The ERC rally is very famous 
around the world with inclusion of the WRC rally, and Albert Von Thurn und Taxis is a driver that has made transitions from 2002 ADAC Volkswagen Lupo cup to racing lamborghinis(my favorite)with the ADAC GT Masters Pirelli challenges world wide and in Europe and finally has SETTLED DOWN WITH HIS SOON 3 YEAR CAREER AT RALLY RACING... have you seen Rally racing!  

           Yeah Albert is climbing fast"!
              Albert and Bernard 6th place! 
       Alright Albert fast! 
  some great notes are  Driving for Reiter Engineering, he took a podium in his debut season and just two years later was crowned the ADAC GT Masters champion alongside co-driver Peter Kox. And while I have chatted with Prince Al during his rallys, they are difficult to watch since they zoom along mostly country roads...sooo grab a great position and try to catch a glimpse of the daredevils as they play with their very big toys!
   ps if you want a great Christmas event come to the hurn und Taxis Palace in Regensburg Germany please from 
 November 23 to December 22.
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Me playing race car driver with my funny friend, Nicola Capo of Grams 1930s speakeasy in Milan.