Atlanta is a very cool city. It is modern and has young aggressively yuppie type of professionals who are a little skeptical about the world but their good sports and they try to be involved with all you ask of them.

I knew little about Atlanta except they’ve got a Major League Baseball Team named the Atlanta Braves.

I decided to ask people to do their impression of an Atlanta Brave….

And thought it best to start with that question to which Don’ty do replied with an impression of someone standing in the laundry room rummaging through his bags…okay it makes one love opposums

Even more than I do now.                                

Emme to Daniel, “hi can you show me an impression of an Atlanta Brave?”

Daniel,”I am the wrong person to ask about that they’ve gotten 14 pennants and only one World Series…”

Hmmm I would love to have one pennant if I knew what a pennant is…I guess a flag?

Vortex bartender as you walk into the Vortex they have a sign on the bar outside saying no kids absolutely no kids don’t even think of bringing your kid in here…wow!

The first thing I asked is, “Can I bring my kid in here?” To which the laughing gay bartender said “NO”

But when I asked all of the people at the bar about that they said that the Vortex elected to allow smoking inside the bar and that means they couldn’t allow kids…a Georgia law I guess.

Emme, “Can you do impressions of the mascot for the Atlanta braves?”

They doing the tomahawk with their arms…then the bartender says,”I wish I was a reporter so then I could go into the locker room and see hot cock!” To which I said maybe that is why they don’t allow kids into the Vortex because of the bartender and that is when I knew that the bartender was gay.

Emme,”If you do go into the locker room can you bring a hidden camera phone and I can put the naked pictures on my website”…deal

Now on to food especially the best pizza in the world aka Vinnys Pizza.  I used to love Pizza Hut pizza and of all of the worlds pizza that Ive tasted I always loved Pizza Hut, but Vinnys Pizza is the best.

I had the Vinnys special pizza and it is perfect with hot jalepenos and none of the red tomato  sauce. Plus Howard who makes the pizzas does a great impression of a tomahawk and all of the four customers coming in were great sports and did tomahawks including the baresta from Starbucks, except the building manager was cranky and wouldn’t do a tomahawk…sad

Howard, “Oaoaoaoa…Oaoaoaa…” tomahawk chopping, “Oaoaoaoa..Oaoaoaoa” tomahawk chop.

Starbucks Baresta, “”Who wa Who wa Who wa…” Tomahawk chopping up and down with arm,

“Who wa Who wa Who wa…” Tomahawk chopping.   She says that she loves working for Starbucks!

They said that Vinny owns another restaurant at Atlanta but that the Vinnys pizza now open is only pizza’s that’s it!

The security guy for the high rise building came in and he started doing “aoa…aoa…” and dancing the tomahawk but with little baby steps not big steps.

Now on to Taco Macs where Josh responded to my question of the impression of an Atlanta Brave…

“I can do an impression of Bill Cosby….?” Okay Josh doesn’t follow instructions very well,The Manager is sweet an English Lit major and I encouraged him to write a book. He is born at Indianapolis and a Hoosier fan and does an impressive “OoOOOooOOOo” tomahawk hum.  We guessed the Philly Fanatic’s salary at $60,000.00 due to endorsements and commercials and everybody wants to audition for the Atlanta Braves Mascot now.

Out of the 85 people I interviewed all of them merchants they all said that they were not originally from Atlanta and that when they do if they do attend the games they cheer for their original city team such as the Cubs , the Mets, the Jaguars…which I thought to be said since they should cheer for their home team.

Only 3 people out of the 85 went to the Atlanta Braves games and cheered for their team Atlanta!

One at the liquor store MACs said that when he is at the games he cheers and yells and stands as long as he can but when he is at the games drinking ½ way through he sits down and chats with the person next to him and they drink with each other!

Into one of three astounding vintage stores on Peachtree Emme, “Who is the Mascot of the Braves and can anyone do an impression of an Atlanta Brave?”

Vintage store owners, “ Chief Nocahoma! Is the mascot for many years and I actually went to his Mother’s house and they’ve got pictures of him everywhere on the wall at that house.”

“He used to be very well known to the Governors and they all went to the baseball games with each other. Now they just got a big baseball head with a Mohawk down the center and he dances the tomahawk dance and he sings owhoo whoo whooo woo wooo  tomahawk songs.”

Pretty funny.  Do you know that there is a world of coke museum at Atlanta? Cool The tourists all come to see the World of Coke! Pretty cool since I do love coca cola.

To Empire State South, “ I mean we don’t get a lot of cheering in here to be honest with you I ve never seen a Atlanta Braves baseball game.  Im not really a big baseball fan. I am terrible with impressions. I mean we don’t get a lot of that here but I can tell you where you must interview people”

Emme, “As opposed to interviewing you?”

Bartender at the Empire State laughing, “No I mean go to the Clairmont and to the Lounge which is open and you can see an Atlanta Institution  and Legends a must when you visit Atlanta.”

Emme, “Okay what is the Clairmont?

“ It was a big grand hotel but now only the basement lounge is open and they’ve got a Blondie stripper that is a legend that’s been there 20 years and everybody goes to see her!”

Hm  that got me curious so I continued to ask about that Clairmont Lounge and everybody knew about it and said to definitely put it on one of my days of interviews that it is cool a legend and  a must write about.  When I told my International backpackers at the Atlanta hostel about the place they said that they would all try to make it.  I asked if they could please take a forbidden telephone picture of the place to which Thomas the hosteller replied, “My friend did that I know what happens when you try to take a picture…The stripper was doing a lap dance on his lap and he tried to take a picture and she grabbed the phone and shoved it up her vagina!...He was video taping her on his phone.  And the video tape kept taping and when she gave the phone back to him he washed it off and kept the video tape!”

OOOO gross groans from the other backpackers at the hostel….Emme”Okay great so can you try please to get the pictures and email these to my website and I’ll put it on my website…”

Thomas “okay I’ll try”

Okay great job guys……………

Other Hostel guys, “yes but what if we only get these pictures I mean if they’re all black and youcant see anything inside?” Emme,”Okay just try see if you can.”

Okay. Berkley customer at the bar, “I don’t know anything about the Atlanta Braves I am just here doing my thesis I come from Berkeley.”

Emme, “That’s cool is that a private college?”

Berkley guy, “No it is public but very cool do you know that they have an entire row of parking reserved just for their Nobel Lauretes?”

“You’re kidding right?” “No and they’re afraid that they’ll run out of parking spaces!”

Okay at the cupcake place Emme hoping to receive a gift of a cupcake, “Can you tell me the funniest thing about the job you do?”

Girl at counter, “Yes it is when the people come in here and they tell me that the cupcakes their not for themselves that they’re buying these cupcakes for somebody else like their self conscious or something!

That is funny…yet I didn’t get a cupcake and since its been awhile since Vincents pizza my stomach Is growling…on to the bar…

Emme noticing the white overturned dunce paper caps on the liquor bottles, “Hey is that the way the water cooler is with the overturned cups is that mean we can help ourselves and drink some of that whiskey?”

Bartender with no sense of humor, “No that is because the fruit flys get into the brown liquour so we have to cover that.”

“So I guess a free shot of whiskey is out of the question?” No comment.

At Blimpies and the cute guy at the register, “Can you tell me the funniest part of your job not including the name Blimpies which is pretty funny.”

India girl, “No the name not funny.” Okay, Guy at Register, “I like the hours they’re Monday to Friday only, which is great and I mean I don’t know I like the different people they’re funny.”

And how do you say how do you do in Hindu? “Guataomeinalangleuy” Something like that but when I tried to say it it sounds like this, “Deal ME In…Langley?!”

Serious. Constuction Workers working on the SunTrust Bank upping the building yes in the year 2012 to firecode of fireexits!,

Emme, “You mean in the year 2012 they’re just now upping the building to fireexits and firecodes?

Constuction Worker Boss,”yes see how it happened is that Sun Trust got rid of a lot of its clients and when new management came in they had to up the building to standard and fire exits…”

Emme, “Don’t you hate when that happens?”

Construction worker, “I don’t know about the funniest thing about the job except a couple of years ago a tornado hit Atlanta and two girls where wrestling I think inside the W building on the 16th floor and the tornado hit and it through both of them out the window from that height and one of the girls lived.”

Emme , “I guess she won.”

Laughter from the construction crew, Emme”That is very Macrebe humor.”

Nods, “yes.” “Well lets hope that at least on of em lived.” True.

Asking the cook at the restaurant wearing pajama pants orange and yellow with black skulls on them a 40 something man very serious, Emme, “Can you tell me the funniest part about the job you do, I mean besides your pants…”

Laughter, “Okay Hm that’s a hard one girl. Real Good question. I don’t know really.”

Emme, “Is it the way of Hell’s Kitchen with Chef Ramsey?”

Laughter,”No that is a fake show Chef Ramsey doesn’t exist people don’t yell at their best employees you need to keep the best not yell at them.”


AT the skate shop guy behind the counter, “ The funniest thing is it is a fun sport people should have fun I mean its skates its supposed to be fun but people get so upset about their skates! They get upset with their product it is funny. They get uptight about it! There is a lot of Roller Derby people in Atlanta and they come in and they buy the skates and then they don’t take care of them and they bring them in and it is funny to see them not working! I laugh at them when they don’t take care of their skates and they have to buy new skates!”

Emme, “OKAY! I guess you don’t want to work here anymore making fun of the customers!”

Black dog laying at Emmes feet lazily gets up(about 10 year old dog)and saunters out to the door looks outside and walks outside and lays down outside! True story I couldn’t stop laughing at the dog although the guy behind the counter thought I was laughing at him which is partially true since it was funny what he was saying.

Guy behind the counter, “It is just funny because it is supposed to be a fun sport and everybody gets so uptight about it!”

Walking back to the Atlanta Hostel I thought of how charming and really nice the city is…and then 20 minutes later I see a different lady walking…that’s right you guessed it that black dog!

Okay the question of the day is whether anyone would want to live at the time of the Civil War rather than at Modern Times...the answer? mixed as you can see but for very different reasons...

1. I love the outdoors and the History and the culture of the old buildings...but I love plumbing!

2. I love alll that gorgeous dresses I am 23 years old and I love the modern ages.

3. Im happy to be modern comforts remember that back then there was typhoids and cholera!

4. Depends on the financial situation if I could live at the plantations that is cool...Mt Pleasant and Boone Hall and Middleton and Drayton Hall and live that lifestyle yes I would love to be at that time of the Civil War without the war...but if I was poor  I would rather live at modern times where there is comfort.

5. I am elated with modern convenience and all the Battles and Stuff seem interesting but I love the modern fixtures....wife coming...yes he can do all of the housework when I am gone such as running the vacumn and loading the dishwasher!...

Friend talking with him, " I love the farm and the civil war time but that is because I grew up on a farm...we had cows and chickens and we would kill pigs!"

I love the simpleness of that life" wife coming, "yes I love the simpleness of that civil war  life but I like the modern conveniences"...

hmmm they think alike...I guess it is true of how they say that pets start looking like us as we keep them for a while and I guess that spouses start thinking alike as they grew up together...The one couple loved the modern conveniences they'd been with each other 39 years...the other couple loved the simple life and that it is more personal back then they've been with each other 46!

6. The only thing i think of is how do they put all that gear on? All the clothes!

7. I love the beaches James Beach and all the modern age the clothing convenience...If you go to Solegary Road and Folly they have a huge exhibitiion there that theyve just got together for the weekend. Where is that beach?... Take the Folly road toward St James Island and you can find it there... I enjoy the modern comforts...hmmm how do we seuuay  the beach!!!! The conversation is a mixture of the civil war and do you know weve got really cool beaches...

8. I really love all the modern conveniences cuz I am spoiled!

9. I love the modern times I camped out too much as a boy scout!

10. Men are happy to be in the modern age it is a difficult time back then the coutnry i see it as divided very difficult plus people died at childbirth really easy.

Question of the day while the city of washington DC is a little bit warmer today on the 1st of February to the tune of i can actually walk outside asking people questions it is still a bit chilly...I just had to ask about the Coca Cola 0 and the Diet Coke there any?  The next question that peaked my curiosity early am while i stared at the snow falling outside is how many of the 51 Miss America contestants have breast implants and where do you believe they had the plastic surgeries performed...Hey today had to be a fun day it has been a down in the doldrums week and asking too many serious questions put me and my victims of my persistent questioning ready to fall asleep.  I had much much much fun chatting early am today although i got sidetracked by a friend from Barcelona and Rome who i had lost touch with and it is a pleasant surprise to say hello to him on facebook.  On my way to the Metro without my morning coffee i was in a scowling mood although a saw a gorgeous man at the cafe and that at least helped bolster my spirits a little bit and on the way to sweet funny interested people although of course Jackson MAC had to remind me that i got to my McDonalds breakfast late and couldnt cash in my free egg mcmuffin that i won on the Chicago Blackhawks Playoff card which i got totally pysched about and spent 15 minutes trying to figure out how to print the coupon on from the computer...hey tech is difficult for me i can do emails and my website all other tech is just another place for me to hide out near the 165 channel spy computers and eat my smuggled stowaway cupboard snacks...

    To the lovely Daring and his white haired father i met walking to their brownstone this morning here is the answer to the question of

"Is it legal in the MIss America Contest to have breast implants or does all have to be natural?"

Friday morning a Miss California Pageant official confirmed previous reports that controversial contestant Carrie Prejean received free breast implants, organized and paid for by the pageant, weeks before the Miss USA competition.

In an interview on "The Early Show," Keith Lewis, the co-Director of the Miss California Pageant, admitted to helping Prejean get the boob job.

"We assisted when Carrie came to us and voiced the interest in having the procedure done," Lewis told "Early Show" co-anchor Maggie Rodriguez.

"We want to put her in the best possible confidence in order to present herself in the best possible light on a national stage."

1.  Tell me the difference between Coca Cola 0 and Diet Coke?  "There isnt anything i can think of I dont drink coca cola either one of them...
The question of the Miss America Pageant is I think that most of them have breast implants and I am not sure of where they get them done
I would guess California and Europe.

2. I have no idea about the Coca Cola let me see if we got it here trying to see into his cheesesteaks display of beverages...nope we dont have either of them, I dont know if any of the girls have breast implants I would guess 40 % of them I dont know too much about the pageant I am from Iraq and only been here for one year.  "We like that the American soldiers stay at Iraq since it makes us have jobs to go into the army of Iraq...""You like the fact that us having a presence their builds up your military so you can all have jobs as soldiers?" "Yes!" Okay thats funny now how about the Shites and the Sunnis which one do you talk directly to God and which one is there an Ayatollah at?  The Shites is the Ayatollah and the Sunnis you talk directly to God.  O okay now i know the difference.  I think the difference between the Coca Colas is probably that one has 0 sugar and one has  caffeine.  Do you know which one has 0 Caffeine  because i need the one that has Caffeine.  I think the one that has 0 Caffeine is the Coca Cola 0.  O that is just great I bought a huge bottle for the Caffeine bolt and now i need more caffeine...Here comes his boss to the restaruant...Hi Hi Tell me do you believe that Miss America Contestants have breast implants and how many of the 51 do?  He laughs I dont know too much about that...Do you know where they do most of their surgery at?
I would say Lebanon...Lebanon!  Yes all of the people from the middle east come to Lebanon and they have surgery there it is a big plastic surgery center and only the people from the middle east know about it.   Okay now all the people of Europe and America will know about it since i am putting it on my website!  Okay great more business for Lebanon!!!!!

Wait I am going to call my wife to ask her about the Coca Cola thats here let me call her...he calls his wife...he is from Palestine...
the unrest at Egypt continues while their is no cellphone communication and no internet
he asks her the difference between the Coca Colas...while he is waiting for her to answer he says, "I call her all the time and ask her questions she is american and she knows all the names of stuff that I dont know!  She tells him that she thinks it is a difference in the caffeine!  Okay gracias!
Ayatollah Saanei and Grandayatollah Montazeri
The title is currently granted to top Shia mujtahid, after completing sat'h and kharij studies in the hawza.
3.I believe it is the color of the coca colas that make them different.  Just the color?  Yes thats it!  THat is the only difference.
"O BIG questions...I guess since there is 51 contestants that it would be more than 50 of them that had breast implants!!!"
um should i tell him that if it is more than 50 that it must be 51?

I believe that Cuba is the country that all the breast implants are done at that and Argentina!!!

11. I would love one day to stay at the Civil War times and to come back to modern times after...

You would love to be there when the Civil War has a day of rest? No, during the war but just for one day!

What would the job be since you make taffy how would you work back then?

I wouldnt work I just would be there for one day!

12. Modern Convenience!

 Allright are you ready Mrs Michelle Obama?  She is the absolute best in my opinion and i am dedicating a couple of days to her and DC

Question of the day...Do you believe that Miss America  would make a better Public Relations person as Vice President or Joe Biden?

And what size dress does Mrs. Obama wear and who would you like to see design her dresses for her?

 1. Miss America would make the best public relations person and I guess Mrs Obama wears a size 8.   Her favortie designer? I would love to see her

dress in Oscar de la Renta. "Really he is super sophisticated is that why?"  I just love his clothes.

2. Asking at the Dominos Pizza place at the counter, "I dont know i cant follow this line of questioning..." ITs pretty simple what size dress do you think Mrs Obama wears? "Um i have no opinion i dont understand the question..."  Okay What designer high fashion designer do you think that Mrs Obama should use from now on?  "Huh?"  A fashion designer do you think she should use someone specifically? "Um I dont know what was the question about the Miss america? Um can i um i dont know..." okay...  "Do you want to order a pizza?"   ( I am a big fan of JGeils you think he could handle

no anchovies please?)

3.Joe Biden and I think that the guy young fashion guy who designed her inaugural gown should design her dresses and she should use all new designers and give them a chance. 
Cuban Born American Student Isabel Toledo design

4. I am not sure who the current Miss America is I would stick with Joe Biden.  Theres many designers who would fit Mrs Obama and she is definitely

size 6 to 8... I have 6 sisters and I know my sizes!  I would say that she is doing just fine the way she is now and that she should continue to use young and up and coming designers!

5.  I have never been wrong.  OKAY>>> anyway who do you think would make a best public relations vice president Miss America or Joe Biden?

The only time i have ever been wrong is once.   OKAY>>>i'll bite is that when you were married?  Married?!!!! .That is one of my best days of my life. Remember anyone can be funny, but not everybody can make a mistake..

Happy to hear that you love married life now what size dress do you think Mrs. Obama wears? The only time I have been wrong is 1967?

You were wrong in 1967? I was wrong I have never been wrong...OKAY... Size 3 Wow Mrs Obama will love you...No I didnt say size 3 I said size 10...

           3......................... 10 sounds the same to me

Click to show "Nadia Comaneci" result 7
Click to show "Nadia Comaneci" result 6

6.I believe that she wears a size 8 shes not fat but she isnt not skinny either  Versace would of fit her perfectly. The best lines she's tall the straight lines would fit her perfectly.   (um note to self check versace lines)

It is too bad Versace is dead...he would of fit her perfectly

7. Gap.  I think she would look good in Gap.  O Iwould say Ralph Lauren say about 8 size she seems kind of preppy.

8.My name is Saloom and the vice president i have no idea...Do you know who Jean Paul Gualtier is? Yes I think maybe for private parties she(Mrs.Obama) could wear that but the Miss America is too young she doesnt know anything abut politics i would have to say that Joe Biden is the best for vice president.  He isnt a good public relations person because that is not his role he is just the vice president. Her style is basically real fashionable with her designer clothes.  Mrs. Obama? Yes.  Okay one more question. Okay. Does anybody ever call you Salami? (laughs) yes only my wife!

Images for jean paul gaultier fashion picture


 9. I have no idea! I dont care about politics and I dont know who Miss America is.  I have never watched Miss America. I wouldnt put my faith in Joe Biden either.  He has Gaps in him but he is certainly far more intelligent than any Miss America Ive seen. I believe that Mrs. Obama wears a size 4 she is always on the fashion forefront and she uses a lot of young designers.

10. I believe that Miss America would make the best public relations person.  And as for the designers that Mrs Obama chooses I believe that she would look stunning all formally dressed up say Yves St Laurent down to casual and chic Stella McCartney.  

If she came to Thailand she would wear traditional Thai maybe a big size since i am petite from Thailand and I wear size big.

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found some great and i do mean great stores at the takoma metro washington dc especially

it is turkish with the lovliest lamps tapestrys fabrics and boots yes boots of tapestry design all from turkey and turkish people

straight from the metro to 711 continue to the church across the street and there it is gorgeous! 

Okay New Orleans is great the people the culture the mardi gras expectations the food...the gumbo is the best each and every place has their own special unique okay the best gumbo is at The Bourbon Oh on Bourbon Street...the great bartender gave me a sample of it and i fell in love with the gumbo!

blends to make their gumbo special...Mine i had a little taste at a bourbon street restaurant and i love that gumbo since it doesnt have rice...i bought a purple & white feather boa for my mom and dad and alligator jerkys real ones! I thought it to be cool however i am not sure how the mom and dad will feel probably just keep it for souvenoirs instead of eating it...I met a lovely owner of a huge car store and the lady gave me her mothers phone number to chat...the lady is a voodoo bishop and i thought that cool to chat about the real religious aspect of voodoo as with the gumbo each and every church has a unique set of rules and rituals associated with the voodoo...she told me that since Hurricane Katerina most of the voodoo and religous churches were demolished and havent been built back up... 


The question I had to ask at New Orleans is “New Orleans seems to be made up of flavors…for instance for me it is the French Quarter , voodoo, spicy love that gumbo food…tell me the 3 flavors that you associate with New Orleans…”

1. The best places to eat? Little hole in the walls Jeff Davis Parkway Bakery and Tavern…(BakeryandTavern all at the same place?)
?) Its got muffalata mixed neighborhoods that make New Orleans dangerous and exiting at the same time.

2. Spices, alcohol, neighborhoods of seasons

3. Mardfi Gras March 8 be there!

4. Krazy newver sleep and a lot of sex

5. Jazz sweaty voodoo atmosphere and the French quarter is the best.. It has sex shops exotic food exotic activities…(?)…doesn’t that coincide with the sex shops…um…

6. Fish Chicken and jazz the best jazz of the world

7. Great dance clubs of all kinds bar after dance bar after dance bar people dancing in the street especially Sage and the bishop!!! Okay dance girl…

8. The food cajon and crole and music and jazz variety…of entertainment the food is the best…

9. The Garden District canal to the Garden lots of classy restuarants

10.The spirituality of the people and the artists and musicians flavors of the people the best people of the world and the gumbo and the jambalaya canenne peppers…

11. I like the weather!

12. Art jazz wildness

13. Flavors and kraziness

14. I love jumping jacks…

Is that associated with new Orleans?

Im just saying that I love jumping jacks..

Theres always one that stands out…I tend to keep asking the questions til I find that out of the world off the page answer!

During my 3 years of writing my book i encountered many wierd funny hilarious sensual sweet and dangerous experiences but none as wierd as the following story(okay maybe i have about 20 as wierd as the following story but we'll have these a couple of days from now....)

    I hitchhiked a ride with a young guy about 29 years old that had a brand new International Semi.  He had his mother sitting next to him and had come to invite her for breakfast before he took off on a 4 day journey...I got in the truck and our 4 day adventure only lasted one day.  Number one i should of been warned when the inside of the International semi cab is immaculate and automatic transmission...when a little fleck of dust got on the cab he started having a conniption fit...then he started talking about feet...that feet this feet talk about a foot fetish he wanted to massage my feet he asked all the time if he could give me a foot massage!  I thought okay he must like feet than he started talking about all the pictures he had of all the women he had dated and all of their feet he had photographed! He showed me his album book of all the feet pictures and how he positioned them in various positions the album looked like CSI chalkwork and all the pictures were of feet and bottoms of legs at different positions and angles...

Did you mean: bigfoot pictures


On my way home for the holidays i had to hitch hike from St Augustine to Savanah Georgia.   I hitchhiked four rides the first being with a gentleman who had just finished his Christmas shopping for his family and gave me a ride 40 miles north of St Augustine the second with a semi driver who drove me almost to Savanah.  He told me that it is dangerous to hitch hike with drivers these days since it is not like the old days.  At one time he said that two years ago he there had been an ad for 400,000 drivers for semis.  Now he said it is dangerous to hitchhike.  At the time I had hitchhiked writing and research for my journey book of 5 months to America and Canada.  Now i only hitchhiked to Savanah the third driver is a 71year old driver who said that he had been married for times and that each of his wifes had died at the age of 15!  The fourth driver brought me from outside of Savannah to the Greyhound station at Savannah where i waited 8 hours for the Greyhound bus to drive to Bloomington Illinois.  i am at the holiday homes of farmville usa til New Years Eve where i shall be journeying on!

   My Camp David questions about where is Camp David is being processed and ihope to have the answers on the website today.

The funniest response for me?

    "O Camp David is somewhere in the middle east!"

   "The middle east middle east?"

   "Yes let me see o yes it is at Israel..."

   "Camp DAvid is at Israel the middle east, the vacation home of the president is in the middle east?"


   (okay can you imagine President Obama, Palestineians, and Israel all sitting down over hot cocoa and watching the football game!)

     1. Texas

    2. Texas

     3. it used to be at the keys...key west in the hoover era but they moved it.

   4. No i dont know where it is i dont like obama

   5. from an african american...It is i south africa and if it isnt obama should move his vacation home to South africa...?

    6. to miami i love the weather they  should move camp david there but if the politicians say no it is no

   7. Dallas

  8. connecticut somewhere up there they always have coats on

  9. i dont know but i know that clinton had a summit meeting with Arafat there (o that camp david)

  10. Uruguary or venezuala its about ethics

  11. No idea at florida somewhere near the beaches and key west

   12. Arkansas

   13. Washington do know that President Obamas office is at Washington DC do you still believe that he has his vacation home there? ...yes

   14. Somewhere in the north

   15. I dont know that is personal where somebody vacations and he can vacation anywhere he wants to

    16. I believe it is a Air Force Base

    17. I dont know i dont care i dont like obama

   18. I have been at washington dc for 50 years  George Bush had it at the keys key west then truman ordered it out of key west from key west....okay

   19, it is next to a vacation place that everybody can go walt disney?  yes somewhere that everybody vacations i just cant remember where...

   20. I beleive that they should move it to columbia where all of the country is beautiful...columbia the country columbia?  yes...  okay...

Dentist or elf?  

Can you tell me the favorite song for you and can you sing it?
Question asked at the Ugly Pub Indianapolis on my way home on Greyhound...I found 3 drinking businessmen laughing at the bar...
1. Jingle Bells saying it with a south midwestern accent, Jingle Bells...
"Yeah he can sing Jingle Bells with a hillbilly accent..."
can you sing i cant sing it,
please we all would love for you to sing it.
oka, sings jingle bells with hillbilly accent..
"How many reindeer does Santa have and can you name these reindeer?"
9 he has 9, "9 reindeer?"   Yes, comet, blitzen, dancer, um...let me think i know i know more reindeer... guy next to him, "Do you have Donner?" "Yes" we have Donner, okay that is all I can name...
2. Delivery man to bar outside..."Hello do you have a favorite Christmas song and can you sing it?" "Yes I guess Deck the Halls is my favorite"
Can you singit?..."no!"   Okay how many reindeer does Santa have?..."12"   "twelve!" "Yes" Can you name all 12?  All I know is he has 12 and Comet and
Dancer and Donner and Rudolph that is all I know!
Okay sing the song...hhhhh okay sings softley, "Deck the Halls..." thats it.
Run to Greyhound as it is leaving...
Ask the mom and dad their favorite songs...
Mom, "What child is this..." Can you sing it?  Sings softly laughing, "What child is this on Christmas morn..." walks to the sitting room and has an ornament that plays the song it starts! props and all!!!
Dad, "White Christmas..." By Bing Crosby? I think it is Bing Crosby it could be Elvis...from the other room, I have an Elvis CD that has White Christmas on it...
Can you sing the song dad, I dont remember the words... okay i sing the song, "white christmas..." O yes that is it i remember now...
(i hope they remember santa comes down the chimney on Christmas...
Just the favorite song...?"The Grinch that stole Christmas..."
Sage?, "Rudolph and all his reindeer..." figures.

   Question of the Day...When does the Dunkin Donut man go asleep?   At all of the nativity scenes of mangers does the Baby Jesus have hair?

AT the North Pole since the Big Guys job is taken, is the only other two jobs an elf or a Dentist?

 1. I dont know when he falls asleep...hmmm do you know I have never seen him with hair...There is one job you forgot to mention... the Baker

O you mean for the cookies?...yes, okay that is a good point.

   2. I dont buy Dunkin Donuts I only buy Krispy Kremes...He is hairless and I would rather be a elf.

   3. I dont think   he goes to sleep at all...lets see let me try to remember I hmmm baby jesus is hairless...ok, I would rather be a elf.

    4. Dentist

5. Rudolph wants to buy his mother a shoe...okay but do you know the time that the Dunkin donut man falls asleep?  I know he has a good time.

I have seen hair on Baby Jesus a little swirl at the front of his head, (making the sign of a little swirl on her forehead). Dentist.

     6. Yes I have seen the ugliest baby Jesus at a church at Louisiana when i saw a live nativity scene and the baby is a real baby!

"Did the baby have hair?"  "No the baby was bald."  laughter from all of us at the Tire Kingdom counter...Does the Dunkin Donut Man ever sleep?

Yeah he sleeps at 5 am..."I thought he had to make the donuts at 2 am"..."Yeah but after he makes the donuts he goes to sleep..."

  7. There is another job someone has to wrap the presents.   Yes I have seen the baby Jesus with hair...and I believe that President Obama is a muslim

so I dont do not think that the first family celebrates Christman..(me frantically sifting through my notes trying to see where that came from...)

8.  Yes he has to sleep maybe at 3 pm because the cops there open 24 hours and since they eat donuts all the time he must have to make donuts all the time.   I believe that the baby Jesus is hairless because he is a little baby and most babies there born without hair but actually some of the babies they have hair when there born but I think that all of the baby Jesus have hair, but there is a shop down the street that is a Haiti store and all of the nativity figures are ugly!   Okay since Dentists there real and lets live in a real world not a fantasy world I would have to say Dentist but if we talk about a fantasy world I would have to say elfs

  9. I dont know who that Dunkin Donut man is!  "You know the one who gets up at 2am and says I have to make the Donuts time to make the Donuts..."

O yes he falls asleep..."When?"  Probably at 12midnight!  Baby Jesus is hairless
 They aint never make the ugliest baby Jesus he is beautiful all the time.

10. Wash the sleigh!  Somebody has to wash the sleigh and make sure that the house is clean. and o yes make the toys that isthe elfs job and of course wood for the fire.  Theyre all having a good time at christmas.  Dunkin Donuts!  ...Would you like some Wendys chicken mcnuggets?  "Yes! I would love some"  okay here...eating the mcnuggets, okay about the Dunkin donuts man does he ever sleep?  I dont know if he ever sleeps probably some time!

  12. At a Hair Salon they turned the music down so everybody could hear the music. Being a reindeer!  "You want to be a reindeer?"  Yeah that would be a fun job..."I want to be Santas mistress!"  "I want to be Mrs. Klaus!" The little baby Jesus is hairless! She has fun  "Who has fun?'  Mrs. Obama!..

You want to be Mrs. Obama?  No I am just saying that they seem to have fun the Obamas...I want to be a packer.."For the presents?"

yes baby Jesus has hair little Elvis!



11. Einsten Bages...hello is who do you think that the Einstein Bagel shop is named for? Prince Albert of Monaco since his birthday is the same day as Albert Einstein or Albert Einstein.  "Really the Prince of Monacos birthday is the same day as Einstein?" Yes it is it is the 3.14. Einsteins and Alberts!

Who is smarter EInstein or Albert of Monaco?  "What has the Prince of Monaco ever done?" I dont know he has that castle and all of that. "Has he done anything?" I dont know I do like the Prince of Monaco he is pretty cool and I believe that the Albert EInstein Bagels have the advantage of  bagels and all that Prince of Monaco does is has the best nutella chocolate!  "Now his mother Grace Kelly she was a great film actress..."

     Hm? Okay an elf I believe that he is an elf.  Who Prince albert or Einstein? "no the other one that question of an elf or a dentist:"

I dont think that the bagel comes close to what Einstein has done..."But do you think that Prince albert is smarter or albert Einstein?'

Einstein definitely!  Sara Palin might go up there and shoot a mouse or something..."Where?" The north pole!  okay!

     allright an elf and he isnt doing his job he is suposed to be doing but he is doing his best...i have only seen baby jesus with none hair but theyre all adorable. 

12. At a Hair Salon they turned the music down so everybody could hear the music. Being a reindeer!  "You want to be a reindeer?"  Yeah that would be a fun job..."I want to be Santas mistress!"  "I want to be Mrs. Klaus!" The little baby Jesus is hairless! She has fun  "Who has fun?'  Mrs. Obama!..

You want to be Mrs. Obama?  No I am just saying that they seem to have fun the Obamas...I want to be a packer.."For the presents?"

yes baby Jesus has hair little Elvis!

hey check out the 1st 8 speed transmission 460 of Lexus!  Hey Keith Anderson you made the Lexus page! Trump Marina

If anyone knows of how some son can try to find his father from 1968 Vietnam war.  The father American met his mother Vietnamese and he is born.

He is living at America.  His fathers name is Alyass and his last name is Kim-Kim.  If anyone has any ideas he has a picture of his mother and father

during that time.  Email me at thankyou very much emme

Met these really cool people from Georgia who had come to Walt Disney just for the experience of seeing i know Eoyore is my siblings Tonys
favorite character and of course mine is Tigger...which by the way they thought i resembled i am not sure if that is bad or good...Anyway, they knew every answer to the Presidential Question of How much salary for the President and does he have to pay for any item while at presidency?
     Their answer is $400,000.00 and that he receives $300,000.00 after he is out of term for 4 years.
    They live next to Jimmy Carter in Plains Georgia they said way out in the country and that he used to have secret service people and now he only has his personal people...They said that since he lives so far away that no one is going to bother him because they probably cant can not find him!
     They said that they had to buy cotton seeds from his farm and that while the first family is at office that they have to pay for personal items. 
     The first family lives on the second floor of the white house and that Michelle has to cook personal meals for the family.  That the only meals the cook cooks for them is if they have state department dinners!  When they decorate the tree Michelle has to have it all donated to her and that she went into the Archives to decorate the tree the year now since she is into recycling!!!
     They came to see Eoyore she has 125 stuffed animals she sleeps with her husband says she has 225! And she has 300 Eoyores!
They stayed at Walt Disney for 3 days and didnt did not see Eoyore the entire time.  When they asked and asked for Eoyore the Walt Disney people promised if they came to a buffet at 10:00 am they could see Eoyore since he loves that buffet and he comes. They came to the buffet and they were told they had to pay $50.00 each for the buffet and that they could not guarantee Eoyore being there!   I couldnt believe it!  She was heartbroken she never didnt see Eoyore.  They came the entire way just for the lady to see Eoyore and they've been married 41 years!
It reminds me of the story that my aunt toni wanted their marriage annualed and since Toni had had a child the catholic church said she couldnt get an annualment...hey wait a minute...if you pay $500.00 we can give you an guess what
she paid $500.00 and she got an annualment...walt disney and the catholic church...who is wealthier?  That should be my question of the day...

allright we have a new question and answer boys and girls of the presidents salary...
         "Hello my name is Emme i have a question for you today,"
     "Okay is this going to take long?" from person at the tickets center.
    "Just a quick question," Emme
   "Okay, shoot..." from tickets center person.
        Question: How much salary does the President receive and do they have topay for any item out of their own pocket while their in office?
    1. "I dont know about that maybe 1 million dollars but do you know that on Arbor Day the President flew a plane that cost $125,000.00 and went and decorated a tree but
Arbor Day is supposed to be about protecting the environment and he polluted the air flying the plane"
    "Wow I didnt know that he flew a plane on that day..."  making mental note to check out exactly what Arbor    day is...
    Question: Do you believe he receives any money once he leaves the office? 
   "Oh yes they give him money and secret service forever since he was the president..."
   2. $280,000.00 a year but that is his personal life and the secret service pays for when he goes out like clinton they paid for his McDonalds cheeseburger
when he went jogging..."
   3. It's scary whatever it is maybe $250,000.00 but the queen of england if she goes out she points to a hat and she can have that hat they have to give it to her
and they receive a seal from the queen.  "Do you know anything about Arbor day and the president?"
   "yeah you can find all that stuff on obama boo-boos just internet it."
   making mental note to see obama boo-boos on the internet.
    4.  He receives $250,000.00 to $300,000.00 per year plus secret service plus all the dresses that Mrs. Obama wears designers give to her and she can keep all of them.

5.  $250,000.00 plus his health insurance is covered.  "Really?"  yes and that is for life he receives free health insurance for life.

6. "He receives $80,000.00 plus he has to pay for all his food." 

7. I have no idea i guess about $2 1/2 million per year plus i think he takes millions of dollars from inheritance accounts.
    "Inheritance that he has?" "no he takes inheritance from other peoples accounts and he keeps it!"
    "Dont you think that these people would be mad if he took their inheritance accounts?"
    "Yeah but they dont do they know about it? I believe he takes the money before they know about it because the president knows about that stuff and people dont do not know about
     8.  $120,000.00 plus secret service and when he goes out he has a government expense account that he can expense food and all that on.
     9.  "He receives an hourly check week that depends on how many hours he works it is based on the number of hours that he works.  I beleive thqat everybodty has to pay unless the owner is here he doesnt have to pay.
     10. $300,000.00 he has to pay vacation and when the wife went on vacation he is supposed to pay for her vacation.  IF he buys a shaver and it is for
grooming for the white house and meetings they pay for it but if he is on vacation he has to pay for the shaver since it is for vacation"

11. $150,000.00 per year after that after the 4 years he receives a pension but he has to open a library.
     "do all the presidents have to open a library?"  "yes i beleive they do they have to open a library and make speeches and they receive secret service for 10 years.   

  12.  I dont do have happy thoughts i believe that he recieves $1 million per year and secret service forever.
     13. I believe he recieves $250,000.00 per year and he doesnt have to pay for any item for the 4 year term except christmas presents since he should buy christmas presents
himself.  They receive a salary til they die that is why they all want to be president.
     14.  $500,000.00 they made everybodys salary bigger and he keeps having a pension forever.
     15. $400,000.00 but once he is out of the 4 year term he recieves nothing.  "Thats it? Just the 4 years and boom he is outa there?"
   "Yeah because we can pay for him during obamas presidency but after that he has to work."  

   24. $2million per year he is the leader of the nation and athletes make tons more than he does.  Some they prefer to pay out of their own pocket such as
Christmas gifts he should buy these himself.          

16. His childrens names are natasha sasha and malia ann.  "I thought he had 3 children" "no only two"  "if they ask for a cell phone does he go down to the mobil store and buy one?"
"yes just the way we buy phones."  "Do you believe that he has to pay out of his own pocket for his cell phones or the government buys the cell phones?"
    "He probably has to buy the cellphones."
     He receives about $95,000.00 settlement when he leaves the office it is america and we make everybody work.
     17. $150,000.00 per year. but they dont do not have to pay for anything." Owner of a sandwich shop, "But I would make Obama pay for a sandwich if he came here."
    18.  They dont have to pay nothing and it is $100,000.00 per year salary and the wife michelle obama complained since she was making $360,000.00 per year as a lawyer
before she became the presidents wife.  

     20.  Make Obama pay for a sandwich he makes $400,000.00 per year plus he receives an expense account plus they have secret service for 10 years after they retire.
     I believe that after the 4 years he makes $200,000.00 per year forever compensation plus he has to write a book and be an ambassador.

21. $200,000.00 to $165,000.00 per year.  I believe that the secret service protects them.  He can make one million dollars writing a book while he is the president.
Its all provided for him all of his food he has his own chef but if he goes out to buy a sub he has to pay for it.
     22. My father is an american soldier his last name is Alyass and he met my mom at vietnam and i am trying to find him it is 1968. 
    "Okay I'll ask around and see if anyone knows how to do that..."   "Do you know how much the president makes?"
     "He makes about 1million dollars during the office and I believe that all of their food and all that they would need is taken care of.
     but if he goes out he has to pay.Just like Clinton jogged and ran to McDonalds all the time"   "Do you believe that the secret service whipped out their
visa card and said here we'll pay for it... or that McDonalds just gave it to him?"  "Its the President i would give it to him."
    "Okay let me see if anyone knows the fellow in the picture and we can see if we can reunite the two of you." "Okay!"

23. He has the job of everyone of the world the most important job of all time of the most important country.  They should double it they're rich and he sould
make at $500,000.00 since when everyone is asleep he is still trying to figure out all of the worlds problems.  At Rainbow i am a store manager and i had too much business and
i would ask my store people to buy me food since i had to work all the time that is probably how the president does it he has people buy stuff for him.

Questions of the days...

Who is worth more?
Walt Disney or the Federal Government?

1. Walt Disney

2. Federal Government

3.Walt Disney

4.Federal Government

5.Federal Government

6. Walt Disney because the Federal Government has two much debt

7.Walt Disney

8. Walt Disney

9. I have no idea

10. Walt Disney

11. Walt Disney

12. Walt Disney

13. Walt Disney because they're everywhere

14. Walt Disney

15. Walt Disney

16. Walt Disney

17. Walt Disney

18. Walt Disney

Do you believe that President Obama has a tattoo and if yes where and of what?

1. yes, cherrys on his butt cheeks

2. yes, malcolm x on his butt cheeks

3. yes probably on his arm of his kids names

4. F--- no! He's a fucking pussy!

5. i dont know

6. too conservative for a tattoo

7. yes he has tatoos all over his body

8. a little tattoo on his writst

9. yes i believe he has some tribal symbol for his heritage such as fone for strength, prosperity, hidden somewhere

10. I would say yes he does, clinton probably has a cigar, bush definitely does since his drinking days at college

11. Yes I think he does except he has that suit on all the time it could be on his arm some sports figure

12. i would say that no obama doesnt have a tattoo

13. a little bitty one on his butt cheeks

14. i dont know since politicians cant have tattoos thats why there politicians

15. i would say no obama doesnt have a tattoo but michelle does she looks like the sort of person who could have a tattoo

16. Absolutely not

17. yes a r.i.p. tatoo on his arm or shoulder

18. i believe that if the gondola drivers at venice would be all unionized they would be better off

    "yes except the question is does obama have a tattoo we werent talking about the gondola drivers of venice..."

no , i dont think that obama has a tattoo he was brought up in upper middle class too uppity

Why do you believe Obama was elected?

     1. Good Speaker

2. people are attracted to his personality

3. To try something different people need change

4. very good with his words

5. Down to earth peoples level "laymen" terms of people can understand his language

6. Due for a change

7. Because he is an eloquent speaker

8. Strong strengths and his promises

9. People wanted change

10. Sell his ideas...

11. Biggest Mistake that America made is electing Obama!

12. Lack of a better candidate Obama

13. Manipulateor better bullshit artists

14. People they thought he is going to really change

15. He was a paid official to be in office to ruin the country

16. Because i dont think enough american people voted

17. George Bush was an idiot!

18. Least objectionable selection

19. People who were tired of republicans

20. Bring about change

WHo do you believe is sexier Mickey Mouse or President Obama?

1. Obama

2. Obama

3. The human one..."Would that be Obama?"

"Yes, Obama"   "You do know that there is a real person inside of the Mickey costume?"

laughter, "ya i know but i say Obama"

4. Obama

5. Mickey Mouse

^. Mickey Mouse

7. Mickey Mouse

8. Mickey Mouse

9 to 14. Mickey Mouse

15. Obama

15to 19. Obama

20. Mickey Mouse

21. Mickey Mouse

22. laughter i dont know if i say Mickey Mouse youll think i have problems since Mickey Mouse is a Mouse but if

I say Obama youll think i am gay... "ok, so anyway, is it Mickey Mouse or Obama?"

  "Mickey Mouse"

23. Obama

24. Neither

25. Neither

26. Neither

27. Obama

28. Mickey Mouse

29. Obams

30 Neither

31. Mickey Mouse

32. Obama

33. Obama it is easier to hav e sex with a politician than a cartoon person...

34. Mickey Mouse

35. Mickey Mouse

36. I dont have an opinion

37. Mickey Mouse

38. Obama

39. Obama, no wait um Mickey Mouse

40. Obama

41. Mickey Mouse

42. Im not sure

43. Mickey Mouse

44. Mickey Mousxe

45 to 47. Mickey Mouse

48. Obama

49 to 55. Mickey Mouse

56. Obama

57. Neither

                                                                                                                           The Station Guard

During my journey of the train i have decided to write a poem on my sightings:

     Heres my poem

     The railroad guard

He is always

waiting impatiently

i dont know how he makes

it to each stop

faster than the train

It is a mystery

sometims i think he is magic

to be put there by Zeus

when Harry falls down

to put his lips out aned his eyes water

and Zeus looks around to

see if anyone is lookjing

and then, he puts that audi guy at

the train roads

otherwise it would be impossible

to drive rfaster

than then train

and he wears very big cotton colored shirts

There all cotton and that is

because life is cotton

and life is mysterious

and that is the crossing guard...

Theres something to be said about losing a child at any point in the life that you have been given...whether the child is newborn, 5, teenager, adult,

the child is still the child that you have been given to love more importantly to protect...when a person loses a child everybody deals with it differently

some earlier some more open some later some years later some immediate.  It depends on the emotional strength of that person and the relationship between especially a parent and a child and the amount of guilt you feel at the point when the loss happens.

      ?For me it is more of a slow process of trying to do the best that i can while dealing with a loss.   If that child is the number one important person to you

i dont know how one would deal with it.   Everybody is different.  I keep busy and try to talk to as many people as i can.  Others just struggle to survive

or to function normally.  How do you do that?  I dont know maybe move to a foreign land buy umbrellas and play act dramactically and intensely emotionally

the rest of the life that you have.  Maybe. I dont know.

     Sometimes i dont even write all that ive seen not that i cant handle it, or perhaps outwardly i can just that some can not and they read my website.

here comes adele right down santa claus lane....                                                                     

                                                               below is my sister toni on the left, my mom anita center, my cousine haley married to adam love from emme 

i promised melody and ial that i met at tampa i would say hello to all and thankyou very much for the donation i appreciate it.  Since my journey and my website is 100% sponsored with donations for food, transportation, laptop computers to write on although mine was stolen, and all i appreciate when honest sweet people take the time to donate gifts to my writings and my journey.  Today i journeyed to Deland Florida and to Disney World. 

      The campground i am staying at has a lakefront and long grass and a long deck reaching out to the everglades and i am feeding the alligators at 10Pm

tonight...i have decided to bring hamburger and throw it to the pond and see if the alligators come to eat all of the meat...

      It is my experiment since i have yet to see a real alligator up close and personal  i am hoping that if all the alligators have left the pond due to wildlife

animal enforcement than i hope someone reading my website today on the 18th will slip a real alligator to the pond to fulfill my wishes!!!

     After all we shouldnt want the hamburger to go to waste however maybe the turtles shall eat it!

     on another note leaning from a different direction at the lovely downtown of Orlando i found the most gorgeous photographs of weddings,

you can find this:

Brian Adams PhotoGraphics
23 S. Osceola Ave.
Orlando, FL 32801  (map)
Style: Contemporary, Photojournalism   The photo below was something an associate at the photography studio said is one of mr adams favorites!
Courtney Rolinski