900 Jazz Club Venicia Italy
Well Hello there Come here the music play at 900 JAZZ CLUB with Capo & team.Image
    The very first thing that you will notice about the 40 year Jazz Club is its very funny always super happy Capo Ivan who seems much younger than his 40 years, his right hand man Allessio who says that he is Ivan's soul brother although it is very much a Jazz Club & not a Soul Music Club & the Pizza-Olo Tziano who throws the pizza twirling it so high in the air everytime behind his hidden in plain sight alcove with its two pizza ovens. The entire Jazz Club is more Speakeasy than Osteria, with its alchemist bar of various liquors & little wine, old brass & misty glass lamps, wooden bed boards making up all the walls & bar of the Club & the very Green leafy garden outside on the grey cobblestoned alley that is hidden only steps from the Rialto fish Mercato. I've traipsed the alleys around the Rialto on both sides & up and down every alley imaginable in my 9 years of coming to Venice & back & yet I haven't the faintest idea of how I missed that amazing jewel.
  It has 100 Jazz music events a year with musicians from around the world showing up to play while people eat their gourmet pizza's, about 39 of these on the menu, listening to some real beautiful music. Ivan says that they're starting up the music again after having stopped it during the pandemic & I take a couple of pictures in the darkened moody room. The place has old wooden tables & looks like a old-worn bar with Jazz playing on the speakers. Most of the guests sit in the alley that is totally deserted & if you come about 7:30 you can enjoy the evening as the light fades & you are the only people sitting in the quiet of busy Venice, along with the other guests of course who happen to be 1/2 local area  residents & the other 1/2 tourists who have stumbled upon their eating place of choice day after day once you actually find it.           
                                       San Polo - Campiello del Sansoni n°900, Venice, ItalyVenice Jazz Club: Get the Detail of Venice Jazz Club on Times of India  Travel
pizza delicata: fotografía de Jazz Club Novecento 900, Venecia - Tripadvisor 
 Ivan laughs when I ask if it is very much fun to make pizzas for people & if he makes each one with the person in mind who orders it, then brings it to the table to see if the guests love it. "Well my Pizza-Olo makes the pizza mostly, yet for the last 25 years I have made about 100 pizzas a day for guests everyday & so I don't get too excited about the pizza but ya sure I hope they like it. I have fun always with my team & the guests are very relaxed here. They come for both the pizzas & the music. We have many local residents who actually come every week & each one orders the same pizza they ordered the last week for the last 35 years. When I try to suggest something different they just order the same anyway!" he says laughing. "As for me, my favorite is the Autunno, which has tomato, mozzarello, blue cheese, peppers & hot salami."  Although if you find one on the menu, you can add anything that they have to it. They make it to order, including Tziano throwing your pizza in the air. And the three of the characters all rush to each pizza when it is placed in the box & drizzle oil on it or re-position the pizza or decide that their way is better than the first one of how to present it to the guest. It is funny yet comforting to know that your pizza is so well cared for! 
As we try to take pictures, we're interrupted by neighborhood regulars at 9:00pm asking for some wine at the alchemist bar as I have named it, and they bring the bottle to the wooden table with its long benches and decide to order a pizza to share. Another couple, a famous American musician & his wife come in & ask to wander to the darkened jazz room with it's classic piano & ask if they can listen to jazz while they order drinks & pizza. I ask if I can take their picture & he says sure but as he is walking to the back he says that I have to pay him a royalty. His wife laughs & tells me he is teasing me! Either way it is very cool.Provided by Tripadvisor
                                                              TRATTORIA ada NINO
                                                                Salty Sow - Upper Boggy Creek - 1917 Manor Rd
                                    Located at Sestiere Castello 4668 at San Provolo Square.
   The above plate is on the Special Menu that is newly changed every month & the one pictured here is Octopus cooked 3 ways. "I want the Venetian locals to come to eat, too, & so they know that when they come here that they can have something to look forward to every month," says Luca.
   "My mother is 79 now & is one of the strongest workers at Trattoria Nino. Her name is Angelina, I am Luca, my wife is Alessandra & my son is Francesco. We, along with Giuseppe my cook, & my waiter, also Luciano, we make the team. We have so many people now and they love the place. Great homemade food from a family & right near San Marco, so they can eat & be tourists! I love tourists. My menu is almost totally catered to the tourists, yet with the loyalty to the Venetian plates, to be honest. Some items I would do differently if it was my Trattoria hidden away from the path of the around the world who come because they love Venice.
   The generations continue with their son's music video out now it was hate turned to love...video here it is.
  The mother & son celebrating long years of community service to Venice citizens & the people who come to visit every year. The family is most important to Luca. 
   Luca says that it is the way of the world after Covid, too many people wanting to experience the world again & all the workers sitting at home in their countries they went back to or taking other jobs & saying they're very happy where they are & thanks very much anyway.  So they work themselves many hours, as we say trying to take care of a full Trattoria with 2 waiters, sometimes 3 when Francesco helps out.May be an image of one or more people
 I say in that "Darling" way that Stephen Spielberg would be happy about, that Francesco's music friends (Francesco is studying teaching music) should come to help out at the Trattoria.  Luca laughs, "Yes well they have their own lives. Francesco helps when here, which helps very much. We hope the future is that everybody feels comfortable to come to work!" 
    Here is some great works from Luca's professional photography...look it's Salmon & Sara

  Their website says that it is a "Temple of Goodness" that is housed in Venice.   https://trattoriadanino.it/
     It has the traditional Venetian lagoon fish & the fish from the Adriatic Sea, of course, since it is Venice, yet Luca says that seriously the tourists ask for the pasta. "For instance, Carbonara is requested frequently, But we have many Venetian pasta dishes such as Tagliolini with seafood, or we have the cuttlefish with the black ink, that you must have in Venice, or the cuttlefish on polenta, and in fact we have many dishes with polenta." says Luca. I know that is true. I have had many Capos tells me that if they didn't have the cuttlefish the tourists would leave.  The tourists love cuttlefish & Venice is famous the world for the cuttlefish.
No doubt about it. I believe all. 
     They have these amazing photographs around the outside of Luca's photos & a funny sign in 5 languages saying Please refrain FROM CIGAR SMOKING or Pipe & of course my friends have to make funny comments about it. "What! They don't like intellectuals, they say!" I say to enjoy the food, the photos, the company & leave the island in the morning from the famous scene of the Movie THE DEEP.
   Of course, to celebrate the 50 plus years of happiness at their rightful place in Venice, we should all try their special seafood fried & their lovely Venuto wine. I love red wine & some love white so try both. You're in Venice for God's sakes & should have a vacation. PS I'm sure the LION sitting on San Marco square will let you smoke these cigars! 
  I'm always impressed with the exotic presentations of the dishes here. They are a family, the same as their friends & mine at Campo San Provolo, Daniel & family which is literally 50 meters away. They seem so kind & Italian & so simplistic. And I always expect the plates to reflect that. To be hearty plates, big & full of fattening plates of pasta, yet they here are of beauty and plenty. So when I am very hungry I love eating here!
     "The bottom line is that people visiting want real good homemade food, which we do here from the Family of 50 years, yet they want to see Venice so they don't want to sit hours. Perhaps that is a different item at night because they do sit here & relax with glasses of wine & good conversation with us. That is a good thing because we have so many people that if we had to do more with only 2 waiters it would be impossible!" Says Luca laughing.  So it is a good thing that we love to sit & chat! And drink wine, too.Venezia: Trattoria da Nino | Venice (Italy) | Jorge Franganillo | Flickr
       Rimon is from Egypt & owns CA DOLFIN Antico Risorante
which is one of the oldest historical Ristorante's in Venice dating back to the 1800s. He is very proud of that fact & keeps the beauty of the ristorante with its 1800 year old tiled floor. He has owned it since over 6 years & bought the historical Trattoria Tre Spiedi just recently in the last 1/2 year. 
  The Ca Dolfin is located at Campiello Dolfin 5903 Cannaregio &                                      Tre Spiedi is next door at 5906.
              "I'm proud to say that both places are on the historical register of Venice & centuries old. We have kept the original floors & I adhere strictly to the traditions of the proud Venetian people with recipes from the region. We have fish as the specialty because it is Venice, of course, & the Ca Dolfin has specialty pizza, too," says Rimon.      
                                    reservations:   041 528 5299   The Ca Dolfin        

              When I asked if they had fish specialty at Ca Dolfin, here is the answer! Wow. I love Polpetto, which is Octopus. 
Ca' Dolfin - Venezia.net
   "We keep to the traditional recipes that emphasize the fish of the lagoon & the adriatic sea, such as the bigger fish the Turbot or the Cuttlefish that the Americans really enjoy so much from the lagoon. They have a fascination with the black ink & the actual cuttlefish & love it. The Sea Bass is very popular, too. We have the fish fresh everyday from the Venetian Mercato, of course, & that is what usually people want to have." Says both Milan & Rimon when I ask what the internationals always ask for! 
     For myself, I prefer the simplicity of linguine with fresh seafood. It is healthy, perfectly prepared & light. Ca Dolfin Venezia
  The actual Pesce menu consists of first course & second course: the first primarily of pasta with fish such as Tagliolini with Shrimps & Mushrooms, Tagliolini Al Nero di Seppia with is basically black squid ink Tagliolini which as said, we Americans love; & 3 kinds of spaghetti with seafood including clams or mussles; or Busara -style seafood. 
     The real treat is the service & the atmosphere. The Guests are all enjoying their food, listening to a very fun mixture of music. It is classical yet modern. It puts you in a relaxed happy mood. The lighting inside the restaurant is light & airy & elegant. I believe you will love it. Enjoy.
     Some specialities include the Tagliolini with Nero di Seppia, or the Sea Bass if you are in the mood for a relaxed elegant dinner with a lovely bottle of Venetian wine. Just look at the marble original floors of the Ca Dolfin. Gorgeous! See the source image
  "I do have a varied wine list, all from Italy. Some of my rare wines are from 1976, yet I probably would never sell these, to be honest. You can try the others, & you can look at the bottle of the 1976 wine!" says Rimon.  
     Ok, say I, let's have a coffee. I try the Italian espresso which is very strong & ask if it is the same in Egypt? "The coffee is turkish in Egypt, a little bit stronger & brewed differently. I enjoy both Turkish & Italian coffee!" he says. See the source image
 Seafood is so important to Venetians & to the guests who travel around the world to try that they have 5 total second plate dishes that revolve around the Adriatic Sea & Venetian Lagoon. Venetian Style cuttlefish with polenta, Mixed fried fish with polenta(I told you I love Polenta, right?), Fried shrimp & squids & Grilled Sea Bass or Grilled Sea Bream, not to mention the Turbo when they can find it, which they serve with vegetables & baked whereas most of the other is grilled. A must try ristorante for its food, yes. Yet the service is the best, casual yet professional & friendly & the music a mix of classical & fun. 
  Okay, & I am back enjoying a glass (or 2) of the house red wine, which is unusual in ANY Italian ristorante in Italy to be of such high quality & here it is very very good. The house red is EN GOTO Vino Rosso & made especially for Ca Dolfin, a Valpolicella that is tremendous. 
   Afterwards, It's pretty cool to watch Rimon & Marco prepare the Panna Cotta, a homemade dessert that isn't even on the menu. I listen as Rimon asks the guests if they prefer Tiramisu. They say they would rather have something different, so they prepare it behind the counter, fresh with a hint of garnish to make it beautiful. You have to ask, though, if you want it. That is the way with very authentic Italian Ristorantes; if you don't see something you especially love: ask! 
              Trattoria Tre Spiedi - Picture of Trattoria Tre Spiedi, Venice - Tripadvisor
                                        Trattoria Tre Spiedi 
                                            5906 Cannaregio 
                                    041 520 8035     Trattoria Tre Spiedi 
How beautiful is the traditional 18th century Trattoria with its original Venetian Marbled floors & dark wood gleaming in the interior of the cozy Trattoria. It looks like a Venetian Noble's  grandmother's house, real yet comfortable & you expect something very good to come from the kitchen! You will not be disappointed. The head chef is Milan, from the Michelin restaurants of Cairo Eqypt & is very experienced in the Venetian kitchen. He is always smiling, yet very professional. If you love the fish of Venice I would definitely recommend coming here for lunch or dinner. It is cooked Trattoria Tre Spiedi Trattoria Venice | foodiestrip.comto perfection.
   Or how about Milan's interpretation of what a real Roman Carbonara Venetian style should be! Love it!
  Both places have my favorite food of Italy, along with Sea Bass of course, & that is polenta. I love the cod with polenta & I love the cuttlefish with polenta & they have both here. The reviews are always super positive with both & again they always say great things about the service. Always. 
  Perhaps the guest is saying, "Only one dessert or only one bottle of wine...both of which would be pretty impossible to do at either of the places. Seriously, the food is superb. The wine of Italy only, with some very good classics of Venuto to try.   The people say that the service is kind. I imagine that is true. Both places I have only been met with kindness the last 5 years dealing with the Trattoria & having met Rimon today, he is a very professional, kind & respectful & very proud of his places. Very impressed. 
  Tre Spiedi is famous for it's reputation of a traditional recipe to the aristocratics of Lobster Tagliolii & Rimon's nephew Flo is studying Interior Design & has ordered new vintage lights for the Trattoria to lighten it up & make it more inviting. 
                       Photos at Trattoria Tre Spiedi - Cannaregio - Venezia, Veneto
  Margaret DUCHAMP Pub in Venice's famous Student Obsessed Square
  Luciano, who is very Venician & opened the pub with collaboration with his good friend who owns the charming Rosa Rossa in Venice 27 years since is such a lovely person. It is such a pleasure to chat with him who does not like when guests sit next to each other clicking on their wifi phones all night long. "Talk to each other. I love talking face-to-face. That is important in life. Use the phone to google map where you wish to meet your friend & when you find it talk to each other!" He says & I agree. "The other night we had 10 people here & 9 were googling their phones at the table. One was talking to other people. I loved the 1 talking!" \He says laughing. Yet it is true. The young people need to learn the art of socializing in person! And that is what Aperitivo, which here you can do from 12:00 lunch to midnight with sandwiches & til 2:00 am with great cocktails  I opened DuChamp about 27 years now because I loved socializing with real people. I wanted to give the Venetians a place they could socialize til 2:00am since Venice had a reputation of closing down after 8:00pm."Margaret Duchamp - Venice - Nightlife

Whether you want a exotic vacation cocktail or the typical Venetian Spritz with Aperitivo treats, you can find it here where the students have adopted as home the last 27 years. "It is initially for the locals, yet the students had discovered it immediately & here they came, literally for the rest of the years. They love it probably because it is casual, outside & open til 2:00am with very inexpensive food from 5.00 euros & up. They can choose from many different types of meat & cheeses for their Italian sandwiches from either here or the take-out opposite the alley. We own both & they can do huge add-on hamburgers & cheeseburgers, too, which everybody loves now. And they can eat these til midnight, so they're pretty happy about it." No photo description available.
  "I guess what I am most proud of is that it is the very first place that has been open since 27 years til 2:00 am. I am the innovator for that here at the Margarita Square. After me many others came & went, but always drew the young students to come & have a place to socialize & dance at the silent dances that you love." He is talking about when they have 3 DJs & you buy headphones for 10euros & there is literally 1,000s of people dancing to their own music as they pick which DJ they want til midnight in the square. Loved it.
MARGARET DUCHAMP (Venezia): Tutto quello che c'è da sapere
"You know my son & daughter are at that age where they can start continueing as the next generation, so of course I am ready for them to do more responsibility. I'm getting a little older & it is a young people's place after midnight, so they are perfect for it," Luciano says laughing.  "My wife is very involved in the events of Venice in terms of the biennele & I have some of her works here. We coordinated many years with these artistic events & the community got to know us. It's fun to open a bar. I learned cooking 18 months in the military when younger & worked at Rosa Rossa & thought that I wanted to own my own place. So I bought the very first place on the empty Margarita Square & now it is known as the student party place." 
And so here is the famous cheeseburgers & hamburgers which are very much like America's except they have the cuttlesfish ink so that they look like cuttlefish hamburgers! Located on Margarita Square. 
   Okay here is the variety of the Italian sandwiches which you can choose from all day til midnight. Luciano says that there is about 30% Venetians, 30% Students & 30% Tourists that make up the guests. 
  "My day is 12 hours long from making the syrups for the cocktails every morning to preparing the cichettis for the aperitivos to just making all the juices fresh squeezed & all of that, in addition to talking to all my suppliers the hours add up. The bar opens at 6:00pm to 2:00am & I am here in the mornings or early afternoons getting everything ready for the night," says Alessandro.
See the source image
  "The signature cocktails all have a story to them. People tend to order cocktails from a emotional attachment such as a Bloody Mary origin. They like the history of cocktails so they choose them based on either that or the fact they really like Gin. Or they want to try a different combination such as London Gin with Absinthe. We do that here. Sometimes I have Salvatore create with me because everybody's taste is unique & the cocktaill will have a slightly different taste," he says. 
See the source image
 A girl carries a bottle of wine & two glasses to the outside tables which are very close & intimate with each other. "I wanted that & you know Venice has limited space so we had to make them close anyway. I don't have happy-hour or buffet, my bar is a classy bar & people don't mind spending a little more money for something very high quality."
  The Capo of the Social Signature Cocktail Bar:                                     TIME
is Alessandro who is pictured here with Salvatore! The director & bartender of the Swanky sophisticated open every night til 2:00am kind of speakeasy bar. "I say that yes it reminds a person of a speakeasy bar except that is a concept of a old vision & Venice itself has so many hidden labyrinths that the city is a Speakeasy," says Alessandro who speaks in poetry so much with always so much emotion that I have to ask where he is from thinking he is about to say some exotic country like Lebanon or somewhere equally foreign, yet he says right here in Italy! 

   "The music soothes the soul & makes a person sway to the vibe and become immersed in a different world which is why I love music. I wanted to be a musician when younger & my friends asked me to join a band perhaps to entertain here, yet my entire life after covid is the TIME cocktail bar. Staffing is very difficult because people are lazy."Image
  I personally love the bar from its wooden frames hung haphazardly on the walls: I didn't know if on purpose or if they had casually fallen over the months from "Hemingwayish" visitors drinking the serious Cocktails. 
"O yes, I ordered the wooden frames & hung them that way because it gives you a feeling of memories & of another TIME as you stare at them," Alessandro says in that poetic Italian way of seeing life. I look at the frames on the wall with the white bare interior & you do start to imagine life in a ancient century & world. 
  It is a very cool bar that I totally think all of my people would love to sit & have a couple of cocktails while the city of Venice sleeps at. It is a very cool city from 10:00pm to 2:00am. Very mysterious. Here at TIME it is alive. 
  The entire bar is full of lively laughter & chatter & all dark tones of wood & brass & antique lights with lighting that you want to take home-the lights are subdued & make you look amazing. I love the little 4 for 10.00 euros aperitivo cicchettis & if you have them with one of about 20 signature drinks including the smokey pipe drink with its smokey mirror tricks to it, you can actually have a very unusual experience. The cicchettis are all vegetarian which Alessandro says is on purpose because all the bars in Venice serve the cicchetti with the famous lagoon cuttlefish or baccala on it & here people come to try something a little different. "I didn't ever see the Argentinian beef or some lamb from London specials for example, although I thought it would be nice to have for a change in Venice. But the people come to Venice to eat the local recipes & the fish from the lagoon since it is the only place in the world where they can find it. So my cicchettis are special, too." May be an image of 1 person and text that says 'Trme ত Jocial Bar ENICE COCTAIL WEEK BAR SOCIAL TIME SEBASTIANO CRISTOF ANON SEPT. 27TH'

   Okay the first one is to all of my visitors including the youngsters that say that they want fun food to take home to their friends...here it is after eating in all the very cool Osterias & Cocktail drinks in the cocktail bars, yes you 20-year old americans, come say hi to the very cute Edwardo & Lorenzo of BACCALA VENETO Bottega where you can have that Baccala with some bread & wine to munch outside on the barrels or take some great food home to the mom & dad so that they won't be so mad that you were gone so long! 
                                           Right near the Rialto Bridge opposite the San Marco Square side
                                                                                Sestiere San Polo 414      
       Pictured is Edwardo, his father Paolo who helped him open the Bottega, & his young brother, Lorenzo
  It's actually very cool everybody, you can come try some real authentic Venetian historial recipes & actually eat these with either big pretzel-like sticks, getting drunk on great Italian Venuto wine while you keep ordering more & more food & take a couple of the tins of the actual food home with you. You will probably eat the tins on the flight back home since the airlines make you pay for the food now, yet what they heck at least you have it and it is the thought that counts, according to Shakespeare & the English or Irish speaking visitors I almost met today. Image
  So above you can ask Edwardo or Lorenzo to taste the spreads on cicchettis, which they can make for you, & afterwards buy some cans to take with you. 
   And online store:     https://www.baccalaveneto.com/
  So basically it is a gourmet Venuto Specialty Store specializing in Baccala with insane prices. Try 6.50 euros to 10.00 euros. Yes you can have a huge tray of any of the items, including Tripe on certain days for 6.50 euros, ask for some bread to spread it on, a couple of glasses of wine or a bottle for 7.00 euros & stand outside with friends & have a grand lovely time. YOU WILL LOVE THE STORE. The tins to take home average 10.00 euros or letss & make such a great stock my cupboards full of Italian products gift that you can not pass up. 
  Edwardo kept asking me to try some specialty that has been in Venice centuries which is the nerve of the small cow, the calf, the veal. I declined, yet he says that it is a specialty. So try it.
   "Three years my father & I thought of opening a store such as here to show the Venuto products & finally we do. After 2 years my father retired, Lorenzo finished school & he is my partner now." Says Edwardo. 
    He has such specialities as Venetian Baccala & Vincenzo Baccala which is prepared very differently & yet they have both. A American visitor came in & said that she love it & tried both. I am sure she is coming back to buy tons of cans to bring on the plane as her husband came & they talked about how much room in their luggage they had!
Edwardo says that the specialty of his place is the Baccala Mantecato, which is how they make it. "We take the Codfish & 3 days every 8 hours we wash it in water. At the 3rd day, we take off the skin & the bones out, & we take the little pieces of the fish meat & boil this in water with olive oil & garlic. We make the Baccala Mantecato from that. It is made, along with all of our homemade dishes in our lab about 1 hour away. Everyday we bring it to Venice & transport it here on our carts."
Baccalà Mantecato | Traditional Appetizer From Veneto, Italy
My favorite memory of the Venetian fare is standing outside with friends & drinking wine, eating the local cicchettis & just sharing stories. I have added about 10 pounds from coming from America, & so I need to start eating the veggies that they have, like the zucchini, aah Lara...
   Gondolas on canal in venice italy containing venice, gondolier, and gondola | High-Quality ... "We thought that the visitors from around the world would want something to remember Venice & the region of. It is relatively easy to pack in the suitcase & we do have a online website where you can order from, yet it is new so I am not sure the shipping to America. You can just try, yet honestly it is cheaper to buy it here & pack it in the suitcase!"
The Masks of Venice with the famous 65 year artisan,Carlos, located at 1735 S. Marco. 
  Carlos has made masks for the Venetian Carnival guests for 50 years at least. He handcrafts each one, including the Venetian puppets, which are hand-held as opposed to strings as the Sicilian puppets are. 
   The life of a mask being made is at least 24 hours; & of course once made it is for life. The Zurich National Theater, Ballet & Opera all use Carlos's masks, as well as Venice & Vienna Theater artisans. He says now he has a lot of film people & movie stars asking for character masks. Wow! 
  So now I have renamed Carlos Gepetto & I have the Pinocchio Osteria on the Florence Category so we all should do alright.
                                                                           Located at :   San Polo 945A-BProvided by Business Website
 Above is Aldo, who has been with Omar as the Pizzaolo the last 6 years, almost the entire time that Omar has had the 7 year Antico Panificio. It is set a little hidden down the alley from the very heavily trafficked path international visitors take every day on their way to walk up the steps of the Rialto Bridge on their way to the San Marco Square. 
 The differences in style is that Omar is very serious & speaks in a quiet way while Hussain is very animated & talks non-stop. Here I am with Anna, who is Hussain's wife. A very lively sweet person.Provided by cdn12.com
  You definitely feel as if you are in Omar's home or at the very least his social club when you visit Ristorante Pizzeria Antico Panificio. Pictured here with his partner, Hussain of the famous Noemi, 
they bo0th agree tht service is of the most important when being successful.

  "Pizza is one of our specialities," says Omar. "We have the very best pizza in all of Venice. I can say that because it is true." And I laugh at how serious he is. Very serious about his ristorante, his team, his quality of supplies, & his guests is Omar. 
    "My daughters take me on vacation a couple of times a year & we visit different parts of Italy. The southern part or the northern mountains & I always look to see the local specialities of the regions to use in the kitchen at Antico Panificio," says Omar.
    "We have a more creative kitchen here & everyday, that is everyday I handwrite the menu of the day. I choose the fish, the dishes, and it all." 
    At Osteria Noemi Hussain says that he has Lasagna & Bolognese & for instance Carbonara, which Omar says that he has here, too, yet more local traditional dishes here. 
    What matters at each place is that the ingredients are all natural & fresh everyday. The conversation is honest & casual. Yet the guests come from the top hotels to try the place. Omar says that he is now top 22 at Trip Advisor and that it has been that way a very long time. As a real 22 on that site, you know you have to be very good. People come after it has a reputation and they come again all the days of the vacation. They love the place and at 1:00pm it is full. So the team is very serious usually til you start taking pictures that is...Image
   Ristorante Pizzeria Antico Panificio is located at:
                           S. Polo 945 Venice
   & Ristorante Noemi is at:  San Marco 912 
  The first of the guests arrived today about 12:00 & ordered their lunch from a very professional waiter. I imagined they were Americans by the way they tried to make their waiter laugh. We do that a lot & the service here is very friendly & professional. They take their service very seriously & take pride in it. "Service is number 1," says Omar, who has been in the Ristorante Business of Venice the last 30 years with 5 successful places. "Food & quality is number 1, and then service," says his partner who handles the Noemi ristorante closer to San Marco Square & right in the path of the tourists! "If you have excellent food & the service is ok, the people come back." says Hussain. Omar says that, "Service is why people come back." I am of the philosophy of a little bit of both. As Omar says, there are 100s of very good restaurants out of 1,000s in Venice, so why do people choose one over the other? Because of the service, the atmosphere of being cared for, which you will feel as Omar is at the Direction here 24/7. He is always here & always controlling every aspect about Antico Panificio. It is a reflection of who he is & being from the culture of Jordan, the reputation & respect is very very important to him. You will feel cared for & important. 
  Outside the Antico Panificio where if you blink one second it is empty at 11:30pm & at 11:35pm it is full of people at all of the tables! Mostly do to the fact that Omar is outside himself, greeting every person walking near with a smile.
  Ristorante Noemi is very historical, having opened its doors in 1928 with the daughter who wanted to open her own Ristorante named Noemi which was her name. "In 5 years we shall have the prestige of the 100 years & that is a very big deal in Venice. Hussain & Omar have kept the ristorante's grandeur & decor of the Venetian style & even the plush seats look as if you are sitting in a actual gondola," says Anna who absolutely loves her ristorante.  As does Daniele who is Oscar's brother, the other head waiter, & both nephews of the famous owner of the Historical Ristorante AL Colombo, where Hussain said he learned many of his important skills.Image
   Oscar & Daniele are always grabbing tourists joking with them as they walk by. Even if the tourists are not so nice in all my years I have never seen either not be nice to everybody. That is very unusual. It is also a coup for me to have these two ristorantes as they have never done publicity ever, either of these two very important capos: Hussain   & Omar. I am very thrilled. Noemi in Venice - Restaurant Reviews, Menu and Prices | TheFork
  "The seahorse on the original doors is from Murano & the gold is real gold inside the doors," says Anna. "The daughter designed the seahorses & we know that they come from around 1928 to 1930."Image
  The floors are original Venetian Marble Tiles: Gorgeous.
店内 - Picture of Ristorante Noemi, Venice - Tripadvisor
  "I would say that Seafood is the specialty here. We do have pizza like Antico Panificio does yet they have the specialty pizza that they are famous for & we have the Seafood that we are famous for. We have similiar Venetian dishes, yet I would say here iti s more traditional & although people think it is going to be very expensive, it is very locally priced. You should try," says Anna yet I tell her that I have tried the specialty pizza at Antico Panificio & it is very good & very filling! Venice: too much wine & food! 
RISTORANTE NOEMI, Venice - San Marco - Menu, Prices, Restaurant Reviews &  Reservations - Tripadvisor
                                                           HOSTARIA  SANT'APONAL
                                     Calle del Scaleter, 1251 | 30125, Venezia                                                                         Photo
  Well, the Capo of Hostaria Sant'Aponal is taking the picture so I can just chat about his views! Vlady, as his very devoted team calls him, is a professional. A young 31 year old owner of 3 very cool & local Osterias in Venice with a very serious mind when it comes to making sure all of his places are 100% up to par in terms of quality & quality-control. Quality control in that he is very happy to deal only with suppliers of all of his fish that have certification papers to prove the safety of his products. "I deal with the suppliers that are choosing their fish along-side the buyers from the Rialto Fish Mercato at the pre-markets every morning. We have the same fish, yet my trusted suppliers buy for me." 
   That is one way to know what you are buying.
And it makes you feel totally safe eating at his 3 places, one of which is                                                                www.hostariasantaponal.com.Image

 In the future Vlady says that he is working with software & that shall improve more the control he has on making sure everybody is always up to code & that his team is happy & giving professional service always to his guests. He loves most about a new project the rebuilding, the creating the menu & vibe of a place, the creating & building the team, to deciding how the food should be presented & placed on the table & that it is a little kid growing up. He loves to see the process of how beautiful it is. 
    And with all that he has to do what is the most important? "Working with my team to see that we treat all the guests equally kind & that everybody is respected," says Vlady.
  "I have 3 Osterias in Venice & have 2 chefs that I work with in terms of my recipes. One is a Michelin chef & one is a very high quality creative chef. Together we create the menus for all 3, which are very different from each other."Photo

HOSTERIA CASTELLOSee the source image

   The Quality of the Fine Dining Ristorante combined with the image of a beautiful Castello Parlor room (which takes some of its inspiration from the original room of the Orient Express Train Reservations Room of the Venetian sector of the Orient Express) is the best way to describe the gorgeous Osteria Castello located at Calle del Scaleter, 1251, in Venice, Italy.
  "My favorite dish at my 3 Osterias is something that isn't quite Venetian, actually it is Roman. It is the Carbonara, which is very difficult to make. It takes a professional to make it. It only has 3 ingredients, which my chefs use, yet we have found the best chef ever to make Carbonara & I try to eat it at least 3 times or 4 per week." says Vlady & I laugh because I tell him that yes I know how hard it is to make because I took a cooking class in Rome & it is very hard to recreate that. "Yes very hard & my chef is the best chef ever in the Carbonara! It is pecorino, cured ham & eggs & that is it."    https://www.instagram.com/osteriacastello.it/
  "Okay, we have the traditional Venetian Liver, Cuttlefish with the black ink & Seafood pasta but we have creative dishes too," says Vlady. Such as Vlady's fav Carbonara.
See the source image
  They use all local vegetables & fruits in season, & they stay true to the Venetian recipes & traditions because Vlady says that is why people come to Venice. Half of their menu in all 3 of the Osterias is Venetian local dishes & the other half is always creative of which the actual chef, the consulting chefs & Vlady decide together. Mostly Vlady! He listens, chats & eventually decides with tastes what to add to the menu. 
See the source image
                            And the #3 is Osteria Bakaro at https://www.bakarovenezia.com/
at Dorsoduro 3430
     The Rialto Fish Mercato is a Legend says Vlady & in his case he buys directly from various suppliers such as the scampi & lobster that come from other countries & have to be caught fresh, packed in ice & shipped directly to him at the Osterias. They only have certified fish according to the government controls & he cares very very much about that fact. He is a very serious person! Yet he says he wants to have fun everyday in his life & at work & makes sure that his team is having fun with their guests, too.Bakaro Venezia | Osteria & Co.
 "The Bakaro is under a couple of days of renovations & we're opening back up on Thursday," says Vlady. I peruse the photos & peek inside & it is stunning though. "Where as I took the Osteria Castello Orient Express decor & added to it, I bought a very run-down location with Bakaro & love rebuilding it back up to something old yet modern & beautiful." Says Vlady. "I don't take crap, I rebuild it better." 
Il nuovo Bakarò: un'autentica osteria nel cuore di Venezia | Osteria & Co.
  "My team is important to me & they all call me Vlady instead of the "capo" as you say. They're my friends first of all," says Vlady. He says that they have beautiful times & that they all play soccer with each other & he invites his team to dinner with him & he invites his team to do           go-cart driving with him. They're his friends & that carries to their relationships with the guests. Happy & respectful.
Welcome at Bakaro

Bakarò a Venezia: opinioni e recensioni | Osteria & Co.
                    The World Famous Black Ink Cuttlefish with homemade pasta from Venice...
                                                                           6342 A Le Tole 
                                                      located at : 6342 Barbaria de le Tole
         & Alla Corte located in the Boutique Palazzo La Corte Locanda at Calle Bressana 6317
  6342 is a very special address in that it is the only place in all of Venice where the Chef from Jordan allows visitors to see how homemade pasta is made right in front of you. Yes, that is the same food that is on the plate when you eat at the 6342 A Le Tole & when you eat at the 6342 Alla Corte, the kitchen connected to the Boutique Locanda. The chef is Rami, who is from Jordan & his wife is Elena, from Moldovia & together they create the beauty that you see at all of the locations: the 2 boutique hotels; Locanda La Corte & Corte Dei Greci, & 6342 A Le Tole Spaghetteria Pizzeria & Taverna 6342 Alla Corte Ristorantes. 
    I had the fun pleasure of interviewing Rami's elegant wife, pictured here today at 10:00am at the luxurious 16th century former Palazzo Vecchia. One of many properties owned by the Vecchia dynasty of Venice.Image
  "I have to have Andrea translate my English is very bad," says Rami's lovely wife, Elena,  here with her assistant director who seriously & solemnly corrects me when I say the Director of La Corte, "She is the boss, the director, the creator of all...I am only the assistant," Andy says. Ok. The boss lady is the Boss & when you see the beauty walking into the boutique hotel, you will know why. It is so eclectic, yet modern, historical yet amazingly industrial with beauty attached. The photos do not do it justice. Come wander down the little alley on San Giovanni Piazza, where the little beauty is located at Castello 6317 · 30122 Venice, Italy ,where the Ospedale is located & see for yourself. Image
"We have many times the water taxi bring guests here & the gondolas swing by here all the day. If you want to eat privately here you can reserve the space for 4 to 8 people, if you really squeeze & have dinner!"Taverna la Corte - Picture of 6342 Alla Corte, Venice ...
 "We are a family at all places," says Elena, emphasizing that. "Yes we're luxurious, yet we want you to feel comfortable & at home amid the special food & the luxury of our guests rooms," says Fiola. Here is a guest that obviously absolutely loved the Corte Dei Greci! May be an image of 2 people, people sitting and outdoors
  Located at:  Fondamenta dell'Osmarin
Castello 4973 - 4975,  Corte Dei Greci                                                                                                                 https://www.cortedeigrecivenice.com/
"Rami finally had a chance to create from his own country a fusion of Jordanian spices & dishes combined with the Venetian traditons & so it is a Jordanian-Italian fusion that you will find here," says Elena.Maccheroni 6342 - Picture of 6342 Alla Corte, Venice ...
  "When you work for a luxury hotel/restaurant you do not have your own luxury to create what you want, you must follow their menu & rules; yet 11 years ago, Rami started his own 6342 & has been creating masterpieces every since!  He is a Master Chef, he is not a "celebrity chef," he is a master in the kitchen," says Elena. 
When people taste the food, for instance, Home made black & white ravioli filled with seabass and artichoke sauce, Andy & Elena say that they say Wow there is something special to it. It is that added touch of Jordan spices that make the fusion of such interest. Fiola says, "The one thing that makes me the happiest to do is create a smile to my guests. Sometimes if they do not stay at the Locanda here or the Corte Dei Greci, they wander here for dinner & they are not happy with their choices of food before. They perhaps had something not so special. Yet, the minute they taste my husband's food, they're all smiles & happy & complimentary to me saying O my gosh thanks so much for making our stay in Venice special. That is Rami's cooking. His magic," says Elena.       https://www.facebook.com/locandalacorte No photo description available.
  "It is 11 years at the first 6342 Barbaria de le Tole, & almost 7 years here; plus 4 years as the Locanda & the new Corte dei Greci. That is alright, it is much work for me!" laughs Elena when I ask if there is a 5th project on the horizon. "Perhaps the 5th is the private cooking show that Rami does for people, Last month we had 10 people from Los Angeles come, rent the entire ristorante of the Locanda & all day Rami cooked for the 10 people. It was so much fun for all of us." 
    So, okay, yet all of us can try his cooking at either of the two locations & now we all have a place to stay, too! 
  At the Hotel Corte de Greci, luxury & privacy is found on the small journey of only minutes to the beauty of San Marco Square. The rooms are lavishly & amazing in their 15th century palazzo decor, with some having private balconies looking directly onto the canals of Venice. 
Galleria immagini di questa struttura
Galleria immagini di questa struttura
  The first Boutique Hotel Locanda La Corte, a former Vecchio Palazzo, is so unbelievably gorgeous that every picture you take & post of it is less of the beauty that it truly is.  Elena & Andy say that when people come into the Locanda they ask if it is a art gallery & can they see the gallery for free! They have to tell the people that it is a 15th century Palazzo & that they can stay & enjoy a glass of wine, dinner or stay at the Locanda the night.  https://www.locandalacorte.it/
     Giorgio's cat above loves to read! & so I told him that we shall add the cat to EmmeAnesBook.
The first thing that you will notice about the Ostaria is the Black Cat attached to the Outside & the many photos of Chicco, his beloved blak cat of many years, every place available at the bar room of the Antica Ostaria. Giorgio & his brother, Marko, own the very cool & very loved for so long Ostaria.
                                                            Antica Ostaria Ruga Rialtoc
                                                 Near the Rialto Bridge at Venezia San Polo, 692

Osteria trattoria cucina tipica Venezia San Polo
  You would love the bar food that is typical venetian & has a couple surprises, too, such as codfish-baccala prepared either venetian or vincenzian, from Vincenzo.Image
  If you want a very cool old style wooden Taverna Osteria come to Antica Ostaria Ruga Rialto where you can hang out with the old time locals sitting in a darkened wooden barrel room.                                https://www.osteriarugarialto.com/

Osteria trattoria cucina tipica Venezia San Polo
      Try the Polenta E Baccala, Antipasto Del Giorno changing everyday depending on the chef's findings of the day at the Rialto Fish Mercato or the Pasta Vegetariana. 
   The wine that they choose is mostly local so you can try a couple of varieties from Friuli Venezia Giulia, Trentino Alto Adige, Veneto: some of the regions that are particular to the Ostaria Ruga Rialto, or try the reds from La Sicilia or Tuscany.Image
  Giorgio, pictured above, has Coca Cola on tap, along with some local wines & beer. He says he has the "real" cicchettis, which he says are not the ones on bread, but the tiny types of tapas that you usually associate with spanish food. I love the ones with the fresh fish which Giorgio says being so near to the Rialto Fish Mercato, he changes several times per day. "I make some fresh fish cicchettis & I buy the fish in the mornings & during the late morning and at 12:00 lunch I might make another trip to the Mercato & buy some new fish to try & continue to remake cicchettis. My guests are locals, politicians, tourists & just curious people that want to try a real atmospheric environment that here at the bar section of the Ostaria is very relaxed & chill.  You can sit on wooden barrels & chat with locals &  just have a very fun time. Try a couple of the specials on the appetizer list or some cicchettis or ask to sit outside on the white table cloths to have a hearty dinner.
  When I chatted with Giorgio's brother, Marco he gave me a couple of the cicchetti's to try yet put the baccala on little pieces of bread, which Giorgio didn't do. A matter of preference with the attention to the culture of the cicchetti. I have also seen it on polenta, my personal favorite. He asked if I wanted a glass of wine from Veneto, as all of the Capos from the Venice do, so beware if you have a low discipline for saying no, you can't to wine here in Venice. Yes of course I would love some wine I say & happily eat my little baccala & red wine. The locals come to the bar & start chatting & joking with the tourists from France who order the french wine, although there is plenty of Italian wine being poured for everybody & start having a good ole time with each other.Image

     I love the local Ostarias that adorn the hidden alleys of Venice, which usually have the best real traditional menus at a low cost. Here at the Antica Ostaria Ruga Rialto, you will find the Taverna right near the Rialto & tucked down a alley with the outside tables having views of the grand canal. Yet the prices are very reasonable & the food great. 

  The Black Cat is Chicco, the beloved cat of Giorgio, who was the Ostaria's resident from 2001 to 2016. The tourists from around the world come here every year asking where Chicco is. Giorgio says that he will always have his cat's memory here & will never replace it. For these of us that love Cats, we all understand Giorgio's sentiment & so of course I had to have a glass of my loved Tuscany red wine to salute to Chicco.
  As I always have to tell you at least some of the items on the menu, here is some favorites: Fegato Alla Veneziana, or Grigliata Mista or the Venetian Risotto.  If you want to meet the professors from the university & the students come here after 5:00pm to 8:00pm & you'll hear the academic chatter in the bar area. Love it.Image
   I asked to try some of the dishes with Marco at about 6:30pm & he let me try some of the ones pictured here! Image
                                                                Osteria Alla Staffa 
              Near San Giovanni Piazza, down the alley at Barbaria de le Tole/Calle del Ospedaleto 6397 A
                                                                 https://www.facebook.com/alla.staffa.itMay be an image of 3 people, people standing and indoorOkay after many serious interviews of working all the time, today I had a hilarious lunch of very expensive red wine & the story of Gabriel's battle to save the cuttlefish reproductive cycle of the famous Venetian lagoon & Adriatic sea journey. It is a fascinating, brilliant, ironic hilarious, & record book entry story of how the Government of Venice built a 20year wall to keep the water from surging through the city of Venice & in the interum disrupted the annual laying of cuttlefish eggs from the Adratic sea to the Venetian lagoon by blocking the cuttlefish from entering. "A travesty of a big kind," says Sebastiano, Gabriel's friend & owner of the very prestigious 0 kilometer Lagoon to table famous Osteria near San Giovanni Piazza. Image
Pay particular attention to the picture of both my incredible red wine & the little cuttlefish trap. See the cuttlefish enter the net such as the one here that Gabriel used, lay the "golden egg" of Gabriel's brilliant idea plan & leave the lagoon. "They do it every year for about 1-1/2 months. However, due to the wall of Venice in 2022, the cuttlefish didn't all make it to the lagoon, so the price of the cuttlefish went from sometimes of $35.00 a kilo to $2,000 dollars a kilo for the cuttlefish," says Sebastiano. I said, O MY GOD, thinking that prehaps other products measured in kilos has nothing on the cuttlefish...Imagebut then Sebastiano corrects himself & says that perhaps he is saying it wrong & he thinks that it is $200 per kilo, & so either way Gabriel has a brilliant idea to take a cuttlefish egg caught in his net & try to breed cuttlefishh on the island near Lido that has a private lake that Gabriel owns, & guess what? The cuttlefish grows & grows & millions of little cuttlefish inhabit the lake & they eat all the other plants & species in the lake. Sebastiano laughs saying,"We feed the cuttlefish everything & it eats all day & it eats all night. It eats all the other living things in the lake. So now we have a big problem of the cuttlefish," explains Sebastiano.Osteria Alla Staffa, Venice - Castello - Restaurant Reviews, Phone ...
"You know that my mom never wanted me to do the Osteria business. I was in the army at the age of 19 & a mechanic & during that year I tasted so much food. I loved the taste of different food. After the army I went to every region of Italy tasting food, asking to try in the kitchen with the chefs something I really enjoyed, learning the smells, the taste of different herbs in food, etc."

Along with his team of 4, Margarita, who you see here, who is the server, Sebastiano who is the cook, the server, the boss, the storyteller, the fish buyer, & all; Marco who is the cook assistant & the other M, who is the cook's assistant assistant, they're all here everyday. Except Tuesday because Sebastiano says that Tuesday they are closed. Image
So, Sebastiano continues his cuttlefish story, "I have 0 kilometer of fresh fish, except for the Salmon which comes from the north, all of my fish is local. So when the price of cuttlefish went so high, I actually am the only one friend of Gabriel's that encouraged him to raise the cuttlefish. He said that all of his other friends turned their backs on him. They told him that it will never succeed & wouldn't help him with funding to try to save the little cuttlefish." 
(Of course Sebasiano is a Master Chef, too so maybe we should show some of his food, along with his great company & funny stories!)OSTERIA ALLA STAFFA, Venice - Castello - Restaurant Reviews ...And, back to the cuttlefish story: 
   "So, I gave a little, yet the rest is from Gabriel's own funding. So, we will see. Gabriel has eaten the lake cuttlefish & says that it taste delicious & gave me 10 kilos of it. I am waiting for a special day to try it. I know that next season of cuttlefish that everybody will want Gabriel's because they're already saying, O hi Gabriel how is the cuttlefish. So now we wait & see. The problem is that now the cuttlefish grow so big that we don't really know how big the cuttlefish can be." So basically that is what we talk about when I chat with the very funny owners of Osterias & Trattorias!Image
   "I tried a little of that local, a little of the other local. Slowly I developed my own taste. I am actually the 3rd generation of Ostees as I say. Osteria owners. I have owned the Osteria here 9 years & I love it." says Sebastiano. I say O MY GOD Your mother doesn't know you own a Osteria? She thinks you're a mechanic? But Sebastiano laughs & says that yes she does know he owns a Osteria.OSTERIA ALLA STAFFA, Venice - Castello - Restaurant Reviews ...
 And that he is very involved in every item. "Every morning I drive on my little Vespa to the local fisherman on my island. Every morning. Then I take my Vespa to the park in Lido, park it & take the boat & my bags full of fish to the Osteria. Everyday. I love to see what they have & I love to imagine & create my recipes of the day." 
                                                   Osteria Barababao & Taverna Barababao
                    owned by the 3 brothers named Vasco, Constantino, & Roman
                            has the traditional food of Venice & the locals love it.
  Osteria Barababao is located at: Sestiere Cannaregio 5835 & Taverna Barbabao is located at: Cannaregio 4371Image
               Pictured here is Vasco, his famous mom & the chef from the Taverna Barababao's kitchen.
  The Capo at work at his Taverna Barababao down the little alley full of local Trattorias, named Cannaregio 4371. When I came to chat, the locals filled the tiny Taverna where the lunch degustation menu is 25 euros, the plates are huge & home-made by Mama in the kitchen, & the Capo Vasco is the only one serving his guests. Yet he is so super friendly & kind, amoung all the activity still smiling & telling me his story of the locals. TAVERNA BARABABAO, Venice - Cannaregio - Menu, Prices ...
 "For the local people & the industry people & the gondoliers, but the local people can choose it all. If you make it a success for the local people, others will come." 
May be an image of food
May be an image of food
  With such special dishes as Dumplings with Duck Mit Sauce, Ravioli Spinach & Ricotta or the famous Venetian Cuttlefish with black ink sauce & polenta, the local Taverna & Osteria has become a must for internationals looking for the real traditional home-made dishes from the Venetian kitchens. 
    "It's me here doing all the staffing & the serving of the plates & it is my mama & the chef in the kitchen. The pandemic made staffing of teams very difficult. At the Taverna here it is very simple, yet very good plates. The wine is all Italian. At the Osteria, the kitchen is traditional, yet it is a different chef who does different traditional dishes. The wine at the Osteria Barababao is all Italian, too, & just has a more variety. The menu is real traditional dishes with Venetian ingredients & fish only from the Adriatiac sea & the lagoon. Why do you use only the 0 kilometer from the lagoon people ask & I say why do you travel all the way here to eat only the fish from the lagoon!" he laughs.. I say that is a very good answer. 
  Here is the very cool appetizers of fresh fish that Vasco finds everyday at the Rialto Fish Mercato. "When it is 9:30am I walk to the Mercato & choose my fish of the day & some fun fish I believe my people will enjoy. So, if you order the appetizer of fresh fish, you will always have something a little different depending on my imagination of the day & what I find at the Mercato.
May be an image of food
"We have the typical Venetian food, yet a local fun atmosphere. Here is my Kareoke,," says Vasco & in the midst of the Taverna he pulls down a white screen & points to the top of the ceiling & sure enough there is a kareoke machine to film the words. "We have Kareoke whenever the people ask for it. If the gondoliers feel like singing at lunch, I pull the white screen down & they sing. Sometimes on Friday nights, too, On the 30th of September, there is a group of about 25 Germans that come to eat at 7:00pm & they shall do Kareoke!" IS THAT SO FUNNY KAREOKE on DEMAND in a gondelier local Venetian Taverna. May be an image of food and indoor
  Vasco always has the fresh fish of the day, Sea Bass that can be as big as 2 kilos, or turbo, tuna, etc & the grilled fish of the day is always the same price. The Fresh Catch of the day varies depending on the weight & type of fish & you can always ask what that that is. In addition, Vasco asks me to mention that the specialty of the Taverna is the Spaghetti Barababao, which is a little bit spicy.
May be an image of food and indoor
             Have you ever experienced the phrase, "Something happened on the way to the For..um"
                                                                                                                             May be an image of 8 people and outdoors
                                                     Ristorante Al Giardinetto Da Severino 
where the old schoolers used to play Bocci Ball since 1947...May be an image of 4 people
    The historic ristorante of Ristorante Al Giardinetteo Da Severino is one place to discreetly, yet famously have dinner. Why? because the stars come here, the politicians come here, the aristocrats come here & I come here every 3 years because it is so hidden that I can barely find it...yet when I do the Nationals of America that follow me as closely as the rest of the world follow my website actually find it, too, & are they soo happy to find a great restaurant to eat at!
No photo description available.
  And just to ask, how important do you have to be to have been included in the famous Michelin Guide in 1997, when it was really something to be included, when it focused on the chefs, the kitchen, the service? Well let me introduce you to Ristorante Al Giardinetto Da Severino, with its 15th century Chapel room of the Palazzo, it's Bocci Ball garden where famous Opera Singers of the 1953 era used to play such as Beniamino Gigli, & the 3rd generation says that he had a couple of years to really reflect during the pandemic. That is history. That counts for something.  SImage
  Here is Ricardo, who is the epitome of grace & professionalism of 30 plus years or meet Joel who is behind the camera taking me & Luca's picture of only being on the team since June. It is a mixture of such importance of tradition for 73 years with men who don't really take themselves too seriously, although we all do. I am honored to call them my friends.Image
  I asked to have the picture retaken in black & white to give respect to the 15th century chapel & to the 3rd generation Capo Luca. Salute Luca to your many years of service to the community of Venice, to your future with the lovely ristorante & to the future that you choose.        https://www.instagram.com/explore/locations/258149983/ristorante-al-giardinetto-da-severino/
   "In 1970, my father & mother changed the name to Da Severino because there was another ristorante that was named Al Giardinetto, so we added my father's name, Severino. It has been that way ever since. You know, life changes. We added facebook for the first time since the pandemic. It worked great. I took a very long look at my life. At the purpose of my life & the purpose of life in particular. I believe everybody contemplated life during the last 3 years. The lockdown & the pandemic changed everybody. We're all rebuilding & healing and perhaps at different paces. Yet everybody is a different person since the pandemic. You don't go through something like what we all had to deal with without coming out of it at a different person," says Luca. It is true. 
  And here I am, with the famous Capo, Luca. So perhaps you can be a real person instead of a actor movie star or a famous politician & still have tons of fun with the very informative team of Ristorante Severino.
No photo description available.
  The famous Opera singer, Beniamino Gigli, playing Bocci Ball in the gardens of Ristorante Al Giardinetto da Severino & my sisters orgaizing the Toluca Illinois Biggest Bocci Tourney in America, mostly of Immigrant Italians-4,000 teams! Image
  And back in America, where they're all booking flights to come eat the famous food of Severino...May be an image of 3 people, people standing, tree and outdoors
   To Ristorante Al Giardinetto da Severino from the all the Bocci ball playing Italian immigrants in America & the famous Chuck Rolinski Bocci Labor Day tournament.
    "We eventually paved the bocci ball lawn & all that remains is the grapes that we grow above that we make about 50 bottles of wine for the guests that we serve free every year. It is a remembered tradition of the past," says Luca & then I show him my family that carries on the tradition of my father...I tell him he must have a little Luca Jr to have the 4th generation & he laughs. There is silence so I ask if I can know. Is it a famous ristorante for its kitchen or for its famous people? 
"For it's kitchen," says Luca seriously. He tells me of the menu, the fish, especially.      https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100063839041265
  Yes, of course you don't receive the Michelin status in 1997, before you had to have a Million Dollar sponsor of today's status, without having exceptional service & kitchen. So here is some pictures. 

     And to the future, whatever is should hold, let's hope that it all holds spritz's for everybody...
              Osteria Graspodeua Calle dei Bombaseri 5094/AImage
 Sat down with the playful Capo of Graspodeua, Alban, & had a lovely funny time eating tortellini with sea bass stuffed with sauce shrimps & zucchini & wine, white of course, from Fruili. The smoothest white wine I have ever had. And as usual, drinking way too much wine in the city of mysteries known as Venice. Pictured above is the Capo, Alban, his cook, Massimo, & his server Gigi. 
Alban is very careful about his wine & it is always from Fruili. "I want a special Osteria. With fresh fish everyday & with the better cuts of select meats. No Pizza. Maybe if the children ask us we can make them a pizza, yet we want to do a fine amount of dishes very highly prepared; not many many items so that people are confused."
Ristorante Al Graspo de Ua Restaurant Lounge in Venezia con cucina Altre  cucine
  "We have 5 to 7 appetizers with fresh catches of the day from the Mercato & the freshest beef that we can find. When I say that we have local seafood & ingredients the Venetians never ask if I have beef from Venice but sometimes the tourists do & I say that no we do not raise cows on the island of Venice."Al Graspo de Ua a Venezia - Menu, prezzi, immagini, recensioni e indirizzo  del ristorante su TheFork
"My chef, Massimo, has been with me many years & his specialty is fish. It is something, along with his homemade fresh pasta that he takes very much care in preparing."    Ristorante Al Graspo De Ua Venezia - Home
 "I have fun with my team, with my wine, with my food. That is life. I want people to come here & chat with me, ask me about wine, have a glass with me. My pictures & decor reflect that of Venice. In the past it wasn't of Venice. Ducati motorcycles! Can you imagine!~ Now the walls show the beauty & art of Venice, as does the food. All fresh fish from the lagoon of Venice, which is the only place in the world that you can find the fish that close."

                                                                Reservations:  +39 041 57122 8 2

                                           OSTERIA DOGE MOROSINI
                                  on my favorite quirky square, Campo Stefano
                                                             located at San Marco 2958-2967   
                       reservations:  039 041 5201002  at the regional Venetian ristorante
that has some lovely surprises such as Gnocchetti con gamberti pomodorini a pesto di basilico, which is new since the last 3 years. One of Ben's unusual decisions since he doesn't change his menu, yet said that 3 years gave him a lot of time to think about the future of his ristorante. O how about Polpo grigliato con crema di patate, which is basically octopus with potato creme. Interested? He has 5 new items he says, yet he has the Venetian traditional specialties, of course such as the Tagliatelle al nero di seppia, which is the noodles pasta with the black cuttlefish ink that the tourists from around the world seem to love so much. 
DOGE MOROSINI, Venezia - San Marco - Ristorante Recensioni, Numero di  Telefono & Foto - Tripadvisor
Ben, the very sweet Capo who has a lovely wife & a daughter named Bea(pronounced Bya) who is now 6 says that he has a new addition to the family of a little girl named Jenny.  So we're happy that although the pandemic brought much sadness around the world, there is new life that has emerged, too, which is important to remember as we all move forward...Osteria Doge Morosini in Venice - Restaurant Reviews, Menu and Prices -  TheFork
I tell Ben that in America we read on the internet that Italy gave every person that lost jobs 2,500 euros a month & we were all lucky to receive about $300 a week, & he starts laughing. "Ah, No they didn't. I think maybe they gave them 600 euros a month, maybe. I heard that Germany, or maybe France helped their people very much. Italy helped more than Spain, I heard. It was just a matter of where you lived to see if your country helped you," he says. I say that we all had to move back home with our parents, like 10,000 people a day leaving New York to move back home & he laughs saying that the Italians like living with their parents so they'll probably not come back to work in ristorantes where people are desperately needed anytime soon! I say that Americans can't wait to get back to work! Difference in cultures, definitely!
 I love the fact that you have homemade desserts that sit in the glass case & people are constantly up & down from their tables running to the desserts to pick their little treats along with Louis Crystal of 500 euro bottles & rare bottles of wine of over 450 euros. It is pretty funny to meet cute little old ladies from Miami & New York at the counter talking about their lovely lunch & serious bunch of business people sipping the expensive wine side by side. It is hilarious, actually, and can be very loud with people talking & laughing at lunch. Reservations are usually needed at dinner, though. OSTERIA DOGE MOROSINI, Venezia - San Marco - Menu, Prezzo, Ristorante  Recensioni & Prenotazioni - Tripadvisor
"You know my chefs stayed with me the 2 years, although one would come in & I would open the restaurant up one hour at lunch for him to eat & police would eat here during that hour, so although we were closed, we would open that one hour. Now, he comes perhaps from 12 to 2 everyday & cooks during our lunch, eats, & runs back to his other work. It helps me out a lot. A couple of very experienced chefs have made the ristorante what it is today. People come here now after 3 years & ask me if I still have their favorites on 
menu & I say yes because I keep my traditional & innovative menu constant. It has variety & it represents me. I want quality, not quantity. I want to do something to the best of my ability and do it well."  At Doge Morosini, you will find quiet elegance in decor & outside dining & a expertly prepared menu just for you.  Osteria Doge Morosini in Venice - Restaurant Reviews, Menu and Prices -  TheFork
 Everyday you can find the freshest fish from the Venice Rialto fish Mercato & homemade pasta that stays constant on the menu, yet always ask about the homemade desserts that change everyday. "As for the price of the champagne, which we have the highest quality & I find that it is very reasonable at 500 Euros a bottle, actually or our  Barbaresco DOCG Cantina Gaja 0,75 l € 320,00, or
Sassicaia DOC Cantina Tenuta S.Guido Bolgheri 0,75 l € 450,00, these are at the top of our list. However, you can also have a very nice bottle at 20-40 euros of the smoothest finest white wines from Fruili. Your choice."
The sophisticated Capo with his trusted team adding the finishing touches.  
  "The menu is a mix of international Italian. By that I mean the Italian recipes come from Sicily and Tuscany and Lazio and Venice, with Venetian products, such as the little moeche that only come from the Venetian Lagoon fresh fish, for example, yet with my chef's own creations. He makes Amatriciana from Calabria his way. The food is original with Italian ingredients, the best that I can give him to help him create, yet the recipes and the presentations are all his," says Ben,"Such as Sicilian red shrimp tartare with avocado mango and orange dressing, Grilled sea bass turban stuffed with cherry tomatoes, or chopped goose breast with Amarone della Valpolicella sauce and Jerusalem cream."
Osteria Numero 1 - ilmangiaweb
                                                   OSTERIA Numero #1

     OT Angelina, here located at: CAMPIELLO SAN ZULIAN, S. Marco, 598, I had the utmost pleasure of a 1 hour with the young Bangledesh Capo, Pavel, who has owned the quiet courtyard steps from the Piazza San Marco, famous around the world, the last 4 years. It is sooo relaxed & quiet here that you almost have forgotten the craziness of the San Marco Square literally 50 meters from you.            OSTERIA Numero #1

     quiOsteria Numero 1 in Venice - Restaurant Reviews, Menu and Prices - TheFork

    "During the pandemic we had many workers from Rome, Milan & Venice who came here for lunch. We laughed so much because of course we make homemade gnocchis or homemade fettucini & it takes 40 minutes to make so we would bring bread to the tables & they would be yelling back & forth, "hey can we have some of your bread from your bread basket & they would hand wine or bread back & forth to the tables & then "the tourists" came & they would sit with the workers as of let's say June of 2022 & the workers would yell at them "hey can I have some of your bread," because they knew it took us at least 40 minutes to bring the wine, the bread, the first course, the second course, etc & the surprise is the tourists, whether from Chicago or Los Angeles or London or Germany or France would say "O yes of course," and it is so much a surprise & funny to see them just giving their bread or sharing a bottle of wine with the workers because the workers nor the tourists knew that they all weren't workers!"  Says Pavel, & I immediately fall in love with Osteria Numero #1.                                        Ok
  O my gosh I LOVE the Capo, Pavel, the quiet sweet capo & his team at Osteria #1, who for the last 3 years has been allowed to open the Osteria to workers of Venice during the pandemic from 12 to 3 everyday. "The government gave us the papers to open. Okay, 100 workers everyday in 3 hours giving a special 3 course lunch meal of 12 euros is helping us to pay the rent during the pandemic. The government gave all for the businesses tax breaks so we didn't have to pay taxes for the year, so that helped. Some people complained that it isn't enough yet to us it is a lifesaver," says the gorgeous Bangledesh Capo with is funny team.
RISTORANTE OSTERIA N.1, Venezia - Castello - Menu, Prezzo, Ristorante  Recensioni & Prenotazioni - Tripadvisor
  Of course, I guess I have to tell you the actual food that they have, right? Okay: Fusilli Alle Verdure, Scaloppina di Maiale al Lime, or Antipasti of Cocktaildi Gamberetti with oil & lime or my favorite of Codfish with Polenta with the black ink, or for second course perhaps, Branzino which is grilled sea bass, or Grilled Sole, or Grilled Scampi for example. "All of our gnocchis & fettucini is fresh as is the fish all of it from the Rialto Fish Mercato everyday, of course & the desserts are homemade."Osteria Numero 1 a Venezia - Menu, recensioni e indirizzo | TheFork

"You know the square where we are located is great for families because it is enclosed & private, away from canals & away from the 1,000s of tourists walking in San Marco Square. The mom & dad can eat while all their children run & play in the square. That is why it is perfect for a family with children. They want to play & the parents want to eat, so here we are," says Pavel.TRATTORIA BAR FORUM DA LUCA, Castiglione Delle Stiviere - Ristorante  Recensioni, Numero di Telefono & Foto - Tripadvisor
    Hey you come to Venice for  the Art, the History, the Museums, & yet let's all have honesty: The Canals & the Lagoon, the Island of Lido, the Gondoliers & the food & wine is the real reason you come to Venice. O yes & the Carnival. Yet, while most Italians will say that people drink tons of wine in Italy, it is Venice where they drink the most Spritz's & wine since they can walk around the city with plastic cups & because the Spritz's are about 3 euros. That is very seductive because you could easily consume 5 spritz's in a matter of 10 hours. EASILY.  

     However, the actual wine producers of Italy suffered as much as you & me during the pandemic says Pavel,"You know the first 3 weeks of the pandemic, it was okay. We paid our 20 workers & suppliers, but when it lasted longer, it was very eye-awakening, My wine suppliers & cheese suppliers & fish suppliers, etc would call me & I had to tell each one that I am sorry, I can not buy anything from you we are closed. It was embarrasing & finally it was devastating to see that behind the scenes the people that were really suffering were the generous people that had given their lives, sometimes for centuries to a life of sacrifice so that you could have "fun". These people suffered so much. Very humbling to me."Image

  Osteria Boccadoro

                                Cannaregio 5405/A Campo Widmann


Simone of the hidden Osteria Boccadora near the Church of the Miracles as the English love to say, has been my “old friend” for 7 years now.  Along with his father, Luciano who is the cook, & Samy the waiter who is from the Philipines, they are one of my favorite teams in Venice.

    Simone & Samy are very playful, & because Luciano has always been busy with his other Osterias they pretty much have the run of the place. Simone has turned it into a very elegant & respected Osteria with the median price range of around 65.00 a person including a couple of glasses of wine. He says if you want a plate of seafood with tagliolini, for example, & 1 glass of wine you can eat comfortably for about 25 euros. So, the choice is up to you. The service is always the friendliest & sincerely relaxed with laughter as you will find on the island & with a relatively young team, full of constant energy. It is situated on a quiet piazza of only itself & a Murano glass store tucked discreetly away, just a couple of alleys from the hustle & bustle of a much busier square. Which makes for it’s elegance & feel of privacy. Love it.



   I love the quirkiness of the Osteria because it is formal; yet fun & casual, it is elegant & very professional in it’s team’s attentiveness to each table; yet the feeling is of being really cared for instead of stuffy.

The specialty is fish from the lagoon & fresh fish from the Mercato, which is famous of course in Venice.

     Simone lives a couple of houses from the Venice Fish Mercato & everyday as he is on his way to the Osteria Boccadora peruses the local fisherman’s stands to see if there is something especially appealing for him to present to his cook. He says as his father is the cook, usually it is alright what he finds! He always selects the fish on the menu of course, yet he finds something special for that day. He then chats with the cook, Luciano or the team, & when they have decided the recipe of that item he presents it personally to the guests at the table.

         The wine is always from Fruili.  At Osteria Boccadora, Simone says that he does that because it gives attention to each guest & he gets to know the guest personally. At that point he can then adjust his suggestions of wine & something special on the menu to each guest. “It helps me to learn each guest personally & that way I can know what they love or do not.”

     We talk about the wine & what his choice is for the guest & he says that he only chooses Venuto wine. “The restaurant has the reputation of a very fine dining in terms of excellence of special fish of the region & I only want to compliment that with wines of the region, too.”


 “If you want a very nice bottle of wine for 20 euros you can & we have 2: 1995 vintage of a Reserved Amarone at the cost of 3,000 euros so the choice is up to you. We only have 2 of these & it is my hope that one a guest tries & the other is saved for my father’s retirement.”

    My conversations aren’t always about what is on the menu, actually usually they’re about O My God is it so lovely to see you & wow you’re hair is sooo long as in Simone’s case. He has grown his hair long & curly & says that he wanted to try it a little while. So I have to take a picture to introduce the “new” look & style of the Venetian capo, Simone!

     And we always talk about the Murano glass that is pleasantly & beautifully decorating the Osteria either on the table with its colorful array of glasses or it’s glass sculptures on the walls. The fact that the factory of artisans that make the famous Murano glass has closed due to the cost of gas to heat the furnaces is a great concern for everybody. Some tell me that they had already bought much glass so they have reserves, yet they hope the factory can open up in the future with the artisans creating the miraculous glass again or there will be a big problem of loss of original Murano glass. Let’s hope the world to the future is in a better place.Ostaria Boccadoro - Venezia Autentica


      The family owned Ristorante San Provolo on the famous Provolo square is famous in and of itself, being only one of a couple of historical restaurants still in Venice that is owned and operated more than 43 years, 3 generations of the same family. The Storia Venetu is awarded for restaurants of excellence that have the family that is the original owner at the helm. Here it is the Papa Amedeo, Mama AnnaMaria, brother Cristian and the young Capo I interviewed named Danieli.                                                                                     Ristorante San Provolo Venezia                     

                                            Campo San Provolo4713 Venezia, Italia  
39 344 110 5192

         San Provolo

After the pandemic my first 2 weeks in Europe I was 10 pounds lighter & very shaky in terms of confidence: Covid did this to you, you know. It shook your confidence in your own outlook for the future. After my first week of tentively interviewing only the Capos that I have known many years starting in Munich & Regensburg & Salzburg & all of Italy, I started to feel real again. It seemed that their lives had not changed although they said that they had rough times for 2 years; yet I felt that my life had changed & the feeling had persisted til I came back to all of the people that had made the world so much better with their stories of success. Now at Italy 20 days it seems as if the world has never changed & that it has always been as it is. For this I say to come to Europe all of the people around the world. To experience life as it is and to win against the Covid. The people optimistic. The food? O hey it is Italy the food is the food!Okay last night as I am staying at a Ostello, a convent, in Verona run by a order of sisters from the 13th century who have the order of sight: they have never seen the world from the moment they took the vows nor will they ever see the world being hidden away, yet the Villa is beautiful & I bring pizza at 11:30pm to the security guards who guard the Ostello & the sisters & the Ukranian refugees(the women & children) who have escaped the war. I love the Ukranians & all of our Ostello reservation money is given to the Ukranians to help support them. It is my pleasure. Anyway, I love the pizza above because it reminds me of my order last night when I tried unsuccessfully to order that & ended up with a pizza with all the veggies on all of the pizza. However, have no fear that the Ristorante San Provolo will not do as you ask. The mama comes in very early to make the homemade pizza dough along with the homemade tortoloni black with stuffed salmon herself(a new item on the menu since the pandemic) & every whim is catered to.  I love the mama because she is very fashionable & she works from 8:00am to midnight every night. Her husband, Danieli's father is shy & works alongside her in their hidden bar for the last 43 years. That is totally cool, you have to admit. 

No photo description available.

"And a Italian cook, yet she doesn't look like the typical Italian cook!" And it is true. I imagine the Italian women cooking in the kitchen 44 years to look  like the Mama from the Godfather, cooking the meatballs in the kitchen. How does she do that? I ask and Danieli laughs. "I guess she loves it." 
  "We have the ravioli and the tortellini that is color of black cuttlefish ink. That is why the color is different and the green is usually spinach that you see if the pasta Italian is green. Since my mother is a great cook of fish, she creates her own recipes. She makes the pizza and the fresh dough everyday and she makes the desserts, we basically give her recipes and homemade food to the guests. That is about it." says Danieli laughing when I ask just is it that he and his brother and father do? His mother seems to do it all! 
"The menu is speciality of fish and my mama goes to the Rialto Mercato at least 3 days per the 6 days that it is open and sometimes I check out the fish in the Mercato." says Danieli. I am happy that the famous restaurant is my number 3 day of Venice since 3 years now since they came onto the website and I remember how gracious and fun the family is. 
      When I ask Danieli if it is easy or difficult to work with family as opposed to working with friends or colleagues he says, "Aaa, it is more difficult!" and laughs. "It is me and my brother out greeting the guests and being waiters everyday, and my father is the responsible of the restaurant. We are the ones who mingle with the guests and me and Kristian have fun. Kristian is very nice, too. The reason that I work here is partly because my family owns the restaurant, yet mostly because I enjoy it. I love the guests and the happiest is when they have a good time with me and they leave my restaurant happy that they came." he says. No photo description available.
"My mother, " says Danieli as his mother walks out of the kitchen, "has been cooking here everyday for 44 years. She never is tired and she is here from the start of the day to the finish of the day." His mother, is beautiful, blonde and gorgeous carrying a stylish Harrods bag, which I admire. "She is 65." he says laughing. San Provolo - 64 Photos - Italian - Campo San Provolo 4713, Venezia ...

  "We have very many new items such as all of the cicchettis which we do all day and present these on wooden boards to the people.My mother makes these, too, all day. She comes in & makes the pizza dough & the specialty pizzas all homemade & she comes in the morning & makes the fresh pasta then she awaits my decisions on the fish from the Mercato. I have a 3 year old boy who takes much of my time to play with & so I come here in the afternoon. Kristian's daughters come to play here, yet I live 1 hour away & so my son has actually never eaten here yet but perhaps in the future he can eat here." 
                           Guarda le foto di Ristorante San Provolo, Venezia | Quandoo                                               

                                                             Reservations: (+39) 041 520 3703 
                                                              Calle Contarini Corfù, 1016, - 30123 Dorsoduro
   As I sit with the daughter, Anna & Marika her aunt doing the menus of the new season, I feel as if I am in a Venetian house or at the very least with childhood friends at the Parent's office stuffing cheerleading envelopes for a fundraiser! Only these are menus for the fall season, & Anna tells me rather hopefully that it is finally a full menu. "Actually it has been a full menu from June I would say, yet you should of seen it when we first opened back up in June of 2021. It was only me & Marco as the waiters & 3 people total in the kitchen & 2 items of each section only because we were unsure of how many people would actually show up."  Image
 "What actually happened is that the entire taverna ristorante was totally full for 3 hours & me & Marco were going crazy at all the people. We were full steam ahead, but we still didn't know if it would continue so it took a long time for us to add items. We had limited staff in the kitchen & only the family seemed to want to work. That has still been a big problem that Venice ristorantes are having. Lack of staff. We have so many people that come now, & yet we have only family members working & I am so happy that we have a large family!" laughs Anna.May be an image of 8 people, people standing and indoor I ask to take pictures of their very great staff food, yet she says that it is just thrown together for the team to eat & wants me to wait til she can take pictures of the beautifully prepared food! So I wait til we have pictures of the "us" food the "guest" food! Hahaha. Okay the waiter outfits are a little unusual, yet hey it is Venice, after all the city of the Carnival!No photo description available.
"My place, my family's place, has been here about 45 years & we shall continue to be here another 45 years because it is our home. It is our life. We don't just give you pasta take this etc. We give & try our best to give you a real authentic Venetian meal. What food that we as locals would eat. We try to make comfort food. It is a lot of food & it is simple of course, yet it doesn't have to be elaborate to be good, right? The fish is from the lagoon & the recipes are from my father, Stefano, who started the Taverna & his 3 brothers. They work with & train the chefs, yet the chefs are pretty good now at what they do. We have a lot of locals at lunch & dinner actually, yet the international people search us out & find us because they want the experience of Venice. Why would you come to Venice from another country less to taste the life of Venetians?" says Anna, who is a accountant. Actually her story is that with the old school male dominated family, she came in as the daughter & had to earn their respect & trust. It took a couple of years, she said til they totally let her do the books without checking on her, but now since the pandemic & borders closing, she does it all. "I have to do it. I have to do all of it because there isn't anybody else to do it!"
   The Taverna is very easy to find, walk over the Academia Bridge & take a right, walk down the little alley to the little canal, take a left & it is right here. You literally can not miss it! 
                http://www.tavernasantrovaso.it/No photo description available.
     And the team that wants you to come in & try their Venetian dishes such as: Baked Scallops as a starter, Zuppa di Pesce, Spaghetti with clams & garlic, or squid-cuttlefish Venetian style served on polenta!
    And while the food at Taverna San Trovaso is very good, it is the 6 brothers and 6 sisters(Anna's father and uncles and aunts) and the 12 girls and 12 boys that make up the 1st cousins that are everywhere along with the friends of the years that make the team of the Taverna. 
No photo description available.

    Osteria Il Bacaro 1813 

     I will always regard Andrea, the head Chef & Capo of the famed Antica Carbonera as one of my closest & dearest Venetian friends, having met him one December rainy night in Venice and immediately being invited to dinner, fine wine in the huge Captain's Wine glasses and the attentive lovely service of his right hand maitre 'd Igor; I was fastly introduced to the hospitality & affection of the Italian culture.  Andrea showed me his first level room, of the actual booths of the famous Austrian Princess SISI's yacht the Miramar along with its exquisite lights, the second level "Andrea" room of all of the wine crates, that Andrea's pure wine collections came in, decorating all the walls and the top level 3 garden open air balcony where guests always asked to dine when the weather permitted.    

              No photo description available.                                                   

   In 2019, "The Osteria is a secret that Andrea has been playing around with & trying to find the perfect place," Igor had said, and obviously with sorrow of closures, Andrea has still kept his promise of the Osteria. No photo description available.

     Which looks quite fun, actually. Good Music, Good food, Good Company & of course Good Wine,  Andrea has always loved,"I love wine and good quality wine and that has been a dream of mine many years to create the second level of Antica honoring the great vineyards of Italy."

   ANDREA, we can not all wait to come taste from your new Osteria Il Bacaro 1813.No photo description available.

    I am so happy to see the unbelievably                      talented Andrea create a new venture of 

    Il Bacaro 1813 that Andrea & Igor had told         me of for a future along with Carbonera.

  I remember the Capo saying, "The recipes come from my Grandmother and my mother who continues to be gracious enough that when I say that I would love to try my recipe of such and such she comes into the kitchen and makes it for me. My favorite is the cod fish on top of the cold polenta. That is totally her recipe."

   Hmm hope he has the polenta!

              Under the Caring & Exquisite Hand of chef Andrea of (Antica Carbonera Fame)                                                                             let us present 

                                                                    Il Bacaro 1813


                          I would love to share Andrea's words with you:  

My wish for this 2021 is that the period we leave behind will not be forgotten. Because, when we get out of this moment, we will also have to be different, more mature and respectful of many things. I really hope that this 2021 is the year of the relaunch, we all need it.-Andrea