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 Met these three people at a lovely little sunday brunch restaurant
bar near the castle and the square, a little girl was sitting at a table
playing with three little dinosaurs...she had a little bob hairdoo and a little
bow and her age I would guess to be about 3...she sat at the end of a table in a big chair eating her little finger food and
she approached different tables just to quietly observe... None of
the other diners seemed to notice or to mind and she would saunter
around and pick at her food.  When we started
talking at the bar, me sipping water,
about Krakow and the cities of Poland she would
meander near us but didn't really seem to pay much attention...I said hi to her, Hi there, o hi, yet she ignored me til I said

o hey and she turned and acknowledge me...
We all kind of raised our eyebrows at her.  Sitting at the bar
is a Polish boy of about 25 and he had lived in Scotland for a couple
of years I found his accent charming and funny since he sounded pure
scottish when he spoke english but nobody else seemed to notice.
Emme, "When I went to Warsaw everybody told me to come to Krakow but i notice that everybody
at Krakow doesn't say to go to Warsaw"
Scottish accent, "Yes there is a rivalry between the cities and Krakow is a beaurtiful city but nobody would tell
you to go to Warsaw here. I would go to Godansk..."
Emme, "Where is that?"
Scottish guy, "It is about 800 miles aw correction it is about 8 hours train ride away and you definitely
need to take a train-don't take a bus."
hmm interesting... Emme,"and Warsaw tell me about Warsaw-what you know."
Bartender, "Warsaw is destroyed."
Scottish guy, "Yes it is totally destroyed."
Emme "Who destroyed it-Warsaw I mean"
Scottish guy, "It was destroyed by Nazis.. They destroyed the city of Warsaw."
Emme, "Is it the Nazis that destroyed the city of Warsaw or did the Warsaw uprising destroy the city?"
Scottish guy, "It was definitely the nazis destroyed that the city. I heard that
the Nazis had a plan to destroy the city in one month. To utterly destroy it.  It was bad before of course
since nineteen thirty nine but and it was pretty much destroyed and there was just nothing left, but after
the nazis decided to destroy warsaw in one month to utterly destroy warsaw and although it was bad when they
destroyed the city of warsaw there is just nothing there, nothing left. It's destroyed
and there is nothing. Its just nothing there."
Emme, Do you see any signs of human trafficking anywhere I am a huge advocate for victims of human trafficking and help the big
lobby group called Polaris in washington dc to help victims."
Scottish guy, "I dont really know too much about human trafficking."
Emme, "When I was at London four days before I left London I stayed at a youth hostel on Barkside Gardens.  When I went to the
main street of Earls Court one day after coming from Stratford upon Avon I saw a flatbed truck a big truck and on
the truck was a huge bubble the kind that they bring to the ocean
and people play in you know they roll around inside the bubble.  And on the Flatbed truck they
had a young 20 year old boy strapped inside the bubble his head was strapped in leather straps and his body was leaning back straight back
and they were parading him fast on the flatbed truck around Earls Court road and I tried to run after the truck and stop the truck
but the light turned green and they then zoomed away.  I wanted to grab cops and tell them but the cops were probably doing the bubble. They're pigs absolute
animals pigs parading a boy in a bubble on the truck. They were heading toward the harbors."For several days I walked near the roads near the harbor but I couldnt find
him or any sign of him.
Scottish boy nodding "PIGS is putting it mildly" emme.
Emme, "What do you mean?"
Scottish guy, "Its just that pigs is putting it mildly what they did and what they do. The cops were probably in on it. "
Emme, "I think it was the same youth that I followed the trail to prague and heard him barking from bronchitis one night at the plus prague hostel and I ran out in the middle of the night to try and find the person but I couldn't find him and I hoped he ran somehow down to the sauna
but I don't know I couldn't find him. The next day after zero sleep from the people in my room intimidating me opening windows wide open,
not paying for their room, taking the backpacks left in the room and me thinking that maybe the backpacks were the persons who was stuck
outside with that bronchitis coughing all night I stayed up all night seeing if I could find him. The next day as I walked along the river in a zombielikestate from lack of sleep
I saw my friend Just riding on his bike looking like death he was wobbling and all feverish and i couldn't imagine someone riding a bike that wobbily and slow and he rode wild
like to me but then he passed me right next to me like he didn't even see me and then on my right side walking was a person that looked like
jackson macdougall the third but his cheeks all sunken in and blonde hair and staring straight ahead. It was as if I was sleep walking but it was real and I turned around to see them but they disappeared in amongst
the people.  The image of just is all that sticks in my mind and I thought that maybe they had heard the bronchitis cough and they were there to try to help
or maybe they knew something about the boy missing or something it was just wierd
he could barely pedal and he looked like he had been riding all night or had the fever or something
and one of my langley guys walking next to him.  I followed the trail to berlin and finally to poland warsaw where I think I might
of found the boy but he shocked me with his death like state, his utter non recognition and when I finally  recovered from the shock the next
day a different boy as abused as he had taken his place. They looked simiilar but they were different.  They both needed the help of hospitals and relocation and protection but the first boy is personal to me."
The scottish boy nodded, "Yes that is what I was talking about. The plan to utterrly destroy Warsaw and before Warsaw it was nothing there but after one month
of Warsaw it is destroyed."
On Sunday went to church. A little polish church all in polish very intimate
and sweet and took communion.  A very moving experience!
Girl: My friends that is most important if i could spend   
more time with friends and part time studying. My study is
environmental engineering and I would like more time spent with
my friends and my studies.
emme: you should email the Green Sheikh of Emirates since he is a
person that promotes environmental situations around the world and
maybe you could work in the emirates as an environmental engineer.
Girl: Okay I can email him.
emme: that would be good I would email him right now.
Girl laughing, Well i can email him later since I am working right now.
Emme to next group of kids working at a very cool dungeon restaurant
near the castle: is it true that a girl saved a boy from the dragon is that true?
3 people behind bar counter at dungeon restuarant that is very cool and seductive
and all dungeony feeling: No no this is not true, the true story is of a shoemaker.
Emme: A shoemaker> Can you tell me that story?
Boy: A shoemaker and he created sheep.  Inside the sheep is some poison
and hte dragon at the sheep and when he ate the sheep fire inside the dragon made him thirsty
and when he got thirsty he had to drink a lot of water and he had to go down to the river
and when he went down to the river he drank the water so much
that he had to blow up! And then he blew up.  And that is how the shoemaker
saved the castle. He the king gave the shoemaker gave 1/2 of his kingdom and a princess to the
and he gave the princess to the shoemaker.
emme: did he kidnap a princess and give it to the shoemaker or did he already have a
boy: no no he had a daughter who was a princess and he gave the shoemaker the daughter
as a gift for saving the castle and the land. Its just a little legend there is a statue
near the castle it is only a statue and it blows fire from the dragon cave where the dragon
used to live.
emme: that is a pretty cool story.
next person sitting at a dungeon table: I think that what would make me more happier
is that if I could spend more family time and that if i could do this listen to music more.
emme: what kind of music do you like to listen to?
person: rock and jazz. I play quitar and drums and piano and i do music school ya.
I only wish that people in Poland would smile all the time. I wish they would smile
all the time when they come in here. If everybody would smile I would be happy!
emme: Um you wish that everybody who came into the bar would smile and about the people
when you leave the bar do you wish they would smile too?
person: yes I wish everybody would smile.Kids love to sit at the bar
there is a cool little initmate bar restuarant at Krakow as all of em seem to be nice
different cool restaurants...the one is named wanilla and it has a little library as you
enter with couches then up the little stair another little sitting room then on to the
bar and there is a intimate bar region.  All of the bars and restuarants at Krakow seem to
be arranged that way here and the one I came to has great Moosaka...I am not
sure if that is how you say? but totally great food.  You must ask the bartender for
the dish. The bartender said htat he is happy with tons of friends and in addition he too is
happy if everybody is smiling.  The moosocka that he gave me he said that it isnt
ghoulash but that it is similiar  and that it is the mask people wear that he doesnt like
if people fake smile he loves real smiles. He said that he thinks that people should legalize
marijuana and I said that since the moosocka is very tasty and includes beef, potatoes, cheese, pork
that they should kill pigs.  Since they're very tasty.
We tried to do campaign speeches and mine is if I am elected president I all kill pigs and everybody can eat pigs.
He said that his campaign speech is that they should legalize marijuana since alcohol kills more people than marijuana.
His name is Przemek pronoucned Chameck like cha cat in french and meck.
but he said that the name he tells everybody he is is Thomas since everybody can pronounce Thomas but few people can
pronounce Przemek! Funny!
the guy sitting at the bar eating moosocka said that he agrees with legalizing marijuana and I said and Cocaine?
He said he didnt know about Cocaine that much but marijuana makes everybody mellow and it doenst hurt anyone.
The bartender said that he is just living if somebody needs a cab to kill pigs that is fine and if somebody
hurts children to kill the people hurting children. And I said that I am revising my campaign speech to reflect
the need to kill pigs to do more pork roasts and feed the hungry people to help children and that is my campaign speech.
the bartender said that is almost the same thing since if somebody hurts children their name is pigs.
And I said hmm that is true. He said that he has blonde hair in the middle of his hair and it is called a plama
and i thought he said that he liked to ride lamas so then i said you like riding lamas? and he said no no no and he
showed me in the middle of his hair is blonde hair.  When I asked the freakist thing
that he ever had at the bar he said an american girl that wanted to kill all pigs and loved elephants elephants elephants
and especially elephants and muslims.
He said that he didnt like cats either since his great great grandmother died and she had 6 cats and
when they found her 3 days later you didnt want to know about the cats. I said that the freakist thing
I ever saw is the video of the three sheikhs from\OMAN dancing on my website video and they look like
they're babysitting babies strapped to the inside of their sheikh outfits and their doing shaken sheikhen baby syndrome dancing.
He said that I am the kraziest person he has ever met and I said thankyou very much.
Magda is a bartender at my favorite bar that is a book bar with all polish books but one english book
and the english book is the green garden book and it is a cook book in english.
Magda: Yes of course I love it here being the bartender but i dont earn enough money for normal life. I would love normal life.
A life where I havent got a friend in an office and i dont earn enough money.
emme: You dont like working in an office?
Magda: No I like working in an office but I would like normal life. I would like makeup artist for stage and commercials.
emme: o you would love a makeup artist you mean doing actors and actresses make up and doing models makeup?
Magda: Yes I would love to do that I am good at makeup for commercials and for theater you need to do heavy makeup and all of that.
emme: very cool I would love to do that and I would love for you to do my makeup that would be cool too.
pharmacist girl: you should go to the castle it is free to see on the month of november and under the castle they have the rsting
place of the kings.
emme: like the popes you mean they do the tombs in the floor in the stone?
pharmacist: i dont know what it is called it is under the stone.
She shows how the people are buried under the castle's stone floors.
emme: yes that is the way that they bury the popes in the vaticans buildings.
pharmacist: you should see the castle it is very beautiful and they have hangings on the walls
beautiful hangings.
emme: you mean tapestrys that on the walls?
pharmacist: yes they're beautiful rugs? and rich hanging on the walls
girl and boy sitting at bohemian bar: I have no idea. It is a bad days I would change peoples attitude about
reading books, the boy says, I think that people should read books.
Girl: I would like to change my hair color to red. No I odnt know today is a bad day about heritage.
emme: heritage?
girl: I dont know i would like to change my hair color but i probably just keep it the same color brown.
I am doing culutural studys and i spent 6 months at paris and my boyfriend came to Paris and we agree that the French insist
you speak french or they're snobby to you.
emme: the french they're very sweet to me and I tried to speak french but most spoke english to me. I found em fragile and vulnerable and sweet.
boy and girl: we lived there 6 months and we found them very snobby. I did cultural studys on the French and one thing is that
they're a very culutural oriented society and they're nerds they read books all the time. They read one book a day!
emme: wow I should travel to France and they can read my book!
girl at cafe: i think i am slowly reaching the limit of being happy i am approaching the most happiness i can do.
emme: really! that is amazing I can always see many ways to improve my happiness.
girl at cafe: I am just working here but if I owned the bar i wouldnt want to own the bar since it would
make me approach being an alcoholic faster I could see myself becoming an alcoholic if I owned the bar.
I hate vampires and I would like to destroy vampires completely and my happiness is there and i could tour around the world
with my tent and to amsterdam.
emme thinking that maybe he is saying that there is a lot of vampires in amsterdam and if you destroyed the vampires
he would go to amsterdam in his tent but otherwise he is staying right here!
guy at cool bar: I am studying to do graphic design on my computermy computer that is the other thing that I do but right now I am a bartender.
emme(he is a very gorgeous bartender as most bartenders are cute that is why we go to bars...)
you should be a model have you ever modeled?
guy at cool bar: my colleague she models but my girlfriend she is short and she cant model and I never modeled. I dont like photograhers flashing pictures
in my face.
emme: like johnny depp. If photographers follow him and take pictures of his family he punches photographers cameras!
guy at cool bar: hmmph
emme: you should model you should call the advertising agencies and model and make 1 million dollars and at that point you could
work for saatchi and saatchi and do the graphic design for a cool advertising company.
guy at cool bar: yes that is a good idea. right now my computer that is the big computer is broke and I cant do any graphic design on it but
i can google on my little computer and see the website.
emme: can we watch something on the television besides billiards i mean unless you like watching billiards?
guy at cool bar: no i dont like watching billiards but there has to be some sort of sports on it is a sports bar.
emme: can you try to find football?
guy at cool bar: okay yes I love football my favorite is a polish team.
emme: do you like messi?
guy at cool bar: yes i know messi but my favorite is a polish team.
emme: do you know david beckham?
guy at cool bar: yes i know david but he went to play on an american usa team now.
emme: really? hmph! I am out of america for 4 years.
guy at cool bar finding polish football: here it is.
emme: do you know that david is married to a spice girl and that he has 5 children and he is very young? Do you think that the
spice girl would love for all of em to move back to euopre or do they love america?guy at cool bar I dont knowPosh and Becks Armani Underwear Ad

 I interviewed somebody at Warsaw a young man staying at my
hostel he came from California and went to Maine to study
college.  Now he said that he is going on a 2 month tour of
europe starting on Wednesday from maybe Rainbow tours?  He said
that he just thought he would do that for fun!  He said that he
would start the tour in Krakow.  I am at Krakow today and hope to
find him here somewhere. 

Emme interviewing somebody at Krakow working at travel agency:
Is the job cool? Do you receive free travel when you work at the
travel agency?
Guy working at travel agency, "Yes sometimes for free we do study tours and we
do research the places and we get to go there for free. We do sometimes receive free vacations but
we dont have a lot of spare time since we work all the time but yes yes it is cool!
I went to the Bahamas last month to Nassau and it is very cool the island of paradise is beautiful and the hotel has an aqua ba
and bartenders and bars in aqua gardens."
"The one in the bahamas for snorkeling is cool but egypt is better
and you can see all the way down from the level of the water."

Emme: is it true that people from Poland have a hard time to receive
a visa to america to visit?
Guy at travel agency, "No not at all if you would like to visit
its no problem if you're a student or just visiting you can go to
 Emme: have ou ever been to Russia I heard that it is dangerous late at night.
Guy at travel agency, "Yes it is dangerous but if you go to Thailand
where my mom and dad are at right now you can ride an elephant."
Emme: have you ever rode an elephant?
Guy at travel agency, laughing, "No but I rode a camel and they smell
they smell really bad I cant tell you exactly what they smell like
but I guess its compared to a wet dog but not exactly."
Emme interviewing cool very cool mtv pizza man: Is there something
you would change about your life to make you happier?
Pizza guy, "I like the clubbing in Krakow especially the club called
Revolution. I work at the pizza place from 11 am to 12midnight and after
midnight I like to party til morning at the club Revolution it is on sparare street
in Krakow."
Emme: since you own the pizza place do you think I could have a pizza as a
sponsorship donation?
Pizza guy, laughing, "I must ask the chef if I can give a pizza!"
Emme interviewing mobil phone company chiefs: Is there anything that you
would change in life such as taxes, politicians, girlfriends, places to live
etc that would make you happy?
Man and Woman at mobil phone company, " Im successful my life
and happy to live here. Ive been to Croatia and the coast and it is
beautiful there all of it and I would like to visit America but I there is that
pride thing for me if they dont give us a visa then I dont want to go I dont
want to go to a country that doesnt invite me."
Emme, maybe you could fly to Mexico and enter America from MExico>
Man, "No I just want to enter America with a visa and I dont want to have to
go from Mexico or from somewhere else."
Emme have you ever gone to Saudi Arabia?
Man "No Ive never been to Saudi Arabia.I dont think I would like living
in Dubai or Abu Dhabi because I dont like the way they treat woman. I respect
woman and relationships with each other."
Emme O they respect women very much but one thing I didnt like is that if
you walk down the sidewalk or at the beach you cant hold hands or show any
type of public affection.  A man can walk holding a mans hand or a woman
can walk holding a womans hand but a man and woman cant walk holding each others
hands and if they catch you they can fine you 200 dirhams.
Man, "See that is what Im telling you I wouldnt want to live in a 
culture like that."
Emme to girl walking on sidewalk: Changes you would do in life to
make you happier?
Girl, "Maybe some new friends I have friends but I would love new
friends!(!) experiences I like to meet new people to share
cultures and to share experiences yes I love my job I have to feel happiness of my job everyday.
My name is Julia"
Long hair bartender(hair is beautiful by the way)
Emme: Does your hair reach all the way to the back of you?
Long Hair bartender, "Um I had it to my shoulders and swept to the
side...(he starts showing me different ways he wore his hair!
Funny!) but now its long again." It is very beautiful long and glossy
"I would love to do extreme sports.  I do these now but I would love
to be a tattoo artists and a photographer and something and
I would love to make movies and now I would love to do concerts of heavy metal bands
and to promote heavy metal bands...."
Emme Wow! Do you do motorbiking?
Long Hair barteneder, "NO! I do mountain biking only."He gives me a 1 pound
scottish bill! for a souvenir that he took from krakow to scotland and back.
Cool guy.
Computer guy, "I dont know I think a new bridge to walk across the river
on. The one we do now is a summer bridge but in the winter it is icey
and people fall all the time."
Emme: Do they put salt on the bridge to make people not fall?
Computer guy, "No it is icy and people ride their bikes across
the bridge and they fall all the time. I see them fall all the time
and I am afraid I dont walk across the bridge in winter because
I see people fall all the time."
Emme: Do people really fall? Into the water do they fall from the
bridge into the water?
Computer Guy, "No no no they dont fall into the water. They just fall
on the bridge and they ride their bikes on the bridge and they
fall on the bridge in winter all the time I see them fall everyday."
Emme: So um the one thing that would make you happy is if they
built a new bridge to walk across that people wouldnt fall on?
Computer Guy, "Yes I would like a new bridge..." They all laugh at the bar.
It is a cafe bar with cool tables and vegatable juice drinks and young
25 year olds working...
Emme: did you hear the one about the polish person who built a new
bridge instead of putting salt on the old one?
nobody laughs... okay on to the next questioner...
Two older men hanging out at cafe, "I didnt slept well so I am not
very awake but I would change the mentality of the people my brain is
not awake Im sorry what was the question? O yes I would make people do actions
instead of complaining about situations they should do all they talk about
and politicians just complain about life instead of doing something about it."
other guy, "I would change the mentality of the people that see literature
and books the average polish person reads one book a year and I think they
should have a more positive attitude about reading and read more."
Emme smiling yes that is a good one.
Michael, "I would change the skateparks. There is only 2 skateparks in Krakow
and they're both outside I would ask to build a skatepark inside.  Weve been trying
for 5 years to do a skatepark inside and all of us drive 400 kilometers to a skatepark
that is near Warsaw weekends on friday we drive to Warsaw and on Sunday we drive back
and we do skateparks inside there and I wish we could do skateparks here inside."
Emme do you take the strawberry vanilla egg and the protein milkshakes with you?
Michael, "Yes you drink from a straw and it makes you strong."
Emme tries a strawberry protein bar...very tasty.
Michael, "It isnt really beef it is just fruits and protein but it tastes
good and it makes a person strong."
Sweet guy that brings persian rugs from afghanistan and iran, "We have contacts in Iran Poland Czech Germany Afghanistan and we start colleting Iran Culture and do events to promote
the isnt not about religion it is about the culture.Their culture is very deep
and important to these people and we try to show people the importance of it.  People are afraid
of the elegance of the culture and all the news media shows wars and fighting and
people become afraid to see that part of the world and we try to change that.  RIght now we're
trying to help a family from syria with housing and food and try to bring these
people to the western world to safety.You cant sav

There is a hostel at Krakow named the Panda Hostel I visited it only since I love the Panda video...the receptionist is Michael and all he does is smile and laugh at you whenever I showed him the Panda video... he says that he is from Poland but I tell him that he looks like Saudi Arabia origin and he says he hears that all the time...he likes the singer pub which is close to the hostel and one of the most popular on Saturday night...He says that they dance on the bars and the tables...the lst time you go to the dance club it is exciting and fun but he says after 20 times it is same as usual...hmmm that is funny I guess he means that he has gone to the club at least 20 times?

Emme Ever been to an exotic dancing club at Krakow?

Guy from Chile who owns a very cool Espana/Chilean restaurant, "We're busy working evryday. I dont know I never been to exotic dancing club I am 40 years old too old for exotic dancing!...hmmm how young old do you need to be um to see exotic dancing?

Two girls at cafe tables outside cafe, "Yes yes yes we like to go to the Shishaw club...its a very big club all of hte clubs there downstairs in caves at Krakow all of the clubs and there is 50 to 60 clubs downstairs ...Emme? Varied ranging from that to that?

yes the favorite is shisha club and it has Belly Dancers at Friday and Saturday til 3:00 am.

Guy working at club cool bar, "I dont like going to clubs since I work at a club and when I am off I like to just go home and rest."

Emme Okay he is sweet and cool.Mr. P

     The owners at LeScandale and Garden restuarants I find Andrea sitting in the Garden section towards the maze in the back winding around sitting talking on the phone and trying to entertain 3-4 year old twins...When I chat with him he says that he and his partner started the restaurants with one and just kept building on additions they're pretty cool with tent like structures and the one we sit in is a cool bar and pictures on the walls of underwater people drinking and making faces almost the way a mermaid would...

The twins their Kamil and Karol adorable and they're shy and outgoing at the same time! The mother comes one of the most physically beautiful woman Ive ever seen honestly and one of the twins immediately slides under the table and straight to her...She says that they run to her since Daddy works a lot! I guess with one restuarant making up 4 restuarants and a tapa bar one doesnt have much time for family but he seems to adore the children and multi tasks paying attention to his wife the twins, talking on the phone making deals, dealing with the bar and wait staff and answering my questions all with ease and smiles...pretty impressive...however I thought it inappropriate to ask if he ever goes to dance clubs!

emme ever been to an exotic dancing club at Krakow?

Guy sitting typing at a cafe, "I am arabic and I am a photographer.  I dont think immigration laws they're tough.." (emme?!)

"I dont go to dance clubs here.  But the dance clubs in market square...I only do house party.  My job is at a pub and i dont like pub in my free day. I only work one day at the pub per month and the other days I am working at a motorcycle store selling motorcycles."

Emme laughing the guy is hilarious...very serious but at the same time funny because he obviously doesnt want anything to do with working at a pub today...,.and i am not sure about the association of immigration laws and dance clubs...but