Entering the Fairytail Boutique 4 star in Nuremberg, The DREI RABEN, the three Ravens, in English with my favorite superstar Ralf as the Director! 

The one and only Modern room in the Drei Raben is the Soccer Room depicting Nuremberg's soccer teams  and including a fussball table to give you the feeling  that you too can be a soccer star. I guess the Spice Girl Victoria and David Beckham, the Super Star Soccer player would love the room. http://www.hoteldreiraben.de/english/hotel/index.html  

                                reservations:  Telefon 0911 27 43 80  Königstrasse 63     

                               Related image         

                                  Suite Rabenspiegel at the Drei Raben in Nuremberg of Drei Raben, who graciously showed me about 10 rooms as his eyes sought with intense detail to each one of these.  http://www.hoteldreiraben.de/english/mythical-theme-rooms/index.html. The Coolest Item in the hotel? Hmm...Maybe the shellacked stories on each wall telling a famous Nuremberg fable, or the Replica of the only globe designed by Martin Behaim, or the Cool Soccer Room complete with the fussball table, or the Princess room, or the Train room complete with the matching wooden(light cherry wood from Nuremberg)breakfast table with the enclosed glass train, or the nightly wine and cheese for the guests, or the entire overall feeling of entering a Fairy Tale Playground while you stay in Nuremberg.Image result for suite rabenspiegel at the drei raben I asked if the guests tended to find their fable when they ventured out into the city of Nuremberg..."Yes that is the idea. To encourage people to learn about the history of Nuremberg through the fables of each room. They often times go to find that piece of history that is portrayed in their rooms." he says. I love it. From the minute you enter the acclaimed 4 star which has "received the top 20 hotels in it's class in Germany the last 5 years and the number one hotel in Nuremberg the last 7 years" says Ralf, you feel as if you are entering a Fairy Tale Storybook. 

     Besides Wine and Cheese nightly for the guess, on the left is the matching themed wooden cherry tables that enhance each fable in each of the storied rooms, the coolest to me is the long hair trailing from one of the tables that matches the sculpture in one of the rooms, and the little minature glass encased train for the train foom. "The guests can sit at any of the tables, yet they usually try to find the ones that match their rooms," says Ralf. 

     "The only modern themed room of the Nuremberg Story Fable Hotel is the Soccer Room," says the owner Ralf, Image result for drei raben nuremberg

Bildergebnis für the drei raben in nuremberg

  Since each room is themed and has a story that represents a legend and physical location in Nuremberg, many of the guests take a little time out of their vacation to discover "the room!" 
Bildergebnis für the drei raben in nuremberg
                                                                    Ill  Amore cafe Nuremberg
                      Image may contain: food
Christina is lovely. She reminds me of "Scarlett" in the movie "Four Weddings and a Funeral", all sweet and funny and sincere and honest. She in her own words, "Alright, I was a graphic designer, I grew up near Stuttgart, moved to Hamburg and Berlin where I worked as a graphic artist and finally came here to Nuremberg 5 years now. I came to Nuremberg because I didn´t really like being a graphic artist and since I loved food and loved being around people, I thought that opening my own cafe is better for me. Being couped up in a small office looking at a computer screen is not for me." she says and when I ask if she opened her cafe here, Ill Amore, literally translated to Love Sick, 5 years now?

       "NO!, I came to Nuremberg and I worked as a graphic designer 4 years!" CHRISTINA! Image may contain: indoor

  "Alright and I didn´t like it again so I opened the cafe here with my partner, who left 6 months ago. She said that she couldn´t stand the stress! Me? I love it. I am not stressed at all. I love the people, I love that I can pick my own decorations and my own team and my own cakes and my own hours. I love owning my cafe. The hardest part of owning the cafe has been the first time we had to choose the name! That is the hardest thing to do!" she says laughing and I say that is the way with choosing baby names. Hmm...what do we name it! 

Image may contain: dessert and food
"You know, it is a shabby chic cafe, a European Cafe, so to speak. You say shabby chic, we say European, " she says when I ask her to describe her cafe. "I love to decorate and I love to choose each item. If I want to do graphic design, since I own the cafe, I can bring my computer here and I can design a logo for instance. It is mine. The last 5 days when I open the door yes, I do smile and I do say, "wow it is mine. That is real cool!" she says laughing

    I love her laugh the most, which is hesitant. She holds her laughter til she finds you funny or something that you say funny and after awhile you just try to make her laugh! I only love real people. That means that if you are lazy or kind or funny or smart or silly, as long as you are you, I love you. I don´t like fake people. Of course actors are playing parts. I love actors. Yet, Christina is a baby doll. Loved her. 

     LOCATION. Obere Wörthstraße 10

             https://www.facebook.com/IllAmoreNuernberg/Image may contain: 1 person, smiling

Image may contain: people sitting, indoor and food
Christina has a love couples night, and she features Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love (of course) and she features Princess Diana and Prince Charles! instead of Camilla! Let me give you a little hint, Christina is HILARIOUS! O and here is my version, "!Candle in the wind!" 
Bildergebnis für elton john and diana
"The fun thing for me is that we ordered our own cakes from a cool bakery and while I would love to be able to bake my own cakes, we do 30 per weekend! Okay I am not baking 30 cakes every weekend, so we now have our own bakery that does that and they are delicious. O, and make sure you say that in January! we are doing breakfasts, great ones too. The food here is European. We have Quiche, which I love the most, and cakes and cannoli and you know fattening things. I am excited everyday to think of things to add. The coffees and the teas and the refreshments are for you to come, have a lovely sit down and relax chat and try the food. My guests are real, you know. It is fun for me. I love to meet people everyday and MOST of the time they are real nice.!" says Christina. She is a real kind person and I guess people are kind to kind people! 
                                  Elegant, Cool, Sophisticated, Comfy, B1 Cocktail Bar near the Castle
   As I am walking near the Castle of Nuremberg at 8.00pm at night, I see a gorgeous elegant sophisticated alley down to a cool Ski-Lodge bar named B1. It is located on Bergstraße 1, henceforth the B1. "Yes it took us a little while to name the Bar, and we finally thought that B1 is perfect since it has many meanings. We wanted our theme of the bar to be the traditional and the modern mixed. The young and the old. The 15th Century Stone Walls with the modern custom designed bar. Although my friend took 3 weeks to design the bar and it has 1/2 wood and 1/2 golden lights, which exemplifies the mood of the bar with a mixture of textures. All you see in the bar me and David did with the help of 10 of my friends in 2 months!" says Steffen, who along with his partner had the bar 5 months now. 
  Bildergebnis für B1 Cocktail Bar nuremberg David makes the cocktails and just out of the blue he says,  "It is a great cocktail bar. I make great cocktails and in 10 years when I have hired a bartender on my days off I am coming in here everyday to drink the cocktails!" he says and me and Steffen start giggling! OKAY! Ã„hnliches Foto
"The design of the bar is from my father, who is a architect. We told him our vision and he designed it for us. Then we looked at his plans and said alright, we want a bar here, the leather couches here, the tables here. The rafters we painted a dark wooden color and the tables match. The floor is a mixture of the old stone of which we washed and washed to clean these up and the designs that we added. I, for right now, am the cook and having been a chef in a 4 star hotel, where I met David, who was the bartender, for two years I know how to cook. The food is very good here and I love the cooking although I hope to hire a cook in the future since I love being out talking to my guests more." says the very enthusiastic and friendly Steffen.   "The food reflects the traditional German food such as the homemade or "Hausgemachte Flammkuchen" , which is the German version of a pizza yet very thin and the original has only bacon and onions. Of course, since we mixed the traditional German recipes with modern you can pretty much add anything you want onto your Flammkuchens!" he says. 
   "We want the people to come in and have a very comfortable evening and that is why we have the what you call the Cigar Elegant Sofa Leather Couches. It does give a sophistication to the tables, yet they are very comfortable and usually the people come straight to the couches." says Steffen. The inside decor is rustic and elegant, the mixture they were trying to achieve and has a high class sophistication, yet very comfy. Loved it!   And the location? "It is right on the way to the castle, which is perfect for us since the tourists find us easily and the locals have been coming back, they love it." he says.              0911 953 2 31 51            Bergstraße 1 
                                       The Happy Team at their New Bar in Nuremberg 
                                                                       Flames Gin Bar, Nuremberg
"It is a high quality Speakeasy Gin Bar, with the sophistication that my life has inspired in me and a mixture of my tastes. I am 1/2 Russian and 1/2 German and I have visions for the future of helping young entreprenuers to realize their dreams." says the young Boss of Flames Gin Bar, Alexander. "Here people can come into Flames Gin Bar and have a nice chat with friends enjoying a great drink, a classy atmosphere, yet be comfortable." he adds. 

       The Flames Gin Bar reminds you of a place where you can come in with suit and tie and loosen the tie, sit back with your wingtips and sip your Gin. Or dress up a little in that black cocktail dress you have packed in your luggage and are just yearning to wear and sit with some girlfriends talking about life.                                                                                                                                    Great Bar and you will have a real treat  talking about traveling with Alexander. 

Image may contain: one or more people and indoor
"The bar is a sophisticated Gin Bar, a cocktail bar, a Speakeasy bar. I traveled around Europe and London working in 5 star hotels and I used inspiration from these here. Yet, it isn´s stuffy or pretentious. I don´t want pretentious. I want it elegant yet real where you can feel comfortable and have a good drink of Gin and sit and talk for 1 hr. I don´t even have my Gin Cocktails on the menu; people come in and tell me they want to try this Gin or that one and they ask if I can recommend a special Gin Cocktail. I do it for each person. In a couple of days my total Gins will be 74. They are all medium range. Not cheap yet my bar isn´t too expensive. Between 8.00 euros for short drinks and 18.00 euros for long drinks. The gins all have their own individual flavors and I don´t use garnishes, perhaps a little lemongrass in one, yet the point is tasting the Gin." He says as he chooses BOBBYS as an example. "The one here has a lemon grass smell and taste and when you drink it you can savor the pepper on your tongue. It is just a little taste of it, yet as all Gins are made with Juniper, the juniper plant itself has a soothing quality to it and in ancient times juniper was used for medicinal purposes." he says.             https://www.facebook.com/FlamesNbg/

               Located at  Augustinerstrasse 7
  "When I bought the bar I tore down the wall and took a risk, yet lucky for me a 15th Century Original Brick Wall I uncovered and it is beautiful." laughs Alexander as he says, "The last 4 months, I renovated the entire bar again. I like to redo things. I´ve had the bar 2 and 1/2 years and it is constantly changing. My friend is a artist and he painted the Gin Still on the Wall. I add things that I love. The name Flames came from the art you see hanging and these are actually candles as flames set as lamps so they are the old with the modern." As we talk about his Gin bar some American girls knock on the door and ask if they can take pictures of the Harry Potter candles hanging from the ceiling. "Yes the scene in the cafeteria is representative by the lamps, " he explains to me. cool.

"I know each and every Gin that I buy, the way it is distilled and who makes it and the flavor and the still, all of it, yet the people that come in here know that they love Gin. Some of the rare ones know Gin, yet most just love the way it makes a person feels." says Alexander, who is very knowledgeable about Gin! Trust me! Image may contain: drink, table and indoor

  "I choose the Gins that I have learned to love and the people can learn from trying the Gin, truly.                     I am expecting a additional variety of 10 more Gins which will give me a total of 74. That is a nice amount to have. Some are more, "berry" we say. You really have to try the Gin to appreciate it. I like the classic atmosphere and honestly all people are welcome here, yet I don´t want rumbles and fights, you know.                                                     We´re here to have fun and to love life." he says. Image may contain: text
                                              ...and for the internationals, the families,  the independents, 


                                                         A and O Hostel and Hotel Bildergebnis für a and o hostel nuremberg

                           It is a nice fun place where I have met people of great variety, Germans and  Americans, French, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, England, Cape Town, Canada, you name it. They´re all talkative and nice and when the Soccer, Oops! Football Matches are on they have a big television where everybody watches the games together.  For a hostel it is very nice and the most important is the team, super friendly and help you all the time. 
Bildergebnis für a and o hostel nuremberg
                     Bahnhofstrasse 13-15
  Giovanni is with his team below! "The most important for me is my team," he says. "The people follow me from restaurant to restaurant because I am restless and need new adventures. Yet the same quality of Italian food is always the best!" he says. The new location is beautifully rustic and peaceful and can be found at Innere Laufer Gasse 35...
                           Image result for osteria bellavista innere laufer nuremberg
                           https://www.facebook.com/bellavistanbgImage may contain: 3 people, people smiling, indoor
   "I love the people and I love honesty. You know when people find me they like to eat great Italian food yet they want the entire package. The atmosphere and the team here to make people feel real comfortable and they trust me. That is why they come to my restaurants. They love Tony´s cooking and they love me!" he says laughing. When I ask him about Padelle Italian Restaurant on the site he says graciously, "Great Restaurant. Great people and great food!" Tony says that they all used to work with each other and are still great friends. That is a true test of a good person.  Tony says, "You must come back and I shall cook for you." Aah...the people that know me know that is a dangerous thing to say! I LOVE EATING ITALIAN FOOD!
         I ask Giovanni, is being honest most important or is being polite? "Honesty," he says. "I don´t joke the way politicians do yet I am honest. That is why people come here." he says. 
                            http://osteria-bellavista.de/?page_id=1053Image may contain: food and indoor
"The people follow Giovanni for my cooking and his 
great personality!" says  Tony the cook!  He is from,
"near Calabria and me and Giovanni go to Italy every 
year to see what new recipes we can find from the Northern Italy to Calabria. We have a good time and
 we try the new ones when we come back here." If you would love make reservations please call to 
        Reservierungen: 0911 / 244 66 532                           Image result for osteria bellavista innere laufer nuremberg

Giovanni has a new idea everyday." he laughs. "It is more fun in lif to try new recipes. Everyday we change the specials and we try to enjoy life. That is important. Giovanni wants to say that here is a great Italian restaurant in terms of food. The best!" says Tony the chef! And the others agree eating his food as they laugh. "Yet Giovanni wants to say that it is the entire atmosphere of a place that is important. The people. The way it makes you feel. You must feel good about a place.! he says. The restaurant is lovely. Image result for osteria bellavista innere laufer nuremberg

                          The Australian can be found at  Obstmarkt 26, Nuremberg.   

                             Bildergebnis für The Australian nuremberg

Richard, "I at first opened the Cubano having gone and lived in Miami and experienced that culture over 15 years ago, and at the time I was a tennis coach who coached, my now wife in the US Open. Now we have a little daughter and we spend time doing my restaurant, The Australian. However, my first UnGerman food restaurant was Cubano since I loved the food and the culture. My next venture was Stockholm Bar, which is on your website, and I initiated that culture with photos of the Princess Victoria and Bjorn Borg and people got to know a little bit about that country, too. Yet, I sold Stockholm and I started Australian Bar and Restaurant about 4 years now. The Australian is my baby and the one I intend to not only keep yet to franchise in the future, perhaps in America." says the entreprenuer who has now successfully introduced the German people to 3 totally foreign cultures. 

     When I ask Richard if he would say he is a risk taker or a visionary he says, "Well I am definitely a risk taker. It was a huge risk to open the Australian, yet I am happy that I took that risk now." he says laughing. "I have been to Australia many times now and it is funny what we think of as Australia and the realities. For instance the kangaroo meat that many people eat here is rarely eaten in Australia. Of course it is the only place that kangaroo is found natively, yet they hit cars and do so much damage all the time that the Australians try to avoid the kangaroo as much as possible. It is a very healthy meat, though, hardly any fat since it jumps all the time." he says.

Bildergebnis für the australian restaurant nürnberg
Ähnliches Foto
"On the menu we have ostrich, kangaroo, crocodile, grasshoppers..."! Wait! What did you say? He laughs., "Yes we have grasshoppers. I wanted a exotic menu. I wanted the people of Nuremberg, Germany, and around the world to experience the great culture of the land down under. I even named my nightclub downstairs, "Down Under" and it is a real nightclub with people coming to party. When I do the franchise it is only the restuarant since that is special and you can have nightclubs not so special, "he says. 

     Or how about some chocolate pasta!

"The Kangaroo, Crocodile, Ostrich platter is expensive since the meats are exotic and imported to us, yet let us say 27.00 euros you can taste all of these and I don´t think honestly that is too much. That is perfect 27.00 euros to taste food you have never tasted before plus a couple of cool cocktails and you can have a great dinner and night out." he says. And as we talk a HUGE burger goes zooming by as the waitress brings it to the table...yes they really look that way. Anybody for a Kangaroo Burger?

          reservations:   0911 801 926 48Bildergebnis für the australian restaurant nürnberg

          Bildergebnis für the australian restaurant nürnberg                              and for that Kangaroo that dares to actually come and HIT YOUR CAR!
                   Bildergebnis für nassauer keller nürnberg
    "It is the oldest restaurant in Nuremberg and it is in the oldest historical building in Nuremberg," says the owner of Nassauerkeller, at Karolinenstraße 2, 0911 225967 set down deep dark stairs to the original 980 to 1200BC keller where you can have a romantic dinner with "true Franconian food that I personally make and use the recipes that are original from 100´s and 100´s of years." he says. "I´ve been a chef for Novotel in New York, which I love and in Cape Town, which is amazing city and in Zurich which is the most beautiful city yet very expensive." he says. "When I came back to Germany it is to Berlin and here I worked 15 years with my own catering named Creative Catering.The biggest event that I produced here is the Microsoft event for 4,500 people which is huge. I had much stress with this one let me tell you. Now it is a lot of fun and no stress. Although at some days I work 18 hr. days  my family visits me here and of course they love to eat the food. I come from the kitchen everytime and introduce myself to each guest. It is really great to see the difference between each culture and yes I can tell you each and every difference." he say    I admire the tapestry on the wall and he says, "It is a original 
                                     Bildergebnis für nassauer keller nürnberg
                   about 250 years old and the people depicted are in a wedding 
                                       which is the typical dress of that day.

          All the items I decorated myself 5 years since I owned the restaurant and I wanted the relics to be original and from that time period when the Medieval era took place. The knight armour is lighter than the 40 kilos since that is truly heavy, yet the design is the same. No, we don´t have wifi in the keller since I want people to be able to talk to each other." he says. "Come here and take time don´t say I don´t have time to enjoy dinner. If you don´t have time to enjoy dinner go to McDonalds. If you want a real lovely meal with authentic Franconian food from the Middle Ages and the entire experience and that package, come here." 
"The Americans in New York are very friendly yet very fast and they don´t enjoy the moment. When they come here I truly enjoy them since they take time to have dinner. They sit and they read the menu and they ask a lot of questions and they listen to what we say and they respond. I totally enjoy the Americans. The Chinese want everything on the table. The Russians are fast and they need everything, they order and say I want it NOW and again everything on the table. The Germans! The Germans they must have the best. They should know that a fine piece of meat such as a filet is expensive and they must pay for the filet. If they want a hotdog go to McDonalds." says Nicolas who is very fond of saying go to McDonalds and since a lot of Americans in America go to McDonalds I am assuming when they come to Nicolas´s Medieval Tavern and eat the shoulder of pigs that they do take the time to really extend the stay and enjoy the meal! 

I love Medieval  taverns in Germany...they are all dark and full of armour and huge stone kettles and imaginations of the battles that these knights must of fought...all romantic and mysterious and Nicolas, the owner of the Nassauerkeller in Nuremberg s
ays, "Ah, actually the real knights wore armour that is about 40 kilos and when they fell off of their horses, they laid sprawled on their backs and they couldn´t get up and that is when the Arabs got them!" and I have my romantic images altered! 
                     http://www.nassauerkeller.de/Bildergebnis für nassauerkeller
"You know Nuremberg is a special city such as the fact that it is the most famous city for trading in the Middle Ages for spices around the world, say from the 1200BC to the 1500BC in all of Europe. And the entire city with the unique stones you see in the Nassauerkeller are from when the original city when it is built around the castle...the castle is built and the city around it, and the Kaiser used the city as his resident city and is very often here." he says about the famous historical city. 
Ähnliches Foto
     I love that mysterious aura that sets in when you enter a 1,000 year old building that must have many ghosts lurking in the shadows...the original brick walls and arched ceilings, the 250 pound stone metal witches pots hanging from thick iron chains on the ceilings, the knowledge that perhaps the Kaiser and his entourage sat here eating late into the night, drinking huge pints of lager and telling secret society stories...that is the Nassauer Keller and if you have the unique and priveleged chance to talk to the owner, Nicolas, you shall be treated with such originality beyond compare. As exotic as the Nassauer Keller is, the fare. as the Medieval folks call it, and the food as we say now, is typical Bavarian Franconian...no exotic "scorpions on the menu, which by the way I tried in Thai and indeed around the world I must try to eat from each culture...ya why not? Scorpions are tasty and have a hazel nut spice to them, and in Texas I ate rattlesnake which the Texans eat all the time." says Nicolas. And yes that is true and myself feel a erotic sense eating snake...almost a guilty feeling...it is quite good! 
                         The Sponsor(s) of the Day on The Front Page the 1st Day ...hope you love Americans...                                                                                                    

                     Yes Chongs American Diner is still in Nuremberg...you just need to trek a couple more meters from the original place... to find it...call: for directions at Telefon:+49 911 2349997   Beckschlagergasse 6
  "Yum!"  I say. Here is the monster burger of Chongs American Diner. Thilo laughs, "You know I don´t know how it is going to sound, however, we only use beef from cows that are treated fairly. They are free to walk around and have a good life before you know..." I say that before we eat you! Here cow, we´re going to treat you great and then we´re going to eat you. However, I know what he means. No caged cows for us. "We use only the finest ingredients in the food. We use local farmers and a 2nd generation butcher. We care about the products. It took a little while for the Germans a long time ago to accept Burgers, honestly. They thought that a burger is from McDonalds and is only fast food. We introduced that you can sit down and have a family meal here. And yes you can bring your dogs with you!" he says when I say O I love that Bernese Mountain Dog as it wanders into the Diner. "Yes and we have a child´s burger for the children because children love burgers." 
Just some of the great food items you can find is the Blueberry Pancakes with "Maple Syrup...only the Canadians and the Americans have ever heard of both of these. Now everybody asks if they can  have the Maple Syrup on the Pancakes. Mostly Saturdays and Sundays. We had Canadians in here that said they vacationed in Nuremberg for 4 days. They came here 3 of the 4 days! Once they found us they kept coming back! Canadians are real nice." he says.  And I ask if he is going to have a DONALD TRUMP milkshake in the future. "Maybe. We are all hoping he just has a great sense of humor!" 
Image may contain: food
What about roller skates in the Diner ala Pulp Fiction? "I would love to have the team wear these yet it is very difficult to do that do to insurance. I mean seriously what if they go flying with a plate of food into somebody´s table!" he says. Yes I hope I am catching that food I think! 
I meet Thilo´s mom, Trudi, who says, "My name is spelled the way that the singer, Sting-you know Gordan Summer, the way his wife Trudi´s name is spelled."  She tells me, "I am 79 years old and me and my husband who was Chinese owned a couple restaurants here at Nuremberg before we opened the American Diner about 20 years now." She is a delight. "The problem with the German young people today is because the German government pays lazy people instead of the young people working." 
    When I meet Thilo, the owner, he says laughing,  "Yes I am very aware of my mother´s view of the world! Yet you know when I am young, I too said that I would never ever want to work in restaurants since you work all the time and when your friends are out having fun you´re at the restaurant. Yet they come when I am here. Now I see my restaurant and honestly the only thing I would rather be in life is a Golf Pro!" 

"In the summer I am here and at the Golf Course. My wife, Caroline is the franchise owner of Marco Polo in Nuremberg and Regensburg and a couple other cities. Me? I golf 3 times a week, okay I shall admit I golf 5 times a week!" he laughs. And in the winter? "I found a new Golf Store named Clubhouse near Nuremberg and we can simulate golfing! Funny!" he says.Ähnliches Foto
                                                  Great Cuban Bar named Cubano in Nuremberg.Bildergebnis für cubano bar in nuremberg

                                  Innere Laufer Gasse 13                                Reservations: Call 49 09 11 99 289 60

Cubano Restaurant and Bar in Nuremberg has "been here about 16 years yet it is a brand new owners with me and Anil," says Orhan. . "We have a cool Cuban concept here. A lot of bars offer Tapas or Burritos you know but ours is 100% Cuban. We got rid of the Burgers. We only do authentic Cuban food and we have 50 brands of Rum. From Jamaica and Domincan Republic and of course Cuba. We have the signature Hemingway and Che drinks of course and I have a funny story to tell you about the Mai Tais." he starts telling me Cuban stories. Funny guy is Orhan and Anil shows me a picture of Che and Orhan together and says they are the same! "During Prohibition, everyone from America came to Cuba to drink. It's true. The society especially high society wanted the nightlife and the drinking and they came to the then glamorous Cuba. Two Thai girls came into  a Cuba bar and they ordered a drink from the bartender. He mixed the drinks up and gave it to them and they made their own original drink and named it Mai Tai. It literally means from another world." he says. I say that the Kennedy's made their fortune off of bootlegging during the Prohibition and maybe got the liquor from Cuba and maybe that had something to do with JFK. Maybe. https://www.facebook.com/pg/CubanoBarNbg/about/…"We have Salsa dancing a couple of times already and some Cuban singers that the people of Nuremberg really liked. I see in the future more Latin LIve music and dancing. I want to make it a place people know about and associate with Cuba. O and here is real Cuban Cigars. We don't sell the cigars although they're about 11euros each, yet when you buy some real good rum we give you the cigars with the rum. That is the treat from Cuba that we do." he says. I really liked the Authenticity of the Bar. It has a worn wooden talbes teel to it and dusty type walls of muted colors. "The music is Cuban and I know you say you love it yet if you are here like we are 12 hours a day you 're mind starts going in circles. They used to play electro music in here and now we did away with anything unless it is real Latin Mjusic. That is why people come here." he says. It is GREAT food I had the fajitas and one order is plenty for two people. HUGE, Loved the bar and the food and the atmosphere and it is a great place to sit and have a great mellow night with friends.  

      ciao to my friends hope you know defense taking classes! 
"Ahmet has trained with the best, as you see around his studio. He has 25 years of experience and trained and fought with the Turkish army in Syria. His fighters don't go into the UFC fighting matches because his style has no rules. Every hit of his is a knockout. Every one. Yet some ring fighters do come and learn from him. For instance we are going to Las Vegas in June and bringing the small boxer with us and he is going to be in the cage fighting. He is training with Ahmet. We shall be visiting the protege of Bruce Lee, Dan Inosanto, who is 85 and trains with Ahmet. And Ahmet's teacher, Paul Vunak, of 6 years, who taught FBI and DEA and many others many years. And now we come to see him again while we are in Los Angeles and Las Vegas."

  Ahmet, the owner and reality trainer of Fight Mentality in Nuremberg and a couple of his very real videos. Ahmet is Kurdish and is born in Germany. He has had his studio in Nuremberg for 18 years. If you are a adventurous traveler and would take a class with Ahmet call or facebook in advance and arrange to do that. It is 80.00euros for a private one hour lesson yet he said if a couple of people want to take classes he can do that too. The phone of the studio is Germany code and 49.175.12 37 140 and the facebook is https://www.facebook.com/Fight-Mentality-PFS-1796372487568…/and the email is info@fightmentality.net

                                                                  I promise if you Come to Padelle d'Italia in Nuremberg you will fall in love with these Italians and the food is amazing. The chef is the sweetest and the Capo is just as sweet. They were getting ready to be SUPER busy about 5 minutes before I showed up and only had time to kiss the chef on the cheek and see some great pictures of food from Antonio! Hope you enjoy it.  The famous Sicilian and Basilicata Italian Restaurant in Nuremberg, Germany. Located at Theatergasse 17, and Lauf, Germany at Marktplatz 18.  Padelle dÍtalia     http://www.padelleditalialauf.de/de/

"The wine list is 100% Italian," says Antonio, who is very proud of the restaurant that he has helped make into a famous stop-over in the very German traditional city of Nuremberg. "The first year it is chaotic since it is on a little street and not close to anything and we thought O I hope the German people can find us. The help of the Expos and the locals after the first year now has made it popular. We have tourists from over 9 years that come back every year and the exhibitors at the fairs come every time they come to Nuremberg. That shows to me that it is a high-quality Italian restaurant. And we´re very sincere and honest and friendly. We try to make the people have a good time." he says. 
How does Donato Master Chef at both places? "I have the cooking school for the boy," he says. "The young chef comes here and learns to cook my way and to make the sauces and the recipes. If I am at Lauf he is here." he says. 

 The wonderful Seafood of the Padelle as the young apprentice chef prepares the Octopus. And the menu features, Salmone al Pepe rosa, Scampi all´Aglio, along with famous pizza and Bistecca Siciliana Steaks:)

Above the Master at Work showing his table techniques. "Yes Donato is the show-off cook when he comes to the table and makes the truffles right on the tables. The guests love it and of course the food is wonderful." says Antonio as he shows me the cool pictures...
 Theatergasse 17, Nuremberg, 091 12 74 2130


Saro, who is from Sicily and the best friend of Antonio sits with us and in that Sicilian manner affectionately jokes all the time. "I come here a couple times a year for 10 days to eat at his restaurant," he says and I say that O yes since the real country of Sicily doesn´t itself have any good Italian restaurants! "Yes we have plenty of restaurants yet the food here is good. The entire restaurant Nino(which he calls his friend) and Donato made themselves. It is all from scratch and rebuilt. They took the first year trying it all. Now when I come I feel at home." Saro says. Does Antonio feel more German after the last 15 years? "Sicilian definitely Sicilian. I go to Sicily to visit friends all the time yet I want to introduce my Italian ways to the Germans. They are very appreciative of the food. The Lauf location is almost all German and the one here is tourists and German. The food is the highest quality such as the truffles both white and black that we have for the season. It is a wonderful experience to talk to the people. Everybody is real nice to us and we try to make them have a good time." he says.  And Donato? "It is my love my passion." says he the one who comes from Matara Italy where Mel Gibson made the Passion of Christ...."I wasn´t there I was in the kitchen is my passion." he quips. "We hope for Mel Gibson´s sake he isn´t this crazy....that he is only acting." Saro says.
At the Stockholm Bar and Grill in Nuremberg you can find real Scandinavian Food only... the new owner Ayean says "that the people of Germany had never heard of burgers and now they love em..."http://www.stockholms.de/
When I enter Stockholm Bar my friends say that I should feel right at home...afterall they say I definitely have the Stockholm Syndrome of doing the same thing every day! Yes that is true I hand everybody that I love my website since I try to give people great fun things to do and that includes all of the people on the site that have said yes they want to tell the world what they do. I guess if always doing the website everyday is a sympton of the Stockhom syndrome that is a compliment. The boss of Stockholm Bar in Nuremberg is from originally Kurdistan which is a tiny company near Iraq. 
"My boss I have worked with the last 4 months and never have I seen my boss mad. He is the happiest person alive and always smiling and laughing with people. Sometimes we say you must be more stern but he just laughs and laughs. He is the nicest person, " says the young bar staff that is herself from Croatia. 

     "My top bartender has been here many years and he has built up a wonderful selection of 80 cocktails, some of which are his specialty. His famous one is named the AVIATOR 93." says Ayean. "Yes I would love to learn yet everytime I ask to him to teach me he says that he is busy," says the young girl who loves her boss. I say that maybe he likes to keep his secrets secret! That way only he knows how to make these great bar cocktails for the guests! The coolest thing about Ayean is that he laughs all the time. If you are in a bad mood or feeling bad about yourself just go in and have a dinner with Ayean. He will make you feel like you are the funniest person alive. He laughs at everything you say. I felt like now I am a comedian.

 Innere Laufer Gasse 21/   49-091124 26 165

Bildergebnis für the stockholm bar in nuremberg

                 "Can you please say that we have about 3 beer tastes every week? And it is about 8 beers and 16 people we can accomodate. The price is 49.00Euros and includes the beer of course. They have a variety of beer to choose from and many I see the next day and weeks coming in and asking to buy the beer that they tasted. That is of course why we do it. Because we want people to buy the beer, yet first you have to educate the people on the Craft Beers." Says the young fun and funny owner, Steffen, of Die Bierothek in Nuremberg.                      

                                                   Call 0911 49068106  Äußere Laufer Gasse                                                                                         

Steffan says, "Starting in the New Year I am the only owner of Die Bierothek in Nuremberg. I am happy that it is my own store now yet I will be very busy!" He says. His Partner, Christian, is moving on to other ventures. "Of course we still have the Radio Show where we all sit around, about 5 to 6 of us and talk for a couple of hours about the beers that we choose for the week!" he says.

"We have the shelves with only about 280 beer selections on now. Why? Because at Christmas for some unknown reason People love buying beer as a present!" Steffen jokes. I say that maybe they bought the beer for themselves as a present to help with all the stress of buying other´s presents! "Yes yet here Christmas was absolutely crazy and I now have 3 people helping me!" he says.

      And the usual amount of beers on the shelves? "We usually have about 330 to choose from." he says."One of my favorites is the chocolate stout. That is only a winter beer. They do pale ales in the summer." Is Germany the best brewing country in the world? I ask. "Yes in the traditional beers since they´ve been brew master´s at least since 1040 which is when the oldest beer company has been brewing beer, yet the Americans are the best in the Craft Beer Arena. They´ve been making craft beer since 50 years while the Germans have only really started the craft beer process the last 5 to 7 years." says Steffen. "Nuremberg only has 4 Craft Beer Breweries. All of which I carry."

The Nuremberg Brewery that is my favorite is the Eppelein and friends. I am  not sure why he names it and friends since only one is Eppelein yet he does. It has the picture of the knight and horse that he jumped the wall on the beer. The legend is in the castle of Nuremberg and it is Eppelein´s last request which is to sit on his horse. He takes the horse and jumps the wall and escapes! Quite the story and the beer is pretty good too!" says Steffen. "Of course later on in life, many years later, he was captured at a Beer Festival and executed!" I guess that is the Beer Brewery being funny! Life by the beer die by the beer! 

   The Number One ShiSha Beach Bar in Nuremberg with its Charismatic Owner, Ahmet Ozturk
                                                MEXX the cool swanky sophisticated bar.

I ask Ahmet where he met his wife who is American and he says, "I met her at a Disco." Haben Sie sich auf den ersten Blick in der Disco verliebt "Sie verliebte sich auf den ersten Blick" Above for the ones who need to speak English with the German, I asked if his wife fell in love at first sight? He laughs and smiles and says, "My wife fell in love with me at first sight!" O okay! He is a funny guy! 

Bildergebnis für mexx shisha nürnberg
       Bistro Café MEXX Nürnberg   •  Nelson Mandela Platz 18  Nürnberg  • 
                                                    Tel.: 0911 / 44 50 98
Say hi to Cafe Mexx in Nuremberg next time you travel to that cool location...it is a huge sand beach shisha party bar...the Party Entertainment director, is Ahmet who is the owner. Cool! Right opposite the Central Train Station opposite side of the city...take number 23 exit out the side opposite away from the city. Above is Esin and she takes lessons at the Fight Mentality Club which is right around the side of MeXX.  "I love working with Ahmet because he is my brother." Yuna? is he fun? I ask. 

What is fun for you Ahmet? At the Club? Why is it a lovely place to own?  "I love the people and I love young people and because Nuremberg is a history city and when I am a child I live in Istanbul and the city here is a little Istanbul for me! and it is international here."

The two people that were involved in the Mexx were from Turkey...the older brother owns Mexx and now the younger brother owns The Loge which is about a 5 minute walk from Mexx...pretty cool. Ahmet Öztürk is the older brother, "O I speak only a little English!" he says the first time we met! Now I speak a little German! "I owned it only 3 years and in the summer at the beach bar you can smoke shisha. I brought the shisha with me. Before it was just a bar and now the people come for the atmosphere and fun and the shisha. They love it."Bildergebnis für mexx night club nuremberg

                       Bildergebnis für cafe mexx shisha nuremberg

"Is it true that Yuna is a famous Turkish fashion designer," I ask Ahmet of his young brother.  "Yes he is in Turkey. I, however am the owner of the Shisha and I know nothing about Fashion." he laughs and makes it clear he is the party guy! Yet as I walk in you see that Ahmet is in his Fur hat and I ask if he is now into fashion! He smiles shyly. He is VERY shy. 
"Biggest ShiSha Beach Club in the City...and the team is amazing. You know they had the number one director of Mykonos in Greece which is known world-wide as one of the top 5 Party Destinations in the world...how much bigger can  you get!" says Yuna. "Yuna is the joke of my mother who since 30 years! I think when Yuna comes it is a joke!" says Ahmet,"I am just kidding. I love my brother Yuna, " he adds quickly, "yet my mother makes jokes all the time and my father is the serious one. I have the best father and mother." he says. Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, indoor

The above group, students at Nuremberg on the way home from the Christkindles, "Yes we all study and we love the Christkindle Markets so we can meet friends." They say. the third one says, "I am a model student..." and he poses for me..."I am..." and I write the response in phonetic English..."Ich Munster Ich vera Hackenfolo" which translates to I am totally drunk as fuck!...I guess and that is my new German phrase that I learn the day. Usually it is Gutoon Tag or Good Morgan or Bitte but tonight is a funny night... The three guys say that they study hair and cosmotology laughing and the girl says that she is an engineer! (i assume they´re kidding!) 


The President of Procter & gamble appeared on the Phil Donahue Show on March 1, 1994. He announced that due to the openness of our society, he was coming out of the closet about his association with the church of Satan. He stated that a large portion of his profits from Procter & Gamble Products goes to support this satanic church. When asked by Donahue if stating this on t.v. would hurt his business, he replied, "THERE ARE NOT ENOUGH CHRISTIANS IN THE UNITED STATES TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE."

Product list includes: 

More Glub winers..."We´re students and WE LOVE GLUB WINE" 

Christkindles warming up with Mulled wine... and the students pictured to the left? "We´re from Frankfurt!" yells Natalie the third one pictured. "I am Ann-Maria! It is a German name!" yells the first one on the left... then Natalie says, "Do you know Farber pencils? They sold 2 billion pencils last year..." "Yes," says Manu, "They have rubber on one end and a thing to write with on the other...do you know what they´re called in America?" I start giggling and say um do you mean erasers? "It´s the thing that when you write it wipes off the writing..." I tell him that is an eraser... "We´re all at Frankfurt and we´re all interns at Procter and Gamble" they say and I ask if they know that Procter and Gamble were accused of  as a Satanic worshiper company and had investigations about 16 years ago. That Johnson and Johnson is a much better company. "No no it is a nice company to work for Procter and Gamble but we´ll google it...they say and continue on their way! So I thought okay here is two sides of the story and we can let the matter rest!  


Procter & Gamble Co. (PG) has won a jury award of $19.25 million in a civil lawsuit filed against four former Amway distributors accused of spreading false rumors linking the company to Satanism to advance their own business.

The U.S. District Court jury in Salt Lake City on Friday found in favor of the Cincinnati-based consumer products....

"I´ve owned the restaurant now about 21 years. I am 44." Udo says when I ask how someone so young can own a restaurant that big and cool in Nuremberg 21 years! "I am old. 44 is old." he says...um okay..."It is typical Bavarian of course. The reason that people come here all the time is that it is Bavarian yes but it is Old Style Bavarian food from 50 years. The majority of people that come is the people that live here. Yes we have a lot of people from international countries the tourists. But it is a lot of people that live and make their lives here. I love the little Huts...that is what I call these little sections. " O I say that is the cabins. "Yes I wanted little huts and little cabins for people to feel comfortable in. That is why each of these is made to look like a little hut. The wood floors and the seats come from cabins that had been there about 300 years. The woman before me brought these in about 45 years ago. And the musical instruments. I brought these." he says a little shyly. I kind of like the little musical instruments. Thre is even an accordian hanging from the ceiling pictured here.  http://huettn-shop.de/ +49 (0)911 2019 881http://www.huettn-wirtshaus.de/home/

    Bergstrasse 20 Nuremberg near Castle:)

When I ask Udo if the benches above in the little Cabins come from Church he starts laughing, "I don´t know a lady brought these in before I came and they came from Huts and Cabins. I loved the huts and that is why I named the Restaurant Huttin. My brother has a farm and it is a vineyard and we have our own wine. It is from the Meyer family. That is the name." When I ask if I can try it. he gives me a little taste. Yum:) 

Here...the wine. It is really good and strong!:) 


 +49(0) 911-22 70 09    Jakobsplatz 22

                   CEO: Shane Samson

Samson is an artisit himself and on the walls you will see in addition to the art and sculputures that he collects a variety of his own paintings beautiful, haunting and intriguing.  

The owner of the Mount Lavinia, a Ceylon and Thai Restaurant in Nuremberg, is a nice guy. He let me try a beef and curry dish and the food is really really spicy! "You said you wanted a 6 and here is the spiciest that we have." He laughs as I wave my hand in front of my mouth and say, "water water water..." Yes it is SPICY yet is totally good too. The family comes from Sri Lanka. "I opened my first restaurant here almost 25 years now. The first 10 years awful. People especially the German people didn´t see the need to try Sri Lanka food! Yet they´ve come to appreciate it and now they love it. The international tourists of course love Thai food. And since I am a interpreter and go back and forth to the big city and still do interpreting it helps me with my business contacts..." Yes o hey would you love to try Thai food at my own restaurant...make a lot of friends that way:) 

Now my favorite couple...these two you should save your last penny and if you only have enough to buy one Irish beer at Molly Malone´s or one English pint at The King´s Arms come and chat with Bettina and George. I liiterally could chat with Bettina forever a woman to woman chat of "o wow you did that? I am so impressed." " O cool you did that ? wow that is so cool!" Loved love love her and her soulmate and funny parnter is George. A investor and world traveler who settled in Nuremberg since the 8 years that he has met Bettina. "I walked into the pub one night. You know wanting a little English language and culture and after a couple of pints I kept noticing this woman. I thought...I bet she owns the pub just by the way she talked to the guests and the way she held herself. And Yep she of course does. We´ve been together ever since. She is an incredible woman." And she is.  https://www.facebook.com/thekingsarmsnuremberg   if you would love to chat and introduce yourself send her a facebook. George is a happy person that travels back and forth from The King´s Arms helping his life partner Bettina and to Molly Malone´s the Irish pub helping his friend Tony. He himself is in investments. 

"I don´t have people that work for me," says Bettina, " I have people that work with me. There is no such thing as an employee in here. We´re involved in the community. When it is slow here at the pub I involved myself in the Christkindles where I work from morning to night everyday and here at the pub at night. " I admire that and say that as a Quaker we are community involvement first and to thine own self last! 


                             MOLLY MALONES


 Tony is a CHARACTER... that is all you can say...he talks a mile a minute in that Irish Brogue and has 1,000 stories to tell you in about one minute. 

The pub has dart champiionship tournaments and live music downstairs in the huge rooms. In addition the famous song writer singer that wrote the Irish song, "Sick Note" comes here to sing. "Yes he just walks in whenever he feels like it. He comes in. Says mind if I sing tonight and of course we all stare gallywagged at him and say Yes!"  

George says, "I am the guy that brings Bettina her chairs from a friend of a friend that is redoing a hotel and has free chairs..." George laughs, "You know I am useful in these kinds of ways!" He is a great guy and lovely conversationalist.  

    I say that I love the little book corner and Bettina says, "Yes that is the place where people can come in an relax and read a book and they can bring in a book and take a book home with them..." Wow a free library that lets you drink English pints...hmm cool idea. 

 "You must come for Christmas Dinner, " Tony says, "Every year I have Christmas Dinner here and I cook it myself. It is a way to say thankyou to all of the loyal friends that I have. And of course if you are in the Bavarian section please come..." Tony invites me about 50 times during the conversation which is totally sweet since a reporter away from home is rarely with family on Christmas. "The pub is many memories...you see Micheal Collins picture here, and here is the family of an Irish farmer being evicted from his home about 126 years ago and here is what happens to these families...they´re harvesting potatoes...it was really hard growing up in Ireland..." he says as we walk from picture to picture to see the lives of the spirits of the people that make Molly Malone´s Molly Malone. I say that I do all I can to help the potato farmers and me and my friends eat as many baked potatoes at the Christkindle mercatos as we can... Which is of course all that we can afford.! 

"Tony is one of the nicest people you will ever meet. He is the manager of the Pub and has been with it the last 15 years. He is always here and has so many friends you wouldn´t believe. I am his silent behind-the-scenes friend that tries to help him whenever he needs it, " says George. You know, George is a good friend to have!