CINESUD  Affiches   de  Cinema 
     Eric is a original person, in his space where he showcases the vintage historical and modern posters, all original of course, to the type of character he is. The showroom Cinesud Affiches is a artisan's workspace. It has tethered rope floors and a antique bookshop sense of feel as you walk in. I loved it immediately. Here in the picture you see the fun sense of adventure Eric as a person has, with his choice of Cinema posters on the walls of the store. Yet although you can order online, which is a plus for busy working people that love a original, find it at Eric's store and order it on the internet, if you are planning a trip to France, Marseille and the Cinesud is a must. He has more than 20,000 vintage original and historical posters from the Cinema from all around the world.    EBAY TOO!
     And, since he has been in the movie business about 22 years, he can find a poster with a phone call!
Cinésud affiches originales de cinéma
  Since the posters are from the releases of the films, some have little worn marks on them! Which of course only makes these posters more charming, however, some posters are very rare and only one exists in the world. Here you can browse to your heart's pleasure, and if you are a avid collector you can find that special one you are searching for, or if you are just starting a collection, you can start small. Have fun and enjoy the knowledge of Eric!                                                                                                                                       Résultat de recherche d'images pour "cinesud affiches marseille movie posters"
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 He says, "Today people buy both on the internet and tourists and collectors walk into the store. Of course it is fun for me to talk to people interested in the history of each poster and yes I love movies. I watch all kinds of movies and I try to watch as many as I can. I couldn't say one sort is more favorite than the other, since I enjoy every type of movie. Each one is different and yes it is true that each culture has its own way of making movies." And I say and movie posters! Since some of the French ones are a little more risque than the American movie posters! 

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      How about some animation Japanese!?
The Store CINESUD Affiches de Cinema 
is located at 19 Cours Julien.
+33 4 91486634

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                                         Yes! Alright he won the Oscar !
 The Boss Donia of Elyssa Tunisian Restaurant in Marseille with the most famous Gerard Depardieu. "The guests say that the food is cooked perfect. I am happy since we have everybody here from Tunisia and when the guests come they know that they are eating real authentic food from my culture."  The restaurant is gorgeous, exotic, full of colors and mosaic tiles, and you feel light and pure walking into it. The food is so scrumptious you will come back again and again!
                Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people sitting and indoor
  "My father has owned La Kahena for 42 years and it is definitely Tunisian. He speaks zero english, yet the guests have come from around the world every year to taste his food. My restaurant we have had the last 4 years and every tile is from Tunisia. It is a girl's touch here where my father is men!" Laughs the very beautiful Tunisian French woman, Donia. "My sister is here in Marseile, where I am born and my family lives in Marseille and London, where we are thinking of opening a new Tunisian restaurant. People think Moroccan food is Tunisian, yet it is very different and I love when people come to try the real Tunisian food that I have. It is French fresh local ingredients and fish from the sea. My favorite is the fish couscous, which you say you are going to try!"restaurant tunisien vieux-port elyssa (37)
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 "We have two types of Tunisian dishes,  the best couscous of Marseilles or a tajine of fish and vegetables. Each is cooked differently and tastes different. My favorite is the fish couscous and each can be spicy if you wish." The food respects Halal. You can dine on zarzis shrimp, the lamb or fish or vegetable couscous, Ras El Hanout, and various tajine.
Elyssa Tunisian Restaurant in Marseille at Vieux Port has been here serving important guests, Marseille locals and the various tourists the last 4 years. Donia's father, a very important and well-known person in Tunisia, Nouredine Miladi, has owned his Tunisian restaurant, La Kahena the last 40 plus years 5 minutes from Elyssa.
Image may contain: table and indoor
     "My father has been the head chef at La Kahena here in Marseille the last 42 years and is very famous in Tunisia. It is the first restaurant of authentic Tunisian food in Marseille and the tourists love to come. Now that I am on the Port, they come here too!" says Donia. 

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                   2 rue de la république
"My father has a Tunisian restaurant that is very authentic yet mine is more decorative and representative of the beauty of Tunisia. We both have the same high quality and the same recipes since I learned and loved to learn from my father, yet mine is a woman's touch!" laughs Donia! Image may contain: people sitting, table and food
     EVERYDAY I have one plate, one big salad and one appetizer. That is it. Yes, everyday it is a new recipe, depending on the fish we find that day, or the best choice of beef that my cool chef, Loetitia finds, yet the guests know that I only have one entree. You eat that. Some come and yell to my waiter or me, Hey! what is on the menu today? I say FiSH! And they laugh and say Ok we have the fish! That is good since that is all I have for the day!" he laughs and yet says he is very serious and that is the way it has been 5 years.
      O should I mention that it is reservations at lunch A MUST 0491 3340 467                    Image may contain: one or more people and outdoor

   It is local and provincial and has huge local plates that at once you know if  you went to Gregoire's home that is exactly what and how you would eat! "At night, tonight, for instance, we might have kabobs or little tapas with drinks. Lunch is the big plates and at night we serve cocktail food. Sometimes we do have food at night, but most of the time it is gone at lunch. My chef only cooks at lunch. Yet at night we have cheese and meat plates or little tapas or kabobs, it depends on the mood of the chef on my mood on the mood of the bartender!" jokes Gregoire.                                Image associée
     "I have had another restaurant along with the cafe here that is more of a restaurant, yet we are doing renovations now a couple of months and the chef, Loetitia has moved here with us!" he says. "The other one is named Bar de la and has more of the dinner food. Here we usually have more tapa style." 
Image may contain: food
  "For instance today we had Dos de Cabillaud poche, which is basically broccoli and octopus and ramen noodles in the Chef's special sauce." says Gregoire. Yes, I must tell you it is huge and looks great! Too yummy! "The guests eat that big plate or a huge salad," he says and as you can see the ENTIRE MENU BELOW, believe it!
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located at 19 cours Julien Marseilles
  "We have local people that come in here everyday and I always am happy to see my regular guests who are all ages and all friends," laughs the very kind and sweet boss, Gregoire.
   Loetitia says, "The reason that the best fish is very expensive is the local fishermen bring it in everyday and all the restaurants want the fish.   The most expensive restaurants pay the fishermen the most and that is why they have the best. We have a local fisherman and we depend on him. I do go to the Market every Wednesday myself and find great ingredients. I have been cooking here in Marseille one year now and I would say that the difference between Paris and Marseille is that we have more exotic fish and fresh from the sea." I say that they should have their own fisherman.   She laughs, "Yes yet the fishermen are lazy since they are so desired. If it is windy or rainy No they don't want to go fish!"  located at 3 Rue d'Endoume
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  Come have fun in Marseille at the very special indoor restaurant on the way to Notre Dame Cathedral.
   It is too charming, the Le Culti Marseille, which I found quite by accident on the way to the Notre Dame Cathedral in Marseille today. Yes that is right, Marseille, not Paris since Paris is dangerous we have decided to have fun in the coolest city in France, with its multi-cultural vibe and authentic funky neighborhoods, the people of Marseille bring the pride of the city to you. "Soon I shall have a website and facebook and now I  have a couple of photos on instagram. It is very difficult and fun yet much work owning my first restaurant. I have to sit one day and do instagram, I guess!" Says Charlotte. 
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  "My dad, Didier, helps me since I am young, only 24 and my brother, Luca is only 21. My mom, Karine,  is at the Butcher shop helping him and it is only open  about 7 months and mine 6 months. I believe that they say that we must work! Maybe they say here is the jobs, good luck and now we go on a long vacation around the world!" laughs Charlotte yet she says, "I love my restaurant. It is cool and I of course love the stone wall that is part of the mountain. People sometimes say that they do try to find it and it is hidden. I hope they find us now! At night it is open only until 7:00pm and if you want a party private you can do that here. My Naples chef is very good and we are just letting him do whatever he wants! I love to try his new food everyday, too."
"Yes, I have gone through the 4th chef from Naples now 2 weeks and he has the most scrumptious food. We have a Butcher shop that my brother runs now 7  months and mine is 6 months and everyday we recieve the choicest and most tender cuts of beef. Maybe that is why the tourists on the hike to the Notre Dame Cathedral love us as the midpoint of a light breakfast or lunch and aperitivo, or maybe it is the hidden cave where they eat!" says the gorgeous Charlotte who along with the Cuoco from NAPLES we laughed much. Especially when I bounced on the artificial turf on the floor of the cave and said that Donald Trump would love the place since he could practice his putting at lunchtime! 
                  It is a nice little break, on the way to Notre Dame Cathedral in Marseille, to find the little restaurant and bar and have a nice cool drink and light lunch. With fresh seafood and beef daily from Charlotte's brother, Luca, you can enjoy the Naples inspired French cooking with ingredients only local from the region of Marseille.
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                                     Morrison's Irish Pub is located at 10 Rue Teisseire in Marseille 
Image may contain: one or more people, people standing and outdoor
           Jean Paul owns Morrison's Pub, Little Temple Bar Irish Pub and O Malley's Pub in Marseille, France. The Pubs are Irish and although Jean Paul is French, with the help of his Australian Bartender, Miles, we talked about his love of Pubs. "He says to tell you that he visited England and Ireland a couple of times in the last 20 years since and fell in love with Pubs. He loved that culture and wanted to open his own. He says that his favorite beer is Guinness, too, and of course that is the beer of that the entire world associates with Ireland, and every Irish Pub has Guinness, I believe," says Miles. "We carry Magner Cider, too, since I used to work for the brewery and sold Cider to Jean Paul and that is actually how we know each other. I have worked here in the Pub since Morrison's opened the last couple of months."
Great picture of Morrisons and the fun loving guests! Image may contain: 1 person, sitting, table and indoor
"We have Fish and Chips and Chicken and Chips and fried bar food and something a little different, too, I believe for a Irish Pub, yet the students love it. The Poke Bowl is Japanese and has Salmon or Vegetables or Chicken, etc. It is a healthy light food to eat with the 17 beers, by the way, that we have on draft, and additional 15 beers in bottles. We have a lot of beer, here! The other two pubs have about the same, although we have the most on tap." says Jean Paul and translated and added a little from Miles. Miles is from Australia and very enthusiastic and loves his Pub! "O yes and make sure that you say that we have live music and we have DJs at all of the Pubs. Always on the weekends." located at 9 Quai Rive Neuve.
               O Malleys Pub facebook is  and it is located right at the Old Port of Marseille.Image may contain: people sitting, drink, table, indoor and food
 When I first walked into O Malley′s Irish Pub a team of young bartenders started laughing and chatting right away telling me about how cool their Irish Bar is! You got to love the Irish Pubs around the world, they ALWAYS have friendly bartenders to loudly greet you! Since it is literally about 50 meters from the harbor which is named the Old Port in Marseille, the place receives tons of visitors so you will have a very lively time at the Pub and of course try to sample a couple of Irish beers while you are in the Pub, after all that is what a Irish Pub is for! 
                                                                                     located at 12 rue Princesse
"The Temple Bar is a Pub with great beer and a party atmosphere and has two levels to it. I bought the Temple Bar in 2012 and painted it and made little touches to make the bar mine," says Jean Paul who had bought his first Irish Pub in 1997, the 2nd oldest Pub in Nice, France. "Actually, it could be the oldest Irish Pub, since the Red Lion is a English Pub and opened a couple of months before us! Yet we are the oldest Irish Pub in Nice at O Malleys."Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling, people sitting, drink and indoor
           Just having fun at the Temple Bar in Marseille, where they have about 17 great foreign beers for you to try and of course they are very much into the football of Marseille and have all the matches on, in addition to the International Rugby which is very big in Europe, and not so much in America. Hope you come to Marseille and meet Jean Paul and his team and of course drink lots of Guinness! 
                                                                     Hôtel La Résidence Marseille Vieux-Port
                    The cool and very friendly chef at the Michelin Restaurant Le Relais 50 located in the                                                                                          Hôtel La Résidence Marseille Vieux-Port
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                              Tel: +33 (0)4 91 52 52 50                             

 Hôtel La Résidence Marseille Vieux-Port
                              Hôtel La Résidence Marseille Vieux-Port
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   The Michelin Restaurant with Master Chef Mr. Baudrand at the top has just been named the"Young talent 2017" by the Gault & Millau and has been awarded a plate with the very respected Michelin Guide of 2017. The chef has very trendy Mediterranean fare and beautiful Michelin quality presentations to which you can feast your eyes in addition and along with palette. Yes the food is beautiful, yet it tastes better! Maybe since the chef only uses the local products of Marseille of which the people of that very French Provincial city are so proud of.
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    In the Port of Marseille, the Hotel offers beautiful views along with the Michelin Restaurant.
           Every place in Marseille is special such as the Vertigo Hostel or 
Unique such as Le Baletti at the Port of Marseille and the differences make it a very sweet place to visit. Here at the Vertigo, I found many friends and many long conversations of life and love and laughter and journeys. The rooms cool and the brick architecture of the B and D building especially nice to sit and chat in. Breakfast is French with lots of people eating the French bread and marmalade! Loved it.
Image may contain: 1 person, bicycle and outdoor
              The Vertigo loves bikes and biking people and have a huge lot to store these in to let the guests know that they can enjoy the city and seaside during the day and have fun at night without worrying about where the bike is, if the valuables they brought are safe, if the people they are rooming with are nice or notm etc. It is a great place and maybe I came here when a international group of people and guests stayed, yet talking to the receptionists who are of total coolness, I imagine that everyday is a nice day at the Vertigo. 
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                                 If you love Royalty of Monaco and Yachts and Bohemian Culture,
    you can always find a little of that here at the Old Port of Marseille, for instance it is 22.February.2019 and tonight is a one guitar man band of live music playing at the wine bar which has great wine and beer and lively tapas that are, as the owner Jean Baptiste tells me, "are of earth and sea, which is a Marseille tapa speciality. Basically we have octopus tapas or prawn tapas and earth tapas which is meat from the land. They are kind of like Spanish tapas, yet French." Alright can not wait to try these. In addition, check out this video of the 5 years of the bar being open, I think you will find it very enlightening.                                                                                                                                         

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The bar has a good vibe of people enjoying each other and having fun. I especially loved the outside seats under the awnings near the Port of Marseille. The waiters seem very nice and cool and friendly and the wine good.
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                          18 Quai de Rive Neuve
                     Marseille, France 13007
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The owner of Le Baletti is pictured above and please say hello to Jean Baptiste!
                           Restaurant Nul Part Ailleurs Marseille
Les Pizzas
No photo description available.
            18 Quai de Rive Neuve
           The Port of Marseille
  Cuisine provencale with seafood from the Mediterraneanne of course and traditional real french food with only products of France, plus they have great pizza and the best view in Marseille!