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                                         Qatar actors...

                                                       Risultati immagini per qatar actors    

                                                                                    pages 44 - 48

                   Emily is sitting on one bed in a dorm room that has two beds separated with a tiny aisle.
                   Sajara, a Moroccan Princess sits on the other bed with her legs in the aisle facing Emily. 
                   Both girls are dressed to go out for the night. Sajara is folding a big group of architectural
                   plans into the tube. 
                                          Please Emily, Let me buy dinner. I need a break from university.
                                         And we're only in the room one night with each other.
                                              Seriously, Sajara, I could never afford the Buddha Bar for dinner on a student
                                            budget and now that I am doing my cultural interviews myself it is even
                                                    (Jumping up and grabbing her visa she walks to the door in big tall
                                                      leather boots.) Ready? My invite. My treat. Let's go.
                                               Alright but only if we can find the belly dancers we talked about.
                                               (grabbing her iphone) Yes I know I have been trying all day to 
                                               google them and try to find them but I could only find a handful.

                 INT. CHEZ CASTEL, PARIS 22:30pm
                 Albert TNT and friends walk down the red carpeted stairs to the nightclub's basement 
                 scene. Downstairs another entire level of entertainment was happening and the other two bars 
                 had opened up. A private party of one of the Spice Girls for her Birthday was being celebrated
                 and the group rushed down the stairs. 
                                                             (rushing down the stairs with the 5 friends)
                                         Which one is it again. 
                                                              (following Sara who shrugged her shoulders)
                                                   I don't know it was Sara's invite.
                 Sajara and Emily were seated upstairs on the darkened level that had a balcony iron railing 
                 around the entire parameter. Below in the huge open dining hall 2 stories below was a lavish                         
               golden piano being played, a huge 2 Story Buddha and diners. The girls sat upstairs arguing 
                                                       Seriously. Let's find a restaurant with real belly dancers, Sajara, just the
                                          way it is at your home.
                                      (motioning toward the waiter who had just brought their drinks a couple of minutes
                                        since.) Have you found any real belly dancing restaurants yet?
                                                     Yes there is several authentic ones. One is near the Norte Dame but a 
                                       little touristy.
                                                  (yelling) No touristy restaurants. Only real ones.
                                                          Yes. As you've said many times.
                                              In the 11th district is a wonderful one named Le Bazar on 22 Rue de Lappe.
                                              You can take the metro bastille to it. Have fun.
                                                          And yes miss it is a real one. 
                                                          (grabbing her coat) Let's go, Sajara.
                                                   (leaves her 1/2 sipped cocktail and they rush out.)
                 The two girls are chatting about the belly dancing and excited to have a really special night. 
                 Emily keeps glancing back at a black sedan following closely upon the cab. 
                                                 O Dex is following us. I haven't seen Dex in a long time.
                                       (noticing the black sedan and the dark black wool coated GQ guy driving the car)
                                      (shrugs her shoulders) I don't really know. He follows me all the time
                                      and I named him Dex.   (leaning to the cab driver)
                                                              Is the belly driving place soon?
                                                                            CAB DRIVER
                                                              (ignores her)
                                                                 Is the belly dancing restaurant near here?
                                                                             CAB DRIVER
                                             (slamming on his brakes skidding to a stop. Starts screaming at the girls
                                               in French and jumps out of the cab and opens their doors.)
                                             (smiling climbing out) O It must be at one of these restaurants.
                                                  (hanging onto the door as the Cab driver trys to drag her out).
                                                No no no no wait Emily. (to the driver) Are you sure? 
                                                           Wait! Stop grabbing me! Are you sure it is here? 
                                                            At these little restaurants? 
                                                                                CAB DRIVER
                                                                (jumps in his car and squeals away)
                                                              (starts walking towards the row of tiny ethnic restaurants)
                                                       It must be this one Sajara. It looks middle-eastern. 
                                                         (she opens the door to a small restaurant with cushions on the floor
                                                                         and Sajara follows her in.)

                INT. CHEZ CASTEL 22:55pm
                The Spice girls are set up on stage and playing a set, Victoria is singing to her husband 
                 who is a soccer star the famous, David Beckham. Albert is greeting people he knows and 
                 they head to the bar. It is a birthday party and one of the group is showing his gag gift that
                  he got for the birthday girl. The party has many famous musicians and sports figures.
            INT. TUNISIAN RESTAURANT. 24:00am
            Emily and Sajara have settled down and are chowing down on huge whole baked chickens 
            sitting on plush brocade jeweled cushions, waiting for the belly dancers. 
                                         It is kind of strange that they only have whole chickens, 
                                          don't you think? I mean do belly dancing countries eat chicken?
                                                  (not caring. hungrily eating the chickens)
                                                NO. I don't care. I am starving. It is after midnight and I guarantee
                                             it is the only thing open. The damn cab driver did it on purpose.
                                                     Ya in middle-eastern countries they eat late. 
                                       (she motions to the waiter to come to the table)
                                                               EXCUSE ME! He is ignoring us you see?
                                                          Hello! Hello! Waiter! 
                                                    (reluctantly heading to the table)
                                                                            Chicken good? Yes?

                                                                   Yeah it's great.  Where is the belly dancing?
                                                           You said you had belly dancers. We're really excited to see em.
                                                             Wednesday Wednesday
                                                                   (he says and wonders off through the crowd
                                                             of guests sitting on the cushions eating chickens) 

                                                  Excuse me? What the fuck did he say?
                                                                 Did he just say Wednesday? 
                                                              Okay that is it. We went everywhere in Paris and we're sitting here
                                                             eating fucking whole chickens on cushions waiting for 
                                                             belly dancers that don't come for 4 more days?

                                                   (throwing her entire chicken on the plate and reaching to pick it up
                                               as it goes sliding across the table and onto the floor)
                                      FUCK! My fucking chicken just fell on the fucking floor. 
                                 (she calms herself in a yoga pose)
                                                                   Sajara, I have had enough of the belly dancing pursuit.
                                                             If you are quite done with this 1/2 cooked chicken Can 
                                                   we please go find something fun to do?

                                       (still eating the chicken) okay. I am hungry. Get the waiter 
                                                                          and give him my visa card. 
                                                                  (motioning for the waiter)


                                                                                               SCRIPT excerpt

                                                EXT. DULANY DRIVE MANSIONS OF LANGLEY VIRGINIA, 3:00am

A real estate agent tiredly gets out of his car and walks on the gravel circular driveway to the huge bricked Mansion. He fumbles in his pockets for his keys and opens the big entrance doors with 3 keys. Halfway inside he enters a code on the right hand side of the entrance hall and walks inside.


                                                                              FAJOUD, THE REAL ESTATE AGENT                   

                                             (the middle aged middle eastern man walks slowly through the darkened

                                                                            Foyer mumbling outloud to himself)

                                                          Miss Emily always calls at such odd hours.

                                                              Fajoud go see who is in the house.

                                            Fajoud go see if the pool is clean, Fajoud go see if the outside pool house is open.

                                             Or Fajoud go see if the movie star is illegally renting my house. Put cameras to catch her.

                                                         (Fajoud shifts uncomfortably in his chair)

                                        THAT I simply must ignore and pretend that I didn't know. I am not puting cameras on the house to catch

                                         the movie star squatting at the masion. I shall sit here in the chair in the study all night waiting

                                             for the imagined imposter.

                                             (he walks straight to the study of the 24,000 square foot house which is located

                                           Near the kitchen. The study has dark leather studded chairs that gleam in the

                                                           Light of the sky. Fajoud makes himself Comfortable in one of these

                                                     after pouring himself a brandy. He selects a book From the huge glossy library

                                                  and starts to read it. Eventually stares out At the moonlight like a

                                                       man who has done this routine many times.)

                                                    EXCERPTS PAGE 148

                             CANNO DE NANNO INSIDE THE PRESIDENTIAL PALACE, 24:00am

                                The President of Colombia, South America Manuel Guiermo, sits at a lone delicately made French

                                16th century desk, a gas light, the only light in the room, illuminates his deep furrows on his face as he

                                studies the papers in front of him.


                               The doors to the Bolivia room open and a silhouette of a tall striking woman, dressed in a black suit with a

                               red silk blouse and black wide circular hat, walks in toward the President. He stands to greet her and they

                               exchange formal kisses. He indicates to her to sit at the chair next to the desk and she does.     


                               She removes her black gloves meticously, meticously taking her time and depositing these on the desk.   




                                                                             So,(wait), I hear we have a problem.

                                                                                   MANUEL GUIERMO (president of Colombia)

                                                               Naw, their just kids. They know nothing; can prove nothing.

                                                           And my nephew, Alessandro isn't smart enough to figure anything out rather

                                                           than what I tell him to do.




                                                               Still, I suggest we start to eliminate the evidence.

                                            Tomorrow I will. I have arranged a meeting with the head of Accounting at Ecopetrolium.

                                            He has been in the position 13 years yet he knows nothing. We must educate him.

                                                                                     MANUEL GUIERMO

                                                            (leaning back in his chair folding his fingers together)

                                                                              Tomorrow is difficult



                                            (leaning forward staring into his eyes and very eloquently pointing at him)

                                                             The meeting is 1:00 o'clock.


                                                                                 MANUEL GUIERMO

                                              Without me. They will wonder why I am visiting Ecopetrol at such a time.

                                           I have said I know nothing about the deal, nothing, the investments, nothing.


                                                                 (freezing) Where is the money, Juan?

                                                                                MANUEL GUIERMO

                                         The meeting is finished, Kate. And you should not be difficult either.


                               (a sweet black widow smile spreading aross her face, beautiful in the intimate light of the lantern)

                                               I am a expert on that, Manuel, and it is my understanding that you invested

                                     the funds with Ecopetrolium in 1990. It is my understanding that the 340 million

                                     US dollars went into Ecopetrolium as a profit in the company's books. But,(she leans

                                     intimidatingly forward over the Louis 16th desk). What I want to know is,

                                        What did you do with the money, Manuel?  

                                                                         MANUEL GUIERMO

                                       (stands up briefly, walks agitated around a little circle, stares into the darkness)

                                                            How much time do we have?


                               I would suggest we meet with the head accountant at 1:00 pm. I would suggest you                                                                                                    insinuate that all records of any 340 million is permanently removed from Ecopetrolium

                              account.  I would also suggest the accountant has a accident before we leave the office.

                                (she points her finger on the top of hte desk and pushes it 7 times.) You have stolen 340 million

                             dollars from a private investor whose family is here to collect. You have swindled the World Bank

                                      out of 340 million dollars.                 

                                                                        MANUEL GUIERMO

                                         (angrily interrupting her) That is something that the World Bank knows very

                             much of remember that. They are the ones who pushed through a illegal loan from a

                           private investor, remember that, Kate.              


                                                                  (continues unhindered)

                                You have made 600% on 340 million dollars for at least 6 years with subsequent profit

                                 of 20% the next 20 years...and let me say, Manuel, I want to know what did you do with the money?

                                                                             MANUEL GUIERMO

                                     (turning toward her with a sick smile on his face, his voice laced with sweet arsenic)

                                               You are valuable to me now, Kate, remember that. But after the meeting...

                                                               (he spreads his hands like it is out of his control).


                                         (undeterred, leaning back crossing her legs elegantly, letting the moments sink in.)

                                            I've always wanted to start a coup, do you know that about me, Mr. President?                                                                                                                   A romantic, aggressive revolt of the common people, the people of the earth.   

                                                                       (she sighs in the darkness)

                                                        It is always something that I've wanted to do

                                                                             MANUEL GUIERMO

                                                            (walking to her and leaning over the desk)

                                                                 You won't start one here, Kate .


                                     (standing up abruptly and walking away into the darkness toward the wide windows to

                                         the courtyard below. The Midnight blackness enveloping the stillness)

                                               A lovely long drawn out coup. Of course that would take many years of planning,

                                              don't you think, Manuel? Many years of turmoil.

                                                                         (she stares out into the darkness)


                                                And much money, of course. Billions and billions, I suppose...

                                                           Yet how romantic don't you think?


                                                          (stands, staring out the window....quietly)


                                                               rule a country.




                                                                    rule the world.

                                                                      MANUEL GUIERMO

                                                      Maybe you aren't so useful to me, Kate


                                                        Peace? Is that what you wanted, Manuel?

                                                                           MANUEL GUIERMO

                                                    I think you're not so useful to me, Kate.


                                         O, but I am much more powerful than you, Mr. President.

                                                                       MANUEL GUIERMO

                                                            (quietly lifting the receiver, speaking lightly.

                                      The door opens and a Military Guard walks in towards the President)

                                                               Arrest Kate, yet keep it quiet.

                                                                              MILITARY GUARD

                                                                 (staring at Kate as the seconds tick by)

                                                                         MANUEL GUIERMO

                                                            (he turns to the military guard, seething)

                                                             I    SAID    ARREST    KATE!


                                               (walking slowly, swaying, back to her position a little up from the french desk)

                                                O so sad, Mr. President when you can't control your subjects, isn't it?

                                                                             MANUEL GUIERMO

                                                   (approaches the military guard and screams in his face, his voice cracking)

                                                                            ARREST HERRRRRRR!!!!

                                                                              MILITARY GUARD

                                                              (standing at attention, staring straight ahead)


                                              Know thyself, Know thy enemy. A thousand battles. A thousand victories.

                                                                                   Sun Tzu said that.

                                                                       ., Ah, but then, Mr. President, we are in darkness

                                                                The beginning     of     a    coup.

                                                                              MILITARY GUARD

                                                    (The military guard stands at attention, staring straight ahead.)

                                                                          MANUEL GUIERMO

                                                  (crumbling and grabbing for his chair, he collapses into it.)


                                      The Salon Bolivar (Bolivar Roomm) or red Room is a space designed for special meetings

                                      and celebrations. In that room a oil painting of Simon Bolivar known as Bolivar Viviente by Ricardo

                                       Acevedo Bernal is hung upon the wall. The Emerald Room is decorated in Empire style, the

                                       highlights of which are the convez mirrors and the 19th century clock that still works.















Here is a little about me to know my experience in public relations and theater Lori Rolinski

Salutatorian HighSchool class, Who’s Who among Highschool Students National,

Cheerleader 4 years, Tennis, Drama, Art. Performed at the age of 18 with Harlem Globetrotters Center Court for the Illinois Basketball All Stars State Games.

Gamma Phi Beta College, LSAT 41 score top 97% in nation, London Academy Performing Arts Graduate Founded by all 18 year veterans of RADA including David Perry director of acting at RADA 18 years, June Kemp director of movement of RADA, Joan White individual text RADA, Micheal Latimer Director Royal Shakespeare Company and Upstairs Downstairs, Angela Goodhall Fencing RADA 18 years, Rona Lauria Private Text, 

Uta Hagen HB Studios

Taught ages 5 to 12 at Weist Barron Television Studios New York KIDS LOVE ACTING under Sharon D

Hired as the St. Rose of Lima Catholic School’s only Theater Director and gave my volunteer weekends of Saturday and Sunday for one year to direct and teach the kids from 1st grade to 8th grade theater and wrote the Canadian Author , Lois Burdett, who wrote the Midsummer Night’s Dream for Children play which we performed for the parents. I used 16 of the students who played the violin in the production and of course my child since we were strangers to the very tight group of generations attending the prominent catholic school and I wanted my son to have friends and gave every weekend to do that.

Wharton School of Business Accepted.

Miss Illinois 3rd runner up 1983… 

Professional 8 Independent Movies, New York Film University, Temple University, Indys,

Pure Sound Sundance Film Festival Winner lead actress Jackie,

 New Jersey Shakespeare Miranda in the Tempest, 

Arkadina in SeaGull Princeton University,

 Artistic Director and Playwright of “conversations with my kids” Princeton, NJ ,

 New York Equity Company Love Creek member

Actress and director 1998 to 2001. , 

Uta Hagen, Bobby Smith, HB Studios New York.

Aritistic Founding Principal Director of Equity Philadelphia Theater of Classical Works 1993 to present in cooperation with Thomas Hanner Ballet school /Jacques Cousteau’s son)

Playwriter of “conversations with my kids” Princeton New Jersey auditioned highschool students form Princeton Regional Highschool, Private school Hun School Princeton NJ, Lawrenceville HS, Hopewell Valley to choose 16 students to work with every week to perform 8 months rehearsal at the Princeton University Jr. Class Conference. HUGE Positive reviews.

Documentary writer and director of “my librarian” TV 31 Princeton NJ interviewed and filmed people in Princeton cafes, walking on the streets, at festivals and scuba divers at the South Jersey shore 3 months to produce the film named “my librarian” about the trauma a librarian can have on its guests, the impression of a type cast librarian and the dewey decimal system of which over 1,000 interviews filmed only one person knew what the dewey decimal system was!

Wrote script named “the life of albert” in 2016 in America, the actual writing took a couple of months, the research in Bogota Colombia, Washington DC, Germany and United Arab Emirates

Major motion picture script that is 165 pages long, has 24 main recurring characters, 34 main speaking characters including the 24 principles, 100plus speaking roles, and is centered around a alleged illegal loan a International World Bank loaned the country of Colombia, south America, in December 20, 1990 to help the infrastructure of that country. The Government of Colombia and it’s Government owned oil company, Ecopetrolium that is 50% government owned as of today, yet in 1990s 100% government owned, a german aristocratic family who the loan originally came from , yet they find that out 30 years after the original loan, a Cia Noc working on the soccer stadium in Doha Qatar in 1976 is how the script starts. The Cia Noc has a daughter, who eventually attends Classical Theater school in London at one of the most prestigious theater schools in the world and a famous scene in 1990 of a Parisian theater party for the Palais Royal fundraiser at a private home including the students of the theater school as muses.

Professional Advertising 

Donnelly Directory Yellow Pages National 1,300% increase in sales in training record for Donnelly,

Philadelphia Business Journal(member American City Buisness Journals 43 nationwide) increased 10 year unproductive territory from biggest sales of $100,000.00 per year in 10 years( 6 different resp) to $1,300,000.00 in 10 months, named Top number 1 Sponsorship producer in nation for City Business Journals first year.

Received the first ever sponsor of Lockheed Martin with Walt in marketing, since moved to head of marketing of Lockheed nationwide in Orlando, Florida, of $60,000.00 because they wanted good publicity in the business community, my editor Jack had to call a taxi after the meeting I brought him to since he drank so much after the meeting| O hey it is a fun resume|

Sales director of American Lawyer Media New York for South Jersey (they make the Legal Intelligencer and all law books, first law journal ever in America)

In 2007 the Military Newspapers signed a contract with Virginia Pilot of Norfolk the

oldest newspaper company in America with 40 publications and they hired me to be one of 5 reps in the nation to represent all of the American Military in their newspapers. I appreciated trust after the interference with child custody orders. 

I worked for the newspapers one year and started my own internet paper named EmmeAnesBook in 2008 to present around the world 22 countries.

The travel guide cultural publicity guide is free for people to use on the internet and has 2,800,000 visitors as of Feb. 5, 2018 every month googled in about 65 countries.