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  Yes, you can book your wedding with Pink Jeep Tours for an unforgettable experience that lasts a lifetime, right here at the Grand Canyon, or one of our 5 locations in the USA. If  you decide to tie the knot in Las Vegas, you can take a Las Vegas Strip Pink Jeep tour with us to view all the lights and celebrations that Las Vegas has to offer. Bright Lights city tour group posing in front of "Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas" sign at night
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And, on the other hand, we don't promote the FBI's loosely termed "Grand Canyon Divorce" cases, but we do give historical stories about the not-so-happy visits to the Grand Canyon.
So: Safety is our number one priority & we tour out with 8 people, we always come back with 8 people; although maybe not the same 8...
  Take John Wesley Powell's historical first documented river journey down the Colorado river on May 24, 1869, 10 people took 4 wooden boats & traveled over 360 rapids to Lake Mead where 7 of the 10 survived 3 months later. 3 men had left August 28, the day before they made their one last rapid run, to walk to an American settlement some 75 miles away-alas not to make it through the Shivwits territory of the Paiutes who apparently killed them, not too happy about them encroaching on their lands.
         So, what exactly can a Pink Jeep Tour do for you? How about see the awe-inspiring Grand Canyon, the most visited canyon in the world with 276 miles of Colorado River Rapids cutting through the bottom of the canyon, about 1 mile beneath your views, to the 1.7 billion historical tour of the rock layers forming the majestic 7th Wonder of the World. Here at the South Rim of the Canyon, Pink Jeep Tours takes you from the Grand Canyon Village to the Desert View Watchtower, depending on the tour you choose. Whether it be a day tour that includes hiking the famous Hermit's Rest 1 mile up and back or a sundown tour along the Desert View Road, you're sure to have an adventure to talk about for the rest of your lives. Funny anecdotes to historical geological facts can all be found with our highly trained Pink Jeep Tour Guides, along with seeing the very diverse wildlife of the Grand Canyon. Contact: 1-800-873-3662 to book your tour.                                                
  The Grand Canyon Pink Jeep Tours are all on paved roads due to the arrangement with the National Park Service Rangers; however, if you wish to take a mountain climbing tour of the Sedona Rocks, or perhaps Branson, we recommend you call the Pink Jeep number and request these tours. Just tell the agent what adventure you are looking for and they will find the perfect fit for you & your group. 1-800-873-3662
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  Here at the Grand Canyon, we tell you the stories of the spiritual significance of the 11 Native American Tribes who lived in and around the Grand Canyon for the last 12,000 years. After the Pink Jeep tour, you can make arrangements to visit the Hualapai Reservation with the 70-foot glass-bottom walkway 4,000 feet above the Grand Canyon and witness the ceremonies of the Hualapai; or trek on down to the beautiful blue-green waters of the Havasu Waterfalls within the Havasupai Reservation where today only about 400 Tribal members live all year long. The water is pure blue from the magnesium in the rocks and it is one of the most beautiful sights you shall ever see. From the South Rim you can see the vast forests of the great Navajo Reservations, over 27,000 square miles, the size of 10 states. The Hopi Reservation is on an Island within the Navajo Nation and you can make prior arrangements to visit both of these from permission of these tribes. 
  And although we don't take you trekking up Sedona's huge bouldering cliffs here at the Grand Canyon, Sedona's tour guides do, so after viewing & learning about the majesty of the vast awe-inspiring Grand Canyon, if you elect to visit Sedona, make sure you tell our Guest Service agents at the front desk where they can book you the next tour with a 15% treat on us. 1-800-873-3662
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    Grand Canyon's El Tovar hotel to close for renovations in 2017.                         
                              El Tovar Luxurious Chalet & Fine Dining Restaurant from 1905
   The El Tovar has 78 rooms, all of these with different interiors, & is considered one of the premium hotels in America. Such VIPS include the owner of El Tovar, Mr. Philip Anschutz & his wife Nancy, who happen to own The Los Angeles Lakers, Los Angeles Kings & my personal favorite...COACHELLA; Sir Paul McCartney, President Clinton & Albert Einstein. Teddy Roosevelt's Hunting Trophies surround the entire lobby, looking down at you as you enter, and a wood carving exact replica of his mustache is in the private dining room of the El Tovar main room.   Reservations online & (928) 638-2631.
        El Tovar Dining Room and Lounge | Arizona Highways
El Tovar Dining Room - Fine Dining at the Grand Canyon - Real Food Traveler
 El Tovar has breakfast, lunch & dinner menus, along with an adorable lounge that has fine dining lounge food. You can just walk in for breakfast & lunch, yet it is a must for reservations at dinner. Is it worth the chance to dine here? Absolutely yes yes yes. 
All suites come with a balcony & attached sitting rooms and in total there is 12. The El Tovar sits literally on top of the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad to the west side and 50 feet from the South Rim's Majesty of the Grand Canyon.El Tovar Hotel Rooms: Pictures & Reviews - Tripadvisor
                            GRAND Canyon HELICOPTER Tours from TUSAYAN

      Now if you're needing a bigger Adrenaline Rush, or just would love to see the Canyon from a different angle, why not try the Grand Canyon Helicopter tours. They offer from 25 to 45-minute tours, so just long enough to see the majesty of the amazing Grand Canyon, yet economical & quick so you can take that 3-hour PinkJeep tour & see all your interests up close. Grand Canyon Helicopters Are The Ultimate National Park Thrill Ride ...
   Ever wonder what the weather is like at the bottom of the canyon with the 277-mile-long Colorado River weaving in and out below you? Now you can safely travel the length of the river with an amazing Helicopter Tour from Tusayan. At around 120 mph, the sides will be zooming by you in the midst of the Grand Canyon, but up above they'll be displayed in all of their Glory.                                                                                      Pink Jeep Las Vegas Grand Canyon Tour Discount Tickets

    And if you see something super special on that PINKJEEP Tour & Helicopter Ride, well that is what the El Tovar overnight stay into the morning for the Mule Rides down to the bottom of the Canyon is for. While you're down there, stay at the famous Mary Coulter 1922 Resort Phantom Ranch a couple of nights before muling it back to the top. Besides the mules like a little vacation down there, too. a 360 mule ride down the Grand Canyon - YouTube
 If you're not quite up to the long trek way down deep into the canyon, you can take the 2-hour rim tour instead. Every day they have standby lists, as they're booked well into a year in advance. The mules have been trekking down into the canyon since the late 1880's every day & have never slipped once. They're loyal, sturdy & very big, yet gentle. It is a ride of a lifetime & should be on everybody's adventure lists.                                                                                                                     Mule Rides in the Grand Canyon and Beyond | Via
                 TUSAYAN Squire Hotel is fun for the entire family, complete with the Bowling Alley, Air Hockey, Race Car Driving Games & a Very Cool and Tasty Pub all in the Basement. In addition to a swimming pool & amazing huge fitness center, you can literally walk to every place in Tusayan as it is only 0.5 miles long! Including the World Famous Chocolate Factory.
Squire Resort at Grand Canyon: Pool & Spa Day Pass Grand Canyon Village |  ResortPass
Squire Resort at the Grand Canyon, BW Signature Collection, Tusayan –  Updated 2024 Prices
Complete with firepit for these Dark Sky nights and outside pub & pool bar, the Squire has at least 3 dining options inside & outside. It's a cozy & friendly place that we love to come to that is open to the public. So even if you're finishing that PINK JEEP tour at 7:30pm & want to grab a quick bite in the basement lounge & a couple games of bowling before you drive back to Flagstaff or Sedona, you can.
It's a resort-style hotel complete with hot tub, indoor & outdoor pools & splash pool/outside pool bar. Squire Resort at the Grand Canyon, BW Signature Collection, Tusayan –  Updated 2024 Prices
Best Western Premier Grand Canyon Squire Inn | Audley Travel US
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                                 Grand Canyon CHOCOLATE FACTORY
 Alright, they stay open til 8:00pm so that the guests from PINKJEEP's Sundown Tours that usually come in about 7:00pm to 7:30pm can waltz on over for the original Gelato that the Italian owners made by hand. The fudge is handmade and simply out of the world delicious and the saltwater taffy has that famous Grand Canyon Prickly Pear flavor. Handmade truffles and chocolate covered strawberries and dark, milk & white chocolate hearts are pretty much a very nice luxury desert of  choice every week!No photo description available.
  With all of these choices, still my ultimate pick & favorite is of course the caramel apples/turtle apples, & chocolate covered apples.
No photo description available.
     The Famous Kolb Brother's Studio is a must for everybody visiting the Grand Canyon.       The brothers journeyed down the Colorado River filming in black and white in the very early 1900s to document their entire trip. The film is similar to a Charlie Chaplin movie and still some small bits can be seen freely in their studio. While the brothers were alive, the film showed in its entirety for almost 75 years, and is still the longest consecutive running film anywhere in the world.