"Sußmund German and Austrian Restaurant is a combination of Austrian Kitchen and German Kitchen, yet I would like to name it cuisine from Around the Alps, let´s say that," says Andreas, one of the twins of the 3 people that own the homey Austrian decorated 3-1/2 year old restaurant in Munchen. "My brother, Martin and his wife Veronica, who I call Vroni all the time are my partners. They´re both from the Theater sector of society, actually," he says. "My brother is my twin, yet we look a little different. He has his own production company now named Sußmund Productions, since he used to be a director in Vienna, and he makes quirky funny videos to promote us on the internet. Vroni used to be the Lighting Designer and Sound Designer for Stage and they met in Theater. The first couple of months Martin tried to do both, yet we worked real long hours here and it was too much producing and doing the restaurants, and now he is back to trying to produce only our stuff!" he says seriously. 
     "I am the only one classically trained in culinary since I went to Hotel Management and Hospitality School near Lake Starnberg, where we have a little farm which is more of a big garden, where we grow seasonal vegatables for the restaurant. I worked in the Marriott in London 2 years and around Europe in Restaurants and finally one day when Martin actually approached me and asked if I would love to open my own restaurant, I said yes! I love it. I thought, why should I constantly work for other people instead of working for myself. Now I can create the things I really want to. You know standing behind a bar at the Marriott hotel as a bartender, or standing behind my own bar and getting to know my customers. That is better now. The three of us, since Vroni is from the southern Austria, Tyrol area, we talk to our head chef, who is also named Martin, and we do the menu everyday fresh and add a little of the Swiss Alps cuisine and one dish from Italian Alps. Today, for instance we have Tagliatelle in safransauce mit lachs und magold from Italy and Entrecote Vom Jungbullen mit rosmarienkartoffeh und rotweinjus, on the menu and on dessert is kaiserschmarrn, rumrosinen, mandeln, apfelmus. Would I ever wish to go back to corporate world? No. Never. I can not stress it enough." says Andreas laughing. 
                             Westermühlstraße 13
Basically they are a family of two twin brothers and one his wife. They are friendly and laughing and warm and super fun to have a chat with. The food they serve you is from the Alps and is from the finest highes quality including vegatables they grown in the family garden, near Lake Starnberg. Super nice and the food is presented beautifully, yet the important aspect is it tastes great!   
                                Telefon: +498923702426
Image may contain: food

 "My happiness comes from the satisfaction of the guests and the fact that we have  made many friends during the 3 years from the people that come in here every week. I like the friendliness and learning to recognize the same people all the time. It is nice. And of course when people from around the world come in here they always ask about the food and where the recipes come form. My presentation is modern with recipes from, as you say,   Grandmother´s kitchen." says Andreas.  "Everyday that I open the door I am happy to have risked opening my own restaurant. It is fun to create the menu and it is great to see the guests appreciate that." 

    "The one dessert that the Austrians are famous for is the type of baked pancakes that you tear little pieces of and eat. They are great."says Andreas. "Vroni is the one who designed the entire rooms of the restaurant, and she wanted it to feel as if you entered her living room and as a guest." It is true with the long wooden table and the white embroidered pillows and the fresh delicate flowers, all homey and woodsy. "Yes that is attributed to her and the cooking and food is me and the chef Martin. My brother likes to be with the people. He doesn´t cook in the kitchen here." 
                                     SÖHNGES EXKLUSIV OPTIK GMBH
      Although the store is aesthetically pleasing to look at, it is the quality of the product and the care and expert craftmanship that goes into each and every appointment that really shows the difference between the Munchen Boutique and the rest of the world. 
               Bildergebnis für söhnges exklusiv optik münchen
"Here follow me into the workshop. It is where we make the frames to fit each client. When they come in here they point and say I want that frame in that color and that prescription and I go shopping for one hour and come back. And I say Alright it is not a T-shirt. We take 3 days to 5 days to make the glasses to fit the person. Each one is handmade. Each one is handcrafted to fit the person. Sometimes, honestly for very specialized it takes a couple of months. One time a gentleman said Okay 3 months and I said, no 6 months. And he says, Okay, 3 months and I say no, 6 months and he says Alright! And the handmade glasses are made in 6 months and he is very happy!" he says as he tells me the stories of the clients. "The Russians are funny because they usually do want to rush and they say, now give it to me now. And the funny thing is maybe the glass that we use is specialized glass that is Impressive FreeSign 3, the best in the world, and is 1,200.00euros instead of 300.00 euros elsewhere and they talk to me and they say alright we stay 5 more days at Munchen! And they do. They stay longer and they have custom made glasses.. We only use Impressive FreeSign 3 in our frames." 
                                 http://www.soehnges-exklusiv.com/                                            Klaus Böhm
Mr. Klaus Böhm is the highly qualified director from 40 years at the Exklusiv Optik in Munich.He is always such fun to talk to and every year it is something different that he has! Not just in terms of the physical glasses and frames in the store, yet always innovative new techniques or programs that he is either involved in or the Master of! 
     "Let me show you my golfing section of which the young pro named Patrick Kopp wears the name of Sohnges on the shirt. We sponsor him. And of course now he says, O I want to wear the Oakley Sunglasses. They always want to wear the Oakley´s because of the colors. O I must wear the Oakley´s they say." he laughs as he lets me try these on. Bildergebnis für oakley sunglasses  colorsYes I say the young snowboarders and surfers are totally into the Oakleys!  I started working with the Company Headquarters our of Colorado that trains young people from 10 to 21 in the program named Dynamic Sports. It involves many things from eye coordination to strength and we work with these youths in developing these techniques here now at Munchen at University where I train them one time per week. Rafael Nadal works with the colored beans on long strings to develop eye coordination and it is one of the techniques we use." He has for fun me try a couple of the hand-eye coordinaton games and of course the youths are much better at it! Yet it is tons of fun. 
"Now the last 3 months we have 3 pair of Cartier original vintage sunglasses. One is the 30 year old platinum original frame from 1986. It is original and only these exist in the entire world. As soon as people know that we have it of course they will come. And then I must try to find something similiar! Now I have 3 original Cartier frames that only exist here. Nowhere else in the world are the originals without being used." he laughs. "A little while ago a old optician died in Paris and they found originals worth 250,000.00 in the basement of his store. I bought a couple of these items and they are in the store here in Munchen. Of course I wanted to buy the whole batch, yet I settled for these. In the business when you have a wonderful reputation that we have we can always find unique items around the world. The young Arab Princes want the new frames, their fathers wanted the vintage ones and now the young Prince´s want the Platinum frames. They change with time. The Asian culture loves the Lotus and the Lindburgh, which are more expensive. However, let me show you another special Ray Ban, solid gold!" he starts laughing and we both can´t stop laughing. SOLID GOLD! "Yes try these on. They´re very  heavy." And I try these on and they hurt my nose they are so heavy!Bildergebnis für solid gold raybans
"You look great in these!" he says and yet I love the Platinum Cartier 30 year old retros. A)They are original and only one in the world. B)They make me look like my father and I look totally cool in these! C) The Gold Cartier´s are pretty darn cool too.! 

   O Hey! Want to meet a real Naples Man? Born in Germany? With the best authentic Pizza ever? Come meet Armando :

 the Traditional Napoletana Restaurant, Da Armando,   Pictured below, Armando´s brother playing the guitar at the restaurant and a dish of delicate desserts.                         

          Landsberger Straße 73                                                                                                 Reservations Tel: +49 895 00 405 0
Armando owns Da Armando on Landsberger Staße in Muenchen. As I wondered into the restaurant near the Augustiner Headquarters I am greeted warmly from the Naples Italian Entrepreneur. He speaks only a little english and tons of German, and of course Italian. "For 8 years I own the restaurant. The food is from the Naples region, Pesce, Carni, Pizza, Pasta, and here try these," he says as he gives me cool little dolce treats..."Rafealo, Roccoco from Naples." And the friends that know me know that I eat these immediately! Yum. Especially the Roccocos.

 Bild in Originalgröße anzeigen
Here is the owner, And below showing off the chefs of the great brewery, Augustiner in Muenchen.  I say that when I interviewed 1,000 people at Octoberfest they all loved Augustiner beer the best! "Yes it is a very good beer. That is why we´re happy to give the people a taste of Italian and German food to compliment the brewery." he says.
Here the surprisingly tiny pizza that is wonderful. The cook brought it from the kitchen and yum. "It is a special Naples pizza. The Germans love the pizza. They love it." Armando says in his funny charming try at English. I know. I know. I should speak German. And at least Italian! I try but it is probably as funny as he is trying to tell me about his specialties in English! The pizza is thin compared to the traditional Naples style. "Yes it is our own homemade. It is a special pizza." I eat one slice and they save it til I come back. It is my dinner:)
"My German is median," he google translates and we figure out that it is 50% German and 50% Italian. "My heart is in Italy of course since I am from Italy heritage yet I love the Germans and the German culture. They´re nice people and of course they come here to drink the Augustiner beer which they love and try the Italian food. Yet we´re flexible. I feel Italian and German. If people call us for reservations and ask if they can eat German food here we have a German chef who cooks specially for that reservation. I want to introduce the Naples cuisine here and mix with the German Culture." says Armando. He is funny when I keep asking the specialties he keeps giving me the list, "Pesce, Carni, Pasta, Pizza, and Cookies." ! Yes except what is the specialties that he loves of his own restaurant? And is he the cook? "Yes I can cook." he smiles and says again, "Pizza, Pesce, etc." Okay we understand now that he has great food! Naples style.
With the help of  his wife, "Natasha" and his fun waiter, "Ivan" who translates for me, Armando tells of his father´s restaurant in Naples. "Very formal," he says and shows me the black pants. "Pantaloons?" He trys to explain and I ask if it is formal? "Yes Tuxedos." A very classy restaurant in Naples. That is how he started in the restaurant business. And the words of advise for young people asking Armando how to be a success? "A Success like me!"  he exclaims and Ivan bursts out laughing. "They can work work work." he says and again Ivan can´t stop laughing. "They want to be capo?" asks Ivan and laughs. "I see how they work. If they work they can be successful." Says Armando. It is that simple:)
However as Jens says, "I have tons of different models and colors. I love colors. We have mountain bikes which became the newest trend in the 1990s after the Popular BMX bike hit their peak. They were really hot after the movie ET which is featured when that little pet is in the basket remember? That is a BMX bike. They have the big ones and the small ones that the guys on the Xtreme Sports use. I have a Retro one.Bildergebnis für the bmx retro bikes I love the Retros." he says. Bildergebnis für felt bikes
   Hauptstraße 6,     tele: 08151/16714
Lake Starnberg Germany(muenchen)
"The biking trends took off about the 1970s and 1980s...before that it is the banana bikes as children that you said that you had...we as Germans had these too.
But people started seeing these as ways to travel and as extreme sports and the Olympics...soon everybody wanted a bike. With the movie ET the BMX had worldwide recognition. Now everybody owns a bike or wants to own a bike.
And people start collecting the cool retros. The bikes here are the latest colors the latest styles...they have to look cool or people don't want to buy these bikes. That is the reality." he says.
                       http://www.radhaus-starnberg.de/http://www.radhaus-starnberg.de/Jens Baier Bike manJens Baier Bike man
Usually when I write about Bike Stores I add a lot of pictures of the bikes yet the store here is such a funny and fun team...Jens,"I said that I love to talk, remember," he keeps reminding me when I ask questions...                   Bildergebnis für the bmx retro bikes"
The one cool thing that we do have is the Gravel Racers. These are only for Gravel and have the wide tires...and sand too and mud. The other thing is the carbon bikes very expensive the black one is around 10,000.00 euros and has the electric gears. That is a new type of bike that everybody asks for." 
     http://www.radhaus-starnberg.de/   "The Felt Brand is one of my favorites too. I have the latest trends and most of the bikes you see in the store are all the 2016 bikes. The 2015 are all gone. Now we're doing the 2016?" Jen says laughing. He loves to show you all the bikes, and he has about 5 personal, "or more. I am in the BMX retro collectors club too which of course everybody has a membership somewhere on Facebook if you look long enough. I even found a support group on Facebook for the 911 dogs that they had trying to help the survivors." Jen says when I tell him that I've been tryinmg to find a 911 support group of New York. "Just google it you can find it trust me. They have support groups on facebook for everybody. Like I said the couple of the dogs that helped in NY 911 are still alive." Jen does like to talk and says,"I love the Lake Starnberg because it is international. (Scott bikes)Bildergebnis für scott bikes expensive It is expensive yet we have a lot of people coming from Russian and China and buying property so we decided here that we should learn a little Chinese!"
Alex, the other sales person and "he does everything really. We all need to know how to do repair and sales and it is a huge store yet we only have a handful of the team. I guess we could say Alex was the salesperson here the longest with 16 years!" says Jens and introduces "Dr. Alex Linberg" . "It is basically a very deep researched site that helps you plan your entire college education with highlights from around the world the universitys that I chose. Yet we're adding everyday and as of yet it is only in German. It is a baby site." he admits. Check out the totally cool serious site or call the bike store to say hi.
And Albert TNT shall be happy to know that the University of  University of Edinburgh, gegründet 1583,his own is on the website.! 
  • Europa
  • Nordamerika
  • Lateinamerika
  • Asien
  • Afrika
  • Australien
  • "The areas that we have right now is the 6" he says.
  "Here is romantic seatings and lovely dinners where you and romance can intertwine...make huge business deals laughing with the fondue you create, or have a important night out where only living lifes luxuries is important. Try Weinhaus Schneider. The owner cares about making the grapes on the wine bottles which he not only talked to the owner of the vineyards to make the wine after dealing with the owners many many years, but paid for the corks for his wine and only his bottles have these! Seriously! "The wine is named Tiananok. it is from the scene in the Titanic when the woman with her two boys tells them a story as the ship is sinking..."The land of Tiananok is a land where the sun never goes down..." The vineyards Tiananok named the wine after that story and city." wow.
"The upstairs is only parties. You know if I could I would make the kitchen bigger and open the upstairs everyday,"says Harold. Trust me. When you come to the Weinhaus Schneider you should ask to sit upstairs at the think Jack Nicholson movie "The shining". The people who would really want to sit upstairs? Real Journalists, writers...Ernst Heminway, Movie Stars wanting a great atmosphere of fame without the staring invasion of privacy, the literary people...the people wanting a beer or wine and making business deals. IT IS GORGEOUSLY COOL.
"My people have been here 22 years with me. I care about the restaurant. From the wine labels to the sauces to the way that the refrigerator is laid out with salads and essentials. My staff they care about the people yet I care about the peole loving the ambience and the restaurants theme. The beauty. The history. The real Germany." he says.
         Bildergebnis für Weinhaus Schneider muenchen#
Something happened on the way to the Hoffbrauhaus...
                           I met Harold from Weinhaus Scheneider and had 3 hrs. of history, great wine, and his story. Ciao

"I lived in Florida as a horse trainer in the 30 years before when all the greats lived and worked for their livelihood...such as my best friend being Mr. Cavalli which you probably know Roberto Cavalli...I was definitely in love with his wife Eva. He named his famous horse after Eva. We all worked with each other. Then from there to Muenchen and eventually here." says the wonderful person who represents the time and detail of what it takes to love a museum of history, food and era...
The ghostly collectibles above and the elegant romantic dinners of the night at the Weinhaus Schneider in Muenchen.
The interior is a old study with traditional paintings of immense value collecting dust in the 1,000 year old manor of the old noble families of Germany, at least that is what it feels like when you enter and sit for 3 hours in the morning as I do. Little steins on the walls which are cluttered with valuable priceless items of sentimental value, cared for by only the owner, Harold. "The stein is from 1909 to 1912. It belonged to a soldier. See if you can find the name...if the name of the list of the soldier is on the list of all of the soldiers it is authentic" And we find the name. "If the family of that soldier ever came in here it would be wonderful. I bought it at a auction and am waiting for a member of the family to discover it." says the particular detailed owner of the amazing real Bavarian Fondue! restaurant. "The thing that makes me laugh the most is when the people come in here without reservations and they all order the Wiener Schnitzel. The cook is frantically making the wiener schnitzel instead of the easy fondue and it makes me laugh since the chef is panicking at all of the orders. That is funny to me." says Harold.
Beauty, ghosts of people past, Historic Luxuries Beyond belief, Wine from the famous German Vineyards Paul Anheuser(think Anheuser Busch 300 year old relatives)that is made especially for Harold-only 1,000 bottles. All of which he handpaints the grapes on the labels himself in a dusty back office complete with 500Euro vintage wines, original 1914 chairs that were sold from the original owners and Harold tracked down at the auctions...all 10 of em. "You know when they went to sell the chairs at how do you call AUCTION!? they would of sold 4 chairs etc but when they lifted that gavel I raised my hand and bought all 10 of the original ones in the restaurant. That is unheard of!  And since my mother and father ran the biggest German Beer Garden in Muenchen from 1974 to 1986...then the Weinhaus behind my restaurant which had 400 seats...and later when I got in a accident they took that over for one year. When I came back I didn´t like what they had done with my vision and I asked Michaelia to open the restaurant here with me. That has been almost 24 years...now." says Harold who by the way is the most detailed person besides myself that I have ever met!
The restaurant is famous for FONDUE...Harold who is found in the morning at 10:00am making his own sauces in the kitchen says with a sigh,"My cook is lazy...I make all the preparations in the mornings and all he has to do is give the fondue to the people...really! they cook their own food on their own tables...he only prepares the fondue plate." Harold is funny in that dry sense of humor. "Here let me show you the sauces..." and he lets me taste the six specialty sauces in the middle of the deepfreeze in the hallway...horseradish, mustard, garlic, sweet, and a couple more...and on to the wine..."I have only German wine and my good friend Paul Anheuser is where it comes from. Now of course I deal with the grandchildren since the grandfather remains in the background."
Sophie, the young owner of the cafe Corso,"I named it that for a couple of reasons...such as it is a track that drives around and around, it is fun with the letters, and we researched many different meanings after I named it that because I became curious." I say that Corso is the legendary actor in one of my favorite movies which is The Ninth Gate..."O yes and that too I remember." she says.
Blick in die Bar Corso "My team is fun and I totally trust all of em. We work hard and we talk about things. If someone complains ever about some of my staff we sit and talk about it. Maybe someone misinterpreted. I always want to know how we can do something better." Sophie says."They´re friends, you know?"  The girl pouring is a replica of a friend of mine from theater school, Laurie Riffe, I went to theater school with her in 1991..(she then went to Chapel Hill North Carolina).here she is pouring an old-fashioned... a lot has changed from whe we first met... I´m sure the bar must be fun Laurie´s wild life make her perfect for the chatting with the guests.
Here is Sophie´s team in the ktichen, nope none look like any of my theater actors! "The cooks know how to cook and the bartenders know how to bartend. I don´t go into the kitchen to tell them how to do something yet at times they want to know how they should. I don´t like giving advice but I try. the best thing that someone could do to achieve something of importance is work work work. People have to love what they do. The must have mentors. Someone that they can talk to and ask questions with. Someone that they trust. It is important to communicate with each other." says Sophie. "We´ve been here 7 years and the first 3 months? Panic striken. Everyday. I had so much to do. Now I work everyday but not work work work. I have two small children and the restaurant is only open from 5pm on in the weekdays. The guests that come here I try to say let us give you one hour or 2 hours where we take care of it all. You just sit and have a good time. I want the experience of the restaurant a place where they can forget their responsibilities while they´re here and we take care of em." Sophie says.

Had a couple of loved interviews today...the energy and chaos of the refugees coming to Europe has brought far less controversary at least on the surface as you might expect or as an American you see say for instance with the influx of Spanish speaking immigrants from Mexico crossing the borders...okay okay is illegal , that is true. However the German community seems to have embraced the refugees and given homes to em. Take for instance tonight I met a lovely German young kid say about 24 who at his computer in a little cafe sat with a Arabic book and on the computer is phrases from German to English. Sitting next to him is a Syrian refugee...since Syria is "my baby" for years now I asked him if they were teaching each other languages? "Yes I am learning Arabic to communicate with the Syria refugees and especially my friend here and to teach German and English to him. I lived in Cairo a year and other Arabic speaking countries and learned Arabic a little and now learning more." His friend from Syria said that he is here one year and that he loves Germany and never wants to go back to Syria! That is the sentiment of many of the refugees where riding on a tram is a luxury vehicle and cool and something that the Western World takes for granted.

Met German person who has worked the last 15 years with foreign immigrants into Germany. "On one side I see that we need to help the people to adjust to life in Germany. Yet on the other hand as with Americans or Chinese or Thailand you never see the people immigrating here and the ones that I deal with on a social level becoming violent. The problem with say the Russian or Albanian or Turkish culture and I have yet to see it from the Syrian side is that at times there is a tendency to violence if a woman tells a man no. They as a culture a Muslim culture are not not used to having a woman tell them no. At times I have seen them become aggressive towards women there. That is a little worriedsome for me. They love the luxuries and the Western World yet they feel uncomfortable at the same time due to their cultural differences." The German Social Worker told. me. "And yes Europe is helping that is true yet at the same time we as a German Nation can't exactly go into Syria and take over that leadership or that country. We're not this big. America could of gone in and taken over the country as a nation and helped but they didn't Obama didn't do that. That is worriesome to me. " And I have to say that I believe that too. It is worrisome for me.

Met another young kid about 24 who said that he is at University studying and he loves Germany. He loves the people and he loves Muenchen and all he does is laugh. He said that he thinks the emmeanesbook cultural website is a cool idea and he wants to visit some of the places that I wrote about. A couple people said tonight that they hate facebook's Mark! And I said that I loved using facebook since I could send the friends that I love funny messages but too many people can hack into facebook and that they can learn too much about a person from each other communicatiing. I said that I am going to redo the privacy to only show my friends my messages. That is one way to keep friendships and at the same time messages only with friends and friends of friends.    The beauty of the Wirsthaus in Starnberg...notice the hardwood floors and the handcraftmanship of the furniture..."In the summer everybody is at the lake until about 8pm to midnight they start coming in. When it rains they all run inside and when it is sunny they sit in the outdoor beergarden. Each section holds about 200 people comfortably." she says when I ask which the guests prefer.

     And in Tutzing, the city right on the Sbahn line from Lake Starnberg right on the lake is
http://www.tutzinger-hof.de/ a lovely house with big comfortable rooms and a beer garden and restaurant.
                                     Hauptstraße 32        Telefon: 08158 / 936-0              82327 Tutzing
"Do you want to see the Muenchen pictures or only the Cuban" he asks and I say that of course people from around the world are interested in the entire photo history and gallery yet I am most interested in the photographer and his conversation. "My view on Cuba is that it is primitive and real. The people for the moist part do not have anything really. They live poorly. The idealists of Fidel Castro is long since gone. The natural beauty and realness of the untouched Cuban culture is why people go to Cuba. And when America goes into Cuba that will all change. The commercialism will ruin Cuba. The people will have modernism but they won´t be interesting any longer." he says and I agree. "The Chinese are the only ones the last couple of years that have gone into Cuba to give them technology. They don´t even have internet!" he says.
Life in Cuba since 2000, "I´ve been going to cuba to photograph the real culture and the people about 15 years now. Here is a depiction of real life photographs and I represent that period in time that the Americas left so to speak. The cars are all 1957´s and in perfect condition yet the engines are all from Russia. You have a gorgeous car with Russian engines that stink literally. They can only do so much with parts Russian since the American embargo you know. And to answer you´re question...they do import Japanese and other cars except they don´t import German cars. The reason is that the German cars are too expensive. The americans won´t let American cars into cuba yet  the rest of the world can go into Cuba if they choose to." says Michael Nischke, the owner and photographer who has brought us such great photos. PLEASE CHECK OUT HIS SITE AT. http://www.nischkemuc.com/#/galleries/529
           017 43 22 2843                     Baaderstraße 52
While I wait til my burger comes the bartender gives me a special drink...he won´t tell me it´s name is "titengoogle" til I keep bugging him and then I ask really? and he says no that it is a special name and a special drink and he only knows the recipe. "The owner started the bar with the concept of good food and wild parties and we´re open til 5 am on the weekends. People dance on the tables every night and they´re wild and we only have spoons and fingers to eat with. That is it. We don´t have forks and knifes and the reason is that we don´t want crazy party people going after somebody with a fork or a knife! That is the real reason." Francis says. And just then a guy with a chinese guy sitting at the table yells if he can have a fork please with his coleslaw and Francis yells, "NO we don´t have forks or knifes...use your hands." to which both tourists look aghast and start eating the burgers with the hands.
The bar is definitely a adult burger bar. "We started the bar with the idea from the owner that it is a dancing club bar. That means that he wanted dancing and a dj kind of thing to do and added the food later. He thought what food could I do with a bar? and thought that schnitzel wasn´t a good choice. So.....he thought let´s do real good burgers. And we do real good burgers...including bison burgers." Francis says and when I ask to try the bison burger he lets me. It is good and different and we have fun telling wild and crazyiest bar stories around the world. "The bar is only for 18 and above. Not younger than 18. That means no families sorry. We want a place the last 10 years when young people can come, dance on the tables and drink and get wild and eat burgers. No children allowed." he says. I guess that the baby eating the cut up food on table is out of the question.
First I say that the day has been like Don´t call Mama...from the first person I interviewed that didn´t want to be put on the website til the new name came since he was keeping it a secret to the totally bad encounter with the famous now, infamous biker Lance Armstrong at a bar in Munchen. The day before I had been on the train with a professional biker and we were talking about the "doping" that went on in that sport. He told me about Lance´s using the red blood count to boost his performances and that Lance had to give 50million about back to sponsors...I said that I don´t like cheaters...blah blah blah. Then yesterday Lance Armstrong decides to put in a appearance and keeps shoving his phone number in my face saying, "Call me here call me give me your number. I don´t have time for you to interview me now but here call me." to which I reply the way that I always do I am here right now and no I don´t have a phone. As I am walking out of the bar he keeps yelling at me "here don´t you want to take my number!" As I am walking down the street I say I would love to talk to Albert why in the world does a cheater like Lance Armstrong think I would never want to talk to a person who had to give all of his medals back for biking...then BAM A TRAM HITS A GIRL ON A BIKE RIGHT AT THAT MOMENT!   All I see is a wheel spinning out of the front of the tram on Schillerstrasse and the tram stopped and as I walk around the front I see a girl on the groud jerking her entire body in convulsions up and down about 3 minutes unstoppable. It was horrific. We all were aghast and waited 25 minutes til the ambulance comes. 1 hr. later my friend says O Emme you must interview Don´t Call Mama it is your entire day today...here it is.
The three boys of the Don´t Call Mama, I interviewed one on Monday night, "I am only here about 5 to 6 weeks the other two started the bar about 3 months now," says the young 32 year old making me cotton candy behind the bar. "I guess I should say that I am the creative one. I do all of the facebook and the new ideas...the cotton candy machine I thought people would love to eat cotton candy. The popcorn machine. It is sweet. The phone as you walk in telling you to call your mama! these are my ideas." he says. "The original idea is the three of us are talking about the concept of a bar and its name and one of the guys says that there used to be a great bar in New York called Don´t Tell Mama and it was a cool underground bar and one of the other guys thought he said Don´t Call Mama and so he said yes lets name it Don´t Call mama...but the other guy starts laughing saying I didn´t say to Don´t Call Mama I said to Don´t Tell Mama. But we kept the new name because we thought it is funny."                                      https://www.facebook.com/dontcallmamamuenchen/timeline
       Schellingstraße 45,  089 45208545
From Polaroids to little tape guns that let you write your own messages near the phone at the front!

                      Café Altschwabing
The people at Cafe Altschwabing are Turkish...it is the first and I mean the very first Turkish owned business that adorns my website around the world. Yes! Hoorah for Turkey! "Alright he says that you hear this all the time, however, it is a Turkish family. It has been here about 13 years. Yes it is difficult to bring the quality of service to the people every time and everyday. Of course. The kitchen is the most difficult since every plate must meet the satisfaction of the guests." says Yelis the cheerleader. "He says that he wants people to come and sit at the bar and have conversations and feel good about the food and the team. That it is a family and a team. That people should have comfort here." She says. "He says that you should inspire yourself. That he inspires himself and the cook inspires himself. Everybody has a job to do and they do it."
Does he eat only Turkish food? He laughs and answers himself, "I eat Bavarian food too! I love German food and I love Turkish Shis-ka-bob!" And I say that I love that too. The place is elegant and open and airy and has wonderful real Turkish food in a Bavarian open elegant restaurant setting. A must try..."we do bartending and waitressing and helping the guests. All of us. Like family. Everybody helps each other."
              089 2731022
          schellingstraße 56

The sweet innocent Murat owns the restaurant, "to bring Turkey to Germany. Every year many tourists from around the world come to Turkey to vacation and I want to bring Turkey here so they don´t have to go on vacation to Turkey. They can just come here." says Murat through the help of his niece, the Munich Cowboys American Football Cheerleader, my interpreter!

                             Circle 5 soon to become!° Falscher Hase known as the Wrong Rabbit.

I say to Ferhat that it has a foggy feeling to it, that Henrys and that it reminds me of Virginia...where fog is everywhere especially at night.

Elisenhof, Prielmayerstraße 3 089 20928336
Bildergebnis für henrys deli muenchen
"We started the restaurant 1 and 1/2 years now. We couldn´t think of what to name it and the black american security guard next door came in one night and shook hands with us and said "hi i am henry!" since that time we named it henrys... and we make a smoke glass huge window with his profile on it as our logo" they say. Funny crazy guys fun. Ferhat and Maysam are young fun international guys with 2 Henry´s now and a cool smoky designed food truck coming that is doing all of the food for Circle 5 soon to be Wrong Rabbit
"Don´t put us on the website til we change the name to the Wrong Rabbit from the Circle 5" says the young new owners of the new dance club minutes from the Central Train Station in Munchen. "We only opened the new bar about 2 weeks and although it is open during the transition we don´t want people to get confused if they come to Circle 5 and 2 weeks later they come to a new club." says Michael and I say that it is important for people to come now and to have fun. His partner Sasha says, "Yes except we want a new image and the old image is Circle 5"
  We´re having a standing DJ on Friday and Saturday nights and a place named Henry´s that will be bringing us burgers. The Henry´s is right across the street and they bring the burgers...the guests order these and we don´t have to do the dishes. And the DJ mingles with the crowd in a standing fashion and that way is pretty cool too. " 
ImageFalscher Hase is the new name, "We are putting uphostelery in the windows like a car seat and everywhere like you see in the spy movies. People feel comfortable in the leathers. And the Falscher Hase is the new name since it means Wrong Rabbit. Since in the day we have coffee to drink and at night we have beer. So people say is it a bar or is it a cafe. We have old brick walls and new window seats. People say is it historical or is it modern. It is a night and day thing. That is why we name is Wrong Rabbit." Michael says. Elisenstraße 5  089 44 235 427              Bildergebnis für henrys munich

 "We added more luxury...more leather sofas, more seats to sit and chat...and a couple of lazy chairs outside...lawn chairs..." says the Turkish owner of the Y Julieta Finest Cigars in Muenchen. I ask  the Cigar Aficinado, seated smoking a Monte Cristo, his favorite if they knew that is the age of Juliet´s 14 time of her death? "We had the name in Central Muenchen before here so this is a coincidence..." they laughingly admit.    

Lounge • Y JULIETA - finest cigars, München

"We're the best and the reason is although we're the smallest we're  the only cigar store in Munchen with a smoking lounge."


"Here people can come and talk to each other and smoke a cigar and if they would love to we give tastes of rum and espressos and water. The rum you can purchase and take home with you but we can't sell rum for you to drink here.  

"My favorite is the Trinidad since it has a special story...that is the cigar that Castro saved for his official state guests...a present from Castro, but Che is the one that took the special rolled Cohibas and had the first idea to export cigars from Cuba to make money for their cause...and after Castro made President he renamed these Trinidad and had special rollers in Cuba that hand rolled each one for each of his guests. That is my favorite." he says.    On the wall is special types of cigars and of course Che. When I ask he says,  "No Che isn't a bad guy." and he laughs...but he looks like a bad guy.

"The other thing that I added is that...see the sign on the wall? It is Habanos Point and that shows the world that we have the highest quality of Cuban cigars...you must have had the variety and quality for a little while to have the company grant you that award. It is similiar to Michelan guide." he says. 

 Hallo Aficinado,is the first thing you read on the website funny yet friendly that is the owner and a perfect chat...

 "I really loved America especially New Orleans since you can wake up at 10:00am and hear real jazz played right outside the window." Yes I say I love jazz and that city is the best.   "In addition we do carry the most cuban cigars anywhere in the city." http://www.y-julieta.de/

       Brienner Str. 13  (Innenhof Almeida Palais) 80333Munchen There is tons of  construction around the site...but it is worth finding...across the street from the big KITON ON Oskar-von-Miller/Ring STRASSE

 And Albert? Ciao.  "MonteCristo...It is strong and of the highest quality. It is Cuban of course. The reason that people buy Cuban is because it is the only place in the entire world that has the perfect climate to grow the finest quality of cigars. That is why people that know cigars choose these and yes I guess the Americans choose these too because everybody wants what they can´t have." They laugh and say that the people that come here with consistency are people that appreciate and know quality cigars. "We have a club where it is member's only and in the room here they can store all that they buy from us...cigars" When I say that is when the wives don't want them smoking cigars and they have to smoke here...                  "Yes exactly." he says laughing...

He shows me the special room right when you walk into the cigar store and I peek inside...it has the names of the members on each of the box and I think hmm it looks just like the lockers at the camping international hostel where i am staying! It is funny to see everybodys names!  Above is that picture the most classiest you ever saw? 

In addition the store is a exklusive carrier of such rare items as ferrari sunglasses and one of the rare stores that is allowed to carry one of the 31 edition Cartier sunglasses. The one in Munchen is famous for the number 2 edition out of 31 in the world...price tag? 17,000.00 euros! 



Everytime I visit the store since they always do the latest in the industry of contacts I take a little fun time and try on all the glasses...I know that Lynn can't wait til I am done playing to do my contacts! but it is kind of fun to see how the glasses transform you into different people! 


Ask to talk to Lynn the cool funky manager at Exklusiv Optik and she can help find some cool frames and lenses. The store is serious eyewear and has really expensive items one of a kind and yet funky 31E glasses that make one seem smart!

Brienner str.7  80333  munchen +49.89 2907 1010

                               LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE 

  089 24292610  
Thomas-Wimmer-Ring 3

Why come from England and open a bike store with that name? "I used to work with Microsoft in England and ya it was a good company but I married a German girl and we moved here. My father showed me the tools and how to use them on a bike and I opened my first store 5 years ago."  And since I love the word love and say it all the time why love? "All the Germans know the english word bike and they know the english word love." He fixes the bikes in a cool 3 level modern design store with funky loft stairs and as we chat he says he has to pay attention to his bike fixing because I am distracting him...we need the people to     not fall off their bikes he says.

David is a English Guy...the sense of dry humore you know as he fixes his bike he comments about the characters coming in and out of the store and what he would rather be doing!                    

"I would like to open the store and have a coffee bicycle store...maybe with a workshop attached." I thought that he meant let people work on their own bikes and use his tools..."I would have too charge more than 5Euros to use my tools however that is a idea."Van moof bike below....cool


The funnest thing about owning the bike store? "All the people that come in. Like the one that just left!" he says laughing...and the bikes? "we've got big bikes, small bikes, city bikes, mountain bikes, tour bikes, racing bikes..." and my favorite is the Trek bike..."Yep the trek bike we got outside it is the one in the middle the black one...." Yes I love Trek....and the Principia pictured...

Evoke Team

He has always loved racing, "As a kid I would race everywhere and my dad being a engineer he taught me how to fix the bikes. The one bike I own is a racing bike. The carbons are my favorites since they're light and you can take these anywhere." They are cool the carbons and pricey of course 5,000E and up...If you love biking it is better than a car...save and give yourself! a present of a cool bike.

Amalienstrasse 46 is where you can find a fun funky indoor and outdoor eclectic cafe of French fries as Americans say and Pommes as the German's say. Bildergebnis für pommes pommes pommes munchen

Pommes Pommes and Pommes...If a normal person eats one fish and chips newspaper wrapped Pommes every 10 days that is pretty good if however you are the way that I am I tend to eat Pommes everyday. I especially love the real fattening Pommes...and you can definitely find these here. The owner however says that his Pommes "they're healthy..." and the fattening things are the different homemade sauces lined up on the wall that you add to these Pommes. My favorite is the Hamburger Hot sauce with added Jalepeno. It is really hot if you want to try. 18 of em all lined up:)


  Bernhard is the owner of the very busy restaurant but if you catch him he is a geniunely nice guy. Serious about his business...when I stood in the restaurant waiting for my Pommes at least 10 people came in ordering within 5 minutes. Hmm...maybe a Pommes franchise is in the future?' (The going rate for Munchen franchises these days? 15,000Euros! However the one here might be a little more...) When I ask Bernhard if he knows the Chicago based Moes Burgers and French Fries he says that he doesn't but that they probably go through as many potatoes per day as the famous American Franchise. 5 Guys named Mo...which go through about 65 huge Idaho potato bags per day.   "I don't really know how many we do and if I did my boss probably wouldn't like it if I told you" says one of the staff who is very nice by the way... hmm ancient secret...I think we should send people into the restaurant every 15 minutes to order pommes and count how may they sell in one day!..including the ones that we eat. 


 Rive Gauche is well-known everywhere at Munchen. Whenever I show the website people always say, "O I know him...I know that restaurant. It is a great French restaurant." You can always tell the quality of a place if the locals and the business owners recommend it. That is Rive Gauche. The owner is nice pictured here above and with the "piano guy!". He is an authentic Frenchy. From France and you're lucky if you happen upon him at his place as he is often back and forth. He has been here more than 20 years at the same location. "IT used to be predominantly a gay neighborhood but in the last 5 years there has been a transgression to a mixed neighborhood and especially young families moving in. Everybody is open and active in the region here. I like it more today in the mixture of people coming together. It used to be closed and now it is more friendly. A great group of people here." says the young French owner Arnaud. 


I sat outside of the French Bistro one night and Arnaud treated me with a lovely Burgandy from France , of course, and his own recipe of Chicken with Prune Sauce...I know it was pretty good. The people watching isthe best and you can sit along the window sill covering yourself with big fluffy brown blankets that he provides for his outdoorsy guests. Intimate cozy setting. Cool Had Fun


                            Thalkirchner Str. 11      Telefon 089 / 23 23 18 98

Rive Gauche Foto