I love Shakespeare especially Vincentio,of measure for measure  
                And While Mathew Mecoli has become a great lawyer, he was quite the curious and funny journalist when he attended the prestigious university of "CRIMSON TIDE" FAME... the sports teams! 


Hey all, I’m Matt! I’m a recent convert to data science and machine learning from law and I’m loving both the wonders and frustrations of Python, data science, machine learning, and deep learning. Self proclaimed data nerd and science geek. 

I love taking on new projects and finding new ways to approach old problems. Innovation, curiosity, and humor go a long way towards success. Happy to talk about any cool data science/machine learning projects you’re working on! 

I’ve found that much of what appealed to me about law: an analytical and logical approach, a respect for the truth, a need to parse out what's important and make convincing arguments, an emphasis on taking the complex and explaining it simply and humanly were also fundamental tenants of data science.

You can read my writing on data science and machine learning on my Medium and you can check out my previous project work/code on my GitHub, both links are in my contact info.

Background photo by Dhaval Parmar on Unsplash.


                           The very funny Saturday Night Live skit performed with our buddy Alec Baldwin
                                         I love the energy and joy of life Jennifer Lopez gives to the world.
          here is my GOOD FRIEND SERGEI BRIN... he went to the airport the first days that President Trump stopped everybody from IRAN!? from coming into America, including his employees who were 3rd generation immigrants from Iran!Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people sitting
             We have started a investigative journalism page such as the French Police that the Chicago Sun Times Reporter,
Nicolas Gregoria shared with us on Twitter on his video cam... the French Newspaper late October said that the young youths name was Mehdi then showed his picture in the hospital.If anyone can investigate and find out more of the story...as I talked to via email the friends of Mehdi they said it was a different person. Need to make sure the person is alive and well. Can anybody do some investigative digging in Paris and see what they can find? 
    We also need to investigate the 7 policemen in Venice Italy 3 days ago dressed up as Italian police in the alleys of Venice. We don't know if these were indeed the French Policemen coming to harrass and terrify us after reporting about the video above, or not. They followed us and waved 100 euro notes at us along with laughing and yelling and throwing cigarettes at us. Yes that is right folks Venice Italy policemen. Now their has been a gang of those type of people, yet not dressed in Police uniforms the last couple of days in Venice Italy on the cell phones following and harassing and trying to human trafficking saying things like "lets video tape her lets control her, etc." 
     I want to warn the young backpackers that come to Venice Italy. Human Trafficking is a dangerous and real danger to you. Stay in groups of at least 3 and if you are alone make friends with your roommates at the hostels or in the lobby of the hostels. Seriously.  And if anyone can help investigate the very real problem of HUMAN TRAFFICKING IN VENICE ITALY. I would greatly appreciate you emailing me... to justacript@mail.com Thankyou very much. 

      In September of 2018 we were in Europe again. IN Prague Czech Republic. We took a bus flixbus to Venice. We saw a very funny friend of ours who resembles my friend Albert tnt, as do many of his which we assume are bodyguard doubles. The one here is one of my fondest favorites always doing silly actions. He ran to the bus at Bruno that night on the way to Venice Italy and flopped down on a big rock, imitating my cat Augustus who always did that and who I always told stories of. We laughed since we thought he was just happy to be leaving Prague after 10 days! However, we continued on to 

Luibjuana where as we pulled into the center of the t0wn at about 4am I SAW THE SAME PERSON IN A WHITE SUV about 100 meters from the Flixbus surrounded by 5 Luibjuana policemen chatting to him in his white Suv. He was laughing and talking to them and they were talking to him, so the flixbus stopped and dropped off the people and we continued to Venice Italy . I haven't seen him since. I thought perhaps he went back to Germany or to America.
Today at a lunch conversation this CIA monster told me this "DOG NAMED WHISPER, referring to my friend in the white suv in Luibjuana had DIED! " SHE SAID SHE NAMED HIM WHISPER since he didn't ask for help in Luibjuana so he was HUMAN TRAFFICKED! THEN SHE SAID THAT she had a new girl dog named Agatha. Okay. so this woman was obviously part of the human trafficking situation.

     It is very important for us to find him. I am going to backtrack my way tomorrow to Luibjuana and to Prague. However, I am afraid of what has happened to him. If anyone can try to find out and also in addition on New Years Eve in Prague the police put out a bulletin for two missing persons one age 35 and one age 52 who drunk that night in two separate incidents were hit by trams in Prague and sent to the hospital.If anyone could please try to find out who these people are and what happened to them that would be greatly appreciated.