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Amy MacDonald In Concert - Thurn & Taxis Castle Festival 2017

     Here is the Lovely Prince Albert Thurn und Taxis
     a famous race car driver who is doing the Poland Rally on August 2 to August 5...hope you can come to see
     the lovely famous Prince say yes to top position:)
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               The Script that I wrote is ready to have producers,
                         directors and actors do it...
                                 It is 500.00 euros to read the script 
                                 with me present, and that is cash. 
                                              That is because
                                 if you know the words of the script, 
                                 it valuable, priceless, and secret.
                                 And the fact is is of as yet unread. 
             The cost of purchasing my script and contracts is $125,000.00,
             having me as a intern to learn from the Valuable Director,
             and having me help with the choosing of the actors to keep
             the true intention of the script, plus 3% to me. 
             However, A Great Director, I of course trust...the script must start                      production within 3 months
             of the contracts signed, and finished filming within 8 months of
             the start. It must have a big distrubtion plan, and the cost is of 
             course dependant on the talent of the producer and director.
              I estimate $12,000,000.00 with percentages to actors, 
              to $30,000,000.00 with less percentages! 

                   O please, if you fly all the way to Italy to see the script,
                   $500.00 cash isn't problematic. And to me much love. 
.                                                                                     THE    TRUMPSTER
tweet of the day,

Heading back to Washington, D.C. Much will be accomplished this week on trade, the military and security!

Brennan: 'Dishonorable' for Trump to Call His Meeting with Putin 'an Honor' 1:23
                               Emme: Does anybody know why we were supposed to investigate the DNC server?
                                           Does CrowdStrike have Swiss Bank Accounts, Lebanon Bank Accounts, A Russian Spy...
                                 Who is Podesta, does anybody know who Podesta is? Are we supposed to know who Podesta is?
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