Bertoldo Bertoldo Bertoldo                                                                                                                                                                                        
        Welcome to Osteria Bertoldo with Me & my good buddy Barbara Bet
                                                           045 801 56 04
  So here I am with my new friend the Capo Barbara who has made her bubbly yet business-like impression on the restaurant elite of Verona. She has acquired my favorite tiny hidden down the alleys of Verona romantic restaurant named Il Bertoldo, where she is the boss the last 5 years; the Due Mori Osteria which is a funky chic Osteria more NY happy hours bistro & the very elegant restaurant with garden of Du Schei, her latest investment of only about 3 months.  
Osteria Due Mori a Verona - Menu, prezzi, immagini, recensioni e indirizzo  del ristorante | TheFork
   Barbara invites me to walk with her to Due Mori, the Osteria down the alley located at Corso Sant' Antanastasia 20, which is all brass bar swanky style.         045 611 7541
OSTERIA DUE MORI, Verona - Ristorante Recensioni, Foto & Prenotazioni -  Tripadvisor
The narrow winding stairs to the second level are a      pleasant surprise as is the wild loud music in the intimate dining room. I ask her if they dance upstairs and she laughs and says, "O okay we could dance there." Her team laughs too.
      I ask her if it is difficult being a female boss in a predominantly male dominated Italian restaurant owner's world & she laughs as her bartender chimes in,"Barbara is a woman boss yet she is strong in her position as a man. She is both man & woman!" And they all start giggling. "The men bosses of Verona are only mad that I grabbed Du Schei before they could!" she says. "All of our places are children-friendly. Of course children can come to dine, yet Du Schei is a little bit expensive and if that is alright, they can come. Each place is romantic though.  All babies are adorable but crying babies aren't romantic, so I always say to use your own discretion, " says Barbara. 
  "It's my passion it has to be passion. It is from the heart, I love my Il Bertoldo. It is my first restaurant. I wrote the entire menu, all of it, and the team in each of the 3 restaurants is mine. I decorated each restaurant and made my own signature on these. I am very involved everyday running from one to the other to mold the team & the restaurant atmosphere what I want. I am many different fantasies and each restaurant represents my many different fantasies," laughs Barbara & I say if she acquires 50 restaurants, we can name her 50 shades of Verona!
The Il Bertoldo is a romantic tiny place where you must have reservations: here is the number! It is well worth it, tucked away in a little alley near the river and as private as you need. 
                               045 80156 04

 Il Bertoldo is located at: Vicolo Cadrega 2/a
And we have Du Schei a very elegant ristorante that has a hidden garden in the back of its iron gated exterior. Very posh posh & romantic.     Located at:
       Via interrato dell'acqua morta 66
"At Du Schei we have lots of fresh fish. ALL of my restaurants are of the highest quality ingredients. I insist on every item is fresh and that I have very good suppliers. My pasta at each location is home-made fresh everyday. And we make fresh home-made bread in all of the locations."
                             Ristoranti Verona: Ristorante DU SCHEI
                                                                              ZIGA bistro
                                         Via IV Novembre 1B, Verona, Italy

               Ziga Bistrò (VR) — Veneto Secrets

Alright let’s talk about ZIGA, the 3rd “star” of Ms. Bianchi’s Trilogy of healthy Vegan & Vegetarian Osterias. “The first two, my first being at the Florence Mercato & the second at the Rome Termini Mercato are really more Bistros. We have takeout & you sit at the Mercato’s tables where you choose & here at the 3rd a little away from the center is ZIGA.  The reason for the word ZIGA is that it is the sound that a bunny makes & because I know that a rabbit is meat, I am assuming that it is because little bunnies eat lettuce & veggies. Either that or it is the famous Playboy bunny & Ms. Bianchi is assuming that to look like a Playboy bunny one must eat at a place such as ZIGA with its natural shakes & 100% all natural cooked to order vegetarian dishes.          

       The first time that I entered ZIGA, I loved the place. Mostly the feel of the Vegan vibe which is always low key & hippy! I don’t know why the feel is that, perhaps the green plants everywhere, the décor, the vibe, the vibe of the team who usually themselves are vegan & vegetarian & health & earth conscious? So that they are easy & smiling at you. Or the memories of my own 8 weeks at the Vegan Speakeasy Cocktail & Tapa Bar in Philadelphia that just won the number #1 Vegan Bar in America. It was some of the best days & nights working here during the border closures when I kept in touch with my “capos” around the world by working in some of these amazing places myself. Loved the food, especially famous at Charliewasasinner, the Speakeasy’s name, loved the drinks all signature & vegan, & LOVED MY TEAM & boss Nicole Marquis. I told Marcella that I would love to introduce the two women who I know could exchange fascinating stories & ideas.No photo description available.

Ziga Bar in Verona - Restaurant Reviews, Menu and Prices | TheFork
 The quirky beauty of the ZIGA Bistro is undisputed; located opposite the river from the Juliete House in Verona at Via IV Novembre 1B, the Vegan/Vegetarian Bistro is quaint & hipster & green all at once with a very cool music vibe to it.                
The elegant trendy “GREEN ZIGA” sits with inside comfy tables(think the café of Friends) & outside tables next to a famous trendy delicacy bakery that everyone comes to, to have their coffee in the morning, & a trendy yuppy elegant bar that all of the young Verona yuppies come to at night instead of the city center. Hey they know where the real action is, right? Opposite the street is a great Italian Trattoria & it all sits among the residents of Verona on the same side of the river at the famous outside Teatro Roman. Take the bridge, walk along the river about 300meters & you shall find a great neighborhood vibe at night. Come early, though about 6:30 to eat some amazing food & try some amazing cocktails, Vegan if you choose the cocktails here!
Let's face it, when you eat such amazing food, you feel better, your skin looks better & inside you're helping your immune system to become stronger. And here at Ziga, the food tastes great, anyway, so that it is a win-win situation. - Caffè bar con cucina naturale :: Home
"My idea is of health & fitness. All of my items are 100% pure & we believe in healing the body naturally. My father is a famous doctor in Verona, yet quit the hospital many years now & started his own practice of holistic herbs & natural medicine & so I have grown up my entire life with that philosophy.  My mom & dad eat at my place a couple times a week & it makes him happy, I see, that I have followd in his footsteps, the term you use!" says Marcella laughing. She is the coolest person. Bright, a kind spirit & a very adventurous entrepreneur. 

          Ziga Bar in Verona - Restaurant Reviews, Menu and Prices | TheFork
   ZIGA has that vibe, yet a young vibe & as it is the youngest of the boss, Ms. Bianchi’s projects, perhaps that is why. “I’m just shaping it to what I want it to be & I started the vegetable & herb society garden to use these herbs in my ZIGA’s dishes. We use all the herbs that we grow here & my cook is learning & experimenting with these everyday. I would ask that my team have more social interaction with the guests as I want the guests to feel very comfortable here.”  I tell her that Vegan has become a needed specialty that people search to find. Some people search their vacation city for the best steaks only or the best seafood yet Vegans search the same. It used to be a fad a trend til people understood what Vegan & Vegetarian truly is. Ms. Bianchi says that she makes all of her food with natural herbs & natural ingredients, no preservatives or chemicals. Some Vegan places serve sweet potato French fries, for example, yet she says that isn’t healthy & just because it is a vegetable if it isn’t in its natural form it mightn’t be good for you. Here at Ziga, Marcella wants to shape her concept & image as a totally healthy place where you can be confident that the food is natural, vegetarian & vegan, & prepared in a fresh new way. I loved Ziga so I hope you do to.
      Ziga Bistrò (VR) — Veneto Secrets
                                             Tosca Cafe Verona located at:  Via Ponte Nuova, 8
  Alright I try not to use the word, "Dynasty" in describing "Capo's" entrepreneurial projects, so I would use that word with Nicola, who owns 3 of the very coolest hip wine Osterias in Verona. You know Verona, the VinItaly Wine Event of the world? Where wine flows so freely & with such abundance that it is easy to taste 1,000 wines during your 3-4 days walking up & down the vendors aisles. It is sooo much fun. Here, each place is special, unique, yet totally comfy & gorgeous. 
      We have Tosca Cafe Verona, Osteria Sottoriva & Vecio Mulin of the famous trio & although Vecio Mulin is the most elegant with huge windows overlooking the river, Osteria Sottoriva is my favorite. It is a cool Wine bar/Osteria where Nicola says the locals love to come to do a hearty lunch or friendly dinner. 
                 Located at:  Via Sottoriva, 23.
Ostregheteria Sottoriva Verona: arrivare enoteca, ristorante, orario
   The conversation is lively & usually in Italian as you wait for your wine at the bar or as you dine at one of the traditional Trattoria style wooden tables & chairs. So, if you want to brush up on the local authentic dialogues, here is a great place to do it.
 Nicola's 5 year baby is the  Tosca Cafe and Cucina Bistro. He says that he is redoing the menu & impression perhaps at the end of February. "I wanted a little more unusual menu so here we have couscous, for example. Yet I am changing it to reflect traditional recipes of Verona, more local, as the other 2 of my places represent." 
Sottoriva 23 Ostregheteria a Verona - Menu, prezzi, immagini, recensioni e  indirizzo del ristorante | TheFork
"I want to say that is my private chef, Luigi"jokes Fulvia, who has worked with the very approachable and very cool Capo, Nicola, of First Sottoriva about 22 years and 13 years the elegant on the window seat Trattoria Vecio Mulin and now the Tosca his baby of two years. "I worked here many years as the director and we had too many midnight nights!"she says as she explains why she is front office now. "At 5.00pm I can come have wine with the girls." 
ps. its been 3 years since Luigi created my cool entre named  La Sporta di Fata Matilde, which is spaghetti half cooked in water served, in foil with shellfish sauce and clams. Of which most of mine I ate and had some big huge shrimps and shellfish legs as if big crabs...I am not sure! IT IS SO BIG I COULD ONLY EAT HALF! Now, as I am invited to my favorite, finally at Osteria Sottoriva, I have spent the entire afternoon trying to decide what to have on the menu!
May be an image of 1 person
  Outside the trendy local Osteria, it seems very quaint & casual. I absolutely love the inside, though. Especially the upstairs loft that has railings where you can peruse the people coming in, dining, standing at the bar while you eat your dinner & drink your great choice of the huge selection of wine that Nicolo is constantly changing. "We've added something new since Covid & it has been very successful. It is a mini wine degustation of 30 euros with 4 wines & 4 plates per person. Every week I invite some owners of the local vineyards to come share their wine." You can make reservations on the website & if you are living near Verona, which is to say even Austria, Germany & Switzerland, I hope you try to make it down here on Thursdays for the wine & food night. The atmosphere inside is a little dark & cosy at night, with the lights dim so you can have a intimate night with your partner &/or friends. Love it.  reservations
     Alright let's try the Vecio Mulin, which Nicola has owned the last 13 years & the most elegant one.
  Yes, you sit with wide glass windows of a view of the River, with it's bridge & countryside hills lit with lights at night, yet the food is why you come here. Trust me. It is Amazing. 
 As beautiful as the dishes are when they come to your plate, they are even more desirable to eat. So take pictures, yet eat the food because it is definitely worth it!
 The chef here is unbelievable in his exotic & innovative presentations of the local products of the Venuto region & recipes. I know they are Michelin qualified because I have been in & eaten at so many during my 12 years around the culinary world, so it is only a matter of time til we see them listed.
   It was definitely a pleasure to sit and have a very funny conversation of why the place sitting on the window seeing the river of Verona is so romantic. I remember it well, as if you look under the white linens there is indeed a story of his first restaurant as is written in poetry of Sottoriva and of Nicola. A poetry written on each table, yet hidden. I say that I hope he does little middle linens and lets his guest in the future to see the writings. Now that is romantic.
                                        VECIO MULIN on the River at Via Sottoriva 42
                               located at:  Via Venti settembre n. 80 37129 Verona
    At the entry you will most certainly be greeted by either Anna the owner, Matteo the director, or Mercutio the cat! 
     "We've received the best small hostel worldwide from Hostelworld & #7 and #6 best female solo hostel worldwide. I haven't a clue why the girls love my hostel, yet they do. Sometimes I will have 30 girls & 1 boy in the entire hostel!" says Anna. I say that is very cool considering that girls always want to feel safe when traveling the world alone & it just shows that here they do.
      "I also am so amazed all the time at the amount of time the guests spend cooking in the kitchen, which is open to the tables & lends itself to conversation & inclusion. My brother is a architect & he designed the entire hostel, so I am very happy to see it used the way he intended. He had traveled one year before he designed it & he incorporated many ideas that he had seen in his journeys. The guests do real elaborate cooking in the kitchen,too, with complicated meals & it intriques me. We have 2 bins, you can use both of these free during your stay here & one Free Food Fridge where we encourage guests to use & donate to. It helps to have everybody able to use the kitchen & join in the fun," says Anna.  Image
  "When we first opened The Hostel it was one year before Covid. We were totally full the minute we listed The Hostel on Booking,com & on Hostelworld. Verona was in a big need of a Hostel & we took a chance. I had run some airbnbs which is totally different than a hostel. Usually for couples & here we had friends, groups, solo travelers. I would say that we have about 80% international travelers staying with us. Me & Matteo worked 24/7 everyday. We were not prepared for the popularity of it! When the pandemic hit, we had one or two guests & me & Matteo would just be sitting here all day. We got to intimately know our guests, though, & I have fond memories of that time when they would cook for me & we would do dinner & long chats with each other. I made very good friends during that time, too." 
The view of the kitchen from one of the tables.The coolest thing about the seating area is the mixed matched chairs that Anna bought at the auctions & said made her think about having a second career in interior design it was so much fun. She & her brother have done a very thorough job of making sure that every person has a outlet for their laptops, phones & accessories. The architect certainly was observant on his journey!
 Matteo is super helpful & tells you all your details of the coded key entry & coded room entry, with showing you how to use the codes & shows you personally where your room is. He is very friendly & tells you stories of his Hannibal Cat that loved the 3-seater antique wooden church bench in one of the girl's dorms. I love that seat & Matteo says so did his cat! So maybe it has something to do with a "cat owner thing".We all think the same way!
  The Hostel is run by Anna, whose cat Mercutio, receives more trip reviews of the positive nature than any of the staff, she says. I believe it, people miss their pets when they travel & it is fun to have a furry friend cuddle up to you on your trips. "We always receive reviews saying, the Hostel is beautiful & the staff is nice but the cat is really great!" 

                                                              Pizzeria Bella Napoli of Verona
                                                   Via Guglielmo Marconi 11
                                                             +39 045 806 9182                         
                           See the source image
   It is so very nice to meet a real Italian family & team that is totally laid back & easy to talk to. Pictured here is me with Mattia,a son of Giovanni who along with his other son, Andrea, Mattia's uncle, Andrea & Andrea's son Giacomo(who likes to be called Jack), make up the family of 5 that own & operate the Bella Naples in Verona. They have a great team, headed by Antonio, who Mattia says is "the best waiter in all of Verona!" Mattia laughs & directs all the take-out that his cousin Andrea puts on his motor scooter, leads the guests pouring in constantly to the table, shows me their instagram photos, tells me about their pizza that is from a small town about 40-50 kilometers from Naples named Tramonti, & looks at my EmmeAnesB00k on his computer all at the same time.
 The pizza that I am eating is gluten-free & Bufala & it is soo good. I love it. Plus it is gluten-free, how lucky can you be to find such pizza here in Verona. Mattia says that he has lactose free mozzarella, too, for these with special food needs.

  Giacomo, who Mattia calls, "Jack" delivering my gluten-free pizza. The BEST Gluten-free pizza I ever had! No photo description available.
    "Yes, well we open our second Pizzeria, or should I say we reopen it soon opposite the street. You shall see that we are constantly experimenting with making the gluten-free pizza as best as we can. The other pizza we make with twice as much yeast, which is the typical pizza from the local where my family comes from in Tramonti. Naples pizza has thick crust, but here we have thin. Everybody in Verona has loved the pizza from 1971 when we opened. It's funny to work here, yet I make it modern too, & always know if they need me at the Pizzeria & if yes I zoom here fast." No photo description available.
  Here is the pizza that is 60 Centimeters long. Mattia says that 3 people share that & that one time one person ate the entire pizza all by himself! O my Gosh I say, it looks like some table of 5 people could eat it!
"I study economics in University, & afterwards because of Covid I started selling cars: Porsches. I drive soo many Porsches. I drive Porsches home. It is great. Yet, when we reopen here during the pandemic we have a huge staffing problem & so all the family must work at the Pizzeria! So I come here to work." I start laughing asking is he drives a Porsche now? "I drive the motor scooter to deliver the pizzas!" laughs Mattia. Is he teasing? "Well usually we had a driver that delivers the pizzas, yet with the staffing problem now either Jack or my brother, Andrea or me drive the motor scooters & deliver the pizzas!" he says. Pizza "bella Napoli". - Foto di Pizzeria & Ristorante Bella Napoli, Verona  - Tripadvisor
  Two guys downing wine after the pizza eating contest of "if the gluten-free pizza is the best in Italy!" talk fast in the Italy way. 
     "We need to do a alcohol test on these two guys," laughs Mattia! 
    There is a sudden problem & the "Italian" comes alive as they gesture with each other, the brothers & cousins gathering around the reservation book & Mattia starts making these very Italian gestures with his hands & over dramatic body language & the woman server bursts out laughing at him & so they all start laughing & just say, Okay, we fix it, & all is 
back to the calmness just minutes before! 
No photo description available.
 "Some regions of Italy are very jealous of their local pizza. Such as the city of Naples. They love only the Naples pizza & they brag about the Naples pizza only. You can try having a Naples-style pizza in every local in Italy, but you definitely better not have a Roman pizza in the city of Naples itself because they will never eat this!" says Mattia. Do they have famous people in Bella Naples? "Well, I know that the Americans love love love Andrea Bocelli, when I went to Las Vegas Andrea is over everywhere & so he used to live very near here & so I have met him. Politicians do come in here & eat, too. Hey we have to say we have very good pizza here!"No photo description available.
                                                        ROMEO Bistro & Cocktail Bar
                                                         +39 045 9787103
                                                   Vicolo S. Marco in Foro, 1b, 37121 Verona VR                              
    Okay Romeo Cocktail Bar is a fun one, from the down-to-earth Capo who is the "BAR MAN" for DOLCE & GABBANA at Fashion Week starting September 22, 2022 in Milan Italy, THE FASHION CAPITOL of the WORLD, to the funny friend of mine, Albert, bringing all the Michelin Chefs to surprise Andrea with his signature cocktails of 8 of the 3 stars around the world. AMAZING. The team is VERY competent & yet playful, showing me the "trickster" behind the scenes of the 2story 600bottle bar with a facebook photo worthy of instagram & the highly technical affordable cocktails of the world. "Hey it is Verona," says Andrea when I say that 12 Euros only to enjoy the lovely superb ALINEA Michelin 3 star cocktail from my hometown, Chicago. "If I had the same bar in Milan the cocktails would be 18 to 24 euros."
May be an image of 1 person
  The first signature cocktail is made with Perrier, of which Andrea is kind of a ambassador in Italy & he is very happy to include the 3 star Michelin named NOMA located in Copenhagen Denmark and has been ranked the number one restaurant in the world 4 times by Michelin Guide: my buddy Massimo of Francescana in Modena Italy has been unumber 1, 2 times. 
  "I wrote each restaurant chef & told them of my cocktails & 3 out of the 8 wrote me back & that is very amazing," says Andrea who is to bartending of the world what the Michelin chefs are to Foodys. O Gosh I said "Foodys" in the same sentence as Michelin...let's hope they don't find the villian me. 
                               Rene of Noma, The New Restaurant Opening in Noma's Old Space - WSJ
 Peruvian Master & the signature of Romeo Cocktail Bar: Central.

Or my very good friend Grant Achatz of Alinea in my hometown of Chicago or
Chi-town as we call it, with the mayors of: Daily, Emanuele, & Lori Lightfoot. With the "L" as the's my city & I love Alinea.May be an image of drink

No photo description available.
  Andrea is very big time, yet has that very friendly Mid-Western vibe to him. A person you could just be best buddys with forever. Take for instance when Andrea told me he is invited to be THE BARTENDING CATERER for DOLCE & GABBANA September 22 Fashion week. I said, "Hey you know I am the greatest Bartender assistant & I could just stand next to you & hand you the little carmelized know, O Andrea you need a lime, here it is." Yet Andrea only laughs & says yes that he has many people volunteering to help him at the Fashion Week. I said that I bet he meets lots of celebrities at the events & he says yes that he does. But I say that he should invite every Michelin 3 star chef for a VIP night at the Romeo Cocktail Bar & that is just as important & they can buy each other's cocktails & see which one is the best!
No photo description available.
  Okay Andrea's story is that he & a friend of 20 years started bartending & then started the bar wedding catering & after a couple of years had to start the Academy to train people to help them at the weddings because they were doing so many of them. And I have had my share of Waldorf Astoria weddings along with sitting at Liz Claiborne's table for the event of HEARING for THOSE THAT CAN'T & even at these events in America it is a white linen bar with Tuxedo guys bartending. but of course the Italians are the fashionable people & don't imagine that it stops at clothes. Andrea has tiers of bartending equipment, the gold or the platinum & wait til you see it! PS if my typing is bad now it is because I am having too many Michelin chefs but I haven't eaten yet!
The great Bartending Academy...where you can be "legal wedding crashers" as Andrea's bartenders at all the very cool weddings & meet your lifelong partner is at the link. "Yes, well, you know the bride & groom usually leave before us & we're the bartenders, so yes, we hear the progression of the night as people hook up & are happy or not so much," says Andrea when I say that he should make a movie of the last 20 minutes of the weddings & he says the last 2 hours is the best.
corso barman flair Bartenders Academy Italia- flair room
                         No photo description available.     At Zazie we eat Vegan including that amazing chocolate cake that the very beautiful porcelain skin owner, Debora makes every morning...where do we get that porcelain skin you might ask? Well at ZAZIE in Verona, of course, where every ingredient you put into your mouth is as natural as the good Mother earth can make it. 
                      Tucked in a sidestreet at:   Via Gaetano Trezza 1A, Verona, Italy                                                                                                             
  My Couscous salad is pictured below and as I already said on Twitter the day I ate it, it is the very best salad that I have ever eaten. It had tumeric in it,which usually is okay with me, yet every couple of months my body rejects new spices so now I know I can't eat tumeric any longer. Debora says that next time she can make it for me without tumeric. Just ask about your allergies & although every item that she uses in the kitchen is natural, you should ask anyway. Yet would I order that salad again? Of course I would.  Her boyfriend, Dan, is a biologist, which is perfect for research! He helps her cook in the Ramen special every Saturday night! No photo description available.
  Debora has done several trips to Asia, & has learned the art of using Asian spices, so you will taste a little Vegan fusion of all Verona farm to table ingredients with her special touches mixed in. I personally have always loved veggies & fruits, along with chicken & fish, yet thought eating healthy was very expensive.No photo description available. I was sooo surprised that my CousCous salad was only $7-8. And you see how huge it is. So, please come & try these lovely dishes that she cooks from brand new every morning. She makes the cakes every morning. She decides the recipes for the day at night, "I dream recipes. I write these down as I dream them & that is how I create everyday a new menu." Okay I call Debora the Steven Spielberg of Cooking!Zazie: il network del gusto libero. I buoni sapori di frutta e verdura
  Debora is pretty amazing. She has traveled more Asian countries than I have & has lived in a couple of these several months including Japan where she has become a expert in the Grandmother's of Japan cooking culture. 
"I went & literally kept knocking on doors asking the Japanese Grandmother's for their recipes & asking them to let me in the kitchen to teach me these cooking techniques. Is it easy to do that? It is the most difficult thing to do that, but I am so happy that they taught me these ancient cooking techniques & how to use the asian spices that I now experiment with in my recipes at ZAZIE." says Debora. She says she was very lucky because she had two Japanese friends who were chefs in Japan, yet she said if you try & you try to learn the language they are very hospitable to you. See so we are also learning the Japanese culture!

  Okay, so for everybody who is still living in the 2010s, Vegan is very cool & very real. It isn't a "trend" any longer & especially with the pandemic attacking all of our immune systems, it is time to give all natural a try. Hey Joaquin where you at? Ha. 
   Here is the Vegan you have been looking for-especially because Deborah does Vegan for purely personal reasons: She LOVES ANIMALS. When Deborah was young growing up on a farm her mom & dad didn't know what to feed her! She said that her mom said that she had to cook for herself because they were the steak & potatoes kind of family that typically does grow up on a farm. So Debora read books & cooked for herself. Isn't she amazing? She said that she loved all the animals on her farm & seriously could never even think of eating "bessie!". (My words, bessie, yet you get the idea.)
 So, hence, the Vegan magic has begun. I had first started eating Vegan, myself, from my stint at Charliewasasinner in Philadelphia. LOOOVED: IT.
   Now my skin is gorgeous outside & I look so much younger eating healthy. So, I'm eating healthy now.Zazie - Verona Restaurant - HappyCow

   Um, so you must come play games on get your game on Saturday night at Ramen night. You love Ramen? We love Ramen. Open til Midnight on Saturday nights so come & party. "All of my team is women except my boyfriend, Dan, who is in the kitchen on Saturday nights cooking sooo much Ramen it is unbelievable. Usually I am here from 6:00 am, we open at 9:00 am, til 8:00pm. Yet on Saturday we're here from 6:30 am to Midnight. It is crazy!" says Deborah. And yes they have wine, biological of course, from Dan the Ramen Chef!Benvenuto a Zazie Verona. Apre le porte il laboratorio del gusto libero!
               Yes they do really look like that!
Zazie Verona: la storia di Debora | GazzettadelGusto
Remember the great Saturday Night Live skit: Cheeseburger?
well here it is Focaccia Focaccia Focaccia! All Focaccia, first made so famous in Florence that the city banned sitting on the cobblestoned alley where tourists lined up for blocks.

Via daniele manin 4/A, Verona, Italy

NOW IN VERONA...yum wait til you see how BIG these Focaccia sandwiches they make to give guests...
  Allessio & Gypsy started the Verona edition of the famous Florence Focaccia about 3 years now & they're famous already. May be an image of 4 people and food
  "We're so busy in August & September of 2022 that tourists come so much that the office workers only start coming in October because they need fast sandwiches & there is so many people ordering sandwiches that they have to wait!" laughs the very friendly & super kind Capo of Figaccia. "Yeah we had great names at first for our Focaccias yet people wrote on Trip advisor that our Focaccia is too sexist naming. They said the Focaccia is SOOO BIG YET SO SEXY NAMES that we have to tame the names down a little. We still have the gang & the nympho & the Ex-we could do a ex girlfriend the vegetarian & the EX-BOYFRIEND the meat variety in the future." I ask if the EX-girlfriend is because the vegetarian doesn't eat meat, & of course that is too sexist so we delete that comment from the menu but not the website.
See that meat? Each section is one sandwich. The couple from New York & Miami can't believe how big their sandwich is & I say that it looks like an entire steak dinner.May be an image of outdoors
  "We open 11:30am to 3:00 maybe a little later if people line up. And 7:00 til 9:30pm. Maybe in the future later, but we want the famous lines of 300 people, the people sitting on the steps & eating the focaccia's. We have our own recipes that we made & a lab makes these for us everyday. They bring the focaccias to us & actually on Sunday we ran out of Focaccia about 15 minutes before 9:30 so we're very happy about that. We want people everywhere in the world to know our focaccias." 
 "My partner is Gypsy, yet today we have Filippo in the kitchen making the focaccia's & my nickame for Filippo is Billie(from Billie don't be a Hero?) & Tommy helping me with the sandwiches. I haven't found a good nickname for Tommy, yet," says Allessio. I say let's name Tommy "Slugger" for a major league Catcher since he is wearing his baseball hat backwards & all 3 of the guys just look blankly at me. I guess it is a cultural slang of a great baseball batter! Yet it is American slang so that is why we need international tourists sitting outside the La Figaccia sharing stories eating their focaccias.
  My Friend Maria loves the Traveler, yet they have yet to rename one of the Focaccia that: what they do have is the Gang, the Ex, the Salami , Nympho, Amante(which is Allessio's favorite),Dolce Vita(which name is my favorite), Figaccia, & Vegetarian.
 "My partner, Gypsy, is a public relations specialist & I am a IT specialist & when we started the Figaccia we were really drunk & came up with the name. Yet, don't be fooled, we had a lot of time to do research of visiting the Venuto Mountain farms that have the products & we tried it all & got to make great friends with the farmers. We tried the local beers, too," laughs Allessio. He doesn't seem to take himself too seriously, yet he does say that he & Gypsy went to Florence & asked the people how they became so famous. Articles & facebook they said! Okay, I told Allessio that I shall make him more famous than Florence. They have a excellent start because they use only local Italian products, the freshest they can find, they make each sandwich to order, they're HUGE, they only cost 5 to 7 euros each, & they're very funny!  Even Elon Musk likes Figaccia-
 "We have local wine & local beer. We try to find Verona breweries because I want people to come here for the real local culture." says Allessio & I tell him about the Santa Maria Craft Pub. It is a local brewery & they're seem very nice, so maybe in the future you can grab a local beer from the La Figaccia beer case, your focaccia & sit outside chatting with internationals around the world.No photo description available.
  I love to see when "corporate" people become entrepreneurs because they're so proud & happy to do what they do & to laugh & share their success stories with you. 
    No exception is La Figaccia & Allessio & Gypsy. "I love meeting everybody & yet I am the shy one having been with IT. Gypsy loves to talk to people," says Allessio. I ask him if he misses the IT corporate world? "Now I am having fun talking to people from everywhere actually. I love my place."
    Okay tourists come on & with a beauty such as here, how could you stay home!May be an image of text that says 'PROSECCO'
  I ask to see Allessio's facebook & he saamys he deleted his facebook & instagram & I start laughing. If the Florence team uses social media how does he do it? "O gosh, of course the La Figaccia has Facebook & Instagram. We have 4,000 followers already on Instagram, I just deleted the other social medias!" he says. O thanks to heaven. I so believe that people love to discover social media sites to check out cultural places. And they're way way up there on Trip Advisor, too, so the "boys in the band" do something right!  No photo description available.
                                                          May be an image of outdoors                                                 Osteria Sgarzarie
                                                         Corte Sgarzarie 14/a 37121 Verona, Veneto, Italy

     I feel as if I am officially on the staff at the Osteria Sgarzarie because I am actually at the restaurant consistently more than any other team member. Greta the very capable "Capo" has the restaurant totally under control although she is so very busy that it is difficult to actually find her here. If you do she will be more than happy to sit with you and chat about her team, her restaurant, her food & recipes & how proud she is of all & how happy she is that you came. 
  However, know that she cares very deeply for the fact that all of her ingredients are real, fresh, the best she can find, the recipes traditional real & true to Verona & Italy. She cares very much for these facts & spends a lot of her time everyday making sure that she has the freshest available at her restaurant everyday. It is important to know for us with allergies: they use zero chemicals in the kitchen-all natural ingredients & in addition to the  wheat pasta "Senatore Cappelli", they use Spelt pasta with a very low gluten content. They have warm carrot soup & 13 vegetables soup for the vegetarians, in addition to huge salads & fish main entries. 
  Try some of these:  Rocket salad with dry smoked Horse Meat, Raspberry vinegar and Parmigiano cheese waffle or HOME MADE EGG FETUCCINE

with Turkey, Duck and Guinea Fowl white Ragu, Rosemary flavored.

   They have an amazing collection of Amarone wines & a very nice selection of Champagne in addition to the local Verona Reds & Whites, they have Italian wines from all around Italy & some great French wines, too,May be an image of dessert and indoor

  Greta is one of a handful of Restaurant owners or "Capos" as I fondly call these great dedicated loyal people who sacrifice their entire life so that they can present to you the local traditions of their regions. She is very proud that her entire team is hers. That she is the boss & hand selects her team herself & they have been loyal to her & Osteria Sgarzarie for years. "I have finally hired 2 women, a server & a bartender. Usually I work only with men on my team at least the last 7 years & now I am training the girls!" She laughs when I say O okay seeing that she herself is a woman.No photo description available.
  Along with playful tables down the front alley, a intimate tiny inside dining room, they have the lovely historical portico that you sit under ancient stone pillars & have a lively time chatting with each other & close guests sitting next to you. Sgarzarie a Verona - Menu, prezzi, immagini, recensioni e indirizzo del ...
 The menu & the wine list is very welcoming & include exotic entries such as GUINEA FOWL THIGHS

with Carrot and Raspberry Sauce for $24. FRESH HOME MADE TAGLIOLINI

with Sicilian Pesto and Shrimp Tails or a favorite such as GRILLED LAMB CHOPs
with fresh Mint jelly and sauteed Potatoes.

  And sitting outside either down the little alley with the local bistro deli on the side & foot traffic of curious tourists walking by or the outside tucked in the historical piazza on the other side of the restaurant with its intimacy & relaxed atmosphere, you can enjoy a Aperol Spritz, which is very good here or a lovely selection of wine.
     As the Romans ruled here centuries ago, of course they had their "idols & other gods" which the Vatican & Christianity condemns today, yet there is the jPiazza in the back of the restaurant named: 
 In the outside Palazzo, there is the historical archeological site that started excavation the year of 1983 & continued to 2011. The temple to the gods covered 60,000 square meters! The portico was used as an archive for official records & tour groups enter the site down a set of stone stairs. In the 7-8th centuries the walls collapsed due to water infiltration & one can see the vaults where they collapsed.  
                                                VERY NICE LITTLE PLACE FOR APERITIVOS!
No photo description available.
   "I love my restaurant & my mom & my child!" laughs Greta. I say hey what about your Doctor Husband. "O yes him too!" she says. She has let me talk to her about 5 minutes from my 3rd appointment as we keep missing each other & she is off to help her brother who is on her team & laughs everyday he sees me coming to chat. She is THE BOSS of Osteria Sgarzarie & with her attention to every detail, especially her guests, you will soon know it! Have a lovely dinner & enjoy the historical setting located at Tel: +39 045 8000 312  
                                                                                             TIGELLA BELLA of VERONA         
                                                                    VIA SOTTORIVA 24
      Okay aren't they the cutest couple ever? The two owners are Dario & Vanessa and both would much rather have their food taken pictures of by their newly hired social media director from Sri Lanka, although he says he has never actually been to Sri Lanka, then themselves, but I'm glad I convinced them because they're so adorable. 

    “Well we do have the local wine from the Tommasi Vineyards & the 3 Italian pasta dishes that we change with the season, yet keep these traditionally Veronese. And while the ham that we use is the highest quality from the choice of the Tigella Bella franchise(we gladly use it in all of our menu items), the vegetables & products that we use to accompany the Tigella bread are all from Venuto.”No photo description available.

         No photo description available. said that they added chicken wings, a huge real beef hamburger, which the younger generations from everywhere in the world(uh-oh, they're becoming americanized)seem to love and these french fries in addition to 3 plates of various regional pastas. Yet they're famous because of the tigella.

 Finally I enjoyed it, & especially the chance to have real Lambrusco from Modena again. I had it several years ago in 2019 at a little café in Modena & it was delicious. Very different from the Americanized version we have in the United States. Here it is smooth & sweet. I had gone to Modena naively thinking I could talk one of the big exotic car owners into producing & sponsoring my script, The Life of Albert, which of course has car racing in it. Modena for those you don’t know, is home to Lamborghini, Ferrari, Bugati, Maserati, & of course Luciano Pavaretti & Massimo Bottura of the #1 Restaurant in the world according to Michelin 2016; Francescana. It is also the home of Balsamic Vinegar, you know the one dressing you love on all of your salads around the world. O & it has one hostel for my backpackers:Ostello Felippe. Very cool little city, near Bologna, & birthplace of my grandfather Dante Vignali. So I am a little partial to Modena!No photo description available. My grandfather’s brother, Kelly(Alfonso)Vignali was Jimmy Hoffa’s right-hand man & mentioned in the movie with Robert DeNiro, The Irishman. O & have I mentioned that Robert DeNiro visits Massimo about once a month to try cooking techniques for his TriBecca Grill in New York?   Many reasons to visit Modena & many little Tigella reasons to eat at Tigella Bella.No photo description available.


And my little baby order of tigella. Yes they have a baby size, which is named baby tigella and it is way too big for me! The cool thing about the Tigella Bella is that although they are a franchise born in Modena, the Tigella Bella owners give their partners a lot of chances to tweak their menu to the location of their own Tigella Bella. “We have 3 items that are particular to the Venuto traditions & we added the other ‘Americanized” items during the pandemic,’ says Dario who also says that it helped with delivery when the people wanted a Hamburger & fries, for instance. Here they had Tigella delivered to, & so they weren’t ever completely closed. When the Osteria opened up again, the people usually chose to eat outside, right on the river, with its beautiful view. I think that it is a very brave choice to try a little bit of something that isn’t regional & yet it is.No photo description available.
  You're going to love the place. Vanessa said that she had to revamp the vegan one as first they tried plant based with chick peas but that didn't go over too good, so then Dario said they tried hummus which the guests didn't like so much so she finally settled on her tofu which all the guests love even the guests who don't like tofu love hers.
Appetitosa... - Picture of Tigella Bella, Verona - Tripadvisor
  Vanessa is the cook of the family, and Dario is the Director who talks to and greets the guests, although except when it is super busy, which is almost always, Vanessa is out chatting with everybody, too! The wine Dario tells me is Venuto except they carry 2 Modena wines of Lambrusco which is very sweet. Must try.Tigella Bella. Produzione artigianale di tigelle e gnocco fritto. best ...
   Actually, Dario said that they give the students a 20 euro a person discount on Wednesday, and Monday to Friday for us rich working people we can do the same deal at 30 euros, so I'm not too sure who actually receives the 25 euro deal. You'll have to ask Dario! But the food is amazing either way isn't it? 
No photo description available.
 I tried the tigella bella which is made in the Modena region of Italy, and they're served with sauces and in my case veggies on the side. You fill the bread little disks, with veggies or tofu or ham. It is very good and very filling. On Wednesday nights the couple have a buffet of sharing plates for the students. Dario says that the student night is only 20euros and the students can continue to order as much food as they can eat plus as much drinks as they want. So if they want 3 spritz or 3 beers or 3 wines with their tigella baskets and platters they can. He said he had 140 students on Wednesday so that is totally cool. I say to Vanessa that mine is so filling I only could eat 2 tigellas with my veggies, so they probably don't eat that much on student night. Vanessa corrects me saying that O my gosh they eat sooo much on student night! And they drink a lot too! But Dario laughs saying that yes but they're kids so student night is to help them eat a lot.
                                                                OSTERIA Al Carroarmato
                                                   Vicolo Gatto 2A
                                                    +  39 045 894 4413May be an image of indoor

  The woman who owns the Osteria named Al Carroarmato is amazingly down-to-earth, natural, funny, kind & yet at the age of 70, a super woman! She is the Boss & the Cook & she is very kind & humble with her perfect porcelain skin that she says is natural. I ask if she lets steam everyday in the kitchen soften her skin & she laughs & asks if I mean the sauna spa treatments! I say yes because her skin is perfect & ageless. It is that way with the Italian women. They are fashionable & ageless. 
    AnnaLisa speaks Italian. I speak English. It is a interesting first 30 minutes of conversation, yet we try along with her daughter, Lara. I admire her wine bottles & she invites me to follow her down to the cool dark cellar down old stone steps. VERY COOL I say. It is as pictured, yet very real with dusty bottles of rare vintage wines & her collections from The Big Wine Event VinItaly in Verona every year. The 2nd biggest of its kind in the world, & one that she says she attends every year. 
May be an image of 1 person and food
  We sit outside while she smokes & I laugh & say that the American people will be mad because she looks gorgeous & she eats her Italian food, drinks her Italian wine & smokes! How come they must eat salads, drink protein drinks & stay healthy all the time to look that good! She says again that it is natural. Lara speaks only Italian, too, & so when Francesco, a young 20 year old philosophy student comes to do waiter, he is elected as the translator. He asks AnnaLisa some questions & she says that she underrstands very little of my entire 30 minute conversation so we have to start again! It is a very enjoyable evening as friends visit with their dogs, all of who want AnnaLisa to feed them her horsemeat cutlets that she gives every night to her four legged friends! 
  The woman behind the door, the matriarch of the kitchen & the friend to her team & guests! 
   As you can see the food is perfectly simply presented & you feel as if you should call, "Mama, do you have a spoon?" So home-made everyday. 
May be an image of bread
 AnnaLisa walks into the kitchen & back outside to sit & visit with her guests & if you were walking down the alley you would just assume as she is sitting at the tables that she is a guest, too! It is very friendly here at the Osteria & you can know that you will be made to feel very welcome. 
Yes, it is true that they have horsemeat on the menu. It is named Pastisada de caval con polenta, which translates to Traditional veronese horse meat stew with polenta. She has 4 Piatti di mezzo, 4 Pimi Piatti, & 5 Antipasti. That is it. She has dessert, too. 
     That is 5 dessert items only. Chocolate Lava Cake with Creme is special, as is a Degustazione of chocolate tasting.
     I rave about her 3 polenta plates because I love polenta & she has Lingotto di Predazzo cheese with mushrooms & polenta, she has Baccala with polenta which is salt cod, & she has Burrato cheese with grill vegetables as the other option. However the "kicker" is the Horse meat with Polenta as I have mentioned if you're into exotic choices & it is your first time you should try it. May be an image of one or more people, people standing and text that says 'ottobre 2021 SPASSO PER VERONA. ANDIAM OSTARIE pacifista "guida' il trovate cose buone que- tempo" Attualità andare cucina rispecchia che qui, andare qui magia mura, emozione" qui, pensa fagioli, diall, Come Morandini curamente qualche decise idiventare figlia "E son pacifista, anni questo nome, trovati altri camblamento 2000, passi 1300, Anasta- interno struttura arrivato cambiato stato qui tavole rispecchiare Piatti dove Lara, "regine" del Carroarmato RICETTA GIORNO fagioli, qua non sbagli assieme un buon Bardolino" capire, cantina sia consigliata Piatto richiesto? d'estate della quello fagioli. almeno 2ore, destinato Per me un una non Coperto giovane. California: passione scoprirli. ErreEffe'
  It is a family feeling here. AnnaLisa says that she started the idea of the Osteria 34 years now as a local place where people could come & eat in a informal casual way. To talk & to make friends & to feel as if at her home. Her recipes are simple she says, yet trust me if I tried to make her recipes it would taste vastly different than hers. She is a master at what she does & you have to meet her to appreciate her. She is a very casual person who seems to enjoy gathering at the huge wooden tables in her Historical dining rooms as much as she enjoys cooking. She says that she loves it all. She cooks because it is a passion of her to cook. She says that her kitchen is tiny, piccolo perfect for her & she cooks, walks outside laughing at tables with her guests & then comes to join me at the big table bringing her team with her as we all drink wine & say Salute & Chin chin. Francesco says that the table is antique & 100 years old. I ask if it is the 12 people & the last supper. AnnaLisa says that she hopes that it is the first supper & that people come back again!
  AnnaLisa wants to say that her food is fresh, home-made & her love of her traditional recipes. And her choices of wine the same. That when her team comes to the table she knows that they will help the guests to choose the best wine with her dinner. That to pour the wine in the glass is a story behind the wine, the wine has a history & a life & you should know & appreciate what you are experiencing. Her words are poetry even though Francesco is translating to me & I say that only in Italy could the words have such meaning. In America the waiter gives you the wine, says that it is best with the Filet & lets you taste it. There that is it! Very business-like those Americans laughs AnnaLisa. In Italy, she says it is about the love of the food. 
                 Of course I have to be included in all of my 2022 photos, so here I am taking the picture & saying hi! 
The Historical Building is 2 stories high inside the dining room & as you exit the mysterious cobblestoned streets of Verona, you say goodnight to the Osteria Al Carroarmato. 
                               Osteria Verona Antica with Capo David! 
   While the world has closed the last 2 years, the resilence of Europeans as shown here on the pages in the next couple of days with the Italians has proved stronger than any pandemic. They have opened up the cobblestoned walkways along the river the last 2 years & have kept it that way. The unsurpassed views of the old city of Verona, where the Romance of the Romeo & Juliet is based, is seen here at the table service. The wine is the finest, & mine is only 4 euros. I can not believe it! It is so much better & smoother than American wines, deep rich red Montepulciano & the food is, well, it is Italian. 
                                                                                                Real Italian. 
OSTERIA VERONA ANTICA - Comentários de restaurantes - Tripadvisor
    Located at: Via Sottoriva, 10/A
     along the river with outside tables

 Try the Polenta at lunch & come to dinner on the romantic river to eat some pasta or fish. It is amazing. I have known David about 8 years now, if  you count the 3 that we have been away from Italy, & I know that what is important to him is the cooking process & the local farmers. It must be fresh & natural & he supports the local farmers always. Something that is very important to me, too.
  Typical Veronese appetizer would be perhaps Polenta with cheese and mushrooms, of which my mother used to make for us every mushroom hunting season near Chicago where they would find wild mushrooms and on Sundays we would watch American football and eat Polenta! Yum. You could try the horse meatballs if you are very exotic or the Tenerona beef chop with Baldo mount. Intrigued? Try it. 
Scatti al volo in Osteria Verona Antica - Picture of Osteria ...
                              Bigoli trafilati al bronzo con tartufo.

     If you are very lucky David shall invite you to his medieval cellars below the river!  And as far as homecooked goes!
     "David describes his Osteria as a typical tavern of local and regional Verona food." I think of a tavern as real good wine, and the food here is exceptional which is why I tell you about it. 

  I love the emotions of the Italians: if they are happy with you they tell you & show you & if not the same thing! As they say when arguing: "Ah Lara..." tavolata - Picture of Osteria Verona Antica - Tripadvisor
  Here is the usual table at Antica Verona, full of friends laughing & arguing & drinking David's highest quality of Italian wine.Osteria Verona Antica ristorante, Verona, Via Sottoriva - Menu e recensioni  del ristorante
One of my favorite Capos and friends Luca of Ristorante Sant'Eufemia in Verona
                                             Via Francesco Emilei, 21b 
                                                   T+39 045 8006865                                                          
                                       SANT'EUFEMIA RISTORANTE VERONA - Menu, Prezzo & Ristorante Recensioni -  Tripadvisor
  Luca has a famous poster that he has everybody, mostly famous people, take his photo with. So, a tourist took our photo & here it is...Luca says that a camera crew filmed Love in the Villas for Netflix awhile since and that he is drinking lots of wine with friends and so he wasn't in the movie as he is supposed to yet that his restaurant is and that the director & he stood at the famous photo.

No photo description available.
No photo description available.
  Luca Loves Life. He loves family. He loves tradition, creating great food for his guests & loves to drink wine! He has a love for music & you must ask when he is having live Jazz musicians again as they are super great! No photo description available.
Luca is as traditional as you can ever find. He comes from a long line of formal dining here at Sant' Eufemia, & it was Luca actually who brought his fine dining restaurant to a more family food fare with a addition of pizza, for instance. Back in the day Luca says that jackets were required when his mother & father ran the restaurant and all of the Vatican higher ups dined here.    "The cooking and recipes are mine and a long standing tradition of my family. The kitchen is Verona and Venuto. I believe that people come here to try our culture and the regional food and that is the reason I choose it. And I happen to love my kitchen," says Luca.No photo description available.
 One of the reasons that I love the food of Sant'Eufemia is that Luca and the team make the homemade pasta fresh everyday...yum!   One of the reasons I love to say hi to Luca every year is that he is a real good guy. A nice person. A no-nonsense and down to earth Capo who is honest and appreciates honesty of his guests. If you love something tell him. If you want a little something special ask and he does his best!
                                                 Here is my ultimate favorite I can find of polenta! 
I love the quality and seasonal variety and the seafood is quite good here to. "Every year people come back and say Hi Luca we are here again and that makes me feel happy. To know that they remember me and that they make a special journey to Sant'Eufemia. It is still fun for me and that is the reason I continue to do it."
                                                  Trattoria Pane e Vino
                                        Reservations if you wish: Via Garibaldi, 16/a
                                                                                37121 Verona VR
                                                                              Tel. +39 045 800 8261
                                                        photo description available.

May be an image of 1 person, standing, food, indoor and text that says 'AUI ngelo Bonora PanceVino Loc PaAc Trattoria Pane FratioriaPaneeVuo-Verona e Vino Verona' Angelo is the very cool & funny boss of Osteria Pane & Vino.  He says that he has been here about 22 years & he is both the Cook & the Owner, which is very usual for a Michelin Restaurant, actually. It shows the highest quality & care when the Cook is the owner. He has a invested interest in his guests & with Angelo it is the same as Michelin quality. 
   "All my pasta is home-made everyday & I take care to use both traditional Verona recipes that I have made & new recipes from regions around the world that I have visited."  
With the fun team that Angelo has, all kindness & smiles only smiles and of course parmegian! Why Parmegian? Because when I ask to take their picture and ask what I should say instead of the American,"Cheese" they say that Parmegian is local traditional cheese!May be an image of 2 people, food and kitchen
 As always my educated readers of EmmeAnesBook love a little advice & quotes from the Capos of Independent restaurants and so I ask Angelo if in his 22 years as the boss if he sees a difference in the visitors of Verona. He laughs, "Yes very much. They today can have many choices and they research all so they know the difference if you are real and local. They can choose many places and when they choose Verona they are of the highest quality. They know quality they want real home-made Italian chefs."
   May be an image of dessert, indoor and text that says 'Trattoria Pane e Vino Verona'The menu to me is of a special quality, unique. It has Roasted Guinea fowl breast on it, for instance both on the degustation menu & the second course menu. I, personally, love Guinea fowl & it is the first time I have seen it on a Italian menu in a very long while & so I would come here just to taste the Guinea! The Degustation is only, 60!, euros. Amazing for such a high quality menu, so I know that once I add to the EmmeAnesBook that you can have a highest quality dinner degustation for that here, many will flock to the restaurant. Pun intended! 
Angelo cooks with many other surprises, too. Such as his Amarone based Arancini with Amarone wine, stuffed with Verona cheese, served in cream onion sauce, and of all menus I have ever seen in Italy, his is the most original. I wonder if he is so famous that he is pulling my leg & I am thinking he is a Verona based local chef when he is everywhere in the world. However, you MUST COME HERE and he tells me that his festival of one month of the gnocchi during Carnival every year that each restaurant has colorful exotic ways to make gnocchi. It coincides with the famous wine festival of Verona in April & so you can come, drink wine & party & eat very fattening Gnocchi while visiting Juliet's house. You can not get more romantic than that here.   All is home-made!May be an image of dessert, indoor and text that says 'Trattoria Pane e ino Verona'
May be an image of 1 person, food and indoor
That is true. The travelers of today especially after the stay at home orders of the last 2 years are eager to venture into the world again. Yet they are discerning travelers who have had chances to do research & so to have them come back to Italy is a challenge that here at EmmeAnesBook we are glad to help the Italian people meet. Italy has authenticity which has stayed traditional & that is why people travel.   Angelo offers me a espresso while we talk and he says that I must write that they use the very good & very strong Verona based roasted coffee . IT is so strong, yet very good & you must try to come here to have all; the dinner, the dessert Bacio di Giulietta which is Juliet's kiss of soft white chocolate pudding with strawberry chocolate topping, dark chocolate sponge cake & almond cookie! yum.
                      WANT some fun happy hour from 11:00am to 1:00pm & from 6:00pm to 9:00 pm. 
                                        CAFE BARBARINI on the VERONA MERCATO SQUARE
                                                         Caffè a Verona.

They have a amazing dessert menu, too, along with a "real menu" other than the teasing appetizers at Aperitivo Buffet...based on the pizza and rice & fun tiny sandwiches that you try you can order a dinner. The guests always are laughing and talking since you are right on the Mercato right in the center of the Square!
  I love to have a little Spritz, they have about 20 different types & a huge fun drink menu with my aperito buffet at lunch time. It is chatting time as the tables are close and  you talk to travelers all around the world. 
  And the doorway to the world, I have had at least 8 different spritzes during happy hour lunches and my favorite is the Royal Martini spritz. Fun and quick. Quirky and Surreal with a mixture of elegance & casual. You will love it here and feel at home. See the source image
See the source image

The team is always so busy and the very beautiful Capo, yes a woman, says that she is trying to find servers always. The pandemic has left but the result has stayed and that seems to be the case all around the world, yet the great news is you always find her here to chat with. She is a world traveler and has lived in Paris, Greece, Germany, Morrocco, England and the list is too long to mention. Yet Verona has been her home for the last 15 years. 

   The bar is named for the famous Verona poet: 
           Berto Barbarani (1872-1945), il poeta
and is a perfect place for your little artist too. 
  I tell her I love her Italian yellow shoes and that the Italian woman all dress so chic, she says that they are Morroccan shoes! Which is how the conversation started about her living in Morrocco. The atmosphere of the cafe is a mixture of the woman & her life. Lively, fun, serious, silly, just a relaxing social visit! Here she is showing off her gorgeous shoes! 
Osteria Da Morandin Verona, Via Venti Settembre, 144, 37129 Verona ...
  It is crazy, the place. It is as if you are at your family's Christmas dinner every minute, with lunch people drinking wine yelling at me, or the waitress telling me of the great calimari or Sofia finally arriving to the interview and pouring me a huge glass of wine! crazy fun.  PS the food great! Osteria Da Morandin Verona | TasteAtlas | Recommended authentic ...
  The prices are soooo low that you will drink 5 glasses of the best Verona white wine and still not reach the 10 euro rate! I drank about 5 yet the girl Capo, Sofia, maybe gave me about 10. I am not sure. The wine is good and the conversation of 3 hours better. The plate with bigoli pasta and duck, for instance, is only 7.00 euros. That is wild! And the bigoli with the donkey is 7.00 euros. The wine 1.50 euro! Incredible. The food is great, the atmosphere alternates between quirky and strange to the 90 year old woman who comes every night and dances in the taverna section of the Osteria about 10 feet from the dining room. A hilarious night! Osteria Da Morandin - typical restaurant in Verona | ZonzoFox
  "The best guest comes every night. The young people that are stag, you say, when boys are getting married? They came one night from Germany and party all night with her. Usually she comes and has some wine and dances in the middle of the tavern and people buy  her dinner. She is great. We have locals and tourists. I enjoy everybody. I know that it is difficult to continue to support the Osteria, yet we try our best."
    "My boyfriend went to West Virginia, his name is Ronnie. He loved America!" says Sofia when she introduces her boyfriend of 6 years who laughs and drinks wine with us. He loved America. "Right now I am a interior designer and I hope to do my own interior designs with the businesses of Verona." he says. Below, locals having a chat! Osteria Da Morandin - Photos | Facebook