The Whiskey Museum in Salzburg is smokey woodsy with sawdust on the floor,the first
thing that you notice, actually is the sawdust on the floor, & the smell. The smell is great of old wood & whiskey swirling around glasses as people try the various(300 plus bottles) with the help of the bartender, Joel, or the very capable & knowledgeable owner, Peter, who talks fast & lets you try for yourself different levels of the whiskey. One that I truly enjoyed is the Lagavulin with its smokey taste from the charred Scottish barrels that it had been sitting in the last 5 plus years. It's only 100 euros a bottle. The other one is a VERY RARE MIDLETON of 300 euros a bottle. Guess which one I totally loved?
                                                                                      Lederergasse 5 
                             PS They have Guinness Beer,too...hey! the owner is Irish!                                                                  THE SALZBURG WHISKEY MUSEUM - Updated April 2024 - 25 Photos - Lederergasse  6, Salzburg, Austria - Irish Pub - Yelp
   So when I had the pleasure of interviewing the VERY IRISH, Peter, I had a once in a lifetime time. He is energetic, full of information & enthusiasm about his craft, the art of whiskey & making whiskey, very happy to let you try as many whiskeys as your heart desires, & very experienced in what makes a successful bar, well,  successful. He has had 2 huge restaurant bars in New York that are still famous today, yet after 911, he made his way elsewhere, as a lot of sensitive people had done. He went to Spain to the coast where he has a house & metn the love of his life. "Love at first sight, actually," says Peter as he said that at the age of 33 all of his friends said that he would never settle down. He had numerous successful bars & restaurants at that young age in Dublin's famous Temple bar location plus the surrounding Dublin suburbs, a couple of high profile locations in  New York, the house in Spain; & he jet setted his way back & forth between all of these. Yet he said the minute he laid eyes on the physical therapist who worked for the Kaminsky hotels in Spain, it hit him. Lightning struck .He fell in love. I told him that my idea of love is Edward, the king who gave up the throne of England to marry Wallis Simpson the divorcee from America. I want that kind of love. I don't like like. I want love. 
  "So that is how you judge love, huh?" replied Peter, yet he says, "Me too. You know it is just immediate & when you meet my wife, you will know why I love her." So, as I sip my very elegant. regal chilled & relaxed smooth Midleton I think of what love is about, staring at the old wooden booths, the pictures squaring off against each other on the walls, fighting for attention, the very expensive whiskeys & the wooden barrels that cared for them for at least the last 5 years. What is love, we ask. It could be the happy couple that just walked into the bar, asking to taste another Midleton with the bottle price of 750 euros & the wife asking for a Gin & Tonic. The bartender, Joel running from behind the bar to grab Peter's attention asking him how exactly should he make the Gin & Tonic, and I joke, saying, Hey lady it is the Whiskey Museum, try the whiskey.
    "We have the Guinness & the other 5 beers on tap, & yes top shelf spirits besides Whiskey," laughs Peter. "You can't expect all people to want to try Whiskey." Which of course to what I say, "WHY? It's the WHISKEY MUSEUM For God's Sake!" Yet Peter is of the mindset that Build it & they will come, so we wait for the Whiskey connoisseurs & the future collectors. And while the Whiskey Bar is shaping up to become a tasting educating Speakeasy, his other bar is rather eclectic, yet Irish, too.
     "The Celtic Spirit is a fun lively bar at Priesterhausgasse 22, and it is open til 4:00am everyday. I usually do from 5:00 pm til 1:00am or 2:00 am at The Whiskey Museum & come here from 2:00am to 4:00 am on the weekends. I am a night owl & I enjoy my guests. Sometimes my wife comes to have a very nice night out on the weekends. I have a place in the city & we stay here the couple of days I am actually the bartender. The other days, I have very capable staff that takes care of both places," says Peter. 
  HEY HEY HEY It's GIN o'clock...somewhere...especially at the                                            5020 Destillerie Gin & More 
                                      Goldgasse 12; Salzburg5020 Destillerie
        Ok everybody has a story concerning how their fascination of some aspect of Gin was born. Stephan's is a curiously strong story of personal challenge & fortitude. "I lived on a farm in Austria that had a lot of fruit trees & so I dabbled with making Schnapps. A friend of mine told me I should make Gin, but my only recollections of Gin were headaches the next day from very bad hangovers! I moved from my fruit tree farm & my friend convinced me to come to Munich to a Gin Bar where I tried some very high quality Gins that were very good. The next day I was very surprised that I didn't have a hangover from Gin. So, I decided to make my own." 5020 Destillerie Koudelka-Sturm GbR
 As we chat about Stephan's fascinating story, buying guests come in (how dare they interrupt the greatest Gin-making story of the century!) & they grab a handful of the "Christmas Ornaments".  I say that these are a must for every mommy & daddy Santa Claus because the stress of decorating the @#*&%Christmas Tree as Melania Trump so eloquently put it during her tenure, is way too much for mere mortals & we need to have the candy ornaments high on the tree; beyond the reach of the chillins & yet near enough for us to reach. 
  "I opened the store here on Goldgasse in 2020 a couple of months after the first lockdown. Risky, yes, yet none of us in the world would know at that point that the world would continue to be essentially in lockdown on & off for 3 years, right? It has been a challenge & my job of massage therapist is now down to 15 hours per week to keep my fun clients. The rest of the time I am a full-time connoisseur of Gin!" says Stephan. 
Gstattengasse - All You Need to Know BEFORE You Go (2024)
    "I am most proud of the fact that I received excellence of 91 points of my London Dry Gin, which is similiar to the Bavarian brewing laws for beer, only natural ingredients & only certain ingredients can be used & I am featured in FALSTAFF, a very highly respected magazine in Austria, Germany & Switzerland." says Stephan & I smile when I see the name of the magazine as that is of course Prince Hal's, of Henry the 5th, Shakespeare's drinking friend Falstaff who Prince Hal disowns on his path to King. Thank God we still honor Falstaff.

  "When I eventually decided to make my London Dry Gin the experts said you can't do that. I said, HEY! don't tell me what I can & can't do! And so my next challenge of making the perfect batch of London Dry Gin began."
5020 Destillerie | Liquid Market
  "It actually took me from 2013 to 2017 to have a batch of Gin that my taste-testers, also known as my friends could drink & approve of. So that is it. I thought. I had made it. It is a personal challenge that I have accomplished. Yet, I thought that I might as well continue & become a Gin-maker." says Stephan. 
    "The world is your portrait paint well."
I'm not sure who said that, yet Stephan has fun with Gin quotes on his very serious Gin quest. The Still is top of the shelf, so to speak & you can see it's process hourly in the store at the back, all copper gleaming & transparent to see. I ask him his favorite quotes & he tells me of the it is Gin-o'clock somewhere reminding me of the Jimmy Buffet song that it is 5-o'clock somewhere!
  He has taken his Gin to the chocolate makers & I buy a golden ticket chocolate bar made with his Gin. I am eating it right now although I have sworn off alcohol & chocolate I have managed to break away from both of these items during the meeting. Wait, what do they say? Alcoholics go to meetings, we go to parties! The right guys at  Patricio & Fellini approve of the chocolate bar. 
  Ps come here to chat about the Gin at 5020 Destillerie Gin & More! 
5020 Destillerie - Distillery
    The place is a great place to chat to Stephan about the serious process of making Gin & as the holidays approach, it is obviously a must for your holiday gifts. Even the competitors of Gin tell me that they want to taste Gin & so here it is. Have fun with the specially high quality & remember to only eat the candy bars & drive. If you're drinking the Gin call a Uber!

            Berglandhotel located at: Rupertgasse 15                  is so lovely inside, with its flair for the eccentric & modernism combined with comfort & character (Inge's favorite word)! The painting above is just one of 272 paintings of Inge's husband, Peter, who is world class in his art, that adorn the corridors of the amazingly beautiful hotel. The inside of the hotel is Inge personified. As she speaks, with total sophistication & ease, you feel the halls come alive. O dear, it sounds like the Sound of Music! Which, they do have a room that is themed as the Sound of Music, of course, since it is Salzburg, Austria. Each room is unique & decorated specially for that location; Inge tells Peter what she wants & Peter designs it. "I am a costume & stage designer," says Inge, & I say, "O now I know." The rooms & the halls & the space is theater combined with color & creativity & mystery & playfulness. They say that they have guests from America who are interested in culture & finding something special a experience. They find it here. I wanted to see every room, and could spend hours discovering all the details that Inge adds to each room; which every room is a suite, even my "tiny" room is a suite. Inge hates closets, so she hides all the closets! Isn't that funny!

BERGLANDHOTEL: Bewertungen, Fotos & Preisvergleich (Salzburg, Österreich) -  Tripadvisor
    As we walk amoung the rooms, Inge tells me about her life as a member of Salzburg's cultural society, in face a Vice President, so to speak, & later at dinner while Peter & I are sitting at the table he tells me that he truly admires my Vice President Kamala Harris & I smile when I see how they compliment & respect each other while the other is busy. I say that yes Ms. Harris (once you become the President & his circle you forever become a Ms., Mrs. & Mr.) is such a accomplished woman & has had such a varied life of commanding presence yet seems that she just now believes that she has won the Miss America pageant with such happiness at her position. He laughs. 
     Behind me is Inge's collection of the most impressive masks from Mexico City & Africa that I have ever seen, by the way, & I smile as I think perhaps that represents the many faces of Eve that Inge has incorporated into her life, staying true to herself & her career, yet quite happy now to make dinner for her husband & surprise house guest. BERGLAND HOTEL SALZBURG
    Inge invited me to dinner with the couple & we chatted about the diplomat wife's prior wife, such as Ruth Prawer Jhabvala(pictured here with Merchant & Ivory on the set of Jefferson in Paris). I show you the picture because Inge reminds me of her, at the very least a Merchant & Ivory picture, with its breathtakingly beautiful panoramic views & way of looking at the world. JAMES IVORY mit ISMAIL MERCHANT und RUTH PRAWER JHABVALA ...
 "We've had Kings & Queens, royatly, diiplomats, politicians, & curious people stay here. I am always surprised that they find us, yet they love that it is so close to the city. Right here in the center," says Inge as she shows me the 500 year old stone stove sitting shyly in the corner of the breakfast room. It is gorgeous, as every detail in the jewel of hotel that I have found. And I say (yes Steven you would be proud that I said such a thing), "You don't know how they find you! O my God it is the most BEAUTIFUL hotel that I have ever seen! It even rivals the Blue Gans which I thought could not be rivaled!" in that Judy Darling way of speaking that only Darling couldBergland Hotel - Adults only, Salzburg – Aktualisierte Preise für 2022 do! 
   "We have a pool house, too. It is open in the summer & the guests seem to love it." my host tells me as she shows me around. They reside on site, so it is a tiny part of their life that they share with the guests, & I certainly hope that the guests appreciate the supreme graciousness & generosity of the couple that gave me such laughter & joy the couple of days I stayed in Salzburg to write. Inge tells me that her husband Peter plays the piano & it is just a question of feel if he shall play when I ask him. Later after dinner he does & he plays my favorite composer & my favorite piece, Beethoven's Ode to Joy, which brings such magic to the evening. Ingrid says that hers is Mozart & Mozart brings tears to her eyes with emotion when she hears. I feel that way with Mr. Ludwig Beethoven who is a true gift from God. We talk about composers & I tell Inge that perhaps she feels that way about Mozart since he was 5 years old when he composed. "Close to God," she says. True. Unser Stadthotel: BerglandHotel | Hotel in Salzburg
     My charming beautiful room where I want to stay just a little while because Inge & Peter are so of interest & I had such a lovely conversation with the both of them; especially loving the cooking experience that my room seems lonely. That is very rare to me as usually I love to just sleep!  And I say, "THANKS."Image
                                         Linzergasse 4, 5020 Salzburg                                      
                                                  Tel: +43 660 9325 260                                                  
  They have something that they call "Parmesan Sunday & Wednesday" where they swivel the pasta inside the huge round bowl of Parmesan in front of all of the guests, & they present it to you after they have prepared it. People love the process & the food so much that good luck finding a seat. Just reserve as quickly as possible to be sure to receive your plate!direnzi #restaurantsalzburg #salzburgfood #vitellotonnato #salzburg | TikTok
   "My team is very important to me & because we're a small place, with a small kitchen that is totally in site of the guests, I try to run a very smooth ship, as they say," says Demer, who is Bosnian & owns the Di Renzi along with his best friend, Senad who is from Bosnia too. "I have to have my ipod here, & my phone here along the counter & if it is mis-placed I freak out!" he says laughing. - Picture of Ristorante Di Renzi, Salzburg - Tripadvisor
  The presentations of the chef at Di Renzi are so incredibly beautiful that when you see these, especially from the entrance, you might hesitate thinking the food too pricey.  It looks "Michelin" style & therefore you think too much money here. Yet it just seems that way. The food is very reasonably priced & very very good. SALVATORE DI RENZI - Updated April 2024 - 25 Photos & 18 Reviews -  Linzergasse 4, Salzburg, Austria - Italian - Restaurant Reviews - Phone  Number - Yelp
"Everybody knows that if I am working that night they better have all the items in their rightful places & the entire reason is that my team should concentrate their time on the guests, not trying to find things that shouldn't be missing in the first place," he says when I say that he is always happy & smiling. "I am, yet if you ask my team they tell me that the way they get the new people to put the items where they're supposed to be is say, O o, Demer is on the schedule!" Good to know the boss is respected here! 
    And same at Timeless, with Senad who is usually at the helm there. It is their first "baby" that they started in 2015, a coffee house that has turned into a extension of Di Renzi overflow where Pizza & Pasta dishes from the lab kitchen are rushed over to the cafe at night. 
  "In the lower level of the Di Renzi is the cooking lab where we make our pastas & pizza dough & we bring that up here fresh daily to the Osteria as well as to the Timeless Cafe. We have so many people who want to reserve here & usually I send at least 100 people to the Timeless Cafe every night. We have 8 pasta specialties & all of the pizza available at Timeless, so the food is the same, just the atmosphere is different," says Demer. 
   The Timeless is eclectic & casual inside with all modern fixtures & umbrellas & casual outside with the tables on the square. So the people can have the elegant Italian food & sit outside to enjoy the still warm weather. 
Priesterhausgasse 2
Senad is a family man-his little daughter always comes first, & I'm so happy to meet all of my friends again coming back to Europe in 2022. He tells me that the staffing problem of Salzburg is as bad as the rest of Europe, though, & works 24/7 so when he has precious moments with his daughter would I mind chatting the next day instead of that night. Of course! I say & smile as they're very happy to have a little special time without catering to guests. They're very busy with the locals building up 1/2 of their base & the tourists the other 1/2 having gotten a great reputation the last years, which is truly what you want, yet if you have a limited team it is especially important to know how to multi-task & Senad does that here too. Always his guests come first when he is working with his team. Always. TIMELESS - Updated April 2024 - Priesterhausgasse 2, Salzburg, Austria -  Cafes - Restaurant Reviews - Phone Number - Yelp
   I always see tons of locals at the Timeless cafe, especially outside where the fun playful fountains are & the family enjoys the spritzes while the children play in the water spouts! It always seemed like such a fun place & Senad is a big teddy bear. All smiles & helpfulness, so you will definitely feel at home here. Timeless Café Bar Restaurant | Salzburg
   Cheeseburgers remind me of a American lunch, although most Europeans think we have these all the time for dinner; it is mostly a casual food & the meats at dinner are steaks, fish & chicken. Here at the cafe you can order lunch & dinner from 11:30 til 22:00 & til midnight on Saturday.
     Timeless has pizza, pastas & salads along with burgers of meat & fish. I feel very American at the cafe! 
Timeless, Café.Bar.Lounge :
 And although pizza is now on the menu, Demer says they had to do that, as people kept asking how they could have a Italian Osteria without pizza, so they sent it to the Timeless Cafe where Senad is usually at. However, all of their items are super healthy & original recipes, so come eat.
Timeless Café Bar Restaurant | Salzburg
                                                      Freistil-Grill & Chill
                                  Iselstraße 20A, Bergheim, Austria
Ist möglicherweise ein Bild von Feuer und Steak
    The Saunas are a special treat representing the culture of Austria & here you can have the best of both worlds, with actual experiences in the pools & saunas. Then on to the restaurant with your family to try the steaks on the grill & the specialty pizzas. Freistil - Grill & Chill | Bergheim

   The specialty here is on the grill as you can see from the pictures they do corn on the cob with grilled meats.
         Iselstrasse 20A           
             5101 Bergheim
    Image 1 of restaurant Freistil Grill & Chill
  Alright, & if you're totally into steaks, swimming pools & saunas all rolled into one, come to their third restaurant one train stop away from Salzburg at Bergheim. The government owns the building with the saunas & the team owns the very upscale steak restaurant. "Make sure that you tell people if they want to come to work with us that they & their families have free access to the swimming pool & saunas all the time," says Demer when he tells me about the gorgeous new & last restaurant they started a couple of months now.
   If you feel like dancing or having a wedding party & event at the Freistil, please call & chat with Demer & Senad to help plan it here. The beauty of the place is absolutely stunning; loving to party; so have fun.
                       Keine Fotobeschreibung verfügbar.
     The Eden-Sky-restaurant-Bar at Unipark Nonntal University 
                                                & The Coffee House at Linzergasse 39
            The Sky Bar which is a coffee sky bar concept open for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner & Lounge is available to the public from 9:00am to 10:00pm Monday to Friday & for Events Booking Saturdays & Sundays; has a Other Worldly View of the Castle & the Mountains of Salzburg if you're into beauty & awe-inspiring photos! The Sundown is so Amazingly beautiful Andreas says that people come for aperitivos & just to see the sundown all the time now! Hope you find it!                                              
When you see The Coffee House in Salzburg, tucked & hidden down a little alley at Linzergasse 39, you'll immediately have your own "FRIENDS" Episode Sitcom. The place is so reminiscent of the longtime running TV show where all the gossip happens amoungst the Characters of Friends, that you just want to settle in for a couple of hours of coffees & cakes. Or perhaps their "Chili recipes from Paraguay," as Andreas,along with his wife Isabella, tells you. "We have the coffee from a accidental road trip between Verona & Florence, where the family roasts two kinds of beans for us, & we have the guacamole recipe from Mexico where we vacationed & fell in love with their recipe!"  Kinderfreundliche Cafés in Salzburg - SalzburgerLand Magazin
 "Isabella & I have had the dream to make our own place such as the Coffee House & traveled in South America & all over Europe & found little recipes that we loved. We came back to Salzburg & actually as I sat with a agent at the Coffee House talking about places, the agent said that the Coffee House space was available & so we took it! It is a little bit bigger than I originally thought, yet here we are!" 
                                               OKAY the story is great but I'm interrupting it with:

  Yes they have pancakes! REAL pancakes for all my American tourists who kept asking me Wednesday night, "Where can we eat in Salzburg?" And they have Great coffee. I especially love the American Big Coffee-it is super smooth. Delicious.
 Deluxe Organic Yogurt Bowl, Fluffy Pancakes, French Toast, yet all healthy.  A page of  Gluten-free items instead of one to choose from. They were healthy before it was a trend to be healthy & after the pandemic people are so much more aware of how important it is to rebuild the immune system & to protect the body with natural foods. COFFEE HOUSE Salzburg
    "Yes, & we opened Eden about 1/2 a year now in the University Building with a coffe house restaurant on the bottom level & a Sky Bar Coffee Bar on the 4th level Rooftop where you have a direct & very close view of the very beautiful Castle. The view is amazing & we're open til 10:00pm Monday to Friday with events on Saturday & Sundays, so that is very cool. The kitchen items, a lot of these, we make here & take to the Sky Bar, so a lot of people find it very cozy, especially on a warm sunny day to lounge on the rooftop!" says Andreas. Salzburg's Coffee Scene: A Guide to the Best Brews in Town
 COFFEE HOUSE Salzburg - Photos | FacebookAnd the cakes, O MY GOD...yet they're vegan & vegetarian. These cooks totally know how to tempt you with natural ingredients & healthy treats so that you feel great after eating here. Coffeehouse Salzburg -MUTANT ARCH.MEDIA

  "The University has a parking garage underneath it, so visitors drive & park there & then they say, O what is the Eden & discover it. Actually, if you walk along the river on the Old Town side & walk past the pedestrian bridge, then walk right when you meet the driving bridge around the circle hidden near the castle is the University & we're the rooftop bar. Just ask when you come near the University or you can take the Bus #5 which brings you right here!"
   In Austria, where some of the best Ski resorts in the World exist, you could probably find more than a couple of guests holding their steaming cups of coffee admiring the view of the Castle in the winter; however, you still have about 1 month before the huge snows come, so come trek on over here & enjoy the sun!

                      Special Thanks to Humboldt Restaurant in Salzburg for sponsoring Salzburg to promote                                                                 the Musical culture of that city. 
Ähnliches Foto
   No photo description available.
"We opened last June full steam & twice the number of guests at the restaurant & in addition the night club next door. We had to close a little during the winter months & managed to open up again as of this May. We have different tourists now, Americans & South Americans & Europeans, yet not so much Asians. I think that the Asian world is on again off again with the pandemic & haven't really ventured out as tourists yet. Although our business in Salzburg at restaurants & cafes has been very strong," says Martin. 
                          Humboldt Bio-Restaurant, Café & Bar
                        Gstattengasse 4  No photo description available.
 "The Humboldt Restaurant is located right next door to the HalfMoon, and after about 12 years in the business of Dance Clubbing, we had started to try to find a place for our healthy restuarant and when the Humboldt´s opened up, we grabbed it! Love the location and love the fact that the guests here can ask where they can go have a little fun til 5.00am on Fridays and Saturdays and we say right here!" says Martin! 
   No photo description available.
      At Humboldt Restaurant and Bar, it is about eating healthy to energize and cleanse the body, and since the partners, Martin and Micheal, the M & M`s, own the famous Local Salzburg Dance Bar next door, named HalfMoon, they need the energy themselves!  They, however, do not eat the M&M's because at Humboldt it is all about the food. As pure & clean as you can find. They do a higher level of organic & the last couple of years with activists making the world aware of the power of nature, they have increased their business double & the awareness of how eating healthy makes you stronger much more fashionable. "Before people would kind of shy away from eating organic & healthy because they would say it is just a phase or a fad & it is strange. Yet now, especially after the Covid has made all of us build strong immune systems, the all natural, organic totally clean food has become a top priority, as it should."Bildergebnis für humboldt salzburg
"The Dance Club is local and the restaurant has locals and tourists and basically, that is the way we wanted it to be. When I go somewhere on vacation, I always ask the locals where they go to party to drink to eat, etc. I want to see the real culture and meet the real people, I don´t want "touristy unauthentic places" and I believe that is the way with most people. And at both the club, and the restaurant people can come in here and chat and eat at a real Austrian Restaurant that just happens to be chemical-free and totally organic. The food tastes better, I would say different than what you are normally used to, yet at the same time better. Maybe you are used to eating food that has a lot of chemicals in it and so you don´t taste the natural food and here you taste the natural flavor of the food and you become used to that taste. And it is healthy for you and gives you energy which is totally important to me." No photo description available.

"Every item in the restaurant is organic, every one. That is very special since most restaurants may have one or two items in a dish that they can seriously say meets the requirement of organic certified food. We even have organic beer-bio beer, too. For a restaurant to say that they can guarantee the plate they serve you is totally organic is rare.It is difficult to do and it is expensive since the farmer´s that grow vegetables and raise animals 100% chemical-free have to invest a little more time and money in making sure their products are totally organic and fresh.Bio-Restaurant Humboldt | La Loupe We started Humboldt´s 6 months now, and I have been eating that way totally since we opened the restaurant. I honestly feel much more energy when the Dance Club next door opens on Fridays and Saturdays. You can feel it in your body, it is a sense of having eaten something that is good for you, yet not feeling weighed down. It makes you feel great, actually," says Martin as he tells me about Humboldt. I personally LOVE that EmmeAnesBook now has a 100% totally healthy organic restaurant and cocktail bar on it. I am into eating food that builds a body up."
Although with every Dance Club that has Doormen, you sometimes feel a little nervous about being able to enter, but never fear, the HalfMoon welcomes everybody as long as you are nice and want to have fun! 
Bildergebnis für club half moon salzburg

       Great DJs and a gorgeous Dance Club where the locals like to dance the night away is what 
makes HalfMoon the famous fun Club that it is. Since it has been here 12 years, the two partners,
             Martin and Micheal seem to know just about everybody in Salzburg that loves to have a good time! Being a Dance Club owner is long hours though..."It´s fun and we can put all of our energy in making HalfMoon a great club since it is only open for special events, which you can find the schedule on the social media, such as facebook and it is open every Friday and Saturday." 
                     Okay you having fun yet? If yes you must of walked to Vom Fass in Salzburg for one of their cutom-made(you make the baskets) of goodies, for instance how about forget the Russian Vodka & try the local Black Forest Vodka that is 41 euros a flask & the smoothest vodka I have ever tatsted.                                                   Literally. Clean. Pure. Smooth & Very strong at 39% wow!
                                                         Linzer Gasse 68, Salzburg, Austria
   It all comes full circle & I have perhaps finally found why the Black Forest is so mysteriously magical for me...the Vodka from Vom Fass. Of course if you want your picnic basket full of fun items to take a friendly &/or Romantic hike up the hills of Salzburg where people come from all around the world to journey the famous Julie Andrews of The Sound of Music path, you can choose yourself. From the liquored chocolates & gourmet nuts to the oils & vinegars that Vom Fass is famous for. Add some bread & some spread of delicacies such as the new pumpkin spice flavor or the yucca! You can uy a flask or bottle of whiskies around the world, such as my favorite from Scotland, or Ireland or America perhaps. You just pick & choose & they haee those deceivingly little creme liquours that taste the way gelatos taste yet have that extra kick to them.  You might roll down the hills on the way back, yet it's probably worth it!

     The Vom Fass Vodka from the Black Forest.
   And while we're at it, while you're tasting for free every whiskey, bourbon, spirit, vodka, oil, vinegar in the store if you wish, says Sasha, you should ask the boss about his 17 years at the zoo. Where he worked with big cats at times & says that yes it is true that you can not tame Big Cats yet you definitely can admire & have to respect these beautiful animals. So how does a person segway to owning a Vom Fass? "I loved the store & the concept. We are very famous for the tastings that we let the guests do. If you love it you can buy it & if you don't like it, try a different one. I believe that they are the first place of its kind in the world that has that." 
    So, too play, I would choose some Vodka & Whiskey of course. Perhaps some pumpkin spice spread & a loaf of French Bread. Some fruity balsamic vinegar & fresh veggies to dip with plus the oil for the bread to dip with, maybe a little spicy oil. They have soo many varieties you should taste all. And some liquor chocolates & nuts plus the Creme liqours. I told you: roll down the hill...
"I believe that people love the store since they can ask questions and find answers on how to create great dinners with the specialty items and the before during and after dinner drinks!" jokes Sascha. May be an image of text
  Sasha informs me with his colleague, both laughing, that The Sound of Music is a American "thing." "Austrians actually are not too keen on the movie," says Sasha & his assistant says, "I don't like this movie at all!" O MY GOD I say that it is my favorite movie of all time, & probably 1/2 of America say that, too. So, now you know that Americans are a little cheesy!
  Here is just a couple, you can try all of these too. The cool idea here is for yourself & for gifts of all occasions. May be an image of text

 "The headquarters of Vom Fass are in Waldburg, Germany, where the products for all the stores are located and the barrels, too, where they purchase the bourbon from 3 places in Kentucky," says Sascha. 
Bildergebnis für vom fass salzburg
                    The Beauty of the Mesgarzadeh Salzburg Family-Owned Carpets. 
     Some of Ali's & Cyrus´s favorites include the highlighted:
Teppichkunst von Ihrer Schönsten Seite
      Below is #30665 of Persian fine pure silk, extremely fine knotting, 360,000 knots per square meter.   
Eterno - Indien - Größe 424 x 312 cm                                                                                        
     And while everybody hunkered down during the last 2 years, they chose his carpets to do so. And while the citizens of Russia & Iran can not use his website due to embargos, the finest carpets still do arrive from Iran via suppliers."
    The one highlighted here is #30686 from India of 17 months to make with handwoven Persian knots. One important aspect of all of their finest carpets is, "we don´t kill animals to make beautiful items that last over 200 years," He laughs. "People have bearskin rugs on the ground kills living animals. We don't like people with bear skins on the ground. We have beautiful rugs from shearing the wool of sheep. Otherwise they would be very fat from their wool & wouldn't be able to walk."
Eterno - Indien - Größe 400 x 302 cm
     "The price of oil goes up because of a war, not Germany saying don't use Putin's oil, but Putin saying you can't use my oil, which of course the people that I talk to buying my carpets say we should of made a deal with America instead of crazy Putin in the first place. The price of all things go up, yet these hand woven beautiful carpets stay the same & the antique carpets we have some are 100 years old. They can be used another 100 years." Afschar-Tabii - Persien - Größe 244 x 196 cm

              The carpet above is #22205These carpets are original Mesgarzadeh sumack hand knotted kilims which lie very well on the floor & even more durable than woven kilims.The only place in the world where you can find these carpets is here at the Salzburg location.  


 "It depends on the size that they need and the amount of people that shall be walking on the beautiful carpet. For a doctor's office you need a sturdy carpet and for a elegant couple who don't have dogs, cats or children maybe they can purchase the $70,000. Iranian carpet that many people won't be using." he says.

    He tells me a story, "My friend in Los Angeles says he is taking us to lunch. We drive 45 minutes in a fancy car that takes all the gas, we board his huge expensive yacht in the harbor we travel with more gas on the yacht 1 hour to a place on the coast of Los Angeles where we have lunch about 1 hour." He laughs, "So, then they complain about the price of gas!" I start laughing to. Um, yes I guess the $5,000 dollar lunch turns into a $6,500 lunch. 

"Here is #30815 & it is 100 years old of our antique collections. They can last another 100 years beautifully if the carpets are made well." Bidjar - Persien - Größe 210 x 141 cm

    Okay, moving on to take some pictures of the beauty of these carpets that can take one year for a small section up to 6 years. "It totally depends on the heritage and on the expertise of the person working on the carpet. No, Saudi Arabia doesn't make carpets, they buy the carpets!" We start laughing. "They have oil, they buy the expensive carpets." We start laughing again. 

     "Turkey and Iran and Afghanistan makes carpets and a little from Asia and India. It is very dangerous to personally go into Afghanistan, so they make the carpets and transport these to Turkey, where we do travel to and where we buy the carpets," he says and we start laughing again when I ask if Germany makes carpets. "Germany makes cars, that is what they are good at." he says.  "We buy the wool and we give the wool to the is all handpicked. The wool that we buy and work with the Iranian weavers if very expensive. Yet if we let them pick they would pick cheap wool. We need to know that each carpet each piece, all about it. We know the weavers in every country that we work with, and we know that almost all of the farmers in Iran farm first, and when they have moments free they weave. For instance a farmer from Iran will weave a carpet and when we receive it, it is one of a kind. If I call that farmer and say, I need an exact same carpet that you sent me, he will say NO! There is only one of a kind. He might decide to weave birds in one carpet and something else in another. They don´t use patterns in Iran, they only weave from heart. I prefer the carpets from Iran. They are special and they are the best in terms of the longevity of the carpet. These are the carpets that last 300 years."  

     Is it true that the farmers weave in the middle of the night with lights in a big tent and they transport on camels? "I don't think that they transport on camels any longer," he says and we start laughing again. "Now it is a modern age and they transport on cars and trucks. They have 1,000 of years of weaving culture in Iran and my family is from Iran and maybe that is why I personally love these carpets." he says. 


        +43 6 62 84 22 4 2      Logo - Mesgarzadeh GmbH, Salzburg, Österreich

                                                                       Griesgasse 4, A 5020 Salzburg, Austria

Täbriz - Persien - Größe 500 x 340 cm

Ferahan-Novum - Afghanistan - Größe 305 x 205 cm

Tavis - Afghanistan - Größe 292 x 258 cm
 Ali, who is Cyrus´s brother,  showed me two years since one of his favorites from Iran. They also have a silk thin one from Turkey that resembles the one I have at home.

 "Is it thin the way that one is? With the softness?" he asks. Yes I say I finally found one that is the way mine is. "Yes these are very expensive and rare. The little one here(the size of a table place setting) is 689.00Euros." Wow and why such expense? "The quality and they last forever. A good carpet lasts 300 years and that is one that you walk on everyday.It is the quality. A square meter on a good  carpet takes one year to hand weave. If you have a big carpet it is a 4 year carpet. That is how long it takes to make it. That is why they´re that expensive. "They have been here since 1963...and Cyrus and Ali´s father came to visit a couple of minutes while I am talking to Cyrus. He excused himself to make a call to Persia! Persia! I say, how cool to call Persia, China, India, Afghanistan, Iran, Russia, everyday! Hey, be right back, I going to call Persia!   Ferahan - Afghanistan - Größe 303 x 205 cm

  In addition to carpets that they have new every year Ali had said, "The old old Chinese we have in special rooms you know they´re traditional with butterflys and lotus and huge and extremely expensive about 80,000Euros. The ones in the store are mid range. My favorites now seem to be the tribal weaves from Iran. And of course the colors are unique to the classical carpet world. Bright."

    They have so many beautiful carpets that you either must enter the store yourself or check out the website of every rug on it...Gorgeous!                            


Kelimkissen - Sitzwürfel
Kontakt - Strizi
You know I absolutely loved the family the minute I talked to the young daddy. He has 3 children and they are all in the advertising campaigns. "I thought to do a new catalog, and since it has been 4 years since you wrote about us, obviously everybody is a little bit older!" he jokes as I chat with him about his very exclusive and very high quality clothing, Bavaria style.      STRIZI at Salzburg 
                                                                                    Bernhard Stadler
                                                                              Salzburger Straße 48     Strizi – Kleidung für jung bis alt - SalzburgerLand Magazin                                                           
                 O and everytime you order online a Strizi, you are sent the new catalog that you can Itune download the barcoded page coordinating interactive music toons that promote each page. Totally cool! 
     The above, however, is very Strizi. Actually, when I met the family about 4 years now, I remember that they told me the real meaning of Strizi. "When my wife had my boy the doctor turned to her and said, O you have a STRIZI!" he laughs and tells me that a Strizi is a very bad child, a terrible twos in the Austrian slang!
                                                                                             Salzburg - Strizi
Strizi - Ein Salzburger Familienbetrieb
 "Each and every piece is hand made."
That is the very sincere and passionate expression of the family of Strizi. They are not about business. They are about love! :
   "You know, I built a great container, a transport wooden container, like a gingerbread hut and we are going to use it to promote at Christmas markets in Bavaria. I am actually being talked into doing a New York City Christmas market, too." he says enthusiastically and I say that I didn´t even know they had Christmas markets!
   Idealerweise ist dieses Bild nicht Strizi. "Wir machen alles mit der Familie und für die Familie. Es ist im Laufe der Jahre langsam gewachsen und ich möchte diese Tradition fortsetzen. Jede lederhosen ist handgemacht und ich glaube, dass wir in diesem Sinne sehr einzigartig sind. Ja, sie sind eine wenig teurer als die aufgestellten Oktoberfest-Dirndl- und Lederhosenstände, aber unsere sind 50 Jahre alt. Reines Leder und 100% Handarbeit. Das ist meine Philosophie und meine Familie. Wenn Sie die Webseite sehen und in den Laden gehen, sehen Sie Im Katalog werden Sie feststellen, dass es für mich und meine Familie um die Familie geht. Wir haben Spaß mit dem neuen Katalog. Sie können die zu jeder Seite passenden iTunes herunterladen und wir haben Spaß mit den Bildern. "
   Die Unterschiede bei den Strizi-Designern in Lederhosens und Dirndls sind genau das. Sie sind handgefertigt. Hat das jeder gelesen? Jedes Stück ist handgemacht. Das bedeutet, dass eine Leder-Lederhose ungefähr 50 Jahre hält. Ein bisschen wie ein Louis Vuitton! - Ein Salzburger Familienbetrieb (strizialm) – Profil | Pinterest
  They specialized in children's clothing for a long time & are branching out the last couple of years as the business grows into "Grown-ups". It has always been mostly leiderhosens yet they started making the girls clothing, the dresses, a couple of years since, too. He says that the older girls love to buy the short leiderhosens for themselves, the look is cool & the leather is very soft. Love that store & love that family. 
  "It is my idea to do the ad campaign with my children and actually when we first started taking the pictures about 4 years now, my son, without us meaning to, started imitating me in the photos. We thought it very cool and continued the tradition of father and son doing the exact same pose! It is funny and it is fun and if people think it is cool, that is alright, yet we do it from love," says the proud papa about his family, his business, and his life. 
                                                                                        Set Baby - Strizi
                                    Check out the instagram photos and come have fun!
                                                                         Blaue Gans Salzburg
Bildergebnis für blaue gans salzburg
                The stunning beauty of the 1350AD Blaue Gans Art Boutique Hotel Salzburg
The owner of the Blaue Gans is a delight and I had the pleasure of sitting outside at lunch today to interview him, "You know we have many festivals in Salzburg, the Jazz festival I would be most interested in you promoting since it is about a fusion of culture in the sense of the way a classical ear is trained to listen to music. The typical Mozart concert today always has a certain rhythm to it. The Jazz is outside the norm of that rhythm and makes you listen to it in a different way, yet it stretches the culture and sophistication of the ear since you must learn to be in sync with different rhythms." he says. Bildergebnis für blaue gans salzburg
                                                       Getreidegasse 41-43, Herbert von Karajanplatz 3+4
                                                                00436 628 4 249 10
"My hotel is from the 1350s and it is a 4 star. I believe that my sophistication and attention to detail and art lends a certain level of respect to the hotel and restaurant the minute you walk inside, yet the team is super friendly and sincerely nice. They laugh and smile and I try to be a good person with the team and a good boss. The kitchen, for instance, is always sitting down and eating in the restaurant at 11.30am everyday, not the room of kitchen staff, yet the real dining room. That is a very Italian style of team building. They are my team and I want the team to feel comfortable in the place that they represent," he says. 

"We have a deep cellar of wine of 1,500 bottles in the refrigerator that the groups of 10 people or more can enjoy seeing while they dine. The menu is set and they share, along with different wines, they share plates of degustation. Although I don´t have Michelin and nor do I want Michelin, since the menu would have to change and I specifically asked for a traditional Austrian kitchen, the menu is 4 star." 
                            Below the CITY FLAT...
                         The family of 100 years has just celebrated the life of their reign at the 14th century hotel
        and restaurant with a huge party and the renovation of 22 of its rooms, (34 is the total) GORGEOUS!
Image result for blaue gans salzburg
                    Located at Linzer Gasse 48 in the center of the beautiful city of Salzburg is on the historical books the very first time in 1361 as a home of a smith! Years later, in 1512 one of the famous seven fountains of the city of Salzburg was built in the neighboring house and today the 1st and 2nd vaulted original house is a foundation´s Hotel Krone 1512 of Salzburg.             Reservations please:
                     Located literally about 300 meters from the Bridge to Old Town Salzburg!    
   "Hmm, why do I love Salzburg at the Hotel Krone," muses Nikolaj,the director of Hotel Krone,  who I remember from the 3 years since having interviewed him and stayed at the Lovely Hotel on the famous cobblestoned Linzer alley,Ähnliches Foto"I love my team the people that I am with everyday and that work with me. They are the greatest and I love the guests since I can meet everybody from around the world here. I used to live and grew up in Canada and I guess I am accustomed to the North American culture since I enjoy guests from America, they are always nice and enthusiastic to be here. The Germans, since I am German I can say that, are a little more detailed, for instance and ask a lot of questions. Most guests, though not all, come and they are very happy to have you tell them some places to visit in the city. Most, too, when I give these free drink slips to each guest that stays here!" he says."The hotel now is a foundation and its purpose is rewarding to fulfill since the profits of the hotel go directly to the disabled child of the deceased older couple. It is a historical house and the city is famous for the music and I hope people enjoy the stay with us. We have a beautiful garden outside in the back of the Hotel Krone where guests can have breakfast if they choose to do that." 

  And for the Sound of Music enthusiasts, you can book a "Sound of Music" package with the hotel reservation and discover all of the important film locations in the city where that famous film shows the Trapp family and where they lived and the where the movie was made.
Bildergebnis für hotel krone salzburg
      How about the Bartending team! With 4 owned restaurants that graciously offer you a welcome drink, staying at the Hotel Krone couldn´t be better...Or could it?!