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or with the written permission of the author Lori Rolinski
                and the director is Albert Von Thurn und Taxis and Lori Rolinski and
              a famous director to be announced!
                  We would love Albert to play as a actor too, if he says yes,
          and if Albert wants to play a small funny character in addition to directing his first film, that is alright too, at that point we want Elvis Polanski to play Albert. He is hilarious, risk taker and very funny way too funny just the way Albert is. 
                We want Roman Polanski to direct with us and to play Juan Manual Santos in the movie. That is the way we do it.  If Albert wants Elizabeth to play Sajara she will.
          It is Albert's movie, I wrote it for Albert. He is the decision maker. 
              I suggest Sasha Spielberg for Emily in the movie since she is so dedicated
     and has worked relentlessly the last year preparing and training for the role.

                                                           In addition if you are invited to a meeting 
                                 about "the life of Albert" script the meeting is with Lori Rolinski,
                                the meeting is financial interest of you coproducing the script.
                                                   If that is of interest meet with me.
                                                      When the movie contracts are signed and the filming
                                                      is scheduled to start we shall make Equity Union auditions
                                                        If coproducing actors and actresses wish to coproduce
                                                    my script they of course should tell me and we can meet.
                                         The coproducing is $7,650,500.00 total if we find major actors to coproduce. 
                                             The big producing can be up to $25,000,000.00 if you want to hire Big Actors
                                      and you  have the financially backing to do $25,000,000.00 that is alright too!
                                                                                            Yes I am serious. 
                                                  When we start hiring real actors to do my real script
                                                  is when real auditions of equity actors only are scheduled. 
                                    In addition if you are a  producer, director, actor, camera tech
                                    etc and I continue to ask you face to face if you would love to talk about
                                     the script I guess I assume that is why you came to talk about the script!  

                                     "The Life of Albert" is a funny script that I have included my friends and equity actors  
                                                                               in and the script is lovely. 
                                                            I hope they accept their Academy Awards!    
                                                          use the facebooks or twitter to contact me 
                                  As the ownership of the script when the contracts are signedLori Rolinski owns 53%                                     and coproducer 47%,of the script rights. 
                                                        The Director has  control of filming, editing , actors etc, when the 
                                                                     script has been purchased and contracts signed 
                                               co-artistic decisions of hiring actors and actresses is Lori's and director's choices
                                                          Please know that we need financial committments.
                       Coproducers must give financing, Major Directors must give financing as coproducers.
                                                          Major actors must give financing as coproducers. 
                                                   PLUS $72,000.00 TO LORI ROLINSKI  for script writer's fee                                                                                                $5,000.00 the day contracts are signed, to be used immediately to start auditons,
                                                            and the $67,000.00 transferred to my bank account that day.     
                                My wish list... the director and major actors please MUST coproduce. 
                                                       Financing only amounts to $7,365,500.00 and that means Major actors(ess's) 
                                                          must coproduce and do percentages. 
                                                   Almost all of my actors shall be cast from Lambda, RADA, Lapa,
                                                     Guildhall, plus the major characters from everywhere.
                                                          Director needed. Equity is the Union of Theater Professionals usually for stage,
                                               SAG is Union of Screen Movies Professionals, Aftra is Radio and Television Union.
                                                   The production is a 5 month committment start to finish to start filming within
                                           1 month of contracts signed.
                            "THE LIFE OF ALBERT" (funny script I wrote and need producers and director)
                                   -THE ACTORS ARE PAID only WHEN THEY DO THE FILM WITH with contracts signed with Lori Rolinski
                                when the contracts of doing the film with Lori, and the Directors Co producers signed. 
                           Production investments is $7,365,500.00 with director and major actors coproducers
                                     the movie gives 100 plus actors speaking lines with 24 to 34 supporting characters. 
                                                                      Here is my wish lish of characters and actors and actresses
                                                    If we have big actors they need the actors cast for Juan Manuel Santos and Kelly to be coproducers 
                                                    at $6,500,000.00 each plus they receive percentages if the actors are major stars.
                                :Need a director who can help finance and  coproducer. 
                                 : Albert Thurn  und Taxis to play Albert Bonde the important title character 
                                 : Equity Actress of my choice, or Lori Rolinski(i am Equity) to play in the script Emily ane scattergoods, 
                                or if somebody such as Angelina Jolie says yes we ask that she coproduce the film.
                              :  Moroccan Princess named Sajara is Elizabeth Thurn und Taxis 
                                : Melissa McCarthy or Matt Damon as Vincent, Albert's  buddy (maybe co-producer)
                                : Need actor  Prince Rudolph Bonde cameo
                             :Need actress to play  Princess Gigi Bonde cameo
                                : Danny DiVito is Prince Albert Francious of Monaco(fictional character)
                                : Russell Crowe, Quentin Tarantino, or Al Baldwin to play  Kelly who is CIA NOC (2 weeks filming                                                     committment) 1/3 co- producer 28%  
                                : Tom Cruise is Juan Manuel Santos- President of Colombia South America 
                                (if he says yes maybe 1/3 co-producer 28%)
                                : Buenos Aires Polo Team played by Buenos Aires Polo team  cameo
                                 :Gloria Thurn und Taxis is the spy named Kate(nurse, secretary 10 yrs. later, the spy 10 yrs. later) 
                                : Andrea Baroni is Alessandro  in the film
                                : Gerald the senior account to be played by J.K. Simmons or Bill Gates!
                                : Parisian Cab Driver 
                                : Colombian Cab Driver 
                                : Buddha Bar Waiter
                               : Mathew Mecoli is Belly Dancing Bar Middle Eastern Waiter
                               :Jeffrey Donovan is the Accountant 
                               :  Spice Girls (Spices must introduce each other in the credits)Music Score (wish)
                               : Supporting roles of 10 friends that have  speaking characters in all the movie. 
                               : Car Driving scenes.
                               : Paris Theater Scene played by LAMBDA, and Rada, LAPA students and graduates cameo Roman Polanski
                               :Francis McDormand is Mrs. Trujuilo
                              : Monaco Yacht Party Scenes LAMBDA, Rada, LAPA students & graduates & Monaco Royalty assistance
                              : Buenos Aires party scene LAMBDA,  Rada, LAPA  students & graduates
                              : supporting roles such as April, Julia, Sajara, Christian,  Darling, Bart, 
                              : Riffey and Lobby Guy Maria Thurn und Taxis and Hugo Wilson
                               : Qatar actors in the Doha Scenes and location help from Qatar Royal Family
                              : World Bank players LAMBDA,Rada, LAPA graduates
                              : Colombia, South America Government officials played by LAMBDA , Rada, LAPA
                              : ECOPetrol Employees played by LAMBDA, Rada, LAPA
                              : Costume Design we hope Giorgio Armani
                              : Artistic Location and Set Design Director's and Writer's choice with assistants 

                                                       Risultati immagini per qatar actors    
                                                                            Entire Script is 165 total here is 3 
                                                                                    pages 44 - 48

                   Emily is sitting on one bed in a dorm room that has two beds separated with a tiny aisle.
                   Sajara, a Moroccan Princess sits on the other bed with her legs in the aisle facing Emily. 
                   Both girls are dressed to go out for the night. Sajara is folding a big group of architectural
                   plans into the tube. 
                                          Please Emily, Let me buy dinner. I need a break from university.
                                         And we're only in the room one night with each other.
                                              Seriously, Sajara, I could never afford the Buddha Bar for dinner on a student
                                            budget and now that I am doing my cultural interviews myself it is even
                                                    (Jumping up and grabbing her visa she walks to the door in big tall
                                                      leather boots.) Ready? My invite. My treat. Let's go.
                                               Alright but only if we can find the belly dancers we talked about.
                                               (grabbing her iphone) Yes I know I have been trying all day to 
                                               google them and try to find them but I could only find a handful.

                 INT. CHEZ CASTEL, PARIS 22:30pm
                 Albert TNT and friends walk down the red carpeted stairs to the nightclub's basement 
                 scene. Downstairs another entire level of entertainment was happening and the other two bars 
                 had opened up. A private party of one of the Spice Girls for her Birthday was being celebrated
                 and the group rushed down the stairs. 
                                                             (rushing down the stairs with the 5 friends)
                                         Which one is it again. 
                                                              (following Sara who shrugged her shoulders)
                                                   I don't know it was Sara's invite.
                 Sajara and Emily were seated upstairs on the darkened level that had a balcony iron railing 
                 around the entire parameter. Below in the huge open dining hall 2 stories below was a lavish                         
               golden piano being played, a huge 2 Story Buddha and diners. The girls sat upstairs arguing 
                                                       Seriously. Let's find a restaurant with real belly dancers, Sajara, just the
                                          way it is at your home.
                                      (motioning toward the waiter who had just brought their drinks a couple of minutes
                                        since.) Have you found any real belly dancing restaurants yet?
                                                     Yes there is several authentic ones. One is near the Norte Dame but a 
                                       little touristy.
                                                  (yelling) No touristy restaurants. Only real ones.
                                                          Yes. As you've said many times.
                                              In the 11th district is a wonderful one named Le Bazar on 22 Rue de Lappe.
                                              You can take the metro bastille to it. Have fun.
                                                          And yes miss it is a real one. 
                                                          (grabbing her coat) Let's go, Sajara.
                                                   (leaves her 1/2 sipped cocktail and they rush out.)
                 The two girls are chatting about the belly dancing and excited to have a really special night. 
                 Emily keeps glancing back at a black sedan following closely upon the cab. 
                                                 O Dex is following us. I haven't seen Dex in a long time.
                                       (noticing the black sedan and the dark black wool coated GQ guy driving the car)
                                      (shrugs her shoulders) I don't really know. He follows me all the time
                                      and I named him Dex.   (leaning to the cab driver)
                                                              Is the belly driving place soon?
                                                                            CAB DRIVER
                                                              (ignores her)
                                                                 Is the belly dancing restaurant near here?
                                                                             CAB DRIVER
                                             (slamming on his brakes skidding to a stop. Starts screaming at the girls
                                               in French and jumps out of the cab and opens their doors.)
                                             (smiling climbing out) O It must be at one of these restaurants.
                                                  (hanging onto the door as the Cab driver trys to drag her out).
                                                No no no no wait Emily. (to the driver) Are you sure? 
                                                           Wait! Stop grabbing me! Are you sure it is here? 
                                                            At these little restaurants? 
                                                                                CAB DRIVER
                                                                (jumps in his car and squeals away)
                                                              (starts walking towards the row of tiny ethnic restaurants)
                                                       It must be this one Sajara. It looks middle-eastern. 
                                                         (she opens the door to a small restaurant with cushions on the floor
                                                                         and Sajara follows her in.)

                INT. CHEZ CASTEL 22:55pm
                The Spice girls are set up on stage and playing a set, Victoria is singing to her husband 
                 who is a soccer star the famous, David Beckham. Albert is greeting people he knows and 
                 they head to the bar. It is a birthday party and one of the group is showing his gag gift that
                  he got for the birthday girl. The party has many famous musicians and sports figures.
            INT. TUNISIAN RESTAURANT. 24:00am
            Emily and Sajara have settled down and are chowing down on huge whole baked chickens 
            sitting on plush brocade jeweled cushions, waiting for the belly dancers. 
                                         It is kind of strange that they only have whole chickens, 
                                          don't you think? I mean do belly dancing countries eat chicken?
                                                  (not caring. hungrily eating the chickens)
                                                NO. I don't care. I am starving. It is after midnight and I guarantee
                                             it is the only thing open. The damn cab driver did it on purpose.
                                                     Ya in middle-eastern countries they eat late. 
                                       (she motions to the waiter to come to the table)
                                                               EXCUSE ME! He is ignoring us you see?
                                                          Hello! Hello! Waiter! 
                                                    (reluctantly heading to the table)
                                                                            Chicken good? Yes?

                                                                   Yeah it's great.  Where is the belly dancing?
                                                           You said you had belly dancers. We're really excited to see em.
                                                             Wednesday Wednesday
                                                                   (he says and wonders off through the crowd
                                                             of guests sitting on the cushions eating chickens) 

                                                  Excuse me? What the fuck did he say?
                                                                 Did he just say Wednesday? 
                                                              Okay that is it. We went everywhere in Paris and we're sitting here
                                                             eating fucking whole chickens on cushions waiting for 
                                                             belly dancers that don't come for 4 more days?

                                                   (throwing her entire chicken on the plate and reaching to pick it up
                                               as it goes sliding across the table and onto the floor)
                                      FUCK! My fucking chicken just fell on the fucking floor. 
                                 (she calms herself in a yoga pose)
                                                                   Sajara, I have had enough of the belly dancing pursuit.
                                                             If you are quite done with this 1/2 cooked chicken Can 
                                                   we please go find something fun to do?

                                       (still eating the chicken) okay. I am hungry. Get the waiter 
                                                                          and give him my visa card. 
                                                                  (motioning for the waiter)


Albert and Emme walk laughing to the Taxis, wheeling a white luggage while he has on a huge backpack. The weather is lovely and the sound of Spanish in the air is refreshing after the 11 hour flight. Albert gives the address to the cab driver and they speed away from the airport.


                                                (laughing) You must be used to this crazy driving!


                                                           Yes yet usually I am the one driving!

                                               (the cab is driving dangerously fast and narrowly missing

                                              Cars by inches as he speeds toward the center, horns

                                            Honk and brightly colored buses all with dents in them

                                                Weave in and out of traffic)


                                                        It is worse than New York!


                                                        (laughing) Well we haven’t met the President yet.


                                                                (laughing)I imagine he is not too keen on meeting with you.


                                                                   He doesn’t know why we’re coming.

                                                           He thinks it is Government business.


                                                                    You know I’ve been to Bogota before, that way

                                              Isn’t usual for me towards the Presidential Compound-we stayed near.



                                                                  (speaks Spanish to the driver)

                                                                                    TAXI CAB DRIVER

                                                                   (shakes his head and continues to drive wild)

                                                                     (speaking Spanish back)


                                                                      He says he is taking us to the President. He has orders.


                                                                      (whispering to Albert)

                                                               If he was taking us to the President Albert

                                                              Wouldn’t the President have sent a car?


                                                                     (speaking Spanish again to the driver)

                                                                                         TAXI CAB DRIVER

                                                                              (ignores the two and wildly slows down to swerve down side



                                                                               (grabs her hand down at his side)

                                                                      When he stops slide out my way and run.

                                                                 Don’t take your bags with you.


                                                                                  Excuse me?

                                                                         (she is raising her eyes wildly to him)


                                                                             (inches closer to the door and pulls her with him)

                                                                                             TAXI CAB DRIVER

                                                                                  (swerves down a alley and stops in the rear of a

                                                                                   Local bar…the doorway is covered in long beads)


                                                                      (opens the door and they silde out, Emily almost falls

                                                               And he pulls her roughly to her feet, running with her)

                                                                                               TAXI CAB DRIVER

                                                                                 (jumping out of the cab screaming at them in Spanish

                                                                      His coat gets caught on the door and he fights to free it, they’ve

                                                                    Made the turn around the alley into a huge bunch of people and traffic by the time the cab driver frees himself and patrons come running out the back. He is pointing and screaming at them in Spanish and they take off panicking running down the alley.)


                                                                (pulling Emme into a crowded red dented bus packed with people

                                                             and chickens and goats and it  immediately takes off careening down the road)

                                                                   I told you not to take any bags! Ouch! That goat bit me!


                                                                     (clutching her knapsack purse and trying to scoot away

                                                                       from the goat)  Stop shouting Albert!

                                                                Anyway it has our papers. And our money. I didn’t want him

                                                          To know our name.


                                                                      (putting his nose to hers and smiling wildly)

                                                                    Ja he always tries to kidnap poor strangers.

                                                                                   Okay now let’s jump off at the next stop and flag a taxi.

                                                                           I want to stay near the President’s Palace.    

      Here is a typical proposal for fashion designer's to produce and the detail they need, champagne           sponsors and individual producer. A little sample. "The Life of Albert" script in each scene

              Fashion Designer’s sketches etc. , 

                1.The opening scene is based in Doha Qatar with scenes of a Cia Noc building the soccer stadium

And has scenes of dignitaries attending the Press opening such as King of Saudi Arabia, Qatar Royal family and heads of the Arab states along with leaders from around the world. In addition it has a hospital scene where the two twins are born to the Cia Noc and a scene of the 3year old twins in Doha Qatar.

                                                        SCRIPT excerpt

                                                        EXT. QATAR SOCCER STADIUM, DECEMBER 1976

The late morning sun hovers over the white robed covered workers as they put together the steel frames of the soccer stadium. Although only 10:15am, the 38 degree heat is stifling for the American Man walking below the men, a hard hat on and a rolled up architect’s plans in his hands. He looks up at a couple of the supervisors on the 5th level bleachers, shields the sun from his face with his left hand.


                                            Thank God it only holds 20,000. I’m not sure how much more of the heat

                                                                                                   I can take.



                                                          You should wear the thobe, as I said. It cools you down.


                                                           I’m not quite unwesternized yet. I guess they want all the

                                                                                             Bleachers up by Friday.


                                                                          The baby comes in 5 days. I hope the stadium is done by then.


                                                                                  The electricians are done on Thursday. .

                                                     His Highness, Hamad Bin Khalifa Al Thani, needs to inspect the stadium.

                                                           2.,The birth of a german aristocratic Prince.

                                                                                                  SCRIPT excerpt

                                                                             EXT. PALACE, GERMANY, 1983

                                                   A lone white livered footman walks the path of a huge garden outside the pink cast stoned

                                                    300 room palace. It is early morning and a light fog encases the grounds. It is quiet.

                                                                         (swinging panoramic view of the luxurious castle)

                                                                                              INT. PALACE, HALLWAY.

                           A white-gloved servant walks down a long opulent hallway, the only sound the light porcelain china cups

                                 As if bells against each other gently touching. It takes about 3 minutes to walk the length of the hall.

                                                                INT. PALACE CHILD’S BEDROOM, GERMANY, 1983

A opulent children’s bed with satin pillows on all sides to prevent the child from falling is at the back of the room. An Elder Prince Rudolph Bonde and Princess stand at the bed’s side. The Princess has her hair straight up with a dash of bright pink in it, wears a stunning Yves St. Laurent satin multi-colored dress flared to the knees and the Prince is dressed in a white jacketed tuxedo with a bright pink tie. They stand with two tiny girls,, the two little princesses. Their nannies dressed professionally in black and white ruffled skirted outfits stand respectively to the side.

                                                                                                EXT. HALLWAY.

The white-gloved servant walks down the hallway toward the bedroom. The light porcelain bell the only sound in the hall besides the soft muffled footsteps.

                                                  3.The opening of the soccer stadium for the Arab State Olympic Games.

                                                                                                        SCRIPT exerpt

                                                                  KHALIFA SOCCER STADIUM, DOHA, QATAR, 1979

A huge crowd has gathered in the stadium for the Arab State Olympic Games. Kelly is in the VIP section greeting members of various states, while the Nurse sits with Elijah on the Western Side of the Stadium.

                                              4.The night they leave hurriedly from Doha Qatar and fly to Langley Virginia

                                                                                                     SCRIPT excerpt

                                                                                          INT. CHILDREN’S BEDROOM

Kelly is stuffing a black leather backpack with Emily’s clothes. He hesitates when he sees Elijah’s yet

He starts to stuff these too into the bag. He grabs her favorite stuffed animals and Elijah’s and swings The backpack onto his back. He picks Emily up.

                                                                          5 .The Scattergoods Farm located on Cia grounds

                                                                                                        SCRIPT excerpt

                                                INT. SCATTERGOODS FARM ON LANGLEY GROUNDS, SEPTEMBER, 1979

                                    Kelly is watching Emily playing with a brocade bag of costume jewelry. She is sitting silently

                                                                                    On the floor in front of him and an older lady.


                                                                                  Can you say Hi to Grandma Agnes, Emily?

                                                                               (he watches as his daughter silently continues

                                                                                                        To play with the jewelry)

                                                                           6.The birthday party of the aristocratic son age 3.

                                                                                                      SCRIPT excerpt

                                                                                      EXT. PALACE, GERMANY, JUNE, 1986

The outside gardens of the Palace are set for a party. There are huge white event tents and minstrels strolling Around and musicians and puppeteers and balloons and tiny ponies giving children rides around the Lagoon. The guests wear lavish outfits and jewels sparkle on the women’s necks and arms. The children are dressed in their best for the Prince Albert Bonde’s 3rd birthday party. The Prince is running with some children to a fountain. The two little Princesses running behind him.

                                                                                   PRINCE RUDOLPH, 11TH PRINCE BONDE

                                                                           (seated at a outdoor table, white clothed, with 4 men)

                                                            The situation concerns me. The Brazilian Government is putting pressure

                                                                                    On the tax lawyers concerning my estate.

                                                                   THE HEAD OF THE WORLD BANK, WASHINGTON, DC.

                                                                                     (leaning forward to speak more discreetly)

                                               Yes it is a uncontrollable circumstance from where we sit, too. They have

Their own set of code rules and for us we are just learning how to play ball. I have a proposal to give you of the World Bank. As I said we deal directly with the government in most of the South American countries, especially Brazil, Columbia and Chiles. We think we could restructure the estate to your advantage.

                                                                                                 PRINCE RUDOLPH

                                          Yes as you have said. However it is my son’s birthday. I would rather talk of that.

                                       ERNEST STERN, THE HEAD OF THE WORLD BANK, WASHINGTON, DC 1986

                                                Yes your highness, however, it is something that must be dealt with soon.

        I too am concerned with the volatility of the South American Countries. They are eager to do business with us to help their                          infrastructure, but if we don’t get in there to take advantage of the opportunity, somebody else will.

                                                                                                 PRINCE RUDOLPH

                                                                      (he waves his hand downward, dismissing Ernest)

                                                                               We have plenty of time to discuss it


                      7.The 50th birthday party of the elder Prince Rudolph Bnnde lavish at the palace 5 days.

                                                                 SCRIPT excerpt

                                                                                  INT. PALACE, 1986 EVENING

It is Princess Gigi’s husband, Prince Rudolph’s 50th birthday. People continue to enter through the grand hall with servants in tow, ferrari and mercedes drive into the circular interior of the Palace and the livery staff park these taking suitcase after suitcase into the Palace.  Royalty from everywhere in the world arrive for his party flown in 300 of the most prominent people of that day on private jets for the 5 day party that includes the Munich Orchestra and Rolling Stones and David Bowie and Robert Palmer and Journey and when Van Halen arrives the little princes and princesses are taken with the nannies. The list includes Royalty from around the world and Vanderbilts and Rothschilds.

                                                                                 PRINCESS CATHERINA AND GUSTAV

                                                                                  (as they enter and are directed to rooms)

                                                                          Have you ever seen such an event? (the princess whispers)

                                                             INT. STAIRCASE BEFORE BALLROOM VON BONDE PALACE

                                                     Princess Gigi descends the staircase as Marie Antionette, a splendid pink gown,

At the bottom stands her husband dressed in a white tuxedo. To his side is young Prince Albert shy and quiet in a powder blue tiny tuxedo.

                                                                                                      PRINCESS GIGI

                                                                                             Let them eat cake, just not my cake.

                                                               (the princess dramatically says as she descends and takes her husband’s arm)

                                                          8. The Little Prince in his room with the princesses’s and nannies.

                                                                                                      SCRIPT excerpt

                                                                                        INT. PRINCE ALBERT’S ROOM, 1am

The Prince is playing with a train set that goes all the way around his room. He wears his light satin blue tuxedo and has taken his shoes off showing his white socks. Princess Sophia is sitting on his bed flipping through a story book and Princess Hannah is excitedly playing with two of her dolls which she has brought from her room, mimicking the Princess Gigi and Prince Rudolph.

                                                                                                         PRINCE ALBERT

                                                                          My train can pick everybody up and bring them home.

                                                                                                       PRINCESS SOPHIA

                                                                                          (giggles) They have too much luggage

                                                                                                            PRINCE ALBERT

                                                                       My train can take everybody and their dresses and their

                                                                                                         cases and their servants.

                                                                                                          PRINCESS SOPHIA

                                                                              I am reading a story of Cinderella and I am seeing

                                                                                 If they came by train or by planes to the ball.

                                                                                                           PRINCESS HANNAH

                                                                                    O darling why do they come by plane to our party?

                                                                                                  (she holds the other doll to the side)

                                                                                Because we couldn’t fit all the people on Prince Albert’s train.

                                                                                                               PRINCE ALBERT

                                                                                                             (Smiling to his sister)

                                                         Yes you can. I can take everybody home when the birthday party is over.

                                                          See? My train is very big and very fast and it can go all around the world.

                                                                                                             PRINCESS SOPHIA

                                                                            In Cinderella why didn’t she take a train? Why did she

                                                                                                            ride in a pumpkin?

                                                                      9.The Langley introduction of Cia disguises

                                                                                                       SCRIPT excerpt

                                                                   INT. LANGLEY HEADQUARTERS, DECEMBER 1986

Kelly is sitting at his desk, work piled up in the large Persian rug covered office. His secretary is situated to the left at her desk, a small Persian rug sectioning her off to the side. The phone rings and she answers it.

                                                                                                     KELLY’S SECRETARY

                                                  Yes. Hi! He is right here. O I am sure that is alright, Emi. Just come on over.


                                                                                                   (He raises his eyebrow.)

                                                                          Emi? Where is she? I thought she was staying home today

                                                                                                      KELLY’S SECRETARY

                                                                 O she is at Scattergoods yet she said that she wanted to see the team

                                                                  Put makeup on today. I said that is fine. She is walking here now.


                                                                                                          (picks up the phone)

                                                                    Vlad? O hey it is Kelly here. Could you save a little room for

                                                           Emi today? Yes. She is walking over from Scattergoods farm today.

                                                                 If you would love to send the golf cart to pick her up? Yes that would

                                                                  Be much better. She does tend to get lost sometimes.

                                                                   (he hangs up the phone and puts his hand up to

                                                                                         His secretary’s look of askance)

                                                  She always takes too long. The golf cart can pick her up on the way.

                                                                 You know, I don’t know what she finds along the grass from

                                                         Scattergoods to the Headquarters but she always seems to find

                                                                                                 Something to distract her.

                                                                                             10.The fun scene of makeup

                                                                                                    SCRIPT excerpt

                                       INT. MAKEUP APPLICATION ROOMS, CIA, LANGLEY HEADQUARTERS.

Emi, age 10, tiny, walks in. Her hair is pulled back in a long golden brown ponytail. She has a white lace shirt on and blue jeans. Her blue and white sneakers are keds and simple. She walks straight in and continues to the wig room where she takes down a blonde bob wig and puts it on.


                                               (He glances at her as she bypasses his station and walks into the other room.)

                                                                                                         Well hello there, Emily

                                                                                    Nice to see you too. Going blonde today?

                                                                                                        SCRIPT excerpt    

                                                 11.The jogging of the girl in the light Virginia fog along the river bank. 

                                    EXT. LONG WINDING TRAIL ALONG A NARROW RIVER, 7:00PM

                                 Emily runs along the path, a stocking cap on, quilted jogging jacket, and jogging clothes.

                                                                   12.The little dinner scene at Scattergoods Farm

                                                                                              SCRIPT excerpt

                                                    INT. SCATTERGOODS FARM, LANGLEY PROPERTY, 8:00PM

                           Emily is bringing food to the table, a Italian dish, where Kelly, his secretary, and her Grandmother Agnes

                                                                                   All sit appreciately awaiting her dinner

                                       13.The scene here and the 3 scenes with each other is the 1st time they have the same cinque in terms of the                                            year that the scene is present in. It introduces all three regions of the world to the audience.

                                                                                                     SCRIPT excerpt

                                                                INT. EDINBURGH,SCOTLAND,  DANCE CLUB 2004

The young Prince Albert walks in with about 5 of his friends. They enter laughing and walk over to one of the tables. One of his friends is a young girl who walks over to the DJ booth and starts setting up, she is obviouxly the DJ of the night and a friend of the group. The place is packed with young University of Edinburgh Students having a fun night out.

                   14.The Parisian Theater party for a fundraiser of a Theater where the Lambda Theater students

                                                                                          Have come as muses.

                                                                                                       SCRIPT excerpt

                                                                         INT. PARIS ELEGANT OLD TOWNHOUSE, 2004

     Emily and her theater friends sit around the velvet settees chatting while the hosts are serving guests for a Producer’s party.


                                     (lounging back showing off her long high slit wine colored velvet gown)

                                                                                 I think I shall be Cleopatra tonight.


                                                                  (a theater friend with long blonde hair, a little heavy)

                                            Are we supposed to eat or just pose around the party all night?


                                                                 (walking up to the silver champagne buckets where the other guests

                                                Are mingling and chatting, she elegantly takes a glass of champagne

                                                                                                    Sipping it dramatically)

                                                           15.The Military Compound and Presidential Palace of Bogota Colombia

                                                                                                     SCRIPT excerpt

                                       INT. BOGOTA, COLOMBIA PRESIDENTS PALACE, MIDNIGHT,2004

The President and General of the Military sit in his office late at night. Before them is a grey marble fireplace in the middle elegantly displayed in contrast to the yellow painted walls with white edging decorated with past presidents and men of military importance. The Glossy wooden floors are polished to perfection and glow eerily in the candlelit room, throwing shadows flickering on the walls as the two men talk in hushed whispers.

                                                                                             ALVARO URIBE VELEZ

(President of Colombia talking to the 7th Secretary General of the Organization of the American States, Cesar Gaviria Trujillo, former President of Colombia til August 7, 1994.)

We’re having increasing support from the United States government. To combat the FARC since they kidnapped Ingrid Betancourt. Farc in Colombia South America in the last few weeks has become violent. They increasingly kidnap wealthy landowners. They have had 13,000 kidnappings last year.

                                                                 16.The Edinburgh scene introduces the friends of the German Aristocratic Son

                                                                                                  SCRIPT excerpt

                                                                    INT. BAR DANCE PLACE EDINBURGH

                                                                                                     ALBERT BONDE 

(turns around and sees one of his friends, April the daughter of a millionaire marble worker, and one of his flatmates at the                                                                                       University of Edinburgh on the stage is April the friend.)

                                                           Um is April being the singer tonight?


                                                 (Anna, a heiress to a Swiss Banking Fortune,eyes wide and mouth open)

                                                             O My God I can’t believe you told us to come here with her only

                                                                                              because she’s the singer.


                          (Albert’s friend and royalty from Sweden, a theology student at University Of E.)

                                                                     Who cares maybe she can get us free drinks.

                                                                      (defending himself at the disapprovaing noises)

                                                                                             WHAT?! She is the singer.

                           17.The Parisian party introduces Emily and her theater friends and the Theater world.

                                                                                                    SCRIPT excerpt

                                               INT. PARISIEN HIGH SOCIETY TOWNHOME DISTRICT 4 , 2004

Ile Saint Louis, L’Orangerie’s Jean-Claude Briarly hosting party for parisien film producers, theater directors and actors of the Theatre du Palais-Royal, including Francis Lemonnier, Francis Nani, and Christian Azzopardi, the directors of the famous theatre walking around in black and white tails sampling Louis Crystal champagne. The haute couture is amazing. The party has congregated here after dinner at L’Orangerie and except for the theater students, Emily, Christian, Riffey, Judy, and Mary, who are dressed in wicked daring satin gowns and flamboyant tuxedos as muses, everybody has come from dinner.


                                                   (glancing at herself in a golden gilded mirror lavishly displayed in the

                                                   Long Persian rugged hallway with 2 story ceilings, one of two floors of the

                                                  Huge town home, the hallway directly linked to the huge parlor where the party

                                                                                     Is happening.)

                                                           Do you like my hair bobbed? I think it looks more sophisticated.


                                         (admiring her) Yes it is very character building. With the red lipstick

                                                You look like a Hollywood startlet. If you don’t open your mouth

                                                                              They might even mistake you for one.


                                                                  (guffaws as he always does at anything Emily says)


                                              18.The German Aristocratic son has become a famous car racing driver.

                                                                                                   SCRIPT excerpt

                                                  EXT. NEAR MANNEHEIM CAR RACING RING, JUNE 2012

                         Albert Von Bonde zooms around the ring in a Lamborghini. He is number 3 car pack, with 5 laps

                                           To go. The crowd of 3,000 is on its feet cheering. He edges closer to the lead.)

                                                              THREE GORGEOUS GIRLS LEAN ON THE FENCE

                                                                                          Is that Albert Bonde?

                                                                                            RED HAIRED GIRL

                                                                          Where? Which one is he? Where is he?

                                                              (she pushes to the railing to see the Prince)

                                                         (The cars go around the track at 220 kilometers per hour).

                                                Albert’s car edges into first place as they finish the last lap. He races past to win.

                                                          19.The real estate agent of Emily’s Huge Estate in Langley Virginia

                                                                                               SCRIPT excerpt

                                                EXT. DULANY DRIVE MANSIONS OF LANGLEY VIRGINIA, 3:00am

A real estate agent tiredly gets out of his car and walks on the gravel circular driveway to the huge bricked Mansion. He fumbles in his pockets for his keys and opens the big entrance doors with 3 keys. Halfway inside he enters a code on the right hand side of the entrance hall and walks inside.

                                                                      FAJOUD, THE REAL ESTATE AGENT                   

                                             (the middle aged middle eastern man walks slowly through the darkened

                                                                            Foyer mumbling outloud to himself)

                                         Miss Emily always calls at such odd hours. Fajoud go see who is in the house,

                                             Fajoud go see if the pool is clean, Fajoud go see if the outside pool house is open,

and Fajoud go see if the movie star is illegally renting my house. And go put in cameras to catch her. That I simply must ignore and pretend I didn’t know. I am not putting cameras on the house to catch a movie star squatting at the mansion.

                                      I shall sit Here in the chair in the study all night waiting for the imagined imposters.

                                             (he walks straight to the study of the 24,000 square foot house which is located

                                           Near the kitchen. The study has dark leather studded chairs that gleam in the

Light of the sky. Fajoud makes himself Comfortable in one of these after pouring himself a brandy. He selects a book From the huge glossy library and starts to read it. Eventually stares out At the moonlight like a man who has done this routine many times.

 20.The International Monaco Yacht Show & the famous orgy scene of the International jetset & yacht owners.

                                                                                                   SCRIPT excerpt

                                         EXT. MONTE CARLO HERCULES HARBOR, 2012, 22:00pm

The Yachts are all lined up for the International Yacht show which is 5 days long. A party for the yacht owners and guests is happening inside the fence which circles the yachts during the show.

                                                                                          PRINCE ALBERT BONDE

                                                          (sitting on a white luxurious yacht’s deck drinking champagne,

                                                         The yacht’s name is Sybaris, a huge 79 meter sailing yacht)

                                              I always wonder if they want us to buy these yachts when they invite us to

                                                                              The parties. I love the solar panels.

                                                                                         PIERRE FRANCIOUS

                                                       (Albert’s friend laughing) The Solar Panels, I know you do and yes

                                                        Of course they want us to buy these that is why they invite us.


                                                                       Well I am certainly happy I came Albert.

                                       Maybe I can pick up one of these handsome yacht owners and I won’t have

                                                                        To buy one myself.

                                                                                 21.The Cia Headquarters

                                                                                          SCRIPT excerpt

                                      INT. LONG WHITE HALLWAYS CIA HEADQUARTERS, JUNE 2012

Emi, dressed in a slim white business suit walks briskly down the hallway. Her hair is sleek down her back and her bangs are slicked to one side long. She carries a thick folder in her left hand and sunglasses in her right, swinging the sunglasses as she walks. A guard is sitting on a stool near the black beveled glass door and jumps up as he sees her coming.


                                                   (leans forward and aligns her eyes with the laser square that reads her

                                                                                     Retinas. The door slides open. She walks inside.)

                                                                                 22.The satellite room of the CIA

                                                                                              SCRIPT excerpt

                                        EXT. BLACK LEVELED GLASS DOOR CIA HALLWAY

                                               Two guards stand outside the door and smile at Emily who is walking into the hallway.


                                                                                        When is the trip overseas?


                                                                  O I am to Italy in 5 days. Can’t wait. Should only be

                                                                                                      A couple of months.


                                                                                         We’ll be here.


                                                             You know it’s funny. I wonder if anyone would even know.

                                                                                         (she starts walking away)


                                                  (laughing) We’d know. You’re the only living person we see everyday.

                                                                23.The Polo Scene at Buenos Aires and the Buenos Aires Dancing Bars Scenes.

                                                                                               SCRIPT excerpt

                                                                           EXT. BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA, 2012

                                         At the Buenos Aires Polo Club Bartolomew Castagnola, one of the famous Buenos Aires

                                    Polo Families that owned the Polo Team, sits in one of the side tents talking with his brother

                                      And other members of the polo team. Vincent and Prince Albert Bonde sit in the circle.

                                                                       BARTOLOMEW CASTAGNOLA(real one)

                                                               (arrogantly telling Prince Albert the way Polo is) You know

                                              You can’t just come to Buenos Aires and think you can start your own team.

                                              My family has been in the Polo Pony business for years. You need a farm that

                                                  Breeds the ponies and has done for the last 50 years. A polo pony is special.

                                                   And they cost. A good one is at least $500,000.00 and you have to have

                                                           At least 10 ponies per player. It isn’t a poor man’s sport.

                                                                                    PRINCE ALBERT

                                                                    (smiling and nodding his hand to his mouth)

                                                           Ya I know I’m just saying that Vincent here would make a

                                                                  Good polo player that is all.


                                            Honestly I think I could ride a pony as good as you Bartie.


                                                                 Again Vincent I don’t think so. Riding a horse and

                                                                    Playing polo are two entirely different things.

                                                                                 Scene of the Buenos Aires Dancing Club.

                                                                             EXT. TANGO DANCE FLOOR OF LA CATEDRAL.

The colored lights of huge Christmas type bulbs hang from the 3 story ceiling of the Cathedral Dance Club., Set in a 13th century church complete with real gold altars the cancers swirl around the huge floor doing various versions of the tango. To the sides is little alcoves, room of white adobe with tables and dimly lit tiny lamps on them which couples are sitting at. The two men head to the bar on the far side.

                                                                         24.The Scene of the Buenos Aires Dancing Club.

                                                                            TANGO DANCE FLOOR OF LA CATEDRAL.

The colored lights of huge Christmas type bulbs hang from the 3 story ceiling of the Cathedral Dance Club., Set in a 13th century church complete with real gold altars the cancers swirl around the huge floor doing various versions of the tango. To the sides is little alcoves, room of white adobe with tables and dimly lit tiny lamps on them which couples are sitting at. The two men head to the bar on the far side.

                                                             25.The infamous fax that the entire script is centered around

                                                                                                  SCRIPT excerpt


                          A fax comes in to one of the Head Financial Offices. The fax number shows Bogota Colombia.

EcoPetrol Oil Company. Attention: Ernest Stern and Robert B Zoellick who was the white house chief of staff in 1993 under Bill Clinton. In 2001 he was United States Trade Representative. George Bush Sr. is the President in 1990. The President of the Country appoints the President of the World Bank. In 1976 George Bush Sr. is the Director of the Cia. Ecopetrol company. List of names of private investors in 1990 into Ecopetrol.

                                                                                    YOUNG SECRETARY

                                                     (briskly walking by her bosses office, hearing the fax machine

                                              She glances inside his door. Seeing nobody she enters and walks

                                           To the fax machine….due to a storm the power had been off

                                                                            During the night…reading the fax)

                                                       …here we raise the question why would a society such as Colombia

                                                          That for 10 years had revealed preferences for stability and for moderate

                                                     Fluctuation in its fiscal financial sectors, balance and public debt, elect to change

                                               its drastic choice? That happened at the beginning of the 90s and was reinforced

                                                                                                        Along the decade.

                                                              26.The famous incident at the Slovekia Ring Car Racing Track

                                                                                                       SCRIPT excerpt

                                                         EXT. SLOVEKIA RING, AUGUST 2012, CAR RACING

A white Lamborghini in first place is driving fast around the Slovekia ring in Slovekia, about 220 kilometers per hour, the driver in complete control, on the hill above the ring is a black pickup truck, as the driver rounds the curve, the black pickup truck driver pushes a button, the driver of the Lamborghini, Prince Albert Bonde eases up around the curve trying to apply the brake and frantically he tries to slow the Lamborghini down, alas it is to fast and he careens into the middle of the field the Lamborghini sending grass flying everywhere.

                                                                                                PRINCE ALBERT

                                                                  (Climbs from the car and raises his hands to say I am okay)

                                                                              FIRE CREW AND AMBULANCE

                                                                   The firemen and women run fast to Albert to ask if he is alright.

                                                                 27. The Londoner’s Hostel, London. International Backpacker’s

                                                                                                 SCRIPT excerpt

                                                                 INT. LONDENER HOSTEL, LONDON, EARLS COURT.

                                       In a hostel room is Emily and a couple roommates. She is staring outside the window and sees a motorcycle parked                                                                          under her window, it is light brown and ivory, she smiles.

                                                                                          STRANGER IN ROOM

                                                     Hey did anybody see the big car crash at the Slovekia ring?

                                                                                              CHINESE GIRL

                                                       (eyes wide swirling from the stranger on the bed opposite

                                                                    Her glance toward Emmy, her eyes wide)

                                                                                              Um…. No…


                                                       (picking out some cool clothes that she had found in a abandoned

                                               Tommy Hilfiger bag in storage that had been there about one month)

                                                 Who crashed? Dale Ernhardt Jr? That is the only one that I know.

                                                                                       CHINESE GIRL



                                                                   Some Prince From Germany. A Billionaire.

                                                                    I guess he is a car driver. A real nice person too.

                                                                                        SCRIPT excerpt

                                            28.The Racing Team relaxing at the hotel and Albert talking to his team-

                                   INT. HYATT HOTEL MANNEHEIM GERMANY

The entire crew is sitting in the lounge drinking Augustiner beer.The girls that they have on tour, all long dark hair and about 10 of em are sitting around laughing and drinking with the team. The owner of the Car Racing Team is sitting quietly talking to Prince Albert Bonde.

                29.The start of the night that the two people, Emily and Albert meet in the VIP Dance Clubs

                                                                                          In Paris.

                                                                                SCRIPT excerpt

                                                          EXT.PARIS CHEZ CASTEL 2013, 22:30pm

                     Albert Bonde and friends, including Pierre Francious enter Chez Castel with Albert’s VIP CARD.

                              Originally opened in 1962 by Jean Castel and the most difficult dance club to enter in all of Paris.

                                                                            VIP card a must to enter.

                              30.The introduction of the Emily talking to her roommate the Moroccan Princess, Sajara

                                                                             SCRIPT excerpt

                                                                     EXT.PARIS CHEZ CASTEL 2013, 22:30pm

                          Albert Bonde and friends, including Pierre Francious enter Chez Castel with Albert’s VIP CARD.

                                Originally opened in 1962 by Jean Castel and the most difficult dance club to enter in all of Paris.

                                                                                 VIP card a must to enter.

                                                                      31.The INT. CHEZ CASTEL, PARIS

                                      Albert Bonde and friends walk down the red carpeted stairs to the nightclub’s basement

                               Scene. Downstairs another entire level of entertainment was happening and the other two bars had

                           Opened up. A private birthday party of the Spice Girls is going on and obviously they had been very much included as                                                                                                   couples rushed to the group.

                                        32.The girls are at the Buddha Bar near the Concorde Subway in Paris France.


Sajara and Emme were seated upstairs on the darkened level that had a balcony iron railing around the entire parameter. Below in the huge open dining hall 2 stories below was a lavish golden piano being played, A huge 2 story Buddha and diners. The 5 star restaurant was known for its exquisite service and just as high prices. The girls sat upstairs arguing good-naturedly.


                                      Seriously. Let’s find a restaurant with real belly dancers, Sajara, just the

                                                                              Way it is at your home.


                                       (motioning towards the waiter who had just brought their drinks a couple of minutes

                                                      Since.) Have you found any real belly dancing restaurants?


                                                  Yes there is several authentic ones. One is near the Norte Dame but a little



                                                         (screaming) No touristy restaurants! Only real ones!


                                                                         Yes as you’ve said many times!

                                     In the 11th district is a wonderful one named Le Bazar on 22 Rue de Lappe

                                          You can take the metro bastille to it. Have Fun. And Yes it is a real one.

                                                     33.The 1st of 5 wild Taxi rides in the movie. Paris, France

                                                                                              SCRIPT excerpt

                                    INT. TAXI ZOOMING DOWN THE BOULEVARD NEAR RUE DE LAPPE

The two girls are chatting about the belly dancing and excited to have a really unique night. Emme keeps glancing back at a black sedan following closely upon the cab.

                                               34.The Spice Girl’s wild and crazy’s birthday party is starting.

                                                                                        SCRIPT excerpt

                                                                                INT. CHEZ CASTEL

The Spice girls are set up on stage and playing a set, Victoria singing to her husband soccer star, David Beckham. Albert Bonde greet people they know and head to one of the bars. It is a birthday party for one of the spice girls and Pierre is showing Albert a gag gift they had bought for her.


                                                  (laughing at season tickets to the Barcelona Soccer Team.)


                                                Rumor has it she is a little too close to David so we thought we

                                                       Could buy her her own soccer team to follow.


                                                                Hmm. I hope she laughs.


                                                                    Okay fess up. What did you get her?


                                                              (putting her arm around Albert’s waist)

                                                     Honestly? We all couldn’t remember which one she was.

                                              We only know Victoria. Albert thought if we came and saw which

                                           one is her we could like all run out and buy her something.


                                         (Pierre’s friend…stared at them) Are you fucking serious?

                                      35.The Tunisian Restaurant scene with Sajara the Moroccan Princess and Emily

                                                                                       SCRIPT excerpt

                                                                   INT. TUNISIAN RESTAURANT,

Emme and Sajara have settle down and are chowing down on huge whole baked chickens sitting on plush brocade jeweled cushions, waiting for the belly dancers.


                                                       It is kind of strange that they only have whole chickens

                                                           Don’t you think? I mean do belly dancing countries

                                                                                        Usually have that?


                                                                     (not caring, hungrily eating the chickens)

                                                        NO. I don’t care. I am starving. It is after midnight

                                                                And I guarantee it is the only thing open.


                                                                     (motioning to the waiter to come to the table)

                                                                          Excuse me! He is ignoring us you see?


                                                                                   Hello! Hello! Waiter!


                                                                          (reluctantly heading to the table)

                                                                                     Chicken good? Yes?


                                                          Yeah it’s great. Where is the belly dancing?

                                                             You said you had belly dancers. We’re really excited

                                                                                       To see em.


                                                                             Wednesday. Wednesday.

                                                              (he says and wonders off through the tiny crowded

                                                       Cushions of everybody eating whole chickens)


                                                          EXCUSE ME? What the fuck did he say?

                                                                     Wednesday? Okay that is it.

                                                       Eating fucking whole chickens on cushions waiting

                                                             For belly dancers that don’t come for 4 more days.


                                                   (Throwing her entire chicken on the plate and reaching to pick it up as

                                                                    It goes sliding across the table onto the floor)

                                                          Fuck! My fucking chicken just fell on the fucking floor.

                                                                   Okay. (she calms herself in a yoga pose)

                                                                36.The Spice Girl’s Birthday continues

                                                                                     SCRIPT excerpt

                                          INT. CHEZ CASTEL DOWNSTAIRS PRIVATE PARTY SPICE GIRLS


                                                How about the red head? Is the red head taken?


                            (scanning the crowd.) Which one? I see about a dozen of em.


                                                                   No. I mean the spice girl red.

                              37.The girls flag down a cab and it is the same crazy cab driver to go dancing in Paris.

                                                                                          SCRIPT excerpt

                                               OUTSIDE TUNISIAN RESTAURANT, MIDNIGHT.

It is the same cab driver and he starts to pull away when he sees the two girls, but Sajara starts waving A 20.00 euro note at him and he reluctantly lets them in again. They head to the swanky downtown Nightlife of Paris toward Le Montans 28 Rue Rt. Renoit, right down the alley from Blvd. Saint Germain.

                                                                                             CAB DRIVER

                                                                      (smirking, taking the 20 Euros from Sajara)

                                                                Here, Miss I am sure you shall find a good time.

                                                       (he zooms away thinking the two girls will never get into the club)

                                                   38.The two friends Albert and Vincent enter a new dance club.

                                                                                           SCRIPT excerpt

                                                            EXT.F ROOFTOP BAR LE MONTANA, 1:30AM

Vincent and Albert are standing at the bar. Champagne is everywhere from the rooftop bar and it is overly crowded as more and more people come in. Lenny Kravitz and friends are to one side talking and laughing. The bartender is super busy/)


                                                           Hmm I’m thinking of going downstairs to buy some beers.


                                                                         (shoving his way to the front) I got it hold on.


                                              (Seeing Albert at the bar) Hi! (she looks up at him smiling at the bar)

                                                                                             Need a beer?


                                                                                              Ja. Thanks.

                                        39.The pair of Albert and Emily are on the way to the Ritz in a Taxi

                                                                                      SCRIPT excerpt

                                                                      EXT. LA MONTANA, PARIS 2:12AM

Albert follows Emme into the Taxi and gives directions to the driver, the Ritz, near the Concorde Metro stop. Emme is dancing still in the taxi and starts doing real seductive dancing, having drank a lot of alcohol. They arrive at the Ritz. The Cab Driver discreetly opens the side door and synchronistically the door of the Ritz opens and a white gloved attendee stands near it.


                                                (Swings his legs out and holding Emme’s hand leads her into the doorway.)


                                                                                           Wow talk about service.


                                                                       (glances at her over his shoulder and smiles)


                                                                                  I meant you. Wow service!

                                                 40.The two of Vincent and Sajara are still at the party and dancing.

                                                                                                 SCRIPT excerpt

                                                                      INT. LA MONTANA, PARIS, 3:00AM

Vincent is dancing with Sajara, scanning the dance floor for his friend. Sajara is wildly dancing a

Imitation of a middle eastern belly dance and not really paying much attention to Vincent who keeps asking about Albert and Emme.


                                                    (dancing happily) They’re adults. Maybe they hit it off.


                                                                           He is my friend. You know.


                                                                             (getting tired of Vincent’s nagging)

                                                                            Alrighty champagne everyone.


                                                                                 (reluctantly follows her to the bar)

                                               41.The pair of Albert and Emily go through the Ritz kitchen and winding corridors.

                                                                                          SCRIPT excerpt


Emme walks sashaying inside the side door as a black and white butler holds the door open for the both of em. It is dark and as Emme enters the side entrance of the alley garden path, Albert has to duck to enter the copper cellar door.


                                                                                  (In a whisper to Emme) How did you hear about it?


                                                                              (smiling over her shoulder to Albert)

                                                                                             The big ones know where it is.

                                               (they weave through a maze of corridors in the dark, all of which look

                                                                    Like the staff’s hallways, lockers and finally kitchen)

                                                                          Mmmm (Emme admires the stacks of cocaine on the tables

                                                                      In the staff’s kitchen as they weave downstairs)

                                                                              Looky here. Right next door to the stiff shirts.

                          42.The pair of Albert and Emily go to the Buddha Bar private banking party at 5.00am Credit Suisse.

                                                                                             SCRIPT excerpt

                                                       EXT. BUDDHA BAR FRONT ENTRANCE DOORMAN

Music can be heard inside the Buddha Bar and the Smartly dressed Doorman bows to the couple as they approach and opens the door.


                                                              Wow! He knows who you are. Must be some famous

                                                                                          Race car driver.


                                                                   (smiling) Something like that.

                                             (they walk into the crowded Buddha Bar restaurant which has

                                         About 500 people mingling around upstairs, in private rooms doing business,

                                                                                             And down stairs.)


                                                                                      Who is the party for?


                                           I don’t know. Some Big Banking President of the Credit Suisse.

                                                    43.The pair of Albert and Emily hurry to Albert’s lavish Paris flat.

                                                                                        SCRIPT excerpt

                                                              INT. ALBERT BONDE LAVISH PARIS FLAT

It Is 6:00am and Emme has just finished calling her friend, Darling. Her and Albert sit around a

High tech fax machine in the flat. The flat is modern design, two stories with a staircase of brown wood In the middle leading up to the second level. Downstairs is a lap pool 20 meters long in the middle of A charcoal stoned living area open to the high tech kitchen.


                                                                                      Do you go in here often?

                                                                              (She walks to the lap pool)


                                                   Every morning. (he smiles and saunters to the pool)

                                                                               (just then the sound of a fax is heard)


                                                                 rushing to stand at the fax as she waits for Albert to join her)

                                                                                     It’s here!


                                                    (goes to the fax and takes out the 3 sheets of paper)

                                                   Dear Emily please keep in confidence….do all the faxes

                                                                          Start that way?


                                                                    (peering over his hands) All mine do.


                                                                          (continue to read) OKAY…

                                              44.The pair fly to Bogota and are getting in a taxi from the airport.

                                                                                               SCRIPT excerpt

                                                EXT. NARROW TRAIL ALONG A NARROW RIVER 8:00pm

A young girl jogging on the path as the night becomes darker and all that you can see is the light of the moon. The jogging is long and continuous and it is with purpose as if she is getting closer to her destination)

                                   EXT. BOGOTA COLOMBIA OUTSIDE THE AIRPORT AT TAXIS STAND, MAY 2015

Albert and Emme walk laughing to the Taxis, wheeling a white luggage while he has on a huge backpack. The weather is lovely and the sound of Spanish in the air is refreshing after the 11 hour flight. Albert gives the address to the cab driver and they speed away from the airport.


                                                        (laughing) You must be used to this crazy driving!


                                                          Yes yet usually I am the one driving!

                                                   (the cab is driving dangerously fast and narrowly missing

                                                Cars by inches as he speeds toward the center, horns

                                                               Honk and brightly colored buses all with dents in them

                                                                             Weave in and out of traffic)


                                                                                     It is worse than New York!


                                                       (laughing) Well we haven’t met the President yet.

                                45.The pair at the Hilton waiting for a Fax from the girl at World Bank, Judy Darling.

                                                                                          SCRIPT excerpt


                                      Emily standing on the balcony, smiles at Albert who is laying on the bed with hands on head.


                                                                Great view! Hey I got a text.

                                                               (she walks into the room and reads the

                                                                    Text outloud) From Darling. Doubt very much

                                                                                    Kidnappers were OIL tycoons.


                                                          O jesus she’s playing Russian spy now.She thinks it’s a

                                                                       Telegraph. (she continues reading)

                                                               Only guessing 5 to 8 people know about the deal

                                                              That are still alive. Oil company might not know

                                                                 Money was from private individual.

                                                                                          Stop.(continues reading)

                                                                                     Must emphasize Emme.

                                                                           Only 5 to 8 people in the entire world

                                   Knew about the deal.

  1. Rudolph Bonde deceased 1990

  1. World Bank ceo deceased 2012

  2. World Bank ceo deceased 2013

  3. World Bank ceo deceased 2014

  4. Head of Military Bogota 1990 

  5. World Bank head of international trade agreements 1990

  6. World Bank head coconspirator international trade agree.1990

  7. Military person in room at President’s Palace 1990 bogota

  8. Military person in room at President’s Palace 1990 bogota


A young girl jogging on the path as the night is dusky she continues to jog quietly softly intent on her path.

                                                                                  The scene is where Albert has registered as Quentin Tarantino

                                                                         and Emily is being fitted for a dress for the night....

                                                                          46.  INT. HILTON BOUTIQUES, LONG HALL OF EXPENSIVE STORES

Emily is happily being fitted for a Armani haute couture dress, heavily sequined and slit way up both sides of her legs past her hips with tiny white leather straps connecting both sides. The dress is pointed in the middle and comes together a couple of inches from the floor. It looks stunning.


         Wow! How beautiful. Can I keep it?

                     THE DRESSMAKER

          (looks up  to see if she is joking with pins in her

             Mouth and laughs)


        O Mrs. Tarantino. How silly you are at times.

   She is such a joker. (he slyly says to the dressmaker)


              (Admires him in his white silk shirt

                And soft grey slacks, courtesy of Armani too.)

         Thank God they have Armani in here.

                (she wiggles a little)

                 Done yet?


           (sighs and has her step out of it.)

                 Be back in a couple of minutes.


               (stepping back to admire her)

          Maybe you should just wear the lingerie

         It would cost Tarantino a lot less.   


          Very funny. You know I must get used to

          Saying, Quentin darling. Dear Quentin.


           (adjusting the straps of her red and pink

              Lacy bra)   Only here.

        Allesandro knows I am Albert remember.

                                   Scene 47 INT. MOST EXCLUSIVE RESTAURANT/CLUB IN BOGOTA

22:00pm The club restaurant has plush velvet booths

Surrounding a waltz type dance floor and a stage with

Swinging trapeze type equipment is hanging from the ceiling. On stage a Spanish flamingo type dance with dancers swinging above is happening. Couples are dancing in the middle of the floor and Emme is staring at the entire scene, sipping a Margarita, Albert is having a funny conversation talking to Allesandro and the table is full of friends. In walks Juan Carlos Santos and a couple of people and Allesandro sees and motions to his table. Albert looks at Emme who pretends to not know who it is.


                                         (whispering) It’s the President, Allesandro’s uncle.


  (choking on her drink) Here? O he is here?




Sit him next to me. Sit him next to me.





(standing up giving his uncle a kiss)

  Juan Carlos! Come join us.


  (smiling, his two bodyguards standing to the side)   Of course. And it is Mr. Albert Bonde


 (seated inside of Emme, stands and leans to shake his hand) Albert yes. Please sit with us.

         JUAN CARLOS

 (motions to the waiter who obviously knows him and the waiter immediately does a about face and goes off To find something).  Perhaps we can meet here, Albert.


 (a little perturbed but doesn’t

 Much have  a choice, thinking he can convince him otherwise later) Of course.


   (Seeing his pheasant tapas coming lifts  his arms

 Way in the air) And the tapas arrive perfect timing. Pheasant.




    (whispering) What’s wrong.

               (The atmosphere is loud and busy and music loud as the waiter passes the pheasant tapas to everybody.)


   Don’t care too much for pheasant.


 I don’t think you have too much too worry about.


        (lifting his arms up again dramatically)

       Baby braised duck from Argentina!


      That doesn’t exactly make me feel better


        (shouting above the music)

      Can I have your pheasant?


                                                      BELGIAN CAVIAR FROM THE RED SEA!


   (Bringing tapas on silver trays with

    Silver covers to the table.)

                           JUAN CARLOS

(not to be outdone here comes the

               Champagne buckets)

       Champagne for the table!


      (whispering to Albert)

Good now let him sit next to me

And I can get him drunk.


  Good plan Em. I’m sure he hasn’t

                      Ever sat next to a beautiful girl and drank champagne before! The secrets will slide right on out.


  (seeing more trays approaching) Hope you’re hungry!


  Braised Octopuss from North Atlantic!


                                                            Finally! Something I love to eat.


                         I Feel as if I am at a Houston Debutante Ball and he is announcing the debutantes.


                             JUAN CARLOS

                        (sliding in beside her and splashing a little champagne on her dress.) For you!


    Wow! Usually Albert gives me a bath!


                                 (Laughing outloud and biting a pheasant tapa aggressively) Just love em!

                                             Scene 49 Presidential Palace Bogota, Colombia                 

                                                       EXT. TAXI CAB PULLS UP TO PRESIDENT’S COMPOUND, BOGOTA

Juan Manuel, the current President of Colombia steps out, and walks slowly uip the stairs. He enters the huge Military Presidential Palace and his heels click on the tiles as he walks through the main hallway. He enters his study and turns on one solitary litght on the desk. As he does he picks up the phone. He makes a phone call to Chicago.

                                                                          MALE VOICE


                                                                        JUAN MANUEL

 Juan Santos . I just- yes hello, I just have one important question, it isn’t a social call I’m afraid.

                                                                         MALE VOICE

                                                                                                                                  I’m listening.

                                                                   JUAN MANUEL

  December 1990. 340 million dollar investment to build the pipeline and investments into ECOPETROL. Was the money from a German Aristocrat with the name of Rudolph von Bonde?

                                                           MALE VOICE


                                               JUAN MANUEL

                                                                             (holds the phone to his ear a moment realizing he has been hung up on. He slowly                                                    replaces the receiver and leans back in his chair.)  

                                                        Scene 50 at Ecopetrol Oil Company Bogota Colombia

                                                                        INT. ECOPETROL HEADQUARTERS BOGOTA

Emily and Albert walk down tiled hall of the first floor of the Petroleum’s Headquarters, led by a professional looking woman in a business suit. She walks elegantly down the tiled floor with her heels clicking and enters a elevator. They enter with her and the elevator proceeds slientlly up to the 8th floor. It is a glass elevator and they can see the lobby getting smaller as they ascent. The elevator opens and the woman waves them out. The elevator closes and she goes back down.


                                                                          Okay let’s hope that Goldfinger doesn’t come out and shoot us.


                                                                                                            (smiling) You stand in front of me!

                                                                                                             MRS. TRUJILIO

                                                                          (walking towards the couple with her hand outstretched)

                                                                                           Hello, Mr. Albert Bonde? Caroline Trujilio.


                                                                          You’re the head of Investor relations at ECOPETROL right?

                                                                                                                  MRS. TRUJILIO

                                                                               Yes, that is right. We’re very excited that you have come today.

                                                                                           Follow me please into the conference room.

                                               (she turns and walks to a big room with open windows overlooking a huge lawn on the opposite side of                                                                          the entrance to ECOPETROL.)

                               Scene 51 At the Bogota Country Club lunch with Albert and Emily 

                                                                     JUAN MANUEL

                                           I was present when the money changed hands. I was not part of

                                                               The money receivers. That was the World Bank.


                                                     Okay. The investments went to the World Bank?

                                                                                       JUAN MANUEL

                                                     Yes. As I told you. We were the investment company.

                                                THEY were the investors.  You’re talking Old School.

                                                            You need to talk to whoever is still living

                                              That is a member of the original investors in December 1990.

                                                                          There I can’t help you.


                                                                          Okay , Albert let’s go to Washington DC.

                                                                                          JUAN MANUEL

                                         Albert, just one suggestion. You may or may not be aware of the fact

                                                   That in August of the same year in 1990 your father fired the entire

                                                Financial management team of his financial affairs. I suspect if what you

                                    Say is true, he made the deal with the World Bank on his own. That there was no

                                     Record of it since the financial team was no longer part of managing his fortune.

                                  It was unchecked shall we say for a matter of months. THAT, my dears is where

                                                                                                    You need to look.

                                           If you can prove that such a large sum came from Germany,

                                                              You can trace the wire and prove they had it.

                                                                                             JUAN MANUELE


                                      (new scene about 12 scenes later when they are in Colombia South America)

                                         Scene 57 In World Bank Senior Accountant's office...

                                             Money was transferred to Colombia South America from World Bank

                                                                               GERALD(i want Bill Gates to play Gerald)



                               Now Gerald.   (she looks at her nails to make sure they’re painted correctly

                                 And goes back to paying attention to him. They’re French Manicured.)


                                                                           (starts laughing bending over)


                                                  (looking back and forth between the two of them.

                                                     Mathew flops into a chair and throws up his hands, like

                                           Okay it’s all over. Gerald leans to his computer, with Emme

                                     Carefully watching, and hits print of the wire transfer documents.

                                                Then he goes to a page and hits print again.)

                              On December 20, 1990, A wire transfer was sent to the Government

                              Of Colombia to the attention of Ministerio de Hacienda y Credito Publico,

                             Palacio de los Ministerios,Bogota, Colombia, for 340 million dollars.

                         That I have given you a printed confirmation of. The codes are on it

           And can very easily be traced to 56(2)2941-0300 BBOGCOBBXXX and BBOGCOBBBAQ.  

                                 Now that would have been the end of the search. And  honestly,

                               You wouldn’t have had to have your little security guard  point that gun

                                                    At me. However, there is another thing.

                                                                                The Japanese Government

                 gave a loan of 340 million dollars, through the World Bank, exactly 2 years later, on December 28,1992.

                                      for the infrastructure of Colombia, When I ran the amount they both showed up. Odd. Really.

                                                                  It Looks like to me that the original loan

             Went through,and they used the original loan for something off the books,such as Ecopetrol and then they                            got an identical loan two years later for the infrastructure.That means only one of two things.

                       The first loan was illegal and never on the books. The second was legal, on the books,

      And used for what the original loan was intended to be used for which was infrastructure. Which means, the                      Japanese have been paid, folks, and their loan is on the books.

                                           The original loan in December 20, 1990 has not only NOT been paid,It’s been covered up.                                                                      It doesn’t exist. 

                                      Exept for here. (he hands the sheets to Albert) Here it exists.      

                                                                         SCENE 58(excerpts only)


       The sun is shining in the open curtains. Albert wakes and stretches and sees Emily standing in the door.


                                                  (she sees his smiling face)

                                                            Shall we find the billions? 


                                                                            Yes... we should.

                                                                           SCENE 59

                        EXT. COLOMBIA, SOUTH AMERICA, 8.00AM TAXI STAND

                        Emily and Albert approach the cab driver of a minivan taxi. Albert leaning in telling him where they

                       want to go and the two motion to Vincent, Darling, Riffey, April, Julia, all who came to help.


                                       (1/2 joking) It's not the same taxi cab driver, is it?


                                                                 No, I checked. I hope Allessandro is awake.


                                                         I hope he has something to eat. I'm starving.            




                                                                       I hope he is a good actor.


                                                 What I think most of you are missing is that these people play with machine guns,

                                             did you see the miltary standing at the airport?

                                                          Are you sure that Santos was one of the people in on the ECOPETROL deal?


                                      Yes, we're sure and Allessandro is all we've got. He is getting us in to the accounting 

                                        meeting and you're the accounting team.


                                                         And why exactly do you think he is going to play ball again?


                                                   He is intriqued. He doesn't think that his uncle did anything wrong. He thinks

                                            he was just the go between. I think more than anything he wants to know what happened too.


                                            Didn't do anything wrong! For God's sake the man took 340million dollars from the World Bank

                                                 invested it into ECOPETROL oil company as a hidden investment so he could make billions

                                              of dollars what the fuck is there not to do wrong there? 


                                                                 As usual, Darling, you aren't mincing words. I'm not so sure it is a simple as that. 

                                                                                   SCENE 60


                                TO SIDEWALK.


                                           Does Allessandro live here in the posh section?


                                                       We're not staying at Allessandros.


                                                       You did tell Allessandro we're coming, right Albert?


                                                Of course, not, Emme. You didn't really think that he would do anything

                                against his uncle, the President, did you?


                                                                (stopping stunned. Running after him)

                                             O no you don't. Vincent is not being Allessandro.


                                                    Yes he is, he just doesn't know it yet.


                                    (is behind them throwing pesos at the children on the sidewalk trying to get his luggage back)

                                                                                            SCENE 61

                         INT. CASA DE NANNO PRESIDENTIAL PALACE 24.00AM

                         The President of Colombia, Juan Manuel Santos, sits at a lone delicately made French 1600 desk.

                          A gas light is the only light in the room that illuminates his deep furrow on his face as he studies

                         papers in front of him.

                         The doors to the Bolivar room opens and a silhoute of a striking tall woman dressed in a black suit

                         with a red silk blouse and black wide circular hat walks in toward the President. He stands to greet

                         her and they exchange formal hugs. He indicates for her to sit at the chair next to the desk and she                                                                                    does.


                                                        So, (pause), I hear we have a problem. 

                                                                     JUAN MANUEL SANTOS

                                    Naw, they're just kids. They know nothing; can prove nothing.

                                And my nephew, Allessandro isn't smart enough to figure anything out rather than what

                                              I tell him to do.


                                                    Still, I suggest we start to eliminate the evidence. Tomorrow, I have 

                                   arranged a meeting with the head of Accounting at Ecopetrol. He has been in the

                                  position 13 years, yet he knows nothing. We must educate him.

                                                                                JUAN MANUEL SANTOS

                                           (leaning back in his chair folding his fingers together)

                                                                  Tomorrow is difficult


                                    (leaning forward staring into his eyes and very eloquently pointing at him) The meeting is 1.00 o'clock.

                                                                                JUAN MANUEL SANTOS

                                           Without me. They will wonder why I am visiting Ecopetrol at such a time. 

                              I have said I know nothing about the deal, nothing, the investments, nothing. 


                                               (freezing) Where is the money, Juan?

                                                                        JUAN MANUEL SANTOS

                                             The meeting is finished, Kate. And you should not be difficult either.


                                             (a sweet black widow smile is spreading across her face, beautiful in the intimate light

                                                                         of the lantern.)

                                                      SCENE 62

                        INT. BOGOTA HILTON SUITE


                                           I THOUGHT you said that you knew how to add hair extensions, Darling.

                                                                         JUDY DARLING

                                    I do except Vincent keeps moving his head.


                                         Stay still Vincent, we only have a couple hours and I am not totally convinced you can 

                                                      pull off being Allessandro.


                                                                       Did you call Ecopetrol Albert?


                                             (goes to the house phone and dials the Ecopetrol number)


                                                (whispering) Are we still using Quentin Tarantino's name?


                                            (nodding) Yes hello. I am calling to confirm Mr. Santos appointment with a Mr. Rodriquez,

                                  the head of accounting. (nodding) Yes, and one more question, as Mr. Santos, hmm... how do I say

                                  it, Allessandro likes to talk a lot, which means if somebody actually at Ecopetrol Accounting has met him

                                  beforewe can cut the meeting from 5 hours to 3 hours. He likes to tell his entire life story, and chat and chat

                                and we just don't have that much time, o yes you already told us that, very interesting then redirect the meeting

                               back to the accounting team. ( nodding) Yes, of course, I can wait.


                                                        I hope they haven't met him before.

                                                       Vincent, you don't even resemble Allessandro at all.

                                                    Can you make the extensions a little more long and wavy, please.


                                                     (back to the phone) I see. That is a problem. Can you double check please.

                                                     Yes, I can wait. (putting his hand over the phone and whispering to the group)

                                                                 Nobody has ever met Allessandro.

                                                             (they all start clapping)


                        INT. ECOPETROL OIL COMPANY                            

                           The team has a accounting appointment with Mr. Rodriquez.

                                                                                         SCENE 63

                                                                                  MR. RODRIQUEZ

                                         (helping the team to set up the conference room)

                                            Now, remember, Mr. Santo's family is a very important investor with 

                                           Ecopetrol and I want it all to be perfect. Juan is a tough cookie when it comes

                                           to business. 

                                                                                  MS. CUIMUNGA

                                         O! It's not Juan we're meeting with. It's his nephew, Allessandro.

                                               I just got a call to confirm it a few minutes ago.

                                                                                  MR. RODRIQUEZ


                                Really? Odd. I just talked to him Saturday at the Chica opening. He was very

                           adamant about the meeting. 

                                                                                   MS. CUIMUNGA

                                                  Perhaps he wants to start grooming his nephew? 

                                            They reconfirmed the meeting for 12 to 5.

                                                                                    MR. RODRIQUEZ

                                                                   Okay. He originally said 1.00pm, but that is not a problem.

                              Make sure we have Chica for everybody. He raved and raved about it Saturday.

                                                                                        MS. CUIMUNGA

                                              Yes I have it. (she peruses the table full of Chica at every place. There is a commotion

                                                in the hallway)


                                                                         (bursts into the room as Allessandro)

                               Hey! Mr. Rodriquez. Good of you to come!


                                                           (walking in formally in a dark blue suit)


                                                       My legal team...(he points to the group filling the room)

                                                                                   MR. RODRIQUEZ

                                             Is there something wrong? I thought we were to have a meeting about your investments?


                                               O you know the legal department, always thinking somebody is going to screw you over...

                                                     (ha ha ha ha)


                                                                  (starts laughing hitting his leg and the rest start artificially giggling

                                                       and slapping each other on the backs)


                                           (leaning to Emme whispering) that is my idea, the Japanese do it all the time in the 



                               (her eyes getting wide staring at April's theatrical directions at work in the meeting.)




                                    INT. LOBBY.


                                                                                           (leans against the door, sighing)

                                                 O my gosh, O my gosh. What the fuck are we going to do?


                                                                               (poised behind the desk, smiling slightly)



                                                                               (laughing, disheveled leading the lobby guy)

                                                                           O such a funny guy you are…

                                                                                         LOBBY GUY

                                               (all smiles lifts his eyebrows at Riffey who giggles,

                                                                                               Goes behind the desk.)


                                                        Mr. Rodriquez wants us up in the conference room.


                                                          (waving at the lobby guy as they all head to the elevators)



                   INT. LOBBY JUAN MANUEL SANTOS AND KATE ENTER THE BUILDING APPROACH THE LOBBY WHERE                                           DARLING IS.


                                 Yes, however, there has been a little accident and he had

                                    To go to the hospital. I understand you wanted to meet with the

                                                  Accounting team?

                                                                JUAN MANUEL SANTOS

                                                   What kind of accident?


                                                       (pan faced) A allergic reaction to Chica.

                                                                      JUAN MANUEL SANTOS

                                                                          He was fine Saturday night.


                                                                        (professional) Yes these things do happen sometimes.



                                                                (peeking in) Julia! What did you find?


                                                      (behind the computer, an intense frown on her face)

                                                  Let’s just say they definitely made a lot of money.


                                                         Print it! Print it! Hurry.


                                                  Yes, well I am not that stupid. Of course I printed it.

                                  The problem is-(she looks up and sees panic on Riffel’s face)



                                                                          Juan Manuel Santos and a companion are meeting

                                                      With the accounting team.


                                                                            What?! Now!


                                          Well technically they’re meeting with Vincent who is pretending

                                    To be the accounting team which is even worse since now we have about

                                 5 minutes before they know he is totally not the accounting team.


                                                                             Fuck Fuck Fuck. Okay.





                                              Here! I see a vaulted door.

                                          (they run as fast as they can down the hall)


                             (reads from the printout and starts typing in the code on the wall

                                                         The door opens)


                                    (running in and stopping so fast Julia crashes into her)

                                                 Holy fuck!



                         INT. VAULT LOADED WITH MONEY


                                                                Start loading the bags. Hurry.





                                                             (knocking and entering)


                                                            O lovely the knuckleheaded receptionist.


                                                      (a panicked look on his face)


                                             Yes, Mr. Rodriquez is alittle bit mad at me I am afraid.

                                                             He is coming in a couple of minutes.

                                                  Please, Mr. Alleckrio, come with me. He prefers you

                                                          Not to be at the meeting.

                                                                 JUAN MANUEL SANTOS

                                                               (looking toward Kate)

                                                  Much better now we can talk candidly.


                                                                                  (lifting her eyebrows)

                                                                                   Beauracracy at its best.




                                                      Vincent! Grab the bags as many as we can and help

                                             Help me to load the plane and hurry. April and Julia,

                                                   Go inside the plane and help the others arrange

                                                The bags in the middle of the room where

                                           We can all start counting it. Emily tell the pilots

                                                                                Where we’re going.


                                                    (runs to the plane , climbs the steps and leans into

                                                      The pilot’s room)


                                                                    (she yells down to Albert)

                                                                                                I told them!


                                                                 Em, help me open the bags…(she is pushing

                                 The bags on the plush carpets of the big private jet,

                                                                                       And sitting on the circular couch)

                                                                     THE LOBBY GUY

                                                (starts to pull the last bag from Vincent on the stairs)


                                   (following Vincent up the stairs and closing the door,

                                                   To which the flight attendant hurriedly recloses it

                                                                     And makes sure it is secured)

                                                                          Alright let’s count these millions.

                                                                                        THE PILOTS

                                                                Fasten seatbelts! (they start snickering)


            INT. BLACK SEDAN LIMO, 2 Military Guards facing backwards watching Kate

                                           Sitting next to the President of Colombia, South America.


                                                                     He had no problem drinking Chica Saturday night.


          INT. BLACK SEDAN LIMO, 2 Military Guards facing backwards watching Kate

                                                    Sitting next to the President of Colombia, South America.

                                                                                      JUAN MANUEL SANTOS

                                               Perhaps he had a reaction. These things do happen.


                                                                        (turning on Juan Manuel Santos viciously)

                                      THESE THINGS HAPPEN! THESE THINGS DO NOT HAPPEN!

                                                                                           (she pauses to catch her breath)

                                         What is happening here is that Mr. Rodgriquez doesn’t want to

  1.                                                               give us the money.




                       EXT. HOSPITAL

                                                                                   MR. RODRIQUEZ

                                             (climbing out of the car, being stopped by 2 military guards)

                                                                                          What’s this!?

                                                                            MS. CUIMUNGA

                              (climbing out of the other side of the car and 1 military guard

                                        Is on that side standing at attention)

                                                                          MILITARY GUARDS

                                                  There is a situation. The President is on his way. Follow me.


  1.             INT. JET BEDROOM
  3.                                         EMILY
  4.                                         Albert, we’re already at 565,000.000.00 and 1 bag to count.
  5.                                              (sits on the bed next to him and starts opening the last bag,
  6.                                                                   Pulling huge notes out.)
  7.                                 Yes yes and more yes…look at how much dough April and Julia
  8.                                            Managed to grab in Ecopetrol’s vault.
  9.                                                                      ALBERT
  10.                                                          Do you think he knew?
  11.                                                                            EMILY
  12.                                             (pulling more and more pesos out)
  13.                                     No, Vincent had them in the accounting office confusing
  14.                                  Them about the accounting procedures.        

  15.                                                                     ALBERT

                                                No, I mean do you think Juan Manuel Santos knew about the money?


                                                                     (looking at him startled)

                                             Did Juan MAnuel Santos, current President of Colombia, South America,

                                   know he was receiving 340 milllion dollars from a private investor through the World

                                 Bank who did not know what his funds were being used for? 


                           WHITE VAN VINCENT DRIVING FOLLOWS.


                                             TOWARDS THE AIRPORT.

Image result for emmeanesbook vapor blaster  Matti Mecoli on the Vapor Blaster at the age of 6

Here is a little about me to know my experience in public relations and theater Lori Rolinski

Salutatorian HighSchool class, Who’s Who amoung Highschool Students National,

Cheerleader 4 years, Tennis, Drama, Art. Performed at the age of 18 with Harlem Globetrotters Center Court for the Illinois Basketball All Stars State Games.

Gamma Phi Beta College, LSAT 41 score top 97% in nation, London Academy Performing Arts

Wharton School of Business Accepted. Miss Illinois 3rd runner up 1983… true (played the flute which is probably why albert love sme! Ha ha ha…woops must be professional)

Professional 8 Independent Movies, New York Film University, Temple University, Indys,

Pure Sound Sundance Film Festival Winner lead actress Jackie, New Jersey Shakespeare Miranda in the Tempest, Arkadina in SeaGull Princeton University, Artistic Director and Playwright of “conversations with my kids” Princeton, NJ , New York Equity Company Love Creek member

Actress and director 1998 to 2001. , Uta Hagen, Bobby Smith, HB Studios New York.

Aritistic Founding Principal Director of Equity Philadelphia Theater of Classical Works 1993 to present in cooperation with Thomas Hanner Ballet school /Jacques Cousteau’s son)

Donnelly Directory Yellow Pages National 1,300% increase in sales in training record for Donnelly,

Philadelphia Business Journal(member American City Buisness Journals 43 nationwide) increased 10 year unproductive territory from biggest sales of $100,000.00 per year in 10 years( 6 different resp) to $1,300,000.00 in 10 months, named Top number 1 Sponsorship producer in nation for City Business Journals first year.

Received the first ever sponsor of Lockheed Martin with Walt in marketing, since moved to head of marketing of Lockheed nationwide in Orlando, Florida, of $60,000.00 because they wanted good publicity in the business community, my editor Jack had to call a taxi after the meeting I brought him to since he drank so much after the meeting| O hey it is a fun resume|

Sales director of American Lawyer Media New York for South Jersey (they make the Legal Intelligencer and all law books, first law journal ever in America)

Hired as the St. Rose of Lima Catholic School’s only Theater Director and gave my volunteer weekends of Saturday and Sunday for one year to direct and teach the kids from 1st grade to 8th grade theater and wrote the Canadian Author , Lois Burdett, who wrote the Midsummer Night’s Dream for Children play which we performed for the parents. I used 16 of the students who played the violin in the production and of course my child since we were strangers to the very tight group of generations attending the prominent catholic school and I wanted my son to have friends and gave every weekend to do that.

1920s 5 star Flanders Hotel on the ocean in Ocean City New Jersey hired me as the receptionist during the afternoon for special events such as weddings and the night shift.

In 2007 the Military Newspapers signed a contract with Virginia Pilot of Norfolk the

oldest newspaper company in America with 40 publications and they hired me to be one of 5 reps in the nation to represent all of the American Military in their newspapers. I appreciated trust after the interference with child custody orders. I worked for the newspapers one year and started my own internet paper named EmmeAnesBook in 2008 to present around the world 22 countries.

The travel guide cultural publicity guide is free for people to use on the internet and has 2,800,000 visitors as of Feb. 5, 2018 every month googled in about 65 countries.

Playwriter of “conversations with my kids” Princeton New Jersey auditioned highschool students form Princeton Regional Highschool, Private school Hun School Princeton NJ, Lawrenceville HS, Hopewell Valley to choose 16 students to work with every week to perform 8 months rehearsal at the Princeton University Jr. Class Conference. HUGE Positive reviews.

Documentary writer and director of “my librarian” TV 31 Princeton NJ interviewed and filmed people in Princeton cafes, walking on the streets, at festivals and scuba divers at the South Jersey shore 3 months to produce the film named “my librarian” about the trauma a librarian can have on its guests, the impression of a type cast librarian and the dewey decimal system of which over 1,000 interviews filmed only one person knew what the dewey decimal system was!

Wrote script named “the life of albert” in 2016 in America, the actual writing took a couple of months, the research in Bogota Colombia, Washington DC, Germany and United Arab Emirates

Took 5 years.

Major motion picture script that is 165 pages long, has 24 main recurring characters, 34 main speaking characters including the 24 principles, 100plus speaking roles, and is centered around a alleged illegal loan a International World Bank loaned the country of Colombia, south America, in December 20, 1990 to help the infrastructure of that country. The Government of Colombia and it’s Government owned oil company, Ecopetrol, that is 50% government owned as of today, yet in 1990s 100% government owned, a german aristocratic family who the loan originally came from , yet they find that out 30 years after the original loan, a Cia Noc working on the soccer stadium in Doha Qatar in 1976 is how the script starts. The Cia Noc has a daughter, who eventually attends Classical Theater school in London at one of the most prestigious theater schools in the world and a famous scene in 1990 of a Parisian theater party for the Palais Royal fundraiser at a private home including the students of the theater school as muses.

The script has scenes of children and adults in royal situations such as birthday parties to show the difference in the aristocratic society and a American family, although a privileged one. From birth to grown up days, including each side of the continents and scenes of International risque yacht partying at Monaco Yacht show to Spice Girls birthday parties in Paris clubs, to Polo parties in Buenuos Aires to Parisian dance parties to Buddha Bar fundraisers in Paris to crazy funny cab rides in Bogota and the funny “ocean 13” way they become friends and collaborate the 70% of the last half of the movie to receive the money back from the Colombian government and the Oil company Ecopetrol. (the way whoopi Goldberg does in “ghost” in the bank scene).

It is a movie about heritage and learning of one’s father’s secrets and redemption. It is a movie that shows that in a funny way at the last half of the movie. It is a love story when the two meet, and a feel good movie along with a action such as the crazy bogota and Parisian cab rides.

The proposal is such. There is many scenes where Champagne houses would and should prominently show the lively and elegant way to have a party and promote champagne, and of course the actors have such a wide range of high-end everyday clothing to haute couture.

I would love to exclusively have a fashion house costume the actors from start to finish and be coproducers of the script with a investment of $3,700.000.00 total and a 30% investment.

That would allow the fashion house to have 100% creative control of the costuming and includes the advertising and marketing of the film from start to theaters to dvds and all in the future.

I would love for a champagne house to have exclusive rights to the champagne used in the film as coproducers with a investment of $3,7000,000.00 total and a 30% investment.

That allows the champagne house to have 100% exclusive rights and creative control of how we show the champagne , with the allowance of the conversation at the Parisian theater party to continue, in the movie and in all subsequent advertising and marketing in the future including dvd and home video.

The meeting of course must include you reading the script and asking questions! Of course.

The signing of the contracts is immediate and the transference of the coproducer’s investment into the banking account is immediate. In addition, a signing bonus of $72,714.00 to the scriptwriter, which is non-negotiable since it is registered with the Writer’s Guild of America in Los Angelos is immediate with a sunbsequent reduction of $5,000.00 to be used to schedule auditions immediately with the prestigious theater schools of London as RADA(Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts),

LAPA(London Academy of Performing Arts) and LAMDA(London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts and Guildhall School of Music and Performing Arts in London to audition students, graduate students, alumni working and Sag actors to complete almost all of the roles. The major artists will be chosen from these alumni or other.                                                                      .


   The photo shoot included two children and they chose Matti to represent the Vapor Blaster on the box, the other child was inlcuded in the photo shoot only; however, after all these years the other child received the residuals of the Vapor Blaster. Isn't that ironic?
Pictured  on the Water Toy Vaporizer for Children to make bubbles with...essentially a bubble maker, is Mathew  with his little ST Rose of Lima Tshirt while in New York. I found the box and toy while at FAO Schwartz in 2007 when I went in January to New York city and visited the store to remember all the wonderful times that I had brought Mathew to the city to see Central Park and do the "Kids Love Acting" at Weist Barron Studios. I taught the class on Saturdays and the Director of the Weist Barron program allowed me to let Mathew take the acting classes free in 1999 and 2000. He loved the classes and he worked with famous child actors in Sitcoms in America and Cookie commercials! We had tons of fun and every Saturday after he had the acting class I would bring Mathew to the FAO Schwartz store to chose a little gift. 
Risultati immagini per Omar Alkhani
                                                            A Syrian girl rides a bike down the alley...              
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Today we would love to congratulate person  Vladimir Putin for starting peace talks...with Bashar of Syria
Russian President Vladimir Putin has confirmed agreement has been reached on a ceasefire and the start of peace talks WITH SYRIA...THERE GOES THE NEIGHBORHOOD OF BUDDYS PUTIN AND TRUMP

This agreement we’ve reached is very fragile, as we all understand. They require special attention and patience, professional attitude, and constant contact with our partners,” Putin said at a meeting with Russian foreign and defense ministers.   


        The President Mr. Obama and Mrs. Obama
      we wish the couple the best in life. They are a
      wonderful example of grace and class:)

in all fairness, Saudi Arabia has border customs, china has border customs, Canada has border customs, London has border customs,..have you been trying to cross the border to go into Canada lately. They have cars lined up for hours. Same as Tijuana. I guess Mr. Trump just wants a physical wall to make it more difficult to climb the fence. Just as in Canada they have a sensored wall of when you hike across the border sensors tell your position. He should ask Canada how much the sensors cost and if it is cheaper than building a wall. they are plastic tubes about 1/2 inch round from coast to coast kind of like a ankle bracelet ..if people try cutting them alarms go off and they know the location. Of course crossing the borders of canada and america is in forests yet all the same. It might be cheaper just to put up a plastic rope of ankle bracelet type sensors and you can track it that way instead of a physical wall that will just make the athletic mexicans able to enter america and the lazy ones cant get over the wall.
And My favorite Band...One Republic




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     me chomping on aperitivos during a interview, the coolest thing about my EmmeAnesBookis  
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