Talked to Londoners today....and English people around the in people from the UK the country of England...and asked if they trusted their government as in the direct question, "Do you feel that there is more corruption at a federal level of government in terms of drug trafficking and or human trafficking or at a mob level such as organized crime and do you feel that if you knew of such a thing that you could comfortable call the appropriate level of jurisdiction without feeling fear?

Man at Bar , ~there is definetely at all levels of English government I trust the law enforcement and or government? no not at all....

and the trouble is that if you're involved in at that level it is the only way to catch them and it is the only way to really know the truth behind could be one of the best loyal honest government employees and sitting right next to you is the corrupt one you know it yet you do nothing about it you turn a blind eye...the reason is your afraid as a english person that his higher ups will find out and come after you and your your scared to do anything about it..."

Emme, Do you see that their is at every level or at any level someone in each jurisdiction if you can reach these people that could help?"

Man, "yes however they make it very difficult for you to reach the ones you need to reach"

  • And of course there is the american government which is the opposite...geez...i cant believe that they wont even let us keep semi automatic machine guns...

    I went around Atlanta today asking people if they knew the musical The Barber of Seville...I had in mind the Sweeney Todd version which by the way is very different from The Barber of Seville...The basic concept of the Barber of Seville is a love story of a musician named Don  Basillio, DOCTER Bartolo, and Rosina amoung others but she is Bartolo's ward and there is a love story along the lines of Petruchio and Kate and Taming of the Shrew but not quite; however Sweeney Todd is the one I remember seeing where the Barber drops his victims also known as clients down a trap door and they break their necks on the way down...if their lucky otherwise he sometimes takes things into his own hands and slices their throats on the way is a

    beautiful moving play on stage and especially Burton and Depps version where of course Depp plays the lead character perfectly...but here is the rendition of the Atlanta's version of The Barber of Seville...

    Emme to the Barber cutting hair..."Can you tell me the difference of a Barber and a Stylist?"

    Barber,"Yes the Barbers cut and clip and the Stylists they use Chemical Substances..."

    Emme, "Such as Coloring?"

    Barber, "Mostly Chemicals such as STraightners things like that...I imagine the Barber of Seville is a musical about how a barber communciates with his clients and the different charancters that come through the Barber Shop and it is probably a comedy."

    next person,

    2. I remember learning about it at the colelge level it is a love story a musical broadway

    3. I am from china for 11 years and i am not a music guy

    4.Donation from Just $5

    5.I have no idea it is a bullfighting or an opera

    Emme"At SEville Spain do they kill the bull?

    5. "No they just put a wreath around the back of its head..." hmm

    6. It is a barber singing quartets

    7. Barber of Seville is a handsome spaniard that cuts hair and takes all their women!

    Emme, "Sounds like Casanova to me..."

    It is something like that

    8.O gosh I am the worst person for that a spanish barber something happens to his family

    9. Barber of Seville? It is just the way Sweeney Todd is;;;would you like some dessert>

    Emme,"No thankyou."

    10.The Barber of Seville is the pirates it is about piracy...

    Updated: Nov. 23, 2011

    The Joint Strike Fighter, which represents the Pentagon’s largest weapons program, was supposed to be the arms program that broke the mold, proof that the Pentagon could build something affordable, dependable and without much drama.

    The fighter plane, also called the F-35, incorporates stealth technology and can successfully engage enemy fighters in air-to-air combat. But it’s also built to support ground combat units in today’s wars.

    The fighter plane is meant to replace the workhorse F-16 Fighting Falcon fighter jet, perhaps the most successful in aviation history, as well as the Air Force A-10 and the Navy F-18. Production began in 2007, with eight nations joining with the United States to build it.

    A cost-effective F-35 is critical to the future combat needs of the military. And creating three versions with a similar core —

    one each for the Air Force, the Navy and the Marines — was supposed to make it more affordable.

              Here I am at the top of Vesuvius after hiking 15 kilometers to the top of the world famous volano

     that covered Pompei

    The signs at the climb of Vesuvius and the view from almost the top 

    I have come from naples now at florence where i climbed vesuvius hiked it literally since the buses didnt did not stop for me
    during the entire hike i got stopped 4 times by the military patrols that run the tour bus up the 10 km to the top of the volcanic climb.
    Each time i pointed to the purple stakes that are painted on the La Strada trail saying purple trail it is hiking trail etc.  Each time they said no no you have to pay 18 euros to ride to top...  My feeling is it is a beautiful day i am young i got to take gorgeous at will pictures of all of the cool picnic tables and lava rock and lovely yellow flowered brush and i saved 18 euros which by the way it is 4 hours to climb up the volcano and um 1 and 1-2 to climb down mostly since i ran all the way down due to all three of these reasons...1  the momentum zoomed me to the bottom 2 i was exhausted 3 drank huge glass of white wine at the top of the volcano for 1.50 euro from these two barrels of wine.  
        The first night at Naples i happened to meet real napels people i think my first taste of "mafiaosa" connected me.  
    1. they are the wildest funnest people you could ever happen to meet.  very dangerous to the sense that they love life and they are inhibited to societys little turned up noses of the appropriate prudish behaviour.  I happened to walk to the beach at the liberta subway stop where my little fabric hostel was located and there is really cool sand bars and bands on wooden decks with gorgeous and i mean gorgeous men and women.
    I thought hmm... nice place to party... they have these beach clubs on the beach discos drinks love seats all cushy and they sit on the beaches or sneak down to the sand via the rocks a new meaning to martini on the rocks... and if you need to party come here head straight to the beach and have fun.  That is my first taste of naples.  Uninhibited and of course you have to be fearless come with a group and have fun that is all i can say.  

         The next morning i ventured on the subway to the vesuvius pompie subway which is about 15 to 20 km away and cost 1 euro 40 cents
    and it brings you to the base of pompei and the zeus camping ground.  
    The free shuttle bus brings you to the base of the mountain and it is up to you to take the other bus to the top or if you are really krazy and wild just hike the way i do.  Take three bottles of water and you will be fine.  I have pictures that i took all the way up and when i finally came to the top there is a 1000 meter climb on slippery pebbles of volcanic black fine rock and you slip and slide to the edge of the volcano. Okay once there you can walk around the very top or do the unthinkable krazy thing of which of course i do and scoot on the hands and knees to the edge and i mean the very edge of if you slip down 500 meters to death inside the volcano.  There is 0 hand rails or guard rails to prevent you from doing just that and i lay on my stomach and took a picture of the ininside of the volcanic death tomb.  It will be published here a couple of days from now when i find a computer with photo disk capability.
    Cool photos.  On down the mountain of which the lovely barty castagwhatever the drivers name is passed me with better things on his mind, and on to my little village and fabric.  The real ladys and men of the town sit around the little circle piazza square outside of the hostel sitting on the church steps or standing outside cafes and chatting.  it is truly lovely.  The little real charming Italian ladys and groups of men all talking of the importance of the life...the ladys telling of the misappropriateness of what happened and how to correct these missteps of the ala Bella talking to Nadia about her landing you know allright lets do it right the next time...the men talking of how they do it right the first time.  
    When bad art and bad politics meet. 

    Memorable quotes for
    Zoolander (2001) More at IMDbPro »

    Mugatu: They're break-dance fighting. 
    Hansel: So I'm rappelling down Mount Vesuvius when suddenly I slip, and I start to fall. Just falling, ahh ahh, I'll never forget the terror. When suddenly I realize "Holy shit, Hansel, haven't you been smoking Peyote for six straight days, and couldn't some of this maybe be in your head?"
    Derek Zoolander: And?
    Hansel: And it was. I was totally fine. I've never even been to Mount Vesuvius. 

     African Renaissance Monument, a 160-foot statue of a man, woman, and child emerging from a volcano. The monument is meant to commemorate Senegal's 50 years of independence, but many see it as a monument to the vanity of 83-year-old President Abdoulaye Wade, who has made the $25 million statue his pet project. Religious groups have also condemned its pseudo-Soviet artistic style and the scantily clad female figure.

    But Wade is hardly alone in his outsized ambition and dubious aesthetic sensibility. What follows are 10 more examples of why bad art and bad politics are a dangerous combination.

    "Look upon my works, ye Mighty, and despair!"  - Percy Bysshe Shelley  

    Vesuvius-Promised Land

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