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                            The President's Home in Washington DC 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. 
          ...along came a spyder and sat down beside her... The International Spy Museum in DC at 800 F Street                                                                          202.393.7798 result for international spy museum washington dcImage result for international spy museum washington dc
I walked into EXILES and was pleasantly surprised at the friendly atmosphere of the bar. Three young guys, Danny and Donagh from Ireland and Brian from Buffalo opened their first bar as of June 6. "When we were looking for a place for our bar the biggest thing that we needed to find is a bar of character. We finally found it in Stetson's. It has that old charm feeling that you just can't find in a modern bar no matter how hard you try. The upstairs is used for parties and is open on Friday and Saturdays for the public in addition the backyard patio is open. We added heat lamps since it is our first winter we keep adding things as we learn. We thought that EXILES is a fitting name for Washington DC since everybody here is an EXILE of some sort from all around the world. Including me from Ireland and Donagh and even Brian is from Buffalo. It has the same meaning as EXPATS out of the country. I'm happy yes. And I wouldn't go back to working for somebody else but of course although it is fun and exciting it is a little scary since we're the bosses now and responsible for everything you know?" O yes I say I know. Come eat the great American Smoking Meat, drink the craft beers and meet local people from around the world. Right here on Ustreet. 
                                                                                  (202) 232-2171
1610 U ST NW WASHINGTON, D.C. 20009   |                                             (202) 232-2171
 He says as he proudly shows me the cool bar across from the FireHouse that used to be called Stetson's, "The entire neighborhood was on edge when Stetson's went up for sale. The actual bar has been here about 100 years and it was definitely a neighborhood bar, yet when we bought the bar we didn't want to change that feeling. You know we're family guys and we want to make Washington DC our home too. We all love neighborhood bars and intended on keeping it that way except our version!"
"The coolest thing for me is meeting the Firehouse guys and the Police people who come in  here after work. They're real cool people and you know everybody thinks of them in a certain light. Yet they're people too and they like to hangout here." Danny says. I start laughing and say, "It is funny because you never want to see a police person unless you're calling them on the phone to ask for help or you try to avoid them in the traffic lanes!" Danny says, "I know that is the way everybody says however they're real cool and we're happy to have them. The other funny thing is the priests. People always think of priests a certain way too yet the ones I've known are real cool and come in without their outfits on and drink a couple of beers. In Ireland they were God above the police you know. Back in the day everybody used to say that they were more afraid of the priests then anybody else! Of course now it is modern day and they're looked at as just people!" he says. 
    If you walk out the back you find a wonderful outdoor patio with, "That is Suzy the Smoker. We even named the smoker," says Danny, the one of two Irish young blokes that own the EXILES. "We smoke brisket and actually all of our meats. Here let's open it up and see. Yep!" he says as he opens the huge smoker in the backyard of EXILES to see if it is smoking at the moment! It is full of meat. "We actually don't have Irish food on the menu although me and Donagh are both from Ireland. Brian, the third partner, is from Buffalo.
"We had a party on November 9th here and people came wearing Trump and Hillary shirts and played beer pong against each other in the bar upstairs. It was real cool to see that they had different opinions yet they came here and partied together the day after the election while we watched protests on tv." 

   Unfortunately Amanda(leesa) and Elizabeth at Blue Planet didn't want to sponsor but were kind enough to say this "we can shoot you an email if we receive people from the emmeanesbook site, is that okay?" hmm people in glass houses or this case boats! OK! It is always lovely to show my love of my life Albert Thurn und Taxis who is real friends or family! hmm. Anyway I have 3 lovely Scuba Diving places that do sponsoring in Regensburg Germany and they do trips around the world. It is just as easy to call these places and do trips to exotic and cool places since you will be flying to meet the s uba teams anyway. Please check out the Scuba on Regensburg for all these lovely people who this morning expressed interest in learning about scuba. Combine a trip to Regensburg at  Christmas with Scuba. Ciao. is a fun link and don't worry they do dives everywhere and here is Micheals for all of you that loved the Phillipines apo mention he actually has a scuba school in Regensburg Germany and Phillipines 1/2 the year. do trips to Apo and here and sunken treasures and Egypt etc. Have fun learning Scuba! +49 (0)941 54400 is action sport and 
+49 941 99224787is Tauchcenter. 
Stefanie says,:Sebastian Müller für den Blick könntest du glatt als Serienkiller durchgehen xD
Sebastian Müller for the look you could get away with smooth as a serial killer XD(German translations!)
At least Stephanie really loves her Scuba Diving! Me? I met my friend Stephanie in DC
 a couple of nights ago. She too loves to Scuba Dive and has been everywhere in the world. 
We went to Stoney's a famous local hangout near 14th Street and chatted about                 tragedies in Italy, hurricanes in Jacksonville, and life in Germany, where she loves to live. She now is on her way to Miami where I shall in about 3 days journey to. Is she going to be scuba diving in the states? No I don't think so she says. Yet she loves the Caribbean. Me to
                     MEZE Elegant WINE bar in Trendy Adams Morgan's owner, Sully,
is a warm funny Turkish man who says, " is definitely more stressful being a owner!" 
"Okay so you want to know my story, right? It is a kind of cool story, I met the owner of a famous Hotel in Istanbul, where I am from, in 1999 and he invited me to help in the very trendy famous night club named Cities. Cities was located right across the street form MEZE and in 1999 I thought I would be here for 6 months; however, I ended up staying for 17 years!" he says laughing. Did he ever think that in 1999 while he was running a Istanbus Night Club he would one day be a American Citizen owning a elegant Turkish inspired Wine Bar in Trendy Adams Morgan? "NO!" he says emphatically. "I thought that I would be married in Istanbul and have a couple of kids you know. Yet here I am working on Fridays and Saturdays til 3am. Things don't turn out the way you hope" he says. 
Tasting Menu
Copyright 2010 by Marty Katz. All rights reserved. Call 410-484-3500 for clearance prior to use. Required adjacent credit: Marty Katz/ with active link to
Copyright 2010 by Marty Katz. All rights reserved. Call 410-484-3500 for clearance prior to use. Required adjacent credit: Marty Katz/ with active link to
Above the lovely Turkish wine, hummus red pepper spread, and hard goat's cheese all from Turkey. Lovely romantic dinner. +1 202-797-0017
"And these are authentic lights from Istanbul," Sully says. I happen to love the glass lamps from Syria and Turkey, they're some of the most beautiful in the world, and here they hang right above the second level. "On the third level is where we open it on Fridays and Saturdays about 11:00pm for Dancing and Drinks, yet it is completely private upstairs and you have your own bartender and wait staff. On Sunday nights we have Tango lessons from 6:00pm til 8:00pm with Tango dancing from 8:00pm to 11:00pm. If anyone want to join please have the new students call the restaurant and we can help with the signing up." he says. "Plus it is a open bar upstairs on Sunday night the entire time they Tango."
The first night I came in I told Sully that his bartender was such a nice person having suggested the Turkish Wine and having tried it I elected to stay for dinner. At first I just thought it a elegant wine bar, yet found out through the bartender that it is actually a Turkish and Mediterenean restaurant. Yum:) "Yes, I am the only restaurant in Washington DC that flies the Turkish flag outside yet honestly most people unless your Turkish don't recognize it. The ones that do come in only since it is Turkish. The others come in because they think it is a elegant wine bar!" "They come for the Turkish band that we have every couple of weeks, too. The people honestly that come for the turkish food have been in Turkey, the others come to try it for the first time. Me? I am glad to be here to introduce the Turkish food to the American people, and to the tourists, too." he says. 
"Counter Culture coffee pour over coffee is a single origin blend for each guest that is poured at the table. You would be surprised at how informed the guests are about the European Concept, however even the people who don't know what it is love to try it." , says Jamie
"Here is the Mercedes Benz of Espresso makers, all hand poured, you have to have a little skill to make espresso, however  the machine doesn't know how to make a bad espresso." says Jamie.
           Jamie is adorable. Bouncy and Smart and Fun. She and her cook of Emissary I met today while they were busy in the cool brass yuppie bar area pondering how to fit the idea and vision of their owner's new start up into the community. It is situated in the swanky Embassy Lanes of Washington DC which I guess is where the name comes from pun intended. When I entered I thought it a cool airy cafe; however, it has cement floors, a coffee cafe in front with open space onward to a "laptop bar" says Jamie. Sitting at the "laptop bar" where the cook is busy behind the open window of the kitchen is a group of young students. They're all happy sitting typing away.   


"I encourage students to come in and we love having them but I try to encourage them to eat , too!" she laughs. "It is a new business model that we're trying to introduce to the neighborhood and the bar in the back of the restaurant doesn't have its own entrance although it is a speakeasy type of bar. People just need to know that it is here." says Jamie.
To reach the bar area where the "real beers and real whiskeys and scotch a traditional bar," says Jamie, you must first enter the European Coffee entrance and walk to the right where the open space houses the laptop bar and tables. Think lots of open spaces. And continue on to the liquor bar. It is deep in a red and white brick walled cave-like room with white washed bricks and colorful liquor bottles adorning the back bar. Lots of cool barstools and ledges and counters to sit and play at. I said that I could imagine a real important Woodrow Wilson discussion happening here or a romantic interlude. Hidden and private, hip and great selection of real whiskeys and scotches...
Seriously with real food presentations like this who wouldn't want to hang out here? "It is a European concept of fresh ingredients and fresh food everyday. It has great vegetarian dishes from local farms. Please stress this that every item is fresh and local. We have Maryland and Virginia and Washington D.C. craft beers, whiskey and scotch from New York to Carolina quite cool and the wine is from Europe mostly since we want biodynamic sustainable wines."(very expensive to certify...i googled it!) Jamie says, "Me and Matthew tested and tasted everything the last 4 months. Matthew is still tasting and the cheese people come in and have him try new cheeses. That is fun. We're still trying."matt making things pretty. or is it making pretty things? fall menu coming soon. #emissarydc #dupontcircle #vegfriendly 
                                  The Beauty of the Brass Bar in the Hidden Cave Room of the Emissary
Here is the lovely chef who, along with Jamie, started a first Monday of FRESHFARM Markets that completely sold out,good for Mr. Matthew! "Me and Matthew go to the Local Fresh Farmer's Markets near here every Saturday and Sunday and wanted to try out the concept of a total and complete home-cooked meal all from these fresh ingredients for Matthew to first cook and serve to the guests. We tried it out on a Monday and sold out. It was incredible. Now it is in the experimental phase of lets see which day we can delegate to FreshFarm." says Jamie. 
                                                   GEORGETOWN, WASHINGTON DC
Georgetown DC has great restaurants. That is a given. It has wonderful brass bars and unique funky pricey restaurants. Afterall it is here that Henry Kissinger takes the Limosine from his pad in Georgetown a couple of streets to have a beer. The favorite Mexican tiny boutique is DonLobos. I love the tiny restaurant since I love real Mexican food and I loved the people. Especially Manager Jose who is always super nice and friendly. Simple and Yum! 
                 2811 Mstreet NW Georgetown, DC
                              202 333 0137
"Yes we're all Mexican. Okay I am Mexican and the owner is Mexican and that is it." admits Jose the first time I meet him. Is the bartender Mexican? "No just us." he says then he thinks about it for a minute says, "Wait that is actually the cooks. The cooks are all Mexican too. That is why the Mexican food is the best since we're all from Mexico," he says. The Margaritas are pretty good too. result for margueritas
Pictured to the left is Jose with his fun waitstaff..."want to come into the kitchen and see the food?" Jose jokes and I say that of course yes I want to see the food...I LOVE MEXICAN food!
                                                                       225 Pennsylvania Ave SE
The Beautiful Wine Bar Sonoma on the Capitol Hill's owner says, "Yes me and Maryl, my yoga partner, thought we should get all the yoga people drunk and they would buy bigger yoga memberships." he jokes while we hang out one night at their newest venture, Emissary on 20th and P St. They laugh and Maryl says, "Yes it really helps. You know in California everybody has yoga studios and health food restaurants connected. Here is a first of Washington DC. I also own the Georgetown Yoga Studio which is a concept Yoga studio where if you can come and teach your own techniques." she says. I say that it is actually really cool that they can have an entire package of eating healthy and doing yoga before or after. 
                              225 Pennsylvania Ave SE
                     Washington, DC 20003
                (202) 544-8088
Sonoma's elegance is" a big parent to Emissary. "I am really joking when I said that we encourage everybody to drink more wine so that they will sign bigger yoga contracts! Most people don't come here to drink wine and then run to yoga afterwards. But at the Emissary since we bought the yoga studio 3 months ago above it and then decided that we didn't want say a donut shop below the yoga studio we added a healthy alternative of counter coffee culture and healthy fresh farm food.", says Eli."You have to come and try a glass of wine with us." he invites and I say that of course I shall come to is seriously one of my favorite places in DC.
                                                    2805 M street NW WDC 20002        202-642-2603
                   Image result for georgetown yoga
"Yes I have relatives in Colombia," says the Wonderful Director of Tortilla Coast Logan Circle at P Street and 14th in Washington DC. His name when you walk into the restaurant for the famous Happy Hour tonight from 3:30pm to 7:30pm? Escobar! That is right Escobar...Rodrigo Escobar. "People always ask me if I am related to Mr. Escobar of Colombia. They call me little Escobar here!" he says laughing. "The people of Colombia think that he is a great man." he says. And Torlilla Coast? "O I love the people here. Tonight you must come in. It is trivia Game night and you must be a team. If you walk in alone we pair you with a team. It is all about meeting friends and having a team. O and make sure that you promote our PATRON tequila night which is October 19. On that night the owners of PATRON are sponsoring a event for $60.00 total. 
That includes dinner, 3 tequila cocktails made with premium Platinum Tequila and 5 shots to taste new Tequilas. A 4 course dinner. Now that should be sold out. The PATRON people are giving us special 150 shot glasses to give to the guests. First come on reservations first seatings" he says. Call at 202-629-3280
    Image result for tortilla coast logan circle           70 Tequilas that is right a famous Mexican Margarita Bar, you know I found it since I love Margaritas from Mexico City to Barcelona to Valencia to Paris, yes but they know how to make great Margaritas... here at Tortilla Coast where I met the  wonderful Channin and Jamor below. Channin is a manager since 1 year, "I went to Howard University and graduated with a Marketing Major! After a couple of years including the LLC Woman owned Group Dash Marketing in DC, I joined the culinary group here. I always really wanted to be in the food and hospitality business. I started with the popular Cafe Deluxe and now I am the Bar Manager of Tortilla Coast." the sweet and kind manager says when I interviewed her today.