Meet Jen, who along with husband, Erich, now own one of the fastest growing concepts in Southern States, Ruby Slipper and Ruby Sunshine. They have great breakfast, lunch and brunch! (cocktails too!)
   I rarely, if ever, use the logo of a entrepreneur's dream as the opening to a great article about them, but the one here has a great story behind it; "The Ruby slipper, alright first you have to know me and my husband, Erich's background," says the adorable and very kind owner of the Ruby Slipper, Jen. "I was a petroleum engineer and my husband was a chemical engineer when we met. I worked on several oil rigs even, and after the Huricane Katrina, which devasted New Orleans even to this day, we wanted to give something back to our neighbors and the community of New Orleans. We sat down and said, let's open a breakfast restaurant for the locals. Of course, being engineers, we had to do everything logically, which I believe is one of the reasons that we are so successful," says Jen.    

         LOCATIONS: 315 S. Broad, 200 Magazine St,2001 Burgundy St, 1005 Canal St, IN NEW ORLEANS.
Ruby Slipper Cafe opening first Jefferson Parish location on April ...
     Jen, pictured here says,"We hired a great chef who sat in our kitchen at home and we tasted all of his recipes and some of my concepts and we formed the first menu. That is the fun part! However, as with most things to do when opening a business, you have to have a name, right? I came up with 99 names over the months and my husband shot down everything! The one name that I had in mind from the very beginning was The Ruby Slipper, yet I knew that my husband, a engineer, wouldn't think that a ruby slipper with a egg on it was something a sane person would come up with. So, I waited til he had said no to everything. We were sitting having coffee and I said, Honey I have one more idea about the name. He looked at me exhausted and said shortly,"What is it?". When I said that I first had to tell him a story and he would understand why I wanted that name, he listened. Probably because he was so tired of months of trying to name it." 
    "After Hurricane Katrina, most of the school children had to attend high school and secondary school in Houston, where they weren't necessarily treated nicely. Some of our friend's girls came back after going to school there and one said she was teased about being from New Orleans. You know there were debutantes in Houston, but she held her own. I wanted to name the restaurant after her. When I told my husband about that and what it meant to the local people and to the culture of New Orleans he said, Yes, Let's do it!"   
                                       So, you see from the devastation arose a RUBY SLIPPER
  Bananas Foster Pain Perdu - Picture of The Ruby Slipper Cafe ...  "We make it fun, such as the Pancake kits you can take home and make your own pancakes for the little ones and of course our great Bloody Mary kits for the grownups," says Jen.
    I tell her that I had learned about the Ruby Slipper from a group of people biking respectively drinking Bloody Mary's on Sunday and they told me where the Ruby Slipper was! 

     Honestly, with the pickup and take out orders, you can start to be real creative. 
The Ruby Slipper Cafe - CBD
   Let's try the sliders, something that I wasn't familiar with til coming to New Orleans, they have many different combinations and Jen says that they are always tasting suggestions from her team. Try the Biscuit sliders such as Fried Chicken and Gravy, Cheeseburger sliders, or Cane Syrup Glazed Ham & Swiss. Ruby Slipper Cafe - Home - New Orleans, Louisiana - Menu, Prices ...

     So, while the Ruby Slipper and Ruby Sunshine has great breakfast, lunch and brunch, most notably great Bloody Mary's and cocktails, remember that little girl from New Orleans, amidst all the devastation of Hurricane Katrina and in a foreign place, who held her own against the debutantes of Houston!
Ruby slippers | Clear Path Executive Coaching

HUGE breakfast. - Picture of The Ruby Slipper Cafe, New Orleans ...
  Okay, so let's see what do we want of the sweet stuff, how about: BACON PRALINE, Cinnamon Swirl, Classic Buttermilk Pancakes, Bananas Foster Style or maybe you want brunch with these Bloody Mary's and Mimosas. The Ruby Slipper Cafe's Next Location Is in Old Metairie - Eater ...

       The Ruby Slipper's are full of sunshine and playfulness. A fun eclectic place to have a great meal.
   "We are engineers and when we encounter a problem, we are in our element. Unlike other types of people who see problems as problems, I think that the reason we have been so successful, with 16 restaurants, since 2009, is that as engineers the entire job is about solving a problem. So we say, okay, how do we accomplish the job. And we view it technically and solve it." 
The Ruby Slipper Cafe- Uptown
          INDIA HOUSE HOSTEL in New Olreans: The Party Pool Tiki Huts Hostel
                                                             (504) 821-1904
India House Hostel - New Orleans

 Love the many alleys and houses associated behind the scenes with India House of New Orleans With 180 beds, you know the Hostel has to be BIG! It has inside courtyard balconies with private rooms named the Mardi Gras Quarter, dorms, a huge pool scene complete with Tiki BBQs, gourmet made to order breakfasts for $6!, a Music Live Stage where you can play or hear live bands, indoor picnic table dining room with a huge kitchen and fun guests who love to cook and have you join them for wine and tofu and sausage and cheese nights! Image
Part of the beautiful court yard - Picture of India House Hostel, New  Orleans - Tripadvisor
  A great seating outdoor area where people eat or hangout and if you want to do poolside there is plenty of comfy Lounge charis all around the ppol with picnic tables. Upstairs in the Main House(1 of about 8 houses connected) is 5 huge private 4-beds in each room, rooms with fireplaces and funky Mardi Gras Colors, brand new funky furniture in the 4 dowstairs play rooms for guests and a very funny friendly team that is always wandering around to help you, cook for you or drink with you! Love the Team and the atmosphere. Image
                              patio - Picture of India House Hostel, New Orleans - Tripadvisor

       The perfect mix of upscale and bohemian, the dorms and                    privates mix very well in the party hostel of New Orleans. 

India House Hostel : New Orleans 2007 | www.indiahousehostel… | Flickr
From the outside, India House seems to be a funky Mardi Gras Hostel that is a Victorian Home, but encompassing the entire block inside it is, I would say a  hidden gem, except everybody seems to know about it since it reserves very fast.                              (504) 821-1904
The Quisby in New Orleans | Hotel Rates & Reviews on Orbitz
   Meet the cool safety pup of THE QUISBY, a hotel/hostel on 1225 St. charles Street in New Orleans, "I've tried being proactive since Day 1," says Jose, who is the General Manager of the very boutique beautiful Hotel in New Orleans. "The Quisby is a hostel and hotel for international and national guests. Since we found out about the possibility of America having the virus, I've converted every Hostel Shared room into private rooms. Yes the people coming here are all showing wellness signs; and if you clean and disinfect the hostel, shared rooms are safe, but I want to be super safe for my guests and community. The Quisby is open and operating safe. The bar and restaurant are closed for outside people, and only guests can request coffee etc in the morning. We're doing our part with being safe and responsible and still serving the New Orleans community and helping out as much as possible," says the VERY RESPONSIBLE AND EDUCATED JOSE of Quisby!
 The Quisby's creator of the cool bunkbeds, Swiss woodmaker, Heinz woodworker heinz gautschi in his shop
  While usually the place is full of happy guests, during the couple of weeks that we are being responsible, the Quisby is a little quiet...can't wait for April 5, 2020~ Image result for the quisby
   While being about 10 people in the bar area would be acceptable, during the couple of weeks, the people pretty much keep to their rooms or walking outside in the fresh air of New Orleans, as the bar is closed at the Quisby til further notice. However, if you would love to spend quiet time here it is perfect now. Come meet the caring team at the Quisby.
   Jose's adorable team giving us coffee and making sure everybody is totally clean and safe!
   "New Orleans is a beautiful city, and you will love the Caribbean feel to it. If you love the city, now, as you say you do with it being only open to takeout windows, so to speak, you will really love it when it opens up completely," says Jose who absolutely loves his city. His wife works for  New Orleans and Company which helps to bring tourism to  the city and so we are in the same boat! "The food is amazing here. Absolutely. The crawfish, the shrimp that Louisiana is famous for, and the Catfish are all the specialties along with the Creole influence that truly makes New Orleans special in compared to every other city in America. It is a culture true to its own. We have so many festivals, The French Quarter festival, followed with the Jazz festival and I believe that my wife said we have something like about 130 festivals in New Orleans every year. The people LOVE TO PARTY HERE. IT IS THE CULTURE OF NEW ORLEANS. So, we're all a little shocked right now being cautious as we are usually the most social of people," he says. Group Rooms | The Quisby Hostel | New Orleans
                  For Reservations to see the quiet beauty of NewOrleans and to meet the sweet community please click on the website link:                                                                                                             Image result for the quisby
   Image result for sofia nolaMeet the owner of Sofia, Billy.
First we need to say that New Orleans is the coolest city on the planet, hands down! It has everything to do, nightlife,jazz, seafood that is unparelled around the world such as the shrimp, crawfish, catfish, etc that makes the city famous. And it has the coolest and the Best of New Orleans new Restaurant named SOFIA, AFTER SOFIA LOREN!  
                                   Image result for sofia nola
   "I met my partner in the Sofia restaurant while I was vacationing in Colorado and since meeting Peter and his Italian wife, who is our head chef and from Italy, I must say that luck is much more important than talent. We had the same idea and when I told my partner that I needed a Italian chef, he said that his wife is a great cook! And we tried and guess what? Last year we got the Best Restaurant in New Orleans, so Peter's wife knows how to cook!" says the very friendly and charming, boss of Sofia, Billy. 
                          "We love our sponsors, such as CAMPARI, who sponsored 40 pizza meals at 1/2 price for our guests starting today, and tomorrow, on Friday March 20, JIM BEAM is sponsoring 50 pizzas! That is given to our guests!"

                              THANKYOU VERY MUCH SPONSORS! 
   Sofia is located at 516 Julia Street, right in the heart of the beautiful and elegant French Quarter, and yes, where Bourbon Street and Royal Street entertain til the wee hours of the morning. During the crisis, the Restaurant is giving takeout and pickup orders only, yet come and meet the team that is doing their best to give you hope and joy. 
                       Image result for sofia nola
   "We built the tiled pizza oven ourselves with the help of a local contractor and everybody loves it! That is where our great pizza is cooked in, by the way." says the owner, Billy of Sofia, when I ooh and aah at the beautiful two story pizza oven. I love em in Italy since they are each one unique and beautiful and here it has a little touch of the colors and tiles of New Orleans. 
                result for sofia nola
   "I named the restaurant after Sofia Loren, who my mother and father met and dined with and who I actually  met when I was only 4 years old. My father is the author of the famous book, The Exorcist and has a great deep spiritual belief and respect for the religious views in the book. I am thinking and hoping if I invite Sofia Loren to come to our restuarant that she will come," says Billy. PS I happen to love that book and it is on my list of top 5 favorites ever! So meeting him is a double cool thing to my day today! 
Image result for sofia nola
                                      And right opposite the street of SOFIA is                                                                    CARMO RESTUARANT which is much more of a experience than a restaurant, although it is that, too!   
     With a CINEMA ROOM, a children's library, a OYSTER BAR in the middle of the picnic tables and 2 story ceilings adorned with artwork, and the full bar sitting on the opposite side, Dana, the very cool head chef says, "I love my place since you can have families with children enjoying dinner on the picnic tables, when young people on their laptops are sitting at the bar having a drink and raw oysters and a couple in tuxedo and evening dress enjoy a Romantic dinner." 
       "I love the work the charity does holding a silent auction; however, the day after they brought the forms here to fill out to do the silent auction to help children in the hospital, the restaurants were closed for diners. So here I have all the forms and nobody knows about it. You sign up and can win such things as the JUSTIFY Triple Crown winner portraits or the ELVIS AND JOHNNY CASH photos and much more. I wish people could know about it." WELL DANA THAT IS WHAT I AM FOR. SO EVERYBODY, WHEN YOU PICK UP YOUR FOOD SIGN UP FOR THE SILENT AUCTION TOO. 
L'Entrepot Catering
Table setting
"With foods from South America, South East Asia, West Africa and the Caribbean, I try to give a lot of flavor to the people of New Orleans that they wouldn't normally find here, and although New Orleans is famous for its spices and its Creole and Cajun food, I wanted to add something a little special," says the lovely head chef, DANA, who along with his Brazilian wife, have about 5 chefs from these parts of the world working with them. "I learn constantly from one of my chefs from SRI LANKA, for example, since he has had many years cooking with his countries recipes and he teaches me." 
   "The cinema room is always full of people enjoying the culture of the food that they are eating."Carmo - A Tropical Cafe & Bar | About Us
     located at :   527 JULIA STREET 
pickups: (504) 875-4132
    please support these people 
   cafecarmo's profile picture527 Julia st, New Orleans
Call 504-875-4132 for Take Out!
  "And we do have cooking classes since both the locals and the tourists love to be active in their choice of dining. One of the classes is Farmer's Market Class which is up to 10 people, and technically and safely you could ask me to do a cooking class now. Actually I would have a lot more time to do cooking classes now. Tropical Foodways, Ceviche which is about 2,000 years old recipes from the tropics, Sushi and Sushi and Sashami, And a Deep look at New Orleans Cuisine. They all range to about $125.00 or a little more and you could ask me now to do these. All of these are about 1/2 day to full day of preparing, learning, cooking and of course eating with wine and beer or soft drinks." 

        located at :   527 JULIA STREET 
pickups: (504) 875-4132
    please support these people 
   Call 504-875-4132 for Take Out! The Tropical Raw Oyster Bar and Tropical Restaurant, CARMO, has a cinema screening room that coincides with the ethnic food of the month, such as Haiti now with native Haitian artist's art adorning the walls and films on the country in the screening room, and in addition the food is presented on the menu, along with Latin and South American dishes. "Next month is a tribute to Brazil since my wife is from Brazil and is along with me the head executive chef here," says DANA, the very fun and culturally interested owner of CARMO. 
Art Walk
                                                    MAYAS LATIN AMERICAN RESTAURANT
                                                                      2027 MAGAZINE STREET
Welcome to Maya's, A Honduras Experience That I Promise you shall fall in love with. 
Headed by Chef Edgar and met at the New Makeshift Podium by his nephew MARIO, I had a hilarious and entertaining conversation filled with alternating giggles and loud laughter. Chef Edqar is Latin Culture personified with colorful vibrant exotic views of the Tropical island's outlook on life.
   "My food is filled with any ingredient you want, beans, spices, flavors, avocados, bacon, ham,what you want we can add! I am in love with the New Orleans culture and life because it has the people that love to socialize and party. It is a city that is always awake and in constant motion of activity and thought, as is my food!" Edward says with laughter dispersed in every sentence! 
    "I have Honduran specialties and yet I have the exotic flavors of Cuba and Venezuela and Ecuador and the islands in my food. Each one is a original recipe and we change it up. We add ingredients all the time. I can stuff the Venezuelan food 12 different ways," he says as he laughs again and I start giggling showing him a beautiful wedding dress I want to buy next door at the vintage place. A gorgeous chiffon white with roses on it sewn in, short fluffy haute couture and beautiful. He says" ooh that is beautiful!" And I laugh and hold the photo to me,"Its mine," I say and we both start laughing again. "The restaurant is for the locals. I have 13 years of locals coming, mixing and sitting in Drinking wine experiencing my hospitality and culture. My team is at home and yet I continue to pay my team of 30 one week salary. They're my team, my family, my friends. I don't know what is going to happen in 2 weeks. I want everybody to be safe, yet I'm starting to think that people are just scared more than anything else. If it is safe for the residents to venture out and meet again and to come and pickup-good I want them to to do so," he says.

   It is such a pleasure to experience the latin culture of the Honduran family, who is full of laughter and life, love for the experience of meeting people, for partying all night, and for eating the flavorful food of their amazing countries. MEET MARIO!
 "Mario is my nephew and he is right here in the front greeting the guests, and I am the chef. I love mixing the Latin cultures ingredients of which every item that I use is fresh everyday. They are the aromas and flavors of my mother's and my grandmother's kitchens!" says Edqar. Mayas - Latin American Restaurant in New Orleans

    "I have been here 13 years and I have food that I love to mix and match with the rhythm of the dance, you know to dance and try new items," says Edqar who I can imagine if you went to a dance party with him you would never leave! Image result for mayas new orleans

   My two favorite sections of the city are the Magazine area street which is on the way from the UPTOWN trolley, as is Mayas, and the French Quarter which is on the downtown trolley. The Magazine street is where you will find the locals, "yet the tourists have discovered us the last couple of years," says Edqar. "The real cultural tourists always want to know where the locals go to find the best deals!"
Image result for mayas new orleans

                       Pepper Palace, The Odditorium and Sweetie Pie's | Jackson Free ...

 The very cool and funky couple that own the PEPPER PALACE, a boutique store of the original owner, Craig from Tennesse, who's entire purpose is to introduce the 300 plus recipes of Mild, Medium, Hot, extrahot sauce to its guests let me have 1 hour of their time to interview the fun couple.  "We're 14 years apart," says the gorgeous Sharon along with her husband John McNall who have a delightful American dream story. "I'm the older one," Sharon says and we laugh "I interrupt her all the time," says her husband John, and although that is true they are both so excited and passionate about the product that they have chosen to love and embrace and share with the people that visit New Orleans that a short chat turns into a 1-1/2 hour conversation!Image result for pepper palace new orleans
 Image result for pepper palace new orleans With about 300 recipes to choose from, it can be a little overwhelming, "We have tastings of all the flavors and we label each one so that you know if it is mild, medium, hot and super hot. We want people to experience the flavors in a fun way with New Orleans, and my level of hot is about 8 to 9 now. Yet, you can ask John, when I first started the business it was all his idea since I didn't even like ketchup on my food. Yet, now after 10 to 12 years, I love the sauces. It is all up to a personal taste. You can cook with it, add it to food, make dips with it, just about anything you want with the sauce. We have sweet sauces, too. It was a time when me and John would actually create our own sauces, but we tend to be happy with the selections we have now," says Sharon as she shows me the huge assortment of the sauces. Image result for pepper palace new orleans
  John says, "Every sauce we make at our home factory. Everyone is homemade, home-batched, home recipes. It is the Pepper Palace recipes that you see here. We were both working in Tennessee, me as a chef and Sharon as a waitress when we met. I noticed that Sharon loved to be the CEO of every business that she attempted and one day we stumbled upon the Pepper Palace. I loved it, yet Sharon was the one who started working there. I met Craig, the big boss later and he suggested I try it with her. After a year he asked if we wanted to buy a Pepper Palace and honestly it was way too much to invest for us. Image result for pepper palace new orleansYet after 3 years of us basically eating RAMEN noodles and saving, we accomplished the American dream and bought our first one in New Orleans on Decatur street. It had to do about $14,000 just to make rent the first month and Craig told me the day before we were opening the doors that he and the team were going back to Tennessee and leaving us to our store. I didn't even know how to add sales tax alone and I was freaked out. Now we have had 4 stores at one time and after a little back and forth we are going to be owning 3 New Orleans stores. We absolutely love the big boss who has helped us so much, and he has about 75 stores himself. He is super supportive and we are kind of his last private owners of the PEPPER PALACES and so I think perhaps we are a little special to him!" says the very talkative, kind and fun John McNall of the Pepper Palace in New Orleans. Please visit the locations 224 Chartres STreet and 1 French Market Place. Pepper Palace New Orleans - Home | Facebook