Geneva Switzerland
       Davidoff Brothers, since 1983 the coolest vintage store in Europe...Rue Verdaine 16   1204 Geneva  022 810 1983
                                                   Roy and Sacha(cha is cat in French which is why I of course love em:) owners...

 When I rang the bell to enter the store, Roy personally walks to the door to open it. "We have to do that it is a gentlemanly thing to do. Plus here at Geneva people expect great service." is his answer to why he opens the door instead of buzzing you in.

                      Davidoff BrothersWhen I ask  if he ever gets tired? "Some days I open the door about 25 times and some days about 50 times. I love to greet the people." And does he ever get nervous with tons of people in the store and all of these precious items? "I know every watch in here since I've been collecting all of these years. And I know where they're at all times. Plus I can tell you a little secret. The only way you can get out of the door is the way you came in. If I open it." he laughs and I laugh to. The prisoner of the watch store!
Sacha says, "We did things the right way. We opened the online store almost 2 years and everybody used the online website and the reputation of us is great. And now the store and all of the online people come here now. "
The only vintage watch store in Geneva with watches that originally is a personal collection from the two brothers Roy and Sacha Davidoff, is located at 16 Rue Verdaine, "We have a Omega SuperSpeed Lollipop of a brown color that is worth about 38,000.00E or 40,000 Swiss Francs. It is such a rare piece that I won't let you photograph it+ When a collector buys it is is because nobody has ever seen it. That is why it is rare and it is from 1960." Says Roy

 "I worked everywhere in the world and recently 15 years in Miami and I worked for watch companies everywhere. We tried to open the store about 2 years now trying to find investors and finally we did it on an independant way. I am happy that the only person I owe is myself. I am glad that I waited." says Sacha the new proud owner of the 5 month old store. When I ask if the store has been here since 1983? He laughs, "I am born in 1983 that is why we have that here...people always ask if that means that the store is here since 1983!"

Michel is the manager 28 years at the prestigious 5 star and easy to chat with, "Yes the owner who is a wonderful lady and I usually would talk everyday about the decorations and we would agree to disagree. She has her womanly viewpoint and me mine and we met in the middle. Now when I know it so well I can make the hotel look the way I need it to." When I say that the hotel is beautiful and compliment him. "Yes it is my and the owner's vision. I wish that my own home looks that way!" he laughs in a honest way. Great people.
The funky elevator in the Les Amours the 5 star in Geneva is representative of the people that here   are some of the friendliest happiest funniest people that I've ever had the pleasure of meeting at such a prestigious place. The team is lovely. The elevator shows the humor along with impressive guests such as George Clooney or Bill Clinton. Cool ... Uh O George Clooney stayed here in the junior suite where by the way I stayed last year. Perfect entertainment suite. Découvrez nos juniors suites
The restaurant manager pictured below is the greatest sport-having shown me the restaurant about 25 minutes, "Yes here we're serious here that means we're joking. We have fun. All the people that come from the politicians to the writers to the actors to the normal everyday tourists and residents. We treat everybody the way that they should   be treated. Lovely service and friendly service. I say that we're the friendliest team and that is why people come here. And it is the oldest restaurant in Geneva. Known for its Swiss food and of course Fondue!" he says as he poses for me in front of the knight.
"The artist Michel Rabusseau paints all of the paintings that you see on the walls. You must meet him. He comes almost everyday to have a drink and to eat dinner. Maybe tonight you can chat." he invites me to dinner and to meet the famous artist. Wow how lovely is that? The fondue please+I say laughing. Here is a painting of the flowers in the rooms...beautiful.
   When I show Mr. Glauser the photo below he starts giggling softly, "O yes that is a funny one." he says. He invites me to dinner one night. Guess what? I am coming:) You should to. The place is always full of course yet people come in and out and everybody seems to fit. Hope you love it.    022 311 70 30
                 Brasserie-restaurant de l'Hotel-de-Ville   Grand-Rue 39, 1204 Genève
Antonio says, "Yes he is fun to be with. I've been here 17 years and the reason is him. I love my work here and I love to work with him. All the people love him." And how long will he be here after 30 years? They laugh, "Til 50" says Antonio.
"Now it is fun to talk to the people." Jean-Yves says. "I cook but here." he says and holds his chest. "Stress too much stress when I cook and now I talk to the guests and that is fun." He walks around the restaurant and points out all of his personal collections of memorablia. "You want to take a picture of the kitchen?" He asks and I say yes. "Let's wait since now it is a mess..." he says as we start toward that kitchen! And the food is it good?"Yes we have fresh fish and seasonal mushrooms and vegatables and all fresh." And the foundue is it is favorite? "Yes the people like the fondue." is all he says.
"O the flag is Geneva .and Switzerland. That is mine," he laughs guietly, Jean-Yves Glauser the owner who is soft-spoken and kind. "23 years a chef and 31 years as the owner." he says. He speaks French and a little English and me? American I speak English! Yet we communicated a little. "The hats. Yes the hats come from everywhere in the world. Russian, German, Swiss, French, Italian and I have American. One even from FBI! He laughs and I try to find the FBI hat but we can't find it. "Yes the military come in from everywhere and they say O I have a special hat from the army from 1945 and I will send it to you." Antonio, the young guy with the glasses nods his head, "Yes they do. They say that they'll send him hats and guess what soon the hats come."
         The famous Leopard lounge at the d'Angleterre, Geneva. 41 (0) 22 906 5536.
Above the George Washington Suite at the D'Angleterre 5 star at Geneva...that is the name I gave it since it is totally Martha Washington style...above it on the 4th floor! is the presidential suite...amazing...Michael Jackson stayed here all the time when he visited

 We peruse the famous Leopard Lounge of the 5star and he shows me the mixure of the elegant sitting lounges complete with fireplaces and a big screen television! "Yes Mr. Tollman wanted the TVs in here in such a event such as the Sporting Matches on television. Our guests can relax in the lounge and have a cigar in the smoking room and watch their favorite sports. Mr. Tollman has his own cigars here specially wrapped at about 145 swiss francs then. People can come enjoy the cigars in the smoking room." he says as he shows me that addition. "I know the lounge at night is famous with an outside entrance and is a little unusual compared to the 5star. We have live music every night and people start to really dance about midnight. You should come check it out." he says. (he is right everybody is dancing at 1 am...)
Jean-Vital holds up the 1848 priceless liquour, "Honestly if you gave me a 1848 or a 1925 I probably wouldn't know the difference. The real connoisseurs of great cognac and whiskey would know. The bottle here is about 500 Swiss per shot honestly." he says.
Another item on the tour agenda of the famous hotel is the roof! Yes I know yet the view here is from my camera of the harbor at Geneva. Cool huh?
Mrs. Tollman and her husband oversee 17 hotels that they own. "She is a wonderful lady," Jean-Vital says, "Every room she has a hand in. When I say that a room needs a new lamp for instance she personally goes to the warehouse and chooses a lamp that she thinks would specially fit that room. And every picture in the halls has a reason. Every one. She is amazing." he says. You know I guess that is the reason that the d'Angleterre 5star is given the prestigious award for the 3rd best hotel in all of Switzerland. Yes that is right the 3rd and I must admit I am a bit spoiled having stayed here. Loved it. And the team.
The Great team of the D'Angleterre 5 the right is the General Manager Jean-Vital...funny guy!
"Isseo is a song that the French sang when they crossed the sea from Europe to the Americas, " Oliver says and they play the song on the radio. Joel says, "Please play the song since Oliver can't sing." They laugh. It is kind of a totally cool song and I say that I shall google it. It gave the sailors courage to raise the sails.
I know it is a long weblink yet at least you can see the cool crepe bistro...loved the crepes I ate 3 of em:)

Odile is cooking and along with Oliver and the "real cook" says Oliver is Joel! He used to own his own restaurant and sold the other one. Now they collaborate on making the best crepes in Geneva. I tried the Caramel ones and the Salty Ham and Cheeses. UM YUMMY...

Every country and every city that I come to here at some point people question the newspaper and funny travel guide. I say to these people that is it fun. It is only to have fun and find the culture and real people of the cities that you visit. And they look at me! as if to say really=! Yes it is true. My international funny newspaper is to help you as a entreprenuer reach 3 million people every month that travel around the world and could perhaps be potentional guests.However every city some people say that no they dont want to participate in the paper. Okay so some do and some dont but the worst is Geneva. Take the articles above and they are the exceptions mostly since they're wealthy and privately owned companys. However the police in Geneva Switzerland are the worst participants of human trafficking anywere that I have physically been to in the last almost 4 years of doing the project.  

The most disturbing thing is that after about the 6th day they aggressivley hounded me and when the hostel i was staying at had a 6 day only stay limit then they stood outside all day long and followed me with phones assuming i didnt have a place to stay that night. They kept asking each and every time where you staying during the interview and the last night I lied at the "spaghettie house" where they kept saying they would sponsor then kept giving me wine then a "friend" undercover cop comes in and they ask me to go with them to the restaurant and then they didnt sponsor and they asked me to go with them out and when I told them i had to go to sleep early they then asked where the hotel is and then at about 3 am since my friend owned the 5 star i saw them outside the window walking up and down the alleys since the hotel was full and i guess they couldnt afford the 500Euros 'per night rooms. It sounds simplistic but it was getting to the point of scary when each and every turn you would be walled and again and again and again. If it wasnt for western union I never would of got out of that city. The worst thing was the Geneva police were the ones behind the situations. 

Okay the human trafficking side to do you tackle such a issue without actually becoming a part of is how. Try spending 10 days at Geneva and see how it works such as I did the past 10 days.

Every time and I mean every time except for the exceptions of the above companys and I interviewed about 25 people every day. It was as if they were "coached". But after the second day I noticed in the subsequent days to follow that the so called business owners that I was supposedly interviewing were undercover cops. I saw 4 different ones at different times leaving the police stations in various parts of the city. Okay...then each and every time they would end the interview politely saying that the business only believed in word to mouth publicity and that they didnt do any newspaper publicity. Okay that isnt so bad but then...they each and every one would make comments! about "saying it is time to go on the street and it is time to go upstairs to the hotel that is where you can make the money and no no no go back on the street and where you staying tonight..." they tried to corner each and every sponsoring person and after the 4th day I noticed the pattern becomeing more aggressive and each and every time about 5 minutes after the interview if it wasnt a undercover cop they would recieve a phone call and a new person would take their place within about 5 more minutes...about 15 people per day would say I have to leave talk to such and such and they left and the undercover people would control the situation and force you outside. When I tried to get western union they aggressively followed me to western union and stood behind me talking in french to the ticket window who either would say that they're machine was down or finally ignore the person and give it to me. 



                                            Rue Rothschild 55    Geneva     022 544 38 38

Photos of Hotel Jade - Manotel Geneva, Geneva
This photo of Hotel Jade - Manotel Geneva is courtesy of TripAdvisor

The Peaceful Garden at the Hotel Jade in Geneva:notice the Buddha:) My room faces the garden and is elegant and quiet. In addition there is a private car park to all of the people living in the modern world...however the minute you step into the Jade another world greets you.

The entire theme is Chinese influence and is calm and soothing. The General Manager is Mr. Silva showing me a picture of a Chinese man on the dining room wall, "It is the first time that he ever left China. He came here to America and designed the Feng Shui in all of the rooms."                                                       As I am playing with the sand garden in the lobby, "I thought it is Feng Shui the minute I entered you can sense the serenity of it  all."