing and yet that comes as a surprise and they love it."
Immagine correlata
Risultati immagini per trattoria da gigio venezia
   "IT is unusual since most capos in Italy have assistants, yet my father insists on doing it all himself. He cooks for everybody and he has only himself. In the morning at 7.00am he attends the pesce fish market and he chooses the catch of the day that he wants. If he wants lobster, he does lobster, yet if today it is of the highest quality, he buys it, and if tomorrow it is only so and so, he doesn't!" says Sara, his daughter, who owns a baby clothing store about 125 meters down the alley of via Vanin. She runs back and forth to my translator needed services and back to her store for her guests.  Risultati immagini per trattoria da gigio venezia via vanin

"For many years when the locals from 50 kilometers around Venecia come to have a dinner, they choose us. It is one of the very last true Venetian restaurants owned by a Venetian and where the Cook is Venetian. My father is very proud of that fact, yet at times sad. It is his wish to give the people that are his guests a true meal as if from his home. We are a family here. It is me and my father and sister and her husband. My father never lets one other person even enter his kitchen. If he is sick one day, the restaurant is closed. Yet that in 25 years, he has never been sick." she says. 

Risultati immagini per trattoria da gigio venezia
"Yes for the last, almost 24 years people that we say as locals, come from Mestre, Padova, Trieste, and Vincenzo to reserve here to eat the appetizers. We have degustazione menus. That means that they are prix fixed. The degustazione menus start from 37.00 euros to 58.00 euros and vary. For instance, most of the locals come for the 37.00 euros which they can find all of my father's recipes of the last 37 years that are only appetizers, yet it is a full Venetian menu. They put these many appetizers of say lagoon fish on the middle of the table and they, for 37.00 euros each, can share many items. Or they can have full first and second course meals that are of the highest quality for the higher priced degustazione. IT IS VERY RARE FOR NON-MICHELIN NOW RESTAURANTS TO HAVE DEGUSTAZIONE MENUS. Only the highest quality restaurants around the world have these menus." she says. Risultati immagini per trattoria da gigio campo san leonardo venezia
  "The fish is chosen from my father every morning at the Mercato, the pasta made especially everyday for us, the food homemade and the desserts, yes you guessed it, my father makes!" says Sara laughing. "Yet, if you want to visit my baby clothes store, it is right down the alley." and I say I do. 
     Alright for the moms and dads, (and Grandpartents on vacation here you can buy great presents...)                                                        
                                     cannaregio 1783 
                                   Venice, Italy 30121
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Owner Sara and Marta Vanin,  located at Via Vanin, near the Venezia Casino... donna
The two sisters own the cool boutique just down the alley from the father's restaurant, Gigi. It has the coolest children and adult clothes you can imagine, and while you are at Venice you can purchase some great gifts to bring home! Real Italian designs...
                                             ...the simplicity of Osteria Doge Morosini 
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 Here I can say many lovely things about the Capo and the Osteria, yet the most important, besides the great food is the atmosphere. The people love it. The people have a great time here. That is the difference. His name is Guise, who is from Tunisia, and his  team is the nicest and is super friendly yet professional.
                       Ps. the fish is delectable. Risultati immagini per osteria doge morosini
"I worked here two years and bought it. I have owned it 10 years now and I tried to bring the quality as high as I could with of course the prices following a little. The fish is the freshest everyday, yet we have huge cuts of beef. I don't buy a steak. I buy a huge cut of beef and slice it for you. That is the difference. It is all fresh, the pasta everything. I guess you could say it has me in the restaurant. My little touches yet the most important is my quality." says the very casual Capo. 
                                    041 520 1002
  "My chef is a lady and her assistant is Juri. She is great. As you can see she changes her menu daily depending on the fresh fish. I try to give my guests the highest quality of wine to compliment the dinner too, if you buy a 300.00 euro bottle for the table you could do dinner at 100.00 euro per person, yet the average is about 50.00 euro I would say. Not so expensive but not super cheap. It is pricey because I am worth it." says Guise, the Capo of the hidden charming Osteria on Campo Francesco Morosini named for the famous Doge. 

               The elegant and charming Osteria is really quite big inside. It seats 120 in 3 rooms with cozy warmth and grace. Located on Calle Delle Botteghe 2967, you can enjoy hidden privacy with friendly conversation away from the prying eyes of fellow tourists.  The food? The best. Risultati immagini per osteria doge morosiniI promised I would come and eat at his elegant restaurant soon. I personally absolutely adore the black ink cuttlefish on polenta. My favorite in the world and it looks like John Malkovich does too! Guise starts laughing when I ask if it is different the first two years and then owning it the next 10 years! "O it is. You know it is great because it is my restaurant and my responsibility, yet that is a lot of weight on my shoulders. Is that how you say? Now I am responsible for everybody that works for me. We have fun, though and I know that the food is served beautifully and with the care of the chef who uses only the highest ingredients. That is my way that I do it. I insist on the best.   I want everyday to find the freshest and the newest and the best. And I usually do. My team is kind. They are nice. They are honest and professional. I think the reason that the locals come here everyday is that they know they find authentic ingredients and Venetian recipes here and the highest quality of preparation and food. The locals are important to me as the tourists. They come everyday. The tourists that come usually are recommended with the 4 and 5 star hotels. That is important, too. Now I hope your tourist guide brings many guests!" and I hope too. They are VERY Laidback and Casual. First rate laughing and friendly, yet the food is absolutely highest standard. Must try. Check out the fresh fish on display with my favorite oysters and live lobsters! 

                                             ...and yes I know they love Orange love em!