La Tavolata  Zum Grobe  from Sardenia Capos to ZURICH                          
The coolest Capo, Giovanni Melis, gave me my first sponsoring of 2018 to 2020 of ZURICH Switzerland and the loveliest Tuna pictured above I have EVER eaten...he promises to take time in his busy schedule perhaps Monday to give me cooking lessons, yet since Albert loves to cook I can always give these lessons at the restaurant located at Stussihofstatt 16 in the coolest section of Zurich in the old historical alleys opposite the Monkey Bar.Image may contain: plant and outdoor
"The entire menu is Sardenian and basically as most people do, we love our homeland. I finally have a chance to do private cooking lessons in a person's home, or here privately upstairs at the kitchen in the restaurant. All you have to do is let me know a day ahead of the appointment and I can help you out. And yes that is something I love to do. Love it. The amount of 120.00 per person is great 4 hours and 1 person to 12 people can do the event. Any Sardenian type of menu. I'm yours!" jokes Giovanni.                                                                      
                             043 535 20 89


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     La Tavolata Zum Grobe, Sardenia fare
    It has provincial charm and a much sophisticated Capo, Giovanni, who "I have been many places working, Paris, London, you know the elite places, and since I grew up in Sardinia and left at the age of 15, the world seemed a big place. I made Zurich my home since it really has everything. The people that live here are international and cosmopolitan and they appreciate authentic high quality cuisine. I hope that they find it here. After 25 years of learning the craft of cooking, I am finally happy with my boutique Sardinian restaurant. I can introduce the culture of the country with the food and my entire team is from Sardinia. As you can see they are crazy, fun and friendly. And I understand that you love Vermentino?" he jokes as he gives me my 3rd glass.Why yes...I do.Image may contain: table Alright we can talk about Sardenian Cooking all  night, yet the taste and pictures tell it best, especially with the happy giving team of Giovanni, Gian Franco and of course Carlo!Image may contain: fruit and food
Some of the traditional dishes of Sardenia, which, "has it's own language, not dialect, and if you travel to Sardenia please say you love the language if you say they have slang or dialect you will offend them!" says the team of La Tavolata in Zurich. Image result for la tavolata zum grobe ernst zürich
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                                                          HOTEL LIMMATHOF the lovely 3 star on the lake Zurich. 
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Okay at Basel it is totally fun from local bars that have military men yelling at you if you play Johnny Cash to High very expensive 5 star hotel Cigar Bars that have a back door to the "Fitness Room and The Massage Room"... o hey need to drink a little before a cigar and massage...head (especially the totally cool and wealthy and the Arabs) to the Les Trois Rois... but if you happen to be staying at the Total Discreet and Very cool Basel Back Packers Hostel where they offer private rooms and dorms.... stay here and sneak in a massage at the 5 star...Stefan has a huge collage in the downstairs cafe and huge lounge couch room open all night... he says that he made the collage because he loves PULPFICTION... I love that movie..."Every Pulp Fiction is like Cheap Fiction the meaning is that and I googled that because I wanted to know that meaning... and I bought all of that Pulp Fiction  on Ebay ...everyone is a cover of Pulp Fiction and I bought all of covers and I made a huge mural of all of the covers into a huge mural out of all of the covers I bought on ebay."
Hi want to have fun at Basel Switzerland?
Come to Basel Back Pack located at 
Tel: +41 (0)61 333 00 37 Dornacherstrasse 192  the Basel has a great room downstairs where people hang and talk and mix stories plus right down the lane is a GREAT BAR where about 250 people hang out and drink and it is TOTALLY COOL and you just hang out there drink and make your way like an alligator swaying side to side to the Basel Back Pack Hostel..where as you can see the rooms they're totally cool and the kitchen with two stoves and laundry is open ALL NIGHT!  There is tons of showers and the people they're always out on the couches chatting. Plus they've got PRIVATE ROOMS!
Talked to Stefan that is with a f as in friend at the Basel...
Stefan, "I am from Germany but a year ago my friend who owns the Basel Back Pack asked if I would love to come and partner and I said yes..."   He is totally cute, girls therefore I would suggest The Basel and when I asked him about the Germany train system of where I could hop on and off to see all of Germany he shows you the map and tells you the best local knowledge, "See Come straight to Bad Basel Bad station and buy the ticket there that is the best option..." 
Okay that I am cool about since I am totally clueless and would of went all the way to Stuttgart to buy the ticket many euros later....   Love to Ammann who I interviewed the bosses right Hand Lady. She takes care of all of the reservations and financial stuff and the Boss is the President of all of the Resturants in Basel including the 3 yes 3 that locate in the famous Stadhof Hotel. It has been in existence since 1295. My Little room is adorable with a great view of the church above out my window... a tiny charming number 3. Sweet.

Emme: The Boss is the President of all of the Resturants in Basel! How in the world do you ever find time to talk to him? I see that he is running to that restuarant on the Level one and running into the kitchen and out to the Pizzeria and back to say one word to you and zoom out the door!                                             Amman laughing, "Ive been here almost 7 years and I am used to him. I know that he can give me 15 minutes and I write all my questions down and I ask him all the questions of the last couple of days and he tells me all that I Need to know in 15 minutes! I am super busy as you can see but he is 100 times more busy than me!"                

Emme: Is it fun to be so busy all of the time, that is my first question and my other is who is the funniest Person that works at the Stadhof?                                                                                                              Amman, "Definitely the Boss and of course there is one that I hired his Name is VIto. He is from Siciily and he is hilarious. He always makes us laugh. He tells jokes to all of the guests."                                          Emme: If the Boss said Ammann what would you Change about the Stadhof what would that be?

Ammann, "I would put other Colors in the rooms with bright paint and you shall see when I Show you the rooms...maybe different Colors with the curtains and make These Little changes."


The pretty and adorable Stadhof.Image result for stadthof basel
Image result for stadthof basel
When Ammann Shows me my room it is charming and I see that it is huge ceilings all in White. She would like to paint murals and Colors and use the charm and character on the ceilings and walls. I find it adorable. Being such a cool Boss with the knowledge of the entire restaraunt Business at his Hands I am instructed to write 25 questions in an email to the Boss and he can answer all of em.  I sit down to write my questions all you would ever want to know about eating at Basel with its old world buildings and interwoven alleys.