The Maestro, Rami, at work, "I am a shy person, yet I love my restaurant that is here
             5 years now and my new"babies" as you say. My Locanda is a new idea for me, a old-fashioned hotel 
            attached to a new restaurant named 6342 Alla Corte, which shall have the bigger window for people to see 
            how we make the fresh pasta so they can appreciate the food that they eat," he says. His team? "Yes, he 
            is shy about interviews and talking about himself, yet with the guests he is always kind and smiling. He loves
           to talk to his guests and he is always at the tables," says his new Locanda manager, Thea. 
Image may contain: one or more people and people sitting
   "We do reservations only, and honestly if you just walk in we will be full;however, we do say to you to try the Locanda Restaurant Alla Corte about 50 meters down the little alley from here and we have the menu of the Ale Tole identical. That way, if you wish to see the pasta also being made, you can run down the alley and eat it!" jokes Rami.
Image may contain: one or more people, indoor and food
Image may contain: people sitting, plant, table and outdoor
 Here is Rami and Elena, the two bosses who the team says are the sweetest and friendliest bosses ever. Says Thea, who is the manager of the newly added Locanda that is attached to a beautiful garden and the elegant fish and freshly made pasta in both restaurants,     6342 Alla Corte, "Rami is the nicest person, I love working for him. He is always smiling and kind to everybody." 
As I walk out of the Locanda admiring the garden we meet the Architect who is a cutey! "Yes, I am the architect and maybe I do something here a couple of days, " he says and Thea says, "Yes, he is very nice and funny and that is why he is a great team with Rami since my boss is very funny and nice too!" 
Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people standing and beard  Here is a couple of links to check out the photos, make reservations and see the reviews of people who have eaten here...                            
No automatic alt text available.
"You know the 6342 Ale Tole took off the day we opened, mainly do to the open window where they can see us make fresh pasta everyday.
    We make 75 kilograms everyday of many different types and we are the ONLY restaurant in Venecia to do that. Now, after 5 years and reservations only of my first restaurant, I opened the 6342 Alla Corte which is attached to the Locanda which has 12 rooms.   It has a beautiful garden and the people can eat inside and in the formal dining room with the white glossy piano. The menu is the pasta same in both, yet in the 6342 alla corte it is a fish restaurant, too." says Rami, as he brings me from the very chic and modern restaurant of 6342 ale tole to the newest addition, the traditional Locanda and garden.undefined           "We do fish from Morrocco and fish from the Lagoon, it just depends on where we can find the freshest and the best." 
                        reservations only
                            041 476 8410
"I met Rami because for 3 years me and my husband would eat at the restaurant about 3 times per week. I eat a lot of food and my first time that I ate here I thought to order pasta then a main entree, yet Rami said to please try only the pasta so I tried and the plate is very big and I ate much. That is the way it is and now if you have pasta you will not need to have fish too, since the monkfish is huge. Trust me and try one dish and if you are still hungry you must eat a lot of food, "says Thea. 
                                             Relax is it only to do a calming medicin type of quality to the body.
  The owner of CANNABIS AMSTERDAM in VENEZIA is LORENZO, originally from Florence Italy where he says he loved the CANNABIS Franchise in his home city, yet needed to choose Venezia to do his own.     " I love that my store is exclusive and my territory is Venezia." He says. " My guest is usually from the 30s and above age. They come in and ask me if the Cannabis is used in medical experiments and ways to improve the outlook of the spirit. And I say that yes it  is calming and relaxing.
      They don't want stress they say. The Cannabis that I have isn't drugs. My cannabis is used for relaxing the muscles, for limiting shakes in Parkinson's disease, and a sense of well-being. The young generation,   of course, loves the lollipops and beer and wine and brownies and cookies and cakes that they can either buy in the store or use weed, not drugs though, to bake cakes and cookies. I have t-shirts, hats, gummy bears, you name it and the Big Company has it!" laughs Lorenzo.  Calle de l’anconeta 1998 , VeneziaImage may contain: 1 person, smiling, standing

      "However, in Amsterdam they use different Cannabis this makes you high; however, in Italy the percent is only .06% and that only makes you feel better and relaxes you. My Cannabis doesn't get you high." Lorenzo is careful to say. "The reason I opened my store is the innovative medical research ways that the product cures illness. It has been open 3 months. It is very beneficial to helping people and Doctors use it to give to their patients. I do believe that California is one of the pioneer states that started using it in prescriptions." Lorenzo is a serious guy and I laugh a little because usually people that come to Cannabis stores are pretty mellow people.
                         331 728 4877    

     "Yes, it makes you have the giggles, chills you down and does give you the munchies and that is true. I personally only tried smoking one time and I am not a person that smokes weed to get high. I know that a lot of my guests do smoke it, yet mine, as I said, isn't a drug to get you high. Mine has low THC and is used to calm and soothe you. If you have trouble sleeping you can try it, too. Yes, the guests laugh a lot and all of my guests are happy. Even the strong Cannabis isn't addictive nor does it make you aggressive. Cannabis mellows you and quiets you, you don't get anxious as a matter of fact you are calm when you use my Cannabis weed. I know the Americans love to bake brownies and cakes, right?" Lorenzo asks me and I laugh and say that I guess they do yet I am allergic to all drugs, so I don't eat the brownies.  

     "O and just to let you know, it is a natural product. People aren't allergic to it since it is a real natural plant. Pharmaceutical companies don't make Cannabis, which is a added benefit. It is just a great natural plant that has various uses and I hope that Italy progresses in the next year to allowing stronger percentages of the THC. Right now I am happy to educate the people and listen to the stories that they tell me of how much the plants have helped them! O and the legal age of the THC products is 18. The gummy bears and lollipops and cakes have zero THC so everybody can buy these products, but the other limit is 18," says Lorenzo. "The cakes and cookies and lollipops have 100% CBD which is relaxing yet 0% THC."Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people sitting and night
"You know, it is a fun store and we have a lot of bachelor and bachelorette parties for weddings. The team loves to dance with the crazy people having fun and we make videos of them!" says Lorenzo, pictured above in one of these very lovely gondolas that I thought only tourists loved! Image may contain: 12 people, people smiling, people standing
    Irina, pictured right, is the Capo of the Michelin restaurant named Vecio Fritolin in Venecia and has always been firm about her restuarant's image...Elegance & Grace. Image may contain: 2 people  VECIO FRITOLIN
                          is a ancient famous traditional fish restaurantImage may contain: food and text
I met Irina a couple of years since and loved her although she is very particular about where her restaurant, a Michelin! is represented. Finally I have convinced her to be in my website guide, EmmeAnesBook , 2 years and she asked to invite me to lunch and a chat with her new Director, Filipo, who is a treat. 
    "Yes, I have been here only 5 days, yet I have much experience with restaurants, having been in 3 Michelin's in London the last 5 years. The last is at the Tower Bridge location and a Michelin, yet different than here since there it was very formal and stiff. Here we have more creative control based on the boss's vision of the future which is a more modern approach to her traditional seafood of the lagoon and Venetian dishes, " says Filipo. "That is where I come in to represent and to recreate and create her visions of a more modern restaurant."                                                                                                         
                                  below the Seared Lobster with fegatod' duck, stale bread and vegetable bisque.Image may contain: food
That is a actual plate, trust me, I ate it! "Yes the first interview with Irina, I was a little not convinced and all of a sudden the German dessert arrived and went past the table and I looked at Irina and I said, "Alright yes I shall come and work with you." says Filipo, based solely on the presentation of the dessert! 
No automatic alt text available.
As we talk at least 3 times, Filipo runs out the elegant door and down the alley way after the cook pictured below, Pierluigi Lovisa. "He keeps saying that he is staying for the new modern approach and the next day he says that he is leaving. He has done that the last month according to Irina and everyday I must chase him down the alley to convince him to stay. He is very creative and a genius and I love to chase him. He always comes back and it is usually during the service of lunch and dinner." 
Image may contain: 3 people, people sitting, people eating, food and indoor
Filipo's newest idea is "a degustation menu which most Michelin's have. A tasting menu, and a little more expensive than the ala carte. My vision is to give a little bit of lagoon, a little bit of the chef's innovative twists on Italian cuisine and a little bit of the Venetian traditional dishes with modern prestentation at a modest price including wines at around 90.00 euros per person." says Filipo. 
Image may contain: food and indoor
  "Honestly, in the 5 days that I have been actively working with Irina it has been a great challenge and of much interest to see that we have had a lot of French visitors the last couple of days. I see Americans, Europeans and the French. They love to come here. I try to have a casual and fun work ethic and me and Claudio, along with Barbara, the hostess, love to have fun. The Michelin is a standard, yet we need a star and we can do that with service, fun and friendly attitude,not the past stiffness." says Filipo as he exudes a fake pose. "I don't want to stand and pose I want to be active and let the guests be a part of the service and taste. To have them included in the act, not just mannequins." he says. 
   Calle della Regina 2262    041 522 2881
             may contain: food
While the restaurant is famous of its elegance and intimate location, the food is the best in Venecia with artistic and sophisticate presentations of traditional dishes from Venetian accompanied by the funny waiters and directors that are determined to give the Capò Irina's vision of a modern approach to her ancient restaurant a little twist of simplicity and fun. Loved it. 
Image may contain: food
       Image may contain: indoor and text Met the young Capo, Simone, of Ostaria Boccadora and his father's other restaurant, Santa Giustina...I recognized the restaurant first from the unique sculptures of murano glass that the fellow next door creates. 
        "O you must mean Massimo, yes my father buys a lot of the little people sculptures and guests ask to buy these from him all the time!" he says laughing. They are gorgeous of course! 
"It is known as a quitar and it is from Sicity," says Simone the young jr. capo of Ostaria Boccadoro in Venecia.Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, indoor "The figurines of glass are from Massimo, who has a great story and who I admire very much. Massimo had been in prison and came out and the Murano glass factory took him under their wing. His dream to become a famous sculpture and now he has the lovely occupation of being able to create everyday his love of art. He makes sculptures right next door to us.  I admire and want to be the person that makes a difference in the world. A person that everyday makes something special of his and of her life, not come to work then serve a dish of spaghetti. Life is about living every moment and I want people to remember me. That is important." he says.   
                 cannaregio 5405/a   041 521 1021Image may contain: people sitting, table, food and indoor
"The restaurant here, Ostaria Boccadoro, has been here 12 years and me 5 years. I would love to say that since I've been here I have raised the standards of the restaurant. My father is the chef sometimes, and he has the new restaurant right around the alley named Santa Giustina. That is the baby and one year old. And let's see, alright, we do have a menu, but it is only for reading outside. You see it outside. Everyday we greet the guests and tell them the way that it is today. Such as when I have fresh fish that they don't see  on the menu, they seem to appreciate that more." Simone says. Below the quaint charm of Santa Guistina located at Campo Santa Giustina Castello 6553 ciaoImmagine correlata
"O look," says Simone laughing, "my brother arrives, he works at a different restaurant that my father doesn't own since him and my father fight about how to do things. However, for me, I am just right as the Jr. Capo and have been here the last 5 years. I have a funny story, actually, when my father insisted that I go to college, I tried physics, yet I never had any money and I didn't like college. That way I asked my father if I could please work for him.  At first he was hesitant since he said that it is very hard work, and he wanted a better life for me. Yet in Venecia it is the 5th biggest tourist city in the World. What on earth could be better than to own and be a Jr. Capo at one of the finest, highest quality restaurants? I am very happy that I am here." he says. "If my best friend came today, I would give him the pasta made on the quitar with a little black ink and artichokes and scallops, my favorite." says Simone.Image may contain: food
  "Many times I have been approached and Michelin tells me that to be Michelin I must do things their way. Yet I want my chefs, who are very talented, to create in my way. To achieve the same highest standards as a great restaurant with a special flair. It is important that we have fresh fish that is new everyday. Everyday we choose the finest and when the fisherman comes and the fish isn't the freshest that day, yet yesterday it is the freshest, I choose something else such as sea bass." says Simone. "My philosophy is to bring the best food in the easiest way. Michelins is to flip the Turbo on its side, to grill it, to flip it again, then when you eat it the guests don't appreciate the flavor of the real turbo. Mine is to present the turbo and when you eat the turbo you taste the sweetness of the real turbo." Image may contain: food
                 Below the Maestro, Luciano, Sr. Capo of Ostaria Boccadoro and, Santa Giustina. 
                                                                         Trattoria Ai Divini Venecia
L'immagine può contenere: spazio al chiuso
  The famous 3 hr. gramaphone at the cozy authentic enoteca in Venice named Ai Divini. "I bought it literally 2 hours ago," says Beso, who's name means kiss in Spanish, so since I don't speak Spanish I kept calling him Bacci and throwing him kisses. We love to throw kisses in America, I tell him. "I am from Albania til 10 years old, and I moved to Venecia and my name is Spanish, yet I don't speak Spanish since I am Italian and Albanian I only speak a little French and a little English...O and here is my very cool collection of original vinyls which I brought to play on the gramaphone, yet it is a special gramaphone, which I didn't know, and it only plays one kind of vinyl and otherwise it breaks the vinyls in half!" he says and shows me the one vinyl that it plays, which is Indian music.
Matteo and Beso...on the streets of Venice. "I met Matteo about 3 years now and we have great fun doing original items for the bar, Ai Divini, such as the Gondolier handles, original, on the beer taps. We sat one day looking at the bar, and at the real Gondolier oars that we have displayed on the ceiling, and suddenly Matteo said, Hey how about Gondolier handles since they come in here all the time! And we did!" he says.
L'immagine può contenere: 2 persone, persone che sorridono, persone in piedi
How about the baby here? It feeds 10 people! L'immagine può contenere: tabella, cibo e spazio al chiuso
"Yes, we have fun and most importantly, we try to add new wines and new drinks every week. Some people say that they add every month or two months, " starts Beso and Luca laughs and interrupts him, "No we do new drinks everyday."  "That is true," says Beso. "Every couple of days I change the wine menu. It's fun for us to try new ones and we love our wine suppliers. They're great!" he says.
L'immagine può contenere: persone sedute e spazio al chiuso
Yet for me, Luca and Beso have decided that I must try almost every wine in the bar which Beso says, "The bar is as of my house, and when you are in my bar you are in my Casa..." and it feels that way. He shares graciously and somewhat ridiculously young and illegal, you know when you are in your mom and dad's basement trying the liqueur cabinet and they're out for the night, some great wines. "The wines we use come from only small farmers from Italy. One of the wines Santo Maria is a Montepulciano regional wine of which only 10,000 are made every year and the vineyard gives only us and one bar in Verona the wine. Here taste." he says and gives me the normal wine. It is the BEST! Then he gives me the Superior... it is BETTER. and later in the interview he says, "Alright here is another of my favorite vineyards, all small ones, and you must try." It is BETTER than the others...I say. Wow. Then, not to be outdone, Luca mixes me a RED BULL Mojita that has tomato vapors in it and ...Yes you guessed it, IT IS THE BEST!  I drank way too much on a afternoon interview and felt like Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra drinking Martinis...while we sang Johnny Cash songs, my favorite and John Lee somebody that is Beso's favorite, and he is pretty good too and had a great interview. Open til 1.00am to 2.00 am every night with great make as you order sandwiches, and great italian aperitivos all day long. YUM! Plus the outside terrace has a gondola park..."Okay you can't park your gondola here since it is a private launch, however, if the Gondolas want to leave their passengers and it is the final stop they can use the launch for a couple of minutes to let the people walk up the steps and come into the bar from the water side...the people that are residents upstairs use the garden and the boat launch, yet you can have gondolas drop people off if  you want." says Beso. It is such a cool place, such fun people and such great authentic food and drinks that I KNOW YOU SHALL LOVE IT! L'immagine può contenere: spazio al chiuso
   On the way to the April to September 24 hr. bar where I spent a couple of late Movie Star nights from 1.00am to 3.ooam with my "I want to see Johnny Depp" Lido Film Festival All nighters ...the bar is VERY popular in the April to September months since the beach goers start to swarm into Lido... which has about 20,000 beach is the COOLEST ISLAND EVER, has the Lido film festival and is a 13 minute water boat ride from San Marco Square...a MUST and the bar is cool! L'immagine può contenere: 10 persone, persone che sorridono, persone sedute e occhiali_da_soleThe delightful young and funny bartenders, owners and friends of Ai Divini on Venecia and on Lido, had me entertained for nearly 2 hours, especially Beso, the Capo of Venecia and Lucas the bartender... the original owner of Ai Divini and Lido's bar, Chiosco Chiringuito,  Matteo only speaks Italian,yet he laughs a lot!      The cool Cabana Tiki style bar is out in the open right opposite the beach at Lido located at Via Lungomare Marconi Angolo Lorenzo, and phone is in case you are lost...34 7 576 2538....if you lost your phone too, ask for the green bar:)
                                                                       Taverna Al Remer
                                                   in Cannaregio 5701
Image may contain: people sitting, table, indoor and food
"My mother and her partner bought the restaurant in 2006, and she was the one who thought of the famous buffet dinner that people from all around the world came here for...yet after awhile, since I took over the Restaurant in 2012, I wanted it to have more elegance and class. It is in a beautiful cave like setting with the brick exposed walls, and I wanted the people that come here for a romantic and elegant dinner to have proper atmosphere. I stopped buffets, and I started doing the seatings only. We still have the music live every night of the guitars and jazz, yet now you can come for dinner at 18.00pm and not have plastic forks broke on the ground from the rush of aperitivos!" says Yuli laughing. "Yes, we can do aperitivos, yet now they are on china plates and glass wine glasses for aperitivo hours in addition to the dinner hours. It is a better match with the beauty of the restaurant." he says.
It takes a little while to find the hidden jewel in plain sight, from the canal that is, yet from the alley ways, let's just say if you walk past Bacaro Jazz funky cocktail bar you missed it, yet only a couple of meters! It is a great find and the capo is cool, say hi to Yuli! Resultado de imagen de taverna remer venezia
  "My team is very nice and they know that of utmost importance to me is fine service." says Yuli. "My cook is very experienced in fine dining the Venetian way and of course he goes to the fish mercato every morning for the fresh fish. We have the lagoon fish, yet that in Venecia, except for the Cuttlefish with the black ink, is usually served with the starters. We have many varieties to try and I hope that when people talk about my restaurant they mention the service, the atmosphere, and of course the food." And Reservations?
"I would prefer you to call to make reservations that day or the next, if you don't have a large event. If you have a big event you can email the restaurant and we can touch base with you." says Yuli.
                 Alright for reservations: 

                            041 522 8789
Resultado de imagen de taverna remer venezia
   "My wine is Italian and very good. I expanded the wine cellar and it has dimly lit candles and the guests can walk in and choose the try the Franciacorta..." he says...HINT I LOVE Franciacorta much more than Prosecco. Loved it.
As the food comes it is being served graciously to a young couple I ask what one of the dishes is. It looks GREAT! "Tagliolini neri con granchio e code di scampi, "says Yuli and I say that I would love to eat that! It looks so great. Actually all of the food is authentic Venetian style. With huge plates and when I it expensive? " A little," he says. "It depends. If you want to come and have a glass of wine and a first starter and maybe dessert, it can be around 40.00 euros, or you can come as a couple and order a nice bottle of wine, starter, main fish entry and it can be 120.00 euros a person. I guess it is what you want to spend. The atmosphere in the restaurant is elegant and I want the high quality to reflect that." he says. "Filet or fresh catch of the day with fish is always a little more expensive since it is difficult for the fisherman to find. Yet people come here a couple of days if they find us their first day!" he adds laughing, admitting it is a little difficult to find the restaurant. "I am happy that they enjoy themselves and I am most pleased when they tell me that they had a wonderful time."
Image may contain: indoor
                                                                      Trattoria da Gigio 
                  Immagine correlata
                   Trattoria da Gigio is very Old School, TOTALLY ITALIAN AND ONE OF A KIND...

LOCATED AT  via Vanin just about 200 meters from the Train station, you will find the only restaurant that I know of in the world where the Capo is the Cuoco and the ONE AND ONLY CUOCO. ever. 

                                          Campo S.Leonardo 159430121 Venezia, Italia
+39 041 717574

"Yes, trust me, he only is the one allowed in the kitchen. THE ONLY ONE. The last 24 years if my father,

is not in Venecia, the restaurant is not open. He cooks at lunch and he cooks at dinner. The only one."

   Okay don't be scared of black cuttlefish. It is the ink from the squid and it tastes heavenly.  I ate it on fettucini and ate all of it, and yet here at the traditional local Trattoria da Gigio they serve it on Polenta. "People order the cuttlefish and polenta and when it comes to the table they exclaim! It is black! What is this black stuff! And we have to tell the people that the ink is from the cuttlefish and if they try they will love it. They try and they, of course, eat it. For it is delicious. Yet sometimes they are a little surprised!" says Sara and her father Massimo. "The only reasons that people have ever sent food back, honestly in the last 24 years is that they are surprised when the food arrives!" she says and I start giggling. UM. "They think it is one thing and yet that comes as a surprise and they love it."
Immagine correlata
Risultati immagini per trattoria da gigio venezia
   "IT is unusual since most capos in Italy have assistants, yet my father insists on doing it all himself. He cooks for everybody and he has only himself. In the morning at 7.00am he attends the pesce fish market and he chooses the catch of the day that he wants. If he wants lobster, he does lobster, yet if today it is of the highest quality, he buys it, and if tomorrow it is only so and so, he doesn't!" says Sara, his daughter, who owns a baby clothing store about 125 meters down the alley of via Vanin. She runs back and forth to my translator needed services and back to her store for her guests.  Risultati immagini per trattoria da gigio venezia via vanin

"For many years when the locals from 50 kilometers around Venecia come to have a dinner, they choose us. It is one of the very last true Venetian restaurants owned by a Venetian and where the Cook is Venetian. My father is very proud of that fact, yet at times sad. It is his wish to give the people that are his guests a true meal as if from his home. We are a family here. It is me and my father and sister and her husband. My father never lets one other person even enter his kitchen. If he is sick one day, the restaurant is closed. Yet that in 25 years, he has never been sick." she says. 

Risultati immagini per trattoria da gigio venezia
"Yes for the last, almost 24 years people that we say as locals, come from Mestre, Padova, Trieste, and Vincenzo to reserve here to eat the appetizers. We have degustazione menus. That means that they are prix fixed. The degustazione menus start from 37.00 euros to 58.00 euros and vary. For instance, most of the locals come for the 37.00 euros which they can find all of my father's recipes of the last 37 years that are only appetizers, yet it is a full Venetian menu. They put these many appetizers of say lagoon fish on the middle of the table and they, for 37.00 euros each, can share many items. Or they can have full first and second course meals that are of the highest quality for the higher priced degustazione. IT IS VERY RARE FOR NON-MICHELIN NOW RESTAURANTS TO HAVE DEGUSTAZIONE MENUS. Only the highest quality restaurants around the world have these menus." she says. Risultati immagini per trattoria da gigio campo san leonardo venezia
  "The fish is chosen from my father every morning at the Mercato, the pasta made especially everyday for us, the food homemade and the desserts, yes you guessed it, my father makes!" says Sara laughing. "Yet, if you want to visit my baby clothes store, it is right down the alley." and I say I do. 
 Alright for the moms and dads, (and Grandpartents on vacation here you can buy great presents...)                                                         automatic alt text available.
Image may contain: one or more people, people standing, shoes and outdoor
                                     cannaregio 1783 
                                   Venice, Italy 30121
                                   Get Directions
Highlights info row image346 415 0643
Image may contain: 1 person
Owner Sara and Marta Vanin,  located at Via Vanin, near the Venezia Casino...
Image may contain: one or more people
                  Here is how I feel every year since Andrea sponsors EmmeAnesBook
    and the culture of Venecia as the Capo of the totally cool restaurant named Antica Carbonera.
                 Image may contain: one or more people and outdoor
   Igor is a delight and basically Andrea's director of the hidden amazingly beauty, Antica Carbonera. As I enter the restaurant they immediately start laughing and smiling with me and start giving me a glass of spritz, yet the Capo Andrea is drinking from a huge heavy glass of such a cool design that I ask if my wine can be in that kind of glass too. "Only the Capo can drink from that glass," they say and Andrea asks me, "White wine or red wine?" and since I love Chianti I ask for that and Andrea says, "Alright here it is." They smile as he gives me a big Captain glass!  And since they are very gracious and always kind, they bring me some fancy aperitivos to eat while I chat. 
     Image may contain: 1 person, outdoorAs we walk around the restaurant the boss shows me the glossy walls and the ancient lanterns and the decanters of old whiskeys and grappa sitting on the massive cabinets. You feel transported back into that time and place of real luxury and old-fashioned traditions and manners. It is kind of cool! "The real thing that I try to do is when people walk into the restaurant they feel as if they enter my home. I am friendly and I try to make sure that they feel at home. I don't want them feeling like they're at a restaurant. I want them to feel like at home." he says.  "The wooden tops of the boxes that hold the wine bring the feeling that I want of the restaurant. It is a traditional restaurant steeped in history and I want the atmosphere to reflect that luxury with the friendly team. Luxury doesn't have to be stuffy."  
Image may contain: food

              The original Miramar 


  He asks to invite you do dinner since only when you eat his food can you feel it," says his charming young chef who laughingly and lovingly translates for us. "My mother comes into the kitchen and makes new dishes for us. The entire menu I design myself...every recipe a mixture of my grandmother's kitchen and my mother's kitchen. Yes usually in a restaurant of such quality around the world the chef does the recipes and menu, but here I do it." the boss says:) Image may contain: dessert, table, food and indoor

               00390415 22 54 79
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      Calle Bembo San Marco 4648 

"The restaurant is totally traditional Venetian! with Pesce. Since it is fish it is a little on the medium to high side of pricing. The recipes come from my Grandmother and my mother who continues to be gracious enough that when I say that I would love to try my recipe of such and such she comes into the kitchen and makes it for me. My favorite is the cod fish on top of the cold polenta. That is totally her recipe." he says as he shows me the very elegant and classy menu. And since everybody knows that polenta is my favorite dish?... along with steak tar-tar and red wine...and here one of the very funny and friendly team gives me a little pasta pepper!Image may contain: one or more people, people sitting, table and indoor

As I walk from the Rialto Bridge, past the Disney Store on my left hand side and about 1 tiny bridge I see the Antica Carbonera sign on the alley and mosey on down to see my friends. The food here is simply delectable. Love the Capo, love the food, love the team.
       Image may contain: people sitting, indoor and food
                                             ...the simplicity of Osteria Doge Morosini 
                     Immagine correlata
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 Here I can say many lovely things about the Capo and the Osteria, yet the most important, besides the great food is the atmosphere. The people love it. The people have a great time here. That is the difference. His name is Guise, who is from Tunisia, and his  team is the nicest and is super friendly yet professional.
                       Ps. the fish is delectable. 
"I worked here two years and bought it. I have owned it 10 years now and I tried to bring the quality as high as I could with of course the prices following a little. The fish is the freshest everyday, yet we have huge cuts of beef. I don't buy a steak. I buy a huge cut of beef and slice it for you. That is the difference. It is all fresh, the pasta everything. I guess you could say it has me in the restaurant. My little touches yet the most important is my quality." says the very casual Capo. 
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                                    041 520 1002
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  "My chef is a lady and her assistant is Juri. She is great. As you can see she changes her menu daily depending on the fresh fish. I try to give my guests the highest quality of wine to compliment the dinner too, if you buy a 300.00 euro bottle for the table you could do dinner at 100.00 euro per person, yet the average is about 50.00 euro I would say. Not so expensive but not super cheap. It is pricey because I am worth it." says Guise, the Capo of the hidden charming Osteria on Campo Francesco Morosini named for the famous Doge. 
               The elegant and charming Osteria is really quite big inside. It seats 120 in 3 rooms with cozy warmth and grace. Located on Calle Delle Botteghe 2967, you can enjoy hidden privacy with friendly conversation away from the prying eyes of fellow tourists.  The food? The best. Risultati immagini per osteria doge morosiniI promised I would come and eat at his elegant restaurant soon. I personally absolutely adore the black ink cuttlefish on polenta. My favorite in the world and it looks like John Malkovich does too! Guise starts laughing when I ask if it is different the first two years and then owning it the next 10 years! "O it is. You know it is great because it is my restaurant and my responsibility, yet that is a lot of weight on my shoulders. Is that how you say? Now I am responsible for everybody that works for me. We have fun, though and I know that the food is served beautifully and with the care of the chef who uses only the highest ingredients. That is my way that I do it. I insist on the best.   I want everyday to find the freshest and the newest and the best. And I usually do. My team is kind. They are nice. They are honest and professional. I think the reason that the locals come here everyday is that they know they find authentic ingredients and Venetian recipes here and the highest quality of preparation and food. The locals are important to me as the tourists. They come everyday. The tourists that come usually are recommended with the 4 and 5 star hotels. That is important, too. Now I hope your tourist guide brings many guests!" and I hope too. They are VERY Laidback and Casual. First rate laughing and friendly, yet the food is absolutely highest standard. Must try. Check out the fresh fish on display with my favorite oysters and live lobsters! 

                                             ...and yes I know they love Orange love em! 

                                                                 Do Forni Venecia...Highest Seafood 

                                                               "I have been here 15 years. I learned seriously when my father took me under his wing...yet I learned the most just watching. Learning and observing. I watched my father. I much rather be an example of him. His life. I am proud of what he has done here. He started with a small restaurant and has built it since 1973 to what it is today." says Diego. "It is very hard to receive respect from somebody that you admire. At least the perception is that. It is difficult to work with my father since I want his approval in the way that I present myself and he is a perfectionist." "One time," says Pasquale, the waiter that has been here 34 to 35 years..."a lady loved animals. She came here and saw the lobster on the fish ice. She said, Can I take that lobster back with me? I am buying that lobster and I would love to add it to the bath and save it. Sometimes people do try to save the lobsters." 

Diego above says, "here is a famous football star. We have movie stars and famous people that come here mostly since it is beautiful, private, luxurious and has the best food. "People love the fireplace room here since it is elegant yet lively full of people every night. You know they can have fun. The room next to it is the Garden but it isn't a real garden it is only a garden room with the authentic floors and the overheard covering. IT is more fun to work in those two rooms honestly instead of the more private rooms of the Orient Express. " says Diego. He shows me the Orient Express rooms which have a playful atmosphere.                                                              Resultado de imagem para do forni veneza
The Orient Express Room of Do Forni which goes in and out of the High Award Michelin Guide...

                                  Late Night Dinner, Private Sitting, Personal Service, Seafood Italian...

      "I guess the Michelin is more into French copy restaurants nowadays," says Diego, "I want the best service with the highest quality. The Orient Express Room is real Orient Express and I know you love that room; however, when the people enter the front they first see the Elegant Burgandy Velvet Cigar Lounge, then we take the guests to the Orient Express and finally opposite the alley in between the restaurant to the elegant hunting lodge. They ooo and aaa and I am pleasantly surprised at the rooms. 

Here is the real artisans of Venecia..."Yes the Doge comes in the Carnival people, I have my masks in Switzerland Theater and France and England and Australian and America and they have a special masks. The woman of 20 years ago came in here and said O I bought a mask from you 20 years ago and do you remember me! The people walk through the alleys of Venecia to find us. There are only 20 of the Mask Making originals left in Venecia and I hope they find us." says the kindly old man...think Picasso and Rembrandt and Shakespeare and Beethoven...wouldn't you rather meet these people when they're alive? 

  1. La Pietra Filosofale Di Setti Carlo 1735 S. MARCO, Venezia, VE 30124, 30124
Whenever I ask Carlos who reminds me of Gepetto, do the stars come in and buy dolls? He laughs, "They go from hotel to restaurant...yet they would have much more fun walking with masks around the lost hidden alleys of Venecia to discover the real artisans and the true city." THat is true and they should wander around the city and find the fellow and buy these masks! 
SAN MARCO 1735 30124 Venezia

Tradizionali maschere prendono vita nel laboratorio de La Pietra Filosofale, nel sestiere San Marco.
La carriera di Carlo Setti inizia da un libro. Proprio dalle pagine di un manuale impara quella che è diventata la sua passione, la sua vita. Dopo anni di attività nel settore del teatro e nel mondo dei burattini, Carlo diventa il continuatore della tradizione, affinando la sua tecnica ed il suo stile nella costruzione di maschere.
Il cuoio che viene pazientemente scolpito e tutti i materiali sono accuratamente selezionati per far emergere espressioni e tratti di personaggi famosi o della tradizione carnevalesca veneziana. Ogni prodotto viene costruito su misura del viso dell’attore o di chi lo andrà ad indossare, acquisendo una singolare unicità.

You will NEVER  see MASKS LIKE these again... they are sculptures...some 5,000Euros...from a funny gentile old man named Carlos..."Here is my original mask of 1983, I gave it to my father...see the writing on the inside? Yet I lost the mold...where is the mold? I ask...yet here is the original and I am trying to replicate the mold in the store...see it is clay and made out of cork...and wood the molds are old... I try to see what inspiration do I have today? when I make the masks..." UMTHINK GEPeTTO in his workshop...
"I make masks the last 45 years. Each one is a inspiration to me. When people ask me which one is the favorite of you...I say that the one I am making right now is the favorite. My friends come in to see me and ask to take a coffee with me all day long. The old timers...we laugh and they say "O Carlos which mask are you making today?" IT is 45 years of work. I used to work with a student of art in Venecia who is in Florence. She draws the art on the masks. The feathers are real bird feathers. The masks have special productions to each." he says. 
"See the dolls? They're really puppets...each one is 250Euros and up. THey're all handmade. Each one is alive and special." he says. I say that my cousin Chelsea collects dolls original and she would love love love these. 
"To experience Venecia one must walk lost around the city. It is only at that time that you will find the real Venetians and the real Artisans." Carlos says. You must visit this guy! He is laughter and affection and charm and TALENT! Think you're little old grandfather in a sweater sitting behind his workshop smoking a pipe! O yes making masterpieces...I forgot about that one! 

  Johny and his family at Jonnys Italian Romantic Ristorante...
I had a great conversation on the water boats with a real 12th generation Venetian who told me all about the Arsenal, being the oldest and first Arsenal in the world, and saying I should venture out into the alleys and see the uncrowded beauty of Venice. I am glad I took his advice, having run smack into my now favorite restaurant in Venice! Jonnys! 
    "Yes I am Jonny, " says the happy and friendly capo pictured above with his wife who is Albanian! 

"O, you know Nevodi? They are good friends of mine and they send people here all the time when they are too crowded!" he says. "And I send people there!" Okay, I say that I love Nevodi! "Yes, mine is different since we specialize in pasta. Homemade and homemade bread. We have fish and pasta and one dish of meat and one of vegatarian if you don't like fish!" says Jonny as he sits and shows me the highest quality of exotic dishes with simple gnocchi, taglietelle, all mixed with swordfish or pumpkin sweet sauce, etc. I choose the gnocchi since I LOVE it. Is it good? The best ever. A sweet melt-in-your mouth gnocchis with litght pumpkin sauce. Heavenly. 

+3904 12 960065

 Trattoria Jonny, Campo de le Gatte 3210    The dark wooden bar, the glossy finish, the brass edgings, is the elegant Jonnys Venice. 

"We change the menu every 3 to 4 months. Now in the last couple of days we have a 100% new menu with new recipes. The cooks and me choose. And each pasta is 100% fresh, homemade and made that day. That is why you said that the gnocchis melt in your mouth. They are very fresh." says Jonny. 
     "I fell in love with the Italian food when I moved with my mom from Quebec. I am French-Canadian and my wife is Albanian. We have a very international family, as you can guess and I love the Italian food of which my step-father is Italian. I have been cooking Italian since the age of 14 in the different areas of Venice, we start younger here than Americans," he says to the side and I say yes that is why the food is better here! 
     Today I had a homemade bread with vegatables in it! I think zucchini! "Hmm, I have to ask the chef how he made that bread!" says Jonny! 
   "We specialize in the fish and pasta and only one meat dish, yet the meat dish is as of the rest - the highest quality with the exotic presentation and herbs." says the proud Capo of Jonnys. Related image pasta is unique here as the specialty see the lovely food! I almost couldn't eat it! Related image
    Jonnys, from San Zaccaria, walk into the alley towards the Hotel Bisanzio, take a right kitty corner across the square, which is diagonal and follow the paths and little bridge to Parrocchia De S. Martin, Ponte Dei Scudi, and it is situated right at the foot of the bridge. Elegant, traditional, romantic with jazz playing lightly in the background. LOVED THE FOOD! 
   How to find a hidden jewel, "The reason I chose the location is that it isn't in the crowds of tourists like San Marco, and the fact that I have been cooking and living here in the area since I am 14 and it is the only real authentic restaurant in the neighborhood. We make the homemade bread everyday, which you tasted, and the homemade pasta- the food is all homemade. The cooks? ...attentive and obsessive about the quality. The seating romantic. I am very happy with the way life has turned out and the last 2 and 1/2 years the most happy."  says the Capo, Jonathon.
                                      NEVODI, "the nephews" a Italian provincial jewel                                                 hidden on Via Garibaldi, Venecia
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See that food? That is why the little Italian taverna with the elegant wooden tables and totally fresh seafood is a huge hit with locals and the lucky tourists that find the rustic treasure everyday and everynight. And the other reason is the young team of about 10 young waiters, all friends, age 27 to 34, who twirl around the tables laughing and joking constantly and hurriedly piling the great seafood on the tables, along with that lovely Spritz or one of 15 glasses of red or white wine.  "You see it in low season, usually in the little space of only about 25 seats inside we have 125 people packed inside and outside. They love the food which is from my father's experience of 20 plus years in the Venecian industry where the fishermen and the people at the Mercato give him the best. That is respect." says Andrea, of which he is one of the two "nephews" although he is actually the cousin of the nephew Matteo, and Silvio's son! 

"The aprons are from a fabric store down the road where we buy the fabric and ask my mom to make the aprons, or sometimes old shirts from when I was a little kid and was very fat. My mom cuts the shirts and we make aprons!" jokes Matteo. I ooo and aaa when the food keeps whizzing by, "Yes we present the food on the heavy black squares, which are VERY HEAVY, by the way, and we serve our own unique recipes. The one you loved is the soup, with fresh seafood everyday such as mussles, clams, prawns, squid, any of the fresh fish in the big bowls with broth. People love it." he says. Let me show a couple pics...
Image result for nevodi venice
    "I listen to Silvio and I know when he says a merchant is the best he is. My job is to hire the people. If you are funny you can work here. You can't be a sour person. My only requirement is that you have fun, love the people, love the team and are funny. You must be funny." says Matteo as he and Petron start dancing behind the counter on the rainy Monday morning as my feet and toes are slowly thawing out...playing "1,2,3, A,B,C Micheal Jackson on the speakers and twirling the plates, aprons and food!" 
People crowd into the tiny beautiful trattoria and start cozying up to the tiny bar, pointing over the counters asking for a plate of fresh seafood aperitivos and the waiters start bustling again. "This is slow season!" laughs Matteo again as I say that it seems very busy! 
                   Castello 1788 Via Garibaldi 
Image may contain: people sitting, table and indoor
"See the picture above? I don't know why my mom chose the black  and tan colors of the wine bottles." says Matteo and I say that is symbolic for red and white wine. "Hmm," he says looking at it again. We had three interviews total and the first was only Matteo, who you will not be able to keep a straight face with, he is that funny. And the team? Super friendly. Everytime I enter the trattoria they all say "HI" and wave as if friends! 
Silvio having a glass of wine, "I choose the wine, although if Andrea or Matteo says that they want to try something new, of course we try it. Andrea is the social media person and the front person and Matteo loves the food and the people. We make a great team, yet it is their restaurant. 
I am only here for advice a couple of years." he says good-naturedly. "I am 58 and the old guy. You know in a couple more times, years they will probably kick me out!" he says laughing hilariously. "Can you make sure that you mention that every 20 to 25 days we buy 30 boxes of Sardengna wine, Sicilian wine, Tuscany wine, whichever region that we choose for that days and we present it. Every 25 days a new one!" says Silvio.
Image may contain: 1 person, standing, drink and indoor
Image result for nevodi venice
"See the plates? Everyone is special. Each one is different and unique. We set the table with colors. People feel as if they are in a fishing village and that is how fresh the fish is! Right off the boat!" laughs Matteo. Image result for nevodi venice
Image may contain: 5 people, people smiling, people standing, drink and indoor
           The happy team of Nevodi, reservations? You can try! 3904 1241 1136
                                          Trattoria Al Ponte Del Megio 
                                        Santa Croce 1666
Image may contain: table, food and indoor
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"One evening, a French guest who comes here every year for 2 weeks on vacation and eats at the restaurant everyday, decided to draw with the black cuttlefish ink on his plate when he is finished.   

#italy #italia #venice #venezia #pasta #seafoodrestaurant #trattoria #イタリア #イタリア旅行 #いかすみパスタ #おいしい #うまい #ワイン
#wine #ワインがすすむ #口の周りは #真っ黒 #だけど好きHe showed us the drawing and now we have it on the wall. Please invite all the guests fromEmmeAnesBook to have the blackink cuttlefish and if they draw a picture with it we can add it to our gallery!" says Enrico. Cool I shall. P.S. the Gondoliers can bring that romantic gondola right up to the restaurant. may contain: outdoor I mention maybe that the fish is specialty here!
Image may contain: table and food
"Every year we have guests from America, France, China, Canada, they come and they always try us the first night at Venecia, and every night they come to try the lagoon specialities. That is the why I am happy because they come back every night. It is a tiny restaurant and a intimate one especially at night. We are the nicest and friendliest team here.Including Italian students who come and work with me. The guests love the food, the team and the atmosphere." says Enrico. I ask if that beautiful music I hear playing in the background is Italian opera? Enrico laughs, "No! It is Puerto Rican since my mom is from Puerto Rico and I have dual citizenship. I love the culture of Puerto Rico and in a couple of years I am opening my own restuarant of only Puerto Rican food. " he says proudly. 
"Okay the reason we are the highest quality and everybody from the foreign countries love us is that we have a very beautiful physical team and a young team that is attentive and energetic and friendly to everybody that is a guest." says Enrico and I start to giggle as I write. "That is why I love my job and tonight I must tell you that we have tons of fresh fish such as Tuna Tartar, Cuttlefish, raw fish red shrimps, Moeche, and the cod dried for 3 days and then soft boiled with onions and cream." he says and laughs, "and yes the Puerto Rican Operas sung with a mixture of Italian played in the background." He is a very funny and fresh Capo. facebook directions
      Image may contain: food   ..."we specialize in fish and meat, the freshest every day and if it is fresh it is on the menu, and I can say that we have Tuna Tartar usually, yet again, it must be fresh from the Mercato. Same with the Tiramisu. It spoils after one day and you must have fresh made everyday. I know that in the last 5 years that I have been the Capo, my guests come everyday here to try new specialties." says the honestly very charming Enrico. (I met Enrico 3 years since in Venecia and his restuarant has been on every year).
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            LOCANDA CA' RIZA 3 star Bed and Breakfast, Venecia
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   "We've only owned the Locanda Ca'Riza the last 3 months, and yet have renovated every room and the sitting room on the first floor we have converted into a modern kitchen where we serve the guests breakfast every morning and we cook dinner for the guests every night. If they wish to eat in, please be our guests. A locanda isn't a hotel, it is a homey, more personal space where the guests can come and go freely all day and night, and yet be greeted with family during the day, " says Romano who is joined by his tiny delicate wife, Pina. "I am from Naples, originally, and Romano is from Florence." she says, with the help of google translate! The Locanda's rooms are all white and beauty and the breakfast nook is a delight. Please come and experience the hospitality of the lovely couple. 
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   "It is a personal breakfast of delight and laughter and all white space to bring the beauty of the colors to life," says Romano.

   The story of Ca'Riza, to say the least, is romantic and mischievous and gallant, the ancient house of a Venetian named "Riza el venetien" and is told in the story of a young venetian man whose companion is described in ancient manuscripts found under the long-forgotten pile of books in a magic library in Venecia. The manuscripts select the description of his house as the location of Ca'Riza and his companion can only be that of Casanova from the decade and descriptions of their escapades. Romano and Pina have decorated the rooms to welcome you to that long ago era in his actual authentic building that used to be his residence, hence the name Ca'Riza!
   Riza, along with Casanova used to love wandering from "calle" to Calle" and having gallant dinners and romantic liasons and the manuscript tells of rendezvous within the very walls of Ca'Riza the escapades of unforgettable charm, really what ancient Venecia was all about.
    To experience that same spirit of the hidden alleys of Venecia and to sit in the quiet solitude of the lovely intimate Locanda Ca'Riza, you can make reservations, if you're lucky! at; 04 25 236 761 Sestiere Santa Croce Calle Del Forna 88.
                             The Famous Ristorante Pizzeria Fuori Rotta
  With the help of a translator named Simone who speaks about 8 languages fluently, Martina says that "My daughter, Valentina is the real Capo  here, yet she had a little baby and now I am the Capo while she is home with the one year old. My son, Nicola runs the Osteria Cicchetteria on the opposite side of the square. We originally bought the Osteria, yet the opportunity to buy such a famous ristorante on the Campo Margherita came up and we bought both at the same time. While we renovated the Osteria, we opened the ristorante. Now, 7 years later we're closing the ristorante from November to March. Make sure you tell all the guests that we're closed for 5 months, yet they can come eat Cicchettis at the Osteria!" she says good-naturedly. 
Here the way to have a glass of Venetian wine and the Cicchettis of choice! I eat about 5 of em! result for Al Bocon DiVino campo margherita
Simone, "I have been here about one year and they are like a family. We have fun. The tourists that come are about 1/2 American and they really like to have fun!" he says laughing. He is quite nice actually. "I am happy your guide has 24% tourists from America!" he says. 
 "Here is the food," and I say o that I would love to eat! Image may contain: food and indoor
                Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people standing, beard and indoor
How happy I am to FINALLY add the cool ristorante named Ristorante Fuori Rotta, that is on the famous square named Campo Santa Margherita. It is near the university city square and it is always full of Italian locals of Venice mixing with the Internationals. Right opposite of the lovely Ristorante Fuori Rotta is their original purchase of 7 years named Osteria Cicchetteria Al Bocon DiVino which serves Cicchetti Italian style. 
Dorsoduro 41 Campo Santa Margherita , 041 52 3 5640
Image result for Al Bocon DiVino campo margherita
At the Osteria you can chat with friends in a casual setting standing or sitting. The Ristorante Fuori Rotta is a little more formal. The Ristorante is actually the oldest ristorante on the Square, and has a long standing tradition of serving vino on long wooden tables. When the family of Martina, along with her "husband Giovanni, my daughter Valentina and my son Nicola, started the restaurant we already knew that is what we wanted. My mother-in-law is 85 years old and had a long tradition of 55 years as a cuoco in the kitchen. Now I do a little cooking and the recipes here while they are long traditional Venuto ones, they are my husband and my creations." she says proudly. I can't wait to eat her food! Although I must hurry since starting tomorrow you must eat at the Cicchetti Osteria for 5 months! If you hurry tonight you can try the traditional recipes of the lovely family...

  "We do fresh fish from the Mercato and fresh vegatables. The family is from Venice and we're very proud to show you the fish from the Lagoon that can only be found in Venice. The wine is Italian of course!" laughs Martina, with the help of Simone of course.Image may contain: food
                                                                Al Giardinetto da Severino a lovely Century Old Ristorante that is attached to the Doge Zorzi Palazzo, and now run by the Capo of 20 years, Luca Bastianello.   Luca, "I am the 3rd generation of my family starting with my Grandfather and Grandmother, and later my father who's name was Severino and although two such restaurants in Venecia exists with the Al Giardinetto name, usually you can hear the Local Venetians saying, Let's go to Severino." he says proudly of the rustic authentic ristorante that has a romantic room set in the Zorzi Palazzo Chapel. It even sports a fireplace, "Yes that is the official crest of the Zorzi family, designed in 1480. We kept that painting on the fireplace since it is one of the original Historical arifacts kept preserved in Venice. The Zorzi Palazzo next to us is now the office of the Unesco Heritage sight, actually." he says. Cool.  "The paintings on the walls are the artists who have won the national prizes of "Amici di Ruga Giuffa" that we have hosted for many years." he says.  "The people love the room here for its architectural and historical importance and intimacy, and the outside gardens for the beauty."            Image result for al giardinetto da severino

Image result for al giardinetto da severino
"In the Garden, before 1975, we had Bocci Ball alleys, you can still see the numbers 1, 2, written on the walls. The Venetians used to come here and play in the gardens and the iron rails guarded the guests from the balls flying," says Luca and we both laugh as we hear silverwear jingling...I say that Oops a Bocci Ball must of gotten loose! "You know there is only 50,000 Venetians living in Venice now and the older people were really the ones who loved the tradition of the bocci game. Now the young Italians don't play Bocci so much and we have made the garden for guests to dine in." he says laughing. "They enjoy  the beauty of the Palazzo and the stories of Bocci now more than playing it." 
     And the food?  "The restaurant uses old recipes that showcase the Venetian tradition highlighting the taste and flavor of the natural ingredients, you must try the desserts!" he says. Image result for al giardinetto da severino
   As we talk about the restaurant, Luca shows me the gardens and I notice the grapes growing on the vines."Yes we have the little vineyard above the guests, and another little one in the corner, one is red sweet wine and one is white sweet wine. They are dessert wines, of course, and you can only sip these since they are very sweet, yet they are quite good." he says. Later I remind myself to eat a piece of the Zuppa Inglese, which he insists, "The dessert is Italian and the recipe is original Italian." and try the wine. A REAL Doge experience. 
Image result for al giardinetto da severino
"The restaurant is 100% Venetian, with the fish from the
lagoon the specialty such as the Spider Crab, the Sea
 Bass, Mantis shrimps, spaghetti with squid ink, such
delicacies you can only find in the Venetian Lagoon and
only in season. Very rare. And the wine list exquisite."IMG_0002_rid
          ...and the wines? All Italian Wines from every region of Italy with the inclusion of some French sparkling wines. 
      "I am very proud of my restaurant, first I should say, and in addition I am proud of my heritage as a Venetian. I want the tradition to continue of my family and that is the real reason that I do what I do everyday, " says Luca.   "Of course you must love being here and honestly I feel that I am born in the restaurant since it has been in my family since 1949." I ask if he is literally born in the restaurant? "It feels like it!" he says laughing.

     "The restaurant is located on Salizado Zorzi which means street Zorzi at Catello 4928, that you find outside on the stone walls, it is a street of great importance since it housed the famous Zorzi family. In the gardens where the guests sit in the summer we have two small vineyards and in September we harvest these for sweet wine for dessert. We have homemade Italian desserts everyday and the famous one is the Zuppa Inglese, which has a little sweet alcohol in it." says Luca and I keep hinting to try, it has little berries on top and looks totally fattening! 

               reservations: tel+39 041 52 85 332

      The lovely team of Vesuvio, a traditional restaurant specializing in Fish and Pizza 60 years in Venecia
Image may contain: 8 people, people smiling, shoes and outdoor
"I have carried on my father's dream here the 3 years, since my father passed away. I mostly love making pizzas, I know, yet it is my specialty and I am only 27 years old, yet it is fun.You must try, you ask for anything to add to the pizza and I do it!" says the very charming and funny young Capo of Vesuvio. Image may contain: 1 person, food
               may contain: food
  "You know here you can have a lovely Venecian traditional lunch and dinner and spend maybe 25.00 euros to 30.00 euros for the highest quality fish and pizza with the highest quality ingredients from the Rialto Mercato here in Venecia. I want my guests to know that the Venetian people come here to eat. We don't have high tourist prices . We have real quality and great meals. Have a couple bottles of wine with us if you insist on spending 60.00 euros per person, " jokes the young Capo and Max his translator! 
         "...and when you come you can either say hi to Mario the one you see here or Enzo the Cuoco in the kitchen!. We're located at Cannaregio 1837, which is a tiny walk from the Train Station and in between the Jewish Quarter. The best of both worlds! Call us for reservations at Call 041 795 688 2" they say!
Image may contain: 1 person, smiling
                    Image result for antico martini venice
...set at the very steps of the Opera is the Antico Martini...
"I have been here with the current family of Martini the last 12 years, yet the actually restaurant has been here since 1740. The Opera House is built in 1790 and we've been doing business with each other ever since!" says Fulvio, who is a gracious host and invited me to lunch...lovely!          tel. (+39) 041 5224121
Image result for antico martini venice
                                                                                       Calle Dei Stagneri, 5242
                                                                                         Calle Galiazzo 5265
                                                                                        Tel. +39 041 528 5147
     Guido, the affable, intelligent and serious Capo ofRistorante Da Mario Alla Fava, and I had a chat today,  "I started at the restaurant at hte age of 13 and came here every time school is out. My father managed the restaurant back in the 1960s, and I loved it. I loved the people, the service and the tourists were very different back then. The people that came you can see on portrayed on the walls. Movie Stars, Important politicians, fancy tourists. They spent and spent. They talked about important things happening in the world. Today if the tourists come to Venecia to my restuarant they must represent that in life. The food is highest quality, and yes we've been on Michelin which I value more than Trip Advisor. The guide is about a physical person sitting down to dinner and telling me the way it is. Very respected guide." he says. 
   "If you come to the restaurant it is about maybe in the higher range of dining, yet it is the finest quality, my team has been with me at least 13 to 17 years and the chef too. We talk about the service and we talk about the menu. We give personal one on one service to the guest and I suggest the wine, which is the majority from Italy.  It is definitely a Old-School Restaurant in terms of service and clientale and I guess conversation.The menu is traditional yet modern as we watch, we see, we understand the modern moment that people need today. If you want a cheap dinner go somewhere else and if you don't value dressing a little up for dinner to have a special day maybe ours isn't for you. I am not saying that you must where jackets, yet don't come in shorts and barefeet. Remember the Golden days of a special dinner and a special respected vacation and you will feel comfortable at my restaurant." says Guido, who along with his brother Luca run the 1960 seafood restaurant. 
                                        ...the beauty and elegance of Ristorante Da Mario Alla Fava

Risultati immagini per saturnia hotel venezia

 The many faces of 
Saturnia, the 4star family owned and run hotel 
since 1908 in Venice, just steps from San Mark's square, is a juxtaposition 
 of elegance, warmth, sophistication (with its Michelin rated restaurant) and comfort.The rooms are beautiful with a typical 19th century design. You can actually see your Gondola pull up to pick you up at the side canal if you happen to be staring out the window! I loved my visit here and the breakfast is amazing to say the least with the All-Star chefs of the kitchen creating it.Image may contain: people sitting, living room, table and indoorI always stay way too long and love the night hours of the first floor lobby hidden from the front. It has a grand piano and cumfy leather couches and worn oriental carpets and tons of old-fashioned books to browse through. They could actually put a couple more rooms here if they wished, yet I am happy the entire 1st floor square is reserved for guests to sit and relax in the quiet hours of the night.
"I've always loved the bar attached to the Saturnia, Il Caravellino, and after my uncle's retirement I started managing it in a completely different manner, giving it a new style and now I use my expertise in promoting it.     The bar is elegant and the people love it, yet for many years it had much privacy and was too stuffy. Now it is chic and trendy and we have among the best of the cocktails of Venice." says Gianni, the young son who is the 4th generation of the Serandrei famous family that has owned the 4star Superior since 1908. "My father's great grandfather opened the hotel in 1908 with only 10 rooms and then during the century he grew up!" he laughs. "Now it has 87 rooms, yet I am renovating one of the best views room that forever had been the maintenance room! Yes, it is true, I entered into the maintenance room  and said, Hey why does the maintenance room have the best view on the canal!" he jokes! 
     " "And the guests who come here appreciate the beauty of course and the elegance, yet I believe they love the family atmosphere.We are one of the last family run 4stars left in Venecia and you can definitely tell that it is a family. We're present always, the four siblings since my father passed away, and we are very friendly. That is the difference, I think of a family run hotel. That very personal feeling, you are not just a number in our hotel." 
      The Ca' Pisani...first modern design hotel in Venecia has a lovely room just for relaxing, the steam room!

"I went to Cornell University in America for the summer and took a summer course properties management; that's very good theory, then you need practice for running of a huge hotel such as SaturniaYou know the guests are always right and here especially we treat the guests with respect. People come to Venice for different reasons, yet when they come here I want them to have a gracious stay. To have luxury and comfort yet to feel that the family is here, that it is a warm friendly place and that we care about each guest.  The roof top they love and the garden, too.   No automatic alt text available."The fun things for me is when I can renovate rooms and each year I do some of these. That is fun for me. You see the water on the desk here? That is because we are choosing different water for our bar and restaurant in 2017. I want a new design bottle to compliment the high quality of the Saturnia. You know little things like that. My sister, Zoe does usually things like that, choosing food and drinks, she manages the contracts with tour operators and suppliers and many other things, and my brother, Kim, is in charge of public relations of the
 2 structures, the Ca' Pisani Hotel, that we opened in 2000 and here.He is in charge of the Ca' Pisani publicity and does such a great job that we never have any rooms! And My sister Marianna, is the one who you will find everyday at the Ca' Pisani.

We all have our strengths and now, after several work experiences on tourism for me, I prefer to be behind the scenes, concentrating on redesigning and renovating the 2 structures." says Gianni.  

...Marianna's exquistie Ca' Pasini rooms...Immagine correlata
   "My family and I opened the Ca' Pisani, the first Design Hotel in Venecia in the year 2000 and it has been crazy booked ever since. The modern design art deco concept has really attracted a huge crowd. We have the traditional Saturnia since 1908, and the Ca' Pisani is way different, yet it is 17th out of 400 hotels on Trip Advisor. People are crazy about the beauty. You definitely need to check it out and see that hotel." invites Gianni and I am definitely going to see the beauty of it. Gorgeous!
          Dorsoduro 979/a      ph. +39 041 2401411
"The La Caravello has 8 chefs and 10 servers. It is a huge deal to present such service everyday and everynight. The food is Michelin quality, of course, yet the service has to be as high quality as the food. It is with great pleasure that I now can do as I wish to open up the La Caravella and Il Caravellino Bar to let their guests enjoy dinner."  says Gianni.
    His sister, Marianna is the one who runs the Ca'Pisani which has won awards for its unique designs..Image result for ca pisani hotel venice

     Saturnia's  Michelin Restaurant...the food says it all...
   I am pleased to include the interview of Marianna in the morning on how she keeps the freshness and style of the Fashion Design Boutique Hotel named Ca' Pisani alive...
     "I love people. I love talking to people and mingling with the guests. Every week we host a happy hour here in the restaurant and I personally show up and mingle with the guests, except for the fact that during the International Film festival it might be difficult since I love to see the films on the island of Lido, too!" jokes Marianna. "Yet, when I come to the happy hour, the guests are all excited to see the one who owns Ca'Pisani. And since I love to travel and I love to collect something from the travels, such as a intrigueing necklace that represents that culture, it gives me something to help with the conversations. The guests always say, O love that piece of jewelry and I can talk about my travelling in the culture which leads to the guests telling me about their favorite destinations, too. We learn from each other." she says. Interesting!

                             Gil Lua406

"In the laboratory, we have many different colors, maybe 10 greens, 10 blues, 10 browns, etc. of lenses. If  you come into the store, or order online from anywhere in the world, just tell me which color of lenses you want. I can call my other store, and they can have these made for you within 30 minutes, and if it is prescription, within 1hr. or if you are traveling, we can ship to your home." says Andrea as he shows me how they cut the lenses. It is edgy in his store. Not boring. 
    "Essentially, the three of us met, me and my partners in the Optical Design School of Verona. Massimo, Matteo and me. We worked with each other in 2 stores for 2 years and got bored with the same old stuff. Me, personally, I wanted to design my own glasses because I like to see cool people with cool frames and different frames. Not the same color. Note the same frames on the same people all the time. In everyday life. And now it is cool for all 3 of us after 8 years to walk around and see people with our glasses on. That is great to me." he says.   ...these I tried on, LOVED THE LENSESImage may contain: sunglasses
  "They're completely handmade and I choose the name Django because of a movie. Yes you say movie stars would love these since they can see you, yet you can't see their eyes, yet they're functional as is their purpose... and totally water repellent!" 

             Alright can we talk about the wooden frames?
"The wooden frames are totally unique since they are made from trees that are 100% Italian. That means that you can not make these glasses in China less you import the trees first! Which would be VERY expensive glasses!" jokes Andrea, yet it is TRUE! 
     "It takes about 3 months to make the glasses, and at that time you have the carbon inside the frames for versatility and for strength. Plus the chinese frames, for instance, we must add a nosepad. The chinese facial structure is such that they need these nosepads for comfort. I bet  you didn't know that!" he says. Nope! didn't know that one here. And anymore surprises? "Basically, yes they are wood frames; however, we can paint the frames any color you wish. For example, the purple temples or arms of the glasses and the black rim. These are for your taste and style, yet the totally handmade frames are still the same." WAYCOOL!
 "Yes, we have one store in Mestre at via D. Manin 35, 
and one here, San Polo 1239, and Calle Lunga Santa Maria Formosa Castello 6206. The one here is tiny and I only have one of each style, yet the other stores have many and if you want to buy 3 of the same style, I just call the other store and here they come! The funny thing is that we even named our store with our philosophy in mind, L'Altraottica literally means,  A Different Point of View! And we're always creating which is something that I love to do. Every year it is different styles, yet on the website you can order one from 3 years ago. Since we handmake each one, they don't come off a assembly line." 

                                               L' Altraottica of Venecia and Ottica Manin of Mestre 
       ...the coolest glasses ever, the Django Lu255, "I designed these myself amoung the first of my designs about 8 years now. Honestly, they are still on the online store and in the showrooms, since everybody loves that design. Every frame is hand made. Every one. The Django is the coolest because of it's lens, as you have seen. When you put the glasses on the face, the lens goes dark to the people looking at you, you're hidden essentially, yet you can see perfectly. They are almost 100% suv protection. People are always intrigued, excited and surprised when they try my lenses and glasses on."
Fotka uživatele Ristorante Da Fiore.              
                                                                                   Ristorante Da Fiore
                                                                      San Polo 2202/A   0 4 1721308
"Now with my mother as the chef the last 40 years I try to bring the restaurant into the modern taste of the young generation and walk with a type of future that is more sophisticated imprinting of the food that is a fusion of the Venetian tradition and the modern style. 
      With the Venetian food you can create a fantastic dish with simple spices and everyday
here it is fresh. We have preparation of the lagoon squid with the black ink in season that takes 48 hrs. of preparation, yet you can taste the freshness. Only here in Venice do we have that." says Damiano, the young 40 year old son of the famous couple, Maurizio and Mara Martin.
Above the young son, Damiano, at home with his guests in his restaurant, Ristorante Da Fiore. "I've traveled everywhere in the world and as a younger person lived 6 years in New York. I love the Americans as tourists and in New York and they have always been very friendly and nice to me."
 he says when I ask about my culture. "That has been a good experience to me since when  people
 are rowdy or excited or emotional or just having fun I know how to deal with each situation. I try 
to adjust to the level of conversation that each guest wants. Some love to chat and some love the privacy. We have funny moments everyday since we're human yet I always want the guests to walk out the door happy and with a smile on their faces that they love life." 
he says. 
     "Some chefs in France, for instance, do the same recipes everyday for 20 years and that is why people go there, yet you can only eat that recipe one time maybe. I believe that the Italians are more creative and the last 20 years are more sophisticated in the presentation of the food and the variety. We have 200 recipes that my mother does and everyday she does 
a new menu based on her and the fish say at the Mercato. It is a ristorante where you can 
eat everyday and eat different menus. That is why the people come. To experience the highest quality
of creative food yet each day different." he says. No automatic alt text available.It is difficult to believe that the young couple you see here, the Capo, Maurizio and his 30 year Michelin star wife, Mara, have a son who is 40 years old...I had the fun pleasure of speaking with , Damiano Martin, about his legacy and his famous family's restaurant in Venecia. "It is the oldest Michelin star restaurant in Venice and has been awarded a star because of its food!" he says in his serious way. It is funny though because he says it in a way that implies not because of my friendliness, which by the way he is of the utmost professional when it comes to making his guests comfortable. "A couple people come here everyday the last 40 comes to mind from Tuesdays to Fridays and the Venetians are very loyal. Yet we have our share of celebrities such as Anne Hathaway who was here last night and the star of Blacklist. They're both real nice people and of course everybody wants their autographs, yet we give everybody privacy and respect in the restaurant. Once they walk out...." he starts laughing when he says that. "You know people see stars and assume they are like their roles in real life, yet a real stern serious person on the movies could be the nicest person who smiles all the time in his personal life." 

Risultati immagini per ristorante da fiore venezia
              "The hidden room where you shall dine tonight is the Casanova Room, most exclusive with the actual mask made for us by a 5th generation artisan from venecia above you," says Sergio who is gracious, charming and the Capo of Bistrot de Venise, located at Calle dei Fabbri – San Marco 4685 for reservations: 39 041 523 66 51
Image may contain: people sitting, table and indoor is my personal favorite restaurant in Venecia...Bistrot de Venise: Desert from the menue
   "While I dined with my romantic 5 course dinner on the Historical Menu, which Sergio includes recipes from the 14th and 15th centuries of Venecia, including the traditional Friday night meal that the Israel culture has every Friday night, 
shown above, which the Tel Aviv Cultural Attache couple sitting with me told me about. "My grandmother, and the traditional people of Israel do not use electricity on Friday night. They bake in the oven the traditional dish that you are having and eat that on Saturday." she says. After I ate it, since they had ordered something different, they then ordered the same plate while I ate dessert. It was A CRAZY LOVELY EXPERIENCE. 
                                                                        Bistrot De Venise
..."everyday you can come and experience the underground lobby bar in the cultural room, of the Michelin restaurant of 17 years, have a lovely glass of wine, peruse the Old Poet's guest book of Erza Pond and many others, hear real live musicians on our cultural nights and find a life of only the real literary giants of the world, then enter the Michelin restaurant for a experience of culinary delight you can not find elsewhere in Venecia, " says the Capo, Sergio of the Bistrot de Venise. 

   "The Venetians come in, the older ones every morning and chat about life, since we open at 6:00am it is fun for me to hear their stories about life. Some of the real Venetians only venture to the espresso, yet weàr trying to coax these to try the speciality ones. The tourists are sued to Starbucks around the world and they always ask about ours such as the Nocciolto and they love these so much that when the day at Venice is finished they come here to have a coffee.  We're open til 19.00pm, and trust me yes the specialty coffees are fattening!" he says laughing.  Image result for bottega del caffe venice cafe dersut

                    Must come to party with Alberto and Marina at the first Irish Pub in is the coolest with huge oak barrels and barstools in cozy rooms with 5 sports tvs of course..."We have the English and the Americans and the Irish of course that always come in...people love the pub and me and Marina started it 20 years now since Venice didn't have one and now they do!" says Alberto who is one of the kindest and nicest people ever...and Marina! 
      And of Course they have Guinness, "yes I like Guinness," says Alberto, "although I am a local, not Irish. Most people come to Irish pubs to have a great time, to laugh and to drink Guinness. Plus we can show 3 different sports on the 5 televisions that we have here. The tourists always find us and we're open every afternoon til 1.30am except Mondays. And yes you can find me personally and Marina here everynight. I think that is why people love to come here. Since it is a friendly atmosphere and authentic Irish furniture and they know the owners are here. We love the tourists." 

  The fun lively Irish Pub...with Guinness of course!                 Guinness
     The Capo, who is from Venice, says of his pub, "A pub where you can just relax and feel at home, where you can leave all your problems behind. The only Irish Pub in Venice that will make you feel as well as you were in Dublin, and will always give you a valid reason to stay. At the Inishark you will also have the chance to see all the most important national and international sport events, all the Premier League games of the Italian Serie A, Six Nations and Three Nations Rugby, the Heineken Cup or any other sporting event you request on Sky Sports." Basically, something for everybody!         

  The coolest thing about the Devil's Pub although many come to mind, is that it has a "HI MOM" live camera feed 24 hours a day, of which I use often when in Venecia to send silly hi dancing messages to my friends in America and arounnd the on the link and coordinate timezones and have fun! It is the OLDEST ORIGINAL REAL PUB IN VENECIA LOCATED AT: Devils Forest Pub - San Marco, Calle Stagneri 5185 - 30124 Venezia Tel +39 041 5200623   AND OF COURSE WHAT WOULD ST. PATTYS DAY BE WITHOUT A PUB!| 

   SINCE I HAVE KNOWN THE CAPO, one of about 3 of em, about 3 years here is to GIGI the real sweet 30 years capo of Devil's Pub, along with my lovely friend, Sergio and son who own the Bistrot de Venise that we wrote about today, and Mama Fava which Guido is a partner of, we are promoting drinking good Irish beer and great International beers while watching sports on the tele with loud obnoxious crowds of locals and tourists and saying hi to mom on the live camera...that is the Devil's Pub in Venecia to be found at Campo S. Bartolomeo Venezia...
              Please come in and Meet Gigi and the team who are total casual and real fun...CIAO 

You know the world has many restaurants .Trattoria Da Ignazio is one of these.  And one has to say...I work my entire life to come to Venecia, the city of wonder and beauty and mystic. Where should I finally after a long day of seeing the city eat? I am at a city that is famous for its canals and going out to dinner. I know, let's try the 65 year old traditional Garden Restaurant named Ignazio. "The restaurant is named after my father. Truly§? I wanted to be a architect. Actually I received my degree in 1979 and the new renovations of the restaurant I personally designed." says the famous architect named Fiorenzo Scroccaro.His father started the restaurant in 1951 and it is one of the oldest Venetian real traditional family restaurants that still exist. 

     "Now it is my wife and me only. It used to be my mother cooking in the kitchen and now us. I would say that half of the people that come in here to dine are Italians and Venetians and half tourists. That says a lot about the restaurant when the residents eat here!" laughs Fiorenzo. "Golf? Not so much anymore. I am busy now since it is the season of fresh lagoon seafood such as the delicate Mochea, which are my favorite. We are know for the seafood here and I personally go  to the Fish Mercato everyday. I enjoy it. I love the restaurant and I love the tradition of my family here. Yes, you remembered the Bocce Ball! It used to be played by the locals everyday in the garden. Now the garden is as important as when the tourists enter they first see the restaurant and say, O how lovely, THEN! they see the garden. O we want to sit in the open garden. It is a oasis in the center of Venecia and very rare." he says


Above you see the beauty of the Ignazio inside and outside. The Garden used to house a Bocci Ball playing field and can still be seen depicted in the photographs that adorn the walls. "You know it is much harder to be a owner of the restaurant than a architect." says the tall charismatic owner Fiorenzo, who along with his wife, Fiorella, have been the Capos the last 33 years.  



                     Telefono: 0415 2 348 52
  Indirizzo: San Polo 2749 | Calle dei Saoneri,
Image may contain: food

Above is"my waiter who has been with me for 35 years now. Yes he and I run to the tables. Back and forth. Every day. You know my day starts at 8:00am everyday and at that time I go to the Mercatos and I buy the fish. That is mainly what we are famous for. And that is everyday I hope!" he laughs. "The freshest fish and the best. And I come here and til midnight most days I work. Yet some days I go golfing at Lido. And some days I love to have a day of driving my boat in the lagoon. I guess I do have fun days too." 

     "My Wine is a mixture of Venuto, Piedmont, and Tuscany with a little Sicilian. I have a couple from Champagne area of France of course, and my restaurant is known for its Beef, too. It is a little bit expensive as it is a real authentic highest quality and always catch of the day seafood that we serve. And I would love to say that they come back everyday because of me since I personally wait on the tables myself. I enjoy the people and the way they enjoy the food. When the guest is happy it makes me happy and my day fun." says Fiorenzo.


"I guess what I would love to say is that the specialty of the restaurant is fresh fish and that is the freshest everyday. If my best friends come here I give the Sea Bass and the dish of the day and that is most probably the fish." he says. 

                              At Ignazio, where "actualy it is named after my father...that is his name. And when he first started the restaurant in 1951, in the walled garden is where the locals played cards on the tables...drinking the wine. In the back of the garden is where they played Bocci Ball!" says the owner, Fiorenze, whose wife is Fiorella. "We are both called Flowers. Yet in the Garden is only Green." he says                                                                   

   Tessitura Luigi Bevilacqua


"The White House has the pattern and fabric here,"he says as he shows me the pattern the White House ordered from the store,"And the Kremlin has our fabric in its mansions...many many famous people yet to protect the privacy I can only say these two." Famous Mick Jagger? "No comment." he says.  


Tessitura Luigi Bevilacqua S.r.l. S. Croce 1320 

"I am a architect really and I love redoing the buildings in Venecia. The palaces are special and due to original designs it is difficult to redo these. One must keep the original forms. They are very expensive to buy and redo a Venecia original. Yet here I am doing that," he smiles broadly when he says that...totally sweet and cool. Loved him... 


 "We have about 25 antique looms from 300 years old. They are the only ones in the world. Every couple of months we're repairing one of em!" says Gianluca, the son of one of the generations of the famous Bevilaqua family in Venecia. "The only way that you can have fabric the way my family has weaved it the last 300 years is on one of our looms. There is no other looms in the world. Of course there is modern day ones, but we have the original one. It takes us 2 to 3 months to set up the loom and at that point you can weave 40 meters of fabric. After that you have to set the loom up again. And if a new weaver takes over the making of that pattern I can tell the difference. It is slight and others would have a hard time telling the difference yet I can tell between these. I've known all of the weavers my entire life." he says. 


"See the delicate fabric and design?" he says as he shows me each beautiful piece in the store. "It is Soprarizzo uncut velvet, the best production in the world. You can not get antique loom stills that make these anywhere else in the world. That is why people come here. I myself have Mariano Fortuny that was a painer and artist in the 1900s yet he was a competitor but we use the velvet silk and the heavy fabrics and we replicate his patterns. I love the antique fabric and the place where we work. The factory with the looms is about 500 square meters. IT is pretty cool in that place. I work with the interior designers and help these professionals to choose the fabrics. I love my job." he says.