Many thanks to my dear friends and gracious hosts of Verona, Luca and Felicity, who have had many generations of roaming the halls and ancient corridors of the Historical restaurant named, Immagine correlata

            Hosteria St. Eufemia, which is located on Corte San Giovanni in Foro, down the cool alley which is opposite the Church St. Eufemia.     The guests at Luca's are always warm and friendly and as today, a gentleman and his family had eaten lunch, then went in and MADE DINNER RESERVATIONS FOR TONIGHT! That is a great testimony of the greatness of the heart of the cook. I LOVE LUCA AND I LOVE FELICITY. 

Image may contain: 6 people, people smiling, people sitting, table and indoor

Immagine correlata

   The Capo Luca is one of my favorite top 10 people in the world, so beware, when you enter his restaurant you better be on your best behavior! His traditional restaurant has a very long history, "My father and mother are from that generation of old-school Italians where you wore jackets to dinner 26 years ago! Every time. We had tuxedoed waiters and tuxedoed guests. About 10 years ago, after my dad had past, I thought to give the restaurant a new memory of inviting women and children into my restaurant, a place for families and if the young children wanted to eat pizza, I knew how to cook pizza. WE NEVER HAD PIZZA here before!" he laughs telling me that.                                   Risultati immagini per restaurant eufemia verona                                                                                                        

       Ristorante S Eufemia


                                                        Via Francesco Emilei 22/B37121VeronaItalia                                                                                                                                        Telefono:045 800 6865
Risultati immagini per restaurant eufemia verona

     Luca is a doll, he has been at the family restaurant about 35 years now, and he is always improving and adding to the already famous Michelin Star Restaurant. "It is Michelin quality, yet the Michelin status is when we were all white and black tuxedos and formal. The prices were very high in the 1990s and early 2000 since the Italian people and tourists spent all the time and everybody had money! I noticed that the tourists became more family oriented and friendly and brought the children and now my restaurant is family focused." says Luca.SINCE LUCA IS THE STAR of the 33 year old restaurant named Ristorante S. Eufemia which "used to have jackets and white tie please to enter and dine here in the era of my mother and father, now I would love to enter the modern know honestly I never wanted to be a cook...I entered university to do economics and wanted to do something real important with my life and I had to become a father was the master chef and I learned from him...says Luca.

   "Now we have a new social media program and we have a new website and I enjoy doing these items. It is actually fun to see my new website." 

I believe it shows the quality and the originality of the food that Luca prepares. It is, as his German wife, a lovely blonde woman said to me today, "a kitchen from the home. A homemade kitchen. Luca is the cook. I let him cook because he is the master and his food is always from the heart." 

Risultati immagini per hosteria sant'eufemia verona

Capo Luca's waiter who makes jokes with the guests remembers me and my chatting with the table next to me in the last years and everybody says hi and invites me to see the wine cellar and to have a special table. A glass of bubbly is immediately at my little place and I notice that while Luca might not have the black and white tuxedos, he still has the lovely and professional service."You know times have changed, Emme," says my friend Luca of the last 6  years. "I know that you loved the good old days, yet for me it was too much stress. Now I am happy, life is easy and my guests are very nice people coming from everywhere, especially America and China. I eat healthy now since my German wife makes me do that and I am a little chubby, too!" he says laughing. Luca is always happy. Either or I am always making Luca laugh that could be the case! "You should try the horse meat, the cavallo, I know that since you had a horse you don't want to eat your pet!" he says laughing as I squish up my nose. Horse meat is a delicacy in Verona and everybody serves it on the menu as such. Immagine correlata

   I always have the traditional dishes that Luca has on his menu, you know the rabbit, although, along with the Qatarians, Horse is a little too  personal for me! Risultati immagini per ristorante hosteria s eufemia
  Immagine correlata You will love the restaurant Osteria Verona Antica, the Capo Davide and his longtime waitress, Carmine, who together bring funny hospitality and charm, not to mention the best homemade Zero kilometers food and wine available in all of Italy. Don't take my word for it, check out their website and Campagna Amica's at  and may contain: 5 people, people smiling, text and food
   "I am the one and only restaurant in the entire city of Verona that receives the prestigious Italian classification, there are only 2 in Venice, and etc. However, my restaurant uses only Verona homegrown products from the meat to the cheese to the flour to the wine. The only one." says Davide proudly. Ps. The food is delicious. He has very unique dishes such as polenta with donkey or horse, a delicacy in Verona, or my dish, duck with pici pasta one of my favorites.
   The restaurant is famous for its wild game and always in the right season, for instance you can find venison, wild boar, deer, hare, pheasant, the anara, the donkey, the horse, the duck all here at the Osteria and the game is always prepared and served as the tradition of Verona and with the homemade fettuccine or bigoli or polenta! 
  Located at:  via sottoriva, 10/A, 39 045 800 41 24
  "In addition, the cheese and the meats come from the local farmers and I know all of these farmers personally. I take care to know and learn about each one and all the wines as well. It is very important to me that I know what I am serving to my guests," says Davide. 
     "I enjoy everybody and we love to talk to the guests about the zero kilometer rule that my restaurant has. It is 10 years now and I redecorated the entire restaurant myself. The tables outside, since we are on the river, are always full if the weather is beautiful and my restaurant is a simple one. I use local ingredients to promote the products of Italy and to support my community of farmers, and honestly, they are the best in Italy, so I am very thankful for that," says Davide at about midnight when Carmine is finishing up with the tables and he has a couple of moments to chat! 
                       The Big Family of Simone and Ingrid, and Simone's father Gianni and team at                                         Osteria Monte Baldo Verona, love the culture of their city, their food and guests!
Osteria Monte Baldo, located at Via Rosa 12 in Verona and the Lab located at di Via Zambelli 10/A

                                                              045 803 0579  reservations                                 

                              Ristorante La Piazzetta, located at Corte S. Giovanni in Foro, 4/a                                                                                               045 59 1099 reservations 


                                                            Osteria Caffè Monte BaldoSala ristorante Verona
  "I am very happy to introduce and cultivate the Italian Osteria in terms of atmosphere and original purpose, as with the counter bar when you walk into the Caffe and Osteria Monte Baldo, which is the original idea of the Osteria in Italy. Locals would come to stand at the bar and eat little tartine, which is akin to the cicchetti in Venice, except since Venice is a sea island they use tons of seafood on the cicchetti. We use more hams and cheeses and meats of the region. They are similar to the tapas of Spain. The Osteria has a great menu with reasonable prices of pasta and meats, and some great regional wines. It is a family place and we worked very hard to restore the original feel to the Osteria. Although many tourists come to Verona to see the Romeo and Juliet memorabilia, it is a very important city culturally with the first Arena of the Roman Empire and yes we do have a castle, too!" he laughs telling me that. may contain: food
   "At the Osteria, in addition to the tartine, we have about 30 to 35 items on the menu, that is a very big menu, yet the dishes are homemade and real traditional from Verona. When I went to America and in particular New York's little Italy, I realized that Americans had a very different perception of REAL AUTHENTIC ITALIAN food...yet you can fly here and try mine,now!" he laughs and I am very hungry now!

        As you can see from the elegance of the vision behind the wine glass, the beauty and formality of the  Restaurant La Piazzetta in Verona is well earned. It is a very lovely restaurant to dine at with high quality products of Italy and homemade sauces, ragu, breads, pastas from the Osteria Monte Baldo Lab, of which the family provides both Osteria Monte Baldo and the La Piazzetta with. Image may contain: drink

"The Ristorante La Piazetta is a collaboration of me and my father, who isn't a old school strict I have to do things my way Italian!" laughs Simone, who is just a peach of a sweetie when it comes to people in the world. Along with his wife, Ingrid who worked at the Italian Embassy in New York 4 months, they share a love of New York and America and a business together. "My father, Gianni started the Caffe in 2003. In 2015 we started the ristorante together along with the Monte Baldo Lab where we make the products that we serve to the guests in each of the places. That way we and the guests can be sure that the food that we eat is of the highest quality. And it is pretty funny that the people love to come the the Monte Baldo Lab and buy bread to take home or pasta or ragu sauce, all of which they can do of course."   Is he or his wife a cook?

Simone laughs, "My wife is the restaurant and osteria's CFO actually!" Image may contain: food

   Here Simone, the very happy with life person that is the Capo of the 3 places in Verona, is proudly standing with his creations. "I am most proud that we make it all by ourselves, the food. And the wine is 70% Venuta and 90% Italian. The Ristorante is Verona regional food in the winter and Venecian in the summer.   Why?" he smiles and starts to laugh,(he laughs all the time and you laugh with him) "Because funny enough the Americans and especially the English become highly offended if they see the horse on the menu. And the donkeys? Forget it. The Verona culture is to eat donkey and horse as delicacies, yet the tourists not so much and we cater to the seasons."   
                                                                                  TRE MARCHETTI 
   For 5 years I have walked down the alley near Tre Marchetti and outloud spoke lavish praise of its beauty. To say that it is one of the lavishly beautiful restaurants of the world is true, yet the team is hilariously funny starting with the current Capo, Matteo. And yes they have been Michelin the last 10 years, including a star from 3 years. 

     "The restaurant is in my family 80 years and it is a funny story, yet let me tell you of the summer opera season that essentially starts at midnight every night and last til 4:00am. All of the audience and stars from the Arena next door come to the restaurant at midnight. That is about 100 people every night in addition to the usual lunch and dinner, yet all the stars sing here. I am a pretty good opera singer and have joined in every night. We have pictures on the wall of the known ones around the world such as Placido Domingo and Lucian Pavorotti, yet one night a couple asked me to sing because it is a man's wife's birthday." starts the funny story. 

     "That night a Russian Gentleman and his two ladies came in and were rather rambuctious and drinking tons of vodka. When I started singing the Russian Guy immediately stands up and crosses his arms staring seriously at me. I kept singing to the couple yet thought O-O it is 1:00am and my other guest doesn't like my singing. Yet when I finished the song the Russian guy comes over to me, grabs me by the shoulders and kisses both my sides of face. Bravo! he says! And I thought, you know that should show me not to judge a book by its cover." he says laughing hysterically and I thought yes it is better that the story has a happy side to it!                                                                Vicolo Tre Marchetti 19/b

                                                                        045 803 0463


"The funny story of my mother and my birth is that I am almost birthed in the restaurant here. The night of my birth, April 9, my mother is cooking in the kitchen and standing over a big fish. She rushes to the hospital and I am born on April 10, and one week later I am in a basinet and my mother is back in the kitchen!" he says and I ask if he loves fish now? He starts laughing, "No I don't care for fish." he says and I say that is because he blames the fish. 

tre-marchetti-1011      If Music be the food of love play on...                                       Shakespeare

                                                        Risultati immagini per tre marchetti verona

"The glasses are water glasses set on each table and the guests love these, with the gold trim goblets that they can purchase from Murano from us for 300.00euros a box of 6," says the waiter Roberto proudly. Since it is the very first luxury item that you notice as you walk down the alley and see the tables outside, they cause quite the stir. "I keep imagining my years here that the cars will pass and grab the glasses in a Murano glass heist and keep going!" he says laughing and I say O that is a lovely idea!

The famous Mexican Tenor posing with Matteo outside the lovely Tre Marchetti, Ramon Vargas. "Yes I have many of the famous ones here all the time and last week Botero and his wife came. I didn't recognize him and thought him to be very nice and friendly and at the end of the meal he asked if I enjoyed his sculptures and I asked who he is. When he said that he is Fernando Botero I am very impressed I said." I of course LOVE BOTERO  and tell him the story of his son. 

"You know the Qatar Royal family came here, His Highness Al-Thani and they love horses and a relative is in the Horse Jumping Show that is internationally famous here at Verona every year, along with the Famous Wine Show. They all came in, people from the United Arab Countries and they all loved to tell stories of their horses. When I had to present the menu I felt ashamed since Cavallo is on it and I explained that it is a Verona tradition since Napoleon. They nodded, yet they ordered other items!"" he says and I say  I don't think that they would order Secretariat on the Menu. White Truffles with Bigoli is more my style.Risultati immagini per tre marchetti verona
                      Me? Personally? I love Tartar. 

    "The menu that we have at Tre Marchetti is high quality and the best of the best. We see International tourists every year and the Japanese are coming like crazy. They love to order all the specials on the menu and they share all of these. Which is special to us since each dish is exquisitely prepared. Yet it is fun. My house, Tre Marchetti, is a model of eccentricities and a strange place!" he says. " White truffle risoto,Pappardelle with Red Ricioto with hare ragout, Bigoli with duck sauce, Pastisada de caval(stuffed horse stew in Amarone wine), these items are on the menu and in additon a fish prepared menu starts at 70.00euros per person and the Meat menu starts at 60.00euros per person. Yet you can comfortable eat a dish with a lovely bottle of wine for a couple of people at a nice price. Something for everybody." says Matteo. And Roberto, the waiter says laughing, "My friends usually eat elsewhere, only special days do they eat here!" 

             Vicolo Tre Marchetti 19/b

                   045 803 0463

  "My family owns 5 restaurants including a Pub in Verona," says the busy Matteo and I ask which ones, "One is the restaurant that you love named Torcolo which is located at Via Carlo Cattaneo, 11, 045. 803. 37. 30 (my  choice), with its soft colors and pure eleganc,., the Hosteria da Barca at Corso Castelvecchio, 5 with phone of Call 045 801 1687  ://, the Hosteria da Barca at Corso Castelvecchio, 5 with phone of Call 045 801 1687  ://
                                                      Ristorante Lupo di Mare Verona 
                Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, sitting, food and indoor
    Mauro, the Capo, is just as nice as can be. With a cozy boutique restaurant that, "specializes in only fish. I had a 30 year restaurant on the outskirts of Verona, which sat 120 people and specialized in raw fish and fresh fish, the first raw fish restaurant in Verona at the time; although many restaurants were starting to do the fresh raw meat which is tartar, I started the raw fish menu years before anyone else. That is what we specialize in here. We have maybe 5 items on the menu that are not fish, including the two on the antipasti starter section. Fresh fish. That is what I do. Maybe a little bit more expensive than most restuarants since real fresh fish is very expensive." 
Image may contain: table, fruit, plant, food and indoor
  "Inside it is romantic and private, which is the way I envisioned my boutique restaurant from the beginning and outside under the historical arch and pillars, we have tables in the summer. The tourists, of course, love the outside since they love the fact that they are sitting under a medieval structure, the locals? They are used to it. They care about the food. And I am very happy that most of my guests are local. That says a lot about the quality of my food. When the locals love the food, the tourists know that it is good," says Mauro. True.Image may contain: food

Image may contain: food  "I love my fish restuarant and I designed the entire restaurant myself. It is cozy and elegant and the dark heavy wood carved chairs and sophisticated yet modern lighting is all to set the mood of romance and privacy. The people that come to my restaurant know that it is about 50.00 euros or more per person and they come to have a lovely night here. I am happy although it has taken me 3 years to build the reputation as a high quality fish restaurant," says Mauro. He invites me to dinner that night to try his fresh fish and I try a octopus anti-pasta and a lovely pasta spaghetti and clams entree. Light and perfect. Loved it and especially loved the conversation with Mauro.Image may contain: food

                                                                                  LISTON da Barca
                    Via Dietro Listone, 19.  0039 045 803 4003


   The minute I walk into the very elegant yet eclectic restaurant named LISTON da Barca, I am charmed. The restaurant itself is sophisticated and warm with holiday greetings already up, and the team and Capo, Miro, are the best. Miro is standing at the desk and is dignified and courteous. Professional and friendly and his team smile the minute they hear his voice. "I am happy that you noticed that," he says laughing. The team smiles and giggles as if they know their boss is going to give a funny interview, which only shows how much he is respected and loved by his team. "I hope that is the way. You know I train each and everyone of my team and if I ask a person that works for me to do something, you can be sure that I have done that task before. I do it all," he says.          Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people standing                      
Since Miro shows me himself making the fresh pasta in the video, I ask him if he, too, is the cook? "I do love to cook and I make the fresh pasta everyday, not just here for show, yet I am the person that greets the guests and makes the guests feel at home. I am happy when I am on the floor, as we say. In front of the guests and giving them the highest quality of service that I can. My place I try to give a sense of service. That is what the guests remember."Image may contain: food


"I've been in the business 36 years, and I know how to treat a guest. It is all about service. The restaurant has been here 46 years and had a good reputation as a traditional Italian restaurant, yet the decorations and the glasses, the plates, and the gorgeous wood carvings on the pictures is from Matteo. The first thing to do when Matteo bought the restaurant 2 years ago, he buys all new!" he says. 
    Case in point the new house wine decanter! "See that, it is very sophisticated and we only serve the house wine in it!    When Matteo asked me about the concept of making the pizza famous here in addition to the great meats, fish and pasta, I told him that we had to invest a lot of money into the pizza. People can eat pizza anywhere and you have to have something special. And we did and now I can proudly say if a reservation calls on the phone that we have the best pizza in Verona, highest quality of service and very good food." Risultati immagini per food from liston da barca
"I worked for Matteo many years and his father and I would definitely say that I am a friend of Matteo, even more than a friend to be honest with you. I appreciate that he trusts the restaurant Liston da Barca to my direction and right now, today for instance, he is out jumping horses, since that is his passion and hobby" says Miro. "I don't have a hobby, only my wife!" we start laughing.

"I truly love my wife and my job. I love my team and we have fun with each other, yet we remember to try to make the service, the food and the wine of the highest, professional quality and every guest that walks in the door receives that service." 

     I ask about the food as Miro gives me a plate of tiny cuttlefish, which looks like a baby squid, and peas on top of polenta, my favorite. He wants me to try the Tagliatelle, although in the video he is making Tagliolini, he also personally makes my Tagliatelle, and we share a little. It is scrumptious. 

     "It is so soft and like butter, it melts as you eat it," I say and he says that is the way with the freshest pasta. Now I must try the homemade bread that they make, which is warm from the oven.            LOVE THAT FOOD! 

                 Via Dietro Listone, 19                                                    045 803 4003

"We have gotten great reviews and compliments the last 2 years with me as the director of the Liston and Matteo as the Capo, yet I have a very big restaurant. At least 200 people can sit to dinner at one time and of course you can't please everybody. Some people love it and then few people don't, yet that is life, right?   Sometimes you have people such this way.  The important thing to remember for me is that you are professional to all."Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling, people standing and indoor

 "Tonight, for instance a party wants me to carve the meat from the specialty cart. The meats we serve from the cart to the table include:  cow's tongue, baby cow's head, and a variety of beef, and the people can request a different meat of their choice. It is a personal service that I enjoy. Yes, you can request horse or donkey, yet it takes 10 hours to marinate that and you have to give us time. It is a tough meat," says Miro. Image may contain: food

         Yes, the atmosphere at the elegant restaurant is playful, the pizza; the best and the service untouchable! The amazing detail about the restaurant is that the pizza ranges from 5.00 euros to 12.00!

 Please come visit Dario and the team at Tigella Bella located at the wonderful river scene where romance is a must here at the city of Romeo and Juliet" Via Sottoriva, 24 ... reservatons please call at

 Phone:            Tel. +39 045 80 1309 8

Mobile:                39 346 68 693 87


The restaurant is wonderful and right on the cobblestoned alley or a wonderful balcony view in the river garden. And the team is lovely. Dario, the owner kept walking around since he is very busy yet invited everybody to come try his Verona cuisine!


 Mamma Mia! That is the traditional saying of Italians and people around the world...however at the famous Greppia, the mama Giovanna has for the last 45 years made the home-made pasta for her family. The son took me upstairs to see her making Green Raviolis which she let me taste. The husband even made a elevator for mama to work in her laboratory. 


"We have about 45 years of traditional famous homemade pasta and that is why people mama makes it every day 3 hrs. We have the only private outside garden that is hidden between two alleys about 125 meters from Juliet's house...the best location in Verona!" he says.

"my mother is 70 years old and for 45 years she has come into the restaurant and made the pasta and cakes here," says Luca, the young son who now has taken over the outside duties of managing the famous Greppia. Vicolo Samaritana, 3 is where the famous is located...
"The traditional dishes of Verona we have...we are famous for the cavalla which is the horse meat. People from Verona know that is a delicacy. We have cavalla tartar and other famous dishes and the gnocchi and the Bigoli." Luca says and laughs when I am squeamish about the horses. "We at Verona serve Donkey meat too. The specialty of the restaurant, though, is the meat trolley. I love to say that I come to the table and prepare the meat myself. Depending on the day we can have up to 12 meats. That is the real famous dinner at Greppia."
003 9 045 800 4577...if you want to be brave and try the traditional dishes!
The famous restaurant is named Greppia since that is where the horses ate in the stables of the tavern. Now they serve horsemeat! Which is funny seriously! Downstairs is huge bricked vaulted ceilings, "my father and mother uncovered the downstairs when I was about 18...and they found the most beautiful brick ceilings and walls. In the winter the people love to eat here yet in the summer since my mother makes all of the pasta we have the upstairs and outside. Can you imagine my mother making over 200 plates homemade every day!" Luca jokes..."My favorite thing to do is see my mother and father when they have a day off..." says Luca. We see a old man riding a bicycle with bags of meat on it..."That is the same man that has given us meat the last 45 years, yes it is true...on his bicycle."
    The restaurant itself has a green garden outside and is right next to Guilietta's house...about 80 meters away. "Yes the tourists love that ... and it is fun seriously to meet people from everywhere in the world. That is what Verona is famous for isn't it? The Romeo and Juliet." Risultati immagini per greppia verona
"In the morning at 8:30am the first thing that we do is turn the music on...we're singing and dancing and we love the music. If people love the jobs they keep doing it. Because we live  here. We're here about 70% of life and we must live here so we must turn the music on and dance and have fun." says the alive and totally normal! Luca. "I am the sommelier and for the last 2 years have been the official one here and for the last 4 years have drank the I can say I am expert on wine!" He stands outside and greets the guests as he chats with me. "We have about 125 local wines. I know everyone and every Monday if my son is alright and my girlfriend is alright I take a trip to the vineyards and I try the wine. Every Monday. I can help you and tell you which wine is better with the Fettucini which we have everyday. The Quintarelli giuseppe wine is my favorite yet it is a little too heavy with the fettucini. We have typical lunch here for the tourists and for the locals and if they want a typical lunch we must give a typical local wine." he says. 

                                                          Trattoria Arco dei Gavi

"Hmm how did I start a restaurant? I don't know I don't know..." starts funny Marco. When I say do you know anything about running a restaurant? He starts laughing hysterically, "No nothing I don't know.!" and that is how it starts. "I finished my university and I am into culture and when I come back my brother, Alessio, who is a wonderful cook, says, "let's open a restaurant." and I say alright and we buy Arco dei Gavi."   And what does Marco love to do? "I love to cook." he says. And I say does he cook in the restaurant? "No not at all. Alessio cooks and won't let me in the kitchen." Okay funny again. "I talk to the people and tell them to drink the Verona wine and the Mantova wine since that is where I am from and that is what they should drink." OKAY!                                                                   

      "You must come during Carnival for the Gnocchi Festival where one day in Verona everyone must make Gnocchis and only Gnocchis can you eat!" he says as he shows me the funny pictures. "Here we have 10 versions of Gnocchis including with tomatoes, cavallo, cheeses, you name it we have it. Alessio makes all kinds for the people all day long!"

Alessio speaks Italian and we could communicate a little when I tell him, along with the very packed restaurant at lunch, that his food is bella! And he smiles and says grazie! The mom, Celestina and Nicola, father, help out. "Here is the boiled meats," says his mom as she pushes the trolley around the restaurant showing me. They are a REAL ITALIAN family and very funny with sibling friendly rivalry and good naturedness and from the 50% Verona people here everyday I know that they must be VERY GOOD! 


                            Risultati immagini per trattoria arco dei gavi

I must admit that us Americans and "the Great Britain and Germany a little and maybe the Russians and Asians don't try the Cavallo too much, which is the horse, yet since 1848 of the War here in Verona the men fought all the time, it was winter and the horses were everywhere. I guess back then when you ate cows or pigs, it was natural to eat horses and the Verona people eat it traditionally. The tripe too the Americans won't try. They are very conservative!" says Marco.Image may contain: food

                   Risultati immagini per trattoria arco dei gavi
  Fratellos Alessio and Marco opened the lovely family traditional restaurant in Verona about 6 years now. "Alessio is the cook and when I try to enter the kitchen and try cooking he says, OUT, that is my kitchen!" says Marco who along with Emma and me sat outside talking about the lively Trattoria Arco Dei Gavi about 1 hr. During that hr. interview Marco gave me "try the Pumpkin Mousse of which we're the only restaurant in all of Mantova who makes it. It is my brother's restaurant. And the sweet wine..." he says as he gives me a little to taste. It is really good and not like the pumpkin pie or cake that we have in America. "It doesn't taste like pumpkin, it tastes light and airy. I love it!" I say and Marco keeps saying, "O it is pumpkin trust me. We have Pumpkin Ravioli too if you would love to try.!" 

                                43, C. Cavour

                          37121 - Verona (VR)

                            Tel: 3393687354

"People are different it is impossible to make everybody happy all the time since everybody is so different, yet it is funny to be myself and hope they love me... they do trust me! Maffei is Elegance Personified, Luxurious and Funny...does that make sense? Luxurious since it is in a Palace about 1000 years old and a ancient Pillared Courtyard that has its own private gate and entrance and funny because the owner's 25 year old son runs it. He is sophisticated since, "You know at the age of 21 it is a joke when my father says O you think it is easy to run a restaurant...try running that one. And I said O I can. I had to deal with people a lot older than me and important people that would look at me and think I am too young to be the owner. That is why I am serious all the time." he says. Yet he jokes while keeping a straight face too. Difficult! 

 Yes above is the inside of Maffei and the Outside...yet only one level. Underneath the restaurant is a huge wooden dusky wine cellar with the tables of the Last Supper and wait one level below is ruins that they discovered while renovating the restaurant in 1981. "It is the level since 100 Century BC. That is how long the city under the city has been here. When we renovated we said O...sugar! You know we had to wait 3 years to complete the renovations since the City said that they had to preserve the ruins. Yet they let us keep the restaurant and now we show people down here and have a special one reservation only of Modern Romeos and Juliets. People come here and do weddings all the time. It is the most romantic city in the world." he says. 

Alright...ready to meet the owner? Lucas is 25, "Just turned 26." he says. And full of funny quotes..." You know success is hard work you can't take the elevator in life you have to take the stairs." he quips. When I say O hey that is a lovely great quote he says, "Alright I heard that somewhere. Seriously though it is creativity and finding the right colors and the right plates and word of mouth and reputation. I don't like Trip Advisor by the way. You know Trip Advisor is like a boom-a-rang. It always comes back around to hit you." I start laughing and he says, "O now that is my quote.You can quote that one...wait on second thought maybe you shouldn't then all the trip advisor peole will write bad things about me." he says. 

"The restaurant here is formal and luxurious yet when I opened it with me at the helm I said hmm...we need the younger movers and shakers of Verona in here. Since I am born here I knew everybody in the city. I threw an outdoor invitation only party of 450 people that had to enter the gate. Here where the baker, Matteo, is I made it into the DJ hut and we had the DJ there. And a huge party to introduce the restaurant. We're Michelin 3knifes which is great. Yet a fun place to. I figured if the young people come their parents will come too. The table here is the Romeo and Juliet table. It is 150E per person and includes a private waiter and 6 courses with all the champagne you  can drink. Many people come to do the weddings here." he says as I ask him to pose. Ever do private friend parties here with wild girls and champagne when the restaurant is closed I ask. "Of course all the time." he says.  Ristorante Maffei, Piazza Erbe, 38 , 37121 Verona, 003 90 45 80 10015  Tele                 Fax  +3 9045 8005124     "And you must try the gourmet burgers at my other restaurant named Oblo..." he says and I mosey down the 95 meters under the arch gate to meet Oblo.

            The crazy chefs and waiters at Oblo.           


Elegant Funky Oblo.  Corso Cavor 5 Verona

Marco and Anna above, "You must see the menu. Lucas designed it that every gourmet burger has a special beer that is with it. It is when you eat fish and have a special white wine. Here you eat a burger and have a special beer that brings out the flavor." I say that is brilliant and the first time I ever heard of it.  

"The food is Verona typical and the region of Venice and surroundings...and the wines that we have are about 120 kinds. O and the paintings on the walls you asked about-they used to be in my father's art gallery and now here. My brother is the curator. A couple of times people have asked to buy the paintings and I must see the price and then I sell the paintings to them!" 

"My real love is whiskeys and behind the bar is a collection of all of my favorites. I guess when you ask what I love today about being the boss is little things like this. I can put any kind of whiskeys here that I want. I am the boss." he says laughing..."24 years now when I first started I was happy opening the restaurant and today when I wake up I have the same feeling of happiness. I love my restaurant yet owning a restaurant is a big responsibility. It is a Golden-" and he make the gesture of his wrists together-he laughs. "It feels like this sometimes." 

Osteria Sgarzarie  located at  Corte Sgarzarie, 14A  Verona,  Tele 945 89993 12

Alessandro says, "Under the beautiful outside stones is a architectural wonder that is from 15 .BC. The city does tours almost every day and we're working with the city in the future to coordinate maybe dinner and a archelogical tour. That brings the history of the location together." The location is superb by the way...just check out that picture! 

Seriously check out the location and beautiful. "The city of Verona says which colors of tableclothes we can use and the style of the furniture in the outside historical structures. They want to keep that traditional style and feel to it all." Alessandro says.  

"You know the city of Verona is a romantic city with the Romeo and Juliet  story. They were in fact real families from Verona although Shakespeare embellished their story I think. I don't know if there are any Montagues or Capulets living in Verona today." Alessandro says when I ask about the tale. He is born here yet visited Mexico when a friend of his told him of a opportunity to open a restaurant on the California side of Mexico. "I went to Mexico and fell in love on the spot. I opened a beautiful Italian restaurant on the Marina. I owned that and went there in the winters til 2010 and it finally was too much for me back and forth all the time. Now I only have the restaurant here that I love the last 24 years. And of course my new project which is my own Tequila in keeping with my love of Mexico, it is named Mexita and is in the process of being produced." he says happily and shows me the Mexita label...a combination of Mexico and Italy. 

Federica says, "Yes it is beautiful? Thankyou thankyou...let's stand near the wine which is Antonio's job and let me hold the menu." she laughs as we pose with pictures. Federica's mother and grandmother and grandfather owned restaurants in Verona and she has a lot of experience in running a restaurant.   to make reservations:    39 045 8009236

Francesco and wife Ida says, "We come from near Naples and the only reason that we chose Verona is since 5 years we wanted to open our own restaurant and a friend told us that the one here is open and available and we came and bought the restaurant. We've been here since 5 years. You know Italian is Italian and of course we miss our friends yet Verona is home now. I can cook that is my passion but I hired a chef. My wife does all of the desserts, all home made everyday." he says.                                                        Il Bertoldo Srl - Vicolo Cadrega 2/A -Verona  0458015604 -

The restaurant is hidden and intimate. A perfect romantic hideaway in the most romantic city in the world...where the lovers Romeo and Juliet lived. "Yes of course I know a little about the story" Francesco says, "One time since moving here I had to visit the Juliet house. And you know here is a Romeo house but nobody ever knows about it." he says. He shows me on the map where it is located and at 10:00pm on Sunday night I navigate through the city and find the hauntingly beautiful house.  

A famous dish from Naples is brought to me. Saucy raviolis. Yum. "Which dessert did you chose?" Francesco asks and I say that I chose the ricotta cake with pears. "O that is a good one." he laughs. "Me as a young boy I never liked dessert. As a matter of fact when little at my birthday parties all the cake would go to everybody else. I  never wanted any birthday cake." Really? I say. Hard to believe that a child doesn't like birthday cake. "Nope. I never even had a piece of my own birthday cake growing up." Wow. Alright for the rest of the people in the world that love cake...yum again.  

                              The famous arena of Verona where Robbie Williams is playing June 14Th Cool and most famous operas all year round.